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    Doc Robinson

    Back in the 80’s, I saw guitarist Stanley Jordan play this at a concert.

    Stanley Jordan – Eleanor Rigby – 8/23/1986 – Newport Jazz Festival (Official)


    Yet more evidence to add to the huge existing heap of evidence that DeSantis is owned opposition. Swamp through and through. Focusig on the “people doing their jobs” and not a “raid” is exactly what they want you to think, but he avoids the point that all these FBI agents report to someone and that someone organised a raid on the former POTUS for what appears to be trivial reasons and are reasons that could have been resolved by asking, rather than by a raid. I am very interested to know why he used this event to come out and declare his opposition to Trump. I suspect we will hear more about DeSantis in the near future, the RINO’s choice for 2024, but I am totally with Denninger on this, DeSantis is DeSatan.


    What I learned from working in so called third world countries is that when a country is ruled so corruptly, locals do not invest in their own countries because if you show any signs of wealth, somebody will notice and confiscate your wealth not to mention kill you.

    Instead everyone concentrates on getting any wealth out of the country by any means possible. So in such situations the wealthy have less wealth available to steal and thus it becomes more and more difficult for the TPTB to become even more wealthy.

    This is how the poor level the playing field with their rich overlords. They remain too poor for the rich to expend their wealth stealing and killing them.


    John Day.

    I live in North Canterbury. A small settlement that would be called a village in some countries. Big enough to have petrol stations, a supermarket, small engineering workshops etc. but not a lot else. Surrounded by farmland -mostly sheep and cattle farming. Here the animals eat grass, as opposed to being kept in stalls and fed grains. .

    I was in a provincial city in the North Island, which was being made ever more unsustainable by the criminal district council and the criminal NZ government…both being agents of the banks, corporations and opportunists.

    Here the district council is also diabolically bad, as is the regional council. – a collection of thieves and liars and incompetent fools, criminals and clowns..

    Tell me wherein the western world that is not the case?

    We are on our own as far as navigating the collapse is concerned, and can expect nothing but lies, ineptitude and obstruction from any of our so-called leaders.



    I think that what “they” want and their strategy for achieving it is best demonstrated by countless chase scenes where the escapee running away throws everything they pass or are willing to jettison from their possessions behind them to trip up and slop down their pursuers. They want to “get away with it”, “it” being ill-gotten gains and their personal living hide.

    It amuses me to watch us claim to know what “they” want or how “they” deal with violence or lack thereof. But I think that Gandhi’s famous dictum (probably a quite Gandhi borrowed?) has a clue:


    I think we might make more sense of this if we substituted ‘engagement’ for “violence”, and consider it this way: perhaps what they can’t understand is people ignoring them, walking away — consequences be damned — and building their own reality. (Like one of my personal mottos says: ‘Don’t ask favors, don’t ask permission.’ I baked it myself, but it’s based on “Don’t complain; don’t explain.”)

    Also: the fact that “they” feature violence as their foundational method doesn’t mean they know dickelly-squint about dealing with violence applied to them. Not that I believe that violence will repair the situation nor that “they” will mean or have much of anything anything in ten years, just sayin the obvious, something Dr. D said once about Johnny Jerk McBillybob and his myriad cousins’ burger wrappers.

    They know how to deal with non-violence just fine, which is why the cardinal cornerstones of statehood are Monopoly on Violence under Rule of Law. We call non-violence ‘submission’ when it is being bludgeoned to bits.

    But, to be clear, I don’t think that violence is the answer, nor do I believe that anything is the answer. I think that the delusion/illusion of control — of self, others, nature, overall reality — is the problem, and accepting this truth is, as Lao Tzu said, the answer: “Heaven and earth are ruthless, and treat the myriad creatures as straw dogs…”

    We build large societies because we can’t control our personal breeding impulses not because we’ve ever built a large society that worked for more than just a little bit for a little while. (By work, I don’t mean how long an empire exists. Pharaonic dynasties, for all their longevity, were constantly falling apart and being rebuilt.)


    P.S. “A quarter of all human suffering is toothache.” Thomas DeQuincey (I will insert ‘modern’ between “all” and “human” because archeological evidence indicates that tooth decay was not nearly so much a problem before agriculture and all that.)

    P.S.S. Meanwhile, I could swear I hear the call of a black swan amid the current frenzy of confused hysteria. Black Swan Big Disaster (I don’t think the music’s good, per se, but the band name, song title, and release date tie up neatly, methinks.

    John Day

    @AFewKnowTheTruth: That’s a nice area, and was our bike-touring “home stretch” as we returned toChristchurch, where our bikes had been shipped from Germany, as we backpacked through India and southeast Asia, then had Christmas with a friend in australia. This was the big trip. We sold the house and cars and traveled around the world for 9 months with bikes and backpacks.

    : It’s sure right that our imputing characteristics, motives and capabilities to “them” says a lot about “us”.
    Catherine austin Fitts has a question about big movements of many trillions of dollars, agin, and it paints some of the kinds of capabilities “they” have had.
    “After 21 years of watching $21+ trillion go missing from U.S. federal accounts at HUD and the Department of Defense (DOD), I am often asked, “Where did the money go and how do we get it back?”
    It’s a good, well detailed read. It also hinges upon “The System” remaining intact, and that western financial system, deeply gamed and corrupted to the 5th derivative can be obsoleted, superceded, bypassed by the machinations being put in place by BRICS+, SCO, ASEAN, EAEU, Etc.

    Most of us reading this are beholden to western finance or “captured” might be better.
    We an’t really do battle, but we can take steps to survive the war of economic systems (whether our steps ultimately prove successful, or just almost successful)/


    On this matter of violence, can add that the British took over the Indian subcontinent through the use of extreme violence. As Robert Newman wryly put it:” What’s the difference between empire and armed robbery?”

    But when the British stopped administrating the place (didn’t entirely leave) it wasn’t because non-violent protesters said: “Time to go.” It was because police stations were being attacked, because local officials were being assassinated, because it was becoming impossible to hold on to power.

    Of course, it suited the empire to pretend that non-violent protest was what brought about change, rather an admit that too many trains were being derailed and too many police stations and administrative building were being set on fire.

    Mind control and the clever use of words.

    One of my pet hates is the term Luddite, which has been defined by the empire as a person who irrationally opposes progress.

    Yet there was nothing irrational about the Luddite movement: people opposed having their traditional livelihoods ripped away and opposed the dehumanisation of work to the point that humans became components in the system simply because no one had [at the time] worked out how to completely mechanise factory systems.

    They were given a simple choice: work for us under our rules or starve.

    Those who persisted in being free humans and opposing the machines were exterminated.

    And that, essentially is what the blatant lies about ‘sustainable development’ are all about. Doing the opposite of what you say you are doing. Sudsidise technologies that provide negative returns (both financial and environmental) and con the masses into believing that what is being done ‘saves the planet’ and provides a better future for everyone.

    Of course, we hear less about ‘sustainable development -an oxymoron if ever there was one- and a lot more about ‘transitioning’.

    Don’t forget that the Nazis had a lot less trouble persuading people to hand over their possessions, strip and be shaved, and then herded to enter gas chambers when they had pretty boxes of flowers at the rail terminuses and small orchestras playing Bach.

    You cannot negotiate with fascists. The only thing fascist understand is a missile up their *****

    That is what Putin and company are organising at the moment.



    10-4 good post. Unlike some of the fat head gorillas on here that *think* they can predict the future I found it refreshing. Bring back @Madamski, I forgive you. Like it matters, right?

    The reading comprehension on here is not the best. As Raul pointed out down the thread the Ron Desantis video was FAKE!!! Chill!


    Robert Newman Empire


    I listened to the TAE guitar selections and while I admire the speed that these guitarists can play at, somehow I am left with the impression that playing so fast restricts the deep rich sounds that come from playing the guitar more slowly. It just feels like each played note is prematurely cut short. Only high pitch notes. No low pitches. But then I can’t hear anything above 7,000 hertz anyway.


    On violence: I was at odds with the boy two houses down from me when I was six. He stole my prize toad, which I stole back; then he took my biggest agate. I wrenched it from him when he was showing me that possession was 9/10s of the law, and when he ran away, I chucked it at him, knocking him on the head. He retaliated by punching me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me.
    The tale ends when we became best friends until his parents moved the family to moose lake.
    I have seen it time and again. Kids fight, and become peers and even great friends.
    One of my takes on “liberal” versus “conservative” is that liberals teach their kids their gifts are for helping others, and you should never kill, even in self-defense. Also: take someone at his word- we all make mistakes, but people will like you better if you see them as they see themselves. Conservatives teach their children that their gifts belong to the themselves, and they have every right to self-defense. Also: Judge someone by his actions, not by his words. People might not like you, but life makes more sense.
    It is an echo of the Collective vs the Individual.

    From a CSPAN caller a long while back: “My husband had a nasty temper, but I loved him. When he touched me in anger many years ago, I took out my pistol and laid it on the kitchen table. With my hands gently laid over the gun, I told him if he ever did it again, I would kill him. We have had a loving, respectful marriage ever since.”

    I’ll say it again: if you can’t say “no” you have no free will. It is the gravest threat you will ever meet.

    Dave Barry’s delightful “year in review” can be found at the Miami Herald (and now, syndicated at many other papers.)

    Please recognize Ilargi said the DeSantis thing was from 2020 and had nothing to do with Trump. I urge you to look at the meta-post from Unz (via sott) I mentioned yesterday. The battlefield of today is your version of who you think you are.

    Bosco- Yes! Ignore them. Don’t ask, and you won’t hear their “no”. Live where you are, and the leeches cannot suck your bloody data in your virtual existence. [She wrote in a sadly ironic way.]

    V. Arnold

    @Wes #113407

    Couldn’t agree more…


    You can laugh or cry, depending on which side you support.

    “less than 19% effectiveness”

    Good for weapons manufacturers.


    John Day said:

    One should hold off on violence as a personal action, until it suddenly becomes the obvious thing, like somebody pulls and aims a gun at your family.

    You are saying that one should only use violence to fight violence. Consider that chicken that people buy from the supermarket, asking the supermarket for do their killing for them? People are so brainwashed into thinking violence is bad, yet they eat tons of meat. They support their armed forces: people trained to use violence on anybody that pisses off the government: government collects the violence of individuals, puts it into a group and calls it an army, a fighting force.

    Why can we do violence for government but not do violence for us? Violence is at the core of your survival, when we need it enough of us revert to violence to get rid of the violence perpetrated against us, even if that violence is the threat, rather than the act, of violence.

    Violence is your only way to exercise power, which is why the world’s most powerful use violence.

    Dr. D

    Japan: We have our own parallel American, or Yankee ways to conserve. They’ve just all been repressed. People like them a lot though. For us it lies a lot in the land: people go to cottage, where things are quieter and simpler. And in T’ronto’s cottage country too. That is being overrun turning Cottage into McMansion, but I think they feel the change, how much less good and less fun, less meaningful it is. We see with the kids that they deeply want a walkable urban city, with coffee on every corner, and trains running between. They want returnable coke bottles in wood crates and buy used ones in antique stores just to look and feel them. They want workable, classic cars and tractors that last for decades. They want backyard chickens and canning jars. These are not the Japanese ways. They are our ways, doing the same things. If you stop the immeasurable energy forcing our direction to miserable consumption, we would revert to them. That’s either the center weakening or bankruptcy, perhaps they are the same thing.

    Can recommend straw bale gardening. Very simple: put the seedling from the pot into a strawbale 1-3 per bale, and keep damp. This may need small fertilizer but works well. I’m sure straw has doubled as well, but what used to be $6/bale after 6 months with a wet plant inside it’s largely compost. Turn the bale into soil and repeat, but depending on conditions, and if that was all, you could probably use a bale 2 years. Same with turning straw into mushrooms: we need the microprocess that drives mycelium through the bale and thus water, bacteria, colonies that accelerate ‘decay’. Or transformation of cellulose into soil, if you wish.

    Benton: interesting. Of course it’s not like “they don’t know things” as they think and hire strategic experts about it. Reminds me of a review of Gandhi which concluded his “nonviolence” was all bulls—t.: his leverage depended entirely on India being a powder keg that would go into expensive and uncontrollable riots at any slump. He only ‘pretended’ to be non-violent knowing that the minute he shut up, violence would commence. That meant UK had to work with him BECAUSE of the violence, not because of the non-violence. But he got legitimacy, and the head of the pack for the moral position of using –non– violence. Same with Civil Rights. Not wrong. Interesting discovery is the Indians seem to hate Gandhi. Not entirely clear on why yet, but it’s become the custom.

    In a sense though it is the requirement of different tactics: we sadly fall into the herd, so that we can only use violence in a stampede – there are enough predators that any small breakaway will be eaten. Their job is to antagonize us only to the limit of stampede, and they’ve gotten quite a bit too good at it.

    Now, is there are third way? There seems to be, and it’s trying to be used right now although we don’t know if it will win. This goes to the other, perhaps primary problem with violence: what then? Violent means means violent people and ways. Those will tend to quickly transgress into warlords and psychos getting the upper hand. So sure, you win against “Them”, but what happens after? Almost all revolutions lead to something worse, or at least no better. To win that next pitfall, you need to have principles, moral high ground, and great sacrifice and forbearance. Of course you look like a weakling punk in the bar taking s—t from some big talker. Until you don’t. So be aware of this next problem. To pick violence for violence is a dialectic: trying to get you to take one of two bad choices, the lesser of two evils so you approve of evil. You have to win that too by not choosing evil at all. “Violence” is too generic: there is moral force and immoral force. We use moral force. Which may be shooting them in the face in the middle of the night, I don’t disclude it, but almost always not. It’s more harmful to wrap them in a diaper and silly string and leave them in the town square surrounded by oiled goats.

    So because the moral right is always defense, good people have little choice but to respond only when they have nothing to lose. That works okay when the world begins, they can just weed out and work the institution, but after corruption is universal, it has the issues of looking a lot weaker and putting you much further in the hole as it is today. Still works though; it’s just more frustrating.

    So… is chicken, eating to survive, moral violence? Depends on how it’s done. Without morality there is no framework. The logic, the #Logos, without “religion”, which is God. In an immoral or a-moral world, violence is always logical. Somehow that doesn’t seem to be the world we live in though.


    Dr D said

    So… is chicken, eating to survive, moral violence? Depends on how it’s done.

    You imply that morality applies to other creatures, not just humans, so is the fox applying a morality when it raids the hen house? In which case morality would have to exist outside of human brains, which means that other creatures are also facing a judgement day? And interesting framework but not one I share.

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