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    Gaza Palestinians:
    Gaza Palestinians are considered dead.
    That is why the UN reduced the number of women and children killed by half.
    Israel can’t kill or murder people that are already dead.
    Israel can’t starve to death people who are already dead.
    Any questiins? /s

    Only A Few Square Kilometers:
    Russia took a few square kilometers of Ukrainian northern border land using just a few light motorized troops with no heavy armor at all!
    What Russia had going for them in this area, were hard core Nazi troops guarding the Ukrainian border!
    You know, the Nazis the Ukrainian government is desperately now trying to kill off!
    Normally you would probably expect a fight to the death.
    But naw, these hard core Nazis have no intention of dying for their country!
    They just want to make the other poor bastards die!
    These Nazis are used to being barrier troops who force cannon fodder troops to die instead!
    By bravely shooting retreating cannon fodder in the back!

    So whenever these Nazi troops find themselves at the frontline, with the Russians coming, they retreat behind the cannon fodder troops for protection!
    Too bad the cannon fodder troops didn’t behave like real Nazis, and shoot the cowardly Nazis troops in the back for retreating!
    You know one good turn surely deserves another!
    Actually, each Nazi is probably owed many good turns!

    Washing Machines:
    The Russians have now perfected the art of accurately lobbying washing machine at Ukrainian laundrymats!
    Admittedly, there have been some Ukrainian casualties from falling washing machines.
    However, the Ukrainians can’t put all of these free washing machines to work, laundering money, because the Russians have removed the micro chips from the lobbied washing machines!
    The Russians say they need to remove the micro chips from the washing machines in order to ensure accurate FedEx air delivery to the correct Ukrainian address!

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    Celticbiker brings up several good points.
    If you are doing both, then you want less people involved in creating the new lies to make it easier to control and quickly change the narrative’s lie as needed.
    Monopolies mean you don’t need to support and write as much news variety.

    With alternate media more people might be aware of msm’s lies but that is hard to tell or measure.
    Msm even lies about lying.

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    News from the msm is being reshaped from the successful covid propaganda experience.
    In addition all American media is concentrated in the hands of about 5 or 6 entities.
    International news gathering organizations like Rueters, Bloomberg are obviously being used to filter what we see.
    Then there are the newer Google, Facebook, X, Tic Toc, Youtube, filters.
    Medical Journals are a sick joke these days. They only serve those who need to publish.
    Pay walls are being used to keep professional stuff from prying public scrutiny.
    I suspect the old journalists concept only remains in the dying boomer generation.
    Few msm organizations support any journalists.
    There maybe more people but I suspect there are fewer jobs for journalists.
    Only a few pressitutes are needed by msm.

    Videos instead of only text, are becoming part of the new journalism.

    In regard to alternate sites, often one can learn more from reading the comments, if you are preparated to spend the time to wade through 500 comments to spot one useful gem. MoA for example.

    Financial news requires reading many articles to find just one truth.

    An example of how the news is turned on and off as required, is Hunter Biden.

    The sources of news are changing and TAE has been changing to reflect these changes.
    That is why I recently had to upgrade my tablet to get more RAM.

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    Solar Storm
    Due to heavy rain cloud cover (protection?) In Toronto, I haven’t experienced any of the sun’s solar activity!

    The Toronto Maple Leafs fired their perfectly good winningest coach as expected!
    I am so old, I can still remember the last time the Leafs won the Stanely Cup in the 1960s!
    Toronto really doesn’t want to break Harold Ballard’s curse by winning the Stanely Cup!
    That is why the Leafs have perfected the fine art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

    I kind of guess you don’t really want to get sick while being in the US military or after retirement either!
    Looks like the US military keeps strict control over who is allowed to practice medicine by who they allow into their own medical schools.
    If you step out of line, you get silenced one way or another.
    Then you become just another faceless war casualty!
    Another good reason not to join the military!
    Instead spread peace!

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    Political Show Trials:

    Political show trials are a crime it’s victum must helplessly suffer.
    Since it is not about the law, being innocent does not matter.
    Placing the show in a courtroom is merely good theatre.
    The victim gets a front row seat to watch themselves being convicted of a crime.
    The outcome is always a guilty verdict.the

    Trump is watching nearly 100 crimes being committed by the state against him.
    The state only needs one temporary guilty verdict to succeed.

    The Uniparty will immediately pouce and have Congress legally remove Trump’s name from the presidential ballot.

    The Uniparty will then mock the American people by parading it’s White House cadaver in their faces!

    Sanctions are always a tricky 2 edge sword.
    The US’s so called “Russia Sanctions” are really US Sanctions on things the US controls.
    Since these Sanctions are not aimed at Russia, that is why they don’t seem to be working very well.
    US Sanctions are to prevent the things the US controls, like it’s vassals and USD system from doing business with those the US doesn’t want to do business with.
    In essence the US is trying to isolate itself from other world competitors.

    Clearly the US is trying to protect the privilege of it’s world reserve currency status from being further eroded.
    This world reserve currency status allows the US to force the rest of the world to pay for it’s very large military.
    This large military is used to enforce and maintain the US’s world reserve currency status.
    ⁶P.S. Due to some unexpected weapon equalizers like drones/missiles, the US military hasn’t been nearly as effective USD enforcers as was expected.

    However this virtuous cycle has been slowly weakening to the point that our psychopath rulers have become alarmed with the feeling that they are going to lose their power over the world.

    This has likely triggered the large increase in US sanctions.
    This likely explains 2 new regional wars to create more chaos and instability for it’s other world competitors.
    One result has been to disrupt existing economic supply chains driving up inflation to try and to increase/decrease USD debt burdens.

    The jury is still out on this, but US Sanctions on using the USD by it’s competitors might be an effort to prevent or slow down USDs from suddenly flooding back into the US and causing hyperinflation.
    This would be aimed at all countries holding large amounts of US gov bonds, like Japan, not just China.

    Basically when you own the world’s reserve currency status, you can force other countries to buy your debt via trade imbalances.
    Basically exchanging potentially worthless paper IOU USDs for real goods.

    So over time China ended up owning over a trillion USDs of debt.
    (Japan and others too.)
    When you hold so much USD debt, like Japan and China, you have an unsolvable problem!
    How do you cash in that many USD?
    You can’t!
    Sort of like when you owe the bank a million dollars, and if anything goes wrong, then the bank suddenly has a big problem, not the borrower!

    So in the short term, the US doesn’t have a big problem!
    However UD debt holders sure do!
    If they try anything quick, their debts become instantly worthless!
    Note the slow but stead buying of gold by some of the world’s central bankers.
    Gold or commodities are the only small but slow escape paths.

    However, over the longer term the US faces a massive decline in living standards and lost of it’s power over others in the world because it will no longer be able to borrow or print USD without causing instant inflation!
    The US military will shrink accordingly.

    ßo solving this USD debt problem becomes everyone’s problem whether they like it or not!

    Another way to look at our changing world.

    The privileged are being pushed by the oppriessed to make the world more fair.
    The privileged don’t like losing their built in privileges, one little bit and are desperately fighting back, tooth and nail, to try and keep most of the world oppressed.
    But with less and less of the world supporting the self weakening privileged, the oppressed are slowly pushing to make the world more and more fair.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2024 #158716

    I agree we are already in WW3.
    Have been for years.

    Macron has put French troops in Ukraine as a place holder for NATO/US.⁶
    Once Biden is re-elected, as the Democrat’s real House Speaker, Jeffery said, then US troops will enter the Ukraine.
    Mike Johnson is merely serving as a proxy speaker, to hide current Democrat (Uniparty) control of the House.
    Why are they hiding this?
    See below.

    Trump will soon be criminally convicted in NY.
    Trump will be disqualified by Congress, as blessed in advance by SCOTUS.
    Remember, Congress voting is merely a popularity contest, not a legal judgement.
    So, Congress will not be breaking any laws.
    There is no appeal to SCOTUS!
    Sure, Trump’s conviction maybe legally overturned later, but not until after the election is over.
    Just like the fake J6 insurrection emergency allowed Congress to legalized the stolen 2020 election!

    This propaganda about “No NATO Boots On The Ground” statement being interduced by NATO in July is likely just to get the loud mouths to clam up for now.
    I see it as a head fake.
    The Ukraine war is just starting, not ending!
    There is too many trillions involved to quit now.
    Our ruling banker psychopaths can not afford to stop now!
    They need war to stay in power.
    If we all need to die, so be it!

    For us little people all we can hope for is that peace breaks out.
    That is the one thing our ruling psychopaths do not want!
    Peace mean a fate worst than death to them!

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    Well at least with plentiful blueberries, the black bears in BC are not going to starve this year.
    The deer will surely miss the fruit though.

    The nicest thing about BC blueberries is they are always sweet due to the warm days and cool evenings.
    It is the cool evening that make all fruits sweet and flavorful.

    I used to buy oranges when I worked in Morroco, in the 1970s.
    They looked perfect!
    Except when you ate them, you were left wondering where the flavor was?
    You would then try eating another orange desperately craving the missing flavor!
    Alas, all the oranges were just perfect tasteless plastic oranges, that didn’t satisfy your thrist for fruit.
    Instead they left you feeling empty and cheated.

    BC and Washington state grow some of the best apples, peaches, and cherries, in the world!
    Sadly, your big peaches never reach us here in the east, as I guess they either don’t travel well or you guys eat them all!
    The biggest best tasting peaches I have ever had, was when I was working in northern Idaho.
    The peaches were the size of grapefruit!
    Often that was my supper!

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    OK a bad joke.

    A little girl was being driven by her Mother to a friend’s house for a play date.
    The little^7 girl asked her Mother how old she was?
    The Mother replied it wasn’t very lady like to ask such personal questions.
    The little girl then asked her Mother how much she weighed?
    Again the Mother said it wasn’t very lady like to ask such personal questions.

    After the little girl had been dropped off at her friend’s place, she told her friend that her Mother wouldn’t answer any personal questions.
    The little girl’s friend said it was easy to get all the answers!
    Just look at her Mother’s drivers license!
    The answers are all there!

    Upon returning home, the little girl approached her Mother.
    She said to her Mother, I know you are 33 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall, and you weigh 149 pounds!
    The supprised Mother said how did you find out all of this personal information?
    The little girl said from your driver’s license!

    And then the little girl said, I know why Daddy left too!”
    “It says here you got an “F” in sex!”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2024 #158705

    I was no boy scout.
    Firecrackers and all.

    I was a cub scout though!
    Up north in northern Quebec/Labrador.
    We had great leaders who took us out into the bush to make real campfires with just one match!
    We earned lots of useful skill badges too.
    Like using a dime pay phone!

    Then, I moved down to Montreal.
    Well, I was the only one with any badges on my arm!
    Needless to say, I quickly lost interest.

    Montreal’s tiny wild strawberries were more interesting!
    Sadly I found no pretty girls in the wild strawberry fields.
    But I like nature, hence the cottage.

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    Sadly only in Washington, DC, have people not forgotten how to set snares/traps.
    Of course their specialties are honey/sex traps!

    Before noisy guns, natives depended on snares and traps for food.
    Bows and arrows were nice but how often did the prey spot the hunter first?
    And you missed breaking your best arrow?
    Imagine going a week between arrow shots?

    In today’s world where you need permission, from on high to hunt for food, snares and traps give you plausible deniability.
    The same for gorilla gardening, especially a little weed.
    Afterall if you do the work of planting a big garden, you are just asking for people to steal the rewards of your efforts!
    Just ask Venezuelans that tried to avoid starvation by planting gardens!
    Oh, sorry you can’t ask them because they all starved to death!

    Ah, nice to know blueberry season is just around the corner!
    And our psychopath rulers hate us when peace breaks out over the land!

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    Look I am no Billy Graham but sex doesn’t happen while a woman is lying in bed completely naked but still wearing her bra!
    A man doesn’t become a man until he first figures out how to disconnect a woman’s bra!
    And no self respecting woman would ever skip this affirmation ritual.
    Ski instructors don’t decorate bra trees for nothing!

    Stormy was lying as usual.
    No man would have sex with her while she was still 9wearing her bra.
    Just saying.

    Look I took Accounting 101 and 201 in college and was excused from writing both final exams because I didn’t make simple math mistakes.
    I clearly remember the balance sheet part about how to classify “legal protocol fees”.
    It said that Stormy Daniel’s would be available to lie about having sex when you did this balance sheet maneuver!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2024 #158604

    The Real Truth About Macron by Jay is pure BS.
    Macron is doing his ruling psychopath’s bidding.
    He is putting French troops in Ukraine as a placeholder.
    After Biden is re-elected in 2024, US boots on the ground becomes a reality.
    Got to protect the value of those Ukrainian govrt24! bonds!
    Ukraine isn’t ending, it is just getting started!

    Why aren’t the Gaza Palestinians all dead yet? /s

    Since all the whistle blowers are dead Boeing is now fixed!

    Notice how msm now suddenly focusing on RFK?
    Notice internet has been scrubbed of earlier RFK stuff?
    Notice new money being spent on RFK?

    Biden will be re-elected.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2024 #158560


    To pretend that boomers are in charge today, is incorrect.
    Our ruling psychopaths are in charge and have always been in charge.
    No generation is ever in charge.

    It was our ruling psychopaths who created WW1 and then WW2.
    Our parents/Grandparents all had no choice but to fight.
    And so it goes.
    Our ruling psychopaths desire endless wars so they can stay in power.

    Nothing changes when any generation protests.
    Our ruling psychopaths simply crush any protests.
    They have no intentions of listening to us, ever!

    The best we little people can do, is try to live our lives without being swept up in the evil machinations of our ruling psychopaths.

    Our best method of protesting is to passively resist, ignore, not participate, laugh, ridicule, etc.
    Our ruling psychopaths have few ways to combat these passive tactics.
    Our ruling psychopaths desperately want us to violently protest, so they can use force against us, and make examples of us as criminals.
    Being violent enables our ruling psychopaths to easily identify, isolate, and control us, when we protest violently.
    Protesting silently makes us more invisible and harder for them to control.

    That is why I admire any Ukrainians who find a way of not becoming “cannon fodder” for their (our) ruthless ruling psychopaths.

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    One thing to keep in mind about puppets like Macron, Cameron, etc spouting hog wild crazy shit to try and escalate NATO/US direct involvement in Ukraine, is that the debt moratorium on Ukrainian gov bond interest is expiring.
    The holders of Ukrainian debt want the interest owed on about $170 billion of Ukrainian gov debt to start flowing.

    NATO/US financial institutions like Pimco, BlackRock, Vanguard, etc are the holders.

    If Ukraine becomes a member of NATO/US or joins EU then European taxpayers are on the hook for these Ukrainian gov bonds.
    I would imagine the same applies if NATO/US becomes directly involved in the Ukraine.

    These institutions don’t care if you die as long as they get repaid for the money they created out of thin air!
    The root of all evil is banker’s money, created out of thin air, but bearing interest.
    People need to die to preserve this sacred banker’s privilege.
    Nothing is more important!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2024 #158552

    The AWOL figure for the third batch of Ukrainians being trained by NATO in Europe was 65%!
    I guess after you cross 50% losses to AWOL, you quit trying!

    Now international Ukrainian truck drivers are abandoning their trucks on the sides of highways once they leave the Ukraine!

    Some Ukrainians are finding ways to win!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2024 #158543

    This whole pro -Palestinian protests suddenly erupting on command is in my opinion is just an excuse for the Uniparty to pass more legislation to restrict freedoms just like 9/11 disguised as anti -semite laws.
    This means any demonstration not approved by the government, is now illegal.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2024 #158542

    From what the MSM is saying, Israel still hasn’t killed all the Palestinians in Gaza yet.
    Only 35K, maybe 50K, so far?
    The US has supplied Israel with over 20,000 large bombs.
    The Israelis are killing less than 2 Palestinians per bomb.
    To finish the job properly the US needs to send another 1,000,000 large bombs.
    So far, the Israelis have proven to be incompetent at killing all of Gaza’s Palestinians.
    They need to get it done before the US November 2024 elections! /s

    Why isn’t NATO training more Ukrainian soldiers in Europe anymore?
    Well 20% of the first batch of Ukrainians went AWOL!
    Of the second batch of Ukrainians, 35% went AWOL!
    They aren’t telling us how many of the third batch of Ukrainians went AWOL.
    They just simply stopped training more batches of Ukrainians!
    Obviously another Ukrainian “Get Out of Jail Free” scheme bites the dust!

    In the Ukraine, being poor means being dead!

    Ukrainian “cannon fodder” recruiters now have quotas to fill.
    Previously exempted war industry workers are now fair game and are being nabbed.
    It is estimated Ukraine still has over 2 million men left for cannon fodder.
    Europe is making more noises about sending Ukrainian men back to Ukraine.

    Russians are using large smoke screens to blind NATO’s eyes in the sky.

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    I hope you realized that I was being a little bit tongue n cheek about circuses!

    Basically none of us has any say in how our countries are run.

    Some Americans are aware of their Uniparty circus masters.

    Interestingly when I was in Siberia in 1983, we went to the local circus which had it’s own special fancy circus building.
    Clearly the Russian gov believed in using circusnes to entertain their voters!
    What I remember best were the poor performances of the circus performers (bored – merely going through the motions?) and the circus being the only place one could get a soft ice cream cone!
    One could have any flavor you wanted as long as it was vanilla!

    Maybe China never caught the circus bug?
    I don’t remember seeing any circuses there.

    Zoos seemed to be the thing.
    I especially liked feeding time when people were fed to the hungry Siberian tigers! /s

    P.S. The Toronto Maple Leafs successfully kept their reputation intact by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory tonight!
    They managed to take it into overtime before the roof fell in on them.
    They are now busy booking their golf course Tee off times for tomorrow.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2024 #158401

    Other Irrelevant News :

    The tied at 3 – 3 games each, Toronto Maple Leafs and the big bad Boston Bruins are beginning their seventh and final “fight to the death” hockey playoff game!
    Will Toronto successfully snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?
    Or will they fail and win?
    The loser gets an early head start onto the “global warming” green golf course.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2024 #158400


    So the only difference between the west and China is the west has continued the honorable Roman tradition of circuses!

    Reminds me of when working in a Congo copper mine, of voting for the worker’s union leadership.
    I asked an expat why he and I, as management, were voting, when there was only one named on the hand written ballot?
    He said we are voting because it makes them happy!
    And so I voted for happyness!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2024 #158399

    Feeding Raccoons:

    Raccoons are not very cute.

    They wear a mask for a very dam good reason!
    Because they are unremorseful ungrateful bandits!

    Anyone with any experience with them critters, hates them trouble makers!
    Raccoons are very destructive critters.
    They will totally destroy your garden in one night.
    They destroy every building, boat, car, truck, farm equipment, etc they enter.
    They destroy ceilings, walls, and floors.
    Even concrete!
    They shit everywhere and on everything too.

    The only good raccoon is a dead one!
    The same for black flies and mosquitos too.
    We should export all of our Raccoons to the Ukraine.
    When the Raccoons are finished, Ukraine will truly be a wasteland!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2024 #158397


    Canada has trillions of black flies (need running water to breed) and mosquitos (need stagnant water to breed) that we could export !
    So many of both, that we wouldn’t even miss any of them!
    But first of course we need to create a market for them.
    The Covid vaccines method would make us both instant billionaires!

    Yeah, that woman pilot is all business!


    You are so lucky you only have one deep state candidate to vote for!
    Everybody else in the west has to choose between 2 deep state candidates to vote for, bad and worst !

    Those 2 Russian soldiers really have balls to do that. Unbelievable luck too!
    But they must have known where the Ukrainian dugout was before hand?

    As for the Biden economic advisor, he has to “pretend not to know the truth”.
    Paying interest on borrowing, out of thin air, money makes the bankers rich.
    Printing money out of thin air is what Lincoln did to get himself killed by the bankers!

    The key to our debt monetary system is all money created out of thin air, must always be borrowed interest bearing money!
    Interest free money would instantly collapse the debt monetary system and kill all the bankers !
    Can’t have that !

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 30 2024 #158122

    Yesterday, I posted about 1933-4 being rather interesting years.

    These years signaled the end times for the British pound sterling as the world’s reserve currency.
    Britain’s political miscalculations regarding the cost of fighting WW1 nearly bankrupted her.
    However, Britain still had her empire to draw upon.
    However, WW2 finally bankrupted Britain and she then loss world reserve currency status and then quickly losing her empire as a result.

    Years 1933-4 also signaled the rise of the USD as the world’s new reserve currency.

    In the post 1933-4 years Britain lost massive amounts of gold and capital to the US.

    It is in this time frame that Britain’s interest on her debt began to limit her spending on defense/offense.

    What is interesting about this “interest on debt limiting defense/ offense spending” turning point is this same fate befell Spain, the previous world reserve currency.

    Today the US now faces this same turning point where interest on the debt now exceeds defense/offense spending.

    Of course US gold has long since left the country, mostly to Asia.

    Interestingly, China wants everyone to use their currency for trading but not as a central bank world reserve currency.
    China doesn’t seem to want the mantle of owning the world’s next reserve currency.
    China wants the benefits of being the world’s reserve currency without the costs that come with owning it.
    I guess China has studied history and didn’t like the outcomes of previous reserve currency owning countries!
    One of these costs of owning the world’s reserve currency are the never ending wars creating more debt!
    In time rising debt dooms the world’s reserve currency owner.

    The signs are visible to see for the US.
    Ukrainian War funding.
    Israeli War funding.
    The US spent $2-3 billion defending Israel but has said no more pissing Iran off!
    The US can print dollars but not weapons!
    Going forward expect US defense/offense spending to be capped as the government struggles with paying for the interest on it’s debt and growing deficit spending.
    Nobody now wants to buy more US government debt.
    This is steadily forcing the US to absorb more of the costs of defense/offense spending.
    Before the US could basically force the rest of the world to pay for it’s military.
    This is also forcing the Fed to monetize more and more of the US gov debt by creating USD out of thin air to buy the debt nobody wants!
    The days of the US military going around the world banging heads to enforce usage of the USD will come to an end.
    Recently we have seen the US trying to use Russia sanctions to force usage of the USD by it’s vasselsl
    So yes things are changing ever so slowly.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158064


    Yeah, that Rothchild obviously wasn’t the brightest blub, besides being on the German “enemy” side of the Rothchild family.
    If anyone should have known what was happening in Germany, in the 1930s, it would have been the German Rothchilds.
    Wasn’t even able to save his own skin!
    I am not aware of any effort by the other Rothchilds to save him.
    The Rothchilds operate ruthlessly just like the Mafia.
    They kill their own family black sheep.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158042

    Criminally, I forgot to add the illegal creation of the Federal Reseve in 1913 to your food for thought menus!
    Bankers plan ahead!

    Bankers not involved in this anyone?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158041

    More food for thought:

    I should note that Britain was set up to fight WW2 by guarantee of Poland.
    FDR was the one who encouraged Poland to fight Germany over Dedanks(sp?) Corridor to Prussia demands to get WW2 nicely started.

    The Rothchilds banked both sides.
    Hitler left Rothchild’s French Estate alone during the war.
    Gestopo and German military were not permitted with 2 miles of Rothchild Estate.
    Allied forces not allowed to fly over Estate nor enter Estate in 1940-45.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 29 2024 #158040

    Speaking of Hitler/Bankers/Gold :

    Some interesting history happened around the years 1933-4 :

    Hitler came to power.
    FDR came to power.
    War clouds forming in Europe.

    Bankers not involved in this anyone?
    The City of London (The Square Mile) – Rothchilds
    Wall Street

    FDR confiscated American’s gold in 1933.
    In 1934 FDR devalues USD by raising USD price of gold from $20.67 to $35.
    US taking world reserve torch from Britain.
    Britain fights loosing battle to defend weakening sterling.
    European/world gold starts flowing to the US in 1934.
    US becomes largest holder of gold in world by far.
    US gold holdings grow from $4 Billion in 1933 (about 6,000 tons) to over $19 Billion (19,000 tons) by May 1940.

    Side Note:
    (World Capital of about $3,700 Billion entered US from 1934 to 1940.)
    (British Capital of about $1,100 Billion entered US from 1934 to 1940.)
    Britain becomes has been.

    Sometime during/after WW2, US gold held reached over 27,000 tons.
    After WW2 broke Britain quickly loses it Empire.

    Sometime after Bretton Woods agreement, US gold reserves started to steadily flow back into Europe.
    When gold reserves fell just below 9,000 tons in 1971, the US (Nixon) suspended USD to gold convertability.

    Bankerrs not involved in this anyone?
    See a pattern here?

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    I read some engineering students, one dark night, put their University presendent’s car up on top of the university building’s roof and to this day nobody really knows how they did it!
    It took a large crane to lift the car back down!

    Love the pronouns!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2024 #157985

    Formerly T-bear:

    A good one!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2024 #157982

    The 6 year old Israeli girl injuried in the car shooting, made the fatal mistake of believing in her country’s democracy.
    By phoning for help, she dutifully performed her duty as a citizen, by informing the deep state that they had not successfully completed their task of killing everyone in the car.
    The deep state then attacked a second time, and successfully killed her, plus a bonus 2 Palestinians, to enforce their version of democracy.

    If the girl had been raised properly, to fear the deep state, she would have known not to alert the deep state that she was still alive, by calling them for help. If she had not made that fateful phone call,she might still be alive. But we will never know.

    This reminds me of the “rude awakening” that “woke” women professor at Columbia experienced while being phyically dropped to the ground and being roughly arrested for her anti-democratic protest of Israel’s democracy killing Palestinians in Gaza.

    Her repeated cries of “I am a professor!”, fully expecting that she would be to be respected by the deep state’s police probably went completely over her “woke” head.

    She has no need to worry about being a “professor” at Columbia now because after being arrested, she won’t be a “professor” at Columbia any longer!

    Will she ever figure out that democracy exists only for the deep state?
    She will no doubt dutifully vote for Biden in the Nov 2024 elections, having learned nothing form her betrayal.

    Ukrainians Getting Russian Passports :

    From a Russian point of view those Ukrainians who fled to the west made their decision!
    Those Ukrainians who first fled west, would have by now completed their journey to Russia.
    These Ukrainians have already showed their loyalty loud and clear!

    It would be crazy to ever issue these Ukrainians a Russian passport now!
    The last thing Russia needs to do is enable the west to install trained guerrilla forces back into Russia!

    Note: It is nearly impossible for ordinary (not rich) Ukrainians in Europe to travel to Russia now.
    The only entry point is via Turkey.
    But Turkey requires a visa for Ukrainians to travel to Turkey.
    Turkey is not issuing such visas.
    So the Ukrainians in Europe are basically stuck in their Europeon prison, just as the deep state desires them to be.

    So when will the deep state start deporting Ukraine men back to the Ukraine to defend their “democracy “?
    Afterall notice the recent msm articles coming out about idle Ukrainian men wearing out their hosts patience by occupying local Cafe chairs.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2024 #157973

    Israel is a democracy.
    The US is a democracy.
    Canada is a democracy.
    We must always defend the deep state’s democracy./s

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2024 #157972

    I should also point out that Trump is about the “worst case” president the deep state will liiely ever face.
    He is wealthy, a good public speaker, and he has own private security, unlike JFK.
    Trump is a “result” of what the deep state has been doing to the American people ever since it was formed.
    Therefore the deep state sees Trump as an obstacle standing in their way and he must be stopped or taken out.

    Trump simply stands in the way of the deep state’s control of the American people.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 28 2024 #157971

    Whatever SCOTUS does it will be the least helpful it can be towards Trump.
    Basically the deep state wants all future president’s immunity curtailed so they retain 100% control of all future president’s while in office and then after office.
    If the deep state disapproves of a president’s actions/opinion, then they ca initiate a prosecutor to prosecute the president.
    This is all about restricting the American peoples future choices/freedom.
    SCOTUS will do nothing to impede the deep state’s plans.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 27 2024 #157916

    Heads Up!
    Biden will declare a climate emergency.
    An “emergency ” is required to use mail in voter fraud in this November 2024 elections!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2024 #157746


    Thanks for annoying copilot for me!
    Clearly no code writer ever thought of coding for this question.
    Completely missed FDR devaluing USD against gold!
    Just proves how “artifical” AI really is!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2024 #157701

    Zerosum :

    While you are at it, could you please ask copilot if the US is trying to devalue the USD against gold?
    And if yes, what does the US hope to gain from doing this?


    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2024 #157699


    Yes, I find myself reading for ages before I see any useful information, especially financial articles or an another pertent example, hundreds of MoA comments!

    I think that is why I tend to write things from my memory, rather than quote something.
    Often my thoughts gell from collecting various ideas I have seen from many different sources and people.
    If I write from the top of my head, it makes it easier for me to fuse various ideas into something coherent minus the fluff.

    I think that is one of the nice things about TAE comments is other people are doing the same thing, filtering out the fluff for me.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2024 #157695

    If you think about it logically, nobody with practical world experience ever gets to write the code used for AI computers.
    Only computer geeks get to write these codes.
    Do you think any of these narrowly focused geeks would know how to solder a copper pipe joint?
    You wouldn’t even think of asking them!

    P.S. I remember the French phase “une pipe” very well !
    I tried using this phase to describe real piping!
    Everybody had a good laugh at my expense!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 24 2024 #157694

    The current problem is that China pegs it’s trade currency to the USD.
    As the US weakens the USD, China’s currency also weakens too.
    So weakening the USD does not address US trade imbalances.
    The US has run up unpayable debts.

    So is the US trying to weaken the USD verses gold? So far, yes.
    Is that why China has accumulated so much gold?
    Is that why other countries’ central banks have been buying gold too?
    To prepare for this big event?

    The US doesn’t have enough sofisicated missiles to defeat China!
    Expensive aircraft are useless against good air defenses.m

    US military is DEI impared thanks to Obama removing all competent officers.
    Only politically correct commusars where kept and promoted.
    One only needs to watch and listen to these officers to know they are incompetent!

    In the short 1939-40 Winter War, Finland saved Stalin’s butt by beating his politically correct commusar lead army!

    Ukraine has lost far more than 500,000 men KIA.
    Nobody is counting all the Ukrainian men killed by the Nazi battalions, SBU, corrupt elites, organ harvesting, and organized crime !

    Hillary is right!
    It is better to kill all your enemies like she has!
    100 to 200 dead and counting!
    This leaves you will a clean criminal record.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 23 2024 #157660


    I just wish there was some entity that could force Justin Trudeau to tell the truth to Canadians too.
    We are completely left in the dark about covid vaccine deaths, etc.

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