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    Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] 1937   • The Judgement of the Nations (Batiushka) • No, Iran Will Not Deliver Armed Drones To Russia (MoA) • Joe B
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 13 2022]

    Dr. D

    NYC has PSA for nuclear war. Kiss your -ss goodbye. One bomb will take out the city all the way to Connecticut. That and there is no hardening, you can’t get out under traffic even on a normal day. How long would it take? Weeks? Months? To evacuate? None of that matters. What matters is: Who told them to post the ad? Bad optics for Biden, bad for election. And the ad — and most of the advice — is total crap as part of being released for this same purpose.

    On the Sevens, the magic of 22: 2/22/22, start of the war. 22/22 Russia decides to turn the gas back on or not. This isn’t a dinner party, it would be funny if normal things happened, the market tanked 20% as expected, the worldwide GFC2.0 kicked off, and two days later Russia got it up and running as they always intended. I mean, they don’t want to be the cause of a worldwide collapse of a billion people. That’s what Biden is for.

    Regardless, German power prices are 7x. Imagine that in your own home and budget. And nothing’s happened yet. Dodge this. Russia hasn’t laid a glove on you, isn’t 500 miles from you. You haven’t lost a single tank because you never sent any. This whole thing is in your mind. Shut up your mind and be a normal person for a few minutes.

    For Consciousness of Sheep: “Britain is an economic basket case for which no cure exists.”

    That’s not true in the slightest. All their/our problems are perfectly solvable. But that would take truth, hard work, and no doubt a substantial decline in energy use. Probably for generations, since that’s how long it took to get here.

    Although they’re not going to do it, it’s important to say, and to say how terribly simple and easy it is. Any leader can stand up and say, “This can happen, this national mission, this unified idea, we can do it, we must do it, we will do it. The nation we dream of is happier, safer, homier, stronger, and better than the one we have now, and will have all the important things in life.” That is, families, food, farms, children climbing trees, but not cell phones and Gucci handbags necessarily.

    And this WILL happen, as I say, because it MUST happen. So why wait? Jump to the end. Live the happy ending.

    No? Okay then, what’s the per capita energy use now vs 1959?

    50% higher. And why? You have more LEDs than ever. You don’t have any industry. Tell me why you own all these things that don’t make you happy, do all these things that make you empty, vacant, and mad. You’re not doing anything but spending 50% more energy to not do it.

    Solvable in 9 months, like other addictions. They just won’t.

    Now the Western water problem? That might take a little longer. But here 120 years after the steam shovel how much Permaculture water collection management have you put in? None? Or just close to none? I can do it with a shovel and 9 teenagers.

    Other than that, good article. He doesn’t expand but shows he’s aware E. Germany and the Wall were the result of currency abuse. And that dollar-short will wreck the world and therefore the currency.

    “during two years of lockdowns, new mines did not get dug, oil and gas deposits went undrilled, chemical feedstocks were allowed to deplete, firm electricity generation went unbuilt, factories were never set up, and the incomes of productive workers and businesses were allowed [forced] to atrophy. 

    Only the oligarchs and corporations sucking on the teat of central bank handouts were allowed the fiction of financial growth… and only then provided that none of it leaked into the real economy.[i.e. ‘inflation’ and wage growth.]  But even this “paper” wealth – largely based on trillions of hypothetical dollars in derivatives – will evaporate before our eyes as international debt becomes unpayable and as a host of states around the world follow the path being laid down by Sri Lanka.  Nor is the coming sovereign debt crisis limited to the third world.”

    Speaking of, short story Sri Lanka: What were they reforming and why was it too fast? They were ESG’ing NITROGEN – sound familiar? – for brownie points with the WEF, sound familiar? – and shut it off last year. Surprise! Crops were a fraction of normal and therefore no income, no food, enormous need for imports. They’re a freeking jungle and they can’t grow what they need to eat. Total collapse of the nation, total anarchy and despair. That’s Socialism for you, or in this case, Democratic Socialism, like AOC’s New Deal.

    Listen up, Holland! If anything you’re going way too easy on them.

    Now although nitrogen is a GOOD thing, not bad, farm practices do need to be reformed. Just slowly and very carefully, testing each step of the way. I’ve got an idea: undo all the brilliant bright ideas you’ve had for the last 50 years that turned from family farms to foreign-owned MNC petro-based agribusiness state-protected monopolies. That’s all you: tax structure, incentives, rules on amortization, inheritance, compliance, and so on. What’s that? Bayer doesn’t like it? They won’t like it when the people burn them to the ground and dance on their ashes either, then go up there and chuck Parliament into a vat of Atrazine. Knock it off.

    “Even with low rates, interest costs were projected by the CBO to become the most expensive item in the federal budget and consume half of all tax revenues within a few decades.”

    No they won’t. We’re not going to pay. We’re going to default, like Adam Smith said we would in 1775. The US$ will cease to exist in its present form, and probably already has.

    “Democrats are now defending the Trump administration officials responsible for initiating those misguided policies.”

    And his vaccine. Loyalty and adoration of Trump drives that vaccine agenda. We must all love great leader god-emperor. Take his rush-rush love juice.

    Then Newsweek defends Scott Atlas: “It was only when Dr. Scott Atlas arrived at the White House in July 2020 that the government made more tests available to nursing homes.”

    It this making up for some Libel lawsuit underway?

    The Trudeau government’s plan to reduce the use of fertilizers in Canada in the name of fighting climate change is the kind of thinking that globally applied, will lead to skyrocketing food prices and famine.”

    The writer knows this, everyone knows this, yet they still do it. On purpose. Knowing it will cause high prices, famine, and widely killing the poor. …Who will probably then kill the middle class, who will then try to topple the elite.

    They demonized having no symptoms…and normalized strokes and heart attacks for fluffing sheets.” and it worked like a charm, nobody blinked an eye and believed every word. Even suggesting this isn’t true makes you a kook…because I wrote it on the Internets.

    Meanwhile, when I write same words on same internets, my words are colored differently? In a different font? And they aren’t listened to at all. Appeal to an authority…that has been wrong about everything and screwing you, every day of my entire life.

    Malaysia: wasn’t that the time Zoolander tried to kill him for trying to end garment wage slavery in South East Asia?

    As above, hundreds of world leaders in the positions to know say these things. They are on camera, in books. Our own top General, winner of WWII, Eisenhower said so. Our most beloved President, Kennedy, said so. But they are false. But me, looking up from TikTok, having no clearances and never looked into it once, totally know that isn’t true. QED. I am the world. I am the God-master and know all things by simple act of being born in America.


    It’s officially a clown world folks!

    “New study: COVID booster significantly delays end of infection
    “Israeli Health Ministry data shows that in the older population (those over the age of 60), having submitted to more COVID shots often correlates to a greater likelihood of becoming infected with COVID.”



    oxymoron did you notice that only the adenovirus vector vaccines are on that gmo register. pfizer and moderna get a free pass because their product is not gmo, just innocent code to produce a few billion gmo proteins.


    From Zerohedge:

    Jill Biden Apologizes For Comparing Latinos To ‘Breakfast Tacos’

    The Empire of Lies is not a serious enterprise.

    The Russians finally know this in their bones.

    The Russians are taking away the punch bowl known as Ukraine.

    The Den of Thieves & Thugs lead by the Petty Mafioso Clown Prince Zelensky are actually selling the weapons being sent as a last testament to their unparalleled criminality.


    Dr D Rich

    “The person also said Hutchinson made derogatory comments about the Jan. 6 committee to multiple people…”

    —my God, no, not derogatory comments.

    “She reached out to Trump world and was like, ‘Hey. The committee reached out to me. I really need help.’ She didn’t have a job. She didn’t have money to pay a lawyer. Trump has been trying to be really helpful, especially with young people who weren’t like bad actors on J6, like get you a lawyer. Pay for it. Meadows wasn’t returning her phone calls and like her circle of people, weren’t, like, helpful,” a former senior Trump official told the Caller.”

    —So, Trump is the only one trying to help a young person who is powerless, monieless and disenfranchised from her supposed liberal progressive abortion-promoting Betters. Perhaps I read it wrong but I don’t see how mocking a typically powerless, monieless and disenfranchised young person promotes the Democrats’ agenda while demonizing Trump and his organization for offering assistance to, well, disenfranchised monieless and powerless young people.
    We’re talking about Bateson’s Double Bind, Borderline’s gaslighting and a psychopath’s thorough lack of empathy wrapped in one package. Let me be the last propose an hypothesis for Psychopathy as a communicable disease.


    the scenarios are catastrophic

    “swarms of drones” are not only good for amazing light shows.
    WWIII will involve cheap “swarms of drones”.
    Misery Loves Company
    Consumer price jump 9.1% over the last 12 months for June
    Don’t feel bad, next month it will make you feel better if the increase on top of this, is lower.
    If you cannot pay for ??? now, don’t worry.
    Next month numbers will have more than you not being able to pay for ???.
    the Jan. 6 committee is improperly influencing any/all testimony
    • Cassidy Hutchinson Begged Trump Officials For ‘Financial Assistance’ (DC)

    A Meadows spokesperson confirmed those claims to the Daily Caller, saying Meadows didn’t return those calls to avoid the appearance of improperly influencing any testimony. [..] “Cassidy Hutchinson reached out to various people in Trump world asking for both financial assistance and help finding a lawyer. She told us she was in significant financial distress, had no family that could help, and couldn’t even afford food. She also told us Mark Meadows wouldn’t return her calls. She didn’t have a job. She didn’t have money to pay a lawyer.
    Whos’ reality matter
    reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    disconnected from reality

    the world needs more fertilizer, not less, for the same reason it needs more fossil fuel energy, not less.

    Still has not happened …. topple the elite.

    cause high prices, famine, and widely killing the poor. …Who will probably then kill the middle class, who will then try to topple the elite.

    Canada to fix five more turbines for Nord Stream – media
    Ottawa has approved the continued maintenance of Russian pipeline equipment after talks with Berlin


    Are only 1/3 of refugees not needing food and shelter?
    Two-thirds of Ukrainian refugees intend to stay in host countries
    A UN survey shows the majority of people fleeing Russia’s invasion plan to stay put until hostilities subside and security improves.


    Hunter really is a class act. America is a fuckin’ sewer.


    “I’m answering a more interesting question, to me.”
    Khiara Bridges UCB law prof
    How much does it cost to have such a learned professor?

    On a different note, those who are un”vaccinated” now have a target on the backs. We did become the control group and we are showing how destructive and worse than useless the “vaccines” are.
    The refusers are humiliating the proponents. The proponents must get rid of them at any cost. (Queensland?)


    Geert’s latest:

    “Instead of generating herd immunity, C-19 mass vaccination triggers a chain
    reaction of new pandemics and epidemics
    with major impact on global health.”

    highly vaccinated populations will be devastated by massive rates of C-19 morbidity and C-19 mortality if
    not massively treated with antivirals”

    Or, to cut a long story short, the vaxxed are fucked.


    We did become the control group and we are showing how destructive and worse than useless the “vaccines” are.
    Maybe, they won’t like being proven wrong and will still try to eliminate us.

    Michael Reid

    EU turning into economic backwater. Germany closing down


    The Saker has a feature article on Ukronazis selling all the weapon their are getting.

    Arms for victory over Russia? No, for their resale!


    An oddly enough, the Russians, as an official strategy, are buying a lot of lend-lease western weapons right on the frontlines in Donbass.


    The Ukrainians are actually using their radios to talk to the Russians an bargain for a better price!


    “The protracted conflict in Donbass has long been one of the main sources of weapons for numerous European extremists and Islamic terrorists, but now the sale of arms has become completely uncontrolled……

    On the very first day of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian authorities were already offering machineguns and rifles to just about everyone. Some of these weapons immediately ended up on the black market.

    Soon, there were also offers for the sale of body armor, night vision devices, grenade launchers and MANPADS. Amid total corruption, which, despite all its efforts to bring Ukraine into the EU, Europe has not been able to defeat, Ukrainian military supply officers are selling everything.

    MANPADS are an ideal weapon for a terrorist attack – not a single civilian aircraft taking off or landing can be safe…… Bringing such weapons from Ukraine to elsewhere is a breeze, since with a good kickback the corrupt Ukrainian border officials will not only fail to inspect a particular car, but will also secure their Polish or Slovak colleagues’ agreement to let it through unhindered. ….How many MANPADS sold in Ukraine will be enough to bring all air traffic across Europe to a standstill? Two, three or maybe five?

    ……Arms transfer system

    The Ukrainian army started total mobilization with the beginning of the Russian special operation. However, Russian-speaking residents of the East do not want to die for the Kiev elites. Many of them do not care who will control the regions in which they live. In Russia, salaries are significantly higher than in Ukraine and there is no language harassment.

    The Russians have created a very profitable loophole for those who do not want to fight for anyone. It is even strange that they have not yet hung banners in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet – ‘’get Russian citizenship and an apartment in the Moscow region in exchange for a Western self-propelled guns’’. How it works?

    However, in addition to the Russians, Ukrainians also sell weapons to interest groups from the Middle East.

    This is precisely why Ukrainian nationalists are firmly holding Odessa, forming their camps near it. These are fighters of Nazi battalions who work closely with foreign mercenaries who know quick ways to sell weapons.

    Second: the route passes through the territories that react most quietly to such news. This is only natural if they get an impressive percentage for transit.

    Third: Albania is the most suitable starting point both in logistics and in terms of the presence of serious criminal structures. Also, according to operational data, the smugglers have the logistical support of the Albanian intelligence service.


    Dr D Rich

    ““We forecast that this print will mark the peak of inflation as the Fed’s 15% shrinkage of the monetary base, which is the fastest decline since the great depression”

    Gibberish for the math-impaired, economics-inclined proles among us.

    Michael Reid

    Resetting Without Schwab: Russia & the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Resetting Without Schwab: Russia & the Fourth Industrial Revolution


    Isn’t it amazing how the climate fight against carbon has now silently slipped in fertilizers to it’s hit list and nobody seems to have noticed this addition. Is oxygen next on the WEF’s hit list?

    Armenio Pereira

    Ideals are unreal, whereas what’s real is crystal clear.
    Ideals get bloated, and then are botched.
    Stick to the basic needs (breathe, sleep, excrete, self-restraint, eat) and Truth will be close at hand.

    Doc Robinson

    mpsk: “those who are un”vaccinated” now have a target on the backs. We did become the control group and we are showing how destructive and worse than useless the “vaccines” are.”

    The vaxx fans are a shrinking minority of the US adult population.

    The majority of the US adult population, about 60%, are either unvaxxed or refusing the booster shots. The boosters were available to all adults since 8 months ago, but the latest CDC data shows that only half of the vaxxed adults got a booster injection.


    WES- they’ll market “goofballs” like in Sirens of Titan.
    (oxygen pills)


    Doc R- nice to see, but even the CDC puts out taboo info. 😉
    It’s a shame so many people won’t see that it’s no longer righteous to get boosted.


    @Dr D said

    Now although nitrogen is a GOOD thing, not bad, farm practices do need to be reformed. Just slowly and very carefully, testing each step of the way. I’ve got an idea: undo all the brilliant bright ideas you’ve had for the last 50 years that turned from family farms to foreign-owned MNC petro-based agribusiness state-protected monopolies.

    The last 50 years of bad practice produced cheap food so that large corporations – you know the ones, the same people preaching ESG today – could make huge profits. Now the people who introduced bad farming practices for profit are going to introduce more bad policies, again for profit.

    The difference is that this time the super rich who want to impose these policies own most of the world already. They have no need to be richer, in fact they are now focusing on quality of life, their lives, and that means fewer poor people like you. They just need a few hundred million slaves to keep their worlds going, slaves who have a minimal impact on their world, do not clog up the tourist locations they like to visit, basically out of sight out of mind slaves. They will then be able to enjoy their hard stolen fortunes.

    The only way to stop this is to remove the elite people who own most of the world. As an elite crowd they have nothing much left to fight over between themselves and so are focusing on you. Either we remove these people from the planet or we get removed from this planet.

    It is a very simple, time immemorial scenario being played out: the greedy have run out of stuff to take easily so they are coming for you and your stuff. We are reaching the end game which always involves violence: violence to protect yourself and your family.


    Russia is doing a perfect job of destroying Europe for WEF, placing the blame firmly on Biden’s shoulders. I am still not convinced that the elites from all over the world are not in on this destruction of the west. The elites in the west own most stuff in the west, so no problem paying Putin in higher gas prices, a fair exchange for his work destroying Europe.

    It is very hard to believe that the WEF crowd did not see this coming. They have people in every government and have effected a global political coup. Given that level of access to intelligence all over the western world, their ignorance that Russia was preparing for the Ukraine invasion for the last 8+ years seems far fetched to me. Why would WEF only bribe politicians, why wouldn’t they bribe anybody else in the deep state, intelligence people like the ones at Facebook?

    Russia, China and Western elites are doing this together, they need the global elites to cooperate to make this work, which is why they would not have started Ukraine without Putin’s cooperation.


    “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000…”

    Though the Georgia Guidestones have been destroyed, they seem to be on track at achieving their goals….


    Michael Reid – thank you for the Unlimited Hangout article it was wonderful.

    Michael Reid

    There we are

    I thought this was well done.


    aspnaz @ #111459,
    Hear, hear and good on ‘ya’. The destroyal of farm soils here in the USA dates back to the 1950’s. For anyone with any interest, I suggest you read William Albrecht. Good soils. good health.

    Michael Reid

    The only way to stop this is to remove the elite people who own most of the world. As an elite crowd they have nothing much left to fight over between themselves and so are focusing on you. Either we remove these people from the planet or we get removed from this planet.

    Michael Reid
    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] 1937

    The terror in the horse, visualized by Picasso, speaks eloquently to the horror that was Guerica…


    These last few days Germ sure has been on fire. The covid vaccine war is still doing it’s deadly work. For most people, they have no idea there is a covid vaccine war raging.


    @aspnaz. I can’t see the logic of the WEF crowd pushing for the Ukraine conflict. If thousands of anti aircraft and anti tank weapons are being sold cheaply on the black market then the most likely targets outside the general public (multi billion strong, so a few attacks would harm 0.0001%)? That of course would be the few tens of thousands in the WEF and their lackeys in government.
    Would Davos ever have another meeting if a couple of private jets are destroyed anywhere in the world? Would they ever leave their bunkers knowing that an anti tank round would make short work of their armoured limo? They could never go into their garden or near a window as a missile or a drone might get them and even staying indoors provides little protection from larger missiles.
    If that report of the prices is correct one could buy crate loads of manpads for less than a new car costs and have it delivered for a fee into Europe.


    Delivery problem solution

    Maintenance turbine problems on Nord Stream 1 can always be solved by implementing Nord Stream 2
    Yep. The bankers should have a private chat before its too late,


    @Neal said:

    I can’t see the logic of the WEF crowd pushing for the Ukraine conflict.

    My main assumption is that WEF is wanting to set up a global government.

    I have a number of parralel theories about what could be happening: different ways that the national governments could be put under the yoke of a global government so that the global government has the power to run the world. At the moment the USA runs the world followed by Europe: WEF only has control over those governments via their traitor politicians. How to convert that into direct power over nations.

    1. The simplest is that Ukraine is used to disarm NATO in Europe and that Russia ends up taking over Europe – the countries in Europe become subservient allies to Russia, forced either militarily or due to the energy sanctions. I am not very confident in this theory because of the BRICS+ developments, but if Russia allied with Europe, Russia would have captured a large block of power from the west and could bring that power to the global government. Of course, this still leaves the USA etc and how will they be taken over by global government?

    2. The second theory is the Sri Lanka model: WEF destroys the country and now the IMF is offering relief to rescue the country, with plenty of conditions. The IMF will then control the country. I assume that the same basic process will happen in Europe, the system will collapse and then WEF global government will march in with their famine relief schemes – Bill Gates’ deep fried grasshoppers – and energy relief – they will probably do a deal with Russia to turn the gas back on. They will be the rescuer.

    The global government will be invited to take over the EU countries and the ruling government will move to the WEF, a bit like it is at the moment: WEF ran the Covid synchronised swimming. Their politicians will force the EU countries to become subservient to the global government and the people will have no say in the process: it will be an emergency! Basically the whole thing is designed to take power away from the national governments and move it to the global government.

    I am sure that they will then do the same to the USA.

    All supposition, but if global government is the goal, how are they going to transfer the power?

    D Benton Smith

    The rich guy thinks of the masonry wall around his estate as security.

    The poor guy thinks of it as free bricks stacked conveniently close to the road.

    D Benton Smith

    And I’m not limiting the metaphor. Ownership in general is being seriously and profoundly renegotiated on a very very very grand scale. It’s going to take a while, and humankind will not be quite the same species when it is done.

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