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    Did you know, tonight, President Trump made a speech to the American people about election fraud?

    No, I didn’t think so!

    For the MSM, he is no longer President!

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    Well everybody cheer up!

    President Biden will instruct the media to stop mentioning the virus and it will suddenly magically disappear along with Trump!

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    When it comes to dealing with the virus, the less variables introduced the better.

    I prefer my body’s 80% chance of dealing with the virus.

    I also prefer my own steps to reduce the odds of getting the virus. N95, Vit D.

    The one variable I do not want to introduce into my risk mix, are the drug dealers!

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    As far as election fraud goes, I see little chance of it being investigated whether by the media or by legal means.

    The swamp controls both the media and the judges.

    Only a handful of state legislators can stop the swamp.

    I suspect they are individually being targeted, one by one, by the swamp.

    While I hope against hope, that the fraudulent election will be investigated, I don’t have much hope.

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    Thanks to TAE, I am in no hurry to get a virus vaccine!

    Like the experts, I will let the other monkeys beta test it first! (I did the same for Microsoft’s software too!)

    I think taking vitamins C & D (thanks to Dr. John Day’s understanding of the key role vitamin D plays in fighting the virus) to help my own body’s immune system’s 80% ability to fight the virus, is a better and safer way of dealing with the virus. I also do 5 minutes a night of light therapy to boost my body’s own vitamin D production (I suffer from dry skin in winter and this helps 95%.)

    I also try to reduce my risk of exposure in public by wearing a N95 mask and have hand sanitizer in the car plus washing my hands when I get home. I also try to keep my wife in the car while I shop for food. We stay home mostly.

    I most certainly don’t want to increase my total risks by adding drug dealers to the mix.

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    Yesterday we discovered that swamp creature Bill Barr had secretly made DofJ prosecutor Durham a Special prosecutor all before the election.

    The move to make Durham a special prosecutor was to knife President Trump in the back.

    This of course has the direct effect of making Durham’s new bosses, Congress’ politicians!

    But it also has the hidden effect of preventing President Trump from being able to publically release any swamp secrets, such as who really killed JFK.

    Just so you know why the swamp did what it did. They protected themselves from you!

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    Interesting day in the swamp!

    Bill Barr sees no election fraud. So Biden is now in the clear.

    Durham has been turned from a DofJ prosecutor into a truly harmless special prosecutor!

    Trump’s legal options are now zero! No judge will now hear his rigged election case.

    The swamp has now won 100%!

    P.S. Turning a DofJ prosecutor into a Special prosecutor is a very nasty trick that congress plays on the American voters. It sounds good but the reality is Durham now reports directly to Congress’s politicians! This guarantees that nobody will be prosecuted!

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    Because I am a logical technical type person, devining the feelings of an artist’s art is basically lost on me unless someone explains it to me. I had the same problem explaining Shakespeare’s plays to my English Lit teachers who could see it so clearly, when I could not. I did, however, greatly admire Shakespeare’s incredible ability with words.

    That is not to say I don’t appreciate art. That so many paint but fail, shows how difficult it is to become a great painter. I tend to focus on the skill of the images painted.

    Since I can draw quite well, I do have some basic artistic abilities. I choose to hone those skills in the engineering field. I tend to design things I want to build on the back of envelopes!

    In my travels I have always visited the great art museums of Rome, Athens, Madrid, Paris, London, Brussels, etc,.

    Up here in the great white north, my Father met one of Canada’s Group of 7 painters, A. Y. Jackson, up in Northern Quebec/Labrador. He came up to do pencil field sketches which he would then take back to his studio.

    Now my Father, an engineer, was even better at drawing than I am. He directed his talents into all kinds of wood carvings. We still have his Loons and Blue Jays. Naturally I can carve too but more into wooden airplanes. My Father’s Father was studying to be an architect when the depression hit. Now my Grandfather could really draw!

    And did I mention my Daughter attended a special 4 year art high school? Yes, she can really draw!

    That ability to draw has now been passed down through 3 generations!

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    State legislators are spending millions to buy these voting machines to ensure this mess continues for the foreseeable future!

    I pity the dead in cemeteries as now they are no longer needed on election night.

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    In the past we never used computers to count votes.

    So why do we need computers to count votes now?

    To add a new non-transparent layer between people voting and counting votes!

    There can only be one reason for doing this!

    To make rigging elections much easier!

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    So they are counting the virus the same way they counted votes.

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    The difference between Trump (you hear about corruption but nobody charged because Trump never had control of DoJ) and Biden (you won’t hear about corruption and nobody charged because he has control of DoJ).

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    It is interesting that Republican controlled states of Pennsylvania and Georgia are opposing President Trump’s re-election, not Democrats!

    Sydney Powell stands no chance in the courts as all judges are either Republicans or Democrats.

    The judges will simply ignore all of the evidence of election rigging she puts forth.

    They will simply rule that there is simply no evidence of election tampering.

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    Since 80% of the people can fight off the virus with no vaccine, then the no vaccine option is 80% effective!

    Why would you want a vaccine that is only 10% more effective but comes with side effects?

    Sadly governments have guaranteed big profits for the big drug companies even if no one wants their vaccines.

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    Sparkle Socks wants to press the Great Reset button. Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, he can’t find the Reset button!

    Sparkle Socks has been seen recently wondering the streets of Ottawa, asking people what the Great Reset button looks like!

    Everyone has been telling him he needs to pull up his socks first!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 23 2020 #65975


    John Day:

    Your banana plantation looks awesome! It looks like you put in a lot of energy into it!

    I look outside my windows, here in Toronto, and all I see is snow as far as the eye can see!

    Our pet rabbit, Moki, is hiding in the solarium!

    P.S. Moki loves bananas!

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    Sadly, when it comes to rigging elections, the riggers own the political actors and the judges.

    Sidney Powel is putting up the good fight, but the system dooms her efforts.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 23 2020 #65973


    John Day:

    Our standard of living is directly proportional to the amount of energy used. More energy = higher living standard.

    Sadly even so called “green” energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels require outside energy inputs to sustain them. In other words they don’t produce enough energy to replace themselves. Without fossil fuels we couldn’t produce and use wind turbines and solar panels. Fossil fuels are required to maintain them. (Disclosure: My son works maintaining GE wind turbines.)

    With an electrical background, I have enjoyed building my own wind turbines and solar panels and playing around with them. Far more energy went into them than ever came out of them! But they were fun toys to make!

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    In case you have forgotten, they didn’t tell us about it for over 2 months!

    And yes I too believe in the saber tiger tooth fairy!

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    Doc Robinson:

    You mean to say that these DNA writers may not know how to write good?

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    Moscow Correspondent Job Opening:

    A long time ago when I was a young lad working in a Siberian coal mine,, back in 1983, i shared a flight with a Moscow Correspondent for the Baltimore Sun.

    He was no dummy. We exchanged our Rissian experiences and they matched.

    I guess today the job requirements have changed greatly from discovering the truth to being able to lie.

    What is a worm in an apple supposed to do these days?

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    Dr. D:

    Re-voting machines.

    One needs fractions to count votes 1.25 for Biden and 0.75 for Trump!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 20 2020 #65874


    Thomas: So sorry to hear about your Mother. She is in a no win situation just as both of my parents were with cancer. Maybe what your Mother said is just her way of putting on a brave face to deal with the current (un)reality.

    Unfortunately it seems politicians everywhere need to do “something ” even if it is to make a bad situation even worst.

    My wife just informed me that Ontario has issued a total lock down for Toronto due to the virus. They are concerned that the virus will overload their government run health care system! So we all have to pay for their incompetence!

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    On the bright side, the 2020 election was the most “Green” election ever!

    No trees had to be cut down to stuff the ballot boxes.8.

    Digital votes were generated instead to steal the election!

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    So if you want to commit the perfect crime, it is very important that nobody … look.

    The MSM are all saying there is no evidence that the 2020 election was stolen. Obviously they don’t want anybody to look that the election was … stolen.

    So if I rob a bank and you don’t look, then I didn’t rob the bank, … iright!

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    I get that US elections are always rigged.

    Mark Twain complained over a 100 years ago about how the dead rose to vote on election night. He also said the proper way to bury a Democrat was face down so that on election night, they would dig themselves deeper and not be able to vote on election night.

    As Stalin said it only matters who does the counting. Mark Twain refers to election “night” not “day” for a good reason! The real action on voting day occurs at “night”!


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    Having been out of touch with the world by going to the cottage, i missed most of the presidential election madness.

    Now that I am reconnected to the internet, I have some questions about what really happened.

    Trump supposedly increased his vote count by over 10 million from 2016 with increases in every group, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Trump was met by large crowds everywhere he went.

    Biden supposedly hid in his basement, did very little campaigning, was never met by any crowds at all, never generated any voter excitement, never inspired any campaign volunteers, yet easily managed to surpass Obama’s vote totals and increased total US voter turnout from the usual 60% to 72%!

    Can anyone logically explain this?

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    I am now back from my nearly 5 month long, self imposed isolation (from the internet), at the family’s island cottage!

    Being at the cottage is living in a simpler world.

    The waves tell us the direction and strength of the wind. We notice in real time when the wind changes direction. We notice the wild life living around us. The deer, coyote, raccoons, mink, muskrats, turtles, white swans, geese, ducks, blue herons, ospreys, eagles, robins, blue jays, swallow, sea gulls, and loons. There is a beaver around but nobody knows who’s boathouse it calls home!

    The cottage is on the St. Lawrence River between Ontario and New York State. This year the summer cottage season was a very strange one because of the virus and the closed Cdn/US border, none of our American neighbors and friends were there. This has never ever happened before. Needless to say we greatly missed them! It was quiet. Way too quiet!

    I spent most of the summer building things. I put a steel roof on the mainland garage. I extended the cottage deck, built a screened in porch, build a pad for a new metal shed which we couldn’t buy as they were all sold out. Getting the desired lumber sizes proved difficult due to lumber shortages.

    I like building things so I had a happy time at the cottage. In hindsight my whole life has revolved around building and fixing things.

    I used a gas chainsaw for the first time in my life as my electric one failed and I couldn’t get replacement parts. Fallen trees provided the firewood to keep s warm during our extended fall stay. I have never stayed this late at the cottage.

    Shotgun blasts early in the morning and again at sunset were a regular feature as duck hunting season opened in late September. Nobody hunts the over abundance Canada geese anymore. Deer hunting season runs from September to June on our mile long but narrow island due to a local native. The coyote’s recent arrival has sadly reduced the surviving fawn population to near zero.

    Naturally i had water pump problems and water leaks in the cottage’s piping. If you don’t, then you are lying that you own a cottage!

    The fuel hose lining in our 5 hp four stroke outboard drove me crazy, for over a month, as it chose to disintegrate and clog the carborator. Problem was I couldn’t see what was happening. O.K. being nearly blind didn’t help!

    Now that I am back home, just north of Toronto, with internet access, sadly the world’s problems all return.

    I often joke that I go to the cottage to watch the world go down the drain! Whenever my wife asks what is new, I tell her the world blew up and they forgot to tell us!

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    Dr. D:

    You mentioned squirrel.

    Would that be the black squirrel with the white tail, my wife nicknamed “White Tail”, I saw at the cottage?

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    I fully expect that all of Canada will soon see a resurgence in Covid-19 cases.

    Nobody is wearing masks anymore!

    Canada’s number of Covid-19 cases has stop falling. That only means one thing.

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    I think it is fair to say, by DNC standards, witch Hillary is a women of color!

    Like most alcoholics, she is more red than white these days!

    Can the black clad BLM witch still fly on her broom to the White House?

    Maybe, if she lets the broom do the flying!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 25 2020 #60473


    Different Strzoks for different folks. (Hope you know he is Iranian just like his half Iranian girlfriend!)

    One thing Strzok’s note has in common with James Comey’s memos, Andrew McCabe’s memos, and Susan Rice’s memo to self, is they all appear to be legal cover your ass (CYA) memos. They are meant to provide legal distancing should things go wrong!

    Why did they all do CYAs in the last minutes of Obama’s administration?

    Well that is because “dumb” James Clapper, “infected”, them, Obama, and Biden, at a January 5th meeting at the White House, by bringing in a paper trail of the spying they were doing into the meeting!

    Being mostly lawyers, they all instantly knew they needed plauseable deniability of this “infection” which they all knew was illegal!

    None wanted to be set up by the others of being the “bag holder”!

    No honor amoung criminals who knew they were criminals!

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    The FBI has confirmed the Bubba Wallace “rope noose,” was a total hoax!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 23 2020 #60358


    It is interesting to learn that the very same group of Obama people who planned the 2010 Arab Spring are the exact same people controlling the current BLM and Antifa protests and riots.

    They are doing exactly the same thing in 2020 as they did in 2010. Basically following the communists manifesco. Destroy all existing culture and power structures. Create violence and lawlessness conditions as cover. Rewrite history. Silence anyone who opposes what they are doing.

    They attack and destroy as many culture items as they can, attack anyone who tries to stand up to them, they destroy and burn inner cities where poor people live, attack police, control the main media narrative, etc.

    This group is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group Obama supported. Obama closed public access to the White House’s visitor log because it would reveal the over 70 visits by Muslim Brotherhood members. This also explains why there were so many Muslims working for Obama.

    It is no accident that the warlord of CHAZ or CHOP is Muslim.

    Obama was the one who organised the Muslim Brotherhood take over of Egypt, created the ongoing civil wars in Libya and Syria.

    Clearly awarding Obama the Noble peace prize in his first year in power was just a way to provide cover for all of the new wars he intended to start plus droning people. He dropped over 27,000 bombshell. The peaceful president.

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    Fauci was born a drug dealer!

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    Remember Obama’s strong objection to President Trump cancelling the Iran neuclear deal?

    Well the deal was structured so many of Obama’s officials would receive large time delayed payments.

    President Trump was right that the deal was bad for the US.

    But it was very good for corrupt US officials, which explains why so many officials were very vocal in their objections to cancelling the deal.

    These same officials didn’t get the full amount of money owed to them for making the deal!

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    It now looks like the Bubba Wallace Nascar “rope noose” was a staged hoax.

    Every garage at the raceway has a garage door pull down rope with a hand loop at the bottom attached to the bottom of the garage door, so an open garage door can be pulled down to secure the garage.

    Bubba Wallace’s hand loop was cut off the pull down rope, leaving a shorter pull down rope.

    An adjacent garage had it’s hand loop untied, probably the work of the same person responsible for cutting Bubba Wallace’s rope.

    Since the purpose of the “rope noose” has been achieved, naturally the main media are no longer covering the story, since it would go against the media’s original narrative.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 21 2020 #60263



    I have been following the American political civil war for the 4 years since President Trump was elected in 2016. Before that Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, Ford, Carter, Nixon, Johnston, etc.

    Being Canadian, I can only observe from a distance. I will admit I have worked and travelled extensively in the US (43 states) for over 7 years. I have American neighbors at my cottage on the St. Lawrence River between Ontario and NY. I have a brother living in Detroit. So I have always been interested in American history and politics. I have traveled extensively in the world too, so world events interest me greatly.

    The basic reason why there is a political civil war going on, in America, is because President Trump is an outsider.

    The politicians who run Washington DC, resent the American people for electing a President, not pre-approved by themselves.

    The insiders resent having to share their power and wealth, with an unapproved outsider.

    It is simply a fight over power and wealth, between well established insiders and the American people.

    There is nothing the 1% won’t do to rid themselves of that outsider, President Trump, who represents the interests of the American people.

    The 1% have no interest in sharing any of their power and wealth with the American people. They are quite satisfied with what has been happening to the American people for the past fifty years. Their wealth and power has increased while the power and wealth of the American people has decreased. The 1% intend to keep it that way. Just like Rome.

    The American people, in 2016, realized that President Trump represented their last hope to reverse their losing tide, and try and take back control of their country.

    The rot that exists in Washington DC is so well entrenched, that the 1% have largely been successful in resisting the changes the American people want.

    The 1% are ruthless, so igniting a political civil war in 2016, is their way to retain power and wealth. Just another divide and conquer operation.

    They are doing everything they possibly can to stir American liberals and conservatives against each other, through their near total control of the mass media. That is why the media has turned 100% partisan against President Trump. To achieve and continue the political civil war, the 1% have also been organizing and funding agitators and protests.

    If the 1% are successful in defeating President Trump, and the American people, then the current political civil war will end, and life will go back to the old normal politics of bleeding the American people dry.

    So who are these 1%? They are the wealthy. They in turn control both both political parties, Democrats and Republicans, otherwise known as the Uniparty. The Uniparty has two faces. No matter which side of the coin lands facing up, the 1% win.

    This why the American people, after over 50 years of alternating between the two of parties, hoping for change but always getting more of the same, decided to support an outsider. In the 1990s American people had tried voting for Ross Perot, running as a third party candidate, but without success.

    In 2016 they decided to backed a brash bold Trump, a tough street fighter, someone not afraid of hurting Washington DC pols feelings of entitlement. Trump didn’t repeat Ross’s mistake of running as a third party candidate. Trump couldn’t take over the Democratic party because Hillary owned them. Instead Trump did a take over of the Republican party.

    During the last 4 years of political civil war, President Trump has managed to expose just how corrupt the political system in Washington DC and the federal government’s civil service really is to the American people. Hence the character of deep state is slowly but surely being exposed for what it really is.

    Only time will tell if the American people succeed in regaining control of their government from the 1%. Right now, the 1% are making it very easy, by default, for the American people to choose their side.

    Will 4 years of never ending political civil war persuade the American people, exhausted by the never ending civil war, to stop wanting change and willingly to become poorer?

    Sadly Greek and Roman history says the American people will likely fail to regain control of their government and country.

    This how the 1% want it to be. Once the 1% are back in control again, the old low grade political civil war on the American people will continue as before, per the old normal.

    To see the end result, read Roman history.

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    Bosco:. Time Stands Still

    Very good! I wish I could write like that!

    Sadly my writing is mostly of a technical bent!

    As you can probably imagine I repeatedly failed English composition since I can’t write about abstract stuff like william sheakphear!

    But hey, I did see his crypt in some church in London!

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    Notice that China is no longer listed on any of the virus charts! They fell off!

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