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    Zerosum :

    While you are at it, could you please ask copilot if the US is trying to devalue the USD against gold?
    And if yes, what does the US hope to gain from doing this?


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    Yes, I find myself reading for ages before I see any useful information, especially financial articles or an another pertent example, hundreds of MoA comments!

    I think that is why I tend to write things from my memory, rather than quote something.
    Often my thoughts gell from collecting various ideas I have seen from many different sources and people.
    If I write from the top of my head, it makes it easier for me to fuse various ideas into something coherent minus the fluff.

    I think that is one of the nice things about TAE comments is other people are doing the same thing, filtering out the fluff for me.

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    If you think about it logically, nobody with practical world experience ever gets to write the code used for AI computers.
    Only computer geeks get to write these codes.
    Do you think any of these narrowly focused geeks would know how to solder a copper pipe joint?
    You wouldn’t even think of asking them!

    P.S. I remember the French phase “une pipe” very well !
    I tried using this phase to describe real piping!
    Everybody had a good laugh at my expense!

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    The current problem is that China pegs it’s trade currency to the USD.
    As the US weakens the USD, China’s currency also weakens too.
    So weakening the USD does not address US trade imbalances.
    The US has run up unpayable debts.

    So is the US trying to weaken the USD verses gold? So far, yes.
    Is that why China has accumulated so much gold?
    Is that why other countries’ central banks have been buying gold too?
    To prepare for this big event?

    The US doesn’t have enough sofisicated missiles to defeat China!
    Expensive aircraft are useless against good air defenses.m

    US military is DEI impared thanks to Obama removing all competent officers.
    Only politically correct commusars where kept and promoted.
    One only needs to watch and listen to these officers to know they are incompetent!

    In the short 1939-40 Winter War, Finland saved Stalin’s butt by beating his politically correct commusar lead army!

    Ukraine has lost far more than 500,000 men KIA.
    Nobody is counting all the Ukrainian men killed by the Nazi battalions, SBU, corrupt elites, organ harvesting, and organized crime !

    Hillary is right!
    It is better to kill all your enemies like she has!
    100 to 200 dead and counting!
    This leaves you will a clean criminal record.

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    I just wish there was some entity that could force Justin Trudeau to tell the truth to Canadians too.
    We are completely left in the dark about covid vaccine deaths, etc.

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    War Games:
    The problem with the Pentagon ‘s 2002 War Game model was it was programmed full of artificial shit in the exact same manner as the Climate Change models were!
    All it takes to defeat such models, is someone full of real shit and a roll of toilet paper!

    OK Israel is shuffling the Palestinians from one part of Gaza, to another part of Gaza.
    So, at what stage of the show, does the magician suddenly make the Palestinians disappear?
    Biden, Trump, and RFK have all signed an executive order to get’ter done!
    The Palestinians need to disappear well before November 2024 election.
    Has anyone bothered to copy the Palestinians on the memo?

    With the Ukrainian Nazi battalions now routinely refusing postings to the front lines (make us!), maybe Joe Biden will get his desired $61 billion pre-election Ukrainian counterattacks sooner than he expects!
    Did the US forget to specify the direction for the agreed 300K man counterattack?
    Is carjacking fancy new cars in Kiev OK?

    Sadly, there no longer any more Hockey Night In Canada playoff games being shown in Kharkov, Ukraine bars for Canadian mercs, because somebody’s stray missile accidently hit the city’s TV tower!
    Imagine that, an anti-hockey missile!
    No hockey playoffs!
    They need the Toronto Maple Leafs to show them how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

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    So, I have it on good authority that playing with firecrackers helps boys build character!

    Wow! Amazing how Trump who isn’t even in Washington, DC, is suddenly solely responsible for the Uniparty passing the $61 billion Ukrainian Pork Loaded aid bill to themselves!
    Yes! Always accuse your enemy of doing what you are doing!
    Hillary has this disease really bad. She wants to kill all of her enemies!

    Ukraine foreign embassies are no longer isuing new passports or renewing expiring passports for Ukrainian men.
    They must return to Ukraine to do so.
    Ukraine wants Europe to deport Ukrainians with expired passports back to the Ukraine.
    This also means Ukrainians with expired passports will no longer be eligible for Europe’s special Ukrainian treatment benefits/housing, etc.

    Well, Justin Trudeau just happpily claimed another MAIDs victim. This time, in town, a friend of my Wife’s. They use to used to trade books to read. The first MAIDs victim was my Wife’s aunt in Vancouver, last year.

    I wonder if the Greeks ever got around to fixing RIM’s internet connection?

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    Dr. D Rich :

    My theory is the Democrats are planning on somehow pinning this on the MAGA Trump crowd just like they tried with the BLM and Antifa protests.

    Or if not then just show the MAGA crowd how powerless they are and who is boss.

    The other thought is to try and provoke the MAGA crowd to publically demonstrate, so the government can violently crush them. A newer version of Jan 6th insurrection.

    The MAGA crowd not reacting violently surely is angering the Biden admin. types.

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    Doc Robinson:

    No, I never heard of that because we had plenty of firecrackers!
    Well at least Quebec had lots of firecrackers!
    Ontario not so much!
    Guess we weren’t as desperate!
    What boys will do for a bang!
    (Besides girls! )

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    The battle for Chasov Yar:

    This fortified settlement set-up is different from Bukhmut.
    The surrounding region around Chasov Yar is narrower and also not as deep.
    Chasov Yar sits up on top of a ridge with a canal below.
    Part of the canal runs underground.
    This part of Chasov Yar, over the canal is called the micro district, has an elevation similar to the Chasov Yar city ridge.
    The Russians hold the micro district and are flanking Chasov Yar from both the south and north.
    All of this makes it much harder for the Ukrainians to defend.
    But defend they must!
    Ukrainians have fewer places to hide their supporting artillery and air defense missile systems.
    There are videos showing Russian SU -25 bombers flying over Chasov Yar front lines, something we have never seen before in this war.
    Chasov Yar looks like the perfect set-up for a Russian meat grinder operation.
    A target rich area!

    Mr. Z is going to need those 300K new cannon fodder soldiers real soon.
    He is now rounding up all the poor cripples and mentally retarded, all sold for less than $3K per head to the US.
    As long as the big Ukrainian cities continue their booming night life, you will know that the corrupt Ukrainian elites are still not serious about fighting this war.
    Their focus is on stealing from the new US $61 billion aid money.

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    From MoA comments, Russia’s go slow tactics make more sense, if you understand the set-up.

    Russia first gets a toe – hold on the edge of a town or village then seems to just sit tight and advance no further for ages.

    The reason for doing this is in how the Ukraine built it’s defenses.
    These settlements often have many underground inter – connected coal mine tunnels underneath them.
    The Ukrainians would have pre -stocked them with ammunition, food, and other war supplies pre – 2022.
    The tunnels can provide safe hiding places for many Ukrainian troops.
    The Ukrainian troops can pop up briefly, then quickly disappear, only to re-appear elsewhere!
    So for Russia, taking a settlement quickly isn’t an easy option.

    People keep forgetting Russia is fighting a slow meat grinding attristcianal war, to destroy the Ukrainian army’s ability to fight.
    Russia is currently not interested in taking more territory now.
    Territory will come later, after the Ukraine’s military completely collapses.

    Russia has going for it, Mr Z’s policy of fighting for every square meter at all costs mantra.
    Russia doesn’t want any guerrilla warfare after the war is over.
    NATO desperately wants guerrilla warfare to prolongbthe war for decades to come.
    Russia knows the only way to prevent future guerrilla warfare, is to kill all the Ukrainian Nazis on the open battlefield now.

    So again why is Russia advancing and only securing a small toe-hold on the edge of each settlement and then just sitting tight for ages?

    It is a play on Ukrainian psychology.
    The answer is to draw out all of the hidden Ukrainian troops and use up all the hidden pre-stored war supplies.
    The Ukrainians need to drive the Russian out of the settlement to hold it.
    As the Russians grind up more and more Ukrainian soldiers, the Ukrainians are forced to keep feeding in more and more troops just to try and hold the settlement.
    Once the Ukrainians stop sending in more cannon fodder, then the Russian take the whole settlement.

    In many places along tge from lines the Russians don’t need to advance because the Ukrainians keep replacing all their dead soldier’s with new ones for the Russians to kill.
    But sometimes it is necessary for the Russians to advance a little bit to entice the Ukrainians to begin again sending new fresh cannon fodder to feed the hungry Russian meat grinder.

    I suspect many parts of the Ukrainian front lines are already thinly manned but Russian won’t collapse these lines until the Ukrainian army runs out of new and especially the old Nazi meat.
    Recently many of these Nazi battalions have refused to enter known meat grinders!

    Russia knows what it is doing!
    It is like a small garter snake swallowing a big bull frog.
    It may take forever, but at some point in time the bull frog will croak it’s last croak!

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    Those people were very foolish to protest without first putting on hats, wearing dark glasses, and then covering their faces with full covid masks because the university will review the videos to identify all the people involved so they can be targeted, one by one, going forward. Especially university staff.
    But being woke, these liberals don’t want to know this!

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    Dr. John Day:
    Yes, those were the good olde days when boys could be boys!
    We used to put Lady fingers in empty .22 cartridges and aim them with a small pipe.
    We also used to put 2 inchers in empty 30-30 cartridges and shotgun cartridges and shoot them straight up via a pipe and then try and catch them.
    We even put little paper parachutes with strings on top of the cartidges too.
    If aimed correctly we could place an empty 30-30 cartridge onto the roof of a house!
    Then hiding in the tall grass, we would watch the bewildered home owner step outside to investigate the loud thud hitting their roof!
    Then the time delayed firecrackers on the road for the local police patrol!

    Then Jermary Price – Williams calmly lighting a 2 incher in classroom, then throwing it out the pre – opened window, then quickly and quietly closing the window, then sitting all innocent like after it went off with a loud bang outside!
    The look on all the girl’s wide open eyes and faces, as they watched Jermary slowly but surely blow up the class’s boredom was priceless!

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    I caught “Mono” “the kissing disease” in November of my first college semester.
    I got no kisses for my trouble!
    I caught it so hard as I was afraid I was going to fail my first semester.
    I stayed up longer and later every night trying to get all my homework done.
    I passed all my courses but pretty much wiped out my second semester because of it.
    Fighting it so hard just made it last 6 months!

    Not fighting the Mono is probably the key.
    Listen to your body’s signals.
    That means sleeping and resting more.
    Eating properly too.
    It will pass!

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    While in Sydney, Australia I saw a bumper sticker that said “Eat Kangaroo Meat! 50,000 Americans Can’t be Wrong!” In reference to California’s Jack in the Box getting caught selling “Roo” burgers!

    The front bumper of my Hilden car had “good for one roo bars” but I never collected one though.

    Yes, hammers consider everything to be nails. Like my many blackened thumb nails and finger nails!

    Dr. John Day: Playing around with fire crackers builds good solid character! Lady fingers and 2 inchers.

    Since Trump has already been arrested and finger printed multiple times, why would arresting him again cause a riot?

    Somehow I managed to put my fate in the hands of a real imperfect woman over that of faceless uncaring corporations. She is still with me but those 2 corporations disappeared me. They used me to make money and I used their money to support my family. The money is mostly gone but I still have my family.

    With birth control and more career opportunities women have more control over their lives. Men are having to re-adjust accordingly. A certain number of women are not maternal, so these women are choosing not to have children, whereas before they often had to have children as there were few alternate choices for them.

    However, the jury is still out as to whether these non-maternal women are happier or not. Some of these non-maternal women are having as much difficulty adjusting as are the single men. My best guess is many older single women and men will be less than fully satisfied with their fates as time goes on. It is just human nature at work.


    Another thing to consider for your son is whether to take on a full semester of courses or not.

    For example spreading the fall and winter courses over 3 semesters fall, winter, and spring and summer. Your son won’t really know whether he can handle the stress of a full course load until he tries it. But if it proves too overwhelming, then consider reducing the number of courses per semester.

    My daughter has a classmate who has only been taking a part-time course load knowing that it would take over 5 years to complete her 4 years. She spreads her courses over into the spring and summer too. This helps her keep the stress down.

    As a result of this classmate’s approach, my daughter this winter dropped 3 of her 5 courses this winter smester (became too overwhelmed and stressed) so she could focus on her 2 most important time consuming courses that summed up her entire schooling (weekly reports and presentations). Her only breaks were watching the Toronto Maple Leafs snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

    She will be taking her music elective online this spring (6 weeks – two x 3 hour lectures per week) leaving her the summer off at the cottage. In the fall she will take her last 2 courses. So 5-1/2 years total time. There is more than one way to skin a cat!

    P.S Your son needs to ensure he has some sort of relief time built into his studies. Some type of physical exercise like short walks when he feels he is just spinning his wheels while studying. He needs mental breaks to release any frustration buildups. Besides walks, my daughter would sometimes go for a drive in the country to her favorite little village.

    Sometimes you can get more done by just taking a short break from studying than by just continuing
    spinning your wheels!

    Also if one decides fairly early on to take 5 years or so, to do a 4 year program, then it releases the pressure about the extra time required because you have already accepted it up front.

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    I have a homebody not outgoing daughter very much like your son.
    The first year she lived in residence but didn’t like it.
    By the middle of second semester she was spending as much time at home as she could!
    She commuted the next 4 years.
    She is nearly finished her 5 year co-op.

    One thing became clear.
    She learned how to rearrange her classes so she only had to commute about 3 or 4 days per week, not 5 days.
    Some courses can be taken online especially spring/summer classes.
    Professors don’t want to commute either!

    So I would advise immediately (day schedule known in August) trying to condense classes to minimize number of commuting days, if possible.
    Also look to see if any classes can be done online especially optional classes.
    Your son will do much better staying at home.
    Being at home means you can help him indirectly by feeding him properly plus laundry, etc.
    Plus being at home removes 1/2 the shock affect of moving to a new strange place/people.

    Good Luck!

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    Yeah, cocoa beans have really shot up in price.
    However storing cocoa beans long term is a challenge.
    Moisture and mold are problems.
    So cocoa beans aren’t really a very good investment vehicle!

    Love your posts!

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    I don’t dispute that persecuting Trump keeps him living in people’s minds rent free.
    However, I do not believe he will ever be president again.
    Lawfare will finish him off.He will be put in jail.
    There is too much money at stake for the owners to allow Trump back in.
    Trump is already wealthy.
    So it isn’t about the money.
    What Trump is doing isn’t rational considering the opposition he faces.
    Yet he keeps on fighting.
    To give the American people a better deal from their owners?

    I think also of Kahn in Pakistan.
    A famous cricket player.
    Already wealthy.
    So it isn’t about the money.
    He is in jail.
    Why is he still fighting?
    To give the people of Pakistan a better deal from their owners?

    I don’t believe you or I would keep fighting like these guys are.
    We would have folded a long time ago.

    What I see are the DC crooks running the only honest man out of town!
    There is simply no room in DC for an honest man.
    Because it shows up the crooks in a bad light and they don’t like it.

    I think of why Hitler?
    Why did the Rothchilds support his rise to power?
    My theory is his mother was half Jewish, I believe (?).
    She was the love child of a German mother and a rich Jewish father.
    The father supported the unwed mother.
    So Hitler was considered OK.
    Good stock.

    If male testosterone levels have fallen as much as they say, since 1970, then doesn’t it seem logical that rape crimes should have also fallen too over that same period??
    The off set to that possible down trend (?) are all the new immigrants with normal testosterone levels.
    Look at the Mexican coyotes routinely raping all the pretty girls/women crossing the border.

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    Mr. House :

    Yes, I remember the 1970’s oil embargo and the resultant oil price shock!
    I got right to work building coal mining shovels and draglines to help solve the energy crisis!
    I worked in Canadian, American, South African, Australian, and Russian coal mines to counter the harm AFKTT was doing!
    It must really suck, wasting a lifetime justifying the fake global warming CO2 scam!
    And I am still waiting for global warming to show up here in cold Canada!

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    Mr. House :

    Yes, I remember the 1970’s oil embargo and the resultant oil price shock!
    I got right to work building coal mining shovels and draglines to help solve the energy crisis!
    I worked in Canadian, American, South African, Australian, and Russian coal mines to counter the harm AFKTT was doing!
    It must really suck, wasting a lifetime justifying the fake global warming CO2 scam!
    And I am still waiting for global warming to show up here in cold Canada!

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    Regarding Republican House Rep Thomas Massie suddenly demanding that the House Speaker Mike Johnston immediately resign for betraying so called “conservative republicans” for supporting $61 billion aid to Ukraine.

    First of all Massie is a RINO pretending to be upset.

    Massie is trying to set in motion the Uniparty’s goal of appointing a Democrat speaker so they can remove Trump’s name from the presidential ballot, once Trump is convicted in his fake NY kangaroo trial.
    Yes Trump will appeal but that won’t happen until after the election.
    By then it will be too late for Trump.
    All as planned.

    Remember Mitch McConnel has already removed 2 Republican House reps reducing their majority to just 1 or 2 seats.
    In reality with the help of just 1 or 2 RINOs, the Democrats already have a working majority right now to outist Mike Johnston as speaker.

    Why is Thomas Massie suddenly doing this?
    Simple, he is being blackmailed!
    By the snake Mitch!

    See how this is all shaping up?
    Trump will share Julian’s fate to set an example of who is boss.

    The only thing left for Donald Trump to prove to everybody, is that we are no longer free!
    2016 was the first free presidential election and also the last.*

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    Well at least we know why every town, and city in the western world, have so many real estate agents!
    All supported by central bank’s “pushing on a string” regarding falling money velocity, creating financial and real estate bubbles!
    My town alone has probably 40 to 60 real estate agents, all driving expensive shiny new cars!

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    Good luck with zerohedge. Obviously everything heads to zero over time!

    Just a follow up about the Donald not putting up a good fight.

    The Donald put up a pretty dam good 4 year fight.
    I would have died from the sheer stress of it all!

    But the Uniparty really had the 52 card deck 100% stacked against him even before he won the Nov 2016 election thanks to Obama.

    1. All of Obama’s political appointees 5,000 plus where turned into special permanent government employees who could not be fired by the president! That meant the Donald couldn’t appoint any of his own people anywhere in the government!
    2. The Donald faced his first impeachment effort before he was even sworn in on Jan 2017 to try and prevent him from being sworn in!
    3. The White House’s Secret Ssrvice head vacated all his agents from the White House one weekend so the FBI could bug the White House so no Secret Service agents would know it was bugged. They used gold to prevent the bugs from being detected during regular security sweeps. The walls had t be torn out to find the bugs! The head was removed but not fired!
    4. To protect Congress’s Ukrainian money laundrymat, the Pentagon installed the 2 Vitman brothers to control the Donald’s access to the Ukraine, and by listening/recording in on conversations, triggering 2 more impeachment efforts.
    5. The Uniparty inserted traitor Jeff Sessions into the Donald’s campaign staff who pretended to support him and then asked for AG position. Upon being confirmed by Congress he immediately recued himself so their was no AG!out
    6. The DoJ and FBI setup the Russiagate shit legally boxing in the Donald with Lawfare as a result. They took over running the DoJ and FBI! They setup a new independent intelligence dept in the DoJ to control the president’s access to CIA etc! Then came the closer Bill Barr! Remember FBI head Comey!
    7. Then the Donald found out that the White House’s gov appointed sleaze lawyer was only “defending the office of the president” not the president! So he had to hire his own lawyers!
    8. The Donald used the already Congress confirmed US ambassador to try and install in the state dept (?) Since he couldn’t get any of his own people confirmed.
    9. Congress’s Jan 6th insurrection setup
    10. DoJ running Lawfare ever since the Donald left office!
    11. Look at the current stacked NY jury! See today’s articlecles! Note Trump is limited to objecting to only ten potential juriers! While prosecutor has unlimited objections and is allowed to asked very biased questions to ensure 100% democrat jury who hate Trump! Also 500 potential juries are prestacked by judge and prosecutor! Nice witch trial setup! About as fair as my ancestor Bridget Bishop’s 1692 trial for being a witch! First Salem witch to be hung and the last to be pardoned!

    Naturally these are just a few of the things I can remember!
    There were a hell of a lot more nasty stuff done in the name of saving “their” democracy!

    So yes, the Donald has not put up much of a fight!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 17 2024 #157078

    Good Morning Aspnaz:

    I have noticed your complaints about Trump’s poor cabinet choices like Bolton, Pompeo, etc.
    I just wanted to point out that whenever a new president is elected that the choices he has for cabinet positions is a 100% party affair!
    For example, if you were the new Republican president, the first person sitting in your office would be that snake, Mitch McConnel!
    Say you wanted Mr. X as your Secretary of State.
    This is what the snake Mitch would say to you. “Sorry Congress (me) won’t approve Mr. X.
    Then you would probably say OK “What about Mr. Y or Mr. Z.”
    Mitch the snake would say “Nope!”
    But I can offer you Mr. A or Mr. B. (who both oppose you!)
    “Pick one!”
    That would be your choices!
    So you would try to pick the least worst candidate!

    Remember what Bismark said about making sausages!
    You don’t want to know what is in it or how it was made!

    Even super powerful FDR in his 4th term, had to ditch his VP and accept Truman as his new VP !
    it is always a party affair!

    PS If you look at Trump:s private corporate choices to help him run his business he has generally picked good people.
    Yes a few mistakes too.
    But then I have trusted too many people that I shouldn’t have.

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    Greece has been in economic default for about 175 years out of the last 200 years.
    Greece is a sorry excuse of a self sustaining economic region.
    When you are in such a sorry state, you will become a continuous exporter of people, like Saskatchewan.
    Canada is full of Greeks!
    My Father and his 3 siblings all left Saskatchewan!

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    When Israel decided to bomb the Iranian embassy, obviously there wasn’t an “adult” in the meeting making that decision!
    Iran played Israel’s blunder beautifully.

    There is some indirect evidence that Ukraine has at least run out of S300 missiles because there have been no recent bombings of Ukrainian apartment buildings from failing and falling S300 first stage boosters/warheads.

    Dr. D mentioned glass Coke bottles the other day.
    Well remember my Billy Graham, the one who taught me how to properly abuse my company’s expense account?
    I did such a bang up job of my expense accountg, that the supervisor Fred angryly phone Billy Graham just to tell him, “I didn’t send him (me) to you, for you to teach him how to fill out expense accounts, but to learn how to build draglines!”
    I never heard Billy laugh so long and hard!
    Billy was very pleased with himself that he had gotten Fred’s goat so good!
    Of course Fred approved my expense account!
    Billy left him no choice!

    Yeah, that good olde Billy Graham!
    Well, we were building a medium large dragline with a 380 foot long boom and a 2 garage sized bucket up on a small hill in the middle of a corn field.
    It was such a big local landmark that the Indiana National Guard’s low flying phantom jets used to use us as a local turning point in their flights.

    Back to the glass Coke bottles.
    By noon, Billy Graham would order hamburgers, fries, and a Coke for lunch, since he was very hungry not having had any breakfast on account of being rather busy.
    Since there were 6 of us, our glass Cokes came in a handy six pack carry carton.
    Each of us would pick a glass Coke bottle then proceed to eat our burgers.
    Then with lunch out of the way, we would then look on the bottom of our glass Coke bottle to see where Coke had made the glass bottle!
    Then we would get out the Rand – McNaley map and dertmine who’s glass Coke bottle was made the furthest away from where we were!
    If your glass bottle was made the furthest away, you were that day’s winner of the contest!
    A silly game but Billy Graham had a such way that it was great fun and everybody looked forward to the daily ritual!

    Well you can not do that sort thing with Coke plastic PET bottles these days!
    Little did I know it at the time, I would later, in my second career, work for the biggest plastic bottle machine manufacturer that supplied all the machines and molds for Coke’s plastic bottles!
    I even visited/worked in some of Coke’s bottling plants too.
    Small word isn’t it!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 15 2024 #156905

    $61 Ukraine for Ukraine:

    Remember a little while ago the US Supreme Court ruled only Congress could remove a presidential candidate’s name from the federal ballot?
    Who says the US Supreme Court doesn’t play politics?
    Well this ruling has a direct bearing on Congress passing the $61 billion in aid to support the Ukraine war.
    The Republicans had a very narrow majority in the House of about 4 or 5 seats.
    Recently the RINOs (Mich McConnel) engineered 2 House RINOs reps to resign their seats after April 15th.
    What is so special about the date April 15th?
    It is the date after which no special election is called to replace the resigning House rep since it is close to the Nov 2024 election.
    This has reduced the Republican House majority to 1 or 2 seats now.
    The House Speaker is usually elected by the House majority party.
    Now do you see how the Uniparty and RINO Mitch McConnel have been putting pressure on the current House Speaker Mike Johnson to pass the $61 billion for the Ukraine?

    But it gets worst, much much worst!
    If the $61 billion for Ukraine is not passed, then Mitch McConnel will deliberately reduce the Republican House majority into a minority so the Democrats can elect a new House Speaker!
    With their House majority, the Democrats will quickly pass the $61 billion for Ukraine with bipartisan Uniparty support.
    When the Democrats (Uniparty) are in control of the House, they will then be free to remove Trump’s name from the ballot for president, nicely pre-approved and blessed by the US Supreme Court!

    Now you know why Trump has been forced to agree to supporting the $61 billion for Ukraine as a “loan” that he knows will never be paid back.
    Trump is being forced to put lipstick on an ugly Uniparty Ukrainian pig and bless it!

    However, there is still no guarantee, after passing the $61 billion for Ukraine, that MItch McConnel won’t double cross Trump and go ahead and reduce the Republican House majority so the Uniparty can remove Trump’s name from the 2024 ballot.

    There maybe a 2024 election but it will be Haley vs Biden.

    There are trillions of dollars at stake!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 13 2024 #156796

    Dr. John Day :

    Thanks for the Michael Hudson article on the US’s policy of attacking human life support systems and killing real journalists and replacing them with propaganda.

    This confirms Noirette’s reply to my comment about hope for Gaza.
    The outlook for Gaza Palestinians is basically zero chance to live.
    This coming summer’s heat will greatly increase the rate of killing as thirstl kills much faster than starvation.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 13 2024 #156792

    Israeli Fireworks Show:

    So that is it?
    It is all over?
    Just 7 missiles hit some piece of desert?
    Are you saying all 7 missiles missed their targets by a meter?
    So no damage was done to the desert then?
    No drones?
    All shot down?
    No cruise missiles arrived?
    All shot down too?

    So 300 out of 200 drones were shot down.
    And 200 out of 100 cruise missiles were also shot down.
    Israeli PR subcontracted to experienced Ukrainian PR?

    Since nothing happened, then bitcoin and gold will fall on Monday!
    Guess that is why gold fell nearly $100 on Friday!
    You mean my pet doorstop rock is now worthless?

    This is totally unacceptable!
    I demand that Israel retaliate to restore the value of my pet doorstop rock!
    Afterall my pet doorstop rock serves as collateral for the mortgage on my outhouse!
    You do realize the world’s entire banking system is dependent on restoring the fake collateral value of my pet doorstop rock, don’t you?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 12 2024 #156701

    It almost seems like Iran has Israel caught like a deer paralyzed in headlights!
    Maybe the bright blub in Israel who approved the strike against the Iranian embassy will pay the ultimate political price for this decision.
    Let us hope so.
    Could this in the end save Gaza?
    Israel can sure dish it out but can they take it without whining?
    Iran is talking the only language Israel understands!
    I wonder if Iran will hit Israeli military targets in Gaza?

    Obviously the bright blub in Israel didn’t game this out fully and is hopefully in a state of shock about what is happening.
    But after Oct 7, a thousand dead, probably not.

    1. US standing down? – not going to fight Iran for Israel?
    2. First Russia launches a ballistic missile just north of Iran and Iraq to set the right tone.
    3. Iran has China’s/Russia’s back!
    4. Now Hezbolloh and probably Hamas? are softening up Israeli air defenses using inexpensive missiles.
    5. Iran retaliation to come?

    Did the $90 smash on gold today have any connection to the above?
    Guess we will find out Monday.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 12 2024 #156695

    Now that Ukraine has finally passed it’s new mobilization bill, how long will it be before House Speaker Mike Johnston passes the $61 billion dollar aid package?
    Maybe the US will wait a bit longer to see how serious Ukraine is about implementing it’s mobilization?
    The US afterall wants to get it’s money’s worth of dead Ukrainians and Russians.

    Good to see Sir Keith Richard’s doesn’t suffer clowns very well!
    Now, if he would just go to Ottawag and kick baby Justin’s ass!
    I am sure Justin’s mother Margaret would appreciate the favor.
    She did famously visit the Rolling Stones in New York.

    The one thing we have learned is climate change computer models are completely fake just like AI is fake intelligence!
    Surely, the word “artifical” intelligence would tip people off as to what kind of intelligence they are dealing with?
    AI is only as good as it’s computer programming is.
    Thus it is only as smart as it’s programmers are.

    This is a simple real life example of the weakness of early 1970s IBM mainframe computer programming which still holds true to this day.
    What can you expect from a machine that can only tell the difference between it’s 2 basic building blocks of “0” and “1” !
    Computers are nothing but a bunch of “0”s and “1”s.
    Throw in a “1/2” and watch the computer crash and die of a heart attack!
    My Father had a co-worker who was tardy about paying his Bell phone bills.
    After about 6 months, Bell finally got his attention.
    Pissed off, the co-worker wrote out about 10 cheques in various small amounts totalling the sum owing.
    Then later the co-worker got a special note from Bell’s billing department wondering what Bell had done to upset the co-worker!

    The pissed off co-worker knew the limitations of Bell’s computerized billing software.
    Bell could only handle the exact amount owing as stated on the bill.
    If the payment was different then it could only be handled manually.
    By sending 10 different cheques in varying amounts, he forced Bell to have to manually enter 10 different amounts!
    Naturally this took Bell extra time to process his bill.
    Thus the special note from Bell.
    Bell knew the co-worker was pissed off at Bell!

    Then we see jb-hb deliberately torturing his favorite AI, by systematically disecting it’s poor dumb programming logic, piece by piece!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 12 2024 #156679


    Maybe Russia launching a ballistic missile wasn’t bad timing!
    It would allow Russia and Iran to monitor Israeli air defenses!
    It likely made a few Washington DC neocons nervious!

    However I think Iran will just wait.
    Let Israel wait and worry, after failing to drag the US into fighting Iran.
    Interesting this is the first time we have seen the US sitting by helplessly in the middle east!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 12 2024 #156677

    In recent days, with spring arrival, Russia has hit and destroyed some more of Ukraine’s electrical power and thermal generator stations.
    No Ukrainian nuclear power stations were targeted.
    I think Russia is trying to leave enough power for Ukrainian homes but not enough for industry.
    Of course Ukraine has to import power from the EU, upping the cost of the war to the EU.

    One thing to note is in Soviet times, heat was provided to all of a city’s buildings by central thermal plants.
    So next winter, there will be no heating available in some of Ukraine’s big towns and cities like Kharkov.

    Russia has hit more of Ukraine’s “swing” electrical generator stations. (Coal/hydro)
    This then makes it harder for the Ukraine to try and balance their remaining smaller electrical grid.
    The nuclear power stations provide fix power output while the “swing” power plants accommodate the up and down daily surges in power demand.

    With the lost of power, or by missiles, many of Ukraine’s industrial plants have been forced to shutdown.
    This may cause the base power demand to fall below where it used to be.
    This might force Ukraine to begin to shut down some of it’s operating nuclear power plants as they try to re-balance between fix and variable power sources.
    Ukraine may now have too many fixed power sources and not enough variable power sources to re-balance their power grid.
    This may require some of the fix nuclear power plants to be shutdown.

    If Ukraine somehow manages to re-balance their smaller electrical power grid, I am sure Russia will gladly help Ukraine unbalance it again!
    I suspect this will be an ongoing cat and mouse game!
    The better Ukraine copes, the worst it will get for them!

    I think this is the “domino” affect mentioned in the article above.

    Another reason for Russia to downsize Ukraine’s electrical grid is to make it more difficult for US/NATO to deploy new weapon systems and troops into the Ukraine, as now they will have to bring their own power supply too.

    Another reason often stated is cutting power will force Ukrainians to depopulate the big cities and head west causing a refugee problem for the EU.
    However, fleeing a big city like Kharkov, greatly increases the risk of any Ukrainian men being caught and being sent to the front, unless you are wealthy.
    It is probably safer for poor Ukrainian men to stay put hiding in an area you know and hope the Russians come and save you soon.

    Russian also hit and closed Moldova’s stored gas site in the Ukraine.
    Moldova only has a tiny amount of gas stored in Romania.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 12 2024 #156674

    Well don’t look now but the USD just hit a new low against gold!
    It now takes over $2400 USDs to buy an ounce of gold.

    It is currently hard to understand exactly why the value of the USD has recently been falling verses gold.
    Yes, inflation is part of the big picture but we have been experiencing the effects of inflation every year for decades.
    So, it can not be solely the effects of inflation suddenly pushing the value of the USD to new lows against gold.

    However, there is another kicker to confuse people, the value of the USD is going up against the rest of the world’s currencies!
    So, how can the USD be getting stronger against the rest of the world’s currencies while at the same time making new lows against gold?
    And while US interest rates are higher than much of the west too.

    In the world of fiat currencies, the USD is considered to be the cleanest dirty shirt amoung other world fiat currencies.
    Also many other countries use the USD in the form of US Treasury Bonds to back their currencies.

    So if the value of the USD is going up against other world currencies, then there must be a demand for USD from the rest of the world.
    In other words, there must be a slight shortage of USDs available to buy.
    What could cause an increased demand for USD?
    Other countries selling USD to support their falling currencies?

    Has anybody notice what has been happening in the US Treasury bond market in the last few years?
    More and more US Treasury bonds are being issued to fund the US government deficits.
    So, who is buying all the new US Treasury bonds?
    New US regulations are forcing many US entities to buy only US Treasury bonds.
    Certainly China and Russia are not buying US Treasury bonds!
    Well, the number of foreign buyers of US Treasure bonds has been steadily falling.
    In response, the US Fed has been steadily monetizing more and more US Treasury bond purchases.
    In layman’s terms, the Fed has been creating more and more USD out of thin air to buy all the excess US Treasury bonds, nobody else wants to buy!

    Now if you are a large holder of US Treasury bonds, how are you feeling with rising inflation?
    How about the fact the the US and Europe seized Russian central bank’s reserves held in USD and Euros?
    If you are a foreign holder of US Treasury bonds, and a possible future potential recipient of having the USD weaponized against you, you are probably pretty nervous!
    You probably want to get out of USD and Euros too.
    So, maybe you are quietly trying to sell some of your US Treasury bonds?
    When you sell a US Treasury bond, you usually expect to receive USD in cash in return.
    (Maybe you are then using your USD to buy some gold too?)

    So, could selling US Treasury bonds be the big new source of demand for USD?
    We probably won’t know for years, if this is the real reason.
    But something is happening!

    P.S. There are other reasons for the demand for USD, like investing in the US but these are usually on-going and don’t represent a new big sudden shift in the USD market.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 11 2024 #156632

    About that 747 sitting on a conveyor belt.

    The 747 can only fly if and when their is sufficient air lift created under the wings to lift the 747 off the conveyor’s belt.
    Engine thrust must be able to create the required air flow over the wings to create the required “lift” forces require for flight.

    In a normal airport runway takeoff, as the 747 speeds forward, air flows under the entire length of the 747’s wings, until lift forces are able to lift the 747 into the air.

    The one problem I see the 747 having trying to take off from a stationary position is that the required lifting air flow may not be achieved along the entire length of the 747’s wings.

    The 747’s jet engines would need to provide sufficient extra thrust to overcome the insufficient air lifting forces especially towards the utter wings tips.
    In otherwords extra lifting forces would need to be generated under the wings areas beside te jet engines to compensate for the lack of air lifting forces away from the jet engines.
    If the jet engines can create the required air lifting forces under the wings then the 747 can take off.

    However, I remain highly skeptical that during ramp up of the 747’s jet engines and ramping up the conveyor belt rotation that somehow the 747 wouldn’t suddenly accidently veer off the conveyor belt uncontrollablely onto the ground and completely wreak the 747! What I see missing is some initial directionally speed to ensure flight stability of the 747.
    Sort of like an airplane stalling in mid air.
    The plane suddenly becomes uncontrollable.

    During WW2, Hurricane fighter planes were caterpulped(sp?) off a ship’s bow. This setup at least provided some initial directiinal flight stability speed and wing air lift forces.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 10 2024 #156557

    So Congress tried to impeach Trump because he dared to inquire about deep state/Congress’s Ukrainian Money Laundromat!
    It was all about protecting their taxpayer money spigot!

    I knew a guy named “Billy Graham” but he wasn’t that Billy Graham!
    He was smart, tall, good looking, outgoing, and charming.
    The perfect “male” for women!
    This Billy Graham loved drinking and chasing women!
    Nobody scheduled meetings in the morning because they all knew he didn’t show up for work until late morning or noon!
    He had his nightly catch of women to deal with!
    He had a reputation to uphold!
    He never got fired!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 8 2024 #156473


    I read Dr. D every day and to be honest I don’t see what you seem to be seeing.
    Dr. D has a certain style of writing that may take some getting used to for some.
    But I have never had any trouble with his style and understanding what he is writing.
    All I can say is he treats all governments equally badly and spares none!
    He doesn’t spare Israel any more than I do!

    None of us like what is happening in the West Bank and Gaza.
    Unfortunately we are all powerless to to change anything.
    To make matters worst the western bankers, our masters, are rubbing our noses into the dirt by saying we are powerless and to prove their power they are doing to Gaza what they would do to us!
    And we can’t stop them from doing whatever they want!
    All we can hope for is krama pays them a visit.

    P.S. I worked in Jordan.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 8 2024 #156470

    Jb-hb :

    I certainly wouldn’t ever want to fly with AI copilot!
    Not only would AI copilot get you killed, it would checkout by <ending chat> at the first sign of trouble!

    My observation about green energy is that only countries with excess money and energy can afford the luxury of stupidly wasting their money and energy on wasteful green energy projects.

    You would think governments would require turbine towers and blades to be made of easily recycled metals instead of toxic fiberglass and resins.
    But no, that would be too easy!

    Something weird is going on in the Chinese gold market.
    Gold premiums are way too high, like $100 per once of gold!

    Is the US government finally losing control of the gold price?
    Only time will tell but they will go down fighting for sure.

    Another interesting story says Russia paid Iran $1.7 billion USD equivalent value but in 2000 kg (2 tonnes) of gold for some 2,000?/6,000? drones plus engineering/software plus license to build drones in Russia.
    If their math is correct each ounce of gold is being valued at about $24.1k USD per ounce!

    My calculations say 2000kg x 32.151 = 64302 troy ounces of gold.
    $ 1.7 billion ÷ 64302 = $26,437.74 USD per ounce of gold.

    It doesn’t matter whether it is $24k or $26k per ounce of gold.
    The shocker here is what Russia and Iran valued an actual physical ounce of gold at!
    Basically more than 10 times gold’s current value of $2,300 USD!
    Let that sink in!
    The value of the USD is less than 1/10 of what we are lead to believe !!!
    Yeah, pretty sobering isn’t it!

    Would that also be the real value central banks would currently trade their phyical gold with other central banks in exchange for fiat money???!!!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 8 2024 #156469

    Hi Michael:

    A pecfect eclipse shot!
    Unfortunately here just north of Toronto we were not directly under “the path” plus it was completely overcast so all we saw was it getting dark for a few minutes.
    Still I think this is the first eclipse I have seen or noticed.
    So I can add this to my bucket list of things done!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 7 2024 #156386

    How To Avoid the Ukrainian Draft:

    1. If you work for the Ukrainian meat recruiter, you use your connections to put all of your family, relatives, and friends, on the payroll. The administration is now bloated beyond belief!

    2. Pay a disabled woman $3,000 USD to marry you. Then you are exempt from the draft and are now also free to leave the Ukraine!

    3. If you are rich, then paying bribes still works just fine, as always. Driving an expensive German car also prevents you from being stopped in the first place.

    The new lower age draft law hasn’t been passed but it doesn’t matter now anyway.
    Ukrainian body snatchers are brutally snatching any meat they can find.
    Even 14 year old boys.

    Desertion is becoming a bigger problem in parallel with recruiting more people who don’t want to fight.

    Contrary to common belief, the Russians may prefer to fight in an urban environment, over fighting in open rural areas.
    First, Urban areas provide more cover from FPV drones.
    Rural areas are where FPV drones are the most effective.
    Second, the west’s satellite survalence in Urban areas may not be as effective as it is in open rural areas.
    Urban areas are more difficult to decipher and introduce the most uncertainty to analyze in real time, due to close quarter combat.
    This plays to Russia’s strengths in artillery and glide bombs.
    The Russians know where their troops are.
    Shell and bomb where your troops are not!
    Russians prefer to hunt in target rich areas.

    That American probably just wants to fight on the winning side for once!

    Western bankers tonight are taking a fistful of paper USDs and trying to beat the price of gold down!
    Rock, scissors, paper, fight?

    Eclipse Monday at 3:18 to 3:20 PM in Toronto but clouds got in the way?
    Should pass right over Michael’s place in Newfoundland at 5:07 to 5:10 PM! But clouds!

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