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    Actually your range is $100!

    Gas in Toronto, Ontario is $2 per litre.
    About the same cost as yours.
    And most of the cost of gas is the taxes!

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    Yes, the uniparty wins no matter what happens in their 2 party system!
    It is a 2 sided coin!
    RINOs on one side.
    DINOs on the other side.
    Two sides of the uniparty!

    RINOs = Republican in name only
    DINOs = Democrats in name only

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    With so many wars being run simultaneously against us little people, it is hard to be concerned about a little war in the Ukraine that is only killing a few hundred people a day, when all the other wars, like the covid vax war, food war, war on the truth, are killing thousands of us little people every day.

    The Ukraine supposedly has 43 million people.
    But 10 million people left before the war.
    Then 6.5 million more people left when the war started.
    So that leaves about 27 million people still left in the Ukraine.
    The Ukraine has canceled passports of all draft age males who left the country.
    So prez Z is going to raise another million strong army when he is already sending 50 to 70 year old recruits to the front contact line?
    The US is fighting the war to the last Ukrainian.
    Russia has slowed down their operations to provide extra time to find that last Ukrainian!

    Is Greta even a thing at Davos these days?
    My electric chain saw at the cottage is named Greta!
    On Friday I am going be opening up the island cottage for the summer!
    That means canoeing and kayaking!
    Ticks too!

    So everybody in Washington DC lies.
    This is the lowly place the truth goes to die!
    The swamp’s surface is covered in dead flies.
    If only at the swamp’s bottom lying liars lie.

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    This facial recognition thingy.

    I have facial pictures of each of you.
    I will simple place a picture of you to the camera/scanner.
    You will be charged for whatever I do.
    You will not be able to say it wasn’t you who did it!
    Because I provided absolute proof it was you!

    I have facemasks of each of you.
    With your face I will stand in front of the camera/scanner.
    You will be charged for whatever I do.
    You will not be able to say it wasn’t you who did it!
    Because I provided absolute proof it was you!

    I have a copy of all your biometrics.
    I will feed your biometrics into the camera/scanner.
    You will be charged for whatever I do.
    You will not be able to say it wasn’t you who did it!
    Because I provided absolute proof it was you!

    The more secure your ID is, the more insecure you will feel!

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    Have you noticed that joe biden and the democrats no longer seem too worried about the mid term elections in November?
    That is because the uniparty is busy doing it’s usual fixing magic in the primaries and have already prepared the actual election results.
    There will be no surprises on election day.
    Election night will remain dark.
    Nothing will change.

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    So special prosecutor Durham’s clown show continues with everybody pretending they didn’t know what everybody already knew years ago. They are are all pretending to not know certain things. It is kind of hard to lie when everybody knows you are lying. Llying in Washington DC is not a crime, so don’t expect anyone to be convicted of lying.

    Besides this clown show isn’t being covered by the MSM so if they don’t cover it, then obviously it didn’t happen. Sort of like a tree falling in an empty forest. Nobody heard it fall, so it didn’t make a noise.

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    Dr. D:

    I prefer your version of the civil war greenbacks! It has so much more intriguing truthful skulduggery to it than the official history. I often find official history to be the official cover up version we are stuck with, from that particular time frame. Who says propaganda is something new!

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    Oh my god!
    You won’t believe what I just saw!
    I saw a monkey!
    Run for your life!

    Actually I saw 3 monkeys!
    A WEF monkey!
    A WHO monkey!
    And the most evil of all monkeys, a smiling Bill Gates monkey!

    The 3 monkeys weren’t carrying a banana in their hand!
    They were carrying keys in their hands!
    The better to lock you up with!
    And take away your freedom!

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    Since all of these evil people have been promoted for their evil deeds, we are totally screwed!

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    So it looks like the vaxxed are now spreading Monkey Pox just like they spread covid.
    No wonder only the vaxxed are allowed to travel.

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    Dr. John Day:

    I vaguely remember something about several people who found/located the 3 escaped monkeys becoming ill with something maybe Monkey Pox?

    Heard anything more from Texas’s medical mafia?

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    Monkey Pox:

    One thing I have yet to see about Monkey Pox spreading rapidly is any reference to the huge number of vaccine immune weakened people in the west.

    I doubt Monkey Pox will be the last of these kinds of outbreaks.
    We will be plagued with many more now that many people’s natural immune systems have been weakened.

    Step 1 was the covid vaccine to weaken natural immunity.
    Step 2 are the huge increases in cancers and all other human diseases.
    Step 3 are new plagues like Monkey Pox, etc.

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    Azovstal yields 2439 according to South Front.
    I saw a comment saying the neo-nazis blew up a tunnel before surrendering.
    Top nazi was taken away in an armored car for his protection since more than a few people in Mariupol want him dead.

    Russian artillery in Donbas first do a general shelling of a fortified area to drive Ukrainians into their trenches and bunkers, then shell the trenches and bunkers with Lazer guided shells finishing them off. Ukrainians might be better off digging new individual foxholes instead of trenches.

    More reports of Ukrainians surrendering in small groups. One report said an Ukrainian replacement group upon reaching the contact line in Donbas, promptly phoned the Russians and surrendered!

    The Ukraine has passed a bill revoking Ukrainian citizenship for any draft age males who left the Ukraine. All part of the US’s effort to fight the war until the last Ukrainian!

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    All I know for sure is hundreds more Ukrainians got cancelled today, getting us one day closer to the last Ukrainian.
    The real war, WW3 is being waged on us.
    Like the Ukrainians, we are losing too.

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    What I see Russians doing in the Ukraine reminds me of what the Canadian gernerals faced while pushing their way up into Holland during WW2. The Canadian army were losing hundreds of men every day/week. In Normandy they still had reserves in Britain to replace losses. However upon reaching Holland they no longer had any reserves left!

    They had already stripped Britain of every Canadian army cook, mechanic, driver, etc and converted them into foot soldiers. The generals pleaded with Ottawa for more soldiers. Ottawa said no can do! Make do with what you have!

    So desperate, the Canadian army started converting Sherman tanks into kangaroo army personnel carriers by removing the gun turrets. Up to 10 soldiers could be fitted inside. This helped reduce the daily/weekly casualties while still getting the job done. So having more troops doesn’t 9u8always lead to a better outcome.

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    Thank you for your comments and the provided link to YouTube.

    As you stated Russia definately made mistakes by withdrawing from areas around Kiew and Karkov therebye leaving civilians exposured to the Ukrainian SBU.

    One thing to keep in mind is Russia only has about 100 thousand troops deployed in the Ukraine. My observation is these small numbers of troops for such a large area has forced the Russian military to make some very hard choices. They cannot be everywhere at once.

    I think Putin wisely limited the number of troops for two reasons. First to force the Russian military to stick to previously established priorities. Second it forces Russian cammanders to be very aware of the exposure risks they are putting their soldiers under. Since they are not going to get an endless supply of new soldiers like in WW2 under Stalin, this forces them to be much more careful about how they fight the Ukrainians. So you tend to avoid any type of fighting requiring high casualties to achieve your objective. You also tend to go slower too. Putin knows he cannot afford high casualties politically.

    The Russians seem to be retreating whenever they find themselves involved in costly guerilla warfare in areas not critical to the outcome of the war, like Kiev. The Russians prefer to fight battles critical to winning the war, like Donbas. When you have barely enough soldiers to do a job, you tend to stay on the critical path as previously planned.

    The bulk of the best Ukrainian army units are now trapped in the Donbas fortified lines and are being slowly but surely ground down by Russia’s favorite way of fighting, artillery. Using artillery helps to greatly reduce your sides casualties while greatly increasing the other sides casualties. This is what is happening in the Donbas line of contact. However we are not seeing very many videos from the Russian side because the Russians have been able to impose strict discipline on their side (I.e. Russian soldiers are not allowed cell phone which reveal their position!).

    The youtube videos you are seeing are by the BBC which are showing you footage of Ukrainians in non-critical areas of the war. They are not showing you what is really happening in the Donbas! It is a bit of “Oh look at the squirrel over there!” moment.

    I think it is only a matter of weeks/months before you will see the main Ukrainian armies in the east crumble and break. They simply cannot keep losing thousands of soldiers every week. My guess is at least 650 per day based upon the number of missile strikes/day, air strikes/day, and artillery strikes/day. When you are hitting a 1,000 targets a day some Ukrainians are bound to get cancelled.

    I must say the western media have done as masterful job of projecting the Ukrainians are winning. But when I observe how the Ukrainians are behaving it reminds me of the last year of WW2 in Nazi Germany. Nazi propaganda didn’t win the war for the German Nazis anymore than it will for the Ukrainian Nazis.

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    I just have to love the way Elon Musk is taking twatter apart, one fraudulent piece at a time!
    The best part is twatter can not defend itself without revealing it’s own fraud!
    Elon twattering a poop emol on twatter’s doorstep is hilarious!
    The whole purpose of government supported twatter is to support the left’s bot operations!
    Twatter couldn’t survive without massive government supported servers!

    So 264 wounded Ukrainian neo-nazis heros at Mariupol’s steel plant were evacuated!
    (To the Donbas which still has the death penalty.)
    They didn’t surrender as you thought.
    Sorry, words now mean what the MSM say they mean.

    Yesterday the Ukrainian boy scouts didn’t have a very good day.
    It seems a whole bunch of boy scout troops were cancelled.
    Not just in eastern but in western Ukraine too.
    Ten thousand more Ukrainians in the Donbas were surrounded and are currently being boiled.
    Boiling is what comes after you are trapped in a cauldron.
    Only western witches could enjoy such a horrible scene of death, to the last Ukrainian.

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    A senior twatter engineer only worked 4 hours in the last quarter. Now he is putting in more hours so he can be promoted, since twatter pays a lot more if you get promoted.

    Hopefully he runs into a “Musk” brick wall!

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    Doc Robinson:

    Thanks for the info on the Novavax.

    My wife has been hoping to get this vax buying the propaganda that it is safer.
    I have been telling her none of the vaccines are safe and to forget about getting vaxxed.
    It is clear the Novavax is not safe.
    It has spike proteins in it and effects DNA.
    Safety studies are very suspect.
    This company has never ever successfully brought a product to market before.
    Bill Gates involvement is the ultimate “kiss of death”!

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    The Ukrainians have been receiving replacement equipment from Nato and the US.
    The Prez of the Ukraine has decreed that no one is allowed to make any negative comments about the poor quality of the new old replacement equipment from the west.

    The Ukrainian Nazis are now waiting to receive the west’s wonder weapons to save them.
    Now where have I heard that statement before?
    Oh yeah, the WW2 German Nazis said that too before losing the war!

    Do you do/say all of these things when you are winning the war?

    Today there was some talk of the wounded being evacuated from the Mariupol steel plant’s tunnels but not by the UN. Rumor has it 51 Ukrainian wounded were evacuated. Another rumor said these were from a small group trapped apart from the main body of the trapped Neo-Nazis. This has allowed them to make their own decision.

    Later there have been reports that the neo-nazis in Mariupol had surrendered but that seems misleading. Another report said 300 wounded have been evacuated by bus. Confusion reigns for now.

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    So the Ukraine is going to raise another million man army!
    Commuissars are issuing draft summons at gas line queues, stores, post offices, etc, and even going door to door!
    Ukrainian draft dodgers have simply gone into hiding!
    They don’t want to be that last Ukrainian!

    That is the nice thing about propaganda.
    You only have to say it.
    You don’t actually have to do it!

    Neo-Nazi officers are escorting small groups of 50 to 70 year old men to the front lines.
    Once they reach the front lines, the Nazis officers then abandon the men to their fate.
    The Nazis leave the front lines quickly because they don’t want to die.

    The actions of the winning side!

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    Just one slight problem for Michael. He lives on the island of Newfoundland. I would be very surprised if there are any oak trees growing in his neck of the woods! So obtaining some acorns might prove difficult! And if there are any oak trees growing in Newfoundland, I seriously doubt the local squirrel population would be willing to share any acorns with Michael!

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    There was a British General and someone asked him what the key to his success was.
    He said 3 things were key.
    1. Never march on Moscow!
    2. Never march on Moscow!
    3. Never march on Moscow!

    Poor Joe doesn’t know he is marching on Moscow!

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    I think the real reason the painting took 3 years is due to a shortage of paint!
    Britain had a trade embargo on all of Europe held by Napoleon!
    Britain was still trading with Russia.
    That is why Napoleon marched on Moscow!

    Joe is marching to Moscow!
    No need to worry about winter clothing Joe!
    You should reach Moscow before winter sets in!

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    How appropriate! Napoleon!
    Napoleon knows all about annoying Mother Russia!
    I think Napoleon would say never march on Moscow!
    Hitler would probably say don’t March on Moscow too!
    Biden is determined to March on Moscow!
    After seeing what happened to Napoleon and Hitler, Biden will fail too!
    Russia can retreat forever.
    Can Europe and the US survive this coming winter’s discontent?

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    Michael Reid:

    My experience of making bread out of anything but wheat, never really turned out very well.
    Have you planted your flax yet?

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    We are still fighting the Ukrainian War to the last Ukrainian.
    Russia has been moving it’s small forces around to pick apart the fixed Ukrainian Donbas defensive positions.
    Russians can move while the Ukrainians can not move.
    When the Ukrainians try to move they die immediately.
    When Ukrainians die, they die alone out of sight unnoticed.
    Kill ratios are now between 10 and 20 to 1
    The Russians are making steady progress in closing the Donbas cauldron.
    The Donbas Ukrainians are getting closer to their breaking point.
    The tell is MSM doesn’t feature the Ukraine anymore.
    The MSM has moved on.
    So when the Ukraine collapses, it will be a non-event.

    Military Museum curators in Europe are getting very upset because Natio keeps repeatedly confiscating all of the Museum’s best working military models to send to the Ukraine. A German military Museum curator, Adolf, complained that Nato had even taken all of their Panzer 4 tanks to send to the Ukraine! A Hungarian military museum curator complained that Nato had even confiscated all of their Mig 1 and 2 fighter planes to send to the Ukraine!

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    Regarding not so special prosecutor Durham. First he is not allowed to investigate andy current or former government employees. Now you know why he is so special. He is toothless.

    The judge of the case, Cooper, is a badly conflicted judge appointed by Obama and married to a wife who is badly conflicted too. Political incest at it’s very best!

    So Durham won 22 emails out of over 1,500. That is a victory? Since Sussmann is a lawyer most of his paperwork is protected. Same for Fusion. Same for Hillary. Yes a true mockery of justice, DC style.

    Sussmann has little to worry about even if he is nominally convicted of lying. At most he faces a reprimand. He won’t be disbarred.

    Durham will succeed in convicting nobody. Those were the terms of his appointment by Barr. And so it will happen.

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    Regarding Professor Hudson:

    Please keep in mind he comes at things with a socialist’s view point that governments should be making all of a country’s capital investments decisions. We all know how that turns out.

    His analysis of capitalism is slanted towards communism. I have lived and worked in two communist countries. Yes they were perfect workers paradises. You would absolutely love it there.

    Russian Shock Treatment.

    Two Russian friends were discussing the glowing propaganda regarding working in Siberia. After much discussion, they decided only one of them would go to see if this was really true. Once in Siberia the friend would write a letter back to the friend who stayed behind. If the propaganda was true the letter would be written in black ink. If the letter was written in red ink, then the propaganda was false and don’t come.

    So after a few months had gone by, the friend who had remained in Russia finally received a letter from his friend now in Siberia. The letter, written in black ink, talked in glowing terms of how wonderful life was in Siberia. At the very bottom of the letter the friend said. P.S. There is no red ink in Siberia!

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    During Obamas time remember we were supposed to sign a Pacific trade treaty?
    The main feature of the trade treaty was all signing countries agreed to give up their individual country’s sovereignty rights to a council of international corporations. This corporate appointed council would determine all trade disputes between the countries.

    We just barely dodged this Obama bullet!

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    I am often surprised at how few people are even aware of the Dec-Mar 1939-40 Winter War that followed shortly after the German/Russian Sept/Oct 1939 conquest of Poland. This was a result of an earier pact Germany and Russian had signed. Germany conceded Finland and the 3 Baltic states as Russian pheres of influence giving Russia a free hand to do whatever they wanted.

    Supposedly Finland’s border was too close to Leningrad so Russia wanted to swap land (I.e unproductive forest land up north for Finland’s best southern farmland). The Finns did not trust Russia.

    One possible mistake the Finns may have made, when negotiating, was not realizing the significance of Stalin being personally involved in the negotiating meetings. This personal involvement meant he was sincere?/serious about swapping land. Naturally Stalin wanted land above the only Finnish defensive point, the Mannheim line. Accepting this meant the Finns would leave themselves wide open to a future sudden attack on Helsinki. In the end Finnish distrust of Stalin prevailed. It is interesting to note the 3 Baltic states got none of Stalin’s personnal involvement in their fate.

    When Russia invaded Finland, they did not realize how poor condition their army’s leadership was in. In the late 1930s the Russian army had expanded greatly but in 1938 Stalin had purged/shot most of the existing experienced officers and generals 50,000? because he feared them.

    Replacement officers also included a equal rank but politically superior commusar. The army officer had to first get approval of the commusar before he could do anything. The commusuars emphasized political endocrination as more important than army training. There were many stories of the political commusars shooting the army officers for disloyalty to the communist party. Thus many army officers dared not do anything that might upset their commusars. Stalin might have felt more secure but that meant the Russian army couldn’t operate properly nor efficiently. This hidden defect in the Russian army’s command structure is what made it possible for Finland to hold out for nearly 3 months despite being ill prepaared for war.

    The Finns did have one thing going for them, a handful of good experienced generals and staff officers. The Finns’s top general, Mannheim, was an experienced officer in the Czars Russian army. Many staff officers had fought in the German army. All had fought against the communist take over attempt of Finland after the1917 Russian revolution. So Finland had generally good army leadership when war broke out despite little modern equipement. What they had, had come from the Czars army when Finland had declared independence from Russia in 1917.

    This initial poor performance of the Russian army is probably what lead Hitler to summarized that to conquere Russia, all one had to do was kick in the front door and Russia would immediately collapse. What Hitler overlooked was immediately after the Winter War was over, Stalin started to bring back many of the experienced officers he had purged in 1938 to try and improve the Russia army’s fighting capabilities. He may have also limited the commusars powers too.

    From a Russian point of view, imagine what would have happened if Stalin had not brought back some of the Russian army’s most experiencer officers in 1940, to improve the Russian army, driven by the poor showing in the Winter War against Finland?

    Germany came dam close to defeating a 1941 Russia army as was. Against a 1940 year prepared Russian army, Germans would have probably won.

    So the Winter War experience with Finland in 1939-40, is probably what saved Russia from Germany in WW2. So much for an insignificant Winter War that nobody knows anything about!

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    When Biden says he is working on something, it is true.
    He just forgets to say he is working hard against you!

    So Congress can’t just fast track $40 billion without any paperwork.
    They actually have to pass a $40 billion bill.
    Poor critters.

    Have noticed the Ukrainians are now shoving untrained reservists into the Donbas line of contact. There they get to die all alone and in silence. The neo-nazis have been pulled back into the second line to shoot any reservists trying to retreat or surrender. Clearly the behavior of a winning side.

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    Global Wars:

    Everywhere you look there is a global war being waged against us, little people.

    There is now deathly silence coming from the war in the Ukraine. Since people are now dying of artillery shelling, well out of sight, there are no opportunities to make any interesting videos.

    There is a US self inflicted energy war being imposed on us, by our own masters. Why today Biden just cancelled all oil and gas leases in Alaska. I guess he forgot about Alaska, after earlier canceling all onshore and offshore federal oil and gas leases in the US. Biden has also started pumping the US oil reserves dry. Biden has also forbidden banks from financing oil and gas companies too. All of these steps, and more, have been taken with your best interests in mind!

    Reducing food production is another war against us, altogether! US railways have been ordered to strictly limit shipping of urgently needed fertilizer within thee US. Naturally US food processing plants that never ever caught fire before are now all of a sudden catching fire or even blowing up!

    Killing of US babies is now approved at the highest levels of US government. Producing baby formula hasn’t been allowed for 3 months. Abortion is clearly eing protected. At least they are being consistent.

    Then there is the war on our money. The Fed is pleased that interest rates are only at 0.5% while inflation rages at double digits. The Fed is also very pleased that nobody is pressuring them to hurry in raising interest rates to fight inflation.

    Then there is the ongoing war on our freedom of expression. The Ministry of Truth’s new illegal czar now wants the power to rewrite everything you say!

    The WHO wants to impose an international vaccine passport to be able to control our ability to travel anywhere. Not vaxxed, then you can not board a bus, train, or airplane. Your local government can then easily further restrict your movements, like from even leaving your home.

    Then there is the ongoing war being actively waged on our personal health. The covididiots are already dying before our very eyes, if you dare open your eyes. Average life expectancy is falling. The covididiots are blaming the non-vaxxed for all their problems and for not selfishly wanting to die with them.

    Then there is the ongoing propaganda war against us. Every year the propaganda pressure against us keeps increasing. The level of mind pollution is sickening.

    I am so sick and tired of all of these wars being waged against us. I am sure I forgot to mention a whole bunch more wars currently being waged against us.

    So I hope you don’t mind if I take a badly needed nap where I can dream of opening the island cottage even though I know the melting river ice crushed my fixed docks into tooth picks.

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    World’s reserve currencies: False Dreaming

    If like China, a country that wants to retain complete control of their currency, it becomes automatically impossible for others to use it as a reserve currency. With China there are already rumors out there that China may devalue their currency by as much as 20% because the value of the Japanese Yen has recently fallen against the USD, making China’s exports less competitive.

    So do you really want to hold Chinese currency that can be suddenly devalued by the Chinese government overnight? Besides the Chinese peg their currency and the Hong Kong’s dollar to the USD! So you might as well hold USD instead!

    Another problem of dealing with a closed currency like China is how do you earn Chinese currency? You can not! China does not run trade deficits, only trade surpluses!

    The above are the very reasons China would dearly love it if you did accept their currency! It would give them total control over you just as it does over their own citizens!

    So dreaming of creating a new fairer socialist’s world reserve currency using a basket of currencies and linked to commodities?

    Well have you noticed how stable commodity prices are these days? Yesterday? Will the commodity your country produces even be linked? If, yes, how much weight will it be given? Have you noticed how stable any basket of constantly inflated fiat currencies is today or yesterday? How much weight would your country be given in the currency basket? Besides how much gold does your country hold? Besides who gets to make these decisions anyway? The Golden rule?

    Guaranteed you won’t be a happy camper because you can’t get something for nothing! You know, like your favorite past time of printing unlimited free money! What if perennial deadbeats like Argentina and Greece want to join? Has your dream become a nightmare now?

    Will the USD remain king? For now, yes. Forever, no! The WEF wants to impose a world digital currency on even the US!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 10 2022 #107731

    It isn’t well known that the Ukrainian neo-nazis were involved big in human trafficking.

    Before Russia was goaded into a war with the Ukraine, it is interesting to note the Ukrainian army consisted of 102,000 neo-nazis, 250,000 regular army, and about 300,000 reserves. Obviously after 2 months of war those numbers have been reduced. Best guesses run at about 50,000 KIA, wounded, or captured.

    What stands out as abnormal is the size of the non-regular army, the neo-nazis.
    How do you attract so many people to join the neo-nazi army? Many of these recruits are likely maladjusted misfits. The best way to attract these types of people is to give them a sense of belonging, power, drugs, and not least of all, an endless supply of young girls.

    Clearly the top neo-nazi stuck in Mariupol’s steel plant got first pick of the young girls. Likely she is still there with him.

    I once read an account from a German Panzer tanker fighting on the eastern front in Russia. They were in a sudden retreat and the tanks were running very low on fuel. Along comes a convoy of covered trucks lead by a high ranking German officer demanding to be allowed to pass, requiring the tanks to move off the road.

    The Panzer officer was badly out ranked but was outraged because only the tanks could save them all from the rapidly approaching Russians. The high ranking truck officer refused to give the tankers any badly needed gas. The enraged tanker then swung his tank gun and pointed it at the high ranking German officer, which yielded the desired result. The gas in the covered trucks was syphoned out and put into the tanks.

    The German tank crews curious as to what was in the covered trucks that could be so valuable, worth more than their miserable lives, discovered it was a moble brothel full of drugged girls for German officers!

    On a funny note, if you can call war that. The Russians noticed an Ukrainian unit had called an officers meeting at the unit’s headquarters. Instead of immediately shelling it, the Russians waited. After the meeting was under way, the Russians shelled the Ukrainian unit’s headquarters. Survivors where then observed running out of the headquarters naked!

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    V. Arnold:

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it think!

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    I often wonder what it takes for a person to question the official narratives spewed daily by our masters.
    Intelligence is very helpful but I don’t think it, on it’s own, can do so without some other trait.
    I would not exactly classify myself as intelligent so obviously some other trait is at play.
    I must confess that my Father often quietly questioned narratives.
    Growing up I always wanted to know how things really worked.
    Why could a Swiss watch still work if I had a few gears left over?
    Thus my technical education.
    I suspect some world travel in my early adult years was my trigger.
    So for me to question economic, political, health, etc narratives comes naturally.
    I still haven’t fully understood why most people can’t figure out they have been lied to.
    I know it is partly a combination of human psychological and emotional traits overwhelming common sense.
    I do know under duress, common sense is not as common as it should be.

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    Gonzalo Lira:

    Since his arrest he has switched to topics outside of the Ukraine.
    No surprise here.
    He has safe and unsafe topics.

    The war on the west’s vaccinated people is just starting to be noticed.
    Unexpected and sudden deaths can only go unnoticed for so long.
    Dogs causing hepatitis in kids only works for those with dogs.
    Vaccines good for increasing demand for doctors, hospitals, drugs, and undertakers.
    Vaccines great for reducing average life expectancy.

    Here in Ontario at least half the people are still wearing masks.
    Clearly fear was driven deeply into these people.
    They are likely also the vaxxed.
    The vaxxed should be scared but they don’t know that yet.
    Somewhere anger will surface amoung the vaxxed.
    But I know better than to hold my breath.

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    I suspect Xi is killing 2 birds with one stone.
    His internal enemies and an external one for good measure.
    I know fertilizer is one export China isn’t currently allowing which amplifies Russian actions.
    The problem for us little peons is we will all be dead before the truth ever emerges.

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    Dr. D:

    China is targeting the west, not covid.
    China is only locking down exporting port cities.
    You can turn covid off by just ignoring it!
    The west’s ports, railways, and trucks are being shut down.
    Shortages of goods to move is why.
    You can’t just turn the west’s supply chain back on.

    Hundreds, if not thousands, more Ukrainians just got silently cancelled today.
    Being cancelled means any evidence that you ever existed, are permanently erased.
    Canceling creates no noise, only an empty void of silence.

    Who is the US trying to cancel?
    The east or the west?
    The US wants regime change in Russia.
    Will Russia get regime change in the US, instead?

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