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No, you’re wrong.

And, as always, I reach a point where I’ve had my fill of yez and you’ve had your fill of me.

I am proud to say that this is definitely not true of me:

I’m in the Clique

Not that y’all aren’t decent enough people, as people go on the average, but that if you’ve seen one clique, you’ve seen ’em all, and I don’t like what I see. Primates in groups are devil’s daycare. Online, it’s like Lord of the Flies but with humanity’s vain folly and ultimate downfall: words. To cite VP’s favorite line: one big throbbing collective ego.

Which is by no means to say that everyone here is in the clique. Clique is not about membership in a group; it’s about one’s perception of oneself in that group. Brave New World, Animal Farm, both dealt with the concept. Many people here participate without engaging in clique behavior. But those whose egos (oops, there’s that word again!) find validation in being a member of a group (like TAE) will inevitably form hierarchies, unannounced, subtle, often invisible to its members, and from there a certain kind of tree fort chauvinism kicks in.

As for cross-dresing, I confess:

Doing that covidian drag…

Be kind to yourselves, individuals. It not only feels good but helps you be kind to others. I can’t cite university studies, only anecdotal evidence. But I’m right. No no no no no no no no…..

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