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    Pablo Picasso Nude on a beach 1929   • Julian Assange ‘Repeatedly Violated’ Asylum Terms – Ecuador President (G.) • Washington Concerned Over Mad
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Nude on a beach 1929
    I’m not fond of this period in Picasso’s work.
    Simply; I just don’t like it.

    In my relatively long life, I have lived to see the world (political) invert.
    I have found it to be profoundly interesting and worthy of close scrutiny; the very ground we have stood upon, has shaken and shattered.
    We are left with no ground from which to operate.
    I walk barefoot on our garden dirt for grounding, which reminds me the shattered ground is political and not tangible; but the dirt between my toes remains as steadfast as ever…
    Never lose that grounding; and you’ll be okay…


    Quoting the Guardian article:

    I expect the minority of dedicated white nationalists and xenophobes to throw the towel in

    What bigotry. Nationalism is a rude word for course, but what happens when the EU becomes a nation? will remainers be nationalist? Oh no, leavers will be separatists. You can put a spin on anything, and the Guardian does. Totalitarians! Plutocrats!


    Yeah, the lack of credible news media doesn’t help the British situation.

    John Day

    To whom does Fidel Castro’s son presume that he is speaking here?
    “Civil wars within parties are incredibly damaging because they signal to Canadians that we care more about ourselves than we do about them,”


    I have noticed, a long time ago, How easy the rich can get everyone angry at poor people by accusing them of scamming the system that only they – the rich, donate their hard earned gains. Collecting U.I. collecting welfare, collecting food stamps, collecting free health care.
    There are so many poor people its easy to see.

    Its makes me feel good to hear how the rich are scamming the system. We are not talking about peanuts.

    • Joe Biden’s 2020 Ukrainian Nightmare (Solomon)
    [..] U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden’s American-based firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers into one of its accounts — usually more than $166,000 a month — from Burisma from spring 2014 through fall 2015, during a period when Vice President Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukraine and its tense relations with Russia.

    What is missing in that story is that the money came from a loan that the bankers want paid back with interest,
    Loan forgiveness!!!!
    Ask Greece.


    The Ecosystem of All

    Our mental ecosystem is at odds with the survival of all the non-subterranean bacteria on earth.

    Physics says all the trees act as a space/earth solar battery. Trees are the batteries that save us from the vacuum of space. We are searching for the perfect battery and trees are it.

    We created a mental ecosystem of electrons and minerals.

    This ecosystem preys on ignorance and rewards luck and knowledge.

    This ecosystem makes nerds billionaires.

    Right now China has a robotic robot manufacturing plant.

    China is buying up American chip and bio-tech companies because chips are China’s #2 import.

    China uses petrochemicals to turn those minerals into phones.

    Petrochemical use is growing 7X faster than human population.

    China has more highway than any country on earth.

    China has 60% more high speed trains than all other countries.

    China has the largest car market on earth.

    China is a leader in methane clathrate and nuclear power.

    China’s Huawei phone will put Apple out of the hardware market.

    China just built the world’s largest underground tunnel to Tibet.

    India’s energy emissions growth is through the roof.

    Euro/American men are becoming feminized and sterilized through years of petrochemical and pharma exposure.

    Like my momma always said never mix your drinks.

    We have micro-plastics lodged in our brains. We eat food that kills bugs, birds, bees, flowers and trees.

    We are strip mining soil to grow poisoned food for personal wealth.

    To prevent wealth from destroying earth, we have to tax it and pay it back in a universal basic income.

    But we’re too busy trying to be rich.

    Scientists, politicians, preachers all chasing the dollar.

    We see Yemen aid funding appeals while we let them starve.

    China is a world leader in 5G.

    The idea that China and Germany are environmental leaders is a lie.

    Germany owns Bayer and Monsanto, both pharma and petrochemical.

    Germany burns imported clear cut forests for 50% of its green energy and burns palm oil in their diesel fuel.

    China is building 400 nuclear plants and 700 coal plants.

    Most of the men in Asia/Africa are very young and have not been exposed to petro- pharma- chemicals long enough to be feminized and sterilized.

    After 30 years solar panels and wind turbines are 2% of total world energy demand, during which time emissions went up 60%.

    Emissions must go down 100% in 20 years to avoid runaway hothouse extinction.

    We can’t have a 5G surveillance target war economy and a planet.

    We have to tax world wealth with 100% private carbon taxes or the rich will destroy the planet flying to climate conferences.

    Did you know 3.5 billion people fly each year?

    Wealth + China ≠ Earth

    We are the environment and wealth is the conspiracy.

    This ain’t grandpa’s China and you ain’t in Kansas anymore.

    China’s Mega Projects – Energy 49 min

    China’s Mega Projects – Manufacturing 49 min

    China’s Mega Projects – Transportation 49 min

    John Day
    Venezuela, geostrategically, is as important to Moscow as Syria and Ukraine.
    Gerasimov also detailed how, “the Pentagon has begun to develop a fundamentally new strategy of warfare, which has been dubbed the ‘Trojan Horse’. Its essence lies in the active use of the ‘protest potential of the fifth column’ in order to destabilize the situation with simultaneous strikes by precision-guided weapons on the most important targets.​ ​”Then the clincher; “The Russian Federation is ready to oppose every one of these strategies. In recent years, military scientists, together with the General Staff, have developed conceptual approaches to neutralize the aggressive actions of potential opponents. The field of research of military strategy is armed struggle, its strategic level. With the emergence of new areas of confrontation in modern conflicts, methods of struggle are increasingly shifting towards the integrated application of political, economic, information and other non-military measures, implemented with the support of military force.​ ​”Call it Russia’s response to Made in USA Hybrid War. With the major incentive of being a value for money operation; after all the Russian General Staff, unlike the Pentagon, is not in the business, for all practical purposes, of stealing trillions of dollars from taxpayers for several decades…Rostislav Ishchenko, arguably the top Russian analyst of the Ukraine saga, explained it to me in detail:​ ​“Putin does not ‘take over the elites’ or ‘guide the nation.’ His genius lies in an acute intuitive sense of the strategic needs of the nation (which creates a strong feedback and causes absolute trust of the absolute majority of the people), but most importantly, he is a master of political compromise, understanding the importance of maintaining peace between different social, economic, and political groups within the country, to ensure its stability, prosperity, and international authority. Given that foreign policy is always a continuation of domestic policy, we can clearly trace his desire for compromise in Russian international activity.”“Putin, Ishchenko added, “does not try to suppress the opponents even in those cases when Russia is unconditionally stronger and the result of the confrontation will clearly be in her favor. Putin understands that both the loser and the winner lose in the confrontation. Therefore, he always offers a compromise for a long time, almost to the last opportunity, even to those who clearly do not deserve it, moving to other solutions only after the opponent has clearly crossed all possible red lines and can pose a threat to the vital interests of Russia. An agreement based on consideration of each other’s interests is always stronger than any short-term ‘victories’, which tomorrow will result in the need to reaffirm their status of the winner again and again. It seems to me that Putin understands this well. Hence the effectiveness of his actions. You can also take a look at his team. These are professionals who adhere to a variety of ideological views (or do not adhere to any). The main thing is that they perform their work qualitatively. The ability to manage such a team is another of its undoubted advantages. After all, these are all ambitious people who are aware of their professionalism and are able to defend their opinion, which is not always the same for everyone. Nevertheless, they work as a single mechanism and achieve really great results.”​ ​
    ​Maduro’s stay in power has Washington as well as various regional neighbor countries worried about the situation. It seems that Venezuela’s neighbors followed a false promise to get rid off the Venezuelan President rather quickly. According to the report, allies of the U.S. are disappointed with the result and are now questioning their decision to recognize Juan Guaido as interim president. A military invasion seems to be the only method available to accomplish their goal, and such a scenario doesn’t sit all too well with countries like Colombia and Brazil, according to the report. ​

    ​Turkish election insights from Moon Of Alabama. Erdogan is still in power in rapidly shifting circumstances: Over the last two quarters Turkey’s GDP declined. The country is in a recession. Inflation is near to 20% which leaves no room to lower interest rates. Before Sunday’s election the central bank of Turkey propped up the Lira. It will have to end that or will otherwise diminish Turkey’s foreign currency reserves. After the long build up of the credit bubble it will take years for the economy to return to a steady state. There is little room for the government to turn the economy around.
    Erdogan’s decision to become more independent of NATO is also taking its toll. Buying the Russian made S-400 air defense system secures Turkey from a potential U.S. attack but also means that its access to ‘western’ weapons ends. Germany stopped cooperation for the production of a new Turkish tank even before the S-400 issue came up. Today the U.S. haltedall F-35 fighter plane deliveries and training for Turkey. This will be a loss for both sides but add to Turkey’s economic problems:
    “Because Turkey is not just an F-35 purchaser, but an industrial partner, blocking delivery of these systems represents a major escalation by the United States as it threatens to impose serious costs on both sides,” Hunter said.
    Reuters reported last week that Washington was exploring whether it could remove Turkey from production of the F-35. Turkey makes parts of the fuselage, landing gear and cockpit displays. Sources familiar with the F-35’s intricate worldwide production process and U.S. thinking on the issue last week said Turkey’s role can be replaced.
    Russia will be happy to supply Turkey with Su-35 fighter planes. They are arguable better than the F-35 and will likely be cheaper. But they will come with a political price.
    Turkish supported Jihadis still hold Syria’s Idleb provinces and need to be removed. Erdogan tried to turn them into ‘moderate rebels’ but failed. Russia has for some time pressed Turkey to become more active in Idleb and to do more common Turkish/Russian patrols. These alienate the Jihadis, some of whom start to see Turkey as an enemy. Russia intends to do everything possible to intensify that feeling, while urging Turkey to finally solve the problem.​ ​

    Dr. D

    The “Bomb Cyclone” Is Back And It’s Pounding The Northeast

    AGW, cats and dogs, we’z all gonna die!!!

    Quotes: “This is a typical early spring event for us in southern New England,” said Bill Simpson at the Weather Service’s Boston office.”

    Yup. It’s spring in a dysfunctional media, when even reporting on rain in spring is essentially fake.


    Apparently optimism for a soft brexit has made world stocks go up. Wow! Such massive influence for such a laughing-stock country. But why don’t we let the markets run everything? Maybe because the markets just read the press. And the press just looks at the markets. No, let’s not go there, it would be a cliff edge to the abyss.

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