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    It isn’t well known that the Ukrainian neo-nazis were involved big in human trafficking.

    Before Russia was goaded into a war with the Ukraine, it is interesting to note the Ukrainian army consisted of 102,000 neo-nazis, 250,000 regular army, and about 300,000 reserves. Obviously after 2 months of war those numbers have been reduced. Best guesses run at about 50,000 KIA, wounded, or captured.

    What stands out as abnormal is the size of the non-regular army, the neo-nazis.
    How do you attract so many people to join the neo-nazi army? Many of these recruits are likely maladjusted misfits. The best way to attract these types of people is to give them a sense of belonging, power, drugs, and not least of all, an endless supply of young girls.

    Clearly the top neo-nazi stuck in Mariupol’s steel plant got first pick of the young girls. Likely she is still there with him.

    I once read an account from a German Panzer tanker fighting on the eastern front in Russia. They were in a sudden retreat and the tanks were running very low on fuel. Along comes a convoy of covered trucks lead by a high ranking German officer demanding to be allowed to pass, requiring the tanks to move off the road.

    The Panzer officer was badly out ranked but was outraged because only the tanks could save them all from the rapidly approaching Russians. The high ranking truck officer refused to give the tankers any badly needed gas. The enraged tanker then swung his tank gun and pointed it at the high ranking German officer, which yielded the desired result. The gas in the covered trucks was syphoned out and put into the tanks.

    The German tank crews curious as to what was in the covered trucks that could be so valuable, worth more than their miserable lives, discovered it was a moble brothel full of drugged girls for German officers!

    On a funny note, if you can call war that. The Russians noticed an Ukrainian unit had called an officers meeting at the unit’s headquarters. Instead of immediately shelling it, the Russians waited. After the meeting was under way, the Russians shelled the Ukrainian unit’s headquarters. Survivors where then observed running out of the headquarters naked!

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    V. Arnold:

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it think!

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    I often wonder what it takes for a person to question the official narratives spewed daily by our masters.
    Intelligence is very helpful but I don’t think it, on it’s own, can do so without some other trait.
    I would not exactly classify myself as intelligent so obviously some other trait is at play.
    I must confess that my Father often quietly questioned narratives.
    Growing up I always wanted to know how things really worked.
    Why could a Swiss watch still work if I had a few gears left over?
    Thus my technical education.
    I suspect some world travel in my early adult years was my trigger.
    So for me to question economic, political, health, etc narratives comes naturally.
    I still haven’t fully understood why most people can’t figure out they have been lied to.
    I know it is partly a combination of human psychological and emotional traits overwhelming common sense.
    I do know under duress, common sense is not as common as it should be.

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    Gonzalo Lira:

    Since his arrest he has switched to topics outside of the Ukraine.
    No surprise here.
    He has safe and unsafe topics.

    The war on the west’s vaccinated people is just starting to be noticed.
    Unexpected and sudden deaths can only go unnoticed for so long.
    Dogs causing hepatitis in kids only works for those with dogs.
    Vaccines good for increasing demand for doctors, hospitals, drugs, and undertakers.
    Vaccines great for reducing average life expectancy.

    Here in Ontario at least half the people are still wearing masks.
    Clearly fear was driven deeply into these people.
    They are likely also the vaxxed.
    The vaxxed should be scared but they don’t know that yet.
    Somewhere anger will surface amoung the vaxxed.
    But I know better than to hold my breath.

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    I suspect Xi is killing 2 birds with one stone.
    His internal enemies and an external one for good measure.
    I know fertilizer is one export China isn’t currently allowing which amplifies Russian actions.
    The problem for us little peons is we will all be dead before the truth ever emerges.

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    Dr. D:

    China is targeting the west, not covid.
    China is only locking down exporting port cities.
    You can turn covid off by just ignoring it!
    The west’s ports, railways, and trucks are being shut down.
    Shortages of goods to move is why.
    You can’t just turn the west’s supply chain back on.

    Hundreds, if not thousands, more Ukrainians just got silently cancelled today.
    Being cancelled means any evidence that you ever existed, are permanently erased.
    Canceling creates no noise, only an empty void of silence.

    Who is the US trying to cancel?
    The east or the west?
    The US wants regime change in Russia.
    Will Russia get regime change in the US, instead?

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    Your “little skiff” comment reminded me of a boat trip my Wife and I took from Kingston to Ottawa and back via the inland Rideau Canal.

    We had a 16 foot power boat. At the first set of locks at Kingston there was quite a long line up of big boats waiting to enter the locks. Being at the end of the long que, we were pleasantly surprised to be called by the lock master to enter the lock, ahead of many still waiting big boats The lock was already full with large boats but we were directed to enter up the middle, in-between the big boats.

    As we slowly entered up the middle of the lock, we were surprised at how helpful the people on the big boats were. They all had their long poles ready to help guide us up the middle of the lock, between their big boats. As the now closed lock filled up with water, the people in the big boats, on either side of us, used their poles to helped us maintain our middle position in the swirling flow of water. This process was repeated 4 more times as this set of locks had 4 locks, each raising us about 20 feet a lock.

    After exiting the lock first, before all of the big boats, I said to my Wife the rich bastards were more worried about our crappy boat scratching the paint on the sides of their beautiful big boats, than helping us!

    Every once in a while, a big boat would reposition some of their boat bumpers so we could hold onto the sides of their boat as the lock waters swirled around us. We soon learned these were friendly folks.

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    One little interesting tidbit I read, if true, said the Canadian General was caught in a sewer pipe trying to escape from the Mariupol steel plant while the first hostages were being released. I guess not even a sewer rat, never mind a fly, can escape!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2022 #107446

    Gas Price War:

    It would appear that the deranged psychopath that controls gas prices is still alive and well!
    I remember noticing “it” way back in the 1960s, well before I could drive!
    Prices always rose before long weekends.
    “It” always raised gas prices when your tank was running on empty!
    “It” always lowered gas prices when your tank was full!
    No matter how hard you tried to out smart “it”, “it” always out smarted you!

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    Yeah, it is called corruption!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 6 2022 #107439

    Observing what Russia is doing in the Ukraine reminds me of what Russia did in Syria.

    Russia has put pressure on only certain parts of the Ukraine. This has forced the Ukraine to defend it’s major cities at the expense of supporting the eastern Donbas front. Russia has left the route open for the Ukrainians and Nato to try and reinforce the Donbas front. Russia has shaped the battlefield. It has done all of this using a smaller attacking force.

    In the early first phase, Russia took calculated risks in moving quickly with light mobile forces. This move exposed these mobile forces to higher levels of casualties. Now in the second phase, Russia has consolidated and secured it’s gains and moved to greatly reduce the risks it’s attacking forces are now exposed to.

    Now it is the fixed Ukrainian Donbas forces that are badly exposed, trapped in their very own fortified positions, just like the neo-nazis in Mariupol’s steel plant tunnels. Being sitting ducks without air cover is not a very good situation to be stuck in. Using long range artillery, the Russians can now minimize their risks while exponentially increasing risks for the Ukrainians. Grinding is slow but deadly.

    So far Russia has refused to be baited by the US into widening the war, despite numerous provocations. Russia is only using a small fraction of it’s professional army in the Ukraine.
    The bulk of it’s forces are sitting ready to engage Nato.
    Russia is the turtle. The US is the hare.
    The turtle is winning in Syria.
    I sometimes think Russia is baiting the US instead.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2022 #107383

    I am still puzzled how a Canadian General who left for the Ukraine in early April somehow managed to sneak into the besieged Mariupol steel plant?
    Well if he did, then getting his ass caught seems fitting justice.

    The Mariupol steel plant is peaceful during the day from 8 AM to 6 PM but at night it is trick or treat time. The inmates now want food in exchange for hostages.

    Yesterday the Ukrainian War got cancelled due too a lack of Ukrainians willing to come out and play.
    Unfortunately the Russians got mad and cancelled about 900 Ukrainians.

    The US is bragging about sinking that Russian ship.
    So Biden is now escalating things.
    Things must not be going so well in the US of A then!
    Biden and the Democrats need moar war!
    That Falkland War worked out really swell for Argentina’s generals didn’t it!

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    My observation is when ever governments get involved in a matter, they make it even worst than it ever was in the first place.
    Individuals know all the pros and cons of their personal situation and are thus in the best position to decide what is their best outcome.
    As Shakespeare said, “First let us kill all the lawyers”!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2022 #107330

    Today is Wednesday or hump day as the rest of the week is down hill.
    For some very strange reason, neither the Russians nor US could find any Ukrainians that wanted to come out and play today.
    So for that reason, the war in the Ukraine had to be cancelled today!

    Instead we are left to fight over Jewish Nazis and abortion!
    Clearly the Jews let Hitler down.
    Democrats need abortion to win in November!

    Today the Fed confirmed that they need high inflation to reduce the value of debt.
    They are very pleased that the current level of inflation is doing it’s job.
    So the Fed isn’t going to stop the good work inflation is doing, anytime soon.

    Ontario’s medical association has desertified 3 doctors for prescribing ivermectin.

    Yes, they are still out to get you!

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    Mister Roboto:

    Is that a possum knockin on your door?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 3 2022 #107249

    Oh, look!
    A squirrel!
    O.K. folks, stay calm!
    A trapped squirrel just escaped out of the Supreme Court building!
    This poor squirrel must have been hungry and was looking for some nuts to eat!
    Now there are plenty of nuts outside the Supreme Court building for the squirrel to eat!

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    Yes Tesla uses the same secret sauce that bullion banks use to suppress physical gold with endless supply of paper gold. All perfectly legal too if you are in the club.

    Since drug companies are in the club, everything they do is perfectly legal too!

    Everything Congress does is perfectly legal because they are in the club too.

    Universities are in the business of disciplining ideas and knowledge because they are club members too.

    You are not a club member, so anything you do is illegal.

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    The only flaw in your prosecutors argument is they do not need to prove their case.

    They can simply make up a false case and drag anyone they want into court while bankrupting and ruining their lives.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2022 #107193

    This week is Fed’s meeting week.

    In case you haven’t noticed the pattern, in the days leading up to the Fed’s meeting, gold and silver paper prices get roundly thrashed and suppressed.

    Since the silver market is tiny, only a few billions in size, this is where the bullion banks start the carnage. They massively short silver, it only takes a few billion of paper money – chicken feed, in a manner no self respecting trader, wanting to make money, ever would. You can see this by watching the gold/silver ratio shoot up from the 70s to the 80s. That shows the amount of pressure being exerted.

    Once silver has been routed, then the bullion banks insanely short gold. Now gold requires using a few 10 billions of dollars to rout. All of this is done using paper dollars on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Chicago Metal Exchange (CME). These exchanges are set up solely to protect bullion bank shorting. Not only that, the bullion banks do not have to deliver real gold but can force you to settle for paper money. So these are not places where you can buy real gold, only paper gold. Everybody else, for decades now, gets rountinely royally screwed. Why they never learn is beyond me! Guess there is an endless supply of of suckers.

    Once the Fed meeting is over, gold and silver might be allowed to rise slowly. Gold is only allowed to rise limit up $20 max each trading day. However there is no limit down each trading day. The bullion banks know where everybody’s paper gold position is at all times. You can’t see other trading positions so you are always trading blind. This is a very corrupt paper gold play pen. It pays to know who the mark is.

    Buying and holding, and never selling, is the only way to beat the bullion banks (I.e. never playing their game and never letting them hold your gold either. If you don’t hold it then you don’t own it!). But remember gold and silver are only insurance against disaster. Gold and silver will never make you rich. But it can get you nicely killed.

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    Has anyone noticed, now that the covid pandemic coverage has suddenly disappeared from the front page of MSM, suddenly we are finally getting sensible court rulings about the mandated vaccines being illegal?

    Only now are “some” court judges daring to do the right thing. Where were these cowardly bastards two years ago we we really needed them?

    In Canada however, there are still no brave judges. All judgements have solidly favored vaccine mandates.

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    Since the US hasn’t yet run out of Ukrainians, the war is on it’s 67 day of killing off living Ukrainians, today. How long it will take for 7the US to kill off the remaining Ukrainians is unknown. However there are rumors that many of the remaining Ukrainians, of fighting age, are not willing to die. There are reports that the vast majority of Ukrainian men of fighting age, like 70% to 90%, have not bothered to show up when called to report for duty. Instead they have either fled the country or more likely have simply gone into hiding! None of this can be proven, due to western censorship but if true, then the US may eventually have a problem of fighting the war until the last Ukrainian, sooner rather than later.

    The latest casualties estimates, that I have seen, if true, run at 47,000 Ukrainians, killed, wounded, or captured. Russia officially says 4,000 Ukrainians have surrendered so far or about 60 per day. That means 43,000 Ukrainians have been either killed or wounded. That amounts to about 650 Ukrainians taken out of the fight, the hard way, each day. So far that hasn’t yet been enough to knock the stuffings out of the Ukrainian army.

    Right now there seems to be very little new news about the grinding fight in the Donbas. My view is that the Russians have switched to an artillery war, which is a very boring slow moving form of fighting, but very deadly to those on the receiving end of the artillery shelling. The Russian use drones to ensure all the Ukrainians are dead, before moving forward. This type of war is slow but the Russians are in no hurry. This has 2 benefits for the Russians. It greatly reduces their own casualties while maximizing Ukrainian casualties. I would characterize this style of fighting to simply; “Let the other bastard pay!”

    Mariupol’s steel plant seems to be getting most of the news coverage these days. Some civilians have been evacuated (per Zerosum above). For the neo-nazi this makes sense if they are running out of food, as then there are less mouths to feed. There have even been reports the neo-nazis want their 600+ wounded evacuated too. Again less mouths to feed, so they can hold out longer. Best estimates are 6 days of food supply left.

    None of these trapped neo-nazis are ever going to get out of this alive, after killing over 10,000 Ukrainian civilians in Mariupol. That is more than one Ukrainian civilian killed per neo-nazi. Initiation rites into the neo-nazi unit, required proof of killing Ukrainian civilians. Donbas Russian Ukrainians will see that no neo-nazi escapes alive. Donbas has retained the death penalty for this very reason. Only prisoners allowed to live will be tried in Russia which does not have the death penalty.

    This whole Ukrainian situation is nuts, except for the US wanting the war to last forever. I am hoping the US runs out of willing Ukrainians more quickly than they expected.

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    Dr. John Day : Good Luck with your exams!

    Oroboros: Thanks for the Buster Scrugg link!

    Fattigmann & Mister Roboto: Thanks for mentioning Milwaukee and Racine, places I spent many enjoyable times.

    Ctbarnum: Thanks for the funny clip!

    Oroboros: Glad to hear your arm is mending! You sound more like your old self!

    Dr. D & Dr. D. Rich: Good to see you both are in fine form!

    And thanks to everybody else on TAE. Enjoying all your comments and deep thoughts.

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    It is amusing to see that the vaccinated are still afraid of us unvaccinated! Too bad the vaccinated don’t realize that by only associating with the vaxxed, their worst nightmare, catching covid, is much more likely to come true! Worst still, the vaxxed have no idea that their shortened lives are threatened by the vaccine’s multiple poisons. As Mark Twain said, you can not easily convince someone they have been lied to.

    There are still some Ukrainians left so the war to the last Ukrainian is still on. But there are definately a lot fewer Ukrainians than yesterday. Russian artillery crews continue practicing their rather deadly craft. Sadly two-thirds of all Ukrainians will be killed just by artillery shelling. Too few Ukrainians are surrendering. It is hard to understand how so many Ukrainians could be so brainwashed but then again I look at how many (most) Canadians were vaxxed.

    The ability of the neo-nazis in Mariupol to make cement has been lost as the noose around the steel plant tightens. The number of neo-nazi wounded has risen from 400 to 600. I assume the dead have also increased too. The Russians figure there were 8,100 neo-nazis in Mariupol to start with. Of these 1,300 surrendered and 4,100 have been killed leaving about 2,600 initially trapped. That number has likely been dropping every day based on 200 more wounded.

    The Russians have pin pointed all of the neo-nazi’s bunker locations. They have plenty of water but are running short on food as their main supply of food was accidently vaporized by the Russians. May 9th holiday is rapidly coming up for the neo-nazis. The Russians have sent negotiators to Mariupol so something may be up.

    I remember very well being in Moscow in the days leading up to the major May 9th Russian holiday. Moscow was basically digging itself out of from winter’s grimy existence and getting ready to welcome spring. Little old ladies were all out in force with brooms tidying up the mess winter had left behind on all the sidewalks and streets. Gray Moscow was bravely springing back into life. I never got to see the big parade as I was whisked to my coal mine in Siberia, where winter still had a firm grip on the region and was only reluctantly yielding to spring. There was still big broken pieces of ice floating on the river and patches of snow where the sun didn’t yet shine.

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    Well I know Russia paints a big white “Z” on all their military vehicles!
    I haven’t seen them use the letter “G” though.

    Both are puppets or as Lenin said “Useful Idiots”.

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    Please remember that many small one man web sites had no choice but to limit covid coverage because otherwise they would have been kicked off by their big tech server hosts. Fear works.

    An example of this was the Conservative Tree House (CTH). They got shutdown by Word Press with no warning as part of big techs’ covid censorship. CTH had to set up their own server before they could come back on the internet. Wolf Street was another web site that allowed no covid coverage.

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    About this new BRIC world order based upon commodities.

    This isn’t going to work out very well.
    Well this isn’t a very new idea at all.
    It has been tried before.
    ⁸8I am guessing the socialists have simply forgotten history.
    It is more like going backwards in time.
    This is what the British started doing way back in 1600 to build their empire!
    Remember the 13 Colonies could only export raw materials to Britain and buy finished goods from Britain.
    Then the Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Germans all copied the plan.
    I think they called it merchanitalism.

    Here is the biggest stumbling block in the Russian plan. China!
    China is big but they want to keep total control of their currency.
    While China is a big importer of raw materials, it is also a big exporter of manufactured goods and wants to maintain a trade surplus.
    This means the world has no way to earn Chinese currency in which to buy Chinese goods in Chinese currency.
    The only way China can maintain a trade surplus is if the western countries run trade deficits, especially the US.
    Thus China needs to trade in USDs.
    Not only that, China also pegs it’s currency and Hong Kong’s dollar to the USD!

    If one looks at trade between the four*8 BRIC countries, it amounts to about 3% of total world trade.
    That means the maximum trade these countries could do between themselves, without using the USD, is about 3% of total world trade.

    As bad as the USD is, everybody is still going to be using it because there is no other highly liquid currency available, other than the Euro.
    The new world order is but a socialist’s dream for now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 27 2022 #106922

    I just hope everyone remembers the real reason why Pfizer and Modonera want their child vaccines approved.
    Approval means they achieve 100% legal immunity for the harm their vaccines caused. And they will get too.

    April 26th was a very bad day for the Ukrainian armed forces. In just one missile strike they lost over 500 killed and over 300 injuried. The British suffered some losses too. Russians hacked local hospitals to confirm Ukrainian losses since the Ukrainians aren’t reporting this happened.

    I have been estimating the Ukrainian army has been losing at least 300 killed a day/2,000 per week. However this is probably way too low a number.
    Russia has been doing over 100 missile strikes a day, 240 air sorties a day, and 900 artillery target strikes a day.
    I think it is safe to say the Russians would not launch a costly missile or air strike, unless there were some Ukrainians at the strike target. Assuming 1 Ukrainian per strike, that is at least 340 dead per day.
    Add the 900 artillery target strikes. The Russians don’t just lobby 1 shell at a target. They completely bracket a target! That means tons of shells on one target! Then they drone it again and if anything remains or moves, they shell it some more until there is nothing left to shell! So Russian artillery is probably taking out at least one Ukrainian per target, or 900 dead per day.
    So potentially 1,240 Ukrainians could be departing earth each day.

    Every day nothing appears to be happening in the Ukraine. But one day something will suddenly happen because no army simply can afford to lose that many men per day and not crack at some point.

    Meanwhile the spring mud is drying up.

    The last statistics I saw indicate Russia is using in the Ukraine:
    12% of it’s soldiers
    10% of it’s airforce
    7% of it’s tanks
    5% of it’s missiles
    No wonder they are losing!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 26 2022 #106876

    So now we have entered the “train war” stage in the Ukraine!
    Russia knocks out some of the railway substations powering Ukraine’s electric trains.
    The Ukraine has about 1,900 locomotives, 1,600 electric, and 300 diesel.
    The Ukraine doesn’t have a lot of logistics supply trucks nor the needed roads.
    Houston: I think the Ukraine now has a major supply chain problem!
    Ukraine/Russia use 5 foot rail spacing, while Europe uses 4′ 8-1/2″ rail spacing.
    So Europe can’t easily supply the Ukraine with more locomotives.
    Does that mean western politicians can no longer visit Mr. Z in Kiev by train?

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    It looks like the Ukraine is turning the meaning of mercenaries on it’s head!
    Mercenaries are normally paid for their services.
    Imagine having to pay for your own food and bullets!
    Proof that US money is now going straight to Switzerland!
    The last gasps of Congress’s money laundering efforts in their Ukrainian laundry mat!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 25 2022 #106815

    Phase 2 in the Ukraine War has started but just not with a bang, the way people expected.
    People forget two things. First, last week was a holy week for Orthodox Christians so fighting was limited. Second, then there is the minor issue of the weather and the mud. The mud is drying up but slowly so off road maneuvering is still limited in many areas. Remember Hitler was forced to wait until late June 1941 before attacking Russia. He had to wait for the mud roads to dry up due to a wet spring.

    None-the-less Russia has been steadily grinding the Ukrainian army down by about 300 dead per day, or 2,000 a week. The Ukrainian army simply can not afford to keep taking these levels of losses. Worst, the Ukrainian army’s supply network is now crumbling very rapidly. Time is on Russua’s side. Time is working against the Ukrainians.

    Fear not because the Ukraine is winning the war according to all of Canada’s major news media!

    Central banks are fighting inflation by taking down gold and silver prices! Aren’t you thrilled!

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    Tesla Self Driving Donkeys.

    When I worked in Marroco, back in the 1970s, I frequently encountered self driving donkeys crossing 100 km/hrs highways.

    The clue was to observe the donkey rider’s head tilting up skyward, saying Praise to Allah, before the donkey with it head down, proceeded to cross the highway. Hey, it worked 99.99% of the time!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2022 #106756


    Maybe they are all just going to the Kiev studio set up in the US’s Warsaw Embassy?
    There never seems to be any actual proof of these guys actually being in Kiev.
    More likely it is just virtual travel just like winning the war.
    Afterall the MSM isn’t going to expose them because they are all virtual too.

    Maybe those railway fuel tanker cars in the Ukraine are just virtual too?
    That might explain why Russia can not seem to blow them up!

    We do know we are getting, at 300 dead Ukrainians per day, closer to the last Ukrainian!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2022 #106754

    D Bendon Smith:

    Hey your squirrel is one of us! We would all do that too! Close the front door, we just go in the back door! Close the back door, we go in through a window! Close the windows, we go down the chimney! We don’t like to take “No” for an answer!

    P.S. Thanks to the link to Clif High. I had never heard of him. He seems more optimistic on our chances to defeat the criminal WEF mafia. Hope he is right. But we might need a little help from the so called MSM’s “Bad Guys”.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2022 #106751

    A lot of very deep thinking today about “awareness”.

    I think all of us wonder about this on and off throughout our lives.
    Maybe it is a good thing that none of us face a fixed deadline as to when our answers are required.
    In the meantime it let’s us evolve our thinking and answers, as time goes by.

    As for those nasty Red winged blackbirds constantly emptying the bird feeder, maybe you can put up a bird feeder that only opens when very light weight small birds land on it. I think I have seen such feeders. The feeders can be adjusted so bigger heavier birds that land on the birdfeeder cause the feed openings
    to stay closed. Same applies for squirels trying to rob the bird feeders too.

    My wife’s father used to get so mad at the squirels emptying the bird feeders just minutes after he had filled them, that he started shooting them with a short 22. It worked for a day or two, but unfortunately n the country there seems to be an endless supply of squirels, so he mostly gave up and got a squirrel proof feeder.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2022 #106750


    Your keen observations that higher education students are going crazy/failing their studies interests me greatly. Maybe the academics are also going crazy too because they created these conditions with their mindset and actions, but now don’t want to admit it nor take responsibility for what they wroth?

    My daughter is halfway through her 5 year business co-op course, having completed 5 of 8 semesters and just about to start her second work term in May.

    Do you think this is because of the covid lockdowns? Lack of physical classes with virtual courses instead? The lack of normal social activities replaced by isolation instead?

    We now know how the very young have been adversely affected by covid and the masks. Delayed development of social skills. Maybe we are still learning how this is affecting the late teens/early twenties grouping?

    Kassandra , I am guessing the academics in your university haven’t yet figured it out, or have figured it out but the reality doesn’t meet with their self proscribed illusions?

    Surprisingly my daughter has been much happier with virtual classes and being able to live at home. But she is the minority of one, amoung her university age friends. Since she is natually introverted, going out and meeting people would be good for her long term. This fall all of her classes are in person again.

    Maybe virtual learning is the future and academics are desperately resisting it?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 22 2022 #106632

    Now that the neo-nazis in Mariupol have been put in a covid lockdown per Dr. Fauci’s never ending isolation protocol, most of the freed covid enforcers are now moving up into the south Donbas region. This cauldron is slowly but surely grinding the Ukrainians down. Each day the Ukrainians are losing about 300 men or about 2,000 men per week. This grinding process is going on 24/7, day and night. Progress is slow because the Russians want to keep the Donbas region, so they try to minimize war damage. Each day sees a steady trickle of Ukrainians surrendering.

    The Russians have captured intact the Ukrainian’s biggest ammunition depot near Krakow. This is a 200 hex-acre site with incredible amounts of stuff including Nato munitions.

    Meanwhile back in Mariupol, the battle continues, day and night, against any above ground neo-nazis sighted in the steel plant. The neo-nazis no longer seem to have any more tall apartment buildings, with a good view, to fight from, as they did earlier. It appears a large part of the previously stored food was destroyed by the Russians in a bombing raid, so the neo-nazis may not have as much food (6 months) as some thought. Likely no drones either. I wonder how many of the trapped are willing to risk surface duty, just to see the sun?

    If this is phase 2, nothing very exciting is happening. Just lots of small local actions taking place but in a way that make the Ukrainians pay the price, not the Russians.

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    I guess that means no Ceasars or Russian salad dressing?

    P.S. During my first trip to the USSR, in 1983, I stayed at Hammer’s Occidential hotel in Moscow, waiting for my KJB escort to my Siberian coal mine. The hotel had this rather fancy restaurant, actually the only restaurant, where one could get a bite to eat.

    My main memory of this restaurant was it’s rather large and fancy red and gold ⁸leather bound menu of at least 20 pages, with each page at least 14″ long. I can say this was the most elaborate restaurant food menu I ever encountered in my 8 years of world travels.

    Selecting what to eat was a very time consuming and exhausting affair. There were so many choices to choose from! After intially deciding what I wanted to eat, I motioned the waiter over, he appropriately dressed to the 9. For salad, I indicated my choice. The waiter sadly shook his head and said nyet. So quickly looking over the menu again, I selected a second salad choice. Nyet. A third salad pick. Nyet. A fourth choice. Nyet. A fifth choice. Nyet. No salad? Da.

    Disappointed after having my worker’s paradise initial expectations set so high, I moved onto my main course pick. Nyet. A second choice. Nyet. A third choice. Nyet. A fourth. Nyet. A fifth. Nyet. O.K. I am a slow learner! Finally I said O.K. what do you have? The waiter pointed and I said Da!

    Each time thereafter, the waiter, going through the motions, would handed me the world’s biggest empty restaurant menu! I simply then asked what did they have and ordered it!

    Believer it or not, this remains one of many cherished and amusing highlights of my time in Russia! It was a worker’s paradise narrative that would repeat itself over and over again! It never failed to disappoint me!

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    It is nice to see 2,000 neo-nazi have voluntarily choosen to isolate themselves inside the Mariupol Steel Works in compliance with Dr. Fauci’s CDC covid never ending isolation mandate. The leader of the neo-nazis said they would remain in lockdown until Dr. Fauci declares the threat of omicron is over. Their loyalty to the cause, has made Dr. Fauci so proud./s

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    I hear bye anoint you as a full fledged member of the Bakers Guild!

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    Noting Formerly T-Bear’s comments, I wonder if it is in a way a reflection of our economic state these days. Ever since we went off the gold standard, economics has evolved more and more from facts/numbers into non-facts/non-numbers.

    Today economics depends upon what the Fed/gov says it is. Today’s economy is totally rigged. Stocks, bonds, interest rates (price of money), real estate, etc. are all controlled. The are no longer any free markets anywhere now. Markets are no longer places where prices are discovered and set Arguing about economics is pointless these days as every economic thing we ever learned growing up, no longer is valid. Nothing is cut and dry. Today there is little investing. Only gambling now. Just the mention of the Credit Derrivative Committee underscores that economic means today what the gov says it is. TAE use to feature more economic discussions early in it’s life. Maybe this is what Formerly T-Bear misses. I certainly do.

    TAE has had to simply move on because economics is now like flailing a dead rotten horse.

    I define myself as the sum of my life’s experiences. That is why you and I are different. We all took different paths through life. How could it be otherwise?

    Sometimes I feel like the ant who takes it’s own life in it’s hands, by deciding to cross the busyious highway thre is, a human sidewalk! So I have sympathy for our furry friends who decide to cross human highways. As in “Dead Shunk In The Middle Of The Highway”!

    In some ways I envy the ant. It is not bothered in the least about the meaning of life, since it doesn’t have the capacity to do so. So the ant goes through it’s life, too busy to worry about the meaning of life. The ant leaves it up to us humans to do all the worrying about the meaning of life!

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