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Wilhelm Trübner A Gorgon‘s head 1891


The Value Of The Vaccine Is In Getting People To Take The Vaccine (CTH)
The Beginning of the End? (eugyp)
Alpha Covid Variant Mutates To Evade Innate Immune System (RT)
‘Israel Could Be Completely Unprotected Against Covid-19 In A Month’ (JPost)
Israeli Study Urges ‘Rethink’ Of Covid, Indicates Antioxidants May Help (ToI)
Israel Attorney General Gives Nod to Sanctions on Unvaccinated (Haaretz)
Sorry Not Sorry (Denninger)
NY Times Editor, 49, Dies One Day After Moderna Booster Shot (NP)
Algerian Football Player Dies After Collapsing On Pitch (RT)
Florida Surgeon General Promotes Nutraceuticals for COVID-19 (Mercola)
New Zealand Okays Euthanasia For Covid Patients (CH)
Facebook Now Censoring the British Medical Journal (NYNR)
Declassified Documents Show How US Lied To Russia About NATO in 1990s (RT)
Russia Advises NATO to (Finally) Honor ‘Not One Inch Eastward’ Pledge (Bridge)



Michael P Senger @MichaelPSenger
“New COVID cases in Australia are skyrocketing to nearly 4x prior record highs despite some of the world’s longest and strictest lockdowns, vaccine passes, outdoor mask mandates, banning of protests, strict curfews, military-enforced restrictions, and government quarantine camps.”





They know when you are sleeping…
They know when you’re awake…
They know if you’ve been vaxxed or not,
So, get vaxxed or meet the state.



He actually says it.

The Value Of The Vaccine Is In Getting People To Take The Vaccine (CTH)

Trust the science they say…. and then, accidentally, the “scientists” admit that what they are doing under the guise of public health has absolutely nothing to do with science. Anthony Fauci appears today on ABC This Week to push the vaccine narrative. When asked about a vaccine passport requirement for airline travel, Facui admits openly the only reason for a vaccine mandate is to force people to get the vaccine. There is no other benefit for the mandate other than to force people to get the vaccine. The vaccine doesn’t stop infection. The vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of infection. The vaccine has no value from the position of decreasing the spread of a COVID-19 virus or any variant therein. The value of the vaccine is in getting people to take the vaccine. It sounds goofy, but that’s exactly what Dr. Anthony Fauci admits in this interview. Watch at 09:10 prompted.

Once again, it seems the vaccine requirements overall are just a tool to create a system for the Vaccine Passport. The passport is then a simple tracking mechanism to identify the movements of all the people being forced to show it. The Vaccine Passport is essentially the gateway to a digital id system. Even with everything that has happened in this Overton window of the past two years, it is still stunning to me how many people now accept the reality of their papers being demanded to move around and live life. The axiom of “papers please” used to trigger a common American aversion. Now, there are millions of people who just comply as if they cannot see what lies at the end of this acceptance.

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“There are failures that lose you your job, there are failures that make you a public disgrace, and then there are their failures, the kind that lead to arrest, indictment, imprisonment, and worse.”

The Beginning of the End? (eugyp)

In the coming months, Omicron will outcompete all other lineages everywhere in the world. At that point, Corona will have completed its transformation into a mild coronavirus that nobody should care about, in the same way that nobody cares about other common human-infecting coronaviruses like hCoV-OC43. Unforeseen developments are always possible; Omicron might in time acquire greater pathogenicity. Particularly if we insist on vaccinating widely, we might drive its evolution in new and potentially dangerous directions. Those are, however, mere possibilities. Right now, everything tells us that the virus part of the pandemic will soon be over. The major question, is how the rest of the Corona Circus will respond. Some thoughts on that:

In the short term, rising cases will probably fuel demand for more vaccinations. This is the blunt, stupid way that our public health experts respond to infections now, but it is not a game that will go well for the vaccinators. The vaccines will fail even more profoundly in stopping Omicron transmission, and there will be far fewer severe outcomes for them to prevent. I don’t know how long the crackpot vaccination regime can survive overt absurdities like this. Omicron will probably also unwind the broader containment regime. South Africa has already abandoned their most intrusive tracing, quarantine and isolation policies, declaring a shift towards mitigation (which is what they should have done in the first place). Trying to defeat a minimally symptomatic highly contagious virus with the comically inadequate tools of the contact tracer is simply too ridiculous.

In the longer term, things look much more uncertain. It is hard to shake the feeling that Corona has swept away the last vestiges of liberal democracy in Europe, and perhaps in the whole world. I don’t think these political systems have been very good for the West, but our new theocratic regimes steered by the Corona astrologers have been vastly worse. As soon as the hysteria boils off, many of these villains will begin trying to get the panic machine up and running again. The alternative is a future where nobody much cares what they have to think, where they’re no longer able to interfere in millions lives, and – perhaps most crucially – where a lot of politicians, journalists, and ordinary people begin to realise what utter failures they and their policies have been. There are failures that lose you your job, there are failures that make you a public disgrace, and then there are their failures, the kind that lead to arrest, indictment, imprisonment, and worse.

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Maybe you should make sure you catch Omicron first.

Alpha Covid Variant Mutates To Evade Innate Immune System (RT)

The Alpha Covid variant, in the process of mutating, has gained specific ‘skills’ to block the innate immune system response. The scientists who discovered this hope it will lead to a better understanding of how the virus evolves. According to the research, published in Nature magazine, the Alpha variant’s new isolates “more effectively suppress innate immune responses in airway epithelial cells” compared to first wave isolates. According to the report, Alpha, which was first discovered in the UK in November 2020 and quickly spread around the world, “has dramatically increased” the protein levels of “innate immune antagonists.” This means that Alpha has ‘learned’ how to evade the body’s first line of response. It does so by blocking the sensors in the airways, which under normal circumstances ‘warn’ the immune system of the virus’ presence and prompt it to produce the ‘anti-viral’ protein interferon.

The researchers say the “more effective innate immune suppression” increases the chances of transmission, as well as the duration of illness. “It will be fascinating to see how the other variants, such as Delta and Omicron, perform comparatively in our lung epithelial systems,” a co-author of the research, Dr. Lucy Thorne, said, as quoted by Science Daily. A better understanding of the mechanisms used by different variants to evade the immune defenses, “will teach us not only about the viruses themselves but also about human biology,” Thorne added. The recent spread of the Omicron variant has caused a new wave of cases and prompted countries to reintroduce restrictions and travel bans.

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The conclusion is right. The way they arrive at it is shoddy. You can’t keep on saying how effective the vaccines are, and then conclude the opposite.

‘Israel Could Be Completely Unprotected Against Covid-19 In A Month’ (JPost)

Israel’s Pandemic Response Team was warned last Tuesday night that Israel could go from being reasonably protected against Omicron to not being protected at all within just a month. As a result, the team – along with the COVID-19 Vaccination Advisory Board – voted to allow the country’s highest risk population to receive a fourth shot of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, sparking controversy in Israel and around the world. Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash has still not approved the recommendation – and may not – as more data about the likelihood of developing serious infection from the Omicron variant is starting to emerge. But why did the committee make a recommendation if it did not have all the data?

The presentations shown to the committee by the COVID-19 National Information and Knowledge Center – a division of the Israel Defense Forces – as well as by a separate joint medical research team could be the reason for what seemed like an unexpectedly bold decision. “Within a month or two, the protection in Israel could be almost back to where it was before vaccines,” a report by the knowledge center warned. “The transition from Delta to Omicron will make Israel go from being reasonably protected to being almost not protected at all.” In its presentation, which The Jerusalem Post reviewed, the center showed that the protection afforded people ages 60 and older who received a third dose is expected to decline from 75% to only 25% within a month as the Omicron variant becomes the dominant strain in Israel.

Part of the reason for this is that the vaccine wanes quickly, as explained by a separate presentation to the committee made by researchers from the Health Ministry, the Weizmann Institute of Science, Hebrew University, the Technion and the Gertner Institute. A graph presented by the Weizmann Prof. Ron Milo showed that the Pfizer vaccines began to wane after only three months for both the second and third doses. In Israel, most of the elderly population (845,779 people) received their booster shots more than four months ago. “The excellent defense against infection by the Delta variant from the third dose begins to erode,” the slide said. It showed that the third shot at first provided four times more protection than the second one but stressed that “the noted protection against infection with the Delta variant for those vaccinated with the booster begins to decline.”

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“It’s time to “rethink” the notion that COVID is above all a respiratory illness [..]’s actually an “immune-and-respiratory” condition..”

Israeli Study Urges ‘Rethink’ Of Covid, Indicates Antioxidants May Help (ToI)

It’s time to “rethink” the notion that COVID is above all a respiratory illness, as new research suggests it’s actually an “immune-and-respiratory” condition, Israeli scientists say. The team behind the new peer-reviewed research says the idea may help explain the unusual nature of COVID-19, and might even pave the way for over-the-counter antioxidants to help treat the disease. The geneticists from Ben Gurion University studied the mitochondria. Often called the “power plants” of cells, they generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell’s biochemical reactions. “We expected to see a change in the mitochondria in the lung but not the blood, because after all, COVID-19 is supposed to be a lung disease,” Prof. Dan Mishmar, the lead researcher and president of the Genetic Society of Israel, told The Times of Israel.

“But to our surprise, we found the opposite was true. “We saw no change to mitochondria in the lung, but saw a significant change in the blood, with a reduction in mitochondria gene expression.” But Mishmar said that as the blood is a strong indicator of the state of the immune system, his study suggests that immune disruption comes before any respiratory issues. (SARS-CoV-2) But Mishmar said that as the blood is a strong indicator of the state of the immune system, his study suggests that immune disruption comes before any respiratory issues. His hypothesis is that abnormally functioning mitochondria lead to some of the most concerning effects of COVID-19, including the cytokine storm, which is often characterized as an immune overreaction that can cause rapid demise.

And Mishmar said if he is right, patients’ conditions could be improvable with existing antioxidants. “Until now the mitochondria as a system was almost overlooked, and now we’re identifying it as a central player in the disease, and starting to explore how to help and improve mitochondria function and potentially lead to an improvement in symptoms,” he said. “There are over-the-counter drugs, or strictly speaking supplements, that could help to do exactly that — they are antioxidants. They reduce the signals generated by the mitochondria, and given that the cytokine storm is essentially a signaling storm, could be very helpful in preventing this from happening.”

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The vaccines have failed dramatically in Israel. Time for desperate measures.

Israel Attorney General Gives Nod to Sanctions on Unvaccinated (Haaretz)

Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit has approved the imposition of government restrictions on unvaccinated people in an effort to encourage them to get the jab, regardless of whether those restrictions are demonstrably epidemiologically effective. In view of the attorney general’s legal brief, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz are weighing bringing a few proposals to the cabinet, designed to bolster restrictions on unvaccinated people. Until now, the attorney general has prevented the government implementing policies whose sole intention is to encourage vaccination regardless of whether it is epidemiologically justified. The prohibition included both the awarding of benefits to those who do get the vaccine and the imposing of restrictions on people refusing to get vaccinated.

Before any decision on augmenting restrictions, representatives of the attorney general generally request an expert opinion from the Health Ministry regarding the policy’s epidemiological efficacy. Policies would be implemented only after such an opinion was received. These opinions have been used by the state in responding to the numerous petitions objecting to various coronavirus-related restrictions that have been submitted to the High Court of Justice. With the rapid spread of the omicron variant, the attorney general’s has shifted his position. The reversal came during a cabinet debate on a proposal that would restrict entry to malls to fully vaccinated people, while prohibiting entry to unvaccinated people, even when they present negative COVID-19 test results. Several proposals came up during the discussion, including rewarding vaccinated people through a financial bonus or giving coupons to parents who vaccinate their children.

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“There was always going to be “that uncle” who refused, you know, and now he’s laughing while everyone else in the family is puking or coughing their lungs out.”

Sorry Not Sorry (Denninger)

There are now reports coming in of people being very cranked off at physicians offices and hospitals. Why? Well, they took the jabs, in many cases got boosted, and then got *****-19 anyway. Oh well. Now the docs and nurses are bent that their customers are pissed off and using the “B” word or even the “C” and “F” words. Awwwww, cry me a ****ing river. You ought to count your blessings you’re not getting shivved in the ER and Minute Clinics! Which docs strongly advocated for these jabs? Which ones backed up the so-called “official government advice” with exhortations of their own, pestering and hounding their customers? Which ones went even further and demanded it? Many threatened to fire customers (patients) who refused, and more than a few did do exactly that.

How many nurses and doctors wrote OpEds basically threatening the unjabbed with death if they didn’t take the shot? How many verbally accosted people — or worse, even engaged in assault? Remember we were all told you won’t get ***** if you take the shot and then that pivoted to you won’t get materially ill. Well, people are getting quite sick! WITH *****. AFTER BEING “FULLY” JABBED AND EVEN BOOSTED! “Oh but it would have been worse” the scolds say on the Internet. Except….. now we have multiple families showing up where only the jabbed people are getting hit. There was always going to be “that uncle” who refused, you know, and now he’s laughing while everyone else in the family is puking or coughing their lungs out.

Still trust doctors eh? Still think you should be nice to doctors or nurses? I think if you flim-flam someone, and these people clearly did, you deserve everything you get. Especially when the people you screwed took the risk of serious or even fatal side effects and now, it appears, the jabs made them more susceptible to infection rather than less! PS: It’s not just there. It’s also in England and….. the land of jab-a-holics, Australia where they literally arrest you if you try to refuse!

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“The NY Times has thus far made no reference to Tejada having received his booster shot just hours before his premature death.”

NY Times Editor, 49, Dies One Day After Moderna Booster Shot (NP)

Carlos Tejada, a New York Times Deputy Asia Editor, has died at the age of 49. He suffered a heart attack less than a day after posting to social media that he had received a Moderna booster vaccination. Tejada, who worked in part on the paper’s COVID-19 coverage, was married with two children. He had worked at the Wall Street Journal prior to moving to the Times, where he worked for almost five years. According to Tejada’s own Instagram page, he was grateful to receive the mRNA/LNP booster while in Seoul, South Korea. Tejada originally received the Johnson & Johnson DNA/AAV COVID-19 vaccination in July 2021. Less than a day after receiving his Moderna booster on December 17th, Tejada died of a heart attack. The news was shared via Tejada’s social media by his wife Nora the following morning. The Times confirmed his death on December 22nd.

Former NY Times journalist Alex Berenson reported on his Substack that Tejada did not given informed consent to receive the booster shot, as the consent form was written in Korea and Tejada did not read Korean. On his social media, Tejada joked that Omicron could “hit [him] with your wet snot,” before going on to say, “all I had to do was fill out this form in a language I cant read. Translation software tells me I now belong to the BTS army.” Berenson also noted that there have been no clinical trials on the efficacy of mixing two different types of vaccinations. Studies conducted on COVID-19 vaccinations suggest that those who receive vaccines in rapid succession are more likely to develop heart complications, such as myocarditis and pericarditis.

The NY Times has thus far made no reference to Tejada having received his booster shot just hours before his premature death. To this, Berenson, a former employee of the newspaper, said he hoped that Tejada’s death would finally “wake the Times.” Studies published to AAHA have suggested that mRNA vaccines increase inflammatory markers in patients. Prior to Tejada receiving his Moderna booster, the CDC announced that 80 percent of COVID-19 Omicron “variant” cases were found in “fully-vaccinated” individuals.

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“Algerian footballer, Sofiane Loukar (30) has became the 4th footballer to die of a heart attack this week The others include Croatian footballer Marin Cacic (23), Oman international player Mukhaled Al-Raqadi (39), Egyptian goalkeeper, Ahmed Amin 35).”

Algerian Football Player Dies After Collapsing On Pitch (RT)

Algerian footballer Sofiane Loukar has died after collapsing while captaining his team Mouloudia Saida in a second division match on Saturday. Loukar is said to have collided with his own goalkeeper in the 26th minute of the Algerian Ligue 2 meeting with rivals ASM Oran. After receiving treatment the player was cleared to return to the pitch, only to collapse suddenly around 10 minutes later. According to Reuters, citing local media, Loukar was attended to at the scene and then rushed to hospital but died of a heart attack on the way. Other reports have indicated that the cause of death has not been determined. The Algeria Press Service indicated that Loukar was 28 at the time of his death, although elsewhere he has been listed as age 30. Adding to the tragedy, the footballer is said to have married just one week before Saturday’s fatal incident.

Footage shared by UAE news outlet Gulf Today purported to show Loukar’s grief-stricken teammates after they discovered the news that he had passed away. Other clips circulating online apparently showed the desperate efforts to revive him. The tragedy comes after young Croatian footballer Marin Cacic died three days after being placed into a coma following a sudden collapse during training with his team NK Nehaj Sinj. Cacic’s club confirmed his passing at the age of just 23 in a touching message on social media on Christmas Eve. In another tragedy to rock football, Omani footballer Mukhaled Al-Raqadi died at the age of 29 on Wednesday after collapsing during the warm-up for a top-flight match for Muscat in his homeland.Local reports indicated that the cause was a heart attack, with Muscat and the Oman Football Association paying tribute on social media.

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“..certain supplements or foods containing vitamins and minerals might help boost your immune system, such as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and quercetin.”

Florida Surgeon General Promotes Nutraceuticals for COVID-19 (Mercola)

Florida’s new surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, has issued a statewide public service announcement in support of commonsense COVID prevention strategies such as optimizing your vitamin D, staying active, eating nutrient-dense foods, and boosting your immune system with supplements. Florida Health’s website now urges Floridians to “Talk to your health care provider about how certain supplements or foods containing vitamins and minerals might help boost your immune system, such as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and quercetin.” These are all well-known supplements that have been shown to have a positive impact on your COVID-19 risk. The surgeon general also supports the use of monoclonal antibodies in acute cases, and as prevention in high-risk patients who have been exposed to COVID-19.

Available treatment locations can be found on Florida Health even highlights emerging treatments such as fluvoxamine and inhaled budesonide. Importantly, Florida Health now states that: “Physicians should use their clinical judgment when recommending treatment options for patients’ individualized health care needs. This may include emerging treatment options with appropriate patient informed consent, including off-label use or as part of a clinical trial.” Well, no one could be happier about this than I. I’ve been calling for vitamin D recommendations since the earliest days of the pandemic—ideally nationwide, but statewide is at least a start, especially considering that Florida is the sunshine state.

Ladapo was appointed Florida surgeon general and secretary of the Florida Department of Health by Gov. Ron DeSantis on Sept. 21, 2021, and it’s refreshing to finally see COVID guidance that makes sense. In his acceptance speech, Ladapo said: “I am honored to have been chosen by Governor DeSantis to serve as Florida’s next Surgeon General. We must make health policy decisions rooted in data and not in fear. “I have observed the different approaches taken by governors across the country, and I have been impressed by Governor DeSantis’ leadership and determination to ensure that Floridians are afforded all opportunities to maintain their health and wellness while preserving their freedoms as Americans.”

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No prophylaxis, no early treatment, but euthanasia is fine.

“It turns the ethos of medicine on its head..”

New Zealand Okays Euthanasia For Covid Patients (CH)

Patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 can die by euthanasia if doctors decide they might not survive, the New Zealand government has declared. The Ministry of Health confirmed that a right to a lethal injection under a new euthanasia law could extend to patients who were either dying from the coronavirus or suffering unbearably from its consequences. In response to a request for clarity on a euthanasia law which came into force last month, the government declared that “in some circumstances a person with COVID-19 may be eligible for assisted dying”. The admission that COVID patients were eligible for a lethal jab came after Henoch Kloosterboer, editor of the anti-euthanasia The Defender website, made a request under the Official Information Act – the New Zealand equivalent to the 2000 Freedom of Information Act.

He said the policy left “the door wide open for abuse” of elderly and vulnerable patients – especially if the country’s health service came under pressure from a COVID surge. He said: “It would not be hard to envisage a situation in which a speedy and sizeable rise in COVID-19 hospitalisations could result in pressure to utilise euthanasia and assisted suicide as tools to resolve such a serious crisis.” The euthanasia law, he added, “has now made the COVID-19 pandemic potentially even more dangerous for the people of Aotearoa New Zealand”. The 2019 End of Life Choice Act is considered to be one of the most extreme euthanasia laws anywhere in the world, and critics say the safeguards are so flimsy that they are easily circumvented.

It permits both euthanasia and assisted suicide for adults suffering from an illness which would be terminal within six months, or who were in an advanced state of irreversible physical decline or who were suffering unbearably. The law, ratified following a referendum in 2020, guarantees all residents the right of access to a doctor who will kill them within a period as short as four days from receiving a request. Doctors receive a government fee of $1,000 plus expenses for every euthanasia death they perform. Just 96 of the country’s 16,000 doctors have offered to participate, however, and all but one of the nation’s 32 hospices have indicated that they will not permit euthanasia.

In the UK, Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, a professor of palliative medicine, said the New Zealand euthanasia law contradicted the fundamental purpose of medicine and health services to heal the sick. She said: “It is bizarre that a country which has been trying to protect it citizens by closing down completely from a virus from which people can fully recover … is now suggesting that these patients should be killed by their doctors. “It turns the ethos of medicine on its head,” she said. “You really cannot predict death 100 per cent,” she added. “So why not support them while they are dying and leave the door open in case they are in the group that defies all odds and recovers completely?”

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Itty-bitty problem: the BMJ itself censors too…

Facebook Now Censoring the British Medical Journal (NYNR)

Fiona Godlee, the editor of The British Medical Journal (BMJ), has written a letter to Facebook (Meta) CEO Mark Zuckerberg blasting him for the social media platform’s “inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible … fact-check” protocols that we now know are just a censorship tool. One of the oldest and most highly respected scientific journals in the world, The BMJ recently published a report entitled, “Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial” that calls into question the “science” behind Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine.” Because the report does not unquestioningly praise the jabs as “safe and effective,” Facebook “fact checked” it and deemed it as containing “false information.”

Starting on November 10, Facebook users who tried to share the article encountered problems. Many were unable to share it at all while others say the post was flagged with a warning that stated: “Missing context … Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people.” Still others were prompted with warnings advising them to not try to share “false information.” It turns out that Facebook contractor “Lead Stories” was responsible for all this censorship. After learning what had happened, Godlee ripped Zuckerberg a new one, highlighting the following points about the so-called “fact check” in her letter to him:

• It did not present any assertions of fact that The BMJ article supposedly got wrong.
• It used the following nonsensical title: “Fact Check: The British Medical Journal Did NOT Reveal Disqualifying And Ignored Reports Of Flaws In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trials.”
• The first paragraph inaccurately labeled The BMJ a “news blog.”
• A screenshot of The BMJ report that Facebook posted with a “Flaws Reviewed” stamp over the top of it failed to identify anything false or untrue.
• It published the story on its website under a URL that contains the phrase “hoax-alert.”
• Lead Stories was contacted by The BMJ concerning these and other issues but the company refused to make any changes.
• The BMJ also tried to contact Facebook directly about removing the “fact check,” but was refused.

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Not the strongest article, but a major point.

Declassified Documents Show How US Lied To Russia About NATO in 1990s (RT)

In April 2014, President Vladimir Putin addressed Russia’s Federal Assembly in the wake of Moscow’s reabsorption of Crimea. Over the course of his speech, he laid the blame for an increase in tensions on the West, which he insisted had “lied to us many times, made decisions behind our backs, placed us before an accomplished fact.” At the heart of this apparent duplicity was NATO’s expansion to the East, “as well as deployment of military infrastructure at our borders,” contrary, he said, to its promises. Ever since, disproving the idea that Western leaders had assured Moscow the bloc wouldn’t encroach on its borders has become an obsession for think tanks and lobby groups.

For example, UK policy institute Chatham House brands the suggestion that any pledge was made not to enlarge the controversial military bloc one of the key “myths and misconceptions in the debate on Russia,” while NATO’s own website likewise claims it is wholly manufactured. Significant evidence to the contrary has long-been easily accessible, but now the National Security Archive has published a tranche of never-before-seen, highly revealing documents detailing how then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin was consistently manipulated by his US counterpart Bill Clinton on the question during the mid-1990s, while bold, false promises of a “strategic partnership” of the countries faded into nothingness.

Take for instance the transcript of a cordial July 5 1994 telephone conversation between the pair, at which time the US president was preparing to depart for Poland – which had been pushing for rapid absorption by NATO – and the Baltic states, before meeting with Yeltsin at the G7 summit in Italy. Yeltsin urged Clinton to raise the plight of Russophones in Estonia and Latvia, because “a public statement from you that the US will not support any infringement on the rights of the Russian-speaking people” would mean these countries “will act differently.” He noted Lithuania’s quick granting of citizenship to its Russian minority had prompted Moscow to withdraw its troops from Vilnius, and the same could happen by August in Tallinn and Riga if assurances were made. Yeltsin also wished to discuss NATO expansion.

In response, Clinton swore he’d “raise the issue of the Russian minorities,” and reassured Yeltsin that while NATO might “eventually expand,” he’d set out “no timetable and no requirements.” Instead, he indicated that he’d “like us to concentrate” on Partnership for Peace, a US-led initiative seeking to “achieve a united Europe where people respect each other’s borders and work together.” Yeltsin could be entirely forgiven for thinking the Partnership was Washington’s primary focus, and the military alliance an afterthought, by the conclusion of the chat.

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Putin may lose his patience.

Russia Advises NATO to (Finally) Honor ‘Not One Inch Eastward’ Pledge (Bridge)

As NATO continues its mission creep inexorably towards the Russian border, Moscow issued a security proposal to the Western military bloc, which is in fact nothing less than an ultimatum: halt any further eastward military advances or Russia will be forced to act on behalf of its national interests. The date February 9, 1990 will be forever remembered among historians as a ‘day of infamy’ as far as NATO-Russia relations are concerned. That was the date when U.S. Secretary of State James Baker famously assured Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, during glasnost-era talks on German unification that the Western military bloc would not advance “one inch eastward” towards Russia’s borders.

The level of deception contained in that empty pledge is easily discernible today as NATO membership has exploded since the Cold War times to 30 member states. In 2004, the former Soviet states of Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined NATO at the 2004 Istanbul summit; Albania and Croatia became members in 2009, while North Macedonia joined in 2020. Already, the Western military bloc abuts Russia’s northwestern border in the Baltic States of Latvia and Estonia. But now with the political tinderbox known as Ukraine actively seeking membership in NATO, Moscow has produced what amounts to an ultimatum, where the carrot is simply the preservation of peace among the world’s nuclear superpowers.

Will the US-led organization bite? On the question of NATO, the draft agreement on security states that “The United States of America shall take measures to prevent further eastward expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and deny accession to the Alliance to the former USSR republics.”

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    Veracious Poet

    The NY Times has thus far made no reference to Tejada having received his booster shot just hours before his premature death. To this, Berenson, a former employee of the newspaper, said he hoped that Tejada’s death would finally “wake the Times.”

    From what I know about the NY Slimes, having worked along side of several senior reporters, is that employment is contingent upon full WOKE CULT partisanship…

    When a CULT is that far gone, constantly in error due to psychosis, pathological pride will not admit to being wrong, EVER.

    When threatened with real reality, NYT editors release squads of flying word monkeys to mindscrew any & all inferior animals that don’t understand how important the ol’ gray lady is…

    NYT reporters are some of the most slimy, twisted megalomaniacs I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting 😐

    Dr. D

    “you’re only allowed to point out a critical systemic flaw if you also parrot a completely unrealistic, impractical “solution” that fits the sugar-high optimism requirement: fusion: unlimited energy for everyone forever! Modern Monetary Theory: free money for everyone forever!

    And so on…”

    “In previous articles I have described the Federal Reserve as an “ideological suicide bomber.” There are some people out there that still do not grasp this concept and it boggles my mind to see how they rationalize many of the fed’s actions, as if the people running the fed are “oblivious” to the damage they are doing.

    First and foremost, no, the Fed is not motivated by profits, at least not primarily. The Fed is able to print wealth at will, they don’t care about profits – They care about power and centralization.”

    Would they sacrifice “the golden goose” of US markets in order to gain more power and full bore globalism? Absolutely. Would central bankers sacrifice the dollar and blow up the Fed as an institution in order to force a global currency system on the masses? There is no doubt; they’ve put the US economy at risk in the past in order to get more centralization.

    At the onset of the Great Depression, the Fed increased interest rates into weakness after years of artificially stimulating markets with low cost debt. This prolonged the deflationary crash for many years.” –AltMarkets

    Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.” – Ben Bernanke, 2002

    The rich owned everything, and were very happy. But! Muh Income Taxes! We whut thar showed ‘em! Yeah, just before those same taxes dropped from millionaires back to the poor. For 100 years. Now the rich pay no taxes at all. government, merged with billionaires and corporations, sure got them under control! Vote for Burr!

    His point is well taken though: when you can PRINT money, out of thin air, “money”, “profit” as motive, MEANS NOTHING. It’s all about CONTROL. Power. Raw power, the power to MAKE other people OBEY, and do whatever you want them to do, whatever is worse for them, that they would never do on their own. Because if they were going to do it anyway, why would you need power-over them? If it were good for them and made the people happy, they’d do it for nothing. Money itself nothing. You only need to make them “Do What They’re Told.” And, as defined above, what they’re told is to GO KILL YOURSELF. Either slowly, with debt and poverty, or quickly, with shots.

    Now if you’re the good guys, the only way to win is to make people voluntarily REALIZE this. How can that be accomplished? Voluntarily, as the definition of being “Good” is that the ends do not justify the means?

    Well you tell me. I’m sure they’re taking suggestions. Telling you honestly and directly for 65 years has done nothing. We need a better plan. They told you there were communists in Hollywood that would erase the police, create Hoovervilles widely, kill the middle class quickly, with violent crime and slowly with poverty, erase Detroit and turn it back into brushland. Gas is $4 and steak is $17, can you hear me now? Or is it all just a conspiracy theory to you?

    He follows up with “I warned about the propensity for globalist simulations to play out in real life in my article ‘Cyberpolygon: Will The Next Globalist War Game Lead To Another Convenient Catastrophe?’”

    “half of all [U.S.] states are now blocking the mandates and Biden’s executive orders are meeting stiff resistance in the courts. Any attempt to actually enforce vax passports or forced vaccination here will lead to a war that the covid cult will lose, it’s that simple. So, the globalists are going to need a different crisis to create further “opportunities

    Because it’s all about CONTROL. That’s called “Disaster Capitalism”. The book on that must be decades old, if you didn’t read the partner manual “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by Perkins. Only difference is, their target for extraction, harvest, murder, and destruction is Alabama, not Columbia.

    Canada Admits to Secretly Tracking 33 Million Phones During Covid-19 Lockdown”

    But they had to! Because…I got nothin’. I can’t think of a single reason this should be done. Because Justin’s mommy-wife said so? Because they’re all acutely mentally ill? You, know, you don’t have to follow. If Justin puts on a blackface and a Sari and jumps off the collapsing-from-opening-day Constitution Bridge, you don’t to follow.

    I mean: let him. Watch. I would.


    Long post re Dr. John Day’s thoughts last night around future hardship/scarcity, apologies.

    What back-up arrangements are being made?
    This is a big one John and I am glad we are all getting another go-round on the topic as it is very important. Your feelings and ideas on the scope and breadth of the task are well supported by just a few short minutes of reminding ourselves how we all got here – The Haber Bosch process.

    I love the dualism in Haber being the Godfather of making exponential humans possible but also being the first Chemical warfare guru. Strange indeed.

    I have for 3 days, been in Melbourne (which is culturally weird as F! because of the lockdowns and fear – I’ll report more another time).
    The ability of people here to withstand food crisis is nil. The houses go on endlessly (5 million bodies use them) and the yards are too small to yield food on any sustaining level AT ALL. They would indeed rely on external inputs as they do now and would have little leverage if the oil/financial situation turned against them (it will). Like Europe to Russia/America they will see the difficulties and they will be extreme. There is food produced on the margins but would it provide the carbs, proteins and sugars? I don’t know, but a mix of people-power and some authoritarian management could do it though Hubbert’s peak is now asymmetric in shape and looking cliff-like (Gail Tvalberg and we here understand this dynamic well).

    We have no crystal ball but we can tease it out… Houses too big/families too small = repurpose house materials elsewhere to retrofit the suburbs in the fashion of Aussie St. in Holmgren’s retrofitting suburbia – this means taking control of the streets and neighbourhoods outside of normal title laws, which in turn requires a new system and a disregard for legal structures that are not local. This WILL happen in my opinion but not till it is all total shit.
    People don’t have the luxury of strategic planning during phase-shift either and it is looking like that. They focus on the next can of beans or mortgage payment. So yes Dr John – “short” is more like how long is a piece of string.

    On a positive note there is heaps and heaps of food being grown in Victoria and if Globalists were taken care of – i.e. fucked right off, then there would be some transition of merit that could happen.

    My take is that we should not rely on the mainstream or group thinking and take as much into our own hands as possible (as serious investor types following profitable instructions – which BTW was the title of the first printed gardening to-do book ever printed (parsnips), and also because it is awesome and a grown-up person thing to do).

    This means as many have mentioned – setting up as best as possible – emergency kit of food and fuel, cash etc. and then whatever necessities of our existence are critical to be dealt with as best a possible – Water, Soil, access etc. THEN very importantly begin now to share excess every time – give it all away. Not honey or timber but perishables like peaches and even eggs. We always need to be of some use (even if half the time I have my head up my arse). Words will become like derivatives or dollars – yielding less return all the time and deeds will be back in fashion.

    A deed of high use is a fungible token for the dig dirt generation


    I know, another post.
    Non-compliance is HARD emotionally in Melbourne – in wealthy suburbs like where my in-laws live. They do not like dirty blue jeans and they most certainly gave me eyes-only dirty looks and rubber necked my movements in the movie cinema with my boy to see the Matrix Resurrections (bit crap btw). I was the only non-compliant one and offered a fake vax passport, no mask, no QR sign in and gave a fake phone number for tracking purposes.

    This is surely a precursor to collapse. What the hell are we doing? Americans can make movies but no way you could get the job done here on a budget.

    Dr D. you are spot on. They are asking to lose power with their moves. I have never wanted to localise like I do now and I have my whole life.


    COVID-19: First person in Israel vaccinated with fourth vaccine.

    Fearful you were. And fearful you are. And fearful is written in your future.

    Today I have hit my capacity think. I feel as if my head will explode, too many signals (real, false, imagined?) Fortunately, a rare warm day in December is forecasted. Today I will ride.



    A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking that the Covid pandemic might be considered a “chaotic” situation. Clearly, we have a complex, dynamic, non-linear thing going on. We have groups of people, corporations, and government interacting with each other and with the virus in complex ways. And the virus is reacting in unpredictable ways.

    The injections add another twist. Geert Vanden Bossche has been predicting disaster for some time. Judy Mikovits and Stephanie Seneff have been predicting terrible long-term consequences. No one can say how this will all turn out. Extreme unpredictability.

    But the way physicists and biologists use of the term “chaos” includes the idea of very high sensitivity to initial conditions. I’m not sure if the Covid pandemic qualifies as a chaotic system for this reason. (Von Greyerz wasn’t using the term in its scientific sense yesterday.)

    I was talking to my wife about this, and she brought up the scene from Jurassic Park where Jeff Goldblum was explaining mathematical chaos to Laura Dern. A more pertinent scene is this one:

    Just because you can create a velociraptor doesn’t mean you should create one.

    Pfizer realized that they could throw together a “warp-speed vaccine” in a couple of weeks, and they were so focused on the money they could make that they never stopped to think about whether they should proceed to warp-speed inject a few billion people. Elimination of liability creates moral hazard.

    John Day

    @WES: Thanks for the further descriptions of “the simple life” in Africa, lst night, which you were able to observe while working there.

    , who just wrote: “Non-compliance is HARD emotionally in Melbourne – in wealthy suburbs like where my in-laws live. They do not like dirty blue jeans and they most certainly gave me eyes-only dirty looks and rubber necked my movements in the movie cinema with my boy to see the Matrix Resurrections (bit crap btw). I was the only non-compliant one and offered a fake vax passport, no mask, no QR sign in and gave a fake phone number for tracking purposes.”
    Heh, heh, heh… Good on Ya, Mate!
    “I love the dualism in Haber being the Godfather of making exponential humans possible but also being the first Chemical warfare guru.”

    @Dr.D. : More good thoughts, observations and recollections. What’s YOUR homestead like?

    John Day

    More in this very same vein, worrying about “our” life-support systems…

    “Economy” is our human life-support system.
    It was called “political economy” in older days, meaning that there needed to be widespread human cooperation for it to exist.
    Now it is assumed to exist, “economy”.
    When “economy” is assumed, then it is not the responsibility of any person, group or corporation to maintain it, to nurture and support it, to ensure that it remains healthy.

    My basic understanding is that offloading risk onto the whole economy is a winning-strategy for any “player”. Too big to fail entities embody this. Their failure would break the economic system, as we saw in 2008. These entities have not been regulated to reduce the risk they take on, but rather they gorge on risk and take the profits in the short term, knowing that they have no effective risk, other than the risk of total economic failure, but that is “somebody else’s problem”. Derivative contracts are cheaper than actual regulated insurance, so all of the parties become counterparties to each other’s “insurance”. All parties profit, but no party is really accepting the risks, to cover when there is a failure.

    Individuals high in the financial system, or their “proxies” like central bank heads, make decisions to manage the systemic risk and to increase their control of assets. Increasing control of assets is preferred, and risk-mitigation is the minimum necessary to avoid a financial freeze-up, where transactions cease, because no banker can trust other bankers or financiers. Whether economies grow or contract, financiers tend to increase their “ownership” of profitable “assets”.
    However when an economic paradigm freezes up for lack of trust in counterparties, then “ownership” of “property” cannot really be executed. Productive enterprises, like factories, can soon be nothing at all, if not actively in production, which requires distribution and sales and workers with payrolls and benefits.
    Can anybody “own property” if there is no electrical grid?

    Central bankers war-game collapses of the financial system fairly regularly. It is likely that there would be breaks in the planned cooperation in an actual event.
    There would be opportunities for one entity to gain through betraying another entity. “It’s just business”, after all.
    These exercises seek to guide the system into the solution of global central banking digital currency, which requires a functional internet and working smartphones.. The back-up, always maintained, is gold bullion in vaults. More countries have brought their gold home in recent years.

    What can those of us who are not central bankers do to improve our chances of survival in case of a systemic financial collapse? I don’t mean to be pedantic.
    I’m actually very concerned about the attitude that seems pervasive now, which is not to correct errors, but to create mechanisms which provide personal short term profit, while degrading the whole system, and to double down on them as many times as possible.
    This seems to also be present in global political brinkmanship, risking nuclear war in a game of chicken. It seems to be present in the all-vaccines-only-and-forever “solution” to the waning COVID pandemic, creating a “pandemic of the vaccinated” and many more deaths from “vaccination” with experimental gene therapies, than from the coronavirus threat itself.
    Indications are that this autoimmune disease morbidity and mortality multiplies with each additional dose, and may accumulate over time. We are just beginning to see the increase in cancers. The “solution” is apparently to double-down and force everybody everywhere to accept “vaccination”, so all humans are bought-in, and there is no comparison group of “unvaccinated controls”.

    How much life support system can we all have when we are all sick or dying?
    I am not exaggerating. I wish that I were..

    John Day

    The Fed’s Catch-22 Taper Is A Weapon, Not A Policy Error
    ​…​The bigger question is, why would the central bank trigger this crisis deliberately?
    ​ ​The Fed does not serve the purposes of the US, it serves the purposes of international banks and the agenda of globalism. It is openly admitted that national central banks take their marching orders from an entity called the Bank for International Settlements, and this includes the Fed. The BIS is a consortium of central banks from around the world that dictate overall central bank policy. If you have ever wondered how it’s possible for most national central banks to change policy in unison the way they tend to do instead of all of them reacting differently to economic problems, this is how.​..​
    ​ ​There is a very interesting article published by Harpers Magazine in 1983 called ‘Ruling The World Of Money’ which I recommend people read if they want more insight into how the BIS operates and controls the decisions of regular central banks.
    ​ ​Everything the Fed does is to further globalist goals, not American goals or the American economy. The Fed will do as it’s ordered to do. And how do globalists benefit from America’s decline? Let’s not forget about the “Great Reset” agenda which the World Economic Forum, the IMF and other institutions have been so vocal about since the beginning of the pandemic. What the globalists want is to force the public to accept a completely centralized one world system based on socialist ideals, and this will include a one world currency that supplants the dollar. They will use any means at their disposal to get it, whether it be a pandemic crisis or an economic crisis. In fact, they are perfectly willing to engineer both.
    ​ ​It should be noted that the IMF and World bank recently held a “simulation” (war game) of just such a crisis. The game involved a cyber attack on global financial institutions which would then lead to economic collapse.

    ​Charles Hugh Smith: ​Oops. Don’t you hate it when the system works so well and then it suddenly implodes due to its self-reinforcing, self-destructive structural incoherence? A system dependent on debt for “growth” is self-liquidating, meaning that the debt eats the system alive by siphoning off income while malinvestment, waste and speculative gambling destroys the “capital” funded by the debt…
    It will be a great shock to the political class, but controlling the narrative to protect your interests won’t actually stop the systemic momentum careening over the cliff. Demanding that everyone disavow problems doesn’t actually solve the problems.

    ​ War is always the back-up plan for a failing power elite in a collapsing economic system…
    The Russians really do not want war with the west, but the west keeps pushing. Russia’s wars always seem to get fought on Russian soil. Russians know that.​
    Putin sincerely desires a sustained and assured peace, because the weapons of war are so devastating, and are set to escalate to total nuclear war in a heartbeat, once triggered.”Armed conflicts and bloodshed are absolutely not our choice. We do not want to see events go that way. We want to use political and diplomatic means to resolve problems but we want to at least have clearly formulated legal guarantees. This is what our proposals are all about. We set them down on paper and sent them to Brussels and Washington, and we hope to receive a clear and comprehensive response to these proposals.”

    John Day

    My impression is that Omicron is also a lab created strain, with the same “fingerprints” of all functional-mutations and very few random-mutations compared to a nearest ancestor which would have to have diverged over years ago. I already think Omicron is the military-vaccine. Protects from “future strains”…
    US Army Creates Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say
    Within weeks, Walter Reed researchers expect to announce that human trials show success against Omicron—and even future strains.

    Omicron was over 94% of cases of COVID in Texas by last week. “Current” statistics are not really current, so rapidly does this propagate.
    Omicron is said to spread about 3 times more effectively than the prior strains, due to better binding and replication in the upper airways.
    It is much less likely to be fatal, since it does not bind the deep lung tissue well, so is less prone to spread into the bloodstream and other organs.
    This story from across-the-pond gives data on American states that was hard for me to find.

    John Day

    The New Normal – Pandemics of the Vaccinated?
    Are we beginning to see further evidence of ADE or OAS occurring in the UK data?​
    ​…So, what does the data from the UK tell us today. Firstly, those who have been infected with COVID-19 and become reinfected are more likely to test positive for an infection compatible with the Omicron variant, compared with those who test positive with their first infections. More shockingly, when you delve into the data itself, THE MORE YOU VACCINATE, the more likely you are to get Omicron… As the vaccination status increases, the likelihood of testing positive with Omicron increases from 1.57 in one dose individuals, to 2.26 in two dosed and 4.45 in 3 dosed. Due to the small dataset, this is only a modelled likelihood of testing positive with Omicron. (could be better, could be worse)

    New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently
    The vaccines are making it more likely you’ll be infected with Omicron 90 days after you are fully vaccinated.​..
    ​ Worried about Omicron? Guess what? After 90 days, the vaccine they gave you is going to make you MORE likely to get infected from Omicron, not less…​
    In short, you are getting a short term benefit against Delta, but at the expense of a degradation of your overall immunity to everything else.​..
    ​ ​This paper means we will need to inject people every 30 days if we want to “protect” them. Based on the harm that the vaccines do to our immune system, it’s likely that the needed interval will shorten with each booster.
    ​ ​If people don’t get boosted as required, they will be MORE vulnerable to Delta and Omicron than if they weren’t vaccinated. That’s what NEGATIVE vaccine efficacy means. It doesn’t mean the protection wears off (like we were told). It means the OPPOSITE of what you were told: it means the vaccines helps the virus to infect you (by suppressing your immune system, probably permanently each time we are injected according to Dr. Ryan Cole). It means we were lied to.

    As Evidence of Pathogenic Priming Mounts, Calls for New Medical Approaches to Mute Autoimmunity Must Be Addressed
    A compilation of evidence is disturbing. Further mass casualities might be preventable.
    ​ ​Pathogenic priming, as originally described, is the act of exposing people (or animals) to epitopes that match human proteins, leading to the inducement of autoreactogenic antibodies that attack tissues anywhere in the body…
    ​ A German pathologist performed autopsies on fifteen post-inoculation patients who died, and found that >90% had their organs attacked by their immune systems (autoimmunity)…
    ​ The conclusion (if supported by further data) is that essentially EVERY inoculant recipient suffers damage, with more damage after each shot. The damage could be cumulative, and the shots may be synergistic. Given the seriousness of the types of damage (autoimmune diseases, cancer, re-emergent dormant infections, clotting/strokes, cardiac damage, etc.), these effects will translate into lifespan reduction, which should be counted as deaths from the inoculations. So, in the USA, where ~200M people have been fully inoculated, the number of deaths will not be the 10,000 or so reported in VAERS, or 500,000-1,000,000 scaled-up deaths from VAERS, but could be closer to tens of millions (or more) when the inoculation effects play out!​ …​
    ​ ​Are we headed for the situation where the ~30% unvaxxed will be devoting their lives to operating whatever is left of the economic infrastructure and serving as caretakers for the vaxxed?

    John Day

    I’m sorry to be re-posting so much that you have seen here, but it just fits together so well that I can’t help myself…

    Yet another independent study confirms over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines
    …Results from fitted regression slopes (p<0.05 FDR corrected) suggest a US national average VFR of 0.04% and higher VFR with age (VFR=0.004% in ages 0-17 increasing to 0.06% in ages >75 years), and 146K to 187K vaccine-associated US deaths between February and August, 2021.​ [VFR: vaccine fatality rate]​

    ​Carlos Tejada, a New York Times Deputy Asia Editor, has died at the age of 49. He suffered a heart attack less than a day after posting to social media that he had received a Moderna booster vaccination.

    NY Times Editor, 49, Dies One Day After Moderna Booster Shot.

    ​Four professional soccer players collapse and die of heart attacks during games in one week.​ Young guys.

    ​ ​Florida’s new surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, has issued a statewide public service announcement in support of commonsense COVID prevention strategies such as optimizing your vitamin D, staying active, eating nutrient-dense foods, and boosting your immune system with supplements.
    ​ ​ Florida Health’s website now urges Floridians to “Talk to your health care provider about how certain supplements or foods containing vitamins and minerals might help boost your immune system, such as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and quercetin.”

    Patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 can die by euthanasia if doctors decide they might not survive, the New Zealand government has declared.

    New Zealand okays euthanasia for COVID patients

    Doc Robinson

    • Facebook Now Censoring the British Medical Journal (NYNR)

    Here’s the primary source, straight from the British Medical Journal BMJ:

    Facebook urged to act over incompetent “fact check” of BMJ investigation

    John Day

    “OTC COVID Rxs For Omicron” is getting views and family members are sharing it around, because other families have Omicron over for dinner, now. Florida Atty. Genl. approves…



    I connected a couple of dots based on a comment in JMG’s Dreamwidth blog. Dr. Yogendra and a small group of researches appear to be making good progress on “Long-Covid.” They are starting to understand the causal mechanisms, with important ramifications for actual covid, long-covid, and treatment of both. And their experience supports what RFK asserts about medical research. This podcast is not overly technical, and it is worth a listen in its own right.

    These guys are making great strides (actual, REAL science!) in understanding the causes and identifying Long-Covid. They are operating on a shoestring budget, have two+ peer-reviewed papers, and developed an assay which can find the inflammatory markers of long-covid that more generic diagnostic tests miss. They claim to have a few thousand ppl enrolled in studies and treatments. And claim to have recovered celebrities, athletes, relatives of prominent politicians. In any society that wasn’t totally corrupted and batshit-crazy, this would be on newspapers and local TV stations across the land, bringing tidings of great joy.

    What happens now very much supports the assertion of RFK’s book – how Fauci and the rest of the NIH control research, control univerisites through their funding and grants, control an entire narrative in the industry that allows them to shut down dissent, defund, discredit, close down research that goes against their desired outcome. This “long-covid” team is having treatment success but can get no traction – they have sent their findings to NIH and the other letter agencies and heard crickets. Ditto for media contacts, even from “journalists” that cover long-covid.

    An Olympic athlete they treated and recovered had to change doctors – her regular dr was told by his hospital administrator that he would be fired if he continued treatment. Their treatment by TPTB – the media, the medical-industrial machine, the Collins/Fauci axis – is all predictable in this light. There is only one f*cking narrative, serfs. Anything else, including real science, real research must be ignored, vilified, buried. Where have we seen that before.


    ” ….. improve our chances of survival in case of a systemic financial collapse….”

    Number one …. A can opener to open the hidden cans that you find from the people that died.


    @zerosum can opener haha – I so often wish there was a “like” button, mordant humor being much appreciated in these dark times 😀


    @john-day Re: on the footballers and other peak athletes having heart-related deaths and cardio issues – it is possible that covid itself is responsible in a significant number of these cases. The podcast I referenced above suggests that even a mild (symptomatic) case in some cases results in long-covid. perhaps it is equally accurate calling it post-covid syndrome.

    It would not surprise me if athletes are more susceptible than the general population – the relative strain on their cardiovascular being far higher than the average desk dweller or occasional runner. Training oneself to peak performance, then having damage from the spike protein – I could entertain that the loss of even just a few % of heart or lung capacity becomes a deadly danger to a pro athlete but perhaps not not for an average Johann. And the damage is from the spike protein, caused by a covid infection OR from the \/a><><ez (heretical thought #1)

    On long-covid there seem to be two categories – his numbers (and these are small sample sizes, but directional) is that about 20% of long-coviders were injured from the infection itself – often it presented as a symptomatic but non-hospitalized case, mild to moderate, which is scary that a ‘mild’ case can leave hidden damage. And not much can be done about it as the damage is to the organ tissue itself.

    The other 80% have a long-term immune dysfunction, long after the virus has passed and been removed from the body, but the spike protein remains, literally inside some immune cells. This is not necessarily unique to covid-19 – and immune response seems to fix itself on its own after 1-4 years based on very small MERS studies. The resetting process to repair the immune system can (possibly) be accomplished much more quickly through their treatments which sound like mainly repurposed FDA-approved drugs (heretical thought #2)

    Either way, the spike protein is the culprit – and suggests long-covid could be a result of EITHER covid-19 infection or through being \/axxed (heretical thought #1 again)


    So the NYT editor takes the KillShot and dies (poetic justice!), then another in a long, long line of soccer players bites the dust.

    Where the fuck are the autopsies?

    Where the fuck are the articles even asking for autopsy results?

    Why no pearl clutching about autopsy results globally from the Media Whore Presstitutes when their own ‘Brother in Arms’ commits vaccine suicide?

    Even here at TAE there is very little coverage or comment at all on covid victim autopsies which would be a MAJOR game changer if all so called “covid deaths” had to have one by LAW (not that anyone follows the law anymore)

    Imagine a global data base of autopsy results, publicly posted showing again and again and again and yet again massive spike protein damage to blood vessels and stokes (mini and major) and epic heart conditions failures.

    How could the Media Whore Presstitutes keep denying those results autopsies results ???

    The almost complete global lack of covid autopsies, after TWO YEARS is the smoking gun here.

    It’s the dog that did not bark apparently.

    Anyone here even interested in talking out so called covid deaths but with no Offical proof of the cause of death?

    Hell, as far as I’m concerned, “they” are just murdering people left and right and no inquest, no coroner reports, just kill them (and the kids now) with ClotShots and then ride into the sunset with their pots of golds.


    Gotta love them Sheeple, you can beat them bloody like a coal mine mule and they still won’t get it.


    Imagine the autopsy reports on tens of thousands of hospital patients who died of “covid” but the autopsy report says they died because the Remdesivir they were given shut down their kidneys and flooded their lungs with fluid and they essentially died by drowning.

    How about that as a ‘news’ story?

    Even the coroners are bought off and corrupted

    Doc Robinson

    HerrWerner: “…long-term immune dysfunction, long after the virus has passed and been removed from the body, but the spike protein remains”

    Reminds me that after the Pfizer injections, spike protein was still found circulating 4 months later.

    Circulating exosomes isolated from vaccinated healthy individuals contained SARS-CoV-2 spike protein Ag [Antigen] S2…

    Exosomes with spike protein and Abs decreased in parallel after four months… Four months postvaccination, the levels of Ab decreased in plasma. This same trend was observed for circulating exosomes with the spike protein.”

    Cutting Edge: Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein Are Induced by BNT162b2 (Pfizer–BioNTech) Vaccination prior to Development of Antibodies: A Novel Mechanism for Immune Activation by mRNA Vaccines


    Omicron prefers vaccinated people
    Vaccinated people get vaccinate immunity

    Maxwell Quest

    “The Value Of The Vaccine Is In Getting People To Take The Vaccine (CTH)”

    Circles of Influence

    There, I fixed Bret Hamachek’s thesis for him.


    John Day posted: Can we survive this phase? Do we have constructive alternatives that we can display as models?

    That’s sort of a tall order. Does anybody have constructive alternative arrangements? (…)

    I’m sorry. I’m just trying to see where the back-up arrangements are located.

    December 26, 2021 at 10:00 pm


    Back-up arrangements are (afaik) few and far between. They should be country / Region wide.

    Describing re. Switz. Detailed here is official – or semi-official – or expected – or part of local plans – etc., but not discussed much, and no doubt much more is ?? kept under wraps.

    Note: *A breakdown of society is only envisaged as due to an energy crunch.*

    —> Local minor wars are expected to be won and major nuclear war will see a small part of the population survive, in the cellars…ha ha.. with everyone else blasted. Lots of deaths (pandemic etc.) are not considered a problem.

    CH is independent for electricity, via hydro – nuke (it used to be a swing procedure for Italy and Austria, but now actually imports electricity for the winter.)

    All road transport is dependent on imported oil, and this is a huge problem.

    Another is that CH imports about 50% (rough) of its food, note it also exports a lot of food, as CH straddles border regions, and the borders are artificial, in the sense of not tied to Geography. At present, free trade (or more or less so) in the Regions (Schengen Area, EU), allows the Regions to commerce with their neighbors, which is why the export-import numbers are not interesting.

    However, the transport of essential goods, mostly food, would rapidly become problematic.

    CH uses very little natgas (when the Kadafi scandal broke out, 2, it was quickly figured out how to give up using it completely – Italy has a far worse problem..): the overall stats. show that about 50% of energy (all types) is used in buildings – heating, cooling, maintainance, hot and cold water, elevators, lighting, the basics (not taking into account non-essential human activity like me typing now, or production, factories, nor garages for cars, etc.) So the plan is immediate doubling up. Half the housing is to be abandoned, some whole sections condemned, plus a re-grouping, so as to shorten transport lines. Tough call. 1. Which relates to the problem of heat in the winter, though global warming is being helpful.

    Food rationing would be immediate. (All lodged under ‘energy crunch’..)

    Policing as a whole, keeping order in chaos, is always hard to score, but CH (8 million pop), small, with a conscript army, a heavy network of Civil Protection, and Cantonal Police (local) is hopefully expected to …not experience Riot-Murder type implosion. Hmm. Idk.

    Being self-sufficient on a ‘farm’ or such like is a fantasy of the rich, or ex-colonialists. (USA).

    A data cruncher in Hong Kong, a pediatric nurse in Paris, a factory worker in Slovenia, a Spanish restaurateur, a Syrian refugee in Germany, a homey Mom with 5 children, a Swissair pilot, a floor cleaner in Clermont Ferrand, a lost teen in a Home …none of them own anything much and all of them are dependent on regular food deliveries, energy to cook, heat, bathe, etc.

    1. From 1960 to 2010 the housing residential area occupied by one person doubled. (rough) Note this no. does not include ‘office space.’

    2. A Kadafi son was arrested and thrown into prison in CH, as was his pregnant wife, both accused of beating and torturing their servants.

    Dollar Street offers profiles of families around the world, their income, living conditions…have a look:


    <<Patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 can die by euthanasia if doctors decide they might not survive, the New Zealand government has declared.>>
    Oh, well, so much easier to bring it out in the open rather than killing them with protocol, by not feeding them. Why not just bring it out in the open? Return hospitals to what they were a few centuries back — a place people went to die.

    And, if Dr. Cherry’s protocol were followed, possibly no one would be admitted to a hospital for complications of Covid.



    @ Bosco
    I loved the photo of the suspended Phoenix sculpture on Xmas day — thanks for that!


    I recognize that extreme economic decline in Phoenix, AZ would not be pleasant. However, due to custody issues, leaving is not an option. I don’t like discussing particulars of preparation in digital format, however there are broad strokes that I share. Have something that I can barter (or many things). Get to know my neighbors —our lives may depend upon it. Plan to share resources with neighbors. Be willing to teach skills to neighbors — such as gardening no matter the season, drying food, and cooking with the sun. I don’t want to be the only one with a vegetable garden! The most important resource here is water. I believe that it is unlikely that water be cut from the city of Phoenix because 1/4 of the city’s treated wastewater is used to cool the nuclear power plant. I also live less than 1/4 mile from a canal. Know what native or common landscaping plants are edible and how to prepare them (I.e. olives!). There isn’t enough food growing here for the population, but there is a lot more available than most people realize….


    Thanks for posting the Dr. Yogendra interview. I listened (at high speed) to that plus part 2
    Very interesting. Lots of new info. A couple things:
    1) They found the main mechanism of long Covid is the spike protein getting stuck in macrophage cells which causes perpetual cytokine production.
    2) They are mainly looking at the spike protein coming from Covid but the same thing likely happens from the vaxx.
    3) They are doing a trial with two drugs, Maraviroc and Atorvastatin, both from Pfizer. The first resets the immune system and the second stops stuff from attaching to vascular cells. It takes several weeks for it to work.
    4) The vaccine does not cure long covid as is claimed. It sometimes gives temporarily relief but makes many much worse in the long run.
    5) He is not anti-vaccine but says if you have long Covid you should cure that before getting vaxxed.
    6) His research is downplayed by CDC, NIH, universities, etc. and they tell people not to follow their treatment. He is getting the Kory treatment.


    oxymoron is obviously a person of considerable pluck.

    I’m Not Rappaport

    …you make the best of what’s still around.


    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich interviewing Dr. Graham Lyons from Australia – Global death cult

    Amazing to actually see an Australian male with some balls.

    Definitely an endangered species.

    those darned kids

    must watch: husband/wife nurses. he ends up in hospital on remdesivir. she does research and sneaks in ivermectin/supplements and turns it around.


    Zerosum Poem

    Omicron prefers vaccinated people
    Vaccinated people do not like unvaccinated people
    Unvaccinated people do not like omicron
    Omicron prefers friendly vaccinated people!

    Not a very good Zerosum poet!

    Saul Goodman

    @John Day

    I got the JNJ Vax in October to keep my job. My only and last Vax I will quit next time.

    Anyway. I have 3 girls under the age of 8. The youngest got sick last week and the middle sick now. All testing negative with at home tests. I tested positive 7 days ago and have been feeling 90% this whole time. Slightly run down. My unvaxed nurse wife (she no longer works as I stated I got my Vax to stay as the provider), has had no issues. We are good at taking our vitamins as discussed here. I never had xovid prior.

    Her type 1 diabetic unvaxed sister in law has covid now too. She feels the same as me.



    Nevertheless …. it made me LOL

    Have something that I can barter (or many things). Get to know my neighbors —our lives may depend upon it. Plan to share resources with neighbors. Be willing to teach skills to neighbors

    Stop talking about my can opener. or I’m not going to help you anymore.

    Okay just one hint. Knowledge

    those darned kids

    seems like a lot of straws are weighing down a lot of camels this festive season..


    those darned kids

    some colonial sinse will make excellent barter material, too.

    Figmund Sreud

    Wishful thinking by Kunstler:

    This traditionally blank week between Christmas and New Year’s, when almost, nothing gets done, is the opportunity to stop-and-assess the situation. Do you not see what is going on? Will you allow yourself to keep getting hosed by illegitimate authorities? Do you want your personal sovereignty back? Do you want your country back? Will you go along with obvious malevolence just to avoid standing out and risking your status, your livelihood, your special privileges? Do you actually believe in what’s known as your sacred honor? And what relation it has to reality? Do you understand that periodically in history the human race goes crazy and does terrible things that it later regrets? This is one of those times.

    Stop and Assess

    Debt Rattle December 27 2021

    Anyway, observation from my local/em> perch – Calgary, Alberta – is that stop and assess is not going to happen any time soon. If anything, the madness index amongst hoi polloi is just getting elevated by the minute.


    Figmund Sreud

    … sheesh! Not sure what happened in above post. Kunstler link:

    Stop and Assess


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