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    Who were the clients?

    They know exactly who the clients were… the he/him/she/her/it child raping clients. Gosh do ya think Hillary knows and her twisted political angst could be a psychological manifestation from her denial? Seems certain Trump knows and Biden, Gates too.The Mossad know, it was their operation. Fbi(SS) knows about Hunters laptop, and Epstein Island, and 911 and…. Cia and Mic all had their dicks in it, Bollywood too.

    The Truth is too big to fail just like the Banks and Insurance companies were “too big to fail” …bail em out and have total control over ALL of it/her/she/him/he. Collusion? Nah. Con-spiracy…nah- just the most open and ‘trans-Parent’ govt evah. You must be blind. Govern me harder trans parent Daddy.

    They/them are actively crashing the Whole system lest they/them gets caught raping…sooo they just rape all of us. Kevin Spacey gave that very bizarre holiday mssg years ago- if I go down- you all go down mofos. Leverage Mossad style.

    most Americans don’t like other Americans very much these days

    Having slipped from patience, understanding and compassion to outright contempt and harshness- the Covidian Libtard Femmenist Cult can do that to a decent person.

    Need a reminder from a lying scumbag ?

    Don’t poke the Bear or a sleeping Dragon. Not becoming my best self- in the light (darkness really) of a systemic mentally ill society led by murderous psychopaths, what outcome could be predicted? Provided you still have a conscience and natural sense of dignity?

    Self sufficiency. Creative effort, creative home building natural living. Certainly better practical skills than conflict resolution going forward. There will be no talking or voting our way out of, or through this- Right tools for the right job.

    Praise the lord, pass the ammo. Duck and cover.


    Ukraine confirms Russian missile hit plant adjacent to burned down shopping mall
    The strike left a large crater at a factory that was used to stockpile weaponry, according to Moscow




    Does anyone have any idea why, in heavily force-vaccinated Australia, “pandemic babies” are born with DISABLED immune systems, and are having SEVERAL diseases at the same time and clog hospitals?




    “Is UK heading for another Omicron wave? No10 confirms it’s closely watching emergence of two Covid sub-variants responsible for virus’ recent comeback”

    “…early signs that hospitalisations are also starting to rise.”





    If I got 5 cent every time someone said, “Trump”, I would be a millionaire



    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. John Day – How did Cadieu get back to Canada/

    It’s a mystery. The only public mention of Cadieu I can locate that states he is back in Canada is in the following article. It states:

    Cadieu has been accused of raping a female student at a military college in 1994. He recently returned from Ukraine, was arrested and then was released. Cadieu is expected to appear in provincial court in Kingston in August to face two counts of sexual assault.

    Anger grows as Canadian military officers rally around general accused of sexual assault

    … fwiw,



    Germ, The vaxxed up in my neighborhood are getting slaughtered. I may have had the crud last week Some stockpiled Ivermectin did the trick.

    Veracious Poet

    The following is what happens when LEOs, regulators, judges & apparatchiks are bought & paid for, this time on an international level:

    Leonardo Del Vecchio, chairman of eyewear behemoth EssilorLuxottica, has died aged 87, his company said Monday.

    “Leonardo Del Vecchio was a great Italian,” European Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni tweeted. “His story, from orphanage to leadership of a business empire, seems like a story from another time.”

    His story, for better or worse, is also why you pay so much for glasses.

    Through a series of mergers, acquisitions and shrewd licensing deals, Del Vecchio turned EssilorLuxottica into an economic juggernaut that exercised near-monopoly control over the global eyewear industry.

    As I reported in a series of columns for the Los Angeles Times, EssilorLuxottica either owns or controls virtually every top eyewear brand, including Armani, Brooks Bros., Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Polo and Ray-Ban.

    The company is also the largest manufacturer and distributor of lenses, controlling leading brands such as Varilux, Crizal, Eyezen, Foster Grant and Transitions.

    But wait, there’s more. EssilorLuxottica now owns or operates LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sunglass Hut, Target Optical, EyeBuyDirect and FramesDirect.

    And because Paris-based EssilorLuxottica also owns the EyeMed vision plan, it has enormous influence over independent optical shops. Its reach extends to virtually every aspect of the eyewear market.

    I chatted earlier this year with E. Dean Butler, the founder of LensCrafters, who now works as an independent industry consultant.

    I told him about my recent purchase of (EssilorLuxottica) frames and (EssilorLuxottica) lenses that listed for $822 but cost me $445 with my (EssilorLuxottica) EyeMed discount.

    I asked Butler how much it actually cost to manufacture those glasses. He put the figure at “not more than $25.”

    Hint: This corporate rapaciousness violates multiple antitrust laws, the Sherman Clayton Acts in USofA just to name a few 🙄

    Just another symptom of the absolute *FAIL* of “self-government” ~ Part & parcel of why increasingly poisonous products, now including death vexes, are destroying life on a level hitherto unprecedented…

    Even a monarch wouldn’t do this to his “kingdom”, unless he was raving mad, which being only one “ruler” would be easily dealt with to save the nation.

    As I’ve said, Locke was wrong (or too early)…

    Veracious Poet


    RE: Build my house

    After watching this earlier today, I went back for a second look. It’s a mirage! The graphics in video “games” have never looked better and been so convincing.


    NATO, Russia and China are working together. Here are just a few of the reasons why I believe this:

    • Erdogan agreed to Finland and Sweden joining NATO, something he would probably only do if told to by Putin.
    • NATO is disarming by slowly feeding weapons into Ukraine warehouses, slowly enough for none of them to reach the front and in large enough quantities for them to easily be destroyed by Russia
    • China has not even suffered increased tariffs for their support of Russia
    • Australia is still shipping gas and uranium ore to China despite their breach of NATO sanctions and despite the Australian “green” policy that is closing its own uranium and gas power plants
    • The Ukraine military is mostly the Ukraine Nazis and they have been inadequately trained to face up against Russia. They had 8 years to do proper training – easy – yet failed, then a smaller Russian force was able to wipe them out and nobody really cared because they are Nazi scum, people Russia does not mind killing (remember WW2) and NATO does not mind killing (remember WW2)
    • NATO is pussyfooting around, letting the politicians run their war rather than the army. Each delivery of weapons is a political move, not a military move

    NATO, Russia and China are working together. Here are some more reasons why I believe this:

    • Australia is crippling its own energy sector while shipping carbon to China. Obviously their concern for the environment is somewhat limited as sanctions is the perfect reason to stop this.
    • Australia is shipping uranium to China while China supports Russia, Australia supports NATO and Australia closes its own nuclear plants
    • USA is not even punishing China with the Trump tariffs, let alone anything serious
    • USA is not even considering returning manufacturing to the USA, so what is the plan?
    • Biden is happy to buy oil from Saudi (dependancy) but not happy for the USA to drill for its own oil (independence)
    • USA is still arming Saudi in Yemen yet Saudi is on the Russia team
    • USA is freezing the use of its own carbon resources but is this genuine concern about carbon (I do not believe that the owners believe this climate nonsense) or are they using it to wrest control from the people or are they retain resources for use at a later date?

    NATO, Russia and China are working together. Here are some more reasons why I believe this:

    • NATO advisors were warning of a Ukraine war many years before the 2014 coup: this was leaking the plan
    • NATO gave Russia plenty of time to establish alternatives to western finance and manufacturing
    • NATO could have absorbed Russia into NATO when the USSR fell apart, but they obviously had other plans for Russia as the fake enemy
    • NATO has not launched a military offensive against Russia, it is instead feeding weapons to Russia so that all the European NATO countries end up defenseless
    • NATO oligarchs are heavily invested in China which, with Russia, is winning this war and the primary beneficiary
    • Biden is obviously just the front man for a more powerful entity. He was succeptible to corruption even before he was vice president and I am sure the threat of his son suffering a fatal accident is enough to make him toe the line
    • China has a reputation for quietly taking over power using corruption, the USA being ripe for such an assault, although it may not be China alone pulling the strings
    • China was definitely involved in Covid, the initial videos of people falling down in the streets etc
    • China is using Covid to either wrest even more power away from their people or to disrupt the western supply lines
    • Who benefits? China and Russia are definitely benefiting. The west appears to be willingly forfeiting its power but we know that is more than very unlikely that the owners will be forfeiting their power, so the probability is that that power is retained and will show up again somewhere else and we will discover that the owners have changed team
    Veracious Poet

    A CULTure that’s narcissistically focused always lacks Situational Awareness

    The West has been “tuned-out” (excluding self-based obsessions) for the better part of 4 decades…

    Michael Reid

    @ aspnaz

    I think you are right.

    The west is being flushed down the drain.

    It is the easy fix for the owners now that the system is broken.

    John Day

    I was wondering where those guys were working. They look to me like they do this kind of work for a living. Burma? Philippines? It could be part of India, too. They are working in sandstone.


    Philippines, Palawan:

    It looks like South China and a lot of SE Asia has sandstone. Look at those guysfaces and movements. They are not typical Indian, nor typical SE Asian.


    Geomagnetic navigation of Chinese ICBMs over the artic aimed at DC and Texas. 18 min flight time from Mohe City, able to evade US missile defense system. Haven’t found much supporting info, interesting nonetheless. Aslo, doomsday missile bullet trains.

    John Day

    #Figmund Sreud: When Trudeau and Freeland went together to see Zelensky I said I thought they were going to negotiate for Cadieu, and maybe bring him back.

    Veracious Poet

    Forgot to add in my last post that a good portion of the West’s CULTure is Comatose, yet walking about causing death & destruction like zombies 😈

    Almost time kids to unpack your Zombie Apocalypse kit…

    Doc Robinson

    RIM: “did anyone watch the video of the two guys building a home?”

    Impressive, but…
    This is a video about the aftermath of similar Primitive tools/ Survival builder videos (made in Cambodia):

    Primitive tools / Survival builders … the carnage left behind (exposed)

    Comments from PhotoXpression (the creator of the “exposed” video):

    They rented the land, did their videos for about a year, then left when it was no longer possible to find an empty spot to dig. That’s when the owner agreed to sell to me. After I visited the whole property to measure the land, I realised the mess they had left behind, so I got the value down at least 50% from what I had planned to offer.”

    “They call themselves ‘Survival something’ or ‘Primitive something’ and surf on a trend of building underground swimming pools, tunnels and houses.
    At first, it is really impressive work and entertaining, until you find out their filming location.
    I recently purchased 2 hectares of forest in the province of Siem Reap, and I had heard about this activity. But I was shocked to uncover the damages they had made to this otherwise untouched forest.
    – litters of waste left behind including beer cans, plastic, cement bags and temporary brick shelters
    – holes left open and structures slowly degrading
    – the high density of projects almost back to back in such a small forest

    As you can see, they do not hesitate to use cements (instead of termite soil) and spray paint (instead of natural colors).
    It will take years before the forest can recover from the damages when it is again a pleasure to walk between the high trees.

    PS: there is no river, lake or waterfall anywhere near. Instead they simply use a 10 meter water well, water pumps and a lot of extra manpower… behind the cameras.

    Comment from Tyler Fleischman:
    “These channels make millions of dollars. The channel, Survival Builder, is only one of many. It has a video showing one of the pools in OP’s video. Posted over a year ago, it has 9 million views. The channel has 1,448,511,288 views in total. If they had an RPM of $3 (conservative estimate), meaning $3 per thousand views, the Survival Builder channel alone has made $4,345,533.86 in ad revenue so far.”


    @wes: Trudeau backs whatever he thinks is the majority side in any public discourse, always and forever.
    Useless politician. Most are. This one is a failed actor hence, drama teacher that admitted to not being able to do simple math. Those who can do, those who can’t teach. My apologies to the teachers out there. Most I was taught under were not like that. The present crop seem to be more so than not.

    re: shopping mall, I know that is the point, it’s war so it’s propaganda. Until some independent investigation is done it won’t be known. As things have been progressing so far I would expect the strike on the munitions dump nearby was the cause. However the Ukrainians may have done it with the idea it could be blamed on the Russians.


    @Doc Robinson said

    RIM: “did anyone watch the video of the two guys building a home?”

    Thanks for that post. With the benefit of hindsight and someone more informed, it is obvious that scoundrels would be doing this, I am now wiser to the videos on youtube and appreciate it.


    Things have changed
    Power rest in someone’s finger tip.

    Manipulation/pictures/words/sound are no longer believable/trustworthy
    With social media, (bloggers), the path to Resurrection, could be Rejection

    free advertising – Having your name used by the news media does not equate success.
    • The J6 Committee Went Full Jussie Smollett Today and It is Hilarious (CTH)

    Hillary Clinton Can Rescue Democrats In The Midterms (Juan Williams)
    Ukraine –
    Windows are still being broken.
    Who will prepare the reconstruction of the country?
    The people are already asking/complaining that their gov. is spending money on Ukraine that is needed in their country.
    Hide the truth by not naming it a bad flue
    Omicron vs. covid-19
    natural immunity and lower rates of BA.5 infection, which appears to prefer vaccinated populations.
    systems failures
    Depopulation has been decided.
    Discussion/negotiation is about who will give up the biggest percentage and by which mechanism.

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