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Amedeo Modigliani Nu allongé 1917


Government Scrubs Stats on Vaccine-Related Deaths (Mercola)
Ivermectin Crushes Delhi Cases (DR)
Amid Concerns Over Effectiveness, Govt Ramping Up Remdesivir Production (BS)
Rock Music? No. Road Hockey? Yes (LFP)
Biden Permits Nord Stream 2 (Greenwald)
Colonial Pipeline Confirms It Paid $4.4m Ransom To Hackers (AP)
Pentagon Reportedly Running Secret Army Of 60,000 Around The World (NYP)
Accused Russiagate ‘Spy’ Kilimnik Speaks (Maté)
Blinken, Lavrov Seek Cooperation Despite ‘Serious Differences’ (R.)
Germany’s Greens Are Neoliberals With Bicycles (Jac.)
European Parliament to Suspend Turkey’s EU Accession Talks





Plasma: vaccines wipe out antibodies



Shocking claims from French Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier…



“Any other vaccine would have been pulled from the market by now.”

Government Scrubs Stats on Vaccine-Related Deaths (Mercola)

According to Dr. Peter McCullough, vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center and known for being one of the top five most-published medical researchers in the United States, COVID-19 vaccines are killing “huge numbers” of people and the government is simply ignoring it. In a video interview with investigative journalist and founder of Liberty Sentinel, Alex Newman, McCullough says the U.S. government, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and health agencies around the world have all committed to vaccinating the global population while sitting on data showing the COVID-19 “vaccines” are turning out to be the most lethal vaccines ever created. [..] During a recent Texas state Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing, McCullough noted that, according to available data, early treatment could have prevented up to 85% of COVID-19 deaths. Early at-home treatment also minimizes the spread, as the amount of time you’re infectious can be reduced from two weeks to about four days.

Yet, despite being inexpensive and readily available, early treatments have all been censored and suppressed, apparently in order to secure this global mass vaccination campaign. In fact, as McCullough notes, there’s been no clarified guidance on COVID treatment at all, not even hospital protocols. The entire focus of our health agencies has been on masking, lockdowns and waiting for a gene therapy “vaccine.” The results have been devastating. Five months into the mass vaccination campaign, more than 10,000 in the U.S. and European Union have already died after getting the shots. Any other vaccine would have been pulled from the market by now. For example, in 1976, the U.S. government vaccinated 45 million people against pandemic swine flu. The entire program was canceled after reports of just 53 deaths, according to Fox News. Note: The number of deaths reported after the 1976 inoculation program varies from three to 53, depending on the source.

Now, health authorities are shrugging off more than 3,800 deaths after COVID-19 vaccination as either coincidental or inconsequential. Think about that. Five months into the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, we’re looking at a death toll that is 7,000% greater than during the swine flu vaccination campaign, which was canceled after the vaccine was deemed too risky. The COVID-19 “vaccine” is also on a level of magnitude more dangerous than the seasonal flu vaccine. As reported by McCullough, on average, there are 20 to 30 deaths reported following the seasonal flu vaccine, which is given to about 195 million Americans each year. Compare that to these novel COVID-19 gene therapies. So far, an estimated 124 million Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and the death count is already at 3,837, as of April 30, 2021.

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“Where is a developing country getting the 60 million dollars a day to purchase the Remdesivir?”

Ivermectin Crushes Delhi Cases (DR)

Just three weeks after adding Ivermectin, Delhi now leads India out of the deadly second surge of the COVID pandemic. Cases that had peaked at 28,395 on April 20 plummeted nearly 80% to just 6,430 on May 15. Deaths peaked May 4, and now they are also down 25%. On May 10, the Indian State of Goa adopted an even more ambitious policy of preemptive Ivermectin for all adults in the state. The Chief Minister of Goa is Dr. Pramod Sawant, a progressive 49-year-old physician persuaded by science. In particular, he read Dr. Pierre Kory’s Dr. Tess Lawrie’s and Dr. Andrew Hill’s robust meta-analyses. As a direct result, Goa has seen a drop in cases from 3,124 the day after the announcement to 1,314 five days later.

Meanwhile, three other Indian states have followed Goa’s lead in adding Ivermectin: Uttarkhand, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. And, as expected, they have seen a drop in new daily cases as well, with Uttar Pradesh down nearly 75% from a peak of 37,944 just four days after they began following the April 20 AIIMS guidance to just 10,505 on May 16. The tragic story in all this is that the Indian state of Tamil Nadu installed a new leader on May 7, 2021. He suddenly reversed their state’s decision to adopt Ivermectin. Readers of my book all know about Peruvian President Sagasti’s fateful decision to outlaw Ivermectin. Before taking power, the COVID deaths had dropped 14 fold to almost nothing with Ivermectin use. However after Sagasti was elected, Ivermectin was stopped, and deaths roared back at 13 fold.

Peru paid the price in skyrocketing cases and 78,000 preventable deaths. Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, MK Stalin, also chose to forgo Ivermectin. Instead, he ordered tens of thousands of doses of Remdesivir, a drug that sells for 3,000 dollars per dose. So now Tamil Nadu’s cases are rocketing as well. In contrast to Goa’s young physician Chief Minister who had read the latest science on Ivermectin’s dramatic effect on reducing COVID death, MK Stalin is a 68-year-old non-physician socialist and atheist who is towing the party line by forbidding Ivermectin.

Stalin now requests allocations for some 20,000 daily doses of Remdesivir for the Tamil Nadu citizens despite the science that shows no reduction in COVID death with this drug. [..] Twenty thousand doses of Remdesivir cost 60 million dollars, while 20,000 doses of Ivermectin go for a few hundred. Where is a developing country getting the 60 million dollars a day to purchase the Remdesivir? Why is their leader throwing away a cheap drug, Ivermectin, that has saved lives in other countries? ”

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Remdesivir is the worst choice.

Amid Concerns Over Effectiveness, Govt Ramping Up Remdesivir Production (BS)

The Indian government, on Wednesday, claimed it has ramped up the production of Remdesivir, an anti-viral drug prescribed for treating moderate-to-critical Covid patients, by 10 times. From 1 million vials per month in April, the Centre claims it will produce 10 million vials this month, as it has increased the number of plants manufacturing Remdesivir from 20 to 60. Meanwhile, reports suggest that Remdesivir may soon be dropped from the Indian Council of Medical Research’s Covid treatment protocol, as experts have questioned its effectiveness in Covid treatment. The news comes just days after plasma therapy was dropped from ICMR’s Covid treatment protocol.

The last few weeks saw a severe shortage of Remdesivir injections across the country, along with an acute shortage of hospital beds and oxygen cylinders, leading to a record rise in Covid fatalities. The Centre said it is monitoring the supply of drugs such as Remdesivir, Ivermectin and Favipiravir, essential for treating moderate to critical Covid patients. The Centre said it had ramped up production of these drugs and imported them in large quantities to ensure uninterrupted supply. A couple of days ago, the Indian government said it had received 530,000 Remdesivir vials as foreign aid from various countries such as the US and France, to help combat the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The availability of these drugs is being monitored by implementing a three-pronged strategy of supply chain management, demand side management and affordability,” the Centre said in a statement. The drugs whose supply is being monitored include those in ICMR’s Covid treatment protocol, such as Remdesivir, Enoxaparin, Dexamethasone and Ivermectin, and non-protocol drugs such as Favipiravir, Amphotericin and Apixaban. The Centre added that it will increase the production of Ivermectin, a Covid protocol drug, by five times, from 15 million 12 Mg tabs last month to 77 million this month.

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London, Ontario. AI scans.

Rock Music? No. Road Hockey? Yes (LFP)

There won’t be any music festivals in London this summer, but there will be road hockey. Jones Entertainment Group says it is again postponing Rocks the Park until 2022 but will go ahead with HockeyFest — Game On, a three-on-three street hockey tournament, June 25-27. London will be the first of nine cities to play host to the tournament, which will be held across Canada and in parts of the U.S. The London tournament will be at Westmount Shopping Centre and Saunders secondary school. New technology, similar to metal detectors common at airports, will be used to scan all participants for COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone showing symptoms will be tested for the coronavirus to determine whether they can play, coach, referee or watch the games.

“It’s cutting-edge, world-class technology, one more thing to lead the charge into somewhat normal activities,” said Brad Jones, president of Jones Entertainment Group and HockeyFest. “What a better place to start than our own hometown of London? This will be a game-changer in getting back to some sort of normalcy in the sports and entertainment industry.” The new artificial intelligence (AI) technology, called Safe Entry Stations, was developed by Toronto-based Predictmedix and built by another Toronto firm, Juiceworks. It can identify symptoms of infectious diseases and can also be used to detect alcohol or marijuana use.] Predictmedix co-founder and chief operating officer Rahul Kushwah said the new technology was used successfully at this year’s Super Bowl and may become as common as metal detectors at airports, including at work places.

They can be permanently installed or a mobile unit can be leased for events such as concerts. “It’s about creating safe environments, whether it’s a concert or a workplace,” Kushwah said, noting the new technology has a 95% success rate identifying symptoms. “It’s going to help open up our cities. Walking through one of these is analogous to a triage when you walk into a hospital.” Those hockey players who test negative are given a wristband. Those who test positive for symptoms will be given a Covid-19 test and, if positive, will not be allowed to play and will be instructed to leave along with anyone who travelled with them to the tournament.

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Putin for the win.

Biden Permits Nord Stream 2 (Greenwald)

It is true that Trump, like Obama before him, spoke of the potential to partner with Russia rather than viewing it as an enemy, just as it is true that both presidents imposed sanctions on Moscow. And it is also true, and understandable, that Moscow likely favored a Trump victory rather than having supreme war hawk Hillary Clinton in the White House (the same reason Ukraine worked in 2016 to help Hillary win). But over and over, Trump undermined, not advanced, core Russian objectives. As Obama himself said in 2016, it is hard to imagine doing anything more provocative and harmful to Russian vital interests than sending lethal arms to Ukraine — exactly what Obama refused to do, despite bipartisan pressure. Yet the Trump administration quickly did exactly that: bizarre behavior for a Kremlin asset, to put that mildly.

Trump found one thing even more threatening to the Kremlin’s vital interests than arming Ukrainians: namely, doing everything possible to destroy Russia’s ability to complete construction of its new underwater natural gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2. That new pipeline is designed to double Russian sales capacity to an EU addicted to cheap Russian natural gas, producing massive revenue for the Russian economy and giving Moscow greater leverage when dealing with its European neighbors. But it provides an even more important benefit: it allows Russia to bypass Ukraine and other Eastern European countries, thus avoiding costly transit fees and the risks of political instability or anti-Russian manipulation by outside forces, including the U.S. government.

For all those reasons, few priorities were more important to Putin and the Russian economy than this new pipeline. Yet for at least the last two years of his presidency, Trump — even as he was shrilly depicted as an agent of the Kremlin — was obsessed with stopping the Russian pipeline and thus sabotaging Putin’s key geopolitical project. The Trump administration caused a halt to the project in 2019 when it imposed sanctions on companies working on it. Trump did everything he could to pressure, cajole and even threaten the Germans to pull out of the deal, warning that it would leave a winter-plagued Europe captive to Russian pressure and insisting that Berlin had the obligation to buy gas from the U.S., not Russia, given NATO expenditures to protect Germans. Trump even tried to pull close to 10,000 U.S. troops out of Germany to pressure the Merkel government, but the pro-war alliance of hawkish Democrats and Liz-Cheney-led neocon Republicans voted to defund that effort.

Any minimally rational or honest media would have taken note of these events and instantly realized that their years-long conspiracy theory about Trump being controlled by Putin was sophomoric nonsense, the opposite of the truth. That a Putin-controlled Russian asset would send lethal arms to Ukraine and do everything possible to sabotage Nord Stream 2 is so blatantly absurd that it could be ratified only by a media aggressively committed to spreading disinformation and lies. All of this became even clearer on Tuesday when President Biden reversed Trump’s blockage of the Russian natural gas pipeline. Axios’ Jonathan Swan reported that “the Biden administration will waive sanctions on the corporate entity and CEO overseeing the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany,” which “indicates the Biden administration is not willing to compromise its relationship with Germany over this pipeline.” Swan wrote what is clearly true: “the completion of Nord Stream 2 would be a huge geopolitical win for Putin and give him substantial new leverage in Europe.”

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Colonial Pipeline Confirms It Paid $4.4m Ransom To Hackers (AP)

The operator of the nation’s largest fuel pipeline confirmed it paid $4.4m to a gang of hackers who broke into its computer systems. Colonial Pipeline said Wednesday that after it learned of the 7 May ransomware attack, the company took its pipeline system offline and needed to do everything in its power to restart it quickly and safely, and made the decision then to pay the ransom. “This decision was not made lightly,” but it was one that had to be made, a company spokesman said. “Tens of millions of Americans rely on Colonial: hospitals, emergency medical services, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, airports, truck drivers and the traveling public.”

Joseph Blount, Colonial Pipeline’s CEO, told the Wall Street Journal he authorized the payment because the company didn’t know the extent of the damage and wasn’t sure how long it would take to bring the pipeline’s systems back. The FBI discourages making ransom payments to ransomware attackers, because paying encourages criminal networks around the globe who have hit thousands of businesses and health care systems in the US in the past year alone. But many victims of ransomware attacks, where hackers demand large sums of money to decrypt stolen data or to prevent it from being leaked online, opt to pay. “I know that’s a highly controversial decision,” Blount said. “I didn’t make it lightly. I will admit that I wasn’t comfortable seeing money go out the door to people like this.” “But it was the right thing to do for the country,” he said.

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Pentagon Reportedly Running Secret Army Of 60,000 Around The World (NYP)

The Pentagon is running a 60,000-strong secret army made up of soldiers, civilians and contractors, who travel the world under false identities embedded in consultancies and name-brand companies — without the knowledge of the American people or most of Congress — according to a report. The top-secret army was created by the Pentagon over the past 10 years as part of a program called “signature reduction,” and operates both domestically and internationally using a low-profile force of clandestine warriors who sometimes wear civilian clothes as they carry out their assignments, Newsweek reported. The force is 10 times the size of the covert elements of the CIA, comes with a cost of more than $900 million, and engages about 130 private companies in operations in locales like the Middle East and Africa, the report said.

Despite the undercover army’s size and budget, Congress has never held a hearing on it. About half of the “signature reduction” force is made up of special forces, the highly trained commandos who pursue terrorists around the world, including in Iran and North Korea. Military intelligence specialists comprise the second-largest element inside the force. But the newest and fastest-growing group in the unit is made up of cyber-warriors who use false personas and “nonattribution” or “misattribution” techniques online to disguise themselves so they can track high-value targets, collect “publicly accessible information” and engage in influence campaigns to manipulate social media.

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So much for Russiagate.

Accused Russiagate ‘Spy’ Kilimnik Speaks (Maté)

The man cast as a linchpin of debunked Trump-Russia collusion theories is breaking his silence to vigorously dispute the U.S. government’s effort to brand him a Russian spy and put him behind bars. In an exclusive interview with RealClearInvestigations, Konstantin Kilimnik stated, “I have no relationship whatsoever to any intelligence services, be they Russian or Ukrainian or American, or anyone else.” Kilimnik, a longtime employee of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, spoke out in response to an explosive Treasury Department statement declaring that he had “provided the Russian Intelligence Services with sensitive information on polling and campaign strategy” during the 2016 election. That press release, which announced an array of sanctions on Russian nationals last month, also alleged that Kilimnik is a “known Russian Intelligence Services agent implementing influence operations on their behalf.”

Treasury’s claim came shortly after two other accusatory U.S. government statements about the dual Ukrainian-Russian national. In March, a U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment accused Kilimnik of being a “Russian influence agent” who meddled in the 2020 campaign to assist Trump’s reelection. A month earlier, an FBI alert offered $250,000 for information leading to his arrest over a 2018 witness tampering charge in Manafort’s shuttered Ukraine lobbying case, which was unrelated to Russia, collusion, or any elections. Treasury provided no evidence for its claims, which go beyond the findings of the two most extensive Russiagate investigations: the 448-page report issued in 2019 by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the 966-page report issued in August 2020 by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Treasury has declined all media requests for elaboration on how it reached conclusions that those probes did not. Two unidentified officials told NBC News that U.S. intelligence “has developed new information” about Kilimnik “that leads them to believe” that he passed on the polling data to Russia. But these sources “did not identify the source or type of intelligence that had been developed,” nor “when or how” it was received. “Nobody has seen any evidence to support these claims about Kilimnik,” a congressional source familiar with the House and Senate’s multiple Russia-related investigations told RCI. Despite the absence of evidence, the Treasury press release’s one-sentence claim about Kilimnik has been widely greeted as the Trump-Russia smoking gun. Rep. Adam Schiff, the California Democrat who heads the House Intelligence Committee, told MSNBC that Treasury’s assertion about Kilimnik proved that Russian intelligence was “involved in trying to help Trump win in that [2016] election. That’s what most people would call collusion.”

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Biden to meet killer Putin?!

Blinken, Lavrov Seek Cooperation Despite ‘Serious Differences’ (R.)

Top diplomats from the Biden administration and Russia in their first in-person meeting on Wednesday stressed that the former Cold War foes have serious differences in how they view world affairs but struck an optimistic tone for the talks, saying the two sides can still find ways to work together. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in his first meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a veteran diplomat, said it was “no secret that we have our differences” and that Washington would respond to aggressive acts by Russia, but that the world would be safer if the two countries’ leaders worked together. Lavrov, speaking through a translator at the opening of the meeting in Reykjavik on the sidelines of an Arctic Council meeting, said Russia and the United States have “serious differences” but have to cooperate “in spheres where our interests collide.”

Senior U.S. State Department officials said there were no breakthroughs in the meeting, but described it as a “good start” to work on relations between the two countries in “weeks, months and years to come.” Blinken said Biden wanted “a predictable, stable relationship with Russia” and said the two countries could work together on tackling the coronavirus pandemic, combating climate change, dealing with Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs, and the conflict in Afghanistan. “We think that’s good for our people, good for the Russian people and indeed good for the world,” Blinken said. The pair also discussed cyber security and Russia’s troop movements on its border with Ukraine, issues that have tested the already fraught ties this year, senior State Department officials told reporters. They repeatedly insisted that the meeting was “table setting” for future talks.

Wednesday’s meeting, the first high-level, in-person discussion between the Biden administration and a Russian counterpart, lasted one hour and 45 minutes, longer than the expected one hour. Lavrov told Russian state media the talks were “constructive” and that Russia was ready to discuss all issues between the two countries “on the basis of mutual respect.” The two diplomats would prepare proposals for a possible meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lavrov said. State Department officials referred questions about a presidential meeting to the White House, but said there was acknowledgment that “strategic stability” would be discussed.

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Nice headline. The Greens are set to become a force in German politics.

Germany’s Greens Are Neoliberals With Bicycles (Jac.)

The Greens’ recent victories notwithstanding, their attempt at balancing highly contradictory interests in the name of ecological pragmatism has already become a strain on the party. Only through the meteoric rise of the Fridays for Future movement have the Greens been able to establish themselves as the strongest party among under-thirty-year-olds. Yet, Habeck and Baerbock have spared no efforts to improve their standing with German industry and shake their old antibusiness image. In 2019, Baerbock gained recognition with the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI), Germany’s leading federation of industrialists and corporations, for putting forward an economic agenda that is especially aggressive against China. She insisted that Germany must be part of a European economic and digital infrastructure that is independent of Chinese corporations such as Huawei.

She added that new climate regulations could actually prove advantageous for German businesses, especially if Chinese competitors who supposedly undercut these regulations were subject to extra taxation. Baerbock’s foray into a sort of Green anti-Chinese economic policy has since been praised by German business representatives. It is not hard for them to accept this — especially given that questions of union rights and worker representation are noticeably absent from this vision. Accordingly, Baerbock has commended initiatives such as Elon Musk’s new Tesla factory in Brandenburg, regardless of the fact that Musk has repeatedly made clear that he will accept neither union representation nor collective bargaining agreements in his new factory.

The Greens have also proven to be very generous partners to German industry — or rather, industrialists — in the state of Baden-Württemberg, where Winfried Kretschmann has governed for ten years as the party’s first and so far only state-level prime minister. Baden-Württemberg used to be a stronghold of the CDU but has been won over by Kretschmann with an agenda which adds a green face to conservative, pro-business parties. Kretschmann has since established his party as the strongest in the state — but also continuously irritated its activist base with his stance protecting the interests of automobile manufacturers like Daimler-Benz and Porsche, and his cautious position on the transition to electric cars.

While Kretschmann’s administration has presided over a decline in public infrastructure and a rise in poverty — especially among children and pensioners — it has actively fended off social initiatives such as a popular petition for free childcare and remains committed to conservative fiscal policies. The Greens have also alienated parts of the climate justice movement, for instance when the CDU/Green government in the state of Hesse pledged its support for the controversial extension of the A49 highway and, connected to this, the clearing of the Dannenröder Forest. Protesters who tried to prevent the clearing in November 2020 were met with numerous incidents of police violence — provoking much negative publicity for Hesse’s government and its transport minister Tarek Al-Wazir, a member of the Greens.

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Hmm. Keep your enemies closer, we were told.

European Parliament to Suspend Turkey’s EU Accession Talks

Turkey’s accession talks for entry into the European Union were suspended on Wednesday as relations between Turkey and the bloc have become increasingly strained over the last several years. The European Parliament also called for Turkey to implement an immediate change of course regarding the rule of law and human rights as a prerequisite for the country’s accession to the EU. European lawmakers passed the proposal to suspend Turkey’s accession by 480 votes in favor, 64 against and 150 abstentions in a European parliamentary session. Today’s move came after Members of the European Parliament cited many violations of human rights and the rule of law in Turkey. Turkey is one of the countries having been through the longest negotiation process to enter the EU.

It became an official candidate for membership in 1999 at the Helsinki summit of the European Council. Official accession talks started in 2005 but have been stalled since 2016. According to Nacho Sánchez Amor, who drafted the report on the country, Turkey must change course and “put expressions of good will into concrete actions. “The report is probably the toughest ever in its criticism. It reflects all that has unfortunately happened in the country in the last two years, in particular in the fields of human rights and rule of law, which remain the main area of concern for the European Parliament,” he said. The latest report adopted by the Committee of Foreign Affairs states that the Turkish government has deliberately distanced itself from European values and has led its relations with the EU to a “historic low point.”

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    Amedeo Modigliani Nu allongé 1917   • Government Scrubs Stats on Vaccine-Related Deaths (Mercola) • Ivermectin Crushes Delhi Cases (DR) • Amid Co
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 20 2021]


    A technical look at the importance of understanding Absolute Risk and Relative Risk.

    “COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room”

    shows that the experimental vaccines reduce your chance of catching COVID-19 by:

    Pfizer: 0.8%
    Johnson & J: 1.2%
    Moderna: 1.2%
    AstraZeneca: 1.3%

    So, basically NO prevention.


    You have to look at Table 1 in the Supplemental pdf. linked to the paper

    V. Arnold

    Amedeo Modigliani Nu allongé 1917

    The art…the art…
    It defines us…
    …and has for at least 60,000 years…
    Without art, I would be at a loss to define us…as a species…with any relevence… in a world defined as civilized…

    V. Arnold

    …and my fucking edit was lost conpletely…………


    We are turning China over here in the UK …


    Enjoy the words of the late, great Alan Watt.

    He passed away just a few weeks ago – another great loss.
    For those who don’t know him, this is a brilliant video.

    What a visionary.


    Since July 2020, lockdown Germany has had worse excess mortality than no-lockdown Sweden.
    But lockdowns do not work. Which is why lockdowns were never recommended in any pre-2020 pandemic plan.

    If lockdowns worked, this should be impossible:

    V. Arnold

    Alan Watts?
    Hell, he’s been my teacher for 64 yars…
    An Amazing human…


    @ V Arnold – Alan Watt, not Alan Watts

    The latter was the wonderful late, Englishman, buddhist who lived on a houseboat in Sausalito.

    Alan Watt was a Scotsman who saw the evil inner workings of the powers that be,

    Both had great messages for the world.


    We all know of Ivermectin being an effective treatment for Covid.
    Now it seems as if another has come along.

    The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor Fluvoxamine: (check the author’s credentials)

    Seems as if the two, in combination, are very effective.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Test 1 2 3 test

    It seems to work. Thanks


    Extraordinary what money can buy.

    “Bill Gates’s money and his influence on British universities”

    Bill Gates’s money and his influence on British universities

    Dr. D

    “I expect the Great Reset to fail. Completely.
    I also expect the Great Reset unleashes chaotic forces no one can control.

    Crooke rightly points out that Mao’s Cultural Revolution quickly got away from him and became an absolute mess which eventually had to be put down. He agrees with me that the ‘fabulist’ program of the Great Reset both from a domestic and foreign policy perspective across Europe and the U.S. will fail.

    And it will most likely fail. The stresses imposed on U.S. societal cohesion by the launch of the woke cultural revolution may prove too great. The Chinese Cultural Revolution, launched by Mao (as part of his 1966 purge of Party rivals), very quickly devolved into a decentralized, semi-chaotic movement of Red Guards, students and other groups who shared ideas and programs, but who acted quite independent of the Party’s central leadership.

    … In any ideologically-possessed movement there is no purity test too stringent to weed out the uncommitted. Purity tests are themselves gyres of increasing intolerance. This is what Mao learned the hard way.”

    The Tightening Noose or Widening Gyre of the Woke Revolution?

    But you knew we were never going to walk away after what we, what had been done. Total dereliction of duty. Near-total abandonment of values. Near-total erasure of all production and infrastructure.

    News: “Today we voted here in Oregon to leave the state and join Idaho. Great forecast. WJ”

    Meanwhile West Oregon may vote to leave the U.S., not just swap statehood. (and therefore become a colony of China CCP) B.C. might follow the same path. Western Canada has been at the limit for years and suffers no fools. Out on the deadly prairie, risking life on oil catting, how could they? For cube hamsters in Scarberia, Covid-abusing their kids? That’s against everything Canada stands for. Give your balls a tug, buddy, it’s f’n embarrassing.

    “Biden Permits Nord Stream 2 (Greenwald)”

    The only explanation is Biden is a Putin puppet. They said Russia rigged the 2020 election, here’s your proof.

    So much for MacKinder, a theory as wildly obsolete as the dinosaurs who promote it.

    “Colonial Pipeline Confirms It – IMMEDIATELY — Paid $4.4m Ransom to Hackers (AP)”

    What’s the relationship of this and the Memphis bridge and voluntarily shutting down the Michigan pipeline for no earthly reason? What relationship does this have to Bitcoin, the world’s most transparent, trackable currency? Sirs, — I – can track that Bitcoin to the end user. How do you propose to hide and to spend it? Would you like to revise your story now, cause this one doesn’t make all the sense.

    Pentagon Reportedly Running Secret Army Of 60,000 Around The World (NYP)”

    Talk about conspiracies! I can see why this would be true, but also why it wouldn’t. Do you have any proof besides mouthing off? If you were China, wouldn’t you keep a database of every soldier’s name, their family, their specialty, their photo? Why wouldn’t you?

    I have no relationship whatsoever to any intelligence services, be they Russian or Ukrainian or American, or anyone else.”

    Aha! Got you! Prove that negative or ELSE!

    “The downward spiral of dumbness in America is about to hit a new low.” –Hunter S. Thompson

    John Day

    @Germ: I have finally discovered how to access emails of people who subscribe to my blog
    That functionality will go away in July, the notifications tell me.
    Until then, if you subscribe to my blog email-updates, I should be able to go in and see your email (give me a hint, though) and contact you individually. It’s just the emails that show up, no other identifiers.

    John Day

    I just posted this comment on John Ward’s site, The Slog:
    VACCINE DEATHS: time for another colour of card?

    I’m a Family Physician in Texas, working at a public health clinic, and treating COVID with ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline, and a baseline of vitamin-D for everybody. I bought and gave away over $1200 of vitamin-D to coworkers and patients last year, half of it shortly before Christmas, when cases were peaking in Texas.
    It is very difficult to report vaccine adverse events. You cannot get a human on the phone, and the words at the online reporting site are scary, warning of criminal penalties for inaccurate reporting, repeatedly A serious epidemiologic estimate is that under 1% of adverse events from vaccination are reported in the US. I believe it.
    I had a patient get very sick with COVID Pneumonia in March. She was admitted to the hospital with it, again, having been admitted in August of last year.
    She was sick enough to go to the ER 4 days after her Moderna mRNA vaccine dose #1. Coincidence, that?
    She went to 2 hospitals with her adult daughter, and had negative swabs. “Sorry, we can’t help you”.
    The third hospital tested her (+) and admitted her, with the typical patchy pneumonia pattern on chest CT.
    She got IV fluids and steroids, and recovered again.
    Why would 2 tests be negative and the third one positive?
    There are false-negatives and false positives, but the chest CT pattern has also been considered diagnostic of COVID since the epidemic in Wuhan.
    ERs use the rapid swab.
    A poor collection may read negative and a good collection positive.
    The rapid swab looks for viral proteins, specifically the calling-card Spike Protein.
    The (send-away) PCR swab looks for the viral RNA.
    This month, we are told that we MUST ONLY TEST THE VACCINATED WITH PCR.
    That’s odd. It delays results for 2 days and the PCR tests have more false positives, so less clinically reliable.
    Why only PCR tests now in the vaccinated.
    RNA detection vs. spike protein detection?
    Why would that even matter?
    It might have mattered in my patient, who got sick with pneumonia 4 days after mRNA vaccination, while her body was presumably flooded with COVID spike-protein fragments, and desperately fighting them, since they had almost killed her the previous summer.
    She could well have had spike-protein in her nasal mucosa, and it could have been detected by a nasal swab raid test.
    She should not have had COVID-19 RNA in any nasal swab, since that would have only been delivered into some cells where the vaccine went when injected in her muscle.
    Are the COVID-19 cases , which have a little spike after vaccination, a manifestation of the combination of the immune system valiantly contesting a virus it has fought before (or the spike proteins thereof), while the same enemy spike-protein is detectable in a nasal swab?
    You can’t definitively answer that.
    Only scientists at Pfizer and Moderna can. They are keeping a secret whether the blood borne blossoming of spike proteins from their genetic engineering products will result in some percentage of “False positive” rapid nasal swab tests.
    It is not a subject at all, anywhere.
    The other doctors, including epidemiologists, on the COVID-19 treating physicians listserv do not know, either.
    “Inquiring minds want to know”

    Doc Robinson

    “The new artificial intelligence (AI) technology, called Safe Entry Stations…”

    The medical scanner booths use AI to determine whether “the individual is either safe (green light) or a potential risk (red light).” All that’s missing (?) is facial recognition software.

    Screens for 7 Symptoms in Seconds.

    Sweat Gland Activation
    Eye Redness

    Multi-spectrum cameras paired with prorietary AI provides checks for multiple sympsoms, concluding the individual is either safe (green light) or a potential risk (red light).

    Highly customizable, can easily be integrated into existing décor and lobbies with specialized finishing.

    Near-Real time screening

    Uses proprietary AI to measure a grouping of symptoms determined by a medically based algorithm

    Frequently Asked Questions
    How does the Safe Entry Station work?
    Will I show “positive” with a common cold or flu?
    How long does the system take to process a scan?
    How does the tech respond to people who are completely asymptomatic:
    What symptoms does Safe Entry screen for?
    Does the system require installation of any other hardware ?
    How does the PredictMedix software different than other fever scanners on the market?
    How Accurate is the technology?
    Will I feel anything while walking through the unit and being scanned?
    What kind of internet bandwidth is required for the Safe Entry Station?
    How is my privacy protected?


    John Day

    Picture in replanted Mexican avocado orchard included

    Here comes the hard-sell for COVID vaccination against children, young children. Why? Is it just mundane business greed? Is this meant to establish the precedent that everybody, always must accept messenger-RNA genetic engineering injections without thought or complaint? That opens the doors wide to that devil. “Just take genetic engineering shots with messenger RNA twice per year , like everybody else does, like your Mom made you do, when you were little.” Thanks John Ward Cases of the rare disease, called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C, totaled more than 2,000 in February and surpassed 3,000 by April 1, according to the CDC, which will soon update its tally. Vaccine manufacturers’ clinical trials have mostly focused on adults, and now almost 72% of those 65 and older are fully inoculated, according to the CDC. Meanwhile, young children don’t yet have access to shots, and companies are still studying the effects on them. Pfizer Inc.’s vaccine has been available for teens 16 and older, and won authorization Monday for ages 12 to 15.

    Thanks Eleni. Global Banking Reset approaches: From the Notebook: The Coming Apotheosis of the Banks I’m not making predictions about that, but when you realize that with MMT banks like Goldman and Morgan are no longer needed to implement policy and the crazies have taken over the asylum, it may just be we’re far closer to the Great Sell Out of the banks than anyone has previously contemplated. Given that the entire COVID-19 story has collapsed and there’s no fear over it just the lasting divisions between the ‘masked’ and the ‘unmasked’ what’s the next fear on the horizon we have to look out for?

    It is ALREADY a Multipolar World, and the US has forced Russia and China to ally against the Empire. They are stronger than the Empire. Dealing with it… Blinken, Lavrov seek cooperation despite ‘serious differences’ at first meeting (Look at that picture of them meeting!) Top diplomats from the Biden administration and Russia in their first in-person meeting on Wednesday stressed that the former Cold War foes have serious differences in how they view world affairs but struck an optimistic tone for the talks, saying the two sides can still find ways to work together.

    Proof of sincerity in negotiations…
    Biden, Reversing Trump, Permits a Key Putin Goal: a New Russian Natural Gas Pipeline to Germany
    That Trump was controlled by Putin and served his agenda was the opposite of reality. First Obama, and now Biden, have accommodated Moscow far more.

    US Stimulus gooses Chinese consumer manufacturing, Charles Hugh Smith As America’s trade deficit explodes higher and the costs of offshoring supply chains mount, the apologists for globalization are out in full force, attempting to shout down reality with their usual specious claims about how amazingly wunnerful globalization has been for America. Allow me to tote up the real-world cost savings: Cost of cheap ill-fitting jeans dropped $10. Cost of low-quality TV that will only last a few years dropped $50. Cost of healthcare, annual increase: $3,000 per household Cost of rent, annual increase: $1,200 per household Cost of child care, annual increase: $1,300 per household Cost of college tuition and room and board, annual increase: $1,500 per household So while domestic costs rose $6,000 annually due to predatory cartels, over-regulation, taxes, etc., we saved $60 by offshoring supply chains.

    There are more than those 2 ways to engage the rightful inhabitants of Palestine, aren’t there? On the very day that Biden phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to urge de-escalation in Gaza, which the US President said would set the stage for a ceasefire with Hamas, the Israeli leader told a group of foreign ambassadors that the only solution might be to “conquer” the Gaza Strip.
    “There are only two ways that you can deal with them,” he said about Hamas during the Wednesday briefing held in Tel Aviv. “You can either conquer them, and that’s always an open possibility, or you can deter them, and we are engaged right now in forceful deterrence, but I have to say we don’t rule out anything.”

    Polder Dweller

    This whole Covid thing is driving me so crazy because I can’t get an answer to the big question of “Why?” Why aren’t doctors (John Day excepted) treating outpatients with ivermectin, HCQ or any number of other tried and trusted drugs? Why is everything being bet on black instead of trying to cover all the bases (mixing my metaphors there, but I hope you’ll forgive me)?

    Here’s the transcript of an interview Tucker Carlson recently had with Dr Peter McCullough, Professor of Medicine at the Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas and he asks that very question. Why Covid-19 treatment has been ignored and banned

    That Pfizer, Moderna and the rest want to cash in this year, next year ad infinitum, I get, but is it enough to justify deliberately withholding treatment of patients until they need oxygen? How immoral is that? How did they manage to get all the doctors, governments and health agencies on board? Surely there are enough people who can’t be bought?

    Then there’s the governments (particularly UK, Australia, but also EU) making the most of the situation to push through draconian freedom-limiting measures.

    Unfortunately, all this leads me into thinking way out wacky and very disturbing thoughts – what if the vaccines really do cause major problems a few years later (it’s not as if there’s no evidence that this might be the case), millions, no, tens or even hundreds of millions could die. Do the powers that be even consider this possibility or is that the entire point? Is this a cull, a thinning out of the overpopulated world? Who apart from certifiable psychopaths could possibly even entertain such a plan?


    I don’t believe I’ve seen this posted here before, it’s from The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and is a guide on effective home-based treatment of COVID.
    They ask for donations, but you can access the guide without giving a donation.

    A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment

    Also noteworthy (and related) is this testimony in the Texas Senate from Peter McCollough:

    Maxwell Quest

    @Polder Dweller

    I believe I watched about half of the Tucker Carlson / Dr Peter McCullough interview before something called me away or I just gave up. What struck me was how Dr Mc pretty much danced around the ideas of criminality and WEF conspiracy in order to not sound like a crazy wackadoodle. I believe he knows much more, but refused to elaborate. He kept hinting at them, but always acted like there was this puzzling big open question as to why Covid is being handled as it is. “Something is up”, he kept saying.

    I understand that as a professional, he can’t go shooting his 44 magnum all over the place and expect to be taken seriously. And his soft-peddling does serve a purpose by introducing the audience to difficult ideas gently, but for those of us who already have a clue that this is all being orchestrated by the WEF globalists it’s a bit frustrating to watch. He made me want to yell, “Stop beating around the bush, and just NAME IT!!”

    Figmund Sreud

    Proof of sincerity in negotiations…
    Biden, Reversing Trump, Permits a Key Putin Goal: a New Russian Natural Gas Pipeline to Germany
    – Dr. John Day, May 20, 2021 at 4:43 pm

    Well, … just made a minced turkey meat out of Greenwald, … and correctly so:
    Note To Greenwald – The ‘Russian’ Pipeline Is A Germany Need

    … short snip:
    Greenwald seems to presume that it is the right or the job of a U.S. president to ‘permit’ pipelines between two foreign country? That is of course completely false. The U.S. has no right, duty or whatever to interfere in regular businesses between foreign partners. Such interference is in fact illegal under international law. Biden, as well as Trump, should be criticized for even thinking about ‘permitting’ it.



    My Sis in Law who’s been bleeding for 20 days since her shot now just got to see her Doctor.
    She told her that it could be expected at her age and it doesn’t need reporting.

    Something’s going very wrong.

    “Clinicians and front-line healthcare workers are advised to encourage women to report heavy menstrual bleeding or other extraordinary bleeding events post-vaccination formally into the vaccine adverse events reporting system and seek prompt medical advice. Public health agencies and regulatory authorities are also requested to investigate these incidences and issue further warnings, as this can, possibly be an early sign of potentially fatal vaccine-induced prothrombotic thrombocytopenia leading to rare CVST events in younger women.”


    Crazy presentation:


    Lunatic Doctor!


    New Jersey – it’s real !!


    Absolute must watch:

    V. Arnold

    @ Germ
    Absolute must watch:

    I did; thank you…I think…
    Let’s see: a man made/created virus; escapes or let loose; a mad rush by big pharma to test their new vaccine therapies on vulnerable humans across the planet with no evidense of their (vaccines) efficacy…
    So, now we’re relegated to lab test dummies, er, guinea pigs…
    What galls the hell out of me is our complicity in all of this criminal behavior…the few that are awake cannot stop this horror…
    We’re being exposed as the helpless, controlled, subjugated bots that we are…
    Fear being the by word; how many will end up dead (as intended) by this foolish stupid human behavior?
    I’m just so fucking pissed/disgusted I can hardly even think…


    @V. Arnold: “I’m just so fucking pissed/disgusted I can hardly even think…”

    I’m right there with you. My heart aches over what is being done. It’s beyond me how people are continuing to function in day-to-day life, mindlessly thinking this injected biologic and vaccine passports are sound ideas and will keep them safe. While I understand “how” this happened, it doesn’t make it any easier to witness. Or live through. (Full disclosure: my adult son got vaccinated with Moderna. I tried, but no rational argument worked. He “seems” to understand the risks, wants to travel this summer, and figures he’ll be fine.)

    @ Germ: loved the video on the VAERS analysis. Very well done.

    On the ground in NY (gotta love this state): vaccinated are now allowed in [some] stores mask less. The store gets to decide. I ran some errands today. Result:

    Target: there were no “mask required” signs on doors. Since I “identify” as vaccinated (lol – love that idea!) I went in without a mask. 100% of staff and 85-90% of the customers wore masks. I avoided the masked people as I assume they don’t identify as vaccinated. 😉

    Liquor store: there were no “mask required” signs on doors. I went mask less. 100% of staff and customers were masked. Except me.

    Loved every minute of it. 🙂

    V. Arnold

    @V. Arnold: “I’m just so fucking pissed/disgusted I can hardly even think…”

    I’m right there with you. My heart aches over what is being done. It’s beyond me how people are continuing to function in day-to-day life, mindlessly thinking this injected biologic and vaccine passports are sound ideas and will keep them safe.

    Thanks upstateNYer for the support…
    Me, born in Queens; and then Locust Valley, L.I. a long, long time ago… 😉

    V. Arnold


    Enjoy the words of the late, great Alan Watt.

    Watt is a great speaker; a pleasure to listen to…
    I recognised the danger of TV many decades ago and got rid of my TV in 1994 and haven’t had on since…
    …but, there is new danger afoot…the internet…
    I suspect people will just replace watching TV with addiction to the intertubes…
    A much greater possibility of harm; but also a great possibility of good…
    As with most things, balance is in order…

    V. Arnold

    @ Germ

    Watt makes a very critical point: There is, for all practical purposes, no one to speak for the people in any meaningful way…the West has gone completely off the rails…
    Neo-serfdom has arrived…and not so recently…


    I just made a rather long post which disappeared. Let’s try a much shorter one.

    Thsi morning I made a comment to an article in The Conversation talking about how alarmist reporting on covid will only heighten anxieties and drive vaccine hesitancy. I cited McCullough and wondered how someone like me can know what is credible and what isn’t. I got a reply from another commentator, not the author of the article.

    It cited Reuters Factcheck citing the CDC which says there is no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths. (
    Also cited the Wikipedia entry demonising Robert F. Kennedy.
    Also cited a Guardian article ( saying that McCullough peer reviewed his own article, and his views don’t reflect those of Baylor Scott and White Health.

    After 12 months of reading and trying to analyse what is going on, my suspicious little mind has become very wary of the CDC and the Guardian and Wikipedia (and all the rest of them). No wonder the general public go along with the authorised and official opinions. They may not have the time or the interest in investigating, and neither would I if it weren’t for sites like TAE.

    V. Arnold


    No wonder the general public go along with the authorised and official opinions. They may not have the time or the interest in investigating, and neither would I if it weren’t for sites like TAE.

    Indeed! Thank the gods for Ilargi’s TAE…
    I do fear his literary heroism/information will make Ilargi and TAE a target for government censorship…
    We live in a time of lies, fraud, and punishment for telling the truth…
    It should now be beyond any doubt our literal lives depend on knowing what’s true and what are lies…
    The government duplicity regarding covid and big pharma is a life threatening event…already having killed millions…


    I always thought that I was well informed nerd. Not an ass-kissing people person. After the loss of the Vietnam War, there would be no more US colonial wars. The Iraq Invasion shattered that illusion.

    The COVID Pandemic debacle and the Vaccine Sell made clear that corporate news and private/public marketing are propaganda with little relationship to science or reality.

    Only after the same rare blood clotting reaction occurred in young women with the J & J and AstraZeneca treatments did I realized clearly that they both are literally gene therapies not vaccines. A man-made double strand DNA gene is inserted into a replication incompetent adenovirus that takes over the cell’s nucleus and codes the mRNA that goes into the cell to direct the ribosome to make the coronavirus spike protein which then sticks out of the cell’s surface when the cell breaks down triggering the immune system. The marketing is so through and repetitive I could not add 1 + 1.

    For example, a week ago, the Washington Post Coronavirus Newsletter answered an e-mailed question asking if the coronavirus vaccines change the nucleus. They replied no the mRNA vaccines do not enter the nucleus; completely ignoring the Adenovirus “vaccines” (J & J, AstraZeneca and Sputnik V) that must enter the nucleus to work.

    I read TAE, NC, Ian Welsh and Zero Hedge every day. If I was bamboozled, I have to believe all of my fellow neo-Serfs are too. Identity politics has so divided Americans into two ethnic/political silos, that the Overlords can rule as they wish.

    V. Arnold

    @ Vietnam Vet

    Sputnik V is NOT an mRNA gene therapy parading as a vaccine…
    Sputnik V is a genuine vaccine made from one or two weakened cold virus, IIRC…



    From Sputnik V Wikipedia:
    “Gam-COVID-Vac is a viral two-vector vaccine based on two human adenoviruses – a common cold virus – containing the gene that encodes the full-length spike protein (S) of SARS-CoV-2 to stimulate an immune response.

    From COVID-19 vaccine Wikipedia:
    “As of April 2021, 16 vaccines are authorized by at least one national regulatory authority for public use: two RNA vaccines (Pfizer–BioNTech and Moderna), seven conventional inactivated vaccines (BBIBP-CorV, CoronaVac, Covaxin, WIBP-CorV, CoviVac, Minhai-Kangtai and QazVac), five viral vector vaccines (Sputnik Light, Sputnik V, Oxford–AstraZeneca, Convidecia, and Johnson & Johnson), and two protein subunit vaccines (EpiVacCorona and RBD-Dimer)”

    I feel the misdirection is intentional part of marketing jabs. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are human modified coronavirus spike mRNA encapsulated in lipids to get inside the cells and direct assembly of the spike protein. This is one step less invasive than the DNA gene viral vector vaccines which coopt two cellular process. The human designed gene in the virus takes over the coding of messenger RNA in the cell nucleus and the modified mRNA then directs the spike protein assembly in the ribosomes instead of more viruses.

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