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    “…stakes can be continuously increased until the other side is compelled to capitulate.”

    In fact, in the past entire wars have been decided this way. Opposing armies would gather on the field and simply parade around, maybe calling in extra units, building up the numbers and the armaments until one side’s general concluded that battle was futile and surrender.

    Interesting idea in the video from SD Red that the truckers don’t need to gather, don’t need to protest in groups, don’t need to expose themselves to harassment, but simply decline to go to work. The Spanish have a saying that “the difference between civilisation and chaos is seven (missed) meals.” IOW, 2.33 days. I didn’t know that NYC is a mere 3 days away from empty food shelves. Here are some excerpts from an Australian government report from 2012, “Resilience in the Australian food supply chain” (emphasis mine):

    1.5 Lessons from the Queensland floods
    The Queensland floods during December 2010 to January 2011 were severe and widespread. The town of Rockhampton, with a population around 75,000, was cut off by road, rail and air for two weeks; the state capital, Brisbane, came within a day of running out of bread for its population; other towns and cities on the coast and inland were affected by floods, with around 100 large retail food stores and many more smaller food outlets inundated.

    The experience revealed both the resilience and fragility of the food supply chain. While there were no reported instances of communities going hungry, this was only through massive effort on the part of both the food industry and authorities. This included logistics providers hiring large numbers of vehicles (trailers and prime movers) from Sydney, and large amounts of voluntary overtime by employees of trucking companies.

    Concerns were also expressed about what a number of food industry participants saw as difficulties in working with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to move food to affected areas. While respondents praised the efforts of Australian soldiers on the ground, they considered that logistically the lack of capacity and administrative hoops to be negotiated before food could be transported constitute a major risk.

    A number of food industry stakeholders interviewed expressed disappointment at what they saw as lack of capability on the part of the ADF to assist with the food logistics task beyond immediate emergency food drops by helicopter. There is an apparent mismatch between industry expectations (among some businesses) and actual capacity. The ADF is not, in today’s defence planning environment, equipped to undertake large food logistics tasks, and itself relies on the private market for supply to its own messes and operational needs. It would be valuable to develop a better understanding within the industry of what ADF could realistically be expected to do in an emergency in relation to food supplies.

    Veracious Poet


    The study results showed that only 1.7% of the ivermectin group wound up on ventilators, compared to 4.0% of the control group (more than twice as many).

    The study results also showed that only 1.2% of the ivermectin group died, compared to 4.0% of the control group (28-day in-hospital mortality rate), or as Jessica Rose puts it, “more than 3 times as many people died who were NOT on [ivermectin]”.

    NPD bullies are always looking for ways to attack their perceived enemies, attacking the sane with twisted narratives created from their sick minds (I AM THE SCIENCE!)…

    Even in the face of overwhelming evidence discrediting them they remain adversarial, becoming more aggressively hostile, dissembling even when trapped, then blame everything on those that unmasked their true nature.

    Unfortunately Western civ is replete with this malady, especially apparatchiks infecting .GOV, the compounding cost for ignoring the “munsters” among us, who have perverted “healthy” social mores into chaos, is coming due…

    Those that can’t see it don’t, but once you see it you can’t unsee it.

    Clown World sucks,



    Oops. Forgot to post those VP Blues that I mentioned above:

    The Perfect Man

    Veracious Poet

    In a Feb. 16 tweet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that a large percentage of nasal swab PCR tests for COVID-19 were ultimately subjected to genomic sequencing analysis, raising red flags among some people about the genetic privacy of individuals who took such tests.

    Harvard professor Alberto Ascherio told Newsweek that those genomic sequencing analyses are of viral RNA, not human DNA, with the aim of tracking viral transmission as well as the emergence of new strains.

    Yet, Ascherio acknowledged that human DNA could hypothetically be sequenced, as it is present on the swab as well—”which is probably what people may worry about if they are in [a] conspiracy mood.”


    So let’s talk crackheads for a diversion.

    Yes it’s true the Biden Regime unveils a brilliant new grant program.

    “never in my wildest imagination would they introduce a $30 million grant program that promises to make it safer to smoke crack and crystal meth….”

    And during Black History Month. Aces

    So weird.

    “This program aims to increase accessibility to drug paraphernalia and will be handing out “safe smoking kit supplies.”

    Of course, as the left loves to play identity politics, this program is being touted under the guise of “Racial Equality.”

    This brilliant initiative is coming from the man who in 1987 sponsored a bill that made crack cocaine charges harsher than powdered cocaine. (powdered is preferred by gentlemen on Wall St)

    The same man who in 1994 wrote and supported the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act,” a.k.a. Clinton Crime Bill, which President Bill Clinton signed into law in 1994.

    At least Mr. Biden has been consistent throughout his career, his agenda has always been to destroy brown communities while posing as their savior. His historical failed policies resulted in the largest mass incarceration of Black Americans in our nation’s history. Most of these mass incarcerations were men, causing more disparity in Black communities with fatherless homes.”

    Helping America one crack head at a time. (Except for Hunter, he’s special)

    America Crosses the Clown World RUBICON

    (note small ad for t-shirts to support the site a few minutes in)


    @EoinW said:

    I’m not expecting us to go the CCP route. Doesn’t mean our rulers won’t destroy society. Their aim is total control, not chaos.

    Living in Hong Kong, on one of the small islands, I thank human nature for one blessing: the CCP focuses mostly naturally on the people in the cities. They are easier to control not only because they are more densely packed, but also because there is no “village society” factor.

    Village living provides many protections, for me the main ones are:
    – you rat out your neighbour and everybody will know it was you within a day.
    – police have family in the village so will be very reluctant to enforce certain regulations.
    – outsiders are easy to spot, they are known to cause trouble by reporting non-compliance.
    – fellow villagers are forgiven for their quirks, such as never wearing a mask.
    – fellow villagers know they depend on each other.

    Veracious Poet

    And the war drum beat goes on…

    Extended Russian deployment part of invasion ‘playbook’, U.S. officials say (AP):

    Russia on Sunday rescinded earlier pledges to pull tens of thousands of its troops back from Ukraine’s northern border, a move that U.S. leaders said put Russia another step closer to launching what they said was the planned invasion of Ukraine. Residents of Ukraine’s capital filled a gold-domed cathedral to pray for peace.

    Russia’s action extends what it said were military exercises, originally set to end Sunday, that brought an estimated 30,000 Russian forces to Belarus, Ukraine’s neighbor to the north. They are among at least 150,000 Russian troops now deployed outside Ukraine’s borders, along with tanks, warplanes, artillery and other war materiel.

    The continued deployment of the Russian forces in Belarus raised concern that they could be used to sweep down on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, a city of about 3 million people less than a three-hour drive away.

    In Kyiv, life outwardly continued as usual for some on a mild winter Sunday, with brunches and church services, ahead of what U.S. President Joe Biden said late last week was an already decided-upon Russian attack.


    @Boscohorowitz I should be thanking you. I appreciate your commentary and dialogue which I read over breakfast here in Hong Kong.


    All smoke, no fire

    We need a Pageant!


    @phoenixvoice said:

    He is a narcissist and she had to conform to his image of who he expected her to be.

    I believe that to be true, but what scares me most about billionaires is that they must be incredibly driven and driven for a reason: there must be something in their brains that makes them want to win at all costs, all costs meaning no compromise. To me that is scary, being with someone who would destroy you if you stood in his way, having no consideration for the joy of life, the features of humanity that make life worth living. Instead their only goal is success, whatever that means to them and why does it mean so much to them? What went wrong?


    “I should be thanking you. I appreciate your commentary and dialogue which I read over breakfast here in Hong Kong.”

    I dearly enjoy your posts too, apsnaz. You have a deft knack for cutting to the core of an issue and explaining it in just enough detail.

    I’ma go put on some of my psoriasis cream. I’m not much used to being approved of and it makes me all itchy and scratchy all over. But thank you anyway — even if you might give me a rash. 😉


    Along with invasion of physical privacy (genetic sequencing) resulted from the covid test scramble, but HIPAA is completely trashed by it. But that’s minor to them having your personal “genome” (I’m sure that’s the wrong term here) associated with your identity.


    “Helping America one crack head at a time. (Except for Hunter, he’s special)”

    (Treasure of Sierra Mexican badge scene voice): ‘Crack-pipes! We don’ need no steenkeeng crack pipes!” said Hunter, smoking crack off the burning lithium battery of his laptop.

    Plumber’s Butt Crack


    ‘Along with invasion of physical privacy (genetic sequencing) resulted resulting from the covid test scramble, HIPAA is completely trashed by it. ‘


    When I first arrived at TAE, Raul made a point of emphasizing the CHILDREN washing up ashore dead because of the various refugee diasporas, especially Syria. Along with that, a pious devotion to the near-Mythical Legend of Calvin & Hobbes, to me one of late 20th century Euromerica’s great spiritual, philosophical, socio/econo-political works and, for me, the only “Adult Graphic Novel” I ever want to read.

    C&H blast so much joy into the cosmos just from light reflected off paper or these annoying and dangerous glare-screens we’re all addicted, I think it proides enough cushion for us to remember who’s REALLY screwed:


    Cynthia and Hermione

    those darned kids

    Mister Roboto

    those darned kids

    bosco: nice job on the drums. “she’s the only one that understands me” quar-ter note triplet..

    thought you’d appreciate this.

    those darned kids

    image retry

    those darned kids


    Thanks for the Israel MoH link. Looks like it’s from a new substacker. I have been keeping a 5% severe adverse reaction rate in my mind based on what I have read and anecdotal feedback thru local word of mouth locally.

    The VAIDS messaging will backfire, there is too much denial. It will play out like the autism debate. Anybody with a view that vaccines are involved is immediately marginalized.

    In early 2021, Jacob Wes Ulm, MD, Ph.D., a geneticist, expressed the following regarding mRNA

    …it seems that they [mRNA vaccines] can enter a much broader tissue range compared to even attenuated virus vaccines…And since the mRNA vaccines would induce SARS-CoV-2 viral spike protein expression, that seems to mean that people who get the mRNA vaccines are going to have a much greater range of cells and tissues vulnerable to cytotoxic [T-cell] attack…with side effects that may not manifest for years (with cumulative damage and chronic inflammation).

    Dr. Ulm also stated, so “we don’t know where in the body they’re going,” adding that:

    ..The nightmare scenario would be if e.g. the mRNA vaccines’ lipid nanoparticles are, indeed, crossing the BBB and getting endocytosed into critical glial cells, like oligodendrocytes, or even worse, into neurons themselves in the brain and spinal cord, putting a bullseye on these critical cells for cytotoxic [T-cells].

    In regards to LNPs and spike proteins, the problem with the brain is that it is difficult to study. Tissue is accessible only at autopsy.

    Chestnut is keyed into the mechanisms and Igor is capturing the signals. To a certain degree the nightmare scenario is playing out but on a small enough scale the it is being denialed away. How to articulate this to friends and family is a challenge.

    those darned kids

    “How to articulate this to friends and family is a challenge.”

    i’ve given up. for almost all of them, it is too late. it don’t want to scare them. there is nothing they can do now, and it seems to me that they haven’t been scared enough to fall for a fourth dose.

    my father is 91, and i am sure he is vaccine injured, but i figure there’s no point upsetting him now..


    One of the most terrifying thing an author can do is return to the page after taking the necessary weekend breather. Even if you’ve grown confident in that logically you know the flywheel’s turning, just start feeding thread into the loom and soon the weave will recommence, emotionally you’re convinced deep down in your gut that it won’t happen.

    So thanx big time, oroboros, for that bird murmuration image. I was able to lay some tinder and kindling under the boiler that powers my loom. Looks like these notes (St. Nicholas speaking):

    You see things like a bird murmuration, like a vast exaltation of larks, and you explain it in statistical averages, chaos math theory, the idea of one bird intuitively following another resulting in these wild formations.

    Then you see a murmuration of birds that looks just like a giant bird itself. It fades out of shape, and you think, What an amazing moment! Magical coincidence! Then it happens again, and again… and you think: magic. You think, maybe the birds know something, at least about each other, that we don’t.

    Well, it’s true. We don’t. We know jack shit about Spirit anymore. It’s almost forbidden except in ghettoes like what’s left of religion, new age crazies, and those rare isolated neolithic tribes way back up the Amazon or near the North Pole.


    I see brave people:

    National Anthem

    Veracious Poet

    TDK posted:


    “bosco: nice job on the drums. “she’s the only one that understands me” quar-ter note triplet..”

    Thanx but it ain’t me on the record. I just rehearsed with Tommy a few times. But the drummer did a pretty decent job. I forget his name. SUPER nice guy. Made a living at it during his 20s then, like everybody on the planet, went into IT.


    In Geert’s “Omicron a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” He posed the question,

    Will Omicron induce herd immunity or will it enable SARS-CoV-2 to transition into variants capable of potentiating ADE in vaccinees?

    It looks like we may get the answer with the BA.2 variant. The messaging has been odd here. The vaccinated and vaccines will fail badly.


    Veracious Poet

    As the churn turns…

    Marvel actress Evangeline Lilly called on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to sit down with the truckers who spent weeks protesting his COVID-19 related mandates and restrictions.

    Lilly, who is Canadian herself, said that the government should be listening to the concerns of the people rather than using force to drown them out and shut them down.

    In response to the brutal treatment of protesters by law enforcement officers as they forcefully clear the streets of Ottawa, outraged citizens flooded the Ottawa Police Department (OPD) phone lines on Saturday to express their disgust over the Police’s horrific actions – and in some cases, likely to report some of the abuse.

    Following the wave of calls, the OPD decided that the best response would be just to threaten the callers with criminal charges – because, hey, it’s worked so well for everything else, and, ultimately, they are tyrants, so it makes perfect sense.

    Outraged Citizens Flood Ottawa Police Phone Lines With Complaint Calls About Horrific Treatment of Protesters – OPD Responds by Threatening Callers with Criminal Charges

    Here comes $7 gas prices, warns oil strategist in dire outlook

    Put on the mask!

    those darned kids

    thanks, vp!

    i’ve had some luck with images lately, but that one just wouldn’t go.

    those darned kids

    where’s fred rogers when we need him most?


    Mister Roboto:

    I see there might yet be a winter storm with Milwaukee on it’s hit list! Even so it is likely to be just a drive by shooting!

    Toronto got it deep last week!

    those darned kids

    i’ve read many comments saying, “this is happening in canada because they gave up their guns”.

    actually, canadians (#7) are well armed, albeit not the extent as in the u.s. (#1).



    On the study of more attractive people having stronger immune system, you did a rather impressive demolition job on the study by saying the obvious!

    More attractive people feel better about themselves thus strengthening their immune system.

    So don’t expect the authors of this useless study to thank you in any way!


    “i’ve had some luck with images lately, but that one just wouldn’t go.”

    tdk, try checking the amount of text in the link. Paste it first in a .doc. If it’s more than, maybe 2 lines, WordPress won’t take it. You can often find another version of the image with a not-insane character count.


    “On the study of more attractive people having stronger immune system, you did a rather impressive demolition job on the study by saying the obvious!”

    I just skimmed it, saw them diving into the usual drown-it-in-data, run it through a computer, and say big words about the results method we call “science” and “academia” today. It’s what they’re taught to do, and 17-23 years’ institutional education since age 5 does wild things to a head, especially when it spend so much other time stuck in a view screen spewing virtual reality.


    Dr. D. Rich:

    Your comment reminded me of my Grandfather, a farmer/mechanic!

    A man of cash with no bank account!

    The gov did finally catch up with him in the early 1950s, decades after income taxes had been implimented!

    Since there were no records, the gov gave him an amount that he owed them and he paid it.

    Likely your kind of man!


    Good night. Beauty shines from us when we let it out and nurture it, yes?

    One of THOSE Voices


    P.S. I can’t help but think that the expression “passive resistance” is an oxymoron. It too easily translates into, “I won’t stop your baton from hitting me but the back of my head will!”

    those darned kids

    A thought for tomorrow

    Lets do war games.
    I got a gas station to supply myself with fuel/energy.
    I’ll sell you fuel/energy so that you can play with me.

    Who wins? Who loses?
    Who is laughing all the way to the bank?

    those darned kids

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