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    Another classic TAE.

    > V Arnold, I’d love to hear about the Thai characteristics of critical thinking – Fail.

    Julian Assange, still a hero.

    Contrarian investment advice: accumulate morals now during this fear cycle.

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    good link @oxymoron thanks

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 22 2022 #98694

    expatkiwi, I guess you’re not a nurse or a teacher then. apartheid is distributed unevenly here in Australia. if you can work from home and are happy with takeaway you’re fine.
    because omicron, kids have to mask when they go back to school, and they’ll be very safe because the teachers are all double jabbed. so that sucks, my son won’t have any free thinking role models at school.
    there was a good turnout at the freedom march today, people organising and being seen and heard. there is nowhere to hide, we just need to stand strong and let them know we won’t put up with this crap.

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    good on ya huskynut, great post. i feel the same, am having the same experience across the ditch in australia. recently told close family that our relationship is way more important than facts or covid opinions, BUT how bout exposing yourself to the ideas floating around out there because serious shit is going on right now and wouldn’t it be great to be aware of the social terrain.
    brick wall. their worst fears are confirmed, i am lost to them.
    you are right it is hopeless. but there is an important lesson here for us if i can put my finger on it. something about trusted sources, but for god sake never trust a family/village member.

    we are all tribal on a low level that is inescapable, but we can appreciate this and play with it. i have enjoyed flip flopping from vax to unvax news sources for 2 years, and i could get high from cognitive dissonance. it takes effort to stay balanced when there is such a weight of emotion on both sides.
    but now the vaxxed news sources are no longer any fun, just pure dystopia.

    fully vaxxed and bullied friends (dont wanna talk about it, until I nudge them) are fricken over it and want their kids in school so they can work and pay bills.

    the rebels are hearing the message that science, moral society, and human goodness is on their side and in their hands. the particular trait that for genetic, population level, village level reasons are selected to preserve the species from group think, that only yesterday we were told must be eradicated from the gene pool. these rebels have got the message, now is the time for expression, it is so much more fun than the mandated depression.

    pfizr pipes up to counter the free vaccine omicron with their workshopped thought bubble: covid going strong into 2024!! they are finished. but only in reality. in medialand they will die hard. as someone who snorts cognitive dissonance as an extreme sport i can say it is not for everyone. the believers will die hard and they have their script writers working overtime on providing a soft landing. the universe is most accommodating, here’s to freedom of thought.

    the internet is fucking underrated and so is TAE

    merry Xmas.

    in reply to: Deb Rattle October 29 2021 #91116

    Hold the jab! Turns out there is a reason to keep a small population of wild ferals after all – Science.

    It’s nice to finally hear about scientists doing science. I was keen for the University of Queensland vax until they found a reason to cancel it. I would die for my local uni just to create some different news for a change. It’s disgusting how pharma are so cheap they push jab#4 of the same original variant just to milk what they can from no additional effort.


    “A small number of healthy adult COVID unvaccinated volunteers will also be required, and they will receive two doses of either the protein or mRNA vaccine one month apart.”

    Prediction #1 – takes ages
    Prediction #2 – exciting potential is overshadowed by a new big pharma vaccine that is 1000x more effective than alpha vax booster #5. And Australia immediately orders 100 million doses for a population of 25 million.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 3 2021 #89083

    For the record. Australian hospitals not full of vaxxers as the health chiefs fumbled their words.

    But they will be in a few months.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2021 #88095

    Hey sinnycool, I couldn’t handle not knowing so I googled the stats and found July 25th.
    Click through to find the video.

    I was relieved and disturbed. Video at around 6:30 mark is same as tweet.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2021 #83443

    Here’s a much more interesting interview with professor sarah gilbert who runs the AZ lab.


    I’ve read the book, but don’t have the Barbie doll. There was a line in the book that jumped out and said something like “if our vaccine is a bit dangerous it’s most likely because of the spike protein and if that’s the case then every other vaccine has the same problem”.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Jul 10 2014: Fossils, Fuels and Zombies #13967

    There is one indicator that can be used to predict every big crash that has already happened in the last 100 or so years. It will be interesting to see if it holds true this time around. Has anyone else here heard about it?


    To summarise: if the price of oil rises 80% over 18 months then the stock market will drop by a big percentage, or something along those lines. Ilargi posted a good chart a few days ago showing the relationship between oil and markets over the last decade. You see things “grow” when oil is steady or rising slowly, but when it goes up fast the economy can’t digest it.

    I remember truck drivers revolting in the streets and food riots just around the time of the 2008 excitement. That’s not happening now. This time is different with all sorts of paper bubbles, but who knows if they will all pop with a satisfying bang at the same time without significant oil price pressure?

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