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    “The historical facts are counter intuitively just the opposite from Dr D’s assertion. Except for a 2% overall increase in suicides the mortality rate actually goes down during economic downturns with high unemployment. Great Depression and Great Recession being notable examples of studies done.”

    I’ve heard this before and it has to be one of the worst counter arguments I’ve ever come across. Let’s extend it further and put everyone on permanent lockdown and just slide them food under their doors for the rest of their lives. That’ll drive that mortality rate even lower. Let’s not forget that the number one cause of death is living. A gilded cage is still a cage. Our lifespans are limited and the level of risk I’m willing to take to live it to what I consider the fullest should be my choice. The pity is that I have to make that choice using information I can’t trust.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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