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    I see they are moving more quickly to protect Hunter Biden by putting him on trial now, while they are still in control, so he can’t be properly prosecuted by Trump after his first sweetheart deal fell apart.
    I guess running out the legal clock plan is deemed too risky now.

    They want Trump supporters to be violent but they won’t give them that opportunity.
    Staying passive frustrates the hell out of them!

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    You buy a Tesla and Elon turns it into a taxi!
    Now that is a viable business!
    Socialize the costs!
    Privatize the profits!

    P.S.. You would need to lock your Tesla in a garage, so Elon can’t borrow it, so it is available when you need it!

    Gold now exceeds the value of the Euros held by world central banks as a reserve currency.
    Q: When does gold exceed the value of the USD?

    Biden wants to start WW3 but he doesn’t want to be held responsible for it!

    The East India Company flag lives on.
    Second, as the Flag of the US!
    Third, as the flag of the Banana Republic!

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    That kind of loaded question from a woman is extremely deadly!
    Your life flashes before your eyes!
    Any incorrect answer, will earn you a metal frying pan to the back of the head!

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    Bus drivers dying while driving a school bus is now considered perfectly normal these days.
    It isn’t even news anymore.
    Just like school children dying of heart attacks.
    Just part of our new normal.
    Of course we can not mention the fvax reason for all of this.

    The deep state has successfully reorganized our brains per 1984.
    They already have AI programmed properly.

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    My Mother’s test to see if my Father was really listening.

    My Father learned over time to constantly say unhun, unhun, etc.
    My Mother would then ask my Father if it was OK to buy a fur coat (knowing it wasn’t)!
    My Father always nicely fell into the trap by saying, unhun!
    Then my Mother would proceed to nail my hapless apologizing Father to the cross!

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    Dr. D:

    I don’t need to own a Tesla.
    I already own a device that can go from zero to 100 in nothing flat.
    My bathroom scale!


    There are 2 women in my house.
    I learned early that their vote counts, while my vote doesn’t count at all!
    My only defense against their proposed homemaking projects is that it is too much work!
    If they require me to do all the work, then I have some leverage.
    I then stall and hope in time they will forget that particular project!
    Of course they just generate new proposals!
    I do my best to not bite and let them talk away how great it would be.
    They are social animals and need to talk!
    If you look in either of my ears, you will see daylight!
    This hole allows for the safe passage of sounds to pass through my head without harming me (most of the time)!
    P.S. I design all of my projects on the back of envelops!

    While the Empire of Lies may have run out of real things to throw at the Russians, one thing they are in no danger of running out of is money to corrupt Ukraine’s elites to keep the war going.
    This war will continue as long as the Ukrainian elites are making money from the war.

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    Up here in the land of igloos, my chief complaint about the sun is the lack of sunshine especially during the 4 winter months from November to February.
    During this winter time frame it is often very cloudy too.
    During this time frame the sun reaches a low of about 22 degrees before climbing to at least 45 degrees during the summer.
    On a sunny winter day, I often sun bath for 2 to 3 hours without worrying about burning.
    So I am not complaining about the sun, as I need it to help control my dry scalely skin.
    I have been sun bathing for at least an hour everyday the last few days.
    So bring on the sun!

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    I just can not see Biden standing for 2 hours debating Trump.
    His meds will wear off and he will need to be re-med during ad breaks.
    Why would Biden agree to risking a knock out blow by debating Trump?
    Biden will back out of debating a convicted felon.
    Biden doesn’t need to campaign to get re-elected.
    The Republicans will take care of Trump.
    Nicki or RDS will run to lose to Biden.

    Just waiting for the next shoe to drop!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 31 2024 #160119

    A few days ago, I wrote:

    I wonder how long it will take the 12 jury members, if they want to live, to figure out that their only option is to find Trump guilty on all 34 counts.
    Well, it only took them 1 day!

    No normal judge, if they want to live, will take up a Trump appeal before February 2025.

    Fear is the true rule of law in the US empire now.

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    Sadly history says these woke liberals are just being used to cement the deep state’s total grip on power.
    Play the liberals against the conservatives.
    Divide and conquer!

    Didn’t Lenin call the early Russian supporter of communism “useful idiots?”
    Once he had consolidated his grip on power, after eliminating the conservatives, he then turned on these liberal people and eliminated them too!

    Once the US deep state fully consolidates it grip on power, after subduing the conservatives, then they will turn on the woke liberals too!
    The deep state wants total power!

    The US woke liberals will be shocked when their turn comes!
    They will not see it coming!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 31 2024 #160114

    Sadly, Trump isn’t likely to be elected president again.
    He will be in jail for daring to run for president.
    The deep state just made an example of Trump, to show us who is in charge.

    No normal judge, wanting to live, would dare take up a Trump appeal until after January 2025, when it is too late.
    SCOTUS has paved the way by it’s prior rulings.
    Congress will remove Trump’s name from the ballot per SCOTUS.

    But even if Trump somehow did get elected, he will never gain control of any levers of government.
    (Besides Congress would impeach Trump for being a convicted felon!)
    Especially the CIA, State Department, military, DoJ, and FBI.
    The US government has already been fully staffed and captured by Obama.
    Cadaver puppet Joe is 100% proof of that!
    Trump will get to appoint no one.
    So there is zero hope that any prior wrongs will ever see justice.

    Past US presidents aren’t loosing a wink of sleep, knowing they are fully 100% protected by the deep state.
    The deep state, afterall, decides who gets charged and convicted as a criminal.

    Now that Trump has been convicted, his second and third convictions become much easier.
    Don’t be surprised if more criminal charges are brought forth, out of thin air!

    The deep state criminal don’t follow the law. They write the laws!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 31 2024 #160109

    With the lack of news coming out of the Ukraine, I am guessing peace has broken out.
    Suddenly everybody and his brother is busy trying to escalate the war by poking the bear harder and deeper.

    Poking a bear is never a brilliant idea.
    Even when you have switched from a 10 foot pole to a longer 20 foot pole!
    Bears can move 20 feet just as fast as 10 feet.
    The difference is, they will then hit you twice as hard!

    Notice how they prepare us.
    First one idiot (Macron) says something outrageous.
    Then a few say not going to ever do that.
    Then, all at once, a few start chirping, yeah we should do that!
    Then more chirp in that it is OK to do it!%
    Then when it happens, it isn’t new news.
    It is old hat.

    Meanwhile the much bigger covid vaccine war continues unabated, killing far more people than in the Ukraine.
    100 times, or 1,000 times Ukrainian death rate?

    And the USD continues dying, killing us all in the west.
    10,000 times, or 100,000 times Ukrainian death rate?

    Clearly they are trying to kill us all, one way or another.

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    Just waiting for Joe to say he isn’t debating no convicted felon.
    Then congress removes Trump’s name from the presidential ballot.
    Then Rinos nominate Nicki at their convention.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 30 2024 #160018

    I wonder how long it will take for the 12 jury members to figure out, if they want to live, that their only option is to find Trump guilty on all counts?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 28 2024 #159897

    Mr. House:

    Since Trump’s name likely won’t be on the ballot, we really don’t need to worry too much about what Trump can do.
    As soon as Trump is found guilty, Congress will remove his name from the presidential ballot per SCOTUS.
    Joe will refuse to debate criminal Trump on June 20th.
    The illegitimate Trump narrative is all set and ready to roll.the ^6l

    (If Trump is somehow still elected, the Uniparty will select his cabinet and keep all of Obama/Biden appointees in place, like in 2016, to ensure nothing much changes to deep state democracy.
    The empire’s new democracy everyone likes so much.)

    The Uniparty will win no matter what happens.
    The American people will continue to “love” losing as before.
    The Ukrainian war will continue as before until Russia loses.
    Russian sanctions will continue isolating the west from the rest of the world.
    The already dead Gaza Palestinians will continue not to die as before.
    Dedollarization will continue as before.
    Inflation will continue as before.
    Immigration will continue as before.
    Nothing will change.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 27 2024 #159831

    One thing I noticed with many small web sites like Wolfe Street, CTH, MoA, they were all put under tremendous pressure to toe the covid line or they would be shutdown.
    The CTH was forced to set up their own servers to return to the internet.
    Smaller one man operations often don’t have the money, resources, time, ability, and energy to fight this kind of pressure.
    So they had to go along with policing the pro-vaccine narrative.
    But it says a lot about them, and not in a good way.
    Once trust is broken ……. .

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 27 2024 #159823


    I am puzzled by your view of TAE on Trump.
    First great doubt remains that he will even be elected.
    Second great doubt remains that tgere will even be a fair election.
    Then if Trump is elected, the Uniparty will select his cabinet for him just like in 2016.
    The Uniparty is the one putting show trials on center media stage.
    They want this to further their interests, not ours.
    So all we can do is observe helplessly as the law now has no meaning anymore.
    In many ways we are watching a slow motion horror movie of what the deep state will do to us if we don’t do as we are told.
    The ultimate proof of their total control over us, will come when Trump is found guilty.
    It is not a show trial of Trump but rather of us!


    Notice nobody lobbies for peace.
    There is no money in it.


    Remember AI stands for artificial intelligence.
    AI can and does spy on you!
    AI handles information very well.
    AI is very good at controlling the information you get.
    Ai couldn’t load your car with everything you need for a get-a-way weekend.
    AI couldn’t clean up and repair the damage the raccoons did.
    AI couldn’t fix and repair the Baltimore bridge.
    AI couldn’t fix the Gaza pier.
    AI can’t handle everyday reality because there is no money in it nor enough electrical power to do so. AI do Does AI do “Poop and Scoop” after your dog?
    AI in most cases, is simply not cost/energy efficient.


    JFK saying he would free Julian, etc.
    JFK is just reminding us of how powerful the deep state is and how powerless we people are.
    That is his sole role in the 2024 election.
    He is big brother’s messenger.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 25 2024 #159702

    In Canada no one working in the Canadian media, owned by the liberal government, and wanting to keep their job, is ever going to ask either Trudeau or Freeland any embarrassing questions.
    Trudeau and Freeland can do no wrong. Period.

    This degree of 100% media control was evident when Trudeau last visited India and his air force plane “broke down” due to the lack of cocaine. The air force was forced to fly a second plane down. But no one told the truth so most Canadians still have no idea what really happened.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 25 2024 #159701

    The US’s Acme Gaza Pier was designed to fail.
    It failed right on schedule too!
    Now the Gaza Palestinians can nicely starve to death while the pier is (never) repaired!
    Aren’t you entertained?

    The US’s D-Day Mulberry pier only failed because the US elected to not install the designed cross anchoring lines like the British did.

    Not sure how the CIA can lose control of the internet?

    Since MoA is closed, the war in Ukraine is now on hold.
    All is quiet on the northern, southern, eastern, and western fronts.
    Peace has broken out!
    Our elites are busy trying to get the war restarted again.

    NY prosecutor Bragg will remind the Democrat jury of their duty and that they won’t have any police protection if they vote the wrong way!

    US Osprey airplane trying to be a helicopter, what could possibly go wrong?

    Canada buying 88 DEI turkeys from US.
    Before it was only supposed to be 35 turkeys!
    I wonder what the expected yearly turkey crash and burn rate is?
    But hopefully the long term lack of maintenance money and women, should help keep these turkeys mostly safely on the ground!
    Obviously no money for DEI turkey drones or drone turkeys?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 23 2024 #159537

    The Art of Giving Up Comes in Different Flavors:

    Since May 18th, most Ukrainian men are now hiding at home.
    They are afraid to go out in public or go to work.
    So at least they have all passively stopped trying.

    They are no longer bothering to train the forceably conscripted men now.
    Just slap a uniform on, and off to the front you go!
    Turnaround times from rear to front, is now just 3 to 4 days.
    Then death on the frontlines in 4 hours.
    At least the dead Ukrainians have stopped trying.
    But how many deaths does it take to stop a war?

    For the Russians, it took over ^70 years of pretending to work, to bring communism to it’s knees.
    When I was in Russia in 1983, I sure noticed the system wide lack of trying.
    If I hadn’t been soundly educated in Africa first, it would have driven me crazy!
    Little money, little work!

    It takes the passive resistance of all the people together, to bring a police state down.
    Violence is the one thing the police state understands and is ready to ruthlessly crush.
    Notice how during Biden’s presidency, there has not been one single demonstration in Washington, DC?
    Yeah, January 6th.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 23 2024 #159532

    The media are focusing people’s attention on Julian getting a fair trial, while the justice system is busy killing him out of sight.
    Nobody ever wonders what the crime was or why he is even in prison.
    Isn’t the trial entertaining you?

    The Ukrainian elites running the government are gleefully using the new full mobiization law to shake down any other less politically connected elites by demanding money and sale of their businesses!
    Or their current employee’s military exemptions will be removed and all of their male employees will be conscripted.

    The corrupted Ukrainian elites have a “bottom to top” plan!

    First, they strip the poor of any loose change before shipping them to die at the front.
    To be poor is to be dead.
    Second, they strip the middle class of any money before shipping them to die at the front too.
    Death is now just 3 or 4 days away.
    Third, they are now shaking down the rich of any of their wealth.
    Fourth, they continue stripping foreigners of any donated charity.

    Once they have accumulated all of the wealth to be had in the Ukraine, then the war will end.
    So maybe, we are at the “beginning” of the end?

    Waiting for Trump’s “guilty” verdict.
    Hasn’t the Roman coliseum’s show trial circus entertained you?

    Nice new racket you have there!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2024 #159495

    Dr. D. Rich:

    It must really rile the deep state that they failed to find the binder!
    Maybe we should be grateful they all work for the government!

    Reminds me of the time I cornered a black Lada with 4 black leather coated KGB agents in front of the apartment building I was living at. Naturally my bus driver had to back up to let them escape!

    My Father used to complain about how stupid government was but then always would say maybe we should be grateful that they are so stupid!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2024 #159488

    On asking if you had the clot shot:

    A couple of months ago my Wife had a fainting spell while at a walk in clinic doctor’s office.
    The doctor ordered an ambulance and first the firemen arrived and did their thing no problem
    Then the ambulance people arrived, a man and a woman.
    Sure enough the woman asked if my Wife had had the clot shot.
    I said, hell no! If she had had the clot shot she would already be dead!
    The woman loudly exclaimed in shock “What she hasn’t been vaccinated!”
    I said, thank God!
    The man then quickly changed the subject, cutting her off!
    He could sense I was just a step away from calling her an idot!
    So he knew!

    Goes to show you just how indoctrinated most of the people in Canada really are!

    I am hoping the May 18th full mobilization law will do wonders for Ukraine’s ability to keep on fighting.
    Only by collectively silently and passively not obeying the government can this war end.
    The Ukrainian elites need to run out of foreign money for bodies before this war ends.
    But I am afraid they will soon start large searches, house by house.
    Apartments will be targeted first, because that is where the poorer people live.

    Time from being forceably being conscripted to death on the frontlines is now just one week.

    Those Ukrainian hookers are doing their part to reduce the Ukrainian birth rate to zero by running around and making house calls to collect sperm.
    Hopefully the body snatchers don’t follow the women.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2024 #159465

    Boeing engineering: On a wing and a prayer.

    China snuffed gold’s recent run up by raising margin requirements twice.

    That woke Ukrainian hooker, making housecalls, is going to be the death of all of her male clients.
    By posting a video of herself, all the Ukrainian body snatchers need to do is to follow her!
    She will raise enough men to fill a brigade!
    And put herself out of business!
    She must have gone to Harvard!

    Julian has not won anything.
    He is still a dead man.

    Any idea that the Ukrainian war is going to end this year or next year is just pure copium.
    This is a banker’s war.
    Russia said maybe 2026?

    The bankers require all heads of states to attend the gig in Switzerland.
    It is all about not giving peace a chance.
    The bankers want war!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 20 2024 #159360

    Dr. D. Rich:

    Seems like you joined the second oldest profession!
    Bad old habits die hard.
    Have 3 in the family!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 20 2024 #159355

    Why are the West Bank/Gaza Palestiniansv as good as dead?
    You won’t see this written anywhere, so I will just say it out loud.

    Everybody knows the Palestinians are descendants of the original Jews.
    By fate of history, they were forced by sword to convert to Islam.
    In a way many Arabs may still consider/remember, deep down, that Palestinians are still Jews.

    The original Jews were certainly aggressive towards their neighbors per the Bible.
    Today’s Palestinians have certainly gone out of their way to cause big trouble in all of the Arab countries they fled to after being driven out of Palestine by the new Jews.
    Egypt’s long running Sina guerrilla war, Jordan’s brutal civil war, Lebanon’s multiple civil wars until the Palestinians took over Lebanon, Kuwait’s war against Iraq kicking out Palestinians, Syria’s civil war, etc.
    Palestinians have behaved like Jews everywhere they have gone in the Arab world.

    Is it any wonder why none of the Arab countries want the Palestinians in their country?
    Maybe the Arabs consider the Muslim Palestinians to be still Jews?
    Second class Muslims?
    Nothing but trouble for Arab rulers?

    Why the new Jews want to kill off the orginal Jewish Palestinians might be because they know how troublesome the original Jews were? /s

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 19 2024 #159312

    In regards to that Russian soldier asking the Ukrainian soldiers why they are fighting?
    The Ukrainian soldiers are fighting to help the western bankers implement a central bank digital currency!
    I realize sadly 99.9999% of these Ukrainian soldiers do not know this fact!
    I am not sure fighting and dying to enslave oneself and family is a worthwhile cause.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 19 2024 #159310

    You know Trump’s trial is a political show trial when even Zerohedge doesn’t have any Trump click bait articles covering Thursday and Fridays show proceedings!
    Because there has been no msm coverage of Thursday and Friday, it is safe for the Democrat jury to convict Trump!
    And they will convict Trump because it is too dangerous for the jury not to!
    Once the juriers walkout of the courtroom they will receive no police protection!
    See how that works!

    Pleased to see that more than a few Ukrainians failed to show up for work Monday!
    Ukraine is fast becoming a country where only women work!
    The men are all in hiding!
    The Ukrainian elites are going to have to find a way to round up more cannon fodder or their money flows will suddenly stop!
    That is the deal!
    Bodies for money!
    Now if only the women are brave enough to go into hiding with their men, ill this proxy war end!

    Of course the CIA kills people they don’t like!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 18 2024 #159256

    That US pier in Gaza was probably a no bid grift gift to someone in the US.
    No new pier was need considering there was already an existing pier near by.
    But the new pier sure does say loud and clear, no Palestinians in Gaza are straving to death!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 18 2024 #159255

    The lamas figuring out the rope fence reminds me of how we used to keep my son safely locked inside the fenced deck area at the cottage, when he was little.
    The gate was kept locked by using a simple hook and eye mechanism located on the outside of the gate.

    Then bright and early one morning, my son proudly showed me how to unlock the hook from the eye, and then open the gate!
    From that moment on, we just kept the gate open!
    My son had graduated!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 18 2024 #159254


    You could probably cheer up Jimmy Dore by sending him some world famous Newfie Screech and a pot bellied stove to heat up the screech!
    Some islander outport music would help nicely set the right mood!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 18 2024 #159253

    In Ukraine, today, May 18th, is Full Mobilization Day!
    The streets of Kiev and Odessa are empty!
    The beaches of Odessa on the Black Sea are deserted too!

    On Monday morning, I wonder how many Ukrainian workers will bother to show up for work?
    This might really backfire if the Ukrainian economy shuts down even more than it is already?
    Then the Ukrainian gov might need even more money, to keep it going!

    Ukraine is targeting Russian refineries to try and force Russia to sell more crude on the world market to lower oil prices!
    This is 180 opposite of lying Joe “supposedly” telling Ukraine to stop droning Russian refineries!

    Just like lying Joe putting on 100% tariffs on Chinese EVs to protect US auto worker&’s jobs!
    Instead this protects the 3 biggest Chinese EV companies’ investing in building EVs in Mexico and then importing the EVs tariff free into the US wiping out all US based EV manufactoring plants!

    Everything Joe says is a lie!
    That is why the US Deep state loves Joe so much!

    The Uniparty is importing illegal aliens into the US in huge numbers to try and hide the fact that the US economy is collapsing!

    Greater numbers of young Chinese men are now crossing the US/Mexican border in search of work.
    This because China’s economy has slowed down in the last year or so and unemployment has spiked.

    Some of China’s slowdown is due to US Sanctions and the US reset7ting the global supply chain away from China.
    At the same time China is also trying to reset it’s supply chains to be more independent of the US.
    China is also trying to become more independent of possible future USD weaponization and sanctions.
    China’s central bank has been steadily reducing it’s US Treasury bond holdings and buying more gold.

    But Xi efforts to increase central control of the Chinese economy is also playing a greater role beneath the surface too.
    Xi has been suppressing individual freedoms especially of private Chinese entrepreneurs.
    For example, you no longer hear a peep from Jack Ma or any Chinese media influencers.
    Xi wants innovations to flow from the top down instead of the west’s bottom up.
    AI is being held back from being implemented in China. Saving jobs?
    It will take some time but eventually Xi;’s need for central control will weigh down and slow China’s future economic growth.
    Chinese demographics are also not helping matters either.

    Right now China’s entrepreneurs are keeping a low profile with their heads down and trying to get their wealth out of China.
    Many Chinese companies are setting up new plants in other countries like Vietnam, Thialand, etc. or Mexico to retain access to the US/European markets as global supply chains are reset.
    Right now China is experiencing capital outflows as a result of both Xi’s and US’s actions.

    If you are Chinese, and can’t get your money out of the country, you have very few choices for investing your savings.
    You have either real estate or gold.
    Now you know why gold is going up!

    Gold is probably saying more about China right now than about the US/Europe.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 17 2024 #159209

    Phifer may well have made a few quick short term billions but let us hope over the long term they kill their golden vaccine goose.
    A new equilibrium needs to be found between reward/risk.
    Some vaccines like polio or whooping cough might well be worth taking the risk.
    Other vaccines may provide little reward but considerable risk, so should be avoided.
    However finding trust worthy vaccine studies will be hard, due to the level of corruption.

    Ukrainian casualties probably do not account for the number of deaths, killed by the Ukrainian government thugs.
    The other thing to note is Russian DoD casualty estimates do not include those killed by long range missiles and drone behind the frontlines.
    For these reasons I believe the Russian DoD estimates of Ukrainian casualties are low.
    I think 1 million Ukrainian deaths is not unreasonable.
    That Ukraine is supposedly having so much trouble finding new cannon fodder is a very good indirect indicator that Ukrainian casualties are running higher than many observers think.
    Certainly ordinary Ukrainians equate conscription to a 100% death sentence.
    Why would they think that?

    If you are trying to compare German WW2 casualties people/equipment, to today’s armies, one shouldn’t forget to include millions of horses/wagons/carts transportation.

    When D-Day occurred, many early captured German prisoners expressed shock that the Allies did not bring any horses with them!
    They said “Where are your horses?”
    They simply couldn’t conceive of a no horse army!
    Even in France horses were a main stay of the German’s transportation network.
    German Generals were counting upon their having a major advantage by having local feed supplies for their horses while the Allies would have to bring their own horse feed supplies.

    During WW2, Canada produced more trucks than Germany.
    Probably produced more cars than Germany too.
    This just goes to show how small Germany’s transportation industry really was.

    That is one major reason why Germany concentrated their tanks/trucks into just a few mobile Panzer Divisions.
    These units never went anywhere without their siphons!

    The rest of the German army followed on foot or by horse.
    I think Germany pretty much stripped Europe of it’s horses/wagons/carts and trucks/cars too.
    Germany simply could not motorized their entire army even if they had wanted to.

    Then there were the fuel constraints that plagued Germany through out the entire war.
    Thus the famous German “Jerry Can” to avoid spilling and wasting fuel.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 16 2024 #159126

    The US hired,i via bribes, the Ukrainian elites to run this proxy war.
    Since Ukraine runs on corruption, the war will continue as long as the money keeps flowing to% the elites running the Ukraine.
    The money will keep flowing into the Ukraine, as long as the Ukrainian elites have Ukrainians to send to the front to die.
    When the Ukrainian elites run out of fresh cannon fodder, then the US will stop the flow of money to the elites.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 14 2024 #159018

    The quickest way for the Ukrainian government to cause a frontline to collapse, is to position hard core Nazi brigades in the frontlines.
    As soon as the Russians softly say boo, these hard core Nazis will flee because they don’t want to die for their country!
    They want to force the poor cannon fodder bastards to die instead!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 14 2024 #159017


    Yes, let your daughter sleep as much as she wants.
    Listen to her body.
    It is telling you what it wants to get better.
    That is the only cure.
    If you fight it, then the Mono will simply last even longer!

    If it isn’t too hot let her try napping outside in sun or lightly shaded area.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 14 2024 #159016

    The new Russian defense minister’s job is to integrate the Russian MIC into the Russian economy better just like he integrated Russia’s economy with China’s economy.
    Nobody is noting this important aspect!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 13 2024 #158956


    You don’t have to convince me water has memory!
    Ever night, I have to get up and go pee!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 13 2024 #158955

    Gaza Palestinians:
    Gaza Palestinians are considered dead.
    That is why the UN reduced the number of women and children killed by half.
    Israel can’t kill or murder people that are already dead.
    Israel can’t starve to death people who are already dead.
    Any questiins? /s

    Only A Few Square Kilometers:
    Russia took a few square kilometers of Ukrainian northern border land using just a few light motorized troops with no heavy armor at all!
    What Russia had going for them in this area, were hard core Nazi troops guarding the Ukrainian border!
    You know, the Nazis the Ukrainian government is desperately now trying to kill off!
    Normally you would probably expect a fight to the death.
    But naw, these hard core Nazis have no intention of dying for their country!
    They just want to make the other poor bastards die!
    These Nazis are used to being barrier troops who force cannon fodder troops to die instead!
    By bravely shooting retreating cannon fodder in the back!

    So whenever these Nazi troops find themselves at the frontline, with the Russians coming, they retreat behind the cannon fodder troops for protection!
    Too bad the cannon fodder troops didn’t behave like real Nazis, and shoot the cowardly Nazis troops in the back for retreating!
    You know one good turn surely deserves another!
    Actually, each Nazi is probably owed many good turns!

    Washing Machines:
    The Russians have now perfected the art of accurately lobbying washing machine at Ukrainian laundrymats!
    Admittedly, there have been some Ukrainian casualties from falling washing machines.
    However, the Ukrainians can’t put all of these free washing machines to work, laundering money, because the Russians have removed the micro chips from the lobbied washing machines!
    The Russians say they need to remove the micro chips from the washing machines in order to ensure accurate FedEx air delivery to the correct Ukrainian address!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 12 2024 #158902

    Celticbiker brings up several good points.
    If you are doing both, then you want less people involved in creating the new lies to make it easier to control and quickly change the narrative’s lie as needed.
    Monopolies mean you don’t need to support and write as much news variety.

    With alternate media more people might be aware of msm’s lies but that is hard to tell or measure.
    Msm even lies about lying.

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