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    Salvador Dali Bay of Cadaques 1925   Do I really need to reiterate -as I’ve done easily a hundred times- that I don’t think Donald Trump is a gre
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    Maxwell Quest

    Hell, people knew what they were getting when they elected Trump. Maybe Rachel Maddow might want to attend his next political rally, and poll the attendees to find out how upset they are about The Donald’s boorish behavior in cabinet meetings? I’m sure they are worried sick about it, possibly wearing their red hats sideways in protest.

    Half the material in the book is probably true, but what of it? He was elected precisely because he wasn’t a DC insider full of smooth double-speak, like Obama. It’s also not a far stretch to imagine that training wheels (Steady State) would be needed until he was either oriented or reprogrammed. At this point it is clear that he cannot be reprogrammed, thus the concerted effort to remove him from office.

    I am not a Trump fan, but the fates have put him in Office for a reason, even if he never addresses the needs of those that voted for him. In the meantime, take comfort in the fact that his election kept Hillary away from the controls, forced the DNC to admit they can jimmy the primaries however they wish, and exposed the corporate media as lying handmaidens of the establishment.


    “So in comes Mike Bloomberg at a mere 112 years old”

    You win today’s award.


    The Tragedy of the West is that the political duopoly has decayed into necrosis. Two fatal delusions are at each other throats due to the need of the rich to accumulate even more wealth. One “Let’s make a deal or you will be kneecapped” is demented when the Patrone is all alone in the White House except for the daughter and son-in-law and his Consigliere is in Otisville Federal Correctional Institution. The other party’s “Russian Aggression” is existentially toxic when it was Joe Biden himself who spearheaded the start of the Donbass Civil War on Russia’s border in order to enrich his donors and family. The conflict continues to this day at the risk of nuclear annihilation.


    I ask myself why I (and we) are wringing our hands about the things above that we perennially stress about?

    Gaius Cassius Longinus, Marcus Junius Brutus, Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus and over thirty other Senators of the Roman Republic got together and assassinated Julius Caesar.

    Are we not sitting here full of animation and angst fretting over a bunch of people – no different to them – in the hope of saving civilisation and fixing the planet? I mean, WTF.

    Half of me says Hey, why are we fretting over the finer points of capitalism and democracy fiddling while Rome is about to burn? Surely, looking at China we should be all out supporting the CIA and the FBI and rooting for the US Military Industrial Establishment, crossing our fingers that they can capture for us the oil fields of Syria. Who wants to become a vassal of the Chinese Borg? Not me! Go for it and save us whatever it takes. USA USA USA.

    The other half of me says we are so stuffed why bother. Our politicians are the fleas on the collar of the Gatekeeper in Kafka’s Trial, being entreated by us to gain entry.

    The moving finger writes and having writ really does move on quickly so I’m cheating by posting a variant of what I posted there in the spirit of Ilargi’s new enlarged consciousness mode.

    From the “Things” post of November 8 2019.

    “Humans may owe their place as Earth’s dominating species to their ability to share and cooperate with each other”

    That’s just fine at the tribal level but at the global level it would be easier to argue that humans more likely owe their survival to uncooperative diversity.

    That is our ‘dispersal mechanism’ that causes us to be driven – not just by the force of arms or pressure of competition for resources but because of our inability to cooperate and our ideological differences (for want of a better word) – to even the toughest places on earth to survive where we form specialised subsets of humanity.

    The size of these subsets ranges from big, eg. Australian aboriginals or Eskimo people amazingly adapted to their environments, to the really tiny.

    The most profound example for me is the Heaven’s Gate sect. Outwardly normal yet conceiving that the earth was to be destroyed and they were to be saved by an interstellar space craft following the Hale-Bopp comet, they willingly killed themselves in order to pass up to the space craft.

    The point being no matter what change or catastrophe has befallen our planet in the past somewhere there has been a bunch of humans ready, prepared, willing and at least partly pre adapted to best suit the new arrangements.

    That’s what we’ve evolved to and how we’ve dodge famines and pestilence and wars and meteors and climate change, that is our inheritance and that is what causes us to quarrel and hold differing and seemingly irrational beliefs. Whether we call it wokesterism or trumpianism it’s true name is diversity.

    Ironically that’s also why this civilisation won’t survive our current global predicament – we are incapable of cooperating at that level. So the vast majority, as always, will perish, but living somewhere right now are those whose descendants will be equipped in unguessable ways to survive the next bottle neck.

    Just as in 1945 at the end of a world war while the planet lay in ruins, who would have conceived that the first man to walk on the moon was already a fifteen year old boy.

    absolute galore

    I feel the opposite way about that flippant exaggeration. I get it’s a joke, but in these times, it’s best to avoid writing stuff that people can use to dismiss your ideas. And there are many examples of vigorous, healthy 77-year-olds (of course genetics and wealth play roles.) I did enjoy Kunstler’s take-down this morning.

    Can you imagine if a book by Anonymous was published about Obama claiming he abused houseplants and had poor table manners? Rachel Maddow would go apoplectic, possibly having a heart attack on screen that the book would even be allowed to see the light of day. By all accounts Trump is a boorish lout. But I don’t think impeachment is designed to deal with that.

    As for the rest of the “charges”, they are ridiculous to anyone paying half attention. That is, if they hadn’t already lost their minds, which describes most Democratic liberals. After the last decade, I now consider myself a recovering liberal. I read somewhere that, paraphrasing, details of situations were purposely left out to protect the identity of the author. Yeah. So we get vague, meaningless stuff like people waking in the middle of the night panicked over tweets, and “can you cancel your afternoon.” Give. Me. A. Break.

    What’s most scary and disappointing and frustrating is the continuation of the Russian bogey man thing. Here was a president who was looking to work with a country that could help us, a country that has as many nuclear weapons as we do. And so we get this:

    “In Russia, for instance, the president was reluctant to expel so many of Mr. Putin’s spies as punishment for the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain. He complained for weeks about senior staff members letting him get boxed into further confrontation with Russia, and he expressed frustration that the United States continued to impose sanctions on the country for its malign behavior. But his national security team knew better — such actions had to be taken, to hold Moscow accountable,” the person wrote last year.

    First, not even sure what “In Russia, for instance, the president was reluctant to expel so many of Mr. Putin’s spies” even means. (And of course it was in retaliation for a mysterious “poisoning” that makes little sense in terms of the President of Russia being behind it, or the salient details of the event itself.). “Sanctions” against Russia are basically a joke. What do they really need from us at this point? Ask Mr..Orlov.

    I get a lot of flak for expressing my loathing of the behavior of the Democrats. As you know, if you are not all in for rousting Trump, you are a hat-wearing lover of The Donald, shut up, go home. The other day when a friend insisted there was major Russian interference with the 2016 election, I was astounded.

    There is no understanding of statecraft left in this country. There is no nuance in public discussion, never mind the editorial pages. And now we are taking seriously all this ado about nothing, written by nobody. Ilargi is right, this is about the most dangerous thing going. Who would have thought it would have arisen straight from the so-called “intelligentsia”? John Michael Greer is currently running an interesting series of posts exploring some of the factors behind this mass psychosis. Meanwhile, thank you for all the work you do here.

    Doc Robinson

    That unverifiable Anonymous book is propaganda with a price tag.
    Of course, Fox News puts out a lot of propaganda too.
    Competing narratives selling doses of self-righteous outrage.


    “emptier than a black hole”

    I don’t know if that’s a popular saying or something oyu came up with but a black hole is far from empty, quite the contrary.

    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali Bay of Cadaques 1925
    Lovely painting, not least because there is a sailboat, with a full mainsail…

    Salvador Dalí often visited Cadaqués in his childhood, and later kept a home in Port Lligat, a small village on a bay next to the town. A summer holiday here in 1916, spent with the family of Ramon Pichot is seen as especially important to Dalí’s artistic career. Other notable artists, including Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Marcel Duchamp, Richard Hamilton, Albert Ràfols-Casamada, Antoni Pitxot, Henri-François Rey, Melina Mercouri and Maurice Boitel also spent time here. Cadaqués is mentioned in the story “Tramontana” by Gabriel García Márquez. Wiki


    Redshift: Heh! Reacted the same way. There are some quite belivsble hypothesis pointing to our entire universe being on the inside of a black hole inside another universe in another black hole. Just reading Lee Smolins book The Life Of the Cosmos and it let me see for the first time how the universe is part of a fractal in just that way mentioned above.

    Regarding the rest of the content of the post I just see the U.S system deteriorating as an effect of entropy, in this case I informational entropy, there is so many years of black propaganda, white propaganda, public, private and foreign propaganda, public relations, advertisement and so on mixed in to the informqtion flow that you cant get much certainty about anything out of it. Cambridge Analytica shows Trump is as implicated in that process as any of them but not the worst.

    Dr. D

    Certainly a lot here, and yes, why go over it again? And again? As the planet has wildly more pressing issues, but:

    Here we are three years in, IN an election, and they’re talking (not doing) impeachment. Why? Wouldn’t it be wildly more expedient to oust him in just a few months? If he’s so bad, it’s easy, right? And with 320M people to draw on for a Democratic candidate, it’s child’s play to find – as Bill Maher says – only a non-crazy Democrat. Right?

    Doesn’t that tell you it’s something else? He has to go out and he has to go out N O W, before I dunno, the FISA report and the Biden report and the Mueller report declass come out. Before war ends in the Middle East and Korea. If you have a better theory I’m interested.

    And that’s definitely NOT where the money is for CNN & gang. Fox is the only thing rising (!?!) and conservative vloggers are wildly successful while Maddow and the gang collapse. Clearly anyone grifting for ads, or cashing on market, like Gillette, would head there, and instead they are burning cash and their companies. To the ground. Into complete darkness and unemployment, as HuffPo, Vice, NYT… So it’s NOT the money. At all. Quite the opposite. Which leads to PPs above, it’s because, oh, say, Bill Gates and Zucker’s wife were best friends with Epstein? The Governor of NM is on tape at his house? Wired has reporters that are open pedophiles? If you have a better theory why you’d throw away multi-million, billion dollar companies and erase decades of power and influence – and have to do it TODAY, right NOW – I’m interested.

    Mr. Anonymous is all they say. Sure. This is what the Steady State DOES, since it got large enough to under Woodrow Wilson. A lot of these are run-of-the-mill bureaucratic events: a meeting was RESCHEDULED? Be still my heart. A server went down at 3am and the admin was paged at home for a Facetime meeting? Every day in America. He troops disagree with the CO and grumble behind his back, not knowing what he’s doing? Gee, THAT’S never happened before. Yawn. Yet they eat it up. “Yes! Seeing the exact same things in this book I see in every company every day for 50 years means we need to disband the company, I mean country, and burn it down.” OK Boomer.

    What this really shows, of course, is insubordination and sedition, possibly treason, as we see every day. From whom does the Deep, Steady, State derive their power that they and they alone have the authority to choose and remove the President? In other popular quotes this week, that they “Protect” policy. Whose policy? Because here I thought the PEOPLE elected the PRESIDENT (and Congress) to SET that policy, and the Steady State TOOK DIRECT ORDERS from him and us to DO WHAT WE SAY. The people. And if they can’t, we fire them in 60 seconds and get someone who will, which is why they have resignation letters in their desk, as all staff regularly do, and know they’ll have to use them because defying every order of the American people and refusing to enact their prerogatives – as Britain is also doing – is indeed a great way and reason to get fired. …But don’t worry, they’ll sue.

    So happily he (Pence perhaps) is telling us this. THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY. WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. WE WILL USE EVERY ILLEGAL MEANS TO DESTROY YOU, NO MATTER HOW RIGHT OR POWERFUL YOU ARE. …And then wonder why the American people are HAPPY, they increasingly choose a man who gets up every. morning. in the mood for another firing of these jokers, another exposure and another fistfight. Oh yes there’s a reason they approve and if he were to accomplish nothing but this more than half the country would support it for mere entertainment to beat on the same sanctimonious nitwits who have been beating on THEM and the laws of their country since before Kennedy drove south.

    And they’re SO DUMB, they openly say so! They publish it to us, removing all doubt! “Thank God for the Deep State”, the one that doesn’t exist. That is seditiously removing the President in a self-named open “Coup” and also isn’t. But is. But isn’t. But is, really. Not. Because they are a conspiracy theory and not real. Except they said they are on The View. Really? I think the 2nd Janitor in the Group Home in Anchorage can understand what’s going on here although Yale cannot. “If you laid all the Economists in America end to end, they still wouldn’t reach a conclusion.” Can’t QUITE figure out if you lie before Congress, on camera, saying “We have never spied on the American people,” if it’s a crime.

    Oh please. Please, please, please keep talking. It’s golden music to my ears, Anonymous. And you thing Cheeto isn’t running them? …My word, and they think HE’S the dumb one. Their self-exposure is worth 20 of his tweets.

    And as we see here, you don’t have to like Cheeto — although, caveat, we just established that everything they say is a lie, and doubly about him, that we know about him is a double, made-up, dog-faced lie, from whence we GOT our perception of who he is — but even longstanding Democrats have edged away from this, seeing anew, feverishly looking for a party that represents them. But as above, THEY DON’T REPRESENT, not the People. They oppose every will of the people, both Democrat and Republican. Just as Britain, France…

    And for the book, the fake non-impeachment, whereby they are running an illegal removal trial, outside their jurisdiction, flauting the laws of Miranda and the Bill of Rights? Simple election tampering. Refusing to put up a real candidate, even openly, relentlessly bashing women and women of color like Tulsi to do it, they are going to run an all-negative smear campaign rather than do the obvious and have a party platform that serves the people. This will inspire high voter turnout and squeak the DNC in over Trump, while never having to say you’re sorry, never turning a minute from non-stop war and Neoliberal uniparty Secret State policies. …Except it won’t work. The American people are not into the negative, if they ever were, and are especially tired of it and mocking RussiaRussiaRussia now. Trump only has to do what every boring old guy does, “You’re the bestest! America is Great! You’re gonna be huuuge!” and he has stadiums of 40,000 a night. The DNC might try it: American boosterism won every election in my lifetime although they’ll say it doesn’t. Hope and Change. Morning in America. Got a black guy with a Muslim name elected, can’t be all bad.

    So, no, they won’t listen and they don’t care. The Steady State, that is to say, the “Status Quo”, the Insider Billionaires, WANT a civil war. They’ve long planned one and are sorry it’s not happening, despite every effort, despite openly PAYING people to do so, to be violent and attack. So the more division, lies, and insanity they can create, the better for Disaster Capitalism and ruthless, illegal power grabs.

    Anonymous is their army. He-who-must-not-be-named. Because when you see Eric “Charlie” Ciaramella driving the getaway car for Biden, Brennan, and Exxon, taking YOUR $5B dollars for the coup and routing it to their pockets, you know all you need to know.

    Hey, did you see Joy “Blackface” Bahar shouting on “The View” that they must not even speak the name of Trump, their own guest? OMG, classic! Magical thinking at its finest. He’s ON THEIR SHOW and they think they can, I dunno, ward him off and disappear if they pretend he…isn’t? But he is, but maybe he’ll be somebody else? An impersonator or something? And this wins elections? To pretend? I’m not your enemy, I’m telling you how to win again, they just won’t listen. ‘Til the madness breaks as it must, and #Logos and harsh reality roll over them again, badly unprepared.


    All of this anti-Logos, presuming Trump survives impeachment, virtually guarantees his re-election. People are not so stupid/entrained to realize that if “they” can slander Trump anonymously and unilaterally and get away with it, they can and certainly will treat any of us like dirt. The hubris that “they” manifest is fundamentally linked to the occultist Sabbatean-Frankist reversionism at the core of their alchemical ideology, which revels in magically making “inferiors” eat …. and feel that they are powerless to do otherwise. Endless repetition of the muscle flexing is all about psychic programming against resistance. Their lack of decency and anti-humanism fundamentally crosses a “deep” cultural subliminal red line in most of us “despicable normals” that will ultimately annihilate the nutso hateful globalist paradigm. Truth and love will ultimately prevail.


    No you do not need to reiterate it again. So why do you? You like 100 other columnists continue to reiterate it again, over and over again.


    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

    Stop reiterating!!!!!!!!
    It’s a weak apologist piece of idiocy. Be strong, man. Forget the excuses, the apologies, the bowing down.

    Because that is what you are doing. every time you reiterate again.

    Cut it out.

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