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I sometimes can’t believe I think I must revisit this theme time and again, but here we are. Joe Biden is chairing a virtual climate plan/summit/whatever, and absolutely nothing has changed since the last time I tried to explain why it is nonsense, or all the other times before that. But this is the biggest boondoggle/cheat/trick ever played on mankind, so what choice do I have?

It’s still a bunch of politicians all over the world who are beholden to a bunch of extremely rich people for their cushy positions and claim they intend to save the world hand in hand with these rich people. In other words, our resident sociopaths and psychopaths are the only ones who can save us. But you’re going to have to pay up, or they won’t do it.

It’s all an intensely moronic piece of theater (no, I won’t insult Kabuki!), but since all the media is in on it, who would know that? It’s the biggest show on earth! Your carrots are jobs, profit, and a saved planet for your children. What’s not to like?

Biden’s billionaire political sponsors promise to save you, but of course they do need to make a profit off it. One that is preferably larger than the profits they have been making over the past decades off of the very things they now pretend to condemn, and are still invested in, fossil fuels.

Of course they know that will never happen, but they also know that you do not. So here goes. This intro from the Guardian, written before Ol’ Joe opened Day Two, tries some critical notes, but that’s just to lift the party mode even higher.


Joe Biden To Stress Green Jobs As Key To Tackling Crisis At Climate Summit

Joe Biden will take the podium in the east room at the White House very shortly. The title of his address is: “The Economic Opportunities of Climate Action.” The White House is bringing out the billionaires, the CEOs and the union executives Friday to help sell Joe Biden’s climate-friendly transformation of the US economy at his virtual summit of world leaders.

The closing day of the two-day summit on the climate crisis is to feature Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg, steelworker and electrical union leaders and executives for solar and other renewable energy. Biden vows to slash US emissions by half to meet ‘existential crisis of our time’.

It’s all in service of an argument US officials say will make or break the president’s climate agenda: pouring trillions of dollars into clean-energy technology, research and infrastructure will jet-pack a competitive US economy into the future and create jobs, while saving the planet.

The new urgency comes as scientists say that the climate crisis caused by coal plants, car engines and other fossil fuel use is worsening droughts, floods, hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters and that humans are running out of time to stave off catastrophic extremes of global warming.

The event has featured the world’s major powers – and major polluters – pledging to cooperate on cutting petroleum and coal emissions that are rapidly warming the planet. Yesterday, Biden called upon the world to confront the climate crisis and “overcome the existential crisis of our time”, as he unveiled an ambitious new pledge to slash US planet-heating emissions in half by the end of the decade.

Addressing the opening of a gathering of more than 40 world leaders in an Earth Day climate summit, Biden warned that “time is short” to address dangerous global heating and urged other countries to do more.

Shortly before the start of the summit, the White House said the US will aim to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by between 50% and 52% by 2030, based on 2005 levels. Biden said the new US goal will set it on the path to net zero emissions by 2050 and that other countries now needed to also raise their ambition.

By 2050, Joe Biden would have lived longer than Noah, Methusalem and Abraham put together. Same goes for Gates and Bloomberg and all the other “leaders”. These people greatly prefer power today over a saved planet, whatever that may mean, when they are dead -or, alternatively, can no longer remember where or who they are.

By 2030, whoever remains will shift the blame onto Biden et al, who will then have departed either politics or the planet. And then you will be told that the trillions from the 2021 Biden plan were not nearly enough to save the planet, so we MUST play double or nothing. Or your children will burn, not in hell, but right where they were born.

The biggest carrot of all is that we can shift from fossil fuels to some other energy source -which wind and solar are not, but who understands that?- and keep on motoring. It’s like the myth -or is it?- that lemmings all jump off cliffs together, but then you find Disney, for a movie, built a large treadmill that only made it look that way.

Yes, you are the lemming, and Gates and Bloomberg, and all of Wall Street, are Disney. Joe Biden is the treadmill, along with Merkel and Macron and the rest of the “well-meaning” gang. It makes no difference if a story like that is true, it’s a good metaphor.



Look, I covered this topic so many times, just read back, will you please? On December 16 2016, I wrote Heal the Planet for Profit and on February 15 2021 Heal the Planet for Profit – Redux . It’s all there. And I wish people would stop paying attention to the sociopath-laden events like COP 21 through 26, and these Biden-chaired summits.

They spell nothing good for you or your children. The only thing that could, is using less energy, not some other kind, let alone source, of energy. That’s for people who don’t understand thermodynamics, or physics in general. And I know: that’s most people and that’s the biggest tragedy of all.

But still, why would anyone think some of the richest people in the world, after having made fortunes reminiscent only of entire empires of yore, using fossil fuels, now be serious about salvaging Joe Blow? No matter how the media sell and push and propagandize that notion, how can anyone fall for it?




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    Henri Matisse Flowers 1907     I sometimes can’t believe I think I must revisit this theme time and again, but here we are. Joe Biden is cha
    [See the full post at: Save Earth Get Rich]

    madamski cafone

    while they last

    While supplies last.

    madamski cafone

    Russia and America’s shared crisis An event of tremendous significance, scarcely reported in American media

    “I want to say once again that we are alarmed by the negative demographic forecasts. It is our historic duty to respond to this challenge. We must not only get out of this demographic trap but ensure a sustainable natural population growth by 2025. The aggregate birth rate must be 1.7 in 2024.”

    Get fucking, y’all younguns. Slackers!

    Dave Note

    Old White Joe has gone pea Green with envy

    Dave Note

    It’s ‘Hide the Cannoli’ time once again in energy cons.

    Fossil fuel is un-replaceable.

    Take electric solar powered airplanes.

    Sure there are some prototypes but it’s like teaching a dog to ride a bicycle, it can be done but not very well.

    Solar powered airplanes is a hustle like the flying cars I was promised in the 1950’s as a wee tike. Not gonna happen.

    We cant even trust the semi auto pilot on an overpriced over rated Tesla now to not steer us into a brickwall and explode into a fireball leaving us as a grease stain on the side of the road.

    Instead of a roadside cross shrine with plastic flowers, the lethal exploding Tesla crash sites along the highways and byways can be little memorials featuring an eternal fondue Sterno pot flame flickering in the dark to remind us to keep the Faith in electric cars.


    Phenomenal interview by Bret Weinstein and Dr. Bossche. Excellent primer on the immune system and Dr. Bossche’s theory around the danger of mass vaccination during a pandemic.

    Dave Note

    The Sheeple are literally brain damaged at this point.

    It not propaganda or saturated MSM spin or even Willful Ignorance that has produced such a gob-smacking display of cognitive dysfunction, it’s toxic-ally over medicated and the under nutritionally induced dietary holocaust that has produced a populace of supine catatonic walking dead.

    The Sheeple Shrugged

    Maxwell Quest

    The control of fossil fuels is a key component of the geopolitical hegemony game, so don’t expect anything but double-talk and promises from those who are tasked with moving the pieces on the global chessboard.

    The older I get the more I realize that humanity is really just a species of semi-intelligent ape, the bulk of which are still struggling to find a foothold on the lower rungs of the mental plane. This point was driven home for me during a 30-hour shamanic journey I undertook several years ago. It takes perspective to understand your place in the grand scheme of things, like when meeting someone vastly superior to yourself.

    And, yes, I am one of those semi-intelligent apes, who only started on the road to awareness after being clubbed and whipped by the consequences of my own stupidity. Before which time I was like most others, running on that hamster wheel trying to get ahead and thinking I had things figured out. It’s humbling to look back, but it enables me to see my own face on everyone I meet who has not yet broken free of the machine.

    In this regard, Caitlin Johnstone is correct, it is a consciousness raising problem. But if all the others are anything like me, it will take a pretty big two-by-four across the head to get their attention.

    While I’m here, the comment section has been knocking it out of the park lately! My thanks to all.

    madamski cafone

    (from recent older threads)

    @ Dr. D

    “I guess you’re too optimistic. I’m stuck back where we say bad things are good and refuse to name the devils we have. Or in more common parlance: I’m shouting we need to call a spade a spade…and a lie a lie. Until we do that, no conversation we have will amount to anything. ” (itals mine)

    Whatever your narrow definition of “accomplish anything” is, is probably far too narrow for me to bother asking, I’ve become convinced. So carry on, grave warrior.

    Then Comezz der Revolusshyun!

    @ Noirette/Rototillerman

    “Rototillerman, yeah, most corrupted, I can get that, and easy to control as well. But the damage to image is SO high…”

    Exactly. Kamala was surely compliant enough, would’ve strung the kiddies much longer, but… Joe. I’m guessing he’s got so much kompromatt on players they had to shovel his self-adoring ass in.

    I mean, he appears to think he’s doing good?!

    @ thomasjkenney

    “Well, I ramble a wee bit, don’t I?”

    But such anecdotes show what’s happening on the ground. More polarized. The kovid amen choir are tripling-down on vaxxomaskination while the opposite side is increasingly sayting No Way all around.

    As we clash, however, the truth will out because clashes happen live not online, filtered by Big Bro.

    @ christianarchist

    “3) Here in the intellectual desert that is the Seattle area, I have been driving myself more than a bit mad trying to figure out what is going on in the world, and sending signals to my local peers in the hope of locating allies. But no-one replies, and I fear I am both exhausting and exposing myself, thereby compromising my ability to defend and nurture my young family.
    4) We who love and will stand for life and truth must eventually gather together, but I don’t know where and I don’t know how.”

    Individually, one or sometimes a few at a time, mostly on the street, using coy tag-lines like, “Can I take my mask off for a moment” and say that I don’t trust the authorities regarding x z and maybe things like you’re hot wanna boink?

    How revolutions/underground survival networks are made.

    Tip: act as if it’s utopia. By that, I mean, fugeddabowdit and pretend everything’s kosher. Not intellectually, I mean everything you do outside of reading the depressing damn news etc. Don’t Worry Be Happy. People will want to get close and know what’s on your mind.

    I’ve seen seedy polyestered Southern Baptists with the hepitude of a boiled slamander lure people to their concept of Jeebus just because they were so damn happy about doing it.

    One has to blow smoke up one’s ass to survive this shyte. Blow happy smoke!

    Baba Meher

    @ Dave Note

    “It not propaganda or saturated MSM spin or even Willful Ignorance that has produced such a gob-smacking display of cognitive dysfunction, it’s toxic-ally over medicated and the under nutritionally induced dietary holocaust that has produced a populace of supine catatonic walking dead.”

    golf clap That took my breath away. I stress both smiles and truth. That captured a lot of painful truth in the most delightful way! Like a bullet through my forehead! Do it agin!


    And, just because I can:

    Lawrence Welk Lives!

    madamski cafone

    I have an earnest question, perhaps very serious concerning the fate of humanity, considering the countless things challenging our ability to reproduce: Is there anything sexier than humans bouncing their primary and secondary sexual anatomical features in synch to really good music?

    Inquiring Behind Want to Know

    madamski cafone

    Sometimes I can’t wait for energy depletion to shut down the frickin bots. I am so sick of the future that culture foresees/enacts. So glad to see it collapsing. Wish it could do it less painfully. Oh well. Bots are evil scum:

    Dave Note

    One of the most remarkable meetups I’ve seen was when the Beatles George Martin visited Brian Wilson at his house. I don’t think the two had ever met.

    George asked if he could hear the original master track of ‘God Only Knows’ from Brian’s collection. George asks if he can try his hand at a re-mix and Brian say go for it.

    Dave Note

    George Martin – In My Life


    joe ‘s is doing what his globalist masters want.

    Increase globalism and turn the US into a low paying service ponly economy.

    Trump interrupted this plan. That is why he is gone.

    Green means doing all the manufacturing else where where green laws don’t apply.

    Green is just a cover for more globalism. Saving the planet isn’t on the agenda!


    When money is the sole means of measuring value, life gets shortchanged.

    “Biden’s billionaire political sponsors promise to save you, but of course they do need to make a profit off it.” Yes. This is true not only of climate change but everything else too.

    The USA has been at war for thirty years so the military and contractors can make money. Plus, the protection racket assures the world’s wealth is handled by Wall Street, City of London and its Caribbean Island offshoots.

    Transportation, Education and Public Health are being privatized to increase flow of public money through private hands. The mRNA vaccines within a for-profit healthcare system are incapable of controlling coronavirus. In a Kentucky nursing home one infected worker infected 22 other vaccinated customers and workers, killing one. If an uninfected elderly American with comorbidities wants to go out in public and have a reasonable risk of not dying, they must be jabbed twice this year and once in the years following, wear masks and socially distance. This is thanks to billionaires who do not want a functional government and will only approve policies that increase their profits not the expensive public health measures that are eradicating coronavirus in Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

    Doc Robinson

    Jury trials are a vulnerability in the agendas of the “extremely rich people.” The right to jury trial should be protected and defended as necessary.

    Jury acquits Extinction Rebellion protesters despite ‘no defence in law’”

    Six Extinction Rebellion protesters have been cleared of causing criminal damage to Shell’s London headquarters despite the judge directing jurors that they had no defence in law… Judge Gregory Perrins directed jurors that even if they thought the protesters were “morally justified”, it did not provide them with a lawful excuse to commit criminal damage.



    Link to English version of Chapter 1 of German microbiologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s German book:
    “Corona Unmasked”

    Mister Roboto

    My Boomer older brother is among those who believe that everybody will be driving those electric cars within five years, so I guess the propaganda remains ubiquitous and effective. But then again, we live in a propaganda hyper-saturated age, so I shouldn’t be surprised. And so I’m not.

    madamski cafone

    @ Vietnam Vet

    “If an uninfected elderly American with comorbidities wants to go out in public and have a reasonable risk of not dying, they must be jabbed twice this year and once in the years following, wear masks and socially distance. ”

    Not true. They can take good care of themselves, including get lots of sunshine, freely breathed air sans mask, lots of hugs if they can find ’em, laughter, talk… You do tend to wave that core aspect of the offical kovid line a lot, VV… including the notion that kovid can be “eradicated”. I find it… disturbing. Perhaps I misread you.

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