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Is NATO Falling Apart? (Saker)
Is Washington’s Dangerous Ukraine Boondoggle Starting to Unravel? (Ron Paul)
Emmanuel Macron: “We Need a Single Global Order” (SN)
Scholz Names Reason Behind European Economy Downturn (RT)
Up To Three Million Ukrainians Will Migrate In Winter – WHO (RT)
Russia Threatens To Cut Gas Exports Due To Ukraine’s Theft (RT)
CIA Reveals Plan For Disgruntled Russians (RT)
App Store ‘Gatekeepers’ Could Deplatform Twitter Itself (SN)
Stop COP (Hunziker)
Biden Officials Off The Hook For Deposition In Social Media Censorship Case (PM)
Greek Food Prices Consistently Higher Than EU (K.)
Special Counsel vs Trump ‘Tool to Attack a Political Enemy’: FBI Veteran (ET)
FDA Social Media Posts On Covid Under Legal, Medical Scrutiny (JTN)
Sometimes I feel I Am Damaged for Life: Woman Injured by Pfizer Vaccine (CHD)
New WHO Pandemic Treaty In Final Stages, Would Overrule US Constitution (NN)



Marc Elias is the top Hillary lawyer.





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Macgregor-Ukraine is about to be annihilated







“NATO can’t defend ANY of its members against a truly modern military..”

Is NATO Falling Apart? (Saker)

[..] let’s imagine that Russia would really strike some target inside Poland (which is what the Ukies claimed, as did the Poles until Uncle Shmuel told them to cool it). What would happen next? Does anybody still remember what happened when Erdogan flew to Mons to beg for NATO protection against Russia (following the downing of a Russian Su-24 over northern Syria by a joint US-Turkish operation, possibly executed without Erdogan’s knowledge, at least that was his claim). What did NATO promise or give the Turks? Absolutely *nothing* (other than “consultations”). Now the Poles might be delusional enough to think that a US President might order a retaliatory attack on Russia if Russia strikes Poland, but those of us who know the USA and its ruling elites know that this is nonsense.

Why? Simply because a US/NATO counter-strike on Russian forces would result in an immediate Russian response. And then what? The truth is very stark in its simplicity: • The US/NATO do not have the manpower or firepower needed to take on Russia in a conventional combined arms war. • Any use of nuclear weapons will result in an immediate retaliation most likely resulting into a unwinnable full-scale nuclear war. • So here is the deal: whether western politicians understand that or not, military professionals all know the truth – NATO can’t defend ANY of its members against a truly modern military. Why? Let’s look at what capabilities the US/NATO truly have:

• The USN has a superb submarine force (both SSNs and SSBNs) capable for firing large numbers of relatively obsolete cruise missiles (and plenty of SLBMs) •A still very capable, if rather old, nuclear triad •A quantitative (only!) conventional advantage over Russia • Superb (but very vulnerable!) C4ISR capabilities • A printing press allowing for the quasi infinite printing of dollars • A comprador elite ruling over all the NATO/EU countries • The most formidable propaganda machine in history. So what does NATO lack to be a credible military force? Obviously, “boots on the ground”. And I don’t mean a few subunits from the 101st or 82AB or US special forces or even a so-called “armored brigade” which, in reality, lacks adequate TO&E to qualify as such. I am talking about a “land warfare” force capable of fighting a modern and extremely determined enemy.

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“.. this is the clearest public example of the Biden Administration’s acceptance that it has a “Zelensky problem.”

Is Washington’s Dangerous Ukraine Boondoggle Starting to Unravel? (Ron Paul)

Last week the world stood on the very edge of a nuclear war, as Ukraine’s US-funded president, Vladimir Zelensky, urged NATO military action over a missile that landed on Polish soil. “This is a Russian missile attack on collective security! This is a really significant escalation. Action is needed,” said Zelensky immediately after the missile landed. But there was a problem. The missile was fired from Ukraine – likely an accident in the fog of war. Was it actually a Russian missile, of course, that might mean World War III. But Zelensky didn’t seem to be bothered by the prospect of the world blown up, judging from his reckless rhetoric. While Zelensky has been treated as a saint by the US media, the Biden Administration, and both parties in Congress, something unprecedented happened this time: the Biden Administration pushed back.

According to press reports, several Zelensky calls to Biden or senior Biden Staff went unanswered.When US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan finally returned Zelensky’s call, he is reported to have said, “tread carefully” on claims Russia was behind the missiles landing in Poland. The Biden Administration went on to publicly dispute Zelensky’s continued insistence that Russia shot missiles into NATO-Member Poland. After two days of Washington opposition to his claims, Zelensky finally, sort of, backed down. We’ve heard rumors of President Biden’s frustration over Zelensky’s endless begging and ingratitude for the 60 or so billion dollars doled out to him by the US government, but this is the clearest public example of the Biden Administration’s acceptance that it has a “Zelensky problem.” Zelensky must have understood that Washington and Brussels knew it was not a Russian missile. Considering the vast intelligence capabilities of the US in that war zone, it is likely the US government knew in real time that the missiles were not Russian.

For Zelensky to claim otherwise seemed almost unhinged. And for what seems like the first time, Washington noticed.As a result, there has been a minor – but hopefully growing – revolt among conservatives in Washington over this dangerous episode. Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene introduced legislation demanding an audit of the tens of billions of dollars shipped to Ukraine – with perhaps $50 billion more in the pipeline. The resolution currently has eleven co-sponsors. Rep. Matt Gaetz has publicly stated that he would not vote for one more dollar for Ukraine. Others, like US Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), have gone even further. In a recent Tweet Rep. Gosar called US support for Ukraine a “corrupt money-laundering operation.” As the fallout from the recent collapse of the FTX crypto exchange points to possible political corruption, his claims may prove to be accurate.

[..] When the Ukraine war hysteria finally dies down – as the Covid hysteria died down before it – it will become obvious to vastly more Americans what an absolute fiasco this whole thing has been. Hopefully Republicans will accelerate that process when they take the House in January. It cannot come too soon!

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1) I thought we were in a garden, not a jungle?!

2) There will be a global order, and you won’t be in it.

Emmanuel Macron: “We Need a Single Global Order” (SN)

During a speech at the Apec summit in Bangkok, where world leaders gathered, French President Emmanuel Macron called for a “single global order.” Macron made the comments while discussing the power interests of Russia and China and the threat of war. “We are in a jungle and we have two big elephants trying to become more and more nervous,” he said.“If they become very nervous and start a war, it will be a big problem for the rest of the jungle. You need the cooperation of a lot of other animals, tigers, monkeys and so on,” added Macron.“Are you on the U.S. or the Chinese side? Because now, progressively, a lot of people would like to see that there are two orders in this world. This is a huge mistake, even for both the U.S. and China.” “We need a single global order,” he concluded.

Macron’s words are sure to confuse the ‘fact checker’ industry, which continues to insist that claims about the ‘New World Order’ or one world government are a baseless conspiracy theory. Indeed, much hilarity ensued last week when it was revealed that Google-owned YouTube had effectively fact-checked a video published by ‘The World Government Summit 2022’. In the video, the host of a panel discussion asks H.E. Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Diplomatic Advisor to the UAE President, “Are you ready for a new world order?” Underneath the video is a fact check box about the ‘New World Order’ which links to a Wikipedia article that states, “The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.” The tone of the article debunks the notion that there is a move towards a ‘New World Order’, despite the panelists at the World Government Summit openly discussing that very agenda.

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It was China all along…

Scholz Names Reason Behind European Economy Downturn (RT)

Neither the Covid-19 pandemic nor Russia’s offensive against Ukraine has played a pivotal role in bringing about the current economic downturn in Europe, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has argued. He attributed it to growth in Asia instead, warning that there likely will not be a return to the good old days in the foreseeable future.Speaking on Tuesday at an economic summit in Berlin organized by Suddeutsche Zeitung, Scholz said that, for years, countries in North America and Europe had enjoyed a combination of stable growth, low inflation and high employment rates. This, however, according to the chancellor, was an “economic exception” that cannot be expected to last any longer.

“Russia’s war [against Ukraine] and the economic consequences of the [Covid-19] pandemic may have expedited” the end of this era, the politician opined. He hastened to add, however, that “they were not the trigger for it.” Scholz went on to explain that, for decades, countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia have mainly been viewed as a source of cheap goods for the European, American and, increasingly, the Chinese markets. But in the meantime the same Asian nations experienced an explosive increase in the number of people belonging to the middle class. Those individuals’ purchasing power rose accordingly. This, the German chancellor postulated, is what has led to growing inflation elsewhere.

He noted that, at the same time, this is a major story of success enabled by globalization. He also warned against deglobalization, calling on Germany and other European nations to embrace more trade with emerging economies, “of course, [trade] by fair rules. “An increasingly multipolar word is arranging itself right now, fundamentally anew,” a development which is best seen in South-East Asia, Scholz argued. He hastened to reassure German businesses that they have nothing to fear, as their goods will remain in high demand in this new world and they only stand to gain more.

Speaking of the current energy crisis in his country, Scholz accused Russia of weaponizing gas exports, adding that Germany had made a mistake in relying too much on one supplier. He vowed that Berlin will never repeat this, going forward, meaning that dependence on China will have to be reduced as well. Germany, he said, needs to look for new suppliers and markets for its goods. The chancellor promised to make sure Europe’s economic powerhouse sees itself through the coming winter.

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Peace talks now. But not on Zelensky’s terms.

Up To Three Million Ukrainians Will Migrate In Winter – WHO (RT)

This winter may be a “life-threatening” experience for “millions” of Ukrainians, Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization (WHO) regional director for Europe, has warned. Up to three million Ukrainians are expected to migrate “in search of warmth and safety,” Kluge said on Monday during a press conference in Kiev. “We expect 2–3 million more people to leave their homes in search of warmth and safety. They will face unique health challenges, including respiratory infections such as Covid-19, pneumonia and influenza, and the serious risk of diphtheria and measles in under-vaccinated populations,” Kluge stated.

Those who remain at home will likely be forced to opt for “alternative heating methods,” the official said, warning that doing things “like burning charcoal or wood, or using generators fueled by diesel, or electric heaters” carry health risks as well.They include “exposure to toxic substances that are harmful for children, older people and those with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, as well as accidental burns and injuries,” he said.The ongoing conflict is also taking a heavy toll on the mental health of Ukrainians, according to Kluge. Some 10 million of them are already “at risk of mental disorders such as acute stress, anxiety, depression, substance use and post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD,” the official said.

According to the latest UN figures, more than 7.8 million refugees from Ukraine have migrated to Europe amid the conflict between Moscow and Kiev that broke out in late February. Some 4.7 million of them have been registered for Temporary Protection or similar national protection schemes across the EU. A sizable portion of the refugees, however, have gone to Russia, with more than 2.8 million recorded in the country.

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Again: peace talks now.

Russia Threatens To Cut Gas Exports Due To Ukraine’s Theft (RT)

Russia’s energy giant Gazprom said on Tuesday that Ukraine was diverting natural gas supplies transiting to Moldova, and the company has threatened to curtail deliveries through a key pipeline in response. “The volume of gas supplied by Gazprom to the ‘Sudzha’ gas measuring station (GMS) for transit to Moldova via Ukraine exceeds the physical volume transmitted at the border of Ukraine with Moldova,” Gazprom’s statement read. Moldova paid for some November gas supplies on Monday, according to Gazprom, which said that Kiev had kept 52.52 million cubic meters of gas meant for Moldova on its territory.

The Russian energy company further warned that if the transit imbalance persists then it would begin slashing gas supply to the Sudzha GMS for transit via Ukraine from 10 am (7am GMT) on November 28, “in the amount of the daily underderlivery.” The Sudzha transit line through Ukraine remains the only route to supply Russian gas to western and central European countries after the Nord Stream network was damaged by a suspicious explosion in September. Meanwhile, land-locked Moldova, which has been suffering massive blackouts lately, has called for international assistance as soaring energy costs and skyrocketing inflation are set to put a huge strain on consumers in one of Europe’s poorest countries. According to the French Foreign Ministry, support is all the more important as Moldova is facing an unprecedented energy crisis as winter approaches.

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“He described the conflict as a massive failure for Moscow and said it presented opportunities for Western intelligence agencies to recruit disaffected Russians.”

CIA Reveals Plan For Disgruntled Russians (RT)

The CIA is interested in recruiting Russians “disgusted” with the conflict in Ukraine, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. The claim was made by deputy director of operations David Marlowe during a recent meeting at a Washington-area think-tank. “We’re looking around the world for Russians who are as disgusted with that as we are,” Marlowe reportedly said, referring to the current events in Ukraine. “Because we’re open for business.”Marlowe spoke “before a select audience of university faculty and staff” at George Mason University’s Hayden Center in Arlington, Virginia. The “CIA at 75” event was his first public appearance since he took office in June 2021, according to the WSJ. Though the event was held last week, the Hayden Center made the video of it public on Monday.

CIA Deputy Director for Analysis Linda Weissgold, described as responsible for producing finished intelligence reports for President Joe Biden and the rest of the US leadership, was also on the panel, along with the agency’s one-time acting director Michael Morrell. Appointed by current CIA Director William Burns, Marlowe is an Arabic speaker whose expertise is in the Near and Middle East. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin “squandered” all of his power and influence by “invading” Ukraine in February. He described the conflict as a massive failure for Moscow and said it presented opportunities for Western intelligence agencies to recruit disaffected Russians.

The announcement follows several instances during which Western intelligence agencies have tried to approach Russian personnel serving abroad, according to Moscow. Last month, Moscow summoned the Dutch ambassador over reports that a British spy had tried to recruit a Russian military attache in The Hague. Earlier this year, the Kremlin denounced US attempts to suborn Russian diplomats as “very impudent behavior” and “unacceptable.” The Hayden Center was set up in 2017 by the retired US Air Force General Michael V. Hayden, several months after he became a CNN contributor. Hayden ran the National Security Agency (NSA) between 1999-2005 and the CIA from 2006-2009, through such controversies as waterboarding torture of terrorism suspects and warrantless mass surveillance of Americans.

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What are the odds of Musk setting up his own app store?

App Store ‘Gatekeepers’ Could Deplatform Twitter Itself (SN)

App store ‘gatekeepers’ Apple, Google Play and Amazon could all decide to deplatform Twitter itself following new owner Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech, according to a report. Speculation over app stores potentially targeting Twitter intensified after Apple executive Phil Schiller deactivated his Twitter account for no apparent reason days after Donald Trump was restored to the platform. Twitter users also noticed that the official Apple account itself had apparently removed all of its tweets, although it was later revealed that this was nothing new. According to a report by Fast Company, “Musk is playing a dangerous game that could spell game over for the platform he just bought” by his supposed failure to moderate impose stringent moderation.

“Musk’s platforming of hateful content could get Twitter itself deplatformed,” writes Clint Rainey, adding that the company could be on a “collision course” with app store “gatekeepers.” Rainey and his ilk are mad that Musk has culled the number of “moderators employed to track harmful content and enforce Twitter’s rules against it.” Showcasing again how journalists now weaponize their platforms to try to chill free speech, Fast Company contacted Apple, Google and Amazon to ask them if they planned to deplatform the Twitter app itself, but none responded. The article notes how both Parler and Truth Social were at one stage banned from app stores before they were forced to agree to more draconian moderation policies.

While it’s incredibly unlikely that the Twitter app itself would ever be deplatformed, the ‘gatekeepers’ could follow the example of advertisers by putting pressure on Musk to impose tighter censorship, therefore derailing the billionaire’s stated goal to “free the bird” and restore true freedom of speech. Given that Apple is also likely to take a large cut of Twitter’s new $8 subscription service, a financial motive is also in place to maintain a good relationship with Musk. Much of the hysteria seems to be based around Musk allowing accounts that had been unfairly banned or suspended on the platform, such as those operated by the Babylon Bee and Jordan Peterson, to return. Trump himself returning to the platform, despite insisting he has no plans to actually use his account again, has also instilled terror into censorious leftists who fear they are losing power over the ability to shut down adversarial voices.

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What I wrote almost 7 years ago: CON21. Nothing has changed, let alone improved.

Stop COP (Hunziker)

Fossil fuel interests have taken over climate talks. The acronym COP for “Conference of the Parties” should be changed to “Continue Oil Production.” Eighteen of the twenty companies that sponsored UN climate talks at the make-believe Egyptian resort Sharm El-Sheikh either directly support or partner with oil and gas companies. Global Witness/London identified at least 636 fossil lobbyists at COP27. What are fossil fuel lobbyists doing at a climate conference? According to Pascoe Sabido of Corporate Europe Observatory/Brussels: “These findings underline the extent to which this COP has never been about the climate. It’s been about rehabilitating the gas industry and making sure that fossil fuels are on the agenda.

This is part of the bigger problem which is linked to the overall corporate capture of the U.N. climate talks… We need to kick the big polluters out.” (Source: Fossil Fuel-Linked Companies Dominate Sponsorship of COP27, DeSomg, Nov. 16, 2022) Of course, fossil fuel interests sponsor big pavilions, like showtime at Las Vegas conventions. Dubai’s racy, futuristic colorful pavilion was a standout as an effective ploy to convince the world of their serious intentions for net zero. Oh, please! Hopefully, a massive worldwide movement to Stop COP28 Dubai can effectively reverse the embarrassment of holding next year’s COP in the kingdom of oil. It’s an insult to climate scientists. Is Saudi Arabia next?

Adding insult to even the remotest idea of holding further COPs, COP 27 was a virtual disaster. “Indeed, the real legacy of COP27 could well be exposing the climate summit for what it has become, a bloated travelling circus that sets up once a year, and from which little but words ever emerge… in the course of 27 COPs, there has never been a formal agreement to reduce the world’s fossil fuel use.” (Source: Bill McGuire, professor emeritus, Geophysical & Climate Hazards, UCL, The Big Takeaway From COP27? These Climate Conference Just Aren’t Working, The Guardian, Nov. 20, 2022).

Hopefully, a movement to stop COPs altogether will emerge from the shadows of backroom and boardroom negotiations resembling fraternity initiations of naive pledges turned into nincompoops. COP is that ridiculous and overly expensive as well as duping the public into thinking something constructive is happening. Stop COP! According to Bill McGuire: “Some old hands have labelled it (COP27) the worst COP ever, and I doubt many would argue… it is becoming increasingly difficult to view these events as anything other than photo opportunities for presidents and prime ministers who turn up simply to make the world think they care… hijacking by the fossil fuel sector, and failure, year on year, to do the job they were set up to do, surely means that COP is no longer fit for purpose.”

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Fauci and Psaki are still due. For now.

Biden Officials Off The Hook For Deposition In Social Media Censorship Case (PM)

On Monday, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked deposition requests handed down to three officials in the Biden administration, overruling Louisiana District Judge Terry Doughty, who had originally placed the order. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly, and White House Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty had all been slated to provide depositions in an ongoing lawsuit alleging that the administration worked hand-in-hand with social media companies to censor certain points of view.As the New York Post reports, in their decision, the panel of judges stated that they would be staying the depositions “pending further consideration” from Doughty and the district court.

“Before any of the depositions may go forward,” they argued, “the district court must analyze whether the information sought can be obtained through less intrusive, alternative means, such as further written discovery or depositions of lower-ranking officials.” They went on to point out that the Biden administration “has already produced extensive written discovery,” and that in his ruling, Doughty gave Easterly and Flaherty the choice to send their inferiors to depose in their place. Thus, they argued, it is now Doughty’s burden to prove why the government’s request to find alternative means is unreasonable. “It is not enough,” they continued, “that these officials may have ‘personal knowledge’ about certain communications. That knowledge may be shared widely or have only marginal importance in comparison to the ‘potential burden’ imposed on the deponent.”

As the New York Post reports, while the court’s ruling may lead to Murthy, Easterly, and Flaherty not having to give depositions, there are a number of other officials listed in the lawsuit that are still slated to take the stand, including Dr. Fauci and former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. If Doughty is not able to defend his position, however, their depositions may be overturned as well. The lawsuit, which was filed by attorneys general Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana in May, alleged that the Biden administration had colluded with big tech to suppress debate over topics like Covid-19, election integrity, and the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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What I keep a close eye on. Minimum wage is way below most EU countries, but prices are higher.

Greek Food Prices Consistently Higher Than EU (K.)

The turbulence in energy prices and other commodities like cereals and grains brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may have exacerbated the inflationary crisis for almost 12 months now, but for many years in Greece, the cost of food and other necessities has not been in line with the purchasing power of the country’s citizens. Despite the recession-induced fall in consumption, this discrepancy remained even during the 10-year financial crisis, with the so-called internal devaluation only having an impact on wages, pensions and incomes in general, but not prices. More recently, Greece’s gross domestic product per capita in purchasing power standards in 2021 was 65% of the average for the European Union, placing it second to last behind Bulgaria.

The main reasons cited for this imbalance are Greece’s significant reliance on imports for primary and secondary materials, the market’s small size, which does not favor price competition from suppliers who are both Greek and foreign, and numerous “blurred” areas in supplier-retailer relationships that still exist despite the issue being raised by the Competition Commission and by government announcements. Therefore, it is seen as little coincidence that during this most recent crisis, food inflation in Greece has consistently been higher than in the eurozone from last November to August, with the gap even widening by 3.8 percentage points.This is taking place in addition to the difference that frequently exists in absolute prices of similar products in Greece and other European countries.

Tellingly, Greece is more expensive compared to countries where the purchasing power is higher (such as Germany and France). With regard to the issue of dependence on basic raw materials, the example of bread and a range of foodstuffs with flour as the basic raw material is a telling one. Bread is produced from flour, mainly from soft wheat, a product that is grown to a very small extent in Greece, unlike durum wheat, which is mainly used for pasta. As a result, Greece covers only 10% of its needs for soft wheat from domestic production and imports the rest. Indicatively, until the beginning of the war in Ukraine, 30% of Greece’s needs were covered by imports from Russia and Ukraine.

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“They really haven’t articulated facts which justified the appointment of any kind of counsel..”

Special Counsel vs Trump ‘Tool to Attack a Political Enemy’: FBI Veteran (ET)

In appointing a special counsel to investigate former President Donald Trump, the Justice Department (DOJ) has turned its law enforcement apparatus into a “tool to attack a political enemy,” according to FBI veteran Marc Ruskin. During a Nov. 18 announcement in Washington, Attorney General Merrick Garland, a Biden appointee, tasked former DOJ prosecutor Jack Smith with overseeing investigations related to Trump’s handling of classified records and parts of the probe into the events surrounding Jan. 6, 2021. Trump has denied wrongdoing and characterized Garland’s move as a “horrendous abuse of power” and the “latest in the long series of witch hunts.” The timing of the appointment is significant, Ruskin said, noting how it dovetailed with pledges by House Republicans to investigate President Joe Biden and his administration once the GOP takes control of the House in January. “Using the legal system in baseless investigations and prosecutions has been a hallmark of the anti-Trump campaign since before 2016,” Ruskin, who served 27 years with the FBI and is a contributor for The Epoch Times, said in an interview.

Ruskin believes that the special counsel investigation serves a particular purpose. “It’s an old trick,” he said. “They’ll be hoping to divert attention from the congressional investigations and focus instead on a baseless special counsel investigation, because there’s no question that the legacy media is going to jump on board and give this front page attention, while the investigations being conducted by Congress will either be ignored or relegated to the back of the newspaper.” U.S. Code 28 CFR Section 600.1 prescribes that the DOJ should appoint a special counsel in an investigation in which there is a conflict of interest or other extraordinary circumstances, under which it would be in the public interest for an outside special counsel to step in. During the Nov. 18 press conference, Garland described the appointment of Smith—a registered independent—as a matter of public interest, citing Trump’s presidential candidacy and Biden’s interest in entering the race.

Ruskin, however, didn’t feel convinced that there were sufficient grounds to warrant such a move. “They really haven’t articulated facts which justified the appointment of any kind of counsel,” he said. Some Trump critics have argued that the special counsel appointment suggests that the DOJ is intent on bringing the case to indictment. Ruskin dismissed this claim as “a fabrication in order to justify a difficult-to-justify investigation.” “The argument is the old ‘where there’s smoke there must be fire’ reasoning, which is fallacious reasoning,” he said. “It’s a fallacy which has been propagated in order to justify what is arguably a politically motivated investigation seeking to create an advantage for the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections.”

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The FDA now says it was “only a suggestion”. Weasels.

“The judge suggested it was “common sense that it would be predictable that state boards would react to statements by the FDA” by investigating doctors who prescribe ivermectin for COVID.”

FDA Social Media Posts On Covid Under Legal, Medical Scrutiny (JTN)

The FDA’s Twitter habits are getting scrutiny in court and from medical professionals as the feds seesaw between walking back their once-confident COVID-19 assertions and making sweeping new claims without providing evidence.Having long ago conceded that COVID vaccines can’t stop viral transmission and that assertions to the contrary by President Biden among others were based on “hope” rather than science, the feds are now downplaying the influence of their social media to escape liability for allegedly violating statutory limits by interfering in medical judgments. At the same time, over the past two months, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf has gone on a spree of evidence-free tweets about bivalent boosters and oral antivirals, such as Pfizer’s rebound infection-prone Paxlovid, prompting exasperation from leading doctors.

The FDA’s “social media statements … are what bother me the most,” U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown said in a hearing this month on the government’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit by three doctors who claim the agency’s false portrayals of ivermectin have harmed their ability to treat patients and threatened their licenses. The June lawsuit cited the FDA’s multiple tweets characterizing the antiparasitic, whose inventors won a Nobel Prize in 2015, as a livestock treatment that was dangerous for humans, as well as other statements falsely suggesting off-label treatments were dangerous rather than routine. Justice Department lawyer Isaac Belfer emphasized that the social media statements were “written in informal conversational language” and constitute “non-binding recommendations” that doctors and consumers were free to ignore.

Brown responded that they lacked “qualifier statements” on ivermectin’s human uses and the drug’s FDA authorization. He questioned whether “the purpose of those statements [was] really to advise patients not to self-medicate with ivermectin,” as the feds claim. FDA emails show the agency celebrating the virality and media coverage of its “You are not a horse” tweet, its most viewed ever, which linked to an agency webpage referring to “multiple” reports of people who took the livestock version and required medical attention. The page starts with a photo of a horse and a warning that it’s “highly dangerous” to use medicine not authorized to treat COVID. The judge suggested it was “common sense that it would be predictable that state boards would react to statements by the FDA” by investigating doctors who prescribe ivermectin for COVID.

The FDA separately warned the Federation of State Medical Boards and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy about ivermectin between its August 2021 and April 2022 “horse” tweets. Less than two weeks after Brown’s warning to the FDA about careless tweets, Califf went beyond crediting his recovery from his first known COVID infection to his “up to date” vaccination and course of Paxlovid, which was only tested in unvaccinated patients. In a meandering tweet thread, the commissioner also cited unspecified “preliminary epidemiological findings” that “point to the distinct possibility of the bivalent vaccines and antivirals reducing risk of long Covid.” Johns Hopkins medical professor and National Academy of Medicine member Marty Makary and University of California San Francisco epidemiologist Vinay Prasad accused Califf of making statements that pharmaceutical companies themselves can’t legally make.

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“Blood pressure spikes, elevated heartbeats, dizziness, nausea, heat on chest and pain, hot feet and cold hands, weird head pressure, shortness of breath, neck pain, back pain, extreme fatigue, a numb left hand, mild numbness on left side of face with random twitching, confusions, heart palpitations, eye blurriness, jaw tightness and gum pain.”

Sometimes I feel I Am Damaged for Life: Woman Injured by Pfizer Vaccine (CHD)

Ortiz, now 54 years old, is a mail carrier in Arlington, Texas. In an exclusive interview with The Defender, she described her initial injuries and ongoing symptoms. She provided extensive documentation to corroborate her claims. Ortiz described what happened when she got the vaccine — and how the pharmacist who administered it reacted:“I felt waves of heat in my body and felt as if I was going to faint. I did not faint. But I immediately felt that my life was in danger, something was really wrong with me.” She asked the pharmacist what would happen if she were allergic to the vaccine, and did he have an EpiPen, Ortiz said. The pharmacist said he did. “But when I was lying on the floor, all he did was call the ambulance,” she said.

Ortiz may have sustained an immediate adverse event following her vaccination, but her symptoms were far from fleeting. She told The Defender she experienced: “Blood pressure spikes, elevated heartbeats, dizziness, nausea, heat on chest and pain, hot feet and cold hands, weird head pressure, shortness of breath, neck pain, back pain, extreme fatigue, a numb left hand, mild numbness on left side of face with random twitching, confusions, heart palpitations, eye blurriness, jaw tightness and gum pain.” Her symptoms led to several visits to the emergency room and significant lost time at work, which put her career at risk. “I missed work for over three months and ended up at the emergency room five times,” said Ortiz.

“When I returned to work, I [was] approved for a very easy route at the post office. It is mostly curbside. And thank God, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to do the route.” However, even with a less challenging route, Ortiz still faced significant difficulties, she said: “There were many times, while driving to work, that I felt sick and ended up at the hospital or going back home. It caused me to leave work many times. “There was one time that I pushed myself to work with the weird head pressure and confusion and eye blurriness, and I ended up rear-ending a vehicle on my route.”Similar to the experience of several other vaccine injury victims who recently spoke to The Defender, Ortiz described multiple doctors’ visits, during which doctors usually dismissed her concerns that the COVID-19 vaccination caused her health problems.

“I’ve been to many doctors but all the tests are okay,” said Ortiz. “Many doctors would insist that the vaccine does not cause what I was suffering [from].” Ortiz described taking a battery of exams, including “[an] EKG, CT scan, x-rays, a brain MRI, lumbar MRI, a stress test, tons of lab tests, aldosterone/renin activity, a transthoracic echocardiogram, urinary fractionated metanephrines, duplex abdomen complete, and an EEG.”Even after all of these tests, said Ortiz, “All the doctors told me that the Pfizer vaccine” did not cause her injuries. Instead, they blamed “anxiety” for her symptoms. “When I look at a lot of my medical records, I was surprised how in so many pages they didn’t even mention the vaccine, just that I am there, in the ER, for high blood pressure.” She described one particularly disheartening experience with one of her doctors: “My family doctor pretty much was annoyed with me. She refused to run any tests for me. “I had to beg her to check my vitamin D levels because of the extreme fatigue. She acted as if I was not insured and was begging for free services.”

Read more …

Dr. Richard Urso shared this, asking: “Is this nonsense true or is it hyperbole?”

New WHO Pandemic Treaty In Final Stages, Would Overrule US Constitution (NN)

Today we bring you a truly bombshell interview and critical story about the WHO’s new pandemic treaty which is specifically written to overrule the United States Constitution and all domestic laws in every nation, worldwide. How do we know this? Because treaty expert Dr. Francis Boyle studied the proposed treaty language and lays it all out in today’s hard-hitting interview (see below). He’s the author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, and an expert in reading and writing treaties. And today, he issues his strongest warning yet made public.

Dr. Boyle is the author of a recent book entitled, “Resisting Medical Tyranny,” and in today’s interview, he openly warns that this new WHO treaty — dubbed “WHO CA+” — is designed to unleash a global medical dictatorship that would overrule your local doctors, hospitals and clinics, forcing them to follow WHO directives on things like masks, quarantines, social distancing and economic lockdowns. In essence, the new WHO pandemic treaty turns the entire world into a China-style medical police state where sovereign nations, states and individuals themselves have no recognized health freedom rights whatsoever.

Digital gulag

Stated another way, if Biden signs this treaty, what China did to its own people during COVID lockdowns will soon be coming to America. Joe Biden reportedly intends on signing this treaty as quickly as possible, once the final language is completed. And from that day forward, governments around the world merely need to unleash their own cooked-up biological weapons on their own people to set the provisions of this treaty into motion. Dr. Boyle specifically told me in the interview that governments are unleashing “Nuremberg-level crimes against civilians,” and that this new WHO treaty grants genocidal governments the “teeth” they need to lock down, imprison or exterminate their own populations.

Read more …






Garland Nixon was suspended for this tweet.

His comment on the suspension: “Change Blinken to Putin and change Palestinians to Ukrainians and it gets boosted by Twitter instead of censored.”














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    Rembrandt van Rijn The spectacles seller 1624   • Is NATO Falling Apart? (Saker) • Is Washington’s Dangerous Ukraine Boondoggle Starting to Unrav
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 23 2022]


    OMG the legal stuff around the vaccine is getting next level rabbit hole. There is literally NOTHING can be done except a complete removal of govt in the US and then most of the rest of the world I guess. Forget it, done, nada.

    Check. This. Shit. Out.


    Also I found the Stew Peters production of Died Suddenly a little uncouth but THAT many embalmers noticing stuff was sure compelling.


    Also if anyone is feeling like going full tinfoil hat then this is for you. I’m in a strange place right now.

    Probably been mentioned a bit here before but Robin Minotti and Mike Yeadon have a blistering telegram channel.

    V. Arnold

    Rembrandt van Rijn The spectacles seller 1624

    Just look at that painting! I mean really look at it…it’s bloody amazing; the people, the detail, blah blah blah
    Enjoy the sheer reality of it………….feel it……….


    Rembrandt was 17/18. Practicing shiny objects..

    Before, painters would paint “realism”, trying to paint what an object looked like up close. Rembrandt said: that’s not what you see at a 1 meter or 3 meter or 10 meter distance. Then you only see a smudge of light.

    Dr. D

    “Emmanuel Macron Comes Clean: “We Need A Single Global Order”

    Run by Me, of course.

    Not run by Russia and China, right? So it seems THEY run it, Russia OBEYS it. Or else.

    Now I know why we haven’t heard about the gay club shooting: “A former U.S. Army officer has been credited with ending Saturday night’s mass shooting at the LGBT club in Colorado Springs.”

    This outrage shall not stand! How dare he prevent our shooting. At the “Q” Club. Cute!

    “Police identified the shooter as 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich,” who was known to police. Not arrested or restrained for previous threats and bombs.

    Not only was the shooting stopped, but the shooter was taken alive: a double loss for police. Official police policy for shooting gays or children is to wait outside for at least an hour until everyone is killed, as in Pulse and Uvalde. Then the close friends of the shooter are executive VIPs at a DNC election event. Thanks to this Army guy screwing it all up, dozens of people weren’t killed.

    One last thing: since he killed 5 people, is he released free with no bail yet? Anyway, OBVIOUSLY no press coverage, the most they can do is headline: “Mass murder of Gay drag hour in Conservative town: Veterans involved” so they ran it.

    It’s late but I stopped clicking on such stories, knowing what I’ll find. Correct again.

    “Chaos broke out in the White House press room on Tuesday, after multiple reporters asked Anthony Fauci questions about the origins of Covid-19”
    “”You need to call people across the room! She has a valid question, she’s asked about the origin of COVID,” a reporter from Africa Today shot back.”

    Because words have meanings, “Chaos” did not break out. That’s a lie. However they DID ask the question. Same reporters. Why now suddenly? And this shows Joe Biden, same racist as always, has his racist secretary STILL do not ask any questions from Africa. Only the “Right” people. Who can Shibboleth properly like SBF said.

    Just to be clear: this is the specific research he paid and funded, overseen by people he interacted with regularly, and against the express will of Congress.

    “Germany Gives Poland Patriot Missiles to Defend Airspace”

    Defend from Ukraine, apparently, since that’s who bombed them. Now who will defend Germany’s infrastructure from deadly multi-billion dollar energy attacks?

    “Wealthy countries will now set up a fund to cover climate damage for the least developed countries—i.e., not China or middle-income nations. …Some reports suggest that the US will be on the hook for up to a billion … the total amount due would be $4.3 trillion.

    [Paid by] polluters except for China.” Who creates 30% of all carbon, and worse than that.

    A lot in that quote, but to me it just says: debt compounding, they need a new excuse to add ANOTHER $50B/month. Doesn’t matter who. Doesn’t matter why. Doesn’t matter to where. Like Bitcoin, all US$ circulates and remains in the US$ system. That’s what “Systems” mean. The US$ system needs more debt/cash or it will collapse. I don’t care who you give it to or why, just get it.

    This money fire-hose just goes to the “Right people”, and not to the people who we’re trying to kill and have “Own nothing” aka “The Middle Class”, especially in Europe, but DEFINITELY the Deplorables in any state where they can be found. Thus: No checks, NEVER, although that would be a FAR better, faster “solution.” They’re not at the end of inventing reasons to print more money and power for themselves. No sireee. They print themselves faster than Dogecoin.

    “Last week we said that the latest greenwashing virtue-signaling eco-boondoggle, the COP 27 UN climate summit Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh ended in failure as participants couldn’t even agree on a fossil fuel pledge. The only reason it wasn’t a total disaster is because it introduced Greta Thunberg’s far more effective replacement – Iranian Sophia Kianni”

    SSDD. BOHICA. They’re all minons, cogs in “The Plan,” so we pop out one cog and pop in another one. They’re all interchangeable and have no essence or value.

    “Exposing just how hypocritical the virtue signaling by all the western “green” nations truly is – …more than 80 countries had supported a proposal to phase down the use of fossil fuels at the UN climate summit in Egypt, …
    Ultimately, however, the agreement by almost 200 nations reached after all-night discussions did not go further than the weakened Glasgow COP26 pledge to phase down polluting coal power and phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies.”

    This did not include China, who is building coal plants, and to whom the West outsourced all their pollution so they could all feel good about themselves…by supporting both coal AND slavery! Why support one or the other when you can have both! AND streams poisoned with rare earths.

    Honestly, Europe has now done more than anyone to cut CO2 and keep climate promises, and we should paste the picture of the leaders who approved this in every bus station and train station so we’ll know who did it. …Because they’re about to euthanize a few hundred thousand poor people. Killing grandma. Ah, and Cuomo’s still out there.

    ““The world will not thank us when they hear only excuses tomorrow,” said the EU’s green chief Frans Timmermans.”

    Yes, the world will be extremely mad when they hear you DIDN’T kill half a million Europeans in just the next 4 months. Amazing Student Council ego-politics when actual people are actually dying, starving – and being shot – worldwide from the policies they ALREADY enacted and failed. …Or succeeded, if killing humans was the goal.

    “Democrats Sue to Block Election Recount in New Hampshire”

    We count until we win. THEN WE STOP. What don’t you understand? We don’t recount just because that’s legal and accurate. And we don’t keep the machines and ballots secure for a year just because tampering with them is a felony. We open the doors and tamper with them right away like Arizona.

    Approval of marriage: Yes, you can see how America is returning to being a Nazi, racist state when all the people are interracial couples and all their children are mixed race. This puts quite a crimp in the overall edict that people MUST be distinguished and separated by race. But we have a solution! Like the KKK, the government follows the “Single drop of Black blood” rule. Poof! Races now exist! Now we can make them fight! When most/all Americans are the progeny of 5 or 10 different “Races”.

    “NATO can’t defend ANY of its members against a truly modern military..”

    Nor will they. As has been proven a dozen times. Yet confidence goes on and on forever, like Einstein’s “stupidity and the universe”. Nothing changes.

    “When the Ukraine war hysteria finally dies down – as the Covid hysteria died down before it – it will become obvious to vastly more Americans what an absolute fiasco this whole thing has been.”

    Yes, but nothing changes. Tomorrow they will start a new war/help/initiative that we must send $50B in aid to the Ferengi. CNN will report and the world will approve, along with Congress, although the Ferengi are a fictional people on a planet we haven’t discovered yet. There will be Ferengi discussions, Ferengi hate crimes, Ferengi censorship, Ferengi shibboleth tests.

    “the article debunks the notion that there is a move towards a ‘New World Order’, despite the panelists at the World Government Summit openly discussing that very agenda.”

    Yes, my constant complaint. And nothing changes. So I guess we deserve it? If they’re right at the table next to us, discussing which sheep to eat, and we the sheep deny and say “Pshah! Never!” then I guess we deserve what’s coming to us? Both by their morality, but also ours?

    the current economic downturn in Europe, … attributed it to growth in Asia instead,”

    We were always at war with Estasia. Don’t you remember? 12 year olds always died of heart attacks and we never locked down, mandated vaccines, or stopped Ivermectin. You must be crazy.

    If you think otherwise we’ll just put you in a psych ward like this nice Swiss Doctor over here.

    In reality, I’d have a hard time correlating the effect of Asia on Europe. It’s much more clear and dramatic in the U.S. They seem to have done much better by it, with Germany in particular selling machine tools and setting up factories under more profitable conditions.

    “A sizable portion of the refugees, however, have gone to Russia, with more than 2.8 million recorded in the country.”

    3 Million are already in Russia and I presume that does not include the 4 new Oblasts. That’s why Kerson was empty: the first half, the Ukrainians, fled West rather than be under the Russians. The second half, the Russians, were all evacuated back to the Russian side. Ukraine then declared toughness and wild success — Victory in the whole war in fact! — in taking a city of 10 people. This is true all over, such as where Lira is, and is a standard feature of war and human nature. However, that’s logic, so we never use it or report it.

    “Russia Threatens to Cut Gas Exports Due to Ukraine’s Theft (RT)”

    They’re broke. So they need to take gas without paying.

    “CIA Reveals Plan For Disgruntled Russians (RT)”

    Yes, but only every day of the year for 50 years. 18,000 days in a row. Who do you think the Saker is? He is one such Russian hired by them decades ago. Also I’m quite sure they do the same to us, why wouldn’t they? But since the Left hates America more than cancer, I’d look for their recruitments there.

    “App store ‘gatekeepers’ Apple, Google Play and Amazon could all decide to deplatform Twitter itself”

    Muh Private Company. As Leftists wildly support 1) Private companies 2) Capitalism and 3) Billionaires. Nothing better! I pledge allegiance to the flag, or Twitter, Google, and Facebook. And to the Profits for which they stand, one World Government, indisputable, with Liberty to do what I tell you.

    Anyway, Parler: “Muh Private company? Okay, here we are!”

    Everyone: “De-bank, de-platform, de-contract all the Parler servers.”

    Oh so it WASN’T “Muh private company”. Because you were speaking, it was a lie.

    And so here. “Twitter private company. My company, my rules.”
    Elon Musk “Okay.”
    EU, Congressmen, Apple/Facebook/Google: “Not like that! I mean your company OUR rules!” You know, like “Own and Control the Means of Production.”

    Muh-huh. How many days can I come out here and say, “They spoke so therefore they were lying?” I guess I’ll never know because the first day I don’t it’ll be because I died.

    “Fossil fuel interests have taken over climate talks. The acronym COP for “Conference of the Parties” should be changed to “Continue Oil Production.”

    Yes, but the oil companies and Amazon are the top picks for ESG companies. Surely this means they are green!

    “This is part of the bigger problem which is linked to the overall corporate capture of the U.N. climate talks… We need to kick the big polluters out.”

    That would be YOU. And China.

    “On Monday, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked deposition requests handed down to three officials in the Biden administration,”

    Somebody want to explain to me how there is any Law when we have nothing but judges contradicting other judges? And the law is only what the last Judge randomly said? “We’ll flip a coin but when it comes up tails and I win, we stop, okay?”

    Confidence. There is no “Winning” here. If we don’t work together and confidence is eroded, they win. “They” being Agents of C.H.A.O.S. I can’t stop that because unless you are moral, you can’t work together and deserve confidence and order.

    “Greek Food Prices Consistently Higher than EU (K.)”

    They really need to nationwide Permaculture. It would be worth any billions investment and hundred times more than any debt servicing or submarines. Of course that’s true of every nation on earth. Instead we’re stopping all food in Holland and Canada.

    “[Greece] second to last behind Bulgaria.” That’s why they need to pay for DeutscheBank and the War.

    ““They really haven’t articulated facts which justified the appointment of any kind of counsel..”

    Yes, there is no named crime. Therefore, it is a scam. They spoke, therefore it is a lie.

    Africa 6% vaccinated and Covid immune…

    We must never, never look.

    “Many doctors would insist that the vaccine does not cause what I was suffering [from].”

    They know this because she took the vaccine and the symptoms started immediately. Obviously no scientific cause or effect here. If there were, wouldn’t there be a thousand others whose doctors ALSO refuse to help or report?

    “My family doctor pretty much …refused to run any tests for me.”

    That’s been my experience. You don’t want drugs? F—k You.
    Idiocracy. With Doctor Mercedes.

    ” New WHO Pandemic Treaty In Final Stages, Would Overrule US Constitution (NN)”

    Hahahahaha! No. Nothing overrules the People. Who have 400 million guns. Oh and also they totally never wrote about this being their exact plan for 40 years.



    A World Government. The only fair democratic way to appoint representatives would be by country population :

    China – 1.44 billion.
    India – 1.40 billion.
    United States – 334 million. …
    Indonesia – 278 million. …
    Pakistan – 227 million. …
    Brazil – 214 million. …
    Nigeria – 214 million. …
    Bangladesh – 167 million. …
    Russia – 146 million. …
    Mexico – 131 million. …

    Errm! Perhaps not.

    I am sure Macron means a government controlled by the West, but I am not sure how that could be implemented. By GDP perhaps?


    🔥 Back during the battles against mandates, in and out of court, I often made the point that a good constitution is necessary — but not sufficient. You know who had a terrific constitution, a REALLY good one? Weimar Germany, before Hitler came to power. It guaranteed all kinds of rights, even to jews. The trouble came from a teeny tiny emergency provision that gave “temporary” powers to the chief executive, and that ultimately gulped down all other rights after Hitler used those temporary emergency powers to suspend other key constitutional provisions.

    You know who else had a terrific constitution? Soviet Russians living under Stalin. Theirs loftily provided for separation of church and state, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to vote by secret ballot, free health care, free education, and freedom of assembly. In reality though, Soviet citizens weren’t permitted to exercise any of those rights. That appalling irony has even birthed an infamous term, “the Soviet Constitution problem,” used to describe ambitious paper rights that are only “ornamental” but aren’t enforceable in any practical sense.

    This morning, the Daily Sceptic ran a story headlined, “Why is the UN Commissioner For Human Rights Trying to Suppress Free Speech on Twitter?” Before I get into the details of the story, let’s refresh on the U.N.’s wondrous Declaration of Human Rights, passed in 1948, which the Commissioner has the duty to uphold, enforce, and promote.

    The United Nations is very proud of its Declaration, which it modestly describes as “a milestone document in the history of human rights.” In Declaration’s prefix, it says that it “sets out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected[.]”

    Sounds nice. But we’ll see that when words can mean whatever the ruling élite want them to mean, the words “universally” and “protected” mean something quite different than what you originally thought they meant.

    Let’s begin with this idealistic “whereas” paragraph from the Declaration’s preamble:

    Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people[.]
    There it is. The highest aspiration! Humans’ highest aspirations include enjoying freedom of SPEECH. Free speech AND free belief. Reading that lovely paragraph, you’d think people should be able to say or believe whatever they want while being free from fear of anything bad happening to them for speaking out.

    Next — now, don’t laugh — let’s take a look the Declaration of Human Rights ensures those highest aspirations of humanity in its Article 19:

    Article 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
    That’s the whole thing. I didn’t leave anything out. According to this, governments are supposed to “interfere” with people’s freedoms of speech and belief. Note that last one, the right to “impart information and ideas through ANY media.”

    You with me so far? Just double check me; I didn’t see any words like “except for” or “excluding” in Article 19.

    The Daily Sceptic reported that, on November 5th, Volker Türk, the UN’s newest High Commissioner for Human Rights, sent an open letter to Elon Musk expressing his “concern and apprehension” (both!) about Twitter’s role in the “digital public square.” Mr. Türk urged Musk to ensure human rights would be “central to the management of Twitter” — so far, so good — but then he said, also to “address harms” associated with the platform.


    Volker Türk appointed new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights | | 1UN News
    You’re probably thinking, as I was, that the harms Mr. Türk was concerned about included things like threats to human rights from human trafficking and censorship. But no.

    Mr. Türk was actually fretting about disinformation and misinformation.

    To be fair, he started well. Mr. Türk urged Twitter to “stand up for the rights to privacy and free expression to the full [sic] extent possible under relevant laws.” But then, the U.N.’s High Commissioner for Human Rights went off the rails. Without even trying to reconcile the two views, he declared that “free speech is not a free pass” and that the “viral spread of harmful disinformation…results in real world harms.”


    Türk urged Twitter to take responsibility to “avoid amplifying content” that could result in undefined “harms” to people’s “rights,” which were also undefined. Here’s the paragraph from Türk’s letter:

    Warming to his theme, Türk piled onto to the list of contraband speech, now adding speech that he — or the government? a court? anyone? — finds to be “hatred that incites discrimination, hostility, or violence.” Again, this is to protect people, for SAFETY, because Türk’s “own investigations” (undescribed) prove that “hate speech” (undefined) results in “horrific, life-threatening consequences for thousands of people” (unnamed).

    My goodness.

    Then, on behalf of the United Nations and on behalf, really, of all humanity, the High Commissioner called for more “content moderation” and a “safe platform,” including, but not only, here in the United States.

    By definition, content moderation IS censorship. Is it not? And censorship is a limitation on speech, correct? Which is sort of the opposite from what Article 19 provides, unless I am missing something.

    If we microscopically inspect the exact language in Article 19, every character, comma, and em-space, we still find no lofty list of limitations on the fundamental “freedom to hold opinions without interference” (interference by whom?) or on the fundamental right to “impart information and ideas through any media[.]” ANY media. Like Twitter, presumably.

    How do we square all this? There’s only one way. Put plainly, according to the U.N.’s own High Commissioner on Human Rights, a subject-matter expert if ever there were one, Article 19 does not mean what you think it means.

    See, this right here is the problem. The same problem the Germans had. The same problem the Soviet Russians had. In fact, we should probably update the phrase “Soviet Constitution problem,” and instead use the more modern formulation, the “Declaration of Human Rights problem.”


    Worth a listen…

    Dr. Stepanie Seneff at MIT interviewed.
    Yup – the vaxxed are fucked, and the boosted are so, so fucked!


    Social media companies obliged to censor certain points of view or get censored..
    ( Topics like ….
    War – Russia/Ukraine
    Africa 6% vaccinated and Covid immune,
    Ivermectin for COVID, Covid-19, long covid, vaccine injury, election integrity, and the Hunter Biden laptop story.)


    Ukrenergo said that there will be no light in most of the territory of Ukraine for a day, during which there will be emergency shutdowns.

    Part of the railway and commuter trains has been stopped.

    Interruptions with the Internet and cellular communication continue.
    In a number of cities, problems with water supply are due to the shutdown of electric pumps.

    Labor Strike Begins At Major European Oil Refinery
    The disappearing supply leaves Europe vulnerable this winter as the continent’s refining capacity has been falling recently. There’s also a diesel crunch in the US.

    D Benton Smith

    I read, enjoy and deeply appreciate the massively thorough “Line Item” approach of Dr. D, Red, and others in their heroically resolute work of refuting and ridiculing the fire hose of lies streaming at us from every orifice of the main stream media, PsyOp propaganda, Government outlets, and Big Tech social media. It really does help in the prevention and cure of death-by-bullshit with which those institutions are attempting to annihilate us.

    But have you noticed the trend? The line-item list of refutations are getting longer and longer and longer. It’s certainly not the commentator’s fault. It’s that the stream of false and intentionally misleading and evasive bullshit from officialdom is gaining volume and intensity as the bad guys attempt to counter the increasingly visible inevitability of their own defeat.

    That trend will not subside because as more lies are brought to light the freshly exposed facts will in turn dislodge new lies in a “nuclear chain reaction” kind of exponential increase that in its explosive nature is itself disconcerting to anyone attempting to keep up. Even the most prodigiously gifted intellects will eventually NOT be able to keep up with it. The word “overwhelming” comes to mind.

    Don’t despair, and don’t quit. Hang in there no matter what and you will discover that as the apparent chaos crashes around you like Monster Wave storm surf that you will have learned how to ride the big stuff, a vital skill in this competitive stage of spiritual progress.

    Stick with it. We’re almost there.


    Triumphant glee watching other people suffer?
    Any asshole like you, before posting, should fully disclose their circumstance that allowed them to bypass the jab, which I suspect is far less heroic than you would like to present.


    • Emmanuel Macron: “We Need a Single Global Order”

    Lira in a recent podcast referred to him as that “Rothschild Twink”


    Please, Gonzalo, tell me what you really think of France’s sock Muppet.


    Nice fur Napoleon


    Son of Sam Bankster-Fraud

    You phuckedup boy.

    A shallow grave in the desert awaits you.



    Well you can tell the level of respect Putin holds him in



    That was Macron’s second to last visit to Moscow

    Here’s the latest updated status of relations between France and Russia



    Macgregor-Ukraine is about to be annihilated

    The Collective West had a Plan for Ukraine

    “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
    ~Mike Tyson

    Russia has not even started yet.

    The Empire of Lies has thrown it’s punch and missed

    Wait for it

    Timing is everything




    I can assure you that, with a few family members and other acquaintances who are indeed death-vaxx injured, I take no “glee” whatsoever in any of this unfolding disaster.

    And I certainly have never expressed any “glee”.

    Your opprobrium indicates that you yourself are death-vaxxed.
    Good luck – you’re gonna need it!

    Oh yeah – FUCK YOU TOO!


    The Solidarity Argument for Forced Mass Vaccination Turned Out to Be False

    This is how I believe the historical revisionists will portray the criminality—the deliberate lies and the baseless discrimination—that has caused millions of people, who would otherwise never have taken these injections, to now suffer serious health problems.

    Portraying the crimes of states and authorities as accidents at work is welcome because it resonates with how most people would wish the world to be. We do not want to believe that authoritative bodies purposefully commit psychopathic deeds. The thought that our decision-makers would have introduced vaccine passes despite knowing that the injections did not protect against the spread of infection is horrible.

    The tendency for wishful thinking that sometimes turns into denial resembles the dynamics in families with abuse problems. The child who speaks out often faces anger and accusations of lying. The other children want to keep the image of their father as the family’s provider of safety and security.


    I shared the article from oxymoron about the study on the Skagit chorale Covid event with my former choir. I received this private response from an erstwhile friend:
    Sending this to the choir can be instructive, but it’s the board and staff that have more decision-making powers on whether and where we are masked at UUCP.. And even though the one person in the choir may not have been the super spreader, all those other folks who soon got sick were contagious too. So masking still seems like a good plan, much as I’d rather not
    Brain-dead. (No, no! Please don’t make me think for myself! I want others to do all of the thinking and make all of the decisions when it comes to my personal safety! I want parents and I want to be a child!)


    The glee:
    “Yup – the vaxxed are fucked, and the boosted are so, so fucked!”

    That’s a wording that one may hear in the school backyards during the brake. Teens before 18 yo are considered as with not fully developed brains.
    Do tell us circumstances of your brave stance.


    What a watch.
    Just Brilliant.

    The Big Reset Movie – Great Reset Plandemic & Vaccines


    Oroboros, the distance between Putin and Macron in the extraordinary pic you posted, which should go down in history, is due to:

    Macron is not vaccinated, as some-in-the know ppl state, nor is his wife, they figured the jab was dangerous, imho. Macron can be quite smart about such stuff.

    Of course Idk all the ‘true’ facts of the matter, this is just *my take* from MSM info, etc.

    Both Macron and his wife caught Cov19 once, and recovered rapidly – reported in the MSM.

    Macron refused to take a PCR test before visiting Russia (the tests are junk though he didn’t state that publicly) to meet with Putin, reported in F without any fanfare, etc.

    Gossip has it that Putin is, was, afraid of catching COV-19.

    Ex. from June 2020:

    Kremlin spokesmen Dmitry Peskov this week confirmed that anyone wanting to see the Russian president has to walk through a futuristic “disinfection tunnel,” where they’re sprayed with an aerosol mist. In April, it was confirmed that anyone wanting to see Putin has to undergo a test for the virus beforehand.

    The chamber, manufactured by a company in the Russian town of Penza, was installed in Putin’s country dacha in the town of Novo-Ogaryovo, west of Moscow, where the Russian leader retreated virtually full time after some of his officials tested positive for the coronavirus, including Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Peskov. Putin made a brief public appearance last week — the first in weeks.



    NWO agenda
    brings peace,
    the peace of the grave.

    The Markster

    Even in a blue state like Oregon, the authoritarian Covidian Cultists have blown their wad, and, WHO Treaty or not, will not succeed next time. Not even by adding the National Guard as backup goons to the Antifa thugs. Their credibility is shot.

    I have one remaining Covidian Cultists friend, and we were supposed to have Thanksgiving together tomorrow, but I will be cancelling not just the meal but also our relationship later this morning. We have tried to set aside politics and Covid stuff for the last couple years, since our friendship goes back to the 80s. But lately he keeps mocking religion, cheering on the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI against MAGA types & the Ukraine proxy war & the astoundingly hypocritical “election denier” slur while bragging about his plans to get the Covid booster (which he did yesterday) and again suggesting indirectly that I am socially irresponsible for not doing so myself.

    The relationship has become abusive in that regard, just like my relationship with the Portland City Council, Oregon Health Authority, Kaiser Permanente, the CDC/FDA, Corporate and Social Media, and my Godparents became in the last 2.6 years.

    I like D Benton Smith’s idea about riding the wave, and will try to be direct and truthful but kind in my cancellation this morning. I fully expect the crescendo of trials and tribulations to continue for many years yet, but it does feel like the wave must be creating. May we all find joy and purpose and love with friends and enemies alike, up close or from a distance.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Ilargi and all the commenters here, for which I am very grateful. Be well and take care. ☮️


    Excess deaths.


    brake” = a “not fully developed brain”.

    You’re revealing too much about yourself.
    Now, go back to school.


    I ruffled a few feathers here awhile back by saying that part of why I come here is cuz I’m looking for a few good men. Saying I hadn’t found ay offended those who, for some curious reason, felt that my opinion on such things mattered to any one beside myself.

    That said, this old chestnut poem/song pretty much sums up what I’m looking for in others… and striving to find in myself:


    This post stems from a letter I wrote to my son (of whom it is relevant to this letter to say that he is an avid and excellent skateboarder) this morning:

    Another description of me is ‘superhero basket case’. Leaping over tall buildings in a single bound but landing hard and breaking my legs.

    I’ve always had to try things that felt impossible to me, because normal life, what culture allows to be reasonably possible, is impossible for me to do.

    You’re my boy, and it shows; but you weren’t forced to go it alone by your family like I did. So you only had to leap park benches and public drinking fountains in a single Ollie, and only break a forearm, not rupture your soul.

    The world has only begun to break your heart and tear at your soul, and it will get much worse before it will get better (and it will, for those who care), but you’ll go through it with your mom and dad beside you, even when we’re gone.

    When your time to be a superhero comes— and it will, with bells on and a skull’n’crossbones hat — your heart/soul will survive the crash landing that comes with making the leaps of faith that courage will require of you — and it will.

    oni changed the final lyrics to ‘you’ll be alright’ in order to transcend the gender restrictions of the original and perhaps add a deeper simpler truth.

    But the original (by Rudyard Kipling) serves us better here: “You’ll be a man, my son.”

    You’ll amaze yourself, and if you remain honest to yourself and those who deserve truth, you’ll even do well enough to get the job done.

    You’ll be alright.

    Know that I’m proud of you and believe in you.


    For a guy like Fauci, for persons in these higher-up owned/n/boned positions, not only is the threat of kompromatt release, and offers they can’t refuse, part of what keeps in line, but perhaps most of all, and the primary method of containment, is that for sociopathic narcissists like so many of them are, confessing in public is like dancing like Napoleon Dynamite naked in church while everyone laughs at the size of your less-than-admirably endowed Hollywood.

    Serious physical pain, like stage fright on steroids. Stage fright is the main reason Jerry Garcia was a junkie. PHysically painful. Can’t breathe painful.

    Make the socionarc POTUS, and place him in a cell of closing iron bar failures, and one has good reason to fear the nuclear football.

    That said, I suspect that the chain of nuclear strike command is so fouled up, with silly software and mutually contradicting protocols, that they couldn’t fire a retaliatory strike in time to avoid being kablooied by a Russian preemptive strike.

    “Morons… morons… morons…”

    Dr D Rich

    The blog arrived at the point where Eric Berne’s Antithesis is revealed to be worthy of criticism and rejection whether right or wrong. The Antithesis according to Berne is always afforded the most horrific treatment even by their putative supporters, I suppose, because The Antithesis always appears defiant to authority. That raises the question how does a person aspire to Lead without appearing to be a Jerk, oops, I meant an Authority.

    So Germ, what did you do so wrong that prompted kultsommer to call out your bonafides? I don’t get it.


    There’s a good summary of how we got into this mess -corporations and banks controlling the political narrative, total dependence on rapidly depleting fossil fuels, endless wars to acquire and control oil supplies and fake ‘green policies’ etc.- at The Saker

    It is ‘interesting’ that the price of traded oil has been pushed down substantially over the past couple of weeks, and currently is back to low 80s, which, allowing for the loss in general purchasing power of fiat currencies, is lower than 15 years ago.

    The Middle East and US global power: Fossil Fuel- Lifeblood of the American Empire

    Autonomous Unit

    if I may butt in

    Germ said
    “Worth a listen…
    Dr. Stepanie Seneff at MIT interviewed.
    Yup – the vaxxed are fucked, and the boosted are so, so fucked!”

    kultsommer somehow read this as expressing glee at the misfortune of others.
    I don’t.
    Perhaps kultsommer is not a native english speaker, and the translation of the phrase into kultsommer’s native language
    has a different connotation/meaning. To me, it means the vaxxed have possible health problems, now, or in the future. And the boosted with more serious problems.
    No glee expressed in my interpretation of Germ’s comment..

    from Cambridge online dictionary:

    Meaning of fucked in English
    /in a very bad or difficult situation:
    example:”If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re fucked.”
    broken or not working properly:
    example:”The microphone’s basically fucked.”


    “brake” = a “not fully developed brain”.
    English is my 2nd. In addition, I can conduct a pretty good basic conversation in Spanish and can read Russian too.
    You are grasping by the “spelling straw” to make your argument.
    Now…do tell your brave story. I am all eras. Writer’s block?
    I can help you and all you need is just to sign:
    ” I am in my forties, father of 4 and mortgage payment. Wife’s income not enough to sustain the family. My boss told me to get the jab. I told him to fuck of and walked away.”
    To be clear, I applaud all that did walk away while I also acknowledge that for the most, if not all, that move did not lead to the life in the tent on the sidewalk.

    Since when, “Bank requires me to have a mask to go in. Guess what? I decided to use ATM only!” deserves a standing ovation, as symbol for bravery or resistance?

    Spinning people collapsing, like Icarus, on that horrific video are not some “ha-ha-dumb”. Most of them were forced as per sample that I am expecting you to sign. Even being tricked into taking the jab, they were a human beings.


    Putin’s severe germophobic measures may not be about covid so much as the threat of biowarfare, period, specifically as aimed at him via a meeting with someone highly contagious with a military-designed bug. The biggest crosshairs in the world are on his forehead and he knows it.


    @Autonomous Unit
    You are right and thank you for additional clarification.
    Being inclined to “visual” I still believe that “…so,so fucked” has no place in describing misfortune that some are about to possibly face.


    I think it’s worth wading in on this one. Just my subjective impression, ain’t worth a sheister compared to whatever the truth actually is, but I have always heard vengefulness in Germ’s frequent reiterations that the vaxxed are screwed. Not necessarily gleeful but, um, satisfied.

    What Germ’s actual feelings about the plight of the vaxxed are not known to me, only Germ’s words on the topic, which feature a lot of “the vax are fucked” and little of compassionate words for the vaxxed.

    Sort of the mirror image of pro-vaxxers who would say that the unvaxxed deserved to die for not going with the public health safety program du jour.

    I’d prefer that Germ’s attitude not be what it feels like to me, but if ao, I don’t feel it’s unwarranted: the vaxxed are a danger to not just themselves but to others, first through their pressure on their peers to get vaxxed; secondly through being vectors for VAIDS virulent variants of covid and other bugs, and thirdly through giving the governments that much more of a blank check to hand big pharma/big medicine.

    Ultimately, what Germ is doing what so many of us do here: get shrill and vindictive about how stupid we think the common bloke is.

    But then, picking on the retard was a popular sport on the schoolyard for many of us, and few of us who disapproved spoke up for the picked-on.


    Can we say that WE ALL remember how through entire 2021 advises about use of ivermectin were eagerly taken AND SHARED. Now…is it fair to say that one’s method of avoiding the jab is of even more importance to share? However there is a dead silence on that part by the posters before they spew a barrage on “dumb”. Which leads me to believe that “circumstance and the method” are far from glorious that one would like to admit. Kunstler’s blog is full of all-day-posters that caught my attention in that regard.

    I like to prick some carefully inflated self serving narrative balloons, which does not win me a friends on sites like this.

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