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Global Energy Cleaving Continues, Iran and Argentina Apply to Join BRICS (CTH)
How Africa And The Middle East Could Tip War In Putin’s Favour (DM)
Sanctions Against Russia Are Leading Latin America To The Abyss (Saker)
West Doing Its Utmost To Continue The Conflict In Ukraine – Zakharova (Tass)
WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Jabs (CHD)
Where The World Is Heading From July 2022 – Geert Vanden Bossche (Assaya)
Warnings Of Mental Health Crisis Among ‘Covid Generation’ Of Students (G.)
‘Off The Charts’ Chemical Shortages Hit US Farms (R.)
The Time of Our Time (Kunstler)
Sri Lanka Suspends Fuel Sales Amid Economic Collapse (ZH)
Voicemail Shows Biden Did Talk Business Dealings With Hunter (NM)
Turkey’s Opposition Promises To Target Israel, Saudi Arabia And Greece (MEE)





Macron oil














I had originally called my Sunday article, The Entire World Order Has Changed, BRICS+++. Changed it, in part because I thought people might not understand. 24 hours later, the first applicants.

Wonder how Russia and China can get Saudi Arabia to join, and if they can persuade both Saudi AND Iran.

Global Energy Cleaving Continues, Iran and Argentina Apply to Join BRICS (CTH)

This is not some grand conspiracy, ‘out there‘ deep geopolitical possibility, or foreboding likelihood as an outcome of short-sighted western emotion. No, this is just a predictable outcome from western created events that pushed specific countries to a natural conclusion based on their best interests. You can debate the motives of the western leaders who structured the sanctions against Russia, and whether they knew the outcome would happen as a consequence of their effort, but the outcome was never really in doubt. Personally, I believe this outcome is what the west intended. The people inside the World Economic Forum are not stupid – ideological, yes, but not stupid. They knew this global cleaving would happen.

In April the finance ministers of the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) decided to create their own financial mechanisms to continue trade between nations of similar disposition despite Western/NATO sanctions. Earlier this month Fed Chairman Jerome Powell stated, “rapid changes are taking place in the global monetary system that may affect the international role of the dollar.” Additionally, as the proverbial ‘west’ follows the corporate instructions from the World Economic Forum, Powell expanded his points to note the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is also being reviewed. Following a recent meeting of the BRICS group, Iran (86 million people) and Argentina (46 million people) are now applying to join BRICS, possibly creating BRICS+.

(Reuters) – “Iran has submitted an application to become a member in the group of emerging economies known as the BRICS, an Iranian official said on Monday. Iran’s membership in the BRICS group, which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, “would result in added values for both sides,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson said. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said separately that Argentina had also applied to join the group. Argentinian officials could not be reached for immediate comment.

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez, currently in Europe, has in recent days reiterated his desire for Argentina to join BRICS. “While the White House was thinking about what else to turn off in the world, ban or spoil, Argentina and Iran applied to join the BRICS,” Zakharova wrote on the Telegram messaging app. Russia has long been pushing to forge closer ties with Asia, South America and the Middle East, but it has intensified its efforts recently to weather sanctions imposed by Europe, the United States and other countries over its invasion on Ukraine.”

[.] The bottom line is – the 2022 punitive economic and financial sanctions by the western nations’ alliance against Russia was exactly the reason why BRICS assembled in the first place. Multinational corporations in control of government are what the BRICS assembly foresaw when they first assembled during the Obama administration. When multinational corporations run the policy of western government, there is going to be a problem. In the bigger picture, the BRICS assembly are essentially leaders who do not want corporations and multinational banks running their government. BRICS leaders want their government running their government; and yes, that means whatever form of government that exists in their nation, even if it is communist. BRICS leaders are aligned as anti-corporatist. That doesn’t necessarily make those government leaders better stewards, it simply means they want to make the decisions, and they do not want corporations to become more powerful than they are. As a result, if you really boil it down to the common denominator, what you find is the BRICS group are the opposing element to the World Economic Forum assembly.

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We’ll have to wait until Europe feels the heat. Or actually, the cold.

How Africa And The Middle East Could Tip War In Putin’s Favour (DM)

Ukraine believes its fate will be decided in the mud and blood of Donbas – where its troops are trying to grind Russia’s army into the dirt using skill, courage, and a fearsome arsenal of Western weaponry. But it seems increasingly likely that its destiny could be decided on another frontline, thousands of miles away: In the deserts of the Middle East and drought-stricken farmlands of Africa, where 44million people who relied on the country for food are now facing famine unless the conflict can be brought to a swift end. Blockades of Ukraine’s main Black Sea ports have placed a stranglehold on grain supplies which previously fed 400million, threatening starvation and riots from Libya to Liberia, and Syria to South Sudan.

On this front, at least, Putin seems to be winning. A growing chorus of leaders – joined in recent weeks by African Union head Macky Sall – are putting pressure on the West to pave the way for a peace deal that most analysts say would favour Russia, but which would get supplies flowing again. Playing catch-up, Western leaders – including Boris Johnson at today’s G7 meeting – have vowed to do ‘whatever it takes’ to reopen Ukraine’s ports, but are faced with the daunting task of sailing cargo vessels past Russia’s Black Sea fleet and through a minefield to get the grain. All the while, the risk of multiple and simultaneous global famines continues to grow – and with it, Putin’s chances of eking out something resembling a victory despite Ukraine’s heroics on the battlefield.

Before the outbreak of war on February 24, Ukraine supplied some 11 per cent of the world’s grain with food being one of its major exports – worth $18.5billion in 2018, according to latest-available data from the World Bank. Almost half of those exports went to Europe but a quarter went to either the Middle East and North Africa or sub-Saharan Africa – two regions that are now most at-risk of shortages, because they have few alternatives to turn to. Ukraine was also a major supplier of the World Food Programme – a UN body which provides sustenance for the globe’s most-vulnerable – providing up to 40 per cent of its wheat, which is used to make staples such as bread. For the time being, the crisis is logistical: There is plenty of food to go around, the difficulty is getting it to the people who need it.

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Machine translated from: http://www.opciones.cu/internacionales/2022-04-13/las-extorsiones-contra-rusia-golpean-a-latinoamerica

Sanctions Against Russia Are Leading Latin America To The Abyss (Saker)

Washington uses all kinds of extortion to that end: political influence, economic promises and blackmail, as was the case during the recent vote at the UN General Assembly to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council. After the vote, several delegates expressed that for various reasons they had been forced to vote that way. Due to the impact of the Western “sanctions” war, the supply of fertilizers has been affected, which poses a threat to Latin American farmers, but is advantageous for the United States, which manufactures large quantities of fertilizer. Already, U.S. producers are looking to increase exports to countries in the region. Fertilizer prices are currently at an all-time high and in the first quarter of 2022 they rose by 30%, which exceeds those reached in 2008 during the global financial crisis.

Due to the “sanctions”, shipments from Russia have been interrupted and this country is one of the main producers and exporters globally. Moscow is the largest exporter of nitrogen fertilizers and the second largest exporter of potash and phosphorus fertilizers. In 2021 the Eurasian giant shipped fertilizers worth $12.5 billion. Among its main buyers were Brazil and the European Union with 25% respectively, and the United States with 14%. As is to be expected, if the fertilizers do not arrive, agricultural production in these countries will be greatly affected.

This complex scenario comes at a time when the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UNFAO) reported that the food price index reached 159.3 points in March, an all-time high, while in February it had already beaten the record since the creation of the cost index in 1990. The agency added that among the five categories that make up the index, four have never recorded such high prices: vegetable oils (248.6 points), cereals (170.1), dairy products (145.2) and meat (120.0). Two of the categories increased prices in February due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict: cereals by 17% and vegetable oils by 23%. These countries together export 30 % of the wheat and 20 % of the corn consumed in the world.

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“West unwilling to answer questions about its mercenaries in Ukraine — Russian diplomat..”

West Doing Its Utmost To Continue The Conflict In Ukraine – Zakharova (Tass)

Western countries are reluctant to answer Russia’s questions about their mercenaries in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Sunday. “As [Russian Ambassador to London Andrey] Kelin said, they [Western countries] are writing some provocative, boorish things. They don’t want to answer the question we ask about their activities,” she said in an interview with the Voskresny Vecher (Sunday Evening) with Vladimir Solovyov on the Rossiya-1 television channel, when asked whether the United States and the United Kingdom have contacted Russia concerning their nationals who are taking part in combat operations in Ukraine.

According to Zakharova, the West is doing its utmost to continue the conflict in Ukraine as long as possible. “They are sparing no effort so that the conflict in Ukraine continued as long as possible. We remember what US 43rd President George Bush Jr said: Ukraine’s mission is to kill as many Russians as possible. <…> They have endowed Ukraine and the Kiev regime with this duty. They are using (Ukraine – TASS) as an instrument and the entire logistics are centered round that – weapons supplies, sending people, anything to keep the conflict burning, as [UK Prime Minister] Boris Johnson told [French President Emmanuel] Macron today, to prevent the settlement of this situation. Otherwise, their plan will fail,” she added.

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Double down.

WHO Behind FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Jabs (CHD)

Late Friday afternoon, the FDA released its agenda for the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting that will vote on the Orwellian “Future Framework” on Tuesday, June 28. Then on Saturday morning, the FDA released a briefing document in connection with this scheme to end science as we know it in connection with future COVID-19 shots. [..] The briefing document is 18 pages of text, 1.5 line spacing, with just 19 references — 9 of which are pre-prints or from the CDC’s in-house newsletter Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) which means they are not peer-reviewed. Any true believer in The Narrative(TM) could have written this in a few hours.

To base the entire future of COVID-19 shots on this glorified undergrad term paper is madness. As I predicted, even though the April 6 meeting was presented as an exploratory initial conversation that reached no conclusions whatsoever, the “Future Framework” is now being presented by the FDA as a done deal, fait accompli, you’d have to be crazy to insist on proper safety studies. The core argument of the briefing document is hilarious (or rather, it would be hilarious if it was not a plan to permanently institutional genocide and hide the evidence). In several places the FDA argues (colloquialisms mine):

1. These COVID-19 shots work great, miracles really, incredibly effective, boy howdy do they work well! Boosters too, total home run, the Israelis even have 10-weeks of data showing that they might help old people. What more evidence could you want? 2. Okay, well, it depends on what you mean by work. These shots do not stop infection, transmission, hospitalization, or death, even though that’s why we licensed them. Any protection wears off fairly quickly, but It’s Not Our Fault(TM) because This Wily Virus(TM) mutates too fast and no one told us that it would ever mutate. 3. So these shots must be reformulated but we cannot possibly ask Lord Pharma to do proper clinical trials ever again because we already know that these shots work great.

The briefing document literally states: “The evaluation of modified vaccines for the purpose of vaccine strain composition decisions will need to rely mainly on comparative immunogenicity data due to the time constraints involved in vaccine manufacturing and clinical efficacy evaluation.” Did you catch that? The evaluation “will need to rely on” (no decision to be made here) measures other than actual health outcomes because of “time constraints.” Ah, $cience!

No clinical trials

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From commenter Germ: “Start listening at the 20 minute mark if you don’t have much time. He states that BA 4&5 is still evolving and that in 6 to 7 weeks we will see it evolve into a much more deadlier variant crashing the healthcare systems of the world. He said in two months we will be living in a different world.

You really need to listen from the 38:45 minute mark down to the 52 minute mark where he’s predicting the end of western civilization.”

Where The World Is Heading From July 2022 – Geert Vanden Bossche (Assaya)

In this talk with Assaya’s founder Clas Sivertsen, Geert predicts in this video that a new flu epidemic will soon emerge from an animal reservoir, and that the world (except Africa) will experience another wave of hospitalizations and economic collapse. He also discusses vaccinated vs unvaccinated responses to infection by new and future emerging variants, as well as describing what it will take to reach herd immunity. Clas discusses his detailed tracking of eCT values during his recent Covid-19 Omicron infection, and go through some of the histopathology and disease progression, lack of symptoms, etc.

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How to write an article that says nothing.

Warnings Of Mental Health Crisis Among ‘Covid Generation’ Of Students (G.)

The pandemic has had a lasting legacy on the mental health of the “Covid generation” of students, exacerbating rates of anxiety, depression and self-harm and resulting in a “significant rise” in young people struggling at university, experts have said. UK universities have reported that more students are experiencing mental health problems in the aftermath of the pandemic, and that this is expected to continue with the cohort arriving in September, whose school experience was heavily disrupted by the pandemic. The president of the National Union of Students, Larissa Kennedy, said she was “deeply concerned” by the student mental health crisis, which was “getting worse”, with NUS research suggesting “the majority of students are burdened by anxiety”.

Recent research by the Humen mental health charity suggested that more than two in five (41%) of students did not think their institution prevented problems from arising. Nearly half (47%) of students said mental health difficulties had a negative impact on their university experience, while a third said they didn’t know where to go to seek help, according to the survey of 7,385 students. Kennedy said students’ struggles were caused by exam pressure combined with the cost of living crisis, and called for more funding to introduce “early support hubs” that would “prevent thousands reaching crisis point” Last week the government announced £3m in funding to close the gap between the NHS and university mental health services, which the NUS warned was a drop in the ocean, equating to just £1 per student.

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You want to rely on Bayer?

‘Off The Charts’ Chemical Shortages Hit US Farms (R.)

U.S. farmers have cut back on using common weedkillers, hunted for substitutes to popular fungicides and changed planting plans over persistent shortages of agricultural chemicals that threaten to trim harvests. Spraying smaller volumes of herbicides and turning to less-effective fungicides increase the risk for weeds and diseases to dent crop production at a time when global grain supplies are already tight because the Ukraine war is reducing the country’s exports. Interviews with more than a dozen chemical dealers, manufacturers, farmers and weed specialists showed shortages disrupted U.S. growers’ production strategies and raised their costs.

Shawn Inman, owner of distributor Spinner Ag Incorporated in Zionsville, Indiana, said supplies are the tightest in his 24-year career. “This is off the charts,” Inman said. “Everything was delayed, delayed, delayed.” Shortages further reduce options for farmers battling weeds that developed resistance to glyphosate, the key ingredient in the commonly used Roundup herbicide, after decades of overuse in the United Sates. Prices for glyphosate and glufosinate, another widely used herbicide sold under the brand Liberty, jumped more than 50% from last year, dealers said, padding profit at companies like Bayer AG BAYGn.DE, BASF SE BASFn.DE and Corteva Inc CTVA.N.

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“..these giant governments and corporations are thrashing in their death throes. Get out of their way if you possibly can.”

The Time of Our Time (Kunstler)

These days, this place on the planet that used to be a nation groans under a tribulation of bad ideas, bad choices, bad conduct, bad management, and bad faith. We have not been so ripe for regime change since 1776. A ruling Party of Chaos is doing absolutely everything to disorder our lives and there really is no generous interpretation for its motives. Everything it touches breaks, wilts, withers, splinters, rots, poisons, and infects the body politic, driving it deeper into derangement. It doesn’t even pretend to make sense because that would require making distinctions between what is true and what’s not true. We follow-the-science into pure evil.

What awaits is the abandoned scaffold of the family and the community as opposed to the brute hierarchies of mere lonely, forsaken persons under the leviathan state and the behemoth corporation, which have produced mainly new kinds of cruelties, such as: the deadly “vaccine” mandates, the no-knock FBI visitations, the surveillance cameras, the robotic phone trees with their interminable holds, the obtuse insults of the HR departments, the drag queens twerking in your children’s faces, and much more. You might not know it from the news — what is the news now, anyway, except mercenary shuck-and-jive — but these giant governments and corporations are thrashing in their death throes. Get out of their way if you possibly can. Form the bonds you can with people and cherish them. For many, they will be all you’ll have for a while.

You can’t overstate the havoc that we’ll have to live with in the months ahead, short of blowing up the whole joint, one can hope. And it will happen just as a gigantic set of pretenses to a New Order of things rolls out to thumping failure. Forget about central bank digital currencies. Don’t believe that the very people who have severed the relationship between actual capital and money can just magically conjure a new order of money that they propose to control and you don’t. Meanwhile, the old-school money they created too much of is headed for the biggest gaping black hole imaginable because that’s what happens when money based on debt is not paid back. So, for a while, there will be too much money and then there will be not enough, and then nobody will have money.

All that happens as the supply of every kind of stuff in the world stops moving from Point A to Point B, including replacement parts for every sort of machine, distribution of petroleum and its products, and food. And at the same time, it finally becomes too obvious to ignore the fact that many millions are dying or becoming disabled from the effects of the mRNA vaccines foisted on the public, especially in the USA and Europe.

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Test case.

Sri Lanka Suspends Fuel Sales Amid Economic Collapse (ZH)

A broke and extremely cash-strapped Sri Lanka halted all fuel sales except for essential services in a desperate attempt to manage a severe fuel shortage — allowing the government to buy some time and send two government officials to Russia to negotiate a fuel deal. “From midnight today, no fuel will be sold except for essential services like the health sector, because we want to conserve the little reserves we have,” government spokesman Bandula Gunawardana said in a pre-recorded statement, obtained by AFP News. The Sri Lankan government announced only essential services would operate and be allowed access to fuel until July 10 because of a fuel shortage. “Sri Lanka has never faced such a severe economic crisis in its history,” Gunewardena added.

The move comes less than a week after Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the debt-laden economy of the island nation has “completely collapsed:” “We are now facing a far more serious situation beyond the mere shortages of fuel, gas, electricity, and food. Our economy has faced a complete collapse. “It is no easy task to revive a country with a completely collapsed economy, especially one that is dangerously low on foreign reserves,” ” Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told parliament on June 22. “The country is also facing record-high inflation and lengthy power blackouts, all of which have contributed to months of protests — sometimes violent — calling on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to step down,” AFP said.

While the government said talks were held with the IMF, India, China, and Japan for new credit lines, negotiations to purchase heavily discounted Russian crude oil are set to begin this week. Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said the two ministers would arrive in Russia early this week to continue talks about directly purchasing Russian fuels, according to AP News. “There is an advantage for us if we could buy oil directly from the Russian government or the Russian firms. There are talks going on,” Wijesekera told reporters Sunday. Earlier this month, Sri Lanka turned to Russia for cheap oil to purchase crude roughly $30 below the international spot price. The South Asian country said it received 90,000 tons of Russian crude but will need a lot more.

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Of course he did.

Voicemail Shows Biden Did Talk Business Dealings With Hunter (NM)

A backup voicemail recording recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop computer shows that Joe Biden spoke with his son Hunter about Hunter’s business dealings with a Chinese oil giant, even though now-President Biden has repeatedly said that he has never talked to his son about his foreign business dealings. The Daily Mail reports that Joe Biden called Hunter on Dec. 12, 2018, after reading a New York Times article that detailed Hunter’s connections with the Chinese oil firm CEFC. Joe Biden left a voicemail for Hunter on his son’s iPhone XS, which was backed up on the laptop that Hunter later abandoned at a Maryland computer repair shop.The Times story in 2018 noted that CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming had been arrested in China and one of his top aides, Patrick Ho, had been convicted in the United States for bribing African officials to aid Iran in evading oil sanctions.

The story also reported that in 2017, Ye and Hunter Biden had met at a Miami hotel to talk about ”a partnership to invest in American infrastructure and energy deals.” When Ho was arrested, he called Joe Biden’s brother Jim, the Times reported, who told the paper he thought the call was intended for Hunter. The Times reported that it was ”unclear whether Hunter Biden struck any business deals with CEFC.” After reading the story, Joe Biden picked up the phone and dialed his son. ”Hey, pal, it’s Dad,” he said. ”It’s 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get a chance just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you. ”’I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good. I think you’re clear,” Biden continued. ”And anyway, if you get a chance give me a call. I love you.”

As reporting on Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings have come to light, President Biden has on a number occasions denied ever having spoken to his son about them, both directly and through his press spokespersons to members of the press who have asked about the matter. Hunter Biden’s best friend and business partner, Devon Archer, texted him the next day: ”Nice quote from uncle jimmy. I hope you thanked him for that.” Hunter replied: ”Took it totally out of the context atctually (sic) the text itself that it was said in. Either way yeah I’m delighted.” But after Ho was arrested, he contacted Hunter Biden and paid him $1 million as a retainer to represent him.

The Daily Mail reports that a FISA warrant shows that federal agents were also monitoring Ho as a possible spy for China. Hunter Biden appeared to be aware of Ho’s status, as revealed in a recording while making sex tapes in a hotel room, according to the Mail. On one of the recordings, Hunter Biden tells the woman he is with: ”’I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of the, literally, Dr. Patrick Ho — the f***ing spy chief of China who started the company that my partner [Jianming], who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing.”

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A bigger Turkey.

Turkey’s Opposition Promises To Target Israel, Saudi Arabia And Greece (MEE)

The leader of the Turkish opposition said on Sunday that he will hold Israel, Saudi Arabia and Greece accountable for the steps they have taken against Turkey in recent years, promising to backtrack from Ankara’s recent policies that have sought detente with its regional neighbours. Writing in a series of tweets on Sunday, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), said there were “red lines” when it came to dealing with these countries. “There is a price for martyring our citizens in international waters,” he said, referring to the 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla incident where nine Turkish activists were killed by Israeli forces in a civilian ship headed for the Gaza Strip. “My message to Israel is that this issue is not closed to us.”

His comments came following a visit by the political leader with the family of one of the Turkish activists who was killed by the Israeli forces. Turkey and Israel signed a deal in 2016 after Israel apologised and decided to pay compensation for the killings. Since then all court cases in Turkey have been dropped by the government. Both governments recently made efforts to repair their relationship, with Israeli President Isaac Herzog visiting Ankara in March. Kilicdaroglu, a possible joint presidential candidate for the opposition during next year’s elections, also criticised the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who visited Ankara last week to officially close the rift between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which emerged following the brutal killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 at the hands of Saudi agents in Istanbul.

“I also have a few words to say to bin Salman, who came to our country. Murder on our land also has its price,” Kilicdaroglu said. “Our account with him has not been closed either. He may be playing Erdogan on his finger, but Turkey is a great state, he will be made to pay for what he has done in our land.” But arguably Kilicdaroglu’s strongest comments were reserved for Greece. He threatened Greece with “nationalist” resistance and reminded Athens of the Turkish military’s 1974 Cyprus invasion which was led by then-Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit – who was also CHP leader – and deputy prime minister Necmettin Erbakan. Turkey argues that Greece has been arming some of its islands which hold non-militarised status under a set of agreements signed since the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne. Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has called on Greece to stop arming the islands, otherwise their sovereignty would be put into question by Turkey. Greece denies that said deals grant non-militarised status to those islands.

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Build my house



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    Who were the clients?

    They know exactly who the clients were… the he/him/she/her/it child raping clients. Gosh do ya think Hillary knows and her twisted political angst could be a psychological manifestation from her denial? Seems certain Trump knows and Biden, Gates too.The Mossad know, it was their operation. Fbi(SS) knows about Hunters laptop, and Epstein Island, and 911 and…. Cia and Mic all had their dicks in it, Bollywood too.

    The Truth is too big to fail just like the Banks and Insurance companies were “too big to fail” …bail em out and have total control over ALL of it/her/she/him/he. Collusion? Nah. Con-spiracy…nah- just the most open and ‘trans-Parent’ govt evah. You must be blind. Govern me harder trans parent Daddy.

    They/them are actively crashing the Whole system lest they/them gets caught raping…sooo they just rape all of us. Kevin Spacey gave that very bizarre holiday mssg years ago- if I go down- you all go down mofos. Leverage Mossad style.


    most Americans don’t like other Americans very much these days

    Having slipped from patience, understanding and compassion to outright contempt and harshness- the Covidian Libtard Femmenist Cult can do that to a decent person.

    Need a reminder from a lying scumbag ?

    Don’t poke the Bear or a sleeping Dragon. Not becoming my best self- in the light (darkness really) of a systemic mentally ill society led by murderous psychopaths, what outcome could be predicted? Provided you still have a conscience and natural sense of dignity?

    Self sufficiency. Creative effort, creative home building natural living. Certainly better practical skills than conflict resolution going forward. There will be no talking or voting our way out of, or through this- Right tools for the right job.

    Praise the lord, pass the ammo. Duck and cover.



    Ukraine confirms Russian missile hit plant adjacent to burned down shopping mall
    The strike left a large crater at a factory that was used to stockpile weaponry, according to Moscow




    Does anyone have any idea why, in heavily force-vaccinated Australia, “pandemic babies” are born with DISABLED immune systems, and are having SEVERAL diseases at the same time and clog hospitals?





    “Is UK heading for another Omicron wave? No10 confirms it’s closely watching emergence of two Covid sub-variants responsible for virus’ recent comeback”

    “…early signs that hospitalisations are also starting to rise.”






    If I got 5 cent every time someone said, “Trump”, I would be a millionaire



    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. John Day – How did Cadieu get back to Canada/

    It’s a mystery. The only public mention of Cadieu I can locate that states he is back in Canada is in the following article. It states:

    Cadieu has been accused of raping a female student at a military college in 1994. He recently returned from Ukraine, was arrested and then was released. Cadieu is expected to appear in provincial court in Kingston in August to face two counts of sexual assault.

    Anger grows as Canadian military officers rally around general accused of sexual assault

    … fwiw,



    Germ, The vaxxed up in my neighborhood are getting slaughtered. I may have had the crud last week Some stockpiled Ivermectin did the trick.

    Veracious Poet

    The following is what happens when LEOs, regulators, judges & apparatchiks are bought & paid for, this time on an international level:

    Leonardo Del Vecchio, chairman of eyewear behemoth EssilorLuxottica, has died aged 87, his company said Monday.

    “Leonardo Del Vecchio was a great Italian,” European Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni tweeted. “His story, from orphanage to leadership of a business empire, seems like a story from another time.”

    His story, for better or worse, is also why you pay so much for glasses.

    Through a series of mergers, acquisitions and shrewd licensing deals, Del Vecchio turned EssilorLuxottica into an economic juggernaut that exercised near-monopoly control over the global eyewear industry.

    As I reported in a series of columns for the Los Angeles Times, EssilorLuxottica either owns or controls virtually every top eyewear brand, including Armani, Brooks Bros., Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Polo and Ray-Ban.

    The company is also the largest manufacturer and distributor of lenses, controlling leading brands such as Varilux, Crizal, Eyezen, Foster Grant and Transitions.

    But wait, there’s more. EssilorLuxottica now owns or operates LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sunglass Hut, Target Optical, EyeBuyDirect and FramesDirect.

    And because Paris-based EssilorLuxottica also owns the EyeMed vision plan, it has enormous influence over independent optical shops. Its reach extends to virtually every aspect of the eyewear market.

    I chatted earlier this year with E. Dean Butler, the founder of LensCrafters, who now works as an independent industry consultant.

    I told him about my recent purchase of (EssilorLuxottica) frames and (EssilorLuxottica) lenses that listed for $822 but cost me $445 with my (EssilorLuxottica) EyeMed discount.

    I asked Butler how much it actually cost to manufacture those glasses. He put the figure at “not more than $25.”


    Hint: This corporate rapaciousness violates multiple antitrust laws, the Sherman Clayton Acts in USofA just to name a few 🙄

    Just another symptom of the absolute *FAIL* of “self-government” ~ Part & parcel of why increasingly poisonous products, now including death vexes, are destroying life on a level hitherto unprecedented…

    Even a monarch wouldn’t do this to his “kingdom”, unless he was raving mad, which being only one “ruler” would be easily dealt with to save the nation.

    As I’ve said, Locke was wrong (or too early)…

    Veracious Poet


    RE: Build my house

    After watching this earlier today, I went back for a second look. It’s a mirage! The graphics in video “games” have never looked better and been so convincing.


    NATO, Russia and China are working together. Here are just a few of the reasons why I believe this:

    • Erdogan agreed to Finland and Sweden joining NATO, something he would probably only do if told to by Putin.
    • NATO is disarming by slowly feeding weapons into Ukraine warehouses, slowly enough for none of them to reach the front and in large enough quantities for them to easily be destroyed by Russia
    • China has not even suffered increased tariffs for their support of Russia
    • Australia is still shipping gas and uranium ore to China despite their breach of NATO sanctions and despite the Australian “green” policy that is closing its own uranium and gas power plants
    • The Ukraine military is mostly the Ukraine Nazis and they have been inadequately trained to face up against Russia. They had 8 years to do proper training – easy – yet failed, then a smaller Russian force was able to wipe them out and nobody really cared because they are Nazi scum, people Russia does not mind killing (remember WW2) and NATO does not mind killing (remember WW2)
    • NATO is pussyfooting around, letting the politicians run their war rather than the army. Each delivery of weapons is a political move, not a military move

    NATO, Russia and China are working together. Here are some more reasons why I believe this:

    • Australia is crippling its own energy sector while shipping carbon to China. Obviously their concern for the environment is somewhat limited as sanctions is the perfect reason to stop this.
    • Australia is shipping uranium to China while China supports Russia, Australia supports NATO and Australia closes its own nuclear plants
    • USA is not even punishing China with the Trump tariffs, let alone anything serious
    • USA is not even considering returning manufacturing to the USA, so what is the plan?
    • Biden is happy to buy oil from Saudi (dependancy) but not happy for the USA to drill for its own oil (independence)
    • USA is still arming Saudi in Yemen yet Saudi is on the Russia team
    • USA is freezing the use of its own carbon resources but is this genuine concern about carbon (I do not believe that the owners believe this climate nonsense) or are they using it to wrest control from the people or are they retain resources for use at a later date?

    NATO, Russia and China are working together. Here are some more reasons why I believe this:

    • NATO advisors were warning of a Ukraine war many years before the 2014 coup: this was leaking the plan
    • NATO gave Russia plenty of time to establish alternatives to western finance and manufacturing
    • NATO could have absorbed Russia into NATO when the USSR fell apart, but they obviously had other plans for Russia as the fake enemy
    • NATO has not launched a military offensive against Russia, it is instead feeding weapons to Russia so that all the European NATO countries end up defenseless
    • NATO oligarchs are heavily invested in China which, with Russia, is winning this war and the primary beneficiary
    • Biden is obviously just the front man for a more powerful entity. He was succeptible to corruption even before he was vice president and I am sure the threat of his son suffering a fatal accident is enough to make him toe the line
    • China has a reputation for quietly taking over power using corruption, the USA being ripe for such an assault, although it may not be China alone pulling the strings
    • China was definitely involved in Covid, the initial videos of people falling down in the streets etc
    • China is using Covid to either wrest even more power away from their people or to disrupt the western supply lines
    • Who benefits? China and Russia are definitely benefiting. The west appears to be willingly forfeiting its power but we know that is more than very unlikely that the owners will be forfeiting their power, so the probability is that that power is retained and will show up again somewhere else and we will discover that the owners have changed team
    Veracious Poet

    A CULTure that’s narcissistically focused always lacks Situational Awareness

    The West has been “tuned-out” (excluding self-based obsessions) for the better part of 4 decades…

    Michael Reid

    @ aspnaz

    I think you are right.

    The west is being flushed down the drain.

    It is the easy fix for the owners now that the system is broken.

    John Day

    I was wondering where those guys were working. They look to me like they do this kind of work for a living. Burma? Philippines? It could be part of India, too. They are working in sandstone.

    Borneo? https://pubs.geoscienceworld.org/gsa/geology/article-abstract/34/7/589/129649/Southeast-Asian-sediments-not-from-Asia-Provenance?redirectedFrom=fulltext

    Philippines, Palawan: http://searg.rhul.ac.uk/current-research/philippines/provenance-of-palawan-sandstones/

    It looks like South China and a lot of SE Asia has sandstone. Look at those guysfaces and movements. They are not typical Indian, nor typical SE Asian.


    Geomagnetic navigation of Chinese ICBMs over the artic aimed at DC and Texas. 18 min flight time from Mohe City, able to evade US missile defense system. Haven’t found much supporting info, interesting nonetheless. Aslo, doomsday missile bullet trains.

    John Day

    #Figmund Sreud: When Trudeau and Freeland went together to see Zelensky I said I thought they were going to negotiate for Cadieu, and maybe bring him back.

    Veracious Poet

    Forgot to add in my last post that a good portion of the West’s CULTure is Comatose, yet walking about causing death & destruction like zombies 😈

    Almost time kids to unpack your Zombie Apocalypse kit…

    Doc Robinson

    RIM: “did anyone watch the video of the two guys building a home?”

    Impressive, but…
    This is a video about the aftermath of similar Primitive tools/ Survival builder videos (made in Cambodia):

    Primitive tools / Survival builders … the carnage left behind (exposed)

    Comments from PhotoXpression (the creator of the “exposed” video):

    They rented the land, did their videos for about a year, then left when it was no longer possible to find an empty spot to dig. That’s when the owner agreed to sell to me. After I visited the whole property to measure the land, I realised the mess they had left behind, so I got the value down at least 50% from what I had planned to offer.”

    “They call themselves ‘Survival something’ or ‘Primitive something’ and surf on a trend of building underground swimming pools, tunnels and houses.
    At first, it is really impressive work and entertaining, until you find out their filming location.
    I recently purchased 2 hectares of forest in the province of Siem Reap, and I had heard about this activity. But I was shocked to uncover the damages they had made to this otherwise untouched forest.
    – litters of waste left behind including beer cans, plastic, cement bags and temporary brick shelters
    – holes left open and structures slowly degrading
    – the high density of projects almost back to back in such a small forest

    As you can see, they do not hesitate to use cements (instead of termite soil) and spray paint (instead of natural colors).
    It will take years before the forest can recover from the damages when it is again a pleasure to walk between the high trees.

    PS: there is no river, lake or waterfall anywhere near. Instead they simply use a 10 meter water well, water pumps and a lot of extra manpower… behind the cameras.

    Comment from Tyler Fleischman:
    “These channels make millions of dollars. The channel, Survival Builder, is only one of many. It has a video showing one of the pools in OP’s video. Posted over a year ago, it has 9 million views. The channel has 1,448,511,288 views in total. If they had an RPM of $3 (conservative estimate), meaning $3 per thousand views, the Survival Builder channel alone has made $4,345,533.86 in ad revenue so far.”


    @wes: Trudeau backs whatever he thinks is the majority side in any public discourse, always and forever.
    Useless politician. Most are. This one is a failed actor hence, drama teacher that admitted to not being able to do simple math. Those who can do, those who can’t teach. My apologies to the teachers out there. Most I was taught under were not like that. The present crop seem to be more so than not.

    re: shopping mall, I know that is the point, it’s war so it’s propaganda. Until some independent investigation is done it won’t be known. As things have been progressing so far I would expect the strike on the munitions dump nearby was the cause. However the Ukrainians may have done it with the idea it could be blamed on the Russians.


    @Doc Robinson said

    RIM: “did anyone watch the video of the two guys building a home?”

    Thanks for that post. With the benefit of hindsight and someone more informed, it is obvious that scoundrels would be doing this, I am now wiser to the videos on youtube and appreciate it.


    Things have changed
    Power rest in someone’s finger tip.

    Manipulation/pictures/words/sound are no longer believable/trustworthy
    With social media, (bloggers), the path to Resurrection, could be Rejection

    free advertising – Having your name used by the news media does not equate success.
    • The J6 Committee Went Full Jussie Smollett Today and It is Hilarious (CTH)

    Hillary Clinton Can Rescue Democrats In The Midterms (Juan Williams)
    Ukraine –
    Windows are still being broken.
    Who will prepare the reconstruction of the country?
    The people are already asking/complaining that their gov. is spending money on Ukraine that is needed in their country.
    Hide the truth by not naming it a bad flue
    Omicron vs. covid-19
    natural immunity and lower rates of BA.5 infection, which appears to prefer vaccinated populations.
    systems failures
    Depopulation has been decided.
    Discussion/negotiation is about who will give up the biggest percentage and by which mechanism.

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