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Berthe Morisot After luncheon 1881


Chaos And The Triumph Of Survival (Von Greyerz)
Are Covid-19 Data Reliable? The Case Of The European Union (medRxiv)
Door-to-door Covid Jab Teams To Be Sent To Homes Of Unvaccinated Britons (DM)
On “Science” and Controversy (Malone)
Covid Fearmongering Has Consequences Too (O’Neill)
Slouching Toward Endemicity (Tucker)
Researchers Fear Growing Covid Vaccine Hesitancy In Developing Nations (Nature)
US Navy Warship Pauses Deployment After COVID-19 Outbreak, 100% Immunized (ET)
LinkedIn Has Banned Me For Life For Making 3 Truthful Comments (Kirsch)
German, Russian Envoys To Meet To Ease Political Tensions Over Ukraine (ZH)
‘Don’t Weigh Me’ Cards Aim To Reduce Stress At The Doctor’s Office (CNN)





Good observations from a gold dealer, of all people.

“So now everyone needs a booster every few months. With Big Pharma being both judge and jury plus benefiting from their own advice to the extent 100s of billions of dollars, how do we know the real truth?”

Chaos And The Triumph Of Survival (Von Greyerz)

One of the most horrifying works of art is Bruegel’s “The Triumph of Death” painted in 1562. The painting depicts the end of life on earth. I sincerely hope that this is not what the world will literally look like in the next decade or two but metaphorically this is not an unlikely depiction of the chaos that could hit us all. The Black Death plague of the 14th century, which killed up to half of the world’s population, clearly had a major influence on the painter. The moral message is that when chaos hits, the destruction will affect everyone, rich and poor, young and old. No one will escape by power or devotion. The financial, economic and moral devastation which is about to hit the world will for more than 99.5% of the people come out of the blue like a flash from a clear sky.

For most people, coming events will thus be like the definition of the word CHAOS: “A state of total confusion and disorder”. CHAOS NUMBER 1: COVID Talking about disorder, just like the Black Death that inspired Bruegel’s painting, the world is now facing a global pandemic. But rather than the nearer 50% of global population that perished in the mid 1300s, today we are looking at total deaths from the current pandemic of 0.06% of the world population! And even that figure might be overestimated due to the classification rules applied. For that minuscule percentage the world has now been paralysed for the third year soon.

There are lockdowns, quarantines, compulsory vaccines with unlined boosters, covid passports, closed schools, closed offices, major industries like leisure haemorrhaging, airlines going bankrupt, shortages of labour, components, products, closed borders, and for the few people who dare to and can travel across borders, more bureaucracy, paperwork and tests than in a police state. At the same time money printing and credit creation have gone exponential. The politicians obviously blame the scientists for all the rules that they force upon the people. It is interesting that with almost 200 countries in the world, each country has different rules how to deal with covid. If all these rules were based on science, you would have thought that the rules would have been the same for all 200 countries.

Or could it be as many observers believe that the politicians use the pandemic to their own advantage. Or is it more likely that neither the scientists nor the politicians have got a clue how to deal with a disease that creates hardly any deaths in excess of normal deaths? In Sweden for example, there has been no lockdown, no quarantine, no closed shops, no mask requirement and industry has operated normally. Covid cases and deaths are at the lower range of the European average. Hmmm – so much for all these punishing rules in most countries. We were told that the vaccines would solve the problem but two shots haven’t so far as we were promised. So now everyone needs a booster every few months. With Big Pharma being both judge and jury plus benefiting from their own advice to the extent 100s of billions of dollars, how do we know the real truth?

As an example, I have a 19 year old vaccinated granddaughter who had Covid in August. Now she has got Covid for the second time, fortunately in the form of a normal cold. The government/scientist solution is clearly more vaccines at ever more frequent intervals. And still no one has properly tested the long term effects the vaccines have on our bodies. There just isn’t time for that!!? The consequences of these constant changing of rules and shutdowns will clearly have a devastating effect on an already very fragile world economy and financial system.

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The Science is made up.

Are Covid-19 Data Reliable? The Case Of The European Union (medRxiv)

Previous studies have used Benford’s distribution to assess whether there is misreporting of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Data inaccuracies provide false information to the media, undermine global response and hinder the preventive measures taken by countries worldwide. In this study, we analyze daily new cases and deaths from all the countries of the European Union and estimate the conformance to Benford’s distribution. For each country, two statistical tests and two measures of deviations are calculated to determine whether the reported statistics comply with the expected distribution. Four country-level developmental indexes are also included, the GDP per capita, health expenditures, the Universal Health Coverage index, and full vaccination rate.

Regression analysis is implemented to show whether the deviation from Benford’s distribution is affected by the aforementioned indexes. The findings indicate that only three countries were in line with the expected distribution, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania. For daily cases, Denmark, Greece, and Ireland, showed the greatest deviation from Benford’s distribution, and for deaths, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and Luxemburg had the highest deviation from Benford’s law. Furthermore, it was found that the vaccination rate is positively associated with deviation from Benford’s distribution. These results suggest that overall official data provided by authorities are not confirming Benford’s law, yet this approach acts as a preliminary tool for data verification. More extensive studies should be made with a more thorough investigation of countries that showed the greatest deviation.

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Back to the Middle Ages.

Door-to-door Covid Jab Teams To Be Sent To Homes Of Unvaccinated Britons (DM)

Door-to-door teams armed with Covid jabs will be sent to the homes of unvaccinated Britons in plans being considered by Ministers to reach the estimated five million people yet to be inoculated. Discussions between the Department of Health, NHS England and No 10 over the past week have looked at a nationwide drive to send vaccine teams to areas with low uptake rates as a crucial way to avoid lockdown and other restrictions. It is also seen as a way to get jabs to rural areas or households where people cannot easily get to a vaccination centre. One Cabinet Minister last night backed the plan, saying: ‘I think anything that encourages the vaccine-hesitant is sensible,’ before warning: ‘The mood in the country is hardening against people who refuse to be vaccinated.’

‘I am all in favour of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot lock up 90 per cent of the country who are vaccinated for the ten per cent who refuse to be.’ Doctors have said up to 90 per cent of Covid patients in intensive care units are unvaccinated. The vaccination drive continued throughout Christmas Day. NHS England said thousands of first, second and booster jabs were given yesterday. Meanwhile more than 220,000 first doses of the vaccine were administered in the week to 21 December, up by 46 per cent compared to the previous week. First dose uptake in 18-24 year-olds rose by 85 per cent in the same period, and 71 per cent in 25 to 30-year-olds. Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the rise in first dose uptake was ‘excellent’, as discussions were ongoing on how to reach more of the unjabbed.

Door-to-door jabs visits are already being trialled in one area of Ipswich, which led to an extra 150 people getting their first, second or booster jab in a weekend. Downing Street sources said the aim is to expand this to the rest of the country and try to reach the estimated five milllion unvaccinated. Dan Poulter, the Tory MP and NHS hospital doctor who has been doing shifts in London hospitals, welcomed the plan. He said: ‘In parts of London where there’s very low vaccine uptake, you’re bound to get a good uptake in jabs if you’re knocking on doors. ‘I think that would have a very positive effect in getting vaccination rates higher.’

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“The closest historical approximation to this monstrosity is the Catholic Church during the Spanish inquisition..”

On “Science” and Controversy (Malone)

Good science (and good public health policy) requires conflict. There is no one “Science”. No single “truth”. Quality science is like a song sung by a choir. A solo scientist is usually better described as a philosopher or priest. Any individual claiming to embody “Science” or scientific truth is (by definition) no longer a practitioner of the intellectual discipline of modern science. The scientific process requires constant external challenge and criticism to reach a working approximation of truth. Such (typically autocratic, paternalistic) people lose the ability to maintain objectivity and typically transition to functioning as an enforcer of their version of reality. These people often resort to a form of crude binary thought – their version of the truth versus all alternatives. In contrast, the modern scientific practitioner approaches the effort to draw truth out of the unknown as something closer to mathematical calculus, a process of serial approximation which gradually approaches an asymptote hypothesized to be scientific truth.

Enter the trusted news initiative.[..] This intellectual obscenity purports to be able to discern and enforce scientific “truth” by defining truth as that which established public health bureaucracies (and singularly autocratic public health “leaders”) say it is. The trusted news initiative aggressively employs both globally coordinated media and the tools of modern big technology to censor, demean, de-platform, delegitimize and de-license all others who seek to document, advance or discuss alternative versions of officially endorsed reality. The trusted news initiative has functionally morphed into Orwell’s predicted ministry of truth. Backed by the combined power of national and international governmental structures, massive transnational investment funds the likes of which the world has never seen before, and the commercial assets (Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Tech) over which the funds exert horizontally integrated control through access to investment capital and structural leadership ties.

This is the most intrinsically anti-science global organization ever implemented in the history of modern man. The closest historical approximation to this monstrosity is the Catholic Church during the Spanish inquisition. When this history of this pandemic is written, the combined effect of the Trusted News Initiative and autocratic national and international public health leaders will be documented as being responsible for massive excess human suffering and loss of life due to suppression of the discussion and dissent which is critical for the modern scientific process to accurately discern evolving truth and inform effective public policy decisions. This must stop, before yet more avoidable, unnecessary suffering and loss of life accrues.

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“Two million cases a day, thousands of deaths a day — that is virtually all we heard in relation to Omicron.”

Covid Fearmongering Has Consequences Too (O’Neill)

The scaremongers have overplayed their hand. Omicron could prove disastrous, they warned. They scoffed at the early indicators from South Africa suggesting it was milder than Delta. ‘MYTH BUSTER’, declared the Sun when Chris Whitty poured cold water on the idea that Omicron might be milder than Delta. ‘Deaths could hit 6,000 a day’, screamed the Guardian, turning Sage’s worst-case scenario into a chilling headline. The news was full of it: we’re doomed. Yet now it seems pretty clear that these fearful prophecies were way off. Just a week after we were being bombarded with these visions of the Biblical horrors Omicron would visit upon our nation, it’s being reported that this variant really is milder than the Delta one. This raises some really serious questions for the expert classes who are meant to be guiding us through this health crisis. Have they lost the plot? And now, will they lose the trust of the people?

The turnaround in recent days has been extraordinary. Last week, suggesting that Omicron might be milder was dangerous, it threatened to undermine the seriousness of the pandemic. Whitty became visibly frustrated whenever this possibility was raised. The Twitterati pooh-poohed any positive news coming from South Africa. (First South Africa was wrongly blamed for the Omicron variant, then its experts were implicitly defamed as untrustworthy amateurs when they said to the world: ‘Guys, you’re overreacting.’) Two million cases a day, thousands of deaths a day — that is virtually all we heard in relation to Omicron.

The front pages are starkly different today. ‘Official: Omicron 50% less severe’, says the Mail. ‘Omicron hospital risk is two thirds lower’, says the Telegraph. Even the Guardian’s no doubt distressed headline-writers have had to admit that their earlier vision of another nightmarish wave of disease whacking Brexit Britain might have been a tad overdone. ‘Risk of hospital stay is 40% lower with Omicron variant’, the front page says. These good news headlines — yes, doom-mongers, we are allowed to call it good news! — spring from new studies into Omicron’s virulence. Researchers at Imperial found a 40 per cent reduction in the risk of hospitalisation for Omicron in comparison with Delta. Edinburgh University went further — they reckon there is a 65 per cent lower risk of hospitalisation. A South African study says the risk is between 70 and 80 per cent lower.

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“Is that the sound of normalcy I’m hearing out there?”

Slouching Toward Endemicity (Tucker)

Is that the sound of normalcy I’m hearing out there? Ever more authors and sources admitting that the virus is a medical problem that cannot be addressed or solved through politicized “mitigation measures.” This is what I’m reading between the lines of such news stories as this one: Early in the pandemic, many people seized on the hope that Covid-19 could be stopped in its tracks and buried for good once vaccines rolled out. But hope for a zero-Covid country fizzled for most scientists long ago. That amounts to a gigantic change in outlook and a terrifying illustration of egregious failure. It’s a sign of exhaustion and the realization of the futility of the battle. In this US in any case (if not in many other countries). But it had to come eventually.

Consider that Covid cases in both New York and Florida have reached record levels, and at some point increases in deaths are likely to follow, though not as bad as prior seasons. With both states dealing with similar trends, there is no point in the exhausting game of finger pointing that’s been going on for so long.

The charts themselves are a picture of astonishing policy failure: not the failure to stop the virus but rather the belief and policy that imagined that doing so was possible at all. The virus is still here and still on a seasonal march, perhaps causing less damage than in the past but it really does raise the burning question: what precisely was accomplished by almost two years of massive compulsory upheaval? In the last several months, we’ve seen the hysterics and rhetoric dialed back a bit. It’s been a long time since I’ve read any published millenarian fantasies of beating this virus into submission or oblivion. We’ve come a long way since March 2020, when Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx talked Trump into announcing two weeks to flatten the curve. Trump actually went further that day and expressed his view that he would “defeat the virus,” “taking a tough stance” to “get rid of the virus.”

This is the hidden meaning behind the White House’s new line that “This is not March 2020.” What precisely makes it different? A major part of the difference is the growing realization that the attempt to use state measures to “get rid of” the virus or control its seasonality was completely delusional.

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“Nature” deviating from science. The best thing we can do for these countries is to leave them alone.

Researchers Fear Growing Covid Vaccine Hesitancy In Developing Nations (Nature)

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy has long been recognized as a problem in high- and middle-income nations. But in some of the world’s poorest countries, lack of access to vaccines has been a much bigger hurdle. Now researchers say that as doses are trickling in, resistance to getting vaccinated is also emerging as a major issue in those nations. Scientists fear that persistent pools of unvaccinated people around the world will present a greater risk for the emergence of new variants of concern, such as Omicron. “When you have a lot of community transmission, that’s where variants will emerge,” says Jeffrey Lazarus, a global health researcher at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain. Addressing people’s hesitancy is therefore crucial, to curb viral spread and to avert hospitalizations and deaths, he says.

Scientists report that hesitancy might now be contributing to the slow uptake of vaccines in some nations where large proportions of the populations remain unvaccinated. These include South Africa — one of the nations where Omicron was first detected — Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Papua New Guinea and Nepal. “We have more hesitant people in the global south than we ever thought we did,” says Rupali Limaye, a behavioural scientist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland. Although in many countries, limited supply is still the main problem, say researchers.

Until late October, the problem in many African nations “was that we just didn’t have enough doses”, says Salim Abdool Karim, director of the Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA) in Durban. “But we now have adequate amounts of vaccines in most countries,” he says. According to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, just 64% of the vaccines supplied to the continent have so far been administered. In South Africa, for example, the number of doses administered each week has fallen to less than one-quarter of doses given at the peak of the vaccination drive in September. This is despite only 44% of adults having been vaccinated with at least one dose.

The calls on social media for more doses from Western countries are perplexing, says Espoir Malembaka, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who is based in Bukavu, DRC. Four types of vaccine are now available in eastern DRC, “but we don’t see people really in a rush to get the vaccine”, except for travellers getting ready to board flights, says Malembaka. He believes that the problem is not access to, but mistrust of, the vaccines. Researchers say that countries might be struggling to get vaccines into arms for many reasons — some of which have nothing to with hesitancy — including poorly funded health-care systems, the fact that doses are often close to their expiry dates and logistical issues getting vaccines to remote regions. But people’s delay or refusal to get vaccinated is also part of the puzzle.

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Vaccinated and immunized would appear to be very different things.

US Navy Warship Pauses Deployment After COVID-19 Outbreak, 100% Immunized (ET)

A U.S. Navy warship has paused its deployment to South America due to a COVID-19 outbreak among its “100 percent immunized” crew, the Navy announced on Christmas Eve. “USS Milwaukee (LCS 5), a Freedom variant littoral combat ship, remains in port as some Sailors test positive for COVID-19,” the U.S. 4th Fleet said in a statement. “The crew is 100 percent immunized and all COVID-19 positive Sailors are isolated on board and away from other crew members. A portion of those infected have exhibited mild symptoms. The vaccine continues to demonstrate effectiveness against serious illness.” The ship currently remains in port at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, located at the southeastern end of Cuba.

It had departed Dec. 14 from Mayport, Florida, and was heading into the U.S. 4th Fleet area of operations to support Joint Interagency Task Force South’s mission, which includes counter-illicit drug trafficking missions in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific. The U.S. 4th Fleet’s statement did not quantify the number of those infected, nor how many among them are exhibiting mild symptoms. The specific COVID-19 variant has yet to be determined. The ship is following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for contact tracing and testing. COVID-19 cases have recently increased drastically across the United States amid the spread of the contagious Omicron variant. The ship is also “following an aggressive mitigation strategy” in accordance with Navy and CDC guidelines.

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Censorship continues unabated. Steve Kirsch, Richard Werner…

LinkedIn Has Banned Me For Life For Making 3 Truthful Comments (Kirsch)

Christmas came early for me. LinkedIn has determined that three of my posts were so egregious that I should be banned for life from LinkedIn. It’s now as if I never existed. LinkedIn is the sole judge, jury, and executioner of what constitutes “misleading or inaccurate” information and whether you violate their user agreement. They can terminate you at any time, for any reason. You have no recourse. Because I made 3 truthful, accurate statements that some people at LinkedIn considered to be misleading or inaccurate, my account (built up over nearly 20 years) is now permanently deleted. They could have simply restricted my ability to post. Instead, they chose to expunge my entire identity so nobody will ever know I existed. Wow. Instead of simply restricting my ability to post, they basically wiped out my entire identity so nobody can even see who I am anymore or what I accomplished.

My resume is gone. My awards are gone. Nobody can even find out I ever existed. I didn’t even get a chance to copy my profile before they wiped me out. All my contacts are gone. The record of my 7 companies I started: gone. No one will be able to lookup my history there anymore. It’s like burning books in the library. Wikipedia did the same thing to me. They removed the mention that I received a National Caring Award as retribution for speaking out about vaccine safety. This can happen to you if you too disagree with mainstream thought. America today is about conformity with mainstream thought. If you disagree, you lose your job, lose your ability to communicate, and they remove any record of your existence. I’m now lifetime banned on Medium, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The reason I am not yet banned on Facebook is because I never post there.

[..] Hi Steve,

Your account was restricted due to multiple violations of LinkedIn’s User Agreement and Professional Community Policies against sharing content that contains misleading or inaccurate information:

Post on 9/26/2021: Inconvenient truth: >150,000 excess deaths in VAERS. Jeffrey Morris REFUSES to debate my team in a video RECORDED call. He writes papers but is AFRAID to have them publicly challenged.

Post on 9/22/2021: I just sent this to Eric Topol: Eric, I’m a big vaccine skeptic. I think the vaccines have killed over xxx people. Would you like to debate? You can do the world a HUGE service by showing people how ridiculous my assertions are. You can bring down all my 20 experts at the same time in a 1 hour debate. You’d end vaccine hesitancy. [had to xxx to escape censorship from LinkedIn ]

Post on 9/20/2021: Nicki Minaj was telling the truth. All the authorities were wrong. The facts are all with Nicki. The authorities cited no evidence to support their position. But they are the authorities so we should believe them NO MATTER WHAT the science actually says, right? The authorities NEVER make mistakes.

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New German Chancellor Olaf Scholz might play a positive part by refusing to be a puppet.

German, Russian Envoys To Meet To Ease Political Tensions Over Ukraine (ZH)

With tensions over Ukraine spilling over and the western media now reporting that Russia is deploying mercenaries to East Ukraine in what is either a sharp escalation in “pre-kinetic” activity, or an acceleration in the false flag narrative, some hope for de-escalation emerged on Christmas Day when Reuters reported that according to a German government source, senior German and Russian government officials agreed to a rare in-person meeting next month in an effort to ease political tensions over Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s foreign policy adviser Jens Ploetner and Russia’s Ukraine negotiator Dmitry Kozak agreed to meet after a lengthy phone conversation on Thursday.

The Reuters sources added that “Berlin doubts more than Washington whether Russia actually wants to attack Ukraine” and is keen to de-escalate tensions. While there has been no official comment from the German government, there have been a flurry of phone calls between western leaders and Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent months over Russia’s military build-up on the Ukrainian border and resulting fears of an invasion. Meanwhile,in-person meetings between senior Western and Russian government officials have been few and far between, though U.S. President Joe Biden held talks with President Putin in Geneva last June.

Since taking office this month, Scholz has emphasized the need for dialogue with Russia over its military build-up on the Ukrainian border while joining western allies in backing sanctions should Moscow invade. Germany has been accused by critics of being beholden to Putin because of its need for Russian gas, attacking construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between the countries, bypassing Ukraine. Berlin says Nordstream 2 is not political and would be only one of several pipelines transporting Russian gas to Europe. “The German side’s goal remains to achieve a swift reactivation of the Normandy format,” the German government source said, referring to multilateral talks between Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany.

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This is just plain weird. The connection to Covid makes it even more so.

‘Don’t Weigh Me’ Cards Aim To Reduce Stress At The Doctor’s Office (CNN)

A body positivity website has created free “Don’t Weigh Me” cards for patients who find stepping on the scale at the doctor’s office stressful. The cards, created by California-based, are available for free to individuals, excluding the cost of postage. There is also the option for businesses to purchase the cards, at $35 per 100 cards. The cards read: “Please don’t weigh me unless it’s (really) medically necessary,” adding “If you really need my weight, please tell me why so that I can give you my informed consent,” as shown in photographs on On the other side of the card is a list of reasons why it may not be medically necessary to weigh a patient. “Most health conditions can be addressed without knowing my weight,” is one reason, and “I pursue healthy behaviors regardless of my weight status” is another: was founded in 2016 by Ginny Jones, according to its website, and describes itself as “an online resource that empowers parents to raise kids who are free from body hate, disordered eating, and eating disorders.” The group supports a “Health at Every Size” philosophy, based around the assumption that “the current practice of linking weight to health using BMI (body mass Iindex) standards is biased and unhelpful.”

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    V. Arnold

    Berthe Morisot After luncheon 1881

    Lovely painting….


    Steve Kirsch: “Instead, they chose to expunge my entire identity so nobody will ever know I existed.” And, “… they remove any record of your existence.”

    Step 1: stop thinking social media is even a simulacrum of the real world. It isn’t. Once you accept that, the rest doesn’t matter.


    Lovely Grinchdog!


    “... tensions over Ukraine spilling over and the western media now reporting that Russia is deploying mercenaries to East Ukraine ...”

    Sigh. Aside from those who watch Rachel Maddow, et al, blathering on about this stuff on CNN, MSNBC, etc., no one believes any of the recent hysterics, much less feels tension over it.

    Look! Everyone look!!! Over here! It’s Russia, Russia, Russia!! Back in 2017 I asked a 70-year-old friend who had TDS how he could possibly fall for the “Russians are coming!” BS again. No good answer to that question.

    Russia generally displays level-headed decision-making in what it does. I’ve never gotten the vaguest idea it was interested in starting a world nuclear war. Why would this time be different?

    Dr. D

    Smithsonian: “How Dinosaurs Thrived in the Snow”

    Ummmmm, not unless you know something very, very different. A) there’s little to eat in the snow
    B) Being similar to lizards, DINOSAURS ARE ESSENTIALLY COLD-BLOODED.

    Science! ™

    Their essential problem is that the locations and continents these fossils are found on Alaska, Antarctica, etc were nowhere near the planetary locations they are today, and the world was far more different than they dare imagine. I won’t go into the theories but let’s just pose that 80-foot brontos and 6-foot dragonflies could exist because conditions were so alien that gravity itself was different.

    I bring this up because I’ve read textbooks that “debunk” the ridiculous “Continental Drift” theory in 1979…only to be a thing “we always knew and believed” about 5 years later. Then there was no Mexican crater extinction. …Until PBS allowed “Science” to actually PRESENT the evidence, and 5 days later it was Science “Fact”. Then all classes on DNA took copious time to mock and belittle Lemarck’s “Epigenetics” (Lemarck who?) … which in a new twist and not to be discredited, they’ve slowly slipped into science fact today and is slowly reworking our whole theory of what DNA is, does, and how it works.

    But unless dinosaurs were hot-blooded breathitarians, kinda suspecting they didn’t live in the tundra, frolicking in three months of darkness and no growth. That is, like some lizards, they might slow down, small ones might hibernate in caves, but they did not “Thrive”. Nor does any other creature, lacking motion and food. But hey, let’s clone and release them on Baffin Island and find out, right?

    As you’re well aware, this sort of utter nonsense is a perfect example of the Moronic “Science” we suffer under as human beings today. …Now turn the page and trust every word the Smithsonian says about Covid and Medicine. …And climate. And history. And physics. And

    We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but, they are still lying.” –Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    “The U.S. military’s Santa appropriation needs to end” HAYES BROWN MSNBC

    Appropriation? Somebody owns Santa? (Is that slavery?) Ah, hating on even the few tiny lights left for Christmas, the amusing NORAD night, when even the Pentagon can find their sense of humor. IT MUST BE STOPPED. Loveless, joyless lemon-sucking fundamentalists demand.

    All Trump, all the time: “Trump just can’t stop losing. And it’s set to continue.” -JESSICA LEVINSON

    “Trump is fixated on taking credit for the vaccine. That’s good for America.” –Zeeshan Aleem

    The Trump Trump Trump is Trump channel. Because, Hate: it feelz so gooood.

    “Trump’s influence is fading” –CNN. Not on MSNBC nor CNN it’s not. Not being President for a year and they haven’t noticed. …Kind of like the fall of the USSR.

    Speaking of side-by-side headline contradictions, because: Truth. This has been out there for months now:

    “The last American election? 2020 and the rise of the anti-democrats” –Rachael Maddow

    She should really find a “keyboard” and write an “article”. I mean they do pay her $50,000 a day.

    Article, “The Last Election”, while they run non-stop articles on the 2022 midterms and who’s replacing Joe. I guess they’re taking the Fauci route on this one: we report all things, AND their opposite. That way, whatever happens, we were totally right! Bet they never thought of that in journalism school; who’s the professor now, right? Right?

    Like printing our way to prosperity, everyone before me was just too stupid to think of such genius. Eat it, suckers! When nothing I write has to be the least bit true, I can sit and make “Content” all day.

    Meanwhile, in the REAL news, where Evergrande collapsed:
    “The economic crisis emanating from the SovereignDebt Crisis in Europe is propelling a very serious outlook as we head into 2022. …They have been using this COVID-19 whipping it up into a panic for the sheer purpose to bring us to the point where their solution will be to default disguised as a solution for the people. … This is not a question of simple hyperinflation for that even implies that the currency survives,

    “There will NEVER be a return to normal. These people have divided the people on race and politics and the key to civilization has always been that people come together when they ALL benefit. Civilization collapses when you divide the people, and turn one group against the other.” –Martin Armstrong

    What do you mean by “normal”? The last 100 years where the rich loot the poor? Then start a war to cover it up? Who would want to return to that? We’re changing into something else where they can’t follow.

    P.S. Capitalism is ‘voluntary cooperation”, which means people come together to get more done for each other. It’s the opposite of coercion, and the foundation of prosperity. If I make stuff, I get to keep it.

    If you didn’t notice, that’s the anti-thesis of “You’ll own nothing.” I.e. Communism, a system even Indian tribes never dared try.

    Anyway, they’re still figuring out how to deal with the Evergrande/China collapse, how to get the people to take the losses, on the golf courses and 5-star restaurants and private islands of the world. When they admit it’s happened, they’ll already have all the answers and directives in place. Then it’ll be “Whut? A crisis? Nobody sawr it coming.” (Except us, that have now sold all our stock)

    “Guess we’ll have to raise taxes and give a bailout to the rich: our hands are tied.”

    “‘I am all in favour of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot lock up 90 per cent of the country who are vaccinated for the ten per cent who refuse to be.’

    Oh! So free choice so long as you “Do What You’re Told!” Like EU voting. Voluntary, until you don’t want to, then it’s mandatory, like DiBlasio said. Uh-huh. Why talk? Logic is dead.

    “The closest historical approximation to this monstrosity is the Spanish inquisition..”

    That’s because it’s just another weirdo cult religion. STATE religion, which is supposed to be illegal here.

    defining truth as that which established public health bureaucracies and singularly autocratic public health “leaders” say it is.”

    This is why Mees yesterday, and Event201 singularly focused on “messaging” and had neither time nor any interest in action or science. It’s MOPE: Management of Perspective Economics. Whatever people BELIEVE is real, IS real. Or put another way: Psychosis. Madness made real.

    ” US Navy Warship Pauses Deployment After COVID-19 Outbreak, 100% Immunized (ET)”

    This is what I’m talking about logic here. All vaccinated = all infected, like every other (Carnival) ship on earth. But that’s not my point, they already SAID vaccinated = infected. “Infected” means you have a mild head cold. (And “vaccinated” now means any therapy whatsoever)


    You’re not sick, get the h—l on duty like the rest of us do. Jesus on a popsicle, you’re going to go to war and defend the country with your lives unless you have a headache? Well, in that case, lower the drawbridge and wave ‘em on through…

    Or you could be saying the ship is 100% vaccinated, and also 100% disabled and dying of it, but I don’t think you are. PICK ONE. Is this General-shaped Object Milley’s high-heel wearing Navy?

    “They chose to expunge my entire identity so nobody will ever know I existed.”

    Stalin as a 13-year old girl. MOPE, where “We create our own reality” and that Invention – poof – just become true. Or “Truthy” at least. I mean, you’re not really a mass-murdering Soviet police state until you start cutting people out of photographs are you? Like Prince Andrew?

    P.S., like that the vaccinated infect others, the Wuhan lab etc, he was repeating OTHER, OFFICIAL sources. According to Twitter’s ever-changing kaleidoscope of rules, this should be legal. We can post photos and headlines so long as state-merged, state-ordained media does first. And he did. Hahahahaha! As if we care, sucker! Rules are for the little people. You can’t judge me!

    Downing Streets Christmas orgy (with under 25 people), Maxine Waters flies maskless and Pelosi buys a house in Florida. Meanwhile, because vaccines DON’T work, Biden’s entire Cabinet wears masks at the conference table.

    They need to send me back to work, This is what happens when Docktors get bored.


    There’s no way to bend your mind around something as insane as England deciding to go door-to-door to administer jabs that don’t stop the spread in order to stop the spread.

    Another good read from Brownstone

    How Fanatics Took Over the World

    “The task now is to rebuild a civilized life that is no longer so fragile as to allow insane people to lay waste to all that humanity has worked so hard to build.”

    We’ll need all the help we can get to pull off that task.


    I have to take my 12 year old to get a stoopid nose clean tomorrow morning to see if he has Covid even though he is unjabbed and already tested negative (2 guarantees he is fine IMO).
    The Department of Health Services will hassle me to my grave and be a pain in the neck if I don’t do this one so my strategy of Do Not Comply has the odd subversive move in it. Also it is getting well past maddening and into the completely ridiculous and I find this vastly absurd. Like a big mushroom trip where you laugh at butterflies for killing cabbages with their young, which in turn indirectly kill you when they eat all the cabbage and you starve unless you sanction killing in the middle east to get oil for cabbage delivery to stoopidmarket.

    This whole ‘world as meaningful’ thing cracks me up.
    Love you guys


    ‘I am all in favour of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot lock up 90 per cent of the country who are vaccinated for the ten per cent who refuse to be.’

    At least our authoritarian oppressors have a sense of humour: protecting the obviously fragile vaccinated from the apparently infectious unvaccinated makes you wonder whether the vaccine just turns you into a completely useless fragile moronic waste of space. Once the pandemic is done, what are we going to do with all these fragile vaccinated sheep?



    In the limit:

    getting the infection creates lasting immunity

    getting the injection creates lasting autoimmunity.

    What if, Omicron delays danger signals, looking mild but possibly not being mild at all.

    Yuri Deigin – I am a drug developer and longevity activist currently working on an epigenetic rejuvenation gene therapy via partial reprogramming by Yamanaka factors. (linkedin)

    Yuri tweeted out his thoughts on Omicron the other day,
    “Omicron is not mild. It might be mildER than Delta but it is still deadly. Given how transmissible it is, that means overwhelmed hospitals and many extra deaths.”

    Lovely, just what Fauci needed for Christmas.

    Back on Dec. 9th, Yuri tweeted out the following chart questioning Omicron’s origins.


    There is a discussion developing as to where this is headed (worst case). This 2003 wired article had some interesting takeaways in regards to this vein of reasoning. It also captures some of the known risks/uncertainties of rushing a coronavirus vaccine to market.

    [..] “No one wants to make healthy people sick by giving them shots intended to prevent illness. So typically vaccines are tested painstakingly on thousands of volunteers over many years to prove they do far more good than harm.”

    [..] “Scientists are especially cautious because of their experience with vaccines aimed at animal relatives of the SARS virus. SARS is a coronavirus, the same virus family that causes serious diseases in pigs and other animals. While shots work well against some of these, they occasionally go disastrously bad. A vaccine for the feline coronavirus actually results in worse disease, not less, when cats catch the virus.

    But as happened with the cat vaccine, they sometimes trigger an off-kilter immune reaction, so when attacked by the actual virus, the system responds with a weak or misguided defense.

    [..] “When that is finished, Murphy will probably turn to another approach that has produced most of the world’s vaccines, an attenuated virus. These are made by growing the virus over and over until it builds up enough mutations to leave it too weak to do harm.

    Because the attenuated viruses cause true infections, they trigger an especially robust and well-rounded defense, arming the immune system to launch both antibodies and virus-killing T cells. But there are drawbacks: They can take a long time to make, and the crippled virus can theoretically mutate to regain its power, making people sick.”

    [..] “One approach is using gene-splicing to make plenty of SARS virus parts, such as the protein prongs that stick out from the virus, giving it a crown-like appearance under a microscope. Injecting these proteins — but not the virus itself — may be enough to prompt the immune system to recognize the SARS virus.

    A vaccine made this way works well against hepatitis B. But like killed viruses, the bare proteins can also trigger wimpy or aberrant immune responses.”

    Not sure why, but this Queen tune captures my mood in the moment.


    Lost LinkedIn profile makes one’s life not worth living.
    And Tweeter. And ….
    Cry of a narcissist if ever was the one.


    We are all “Model Builders”

    Debt Rattle Boxing Day 2021

    US Warship Stuck In Port After COVID-19 Outbreak Among “100 Percent Immunized” Crew
    German, Russian Envoys To Meet To Ease Political Tensions Over Ukraine
    Marines Have Now Booted 169 For Vaccine Refusal – All Religious Exemptions Denied
    Who Got It Right? A Look Back At Expert Predictions For 2021
    Chaos & The Triumph Of Survival
    ‘Biden Seems Confused’: CNN Openly Questions President’s Cognitive Health After Yet Another Slip Up
    Cry of a narcissist if ever was the one.

    NEWS: Nobody, but you, looks at your photo album

    Doc Robinson

    We don’t need no stinking trials, since “individuals experienced no unusual side effects, meaning that it is likely that a fourth dose would cause no harm either.”

    ‘Israel could be completely unprotected against COVID-19 in a month’ – report
    “Within a month or two, the protection in Israel could be almost back to where it was before vaccines,” reads a report.

    Israel’s Pandemic Response Team was warned last Tuesday night that Israel could go from being reasonably protected against Omicron to not being protected at all within just a month.

    As a result, the team – along with the COVID-19 Vaccination Advisory Board – voted to allow the country’s highest risk population to receive a fourth shot of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, sparking controversy in Israel and around the world.

    Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash has still not approved the recommendation – and may not – as more data about the likelihood of developing serious infection from the Omicron variant is starting to emerge.
    But why did the committee make a recommendation if it did not have all the data?

    …the protection afforded people ages 60 and older who received a third dose is expected to decline from 75% to only 25% within a month as the Omicron variant becomes the dominant strain in Israel.

    …Regarding safety, the researchers showed that about half a million people had likely recovered from the virus and did not know it, and therefore took three shots of the Pfizer vaccine. These individuals experienced no unusual side effects, meaning that it is likely that a fourth dose would cause no harm either.

    those darned kids

    Facebook Now Censoring the British Medical Journal Because New Science Goes Against Pfizer’s Lies and Deception


    More VC Nurses Blow Whistle on ‘Overwhelming’ Numbers of Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes

    More VC Nurses Blow Whistle on ‘Overwhelming’ Numbers of Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes



    from article, Ilargi’s prev. post, Malone:

    I predict that a broad global consensus will emerge that the integrity of our entire western health care systems, our media, big tech, and western political systems has been breached by the corrupting influence of a financial system that has lost integrity and become decoupled from any sense of morality, and which perceives no economic value in either fundamental human dignity or community.

    Idk about the broad consensus emerging, we will see.

    It is so that Covidians and thus COV19 are rampant in the ‘West’ -> ‘rich’, aka high to X-treme ressource gobblers, as compared to the rest of the world.

    Multiple reasons for this: the hysteria and ersatz alarm underground present in these W societies; the fact that profits can be made via vaxxes + meds (not so much in Yemen or Ethiopia, say); the desire to control implemented by e.g. ‘vax passes’ by Big Tech; a growing mad-cap ideology of Man Over Nature, control by ‘fiat’, authoritarian decree, to be enforced at any cost, in a kind of self-harming spiral; a perceived need to stop impoverishment, being downgraded, incipient collapse; other, a long list.

    *Sidebar.* A bunch of Obama staff and advisors came to CH before the implementation of Obama Care. As the med. CH system officially, on the surface, functions uniquely via private insurance, the Amrikis were super keen to pump this model for their own use.

    The man in charge at the time in CH, Pascal Couchepin, was very flattered and received them graciously with some pomp. When the Amerloques understood that the system rested on a fixed-price list for Med. Care, (TARMED in CH) and that these prices were negotiated regularly by Pharma, Pols, Docs, and citizens, they made some excuses and …left.

    In theory, in CH, a Doc – or hospital, clinic, therapist, massage specialist, surgeon, etc. – can charge what they like, free-market. However the fixed tariffs used for re-imbursement by insurance, the fact that individuals are obliged to have health insurance (another aspect the Obama guys-gals were salivating about) means that the whole ‘private insurance cos network’ are Para-State Institutions. Indeed, when one of them goes PHUT, which happens regularly, the State bails them out in the sense that it pays those insured what they are due, and summarily shunts them to some other Insurance Co. (Individuals can subsequently choose..) The State also pays the premiums for the ‘poor.’

    To return to the main topic, there is NO economic gain in championing fundamental human values or whatnot, ever. Quite the opposite…

    Once Education — private schools, higher ed, colleges, etc. — Health Care — Transport, are all run ‘for profit’ via sophisticated prop, advertising, algos, etc. the risk of fractioning, imploding, degrading, etc. society (USA top ex. but not alone) increases. “Gvmt” then becomes a feeble policing authority attempting to keep it all together, or pretending to do so, or while working for some ‘interests’ it sees as ‘winners’…

    Screwing over neighbors, children, elders, clients, fellow citizens, for personal, or Corporate, investor, other top entities, gain, can work for a while in a time of energy abundance, cornucopia, hubris, and may the best profiteers win … but the slow rot and degradation attendant to the profit-seeking (in Education for ex.) have long-lasting effects.


    Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer: Dr. Graham Lyons from Australia – The Global Death Cult

    Dr Lyons sounds like a take-no-prisoners kinda guy.

    Put the Quislings up against the wall says the good doctor.

    “When the Nazi German occupation of Norway ended in May 1945, there was a legal purge of collaborators. Several thousand Norwegians and foreign citizens were tried and convicted for various acts that the occupying powers had sanctioned. The scope, legal basis, and fairness of these trials has since been a matter of some debate. The death penalty was reinstated and a total of 45 people were executed, including Vidkun Quisling…”

    Mister Roboto

    But it’s just a coincidence. Just a coincidence!


    “‘I am all in favour of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot lock up 90 per cent of the country who are vaccinated for the ten per cent who refuse to be.’ ”

    Surely an official admission the vax aren’t really a vax but only a therapeutic, and don’t work as advertised.


    My true love tells me these are turtle doves. Hmmmm….


    Considering the mounting supply chain problems, I’m guessing she bought them on the black market.

    “This whole ‘world as meaningful’ thing cracks me up.”

    It’s a real twizzler, isn’t it? We’re smart enough to ask why but not enough to discern an answer, at least not that we can properly share. Individuals here and there seem to find some teleological anchor but these answers are highly subjective and difficult to share.

    What Next?

    After I died, and the make up had dried, I went back to my place
    No moon that night, but a heavenly light shone on my face
    Still I thought it was odd, there was no sign of God just to usher me in
    Then a voice from above, sugar coated with Love, said, “Let us begin”
    You got to fill out a form first, and then you wait in the line
    You got to fill out a form first, and then you wait in the line
    OK, a new kid in school, got to follow the rule, you got to learn the routine
    Woah, there’s a girl over there, with the sunshiny hair, like a homecomin’ queen
    I said, “Hey, what you say? It’s a glorious day, by the way how long you been dead?”
    Maybe you, maybe me, maybe baby makes three, but she just sher head
    You got to fill out a form first, and then you wait in the line
    You got to fill out a form first, and then you wait in the line
    Buddah and Moses and all the noses from narrow to flat
    Had to stand in the line, just to glimpse the divine, what you think about that?
    Well it seems like our fate to suffer and wait for the knowledge we seek
    It’s all his design, no one cuts in the line, no one here likes a sneak
    You got to fill out a form first, and then you wait in the line
    You got to fill out a form first, and then you wait in the line
    After you climb, up the ladder of time, the Lord God is near
    Face to face, in the vastness of space, your words disappear
    And you feel like swimming in an ocean of love, and the current is strong
    But all that remains when you try to explain is a fragment of song
    Lord is it, Be Bop A Lu La or Ooh Poppa Do
    Lord, Be Bop A Lu La or Ooh Poppa Do
    Be Bop A Lu La


    Fascism is the glue, government enforced pain, that keeps capitalism from falling apart.

    “If you wish to better the world, first you must pay a price.”

    A bit long but worth watching.

    2030 UnMasked (2021) | For those Preparing for what’s Coming After Covid-19


    I’m trying to Focus on what is important
    Its -11 C, there is blowing snow, electricity keeps going out, got to make alternate plans in case …. electricity is back, loading the stove oven with goodies, if electricity goes off again we got to move everything over to my sons’ place.

    This has been an eventful year to remember

    John Day

    I just caught up on yesterday and today. thanks for the kind mention TAE Summary.

    There was a question of who would be appointed POTUS when “Joe Biden” might be declared incompetent-and-to-blame, and Kamala Harris might be considered worse than that.

    Nancy Pelosi is rumored to have “been the plan all along”.

    I really can’t tell how much more things have to break to maintain “ownership” structures for “the owners” through global multinational corporate defenses-from-culpability. Somebody who “owns” something “decides” about it, but now bears no responsibility for what happens subsequent to such “decisions”, because the “decider” is hidden by the corporate obfuscation mechanism.

    It seems to me, that there must be error-correction for a system to keep functioning, because errors accumulate and compound, but what we have now is an arrangement where errors appear to be doubled-down to avoid their recognition as errors, and the application of corrective measures.

    Are “we” really doubling down on mandating mRNA vaccines in perpetuity, which accrue so many defects in the immune systems as to kill long before that?

    This seems like an acceleration into destruction of the system, our life support system, our political economy. Is this what always happens? Is this what “must happen”?

    Can we survive this phase? Do we have constructive alternatives that we can display as models?
    That’s sort of a tall order. Does anybody have constructive alternative arrangements?
    What has happened to subsistence agriculture in India and China?

    I’m sorry. I’m just trying to see where the back-up arrangements are located.


    Histopathologic analysis show clear evidence of vaccine-induced autoimmune-like pathology in multiple organs. That myriad adverse events deriving from such auto-attack processes must be expected to very frequently occur in all individuals, particularly following booster injections, is self evident. Beyond any doubt, injection of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines places lives under threat of illness and death. We note that both mRNA and vector-based vaccines are represented among these cases, as are all four major manufacturers.

    Veracious Poet

    UK future attractions in 2022:

    those darned kids

    no comment

    John Day

    From the article Chooch just posted:
    “Are we headed for the situation where the ~30% unvaxxed will be devoting their lives to operating whatever is left of the economic infrastructure and serving as caretakers for the vaxxed?”

    How might that look in day to day life?


    “This seems like an acceleration into destruction of the system, our life support system, our political economy. Is this what always happens? Is this what “must happen”?”

    Well, it is a pattern of ours, for sure: we don’t relinquish empires gracefully or any way but disastrously with arrogant denial of what is happening and our responsibility for it. In this era, our empire includes Humanity uber alles. We think we’re in control of nature, have suffered this delusion from around the 1920s, and this includes the microbial realm.

    In a sense, our covidiotic collective self-poisoning via vakzination is an expression of our unwillingness or even inability as a species to admit that we’re in way over our heads and are entering a period of major, mostly self-inflicted, reckoning.

    Closer to the Truth


    “Can we survive this phase? Do we have constructive alternatives that we can display as models?”

    I think the answer to that depends greatly on how much we go nuclear with one another. World has about 9,600 nuke warheads in military services, and 3-4k more awaiting dismantling.


    “Scorning it as ‘Western spiritual opium’ and the ‘Festival of Shame’, China has cracked down on Christmas in recent years as the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) increasingly vociferous brand of nationalism rejects any outside influence or ideas. Rising nationalism under Xi Jinping and tensions between China and the West has left little room for foreign culture that Beijing sees as an affront to Chinese values, writes.” Dec 23-2021 article

    I know it’s just a China-bash article but the essence is true as China begins cleansing itself of Western imperialism in exchange for Asian imperialism. It’s just too funny: “You can make and sell Xmas, just not enjoy it!”

    Meanwhile, Euromerica’s concept of Xmas as ther Annual Family Reunion via cheap air transport has taken a major beating:

    “Christmas flightmare day THREE: 913 US flights are cancelled and 2,975 are delayed on Sunday after nearly 2,000 were nixed over the holiday weekend
    Delta alone listed 131 cancellations and 79 delays as of Sunday at 9am
    Staffing shortages due to COVID has thrown a wrench into holiday travel after nearly 1,000 US flights were cancelled on Christmas and 3,000 were delayed
    Monday is forecast to be better, with only 51 cancellations scheduled thus far
    The delays come as the US saw 151,915 new cases on Christmas, with Omicron cases jumping to 4,644 total cases
    Omicron now represents an estimated 73 percent of all new COVID infections”

    replete with soundbite neologism: ‘flightmare’

    Average plan containing, say, 200 passengers, times about 4,000 affected flight, equals about 800K people who, if not sick of covid are certainly tired of covid. Is that a lot of people? Probably not: it doesn’t end in “llion”.


    Russian Orthodox Church considers ending blessings for nuclear weapons

    “According to a report by Religion News Service, Bishop Savva Tutunov of the Moscow Patriarchate said that it would be more appropriate to bless only the warrior who is defending their country, and their own personal weapon–instead of bombs.

    “One can talk about the blessing of a warrior on military duty in defense of the fatherland,” said Tutunov.

    “At the end of the corresponding ritual, the personal weapon is also blessed — precisely because it is connected to the individual person who is receiving the blessing. By the same reasoning, weapons of mass destruction should not be sanctified,” he said.”

    Is a toxic vaccine administered in a manner guaranteed to foment global ADE a weapon of mass destruction? Does a religious exemption mean anything outside pandering to a feared voter bloc?

    Meanwhile, they shot their patron saint of into outer space:

    The Soyuz MS-02 also carries a part of relics of Saint Seraphim of Sarov, one of the most renowned Russian monks. Seraphim is a patron saint of Russia’s nuclear weapons. Seraphim, flaming sword, yadi ya.



    “Tutunov’s view is not universally held in the Orthodox Church. According to thepiece published by Religion News Service, Fr. Vsevolod Chaplain, a former spokesman for the Patriarch of Moscow, said that Russia’s nuclear arsenal is akin to the “guardian angels” of the country and are needed to protect Orthodoxy.

    “Only nuclear weapons protect Russia from enslavement by the West,” Chaplin said to a Russian newspaper.”

    These are the manically mythical times we live in. Chaplain speaks the truth. But with “guardian angels” like nuclear ICBMs, who needs Angels of Death?

    Veracious Poet

    How might that look in day to day life?

    I honestly don’t know for certain how it unravels, as mass psychosis has too many variables, but based on past events here’s some scenarios:

    A. Civil unrest + malevolent gang activity will make certain cities a living hell.
    B. Military will be expanded + deployed to manage civil functions.
    C. People with skills needed to maintain systems will be conscripted.
    D. Large numbers of Asians will be imported, with instant citizenship, to plug systems where western civ is lacking.
    E. Food, energy, water, soft + hard goods will be rationed.
    F. Emergency powers will be running EVERYTHING.
    G. Neighbors will turn on neighbors, ca$hing out on bounties offered by TPTB, to further divide & conquer.
    H. Black markets will run on barter + untraceable currency, hunted probably by a new secret police.

    I’ve been preparing since 2008, when mass formation psychosis began to emerge as a clear & present danger, but there’s only so much you can do in the above scenario to be the gray man…

    Thankfully my current status (disabled over 60 + my skill sets are 25 years in the past) precludes me from force able induction into the totalitarian meat grinder, but I have a lot of prep to do before we can live off-the-grid, starting with locating to a less populated region with local food production, energy, water & less woke proglodytes.

    The sad part is ALL of this insanity was 100% avoidable, all the sheeple had to do was reject the GOPher/demoRAT mind fuckery & humbly choose to be counted among the Infinite’s Plan…

    TAE Summary

    * The Daily Covid
    – For PFfizer is our judge, Pfizer is our lawgiver, Pfizer is our king; It will save us; O death, where is thy jab? O grave, where is thy victory?
    – Studying the vaccines = Regression analysis
    – CDC’s new motto: Plan for the worst, Hope for the worst.
    – Words have meaning: Nobody’s been immunized or vaccinated, they’ve all just been injected
    – Having Covid creates long lasting immunity, Getting the vaxx creates long lasting auto-immunity.
    – I am all in favour of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot make 90 per cent of the country who are vaccinated feel stupid because or the ten per cent who refuse to be.
    – Malone is wrong; Gates and Big Pharma have integrity; They scrupulously follow the maxim “To thine own self be true.”
    – In nod to ancient Roman blood-sport Italy to host world cup in the Coliseum; Fauci to do thumbs up/thumbs down

    * Covid Quotes
    – What we’ve got here is… failure to vaccinate. Some men you just can’t reach.
    – Pfrawndo’s got mRNA. It’s what plant’s crave
    – Always look on the bright side of life; Ignore crucifixion hesitancy

    * Door to Door vaccination in England:
    – Citizen: Well I didn’t expect the Vaccine Inquisition
    – NHS: No one expects the Vaccine Inquisition! Our chief weapons are: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and near fanatical devotion to the Science!

    * Don’t Jab Me Card
    Why? Because
    – Most health conditions can be addressed without getting an experimental jab
    – When you threaten me with the jab I get stressed (and that’s not healthy)
    – Trying to jab me every time I come in for an appointment and talking about my vaxx status like it’s a problem perpetuates vaccination stigma (a known & serious health risk)
    – I pursue healthy behaviors regardless of my vaxx status (See Healthy at Every Risk)


    Dr John. I’m pretty sure back up arrangements have not been made. I think we are entering an era, that although short will involve GREAT hardships and austerity.
    Keeping a sense of humour is critical. Like the maniac laugh when ya stub your toe.

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