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    Félix Vallotton The balloon 1899   • Is Goldman Sachs Really a Bank? Really? (Whalen) • Everyone Is Smart Except Trump (Fischer) • Russiagate Is
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    V. Arnold

    All they had to do was talk about Russia constantly in a fearful and urgent way, and now US liberals are convinced that Vladimir Putin is an omnipotent world-dominating supervillain who has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government. (CJ)

    Is that true? Having been gone for more than 15 years, I honestly have no idea.
    And just what the hell is a “liberal”?

    V. Arnold

    Félix Vallotton The balloon 1899

    I like the painting…
    Painted from a very interesting perspective. And, it is about perspective, yes?
    I wonder where that place is.

    V. Arnold

    Russia just liquidated 85% of its U.S. Treasury holdings in 2 days; from $96 billion to $9 billion.
    Ya think there’s a message there? Duh!
    Why the $9 billion left in?
    Another message? I don’t know.

    Dr. D

    It’s very hard to tell how much traction RussiaRussiaRussia(tm) has got. 100% of the media is lockstep, however, I suspect 50% of the country is completely rejecting it, while maybe 30% of the remainder believes it but doesn’t care. As everything is lies, however, and the self-censoring is universal (you won’t meet anyone who voted for DJT, for example), it’s hard to tell. I’d find today’s Gallup poll accurate that the number of people who think “Situation with Russia is the most important issue” is “too small to measure.” Since we’re dying and being shot in the streets, often by policemen who were robbing civil forfeiture of any cash left over from taxes, that seems logical.

    What is a Liberal? No one knows: it’s a catch-phrase that means different things to different people. Roughly, it’s the group that exists Left of the Democratic center. They’re indicated by more activism, more social issues driven, and tend toward Democratic Socialism of government doing everything and providing everything as the overall solution. But mostly the social issues.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    What is a Liberal? No one knows: it’s a catch-phrase that means different things to different people. Roughly, it’s the group that exists left of the Democratic center.

    Which begs the question; what/who are democrats? Center? Of what? That there is a democrat center then implies there is a republican center, yes? And then the left and right of the respective left and right parties.

    I very much doubt you want to go down that worm hole.
    Obviously Usians are wandering in the wilderness, lost.
    My question was somewhat rhetorical, but not completely.
    I really have no idea about today’s liberals; and do not much care.
    Looking at the total mess that is the U.S., I cannot imagine there is a rational answer.
    Thank you for your reply.
    If it helps; I identify as a Tom McCall republican.
    Which has absolutely nothing to do with anything identified as republican today or for the last 2 decades.

    In the end; I no longer need to understand the insanity that is the U.S.; it just is…
    It cannot last; nature wont allow it…


    UK Gov just said ‘news’ about ‘Skripal subjects’ is nonsense.

    Doc Robinson

    “The balloon”… “I wonder where that place is…”

    I suspect a mis-translation at some point, because that looks like a ball, not a balloon. “The scene takes place at the “Relais”, the property of Thadée Natanson, editor in chief of the Revue Blanche , and Misia Godebsta, his wife, in Villeneuve sur Yonne,” or so says the Google translation of the linked page, along with lots of analysis of the painting:

    My personal take is that a moving ball is being chased by a moving child who is in turn being “chased” by the moving shadows of the tree; all this in contrast to the immobile, staid adults in the background. A commentary on youth? I’ve often witnessed a similar scene involving a puppy and an older dog in the background.

    V. Arnold

    Doc Robinson
    Thanks, interesting; you may be correct about the balloon, but I don’t know.
    Makes sense though…

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