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    Mr. House

    Very interesting

    Mark Dolan: “If you had his ear right now, of course you know him very well, what would you say to him this evening?”

    Jennifer Arcuri: “I would say, tell them about the meeting that happened 10 days before lockdown with the Bank of England, and I want to know how that government was refinanced…tell them about the crash that already happened, that no-one’s giving ears to because we’re going to hide it, as the Fed has been picking up the stock market with ‘Blackrock’ and other vehicles…tell them what’s really going on, stop lying to your people, you know why you are where you are…but let’s talk about those meetings behind closed doors, let’s talk about what’s real going on but that’s NOT been allowed to be talked about on the media…so let’s talk about the new financing, where we’re going with this, and what all these lockdowns are really for…let’s talk about why you’re shutting down the economy for real…let’s talk about the safety trials, let’s talk about what’s going on with these dogmatic scientists.

    I want you to put your people first. Release this Prime Minister, and this entire nation gets released along with it, because the people are the ones who put these people in power, and the people are RISING, for they are tired of being told what to do in he name of tyranny and fear. These people are amazing, and I am very proud of the nation that we have seen, and if you are really wanting to be remembered for anything other than the tyrannical dictator you are becoming, go back to your people and tell them the truth, stop, hiding, no more games…we need the truth”

    Mr. House

    madamski cafone

    Archie:the ratings were just a passing whim, a way of diffusing the irritation that deflationista inspired.

    However, analysis of discursive tactics, including concepts like charisma and persuasion, interest me very much. THe mechanics.

    madamski cafone

    One axis of belief is among anti-vakzers who believe this is:

    a) a vast scheme to take complete dominion over humanity and the earth by using totalitarian means to inflict pathogens and poison false cures to decimate the population.

    b) those who belive this is a vast global “plumbing failure” with the usual money extraction/power preservation/accrual motives, a case of bureacracy virally replicating its initial set of lousy instructions via the boardrooms and capitols to a colossal scale of corruption, mendacity, submission, nueroses and psychoses, incompetence, and denial of reality.

    Inother words, the usual, only on a scale hitherto unimaginable except in near future dystopian sci-fi.

    My point is not to argue the two, although have at it if you will. Maybe I like to watch.;) My point is how those two approaches might affect our view on the indisputable mass, frustrated, flustered drive to prove the vakzine is a good not bad idea and/or vakzinate as many more people as it can.

    madamski cafone

    I have a very distinct and succinct political philosophy:


    madamski cafone


    I wonder what this would look like with the text ‘shopped into something about Phizer/Moderna.


    There are certain things we know and don’t need the CDC to tell us.

    The Diamond Princess showed us about 80% of the population has natural immunity.

    The vaccines do not work. At all. Because they are not vaccines.

    The vaccine’s spike proteins do increase the overall risks for those who are healthy and get vaccinated.

    The vaccines increase the risks of covid for everyone by creating mutations.

    The vaccines create long term health concerns for those who are vaccinated.

    The vaccines increased the number of deaths over and above covid.

    The vaccine’s spike proteins make the vaccinated more likely to catch covid.

    The vaccinated are making covid worst than if there had been no vaccine at all.

    madamski cafone

    It’s fascinating. Watching this cloud of convergence, theories and narratives mutating as fast as the variants, counter-counter-propaganda campaigns, a populace seemingly dangerously close too collective nervous breakdown after competing collective delusions beat each other senseless, a government both this close to reliable push-button control of its Standard Business Model but also this close to peaking out like Titanic’s last stand.

    The most common form of financial reset is war, but since war has become just another corporate product on a diplomatic/provocative espionage assembly line, resets need new methods of occurrence. Since we’re all tapped out on fighting war, are in major retreat, in fact, another common reset trigger, depression, seems likely to be the cause of the inevitable reset.

    However, we usually assume that it will be driven by USA domestic policy. I wonder if it won’t be from foreign directives.

    Like the antebellum South, USA is a buncha rich assholes living in debt to their satellites even if they’re supposedly mondo-scale billionaires. Consider the old South as USA, and the industrial north as China/Russia. Like someone said months ago here, a global civil war is happening, has been for awhile.


    Re deflationista
    “The point was that we should avoid potentially killing people with more unproven treatments because of some antivax narrative“

    Um…there is some HUGE irony in this statement.

    So…the “unproven treatments” are the EUA Covid vaccines, right?

    HCQ has gone through full FDA approval and we have years and years of data about this drug. It is considered safe and effective for treatment of malaria and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Ivermectin has gone through full FDA approval and we have years and years of data about this drug. It is considered safe and effective for treatment of various parasites. The inventors received the Nobel prize in medicine in 2015 for this drug.

    The Covid vaccines have not gone through full FDA approval, but have only received EUA, and are, by definition, experimental. Because they have not gone through the full FDA approval process, we have no data on mid-term and long term safety. The blow up in VAERS data suggest that the Covid vaccines are much less safe than the vaccines people are accustomed to receiving. The recent study in Massachusetts, (Cape Cod, if I remember right?), along with a lot of other recent data suggests that the vaccines neither prevent Covid infection nor transmission. Some fully vaccinated are still winding up in the hospital and dying from Covid.


    I really fail to see how prophylaxis or early treatment with HCQ or ivermectin, drugs with inveterate safety profiles, is harmful.
    The EUA Covid vaccines are problematic. It is difficult to make a reasoned cost benefit analysis when we still have so little data on them. However, the VAERS data is very concerning…I always believed the first maxim of medicine was “do no harm” and we don’t have enough data to indicate that the vaccines are doing no harm.

    Polder Dweller

    Phoenixvoice, very well said.

    Personally, I’m looking for a good reason as to why I should take the vax, but so far I haven’t found any, there only seem to be downsides to them.

    Dr. D

    Seems alright for Deflationista to post the other side. Isn’t debate what we’re here for if they (we) stick to the data and not the ad hominem?

    If I remember correctly, HCQ for instance is ridiculously safe. Doesn’t the U.S. Military ALONE give out like 30,000 doses a day I read? The whole Lancet piece was retracted in shame and ignominy, although sadly their magazine still exists. It doesn’t even have prescription in many areas.

    So it’s REALLY hard to believe that it causes 100k deaths a year, although with approaching a billion daily doses, it’s possible that’s not out of line. That would be 1:10k or 0.01%. But whatever, keep it comin’.

    12k VAERS, x Harvard Medical Study that 1-10% are unreported is 120k in the U.S. ALONE. …Generous. If it’s not the 1.2 million instead.

    Next for the day: did I just read right that the CDC data for 2020 is out? U.S. Deaths during a whole year of savage, economy-ending pandemic are…wait for it kids…Zero! That’s right, perfectly in line with 2017, ’18, ’19. No additional deaths.

    Wow, good thing they re-defined the word “pandemic” just before this happened, or they’d be in legal jeopardy. A Pandemic now does NOT mean anyone died. Just that the disease was out there. Somewhere. Killing no one.

    So… Add that up, 120k Vaccine deaths perhaps, ZERO death rate from the disease it’s vaccinating for.

    How to fig? Well, the CDC just admitted that everybody knew: PCR test was falsely taking 100% of the seasonal flu numbers, which are in excess of 100k annually. Obama’s H1N1 was 170K (not all in the same year) if I remember. The other is that as almost 100% of the deaths were over 70, actually over 80, it was drawing forward natural deaths by a few weeks or months. If you average “pulling forward” long enough, it vanishes, as it rises initially, then falls as those people are missing. Boom, boom, boom. Just as said 19 painful months ago, back when we had human rights.

    So. Easy. So easy to predict. So easy to see. Who predicted that masks and lockdowns would be total, embarrassing, blinding failures, sending trillions to the rich, that they would use this to force profitable vaccinations against a virus that has a 99.997% survival rate, end human rights, install extra-legal, non-judicial tyranny, then suddenly claim Ooops! We didn’t actually fix it and you need to buy a new booster every 6 months for life, 50+ doses per person. I did but that’s nothing because EVERYBODY did. Hockey-playing physic Bro’ did as that video is flying around right now. The government that did Iraq and Syria? You’d have to be an ignoramus not to see that coming.

    Anyway, “Anti-vax” does seem a bit extreme as probably every. single. poster. here is well-vaccinated with a lotta-lotta things. …Things that were you know, actually tested by someone. We know what you mean, and you can’t always add a lot of qualifiers, but it does lead to pejoratives and sloppy thinking. You’re CLEARLY not fighting anti-vaxxers, as there are virtually none even in America. People they call that are protesting for safety information, or that at this point, the childhood vaccination schedule has reached like 70 shots before 15yo which is quite clearly insane even if you believe in them. That’s like being “anti-steak” if you don’t want to eat 1,064 ounces in one sitting. No, I want a 12 or 6oz, which is healthy. But not dying is getting in the way of profits of mega-corporations that are major advertisers, funders of the CDC, and who pay billion dollar fines yearly for killing in excess of 10k. Why wouldn’t I trust them? Gosh, how silly of me.

    I also trust Wells Fargo to run my mortgage, Coke to set my sugar intake, and Bayer to decide if RoundUp is safe. They’re not your friend. Use your head.

    From earlier: while Pharma may have used legal words, CLEARLY the point of the vaccine was to stop transmission. That was the whole selling point, (unscientific, unproven, unworking) mask mandate and so on. What’s good is that finally – AT LAST – somebody out there asks the CDC for DATA. “What is the mask research?” “Uh, duh….”

    Reporter: “Actually, what test are you using to distinguish Delta from Alpha?” CDC: “Uh, duh, I don’t know, I don’t think we actually have one.”

    What?????? How the F- have you been reporting this for 2+ months if you don’t even have a solid test???

    …That remains to be seen, Mr. CDC guy may just not have known it, but it’s extremely disturbing.

    Cynical as I am even I can’t keep up, figuring sure, why not? There’s a very slightly different variant that kills even FEWER people, not that they actually had no commonly-used test and haven’t the faintest idea, no data, and just release The Narrative™ where they decide we need a variant to pump up fear from the fear-break we engineered not have a revolt, and thereby both blame the innocent who weren’t vaxxed, and get more sales for Pfizer on the vaccine push Phase II.

    Nope. It could be they have no commonly used Delta test, a day after the CDC openly admits they had no functional PCR test, which EVERYBODY knew, the Nobel Prize winning inventor directly said, clearly sucked up all flu cases, and had a 90% false positive rate. That is: NOT A TEST. Magic 8 Ball has 8 sides, so that would be only 88% wrong, STILL better than the official CDC test.

    FDA approval? We may have gone ‘round that bend already. Who’s going to believe them? There are no employees working already, who’s going to fire them? Governors have told Biden to go F- himself even in January, and the military won’t take it, so who’s going to make them?

    Fauci from the first time I saw him speak about covid (never knew he existed before then)”

    You missed St. Fauci murdering 200k gay guys with bad advice (“Keep in those bath houses, boys!“) and AZT back in the day? Lucky. It lets one have a happier view of America for far longer. Of course the real fun is if you say that – even to gay guys – they say “No he didn’t” without looking up a single sentence of reporting. Meanwhile, they’ll burn your street for supposedly looking sideways at gay marriage. Let me get this straight: disliking gay marriage = beating, actually killing 200k of your peers = promotion, credibility, and applause, phalanx-like defense. Right. Fight for gay rights! Arrest Fauci today!

    Cafone: Good point, but the two narratives are so nearly identical why bother with which is true? The only difference is intent, which law agrees is extremely hard to prove. Accuracy is important, but I actually don’t care. If they all do a certain 5-10 for reckless endangerment, I’m not broken up they didn’t do a possible 10-15 for Murder 3.

    Why would I trust them, or the government that reassures me about them, when they themselves, the NY Times and WaPo agree we have +5 governors who murdered 20k per state? That’s 100k and half your death numbers right there. While red states have almost none. …But I’m supposed to believe the CDC who broke their arm on TV giving Cuomo the Medal of Honor for his good work in NY, when they also have nothing but an unbroken record of mass-murder and a financial motive to boot?

    You do you, man. Leave America alone.

    Dr. D

    * Magic 8-Ball is a dodecahedron, 20 sides. Just making my point.

    madamski cafone

    “Cafone: Good point, but the two narratives are so nearly identical why bother with which is true? The only difference is intent, which law agrees is extremely hard to prove. ”

    My interest is how this affects people not how it can somehow “stop” TPTB from continuing to be TPTB, or at least have the law whack their peepees. TPTB are doing a sufficient job of ending their reign without our/my help, which help has for pert near never done shit to remedy things. Why would I interfere with my enemy when it is destroying itself?

    My interest is how this will influence public interaction as supplies grow scarce amid a shrinking trust horizon. I honestly don’t give a flying fuck on a magic carpet whether some of TPTB go to jail or get pole-exed or run away and live quietly in comfort on some little-known island.

    I care about what will happen around me and how I can help minimize chaotic destruction and maximize harmonious cooperation. But we’ll put this:


    on the wall so we can stick pins in it if you like.

    See? I answer your questions. 🙂


    There were some questions about Yuri Deigin.

    He has a Biz. degree from Columbia and a degree in Computer Science for UC Toronto.

    His biz is rejuvenation gene therapy. He is a “biotech enrepreneur.”

    He is the CEO of Youthereum Genetics Inc. (Which has one employee, him.)

    Our ultimate goal is to prevent or cure all age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and dementia by tackling their primary underlying cause — the aging process itself. To achieve our goal we are working to create a rejuvenating gene therapy that could radically extend the lives of pets and humans. The therapy would consist of two stages: first delivering the genes responsible for epigenetic rejuvenation into the body, where these genes would persist but be inactive by default, and then periodically activating them by a small molecule.

    (my comment: see the near identical spiel to what is touted for some COV19 vaxes, particularly by Moderna)

    He is VP of “Science for Life Extension” (seven years)

    Misha Batin’s philosophical travel vlog. You will find out why to prolong one’s life, why there is still no cure for old age and what to do about it. At Science for Life Extension Foundation, we believe in the power of art. Meet a new genre—metamodern transhumanism. Stop doing whatever you are doing and watch.

    ! >> opens with moving images and sound

    He is CEO of Gero Discovery (one year)

    Hacking complex diseases and aging with Using whole-exome sequencing data for in-human AI discovery.

    —- all from his official profile. Mr House posted the lifeboat stuff previous.

    This ain’t serious ‘bio tech’, folks.

    madamski cafone

    While Yuri annoys us, we have bias filters set to at least stun regarding youtube guru wannabes. I might score some street Xanaz and spend an hour studying his schtick. Charlatans know things.


    Re Noirette’s info @ yuri…
    Maybe his great great grandfather was a snake oil salesman and he has simply modernized the family business? (The Rockefeller’s literally descended from a snake oil salesman, and look how they made out.)


    RE: anti-aging, that dude’s a charlatan.

    Gregory Benford: “Artificial Biological Selection for Longevity”

    Benford’s one of my favorite authors, brilliant, but sadly plugged in to the milsec. He for cosmic-scale phenomena and AI, and Vernor Vinge for serious AI. They both seem fearful enough they could be swayed to a Butlerian Jihad.

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