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    Your comment about today’s military running on money was also true for Rome.

    Rome’s mercenaries deserted their posts when the barbarians came. They were not prepared to die for pay in worthless copper coins! If they had been paid in silver ahnd gold coins, they might have stayed and fought!

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    Once one becomes aware that the US is controlled by one party, the uniparty, it becomes easier to understand why American voters have become so frustrated with their government!

    Despite switching, back and forth, between Democrats and Republicans, they still end up with no change!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 9 2021 #68039

    Dr. D & Madamski:

    Thanks for your reflections! It will probably be awhile before we really know, if ever, what to call, what happened. Certainly the actions of a one party state!

    The uniparty isn’t really attacking Trump, but rather a group of American voters. Divide and conquere.

    The other message to all American voters is that electing an outsider, will never be tolerated again!

    The uniparty made examples of JFK before and now Trump. I think the only reason Trump wasn’t assassinated (yet) is because he maintained his own private security detail. JFK didn’t have any private security. Trump probably noted that small but important detail before running!

    Clearly the uniparty won’t tolerate an outsider candidate, whether from the left, center, or right!

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    Your statement about being old rings many bells!

    Whomever coined the phrase “The Golden Years” should be shot! Tortured before, though!

    I remember vividly taking my dying 76 year old Mother, a retired nurse, to the emergency room at the hospital, that she had worked for so many years.

    The admitting nurse just ignored my Mom. The ward wasn’t busy. Finally after hours of waiting, I went up to the admitting nurse sitting their doing nothing, and said to her, “Is this how you treat a retired nurse who worked on the 7th floor (critical care) of your hospital?”

    Begrudgingly she got up off her ass.

    Being old sucks! Naturally, I shed a few tears writing about this memory.

    It probably sucks even more, if you don’t have younger stronger people to plead your case.

    We also know why hospital and nursing home administrators and staff, hate any strong advocates for the elderly therewithin.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67973

    Doc Robinson:

    Italy doesn’t matter!

    If the MSM don’t publish it, it didn’t happen!

    If it did happen, it really doesn’t matter!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67971


    I decided to re-read your last comment about Trump, except I replace Trump with Obama, 4 years with 8 years, etc!

    Any you know what! Your comment fits Obama just fine! Perfect actually!

    Obama promised infrastructure too, but congress preferred “pork” instead! Trump got pork instead too!

    Obama bailed out his rich banker friends on Wall Street, but not the little people on main Street, in 2008!

    Obama rewarded his rich health care friends with Obamacare! Folks are spending more and getting less than ever on health care!

    Obama rewarded his liberal education friends by providing unlimited student loans so they could greatly increase tuition costs making education even more unaffordable for poor people! (Obama may go down in the history of education for doing more than anyone else for hastening online education and the demise of school brick and mortar, after covid hit!)(Not necessarily a bad thing!)

    Obama let Hillary run amuck in Europe, Middle East, and Africa! “I came, I saw, he died!” Millions of people were displaced from their homes! Just like BLM here destroys black neighborhoods here! Rinse, repeat!

    Trump tried to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Congress quickly pass legislation stopping him! The generals repeatedly disobeyed him. Obama replaced any general who displeased him. Actually nearly all of them!

    Obama said the one thing he was really “good” at was droning or “killing people”. Obama dropped over 27,000 bombs on people! Trump took no such personal pleasure, wisely turning droning decisions back to local military commanders! No surprise, the generals stopped droning as many people because suddenly they were afraid to drone anybody in cased they screwed up! Also Trump met every dead serviceman and family at Doover. Obama rarely did so because he disliked doing it.

    I could go on and on but what is the point?

    Joe Biden is putting all of Obama’s old people back in power! You should expect to see more of Obama!

    That is now our “new” normal! Many people are quite excited that this is happening!

    I see history repeating and rhyming!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67964

    I love reading about history.

    But I always have to keep in mind that only the victor’s ever get to write history, as the losers often died in the process!

    What little history we do know, could only be written by those who could read and write. The only people who could devote time to learning such skills, were the wealthy! Everyone else was too busy wondering where their next meal would come from.

    My Father was an intelligent man, and a sure fired way to run afoul, was to talk about “how good the old days were”! He would quickly point out that they weren’t so good!

    I got a lesson, “about the good old days” from my Dad, at a very young age. One that I have never forgotten!

    Early one morning, shortly after I had learned to read, while having porrage with my Dad, I was reading a story about the Egyptian Pharaohs. There was a nice sketch of a pharaoh sitting on his throne being kept cool by two men waving palm branches to keep him “cool”.

    I innocently said to my Dad. “It must have been wonderful to have lived as a pharaoh in those days”!

    My Dad quickly shot back, “Son, you would have been born a slave”!

    Somehow that story just never quite appealed to me again!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67962


    You just need to change your perspective!

    On the positive side they didn’t fail, they succeeded!

    One elite is now replacing another elite!

    Only time will tell if this works out for the better or worst.

    I wonder what future 4021 bloggers, if they are allowed too, will say?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67960

    Mr. House:

    Being Canadian and having also worked in Russia, the short answer to whether China would invade Russia, is yes and no!

    The problem both Canada and Russia share; are climate, and a vast geography that supports few people. In many ways our land is poor compared to say land in China or India.

    As countries go, both are expensive places to run and live in, requiring exploitation of certain high value resources to sell to other countries.

    What “really” stops potential invaders is our relatively “cold” climate! Winter, in other words!

    So if China invades Russia, Russians would start moving south to China to live!

    Remember upwards of a million wealthy Canadians invade the US every winter!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67956


    It is a kind of chicken or egg first argument!

    I see debasing the money as the elites not wanting to pay for their wars themselves.

    Better to let the little people pay for the war, both in wealth and blood!!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67955


    Yes, some Romans survived their “great reset” after the barbarians sacked the place!

    Those Romans with skills likely survived the difficult times and rapid changes.

    However, the welfare class either learned new skills quickly, moved, or starved to death!

    The population of Rome did shrink very quickly with no empire to support it’s welfare!

    After all the barbarians were only interested in their welfare, not Rome’s!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67951


    It would be very interesting to do a DNA study of today’s Romans to see how much barbarian DNA was added, after the barbarians sacked Rome.

    It would at least tell us if the barbarians left or if they liked Rome and decided to stay!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67950

    No, we can not dilute or delay vaccines!

    This would negatively impact vacinne maker’s huge quick profits!

    Any more delays might provide enough time to prove the vacinnnes might not work so well and might not be worth the high price nor risks being taken!

    We can’t risk that, can we?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 8 2021 #67949


    Your view of the decline of Rome and my rather short description of Rome’s decline, are not at odds. What you wrote is just the next chapter!

    What I find interesting is that the Roman elites of the day decided it was too expensive and required too much effort to try and maintain “their” power and wealth in Rome, so they elected to move, leaving the little people behind!

    Imagine having to forever plan and pay for more bread and circuses to stay in power! Rome’s dependent (welfare) class sure shrunk rapidly after the new elites packed up and left and the welfare checks started bouncing!

    (Just like US companies relocate from expensive cities/states/countries to less expensive cities/states/countries, when things get bad enough.)

    What I was trying to show is how the previous elites had totally messed up their own Roman nest! The previous elite’s single biggest mistake was to start debasing the money! Everything that happened from that point onwards, came back to bite the old elites (and little people) of Rome!

    The new elites realized this and “initially” were careful not to repeat this mistake of debasing the money in their new location! (They also didn’t provide any welfare either!)

    After the new elites left Rome, life for the little people was “reset” and their lives settled into a “new” normal. Their “great reset” involved losing the benefits of the empire as well as the burdens of maintaining an empire too. But they still had bosses! New boss same as old boss! (Dems/Reps – Romans/barbarians)

    Today it is not hard to see the parallels to life in Rome. They rhyme!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 7 2021 #67907


    What are you going to do, after waving a few greenbacks, the seals don’t bark?

    Blame; the seals for being stupid, or the greenbacks for being worthless?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 7 2021 #67904

    The circle Dr. D posted is very apt.

    What it reminds me is of the Roman empire, especially it’s demise stage.

    Rome’s demise started with the state purposely destroying it’s middle class, the very foundation of the empire. Rome’s decline was driven by the ruling elites constant desire for ever more power and wealth.

    Free Roman citizens made up Rome’s middle class. They were made up of independent small land owning farmers, trades people, merchants, etc. who created Rome’s initial wealth. They were also the source of Rome’s early military might.

    As the Roman empire expanded, things slowly started to change over time. Success sowed the seeds of failure. The rich became very rich. The rich obtained slaves. Slaves started displacing free Romans by undercutting their wages to the point free Romans could no longer compete (open borders- sound familiar?).

    The elites wanting ever more power and wealth, began increasing taxes on free Roman citizens, passed laws restricting what economic activities free Romans could do to earn a living to reduce competition to their monopolies (corporate farming, walmart, google, amazon, – sound familiar?). This forced many productive free Romans to flee to the conquered provinces, like Spain, to survive.

    Eventfully taxes rose so high that small free Roman farmers could no longer pay the land taxes and faced imprisonment. The only escape was to seek protection under an elite landowner, thus becoming tenant farmers on their own land! (debt slaves – sound familiar?)

    Once there were no productive free Romans left in Rome, the elites had to put on bread and circus (state welfare/stimulus checks – sound familiar?) shows at the Coliseum. The bread came from enslaved Egypt (poor buggers!).

    Roman armies became 100% mercenary, leading to a succession of successful elite Roman generals marching on Rome to oust other Roman elites! (Ceasar crossing Rubicon/Biden’s election fraud – sound familiar?)

    After the elites (Dem/Rep uniparty) had become so corrupt, debasing the money, having laid waste to Rome’s foundation, by destroying it’s free Roman middle class, the barbarians started coming and knocking on Rome’s doors! The elites could no longer raise an army of free Romans (because there were no free Romans, only slaves – US army says less than 25% (marines 7%) of Americans suitable to join – sound familiar?), with which to defend themselves, as their unpaid mercenaries had fled.

    We are experiencing Rome all over again! We don’t study history anymore. It more than rhymes!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 7 2021 #67859

    What is happening to Julian is no surprise to me.

    He can never be allowed to talk and expose the deep state’s Russia lie.

    Now that Trump is gone, it is Biden’s DofJ that is appealing.

    Sadly Seth Rich must be turning over in his grave.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 7 2021 #67857

    Sparkle Socks has prioritized prison inmates to get vaccinatied ahead of patients in Canada’s nursing homes! Socialism you see!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 7 2021 #67856

    January 20th is just around the corner. Everything will quickly go back to normal.

    We can nowj look forward to:

    The virus will disappear, media coverage of corruption will disappear, US Chamber of Commerce will be back in the drivers seat again, new wars will be started to boost the economy, climate change will come back, green is back in, congress will become richer, Hunter will become a billionaire selling state secrets, billionaires will become trillionaires, all inner cities will become BLM zones, guns will be outlawed so only criminals have guns, all police will be defunded, gun deaths will increase, crime will increase, student debt will be canceled, education costs will skyrocket, Healthcare costs will greatly increase, China import tariffs will be dropped, Joe’s first foreign trip will be to China to report to Xi, vaccine passports will be used to control internal/international travel, $2,000 checks, inflation will increase, the US dollar will become more worthless, Joe will be shoved out the back door, Obama will be back running the white house,

    and the Fed will print enough money to make everyone a millionaire!

    What is there not to like!

    Happy 2021!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 6 2021 #67842

    On a lighter note I see we have hit 69 posts!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 6 2021 #67830


    Please forgive me if I don’t believe in Satin!

    Sorry, I only believe in witches! It is in my blood!

    An ancestor, Bridget Bishop was the first witch hung in Salem in 1692!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 6 2021 #67827

    It is interesting how “violent” the peaceful “not being covered” by MSM Washington rally has become!

    When BLM toppled a metal statue on top of a young black man, nobody reported his demise. When BLM shot and killed a young black girl, nobody reported her death. When a black security guard was shot and killed during a BLM riot, nobody reported his death.

    It was too inconvenient to BLM’s political narrative! Clearly their black lives didn’t matter. Neither did their black neighborhood being burnt down.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 6 2021 #67825

    John Day:

    I am afraid it is too late for me to get a “gold” vaccine!

    I am already allergic to paper money!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 6 2021 #67824

    Let me get this RNA/DNA stuff straight!

    So, if you put gobbledy into gook, you get gobbledygook?


    So, to transcriptase the process, you take gook out of gobbledygook, and you get only gobbledy?

    What if gook and gobbledy object?

    What if gobbledygook objects?

    Then lock’em all down!

    Happy 2021!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 5 2021 #67755

    The British judge’s non-legal “cop out” ruling ranks right up there with US courts “No Standing” election fraud rulings! Judge Sulivan verses Flynn too!o

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 5 2021 #67754

    Tonight in Georgia’s senate runoff election, I expect the state to go blue.

    Just in case the voters of Georgia didn’t get the memo, I have rigged their Dominion voting machines to ensure a blue outcome, even if they all vote red!

    Tomorrow congress will vote to certify Biden as the next president.

    Just like abll legal avenues being closed by “No Standing” courts, political avenues have also been closed to appealing the fraudulent election by congress.

    Tomorrow’s House and Senate protests have been designed to fail from the start by the Uniparty.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 5 2021 #67753

    Travel may be down, but I seriously doubt it will stay down forever.

    People instinctively like to move from one place to another. The reasons are many.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 5 2021 #67752

    I find it interesting that the Greek church is now opposing the Greek state’s lockdown.

    It reminds me of other times in history when a church has opposed feudal kings. Often in those times there was nobody else around who could oppose a king and still survive the experience.

    My guess is the Greek state will simply let it pass.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 5 2021 #67751

    If as I expect, Biden becomes president on January 20th, the virus will soon become a non-news worthy topic.

    To help this become a reality, the CDC is planning to reduce the cycle counts of the PCR tests to less than 30 cycles for determing a “positive” result. This will greatly reduce the number of reported virus “cases”.

    PCR tests run for 30 cycles tend to give about 70% false “positive” results. PCR tests run at 37 cycles or higher tend to give 90% false “positive” results.

    Reducing PCR test cycles run to between 15 to 25 cycles should greatly reduce the number of reported virus “cases”.

    TAE will soon need to find new topics besides the virus!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 4 2021 #67716

    Regarding Pres Trump pardoning Julian. It would be nice.

    However I doubt he will. For one very simple reason.

    The deep state has probably threatened him and his family, after he leaves office, should he do so.

    Again it is the deep state that has the motive for wanting Julian to die in prison.

    The other practical reason President Trump might not be able to pardon Julian, is that he hasn’t yet been convicted of a crime in the US? Can you pardon someone (non-US citizen) who is innocent? Maybe the deep state doesn’t want Julian to be in the US until after Biden arrives?

    I think the recent judgement is a legal trick (to buy time?) that will be later crushed in a higher court.

    This British judge is a 100% swamp creature. Sorry, I just don’t trust this judge.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 4 2021 #67702

    Susmarie108 & Teri:

    I know you both want Julian out of jail! So do I! So we are actually on the same side!

    My difference of opinion with yours is only that the evidence shows it is the deep state (Uniparty) that needs to keep Julian locked up, not Trump! They own the motive, not Trump!

    The same group that 100% opposes outsider President Trump!

    Once free, Julian can easily expose the deep state’s lie that Russia didn’t hack the DNC. Remember Seth Rich? Seth can’t talk now but Julian sure can!

    Also please realize in the real world of Uniparty politics, President Trump has never been able to get any of his choices for AG confirmed by the senate (I.e. Mitch).

    What really happens is Mitch gives President Trump a short list of pre-selected Uniparty approved candidates from which the President can choose from, and which Mitch will get the senate to confirm.

    If Trump suggests someone not on the list, Mitch just says he can’t get that person confirmed. So President Trump has never had his own AG, only Uniparty AGs!

    This what I am trying to get you to see! It’s the Uniparty that needs to keep Julian locked up!! Not Trump!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 4 2021 #67696


    For a different perspective, read a comment I wrote yesterday trying to explain that President Trump has never had control of the Department of Justice nor the FBI. He still doesn’t! Evidence Barr!

    The Uniparty controls and still firmly controls the DofJ and FBI! (i.e. Mitch!)

    Blaming President Trump for jailing Julian is exactly what the Uniparty wants you to believe!

    You are just repeating their lie!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 3 2021 #67659


    If you are working for the deep state, you are not breaking any laws!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 3 2021 #67657

    John Day:

    Regarding the OK Corral on January 6th.

    I may have been a little too pessimistic about this rally!

    It is very hard to find anything about this rally via the MSM who are completely ignoring it. Most Americans are simply unaware there will be a rally in Washington DC.

    There are now some reports coming out about the Uniparty efforts to sabotage the rally.

    The major of Washington plans on shutting down the metro on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday for safety reasons. They are pressuring all area hotels to cancel hotel reservations. This happening. Bus companies are suddenly canceling long arranged bus trips. DC Police have been instructed to block all routes into Washington (plus interstates) and not to protect people attending the rally. Antifi has been instructed to attack the MAGA crowds and create violence so the MSM can discredit President Trump. Cell phone service is also to be cut from Tuesday through Thursday. These are just some of the dirty tricks I can remember!

    However, despite all of these negative hurtles being thrown at people wanting to attend the rally, the mood surprisingly is very upbeat! They are still “hoping against hope” that President Trump will present evidence of election fraud directly to them at the rally!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 3 2021 #67656

    I find it amusing that everyone still thinks President Trump is solely to blame for jailing Julian. Just like Putin is still held solely responsible for hacking the DNC! Some deep state lies need to live on forever!

    So let us ask the $64,000 question of why is Julian really in jail? Julian is in jail for one and only one reason! Because he can prove that Putin didn’t hack the DNC!

    Why is this truth so important? Not being able to prove Putin didn’t hacked the DNC is the whole structure around which the 2 year plus Mueller investigation, against President Trump, was built!

    How quickly people forget that AG Sessions, an early deep state plant, recused himself upon appointment, allowing the Mueller group to hijack the DofJ and the FBI for over 2 years! They then proceeded to weaponize justice towards the impeachment of President-elect Trump before he had even been sworn in! The only people targeted for prosecution, besides President Trump, were supporters of President Trump.

    How could this have happened? Simple, both sides of the same coin, Democrats and Republicans, of the Uniparty, wanted President Trump, the outsider, out!

    Naturally the Uniparty’s MSM did their job to advance “Trump Needs To Go” agenda. We were never told exactly what horrible crime President Trump had committed, just that, everyone agreed, he had to go!

    Then in 2018, Mitch put Bill Barr, Bush’s old AG, in to run the DofJ, along with Wray to run the FBI. Barr never prosecuted anyone. Before departing he saw no evidence of election fraud!

    Few people realized the significance of Barr’s “no election fraud” statement. President Trump sure did! Barr was signalling to the deep state, large and small, the “all clear”, to proceed and anoint Biden as the next president of the Uniparty!

    Please don’t keep repeating the lie that President Trump had control of the Department of Justice or the FBI and is solely responsible for jailing Julian!

    After President Trump is gone on January 20th, Julian will still be in jail! The deep state can never let Julian reveal the lie of Russia hacking the DNC!

    Rest in peace, Seth Rich! We know who killed you!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 2 2021 #67607

    John Day:

    Getting malaria while working in Africa really sucked!

    What I found most interesting is that the local expats did not take malaria medication unless they got malaria!

    They said it wasn’t wise to take malaria medication for long periods of time (years) because it was too hard on the kidneys.

    But at the same time none would venture out into the bush nor would they go outside at night. They all retreated into their well screened homes before dark. If they did leave, at night, they went straight to their cars.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 2 2021 #67606

    John Day:

    Sadly, I am afraid the mood at the OK Corral on January 6th will more likely resemble that of a funeral.

    With the Uniparty’s “No Standing” courts pulling the rug out from under all of the legal challenges and ignoring actual evidence, people are slowly realizing the fraudulent 2020 election is now a done deal.

    These people are trying to come to grips with the fact American elections have always been rigged. It is a very hard pill to swallow as these people still held some “hope”.

    January 6th will be people trying to deal with the lost of any future “hope”.

    When I was working in a Siberian coal mine, back in 1983, what struck me the hardest, was the total lack of “hope” that I could see in people’s eyes. The Russian solution was to drink vodkas to try and temporarily escape their hopeless world.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 2 2021 #67600


    Now that Dr. John Day has given you a “gold” prescription, please forgive me for not recognizing that you are a “golden” girl!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 2 2021 #67593


    Regarding bitcoin, you have to admit it is “extremely green” as it requires more energy be put into it than you get out!

    Actually it is the truest green energy there is!

    No matter how much energy you put into creating a bitcoin, you never get any “green” energy back out!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 2 2021 #67590

    This central banker’s business of making money free by reducing interest rates to zero and even paying people (negative interest rates) to borrow money has produced weird real world consequences.

    Twenty years ago, if I had said you would be standing on a street corner lending out your money to strangers for free, you would have said I was crazy!

    But now we have gone past that crazy point!

    You are now standing on a Street corner paying strangers to take your free money!

    Now I think you are the one who is crazy!

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