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    Emil Nolde Half Moon Over The Sea 1945   • Ukraine Calls for Massive Demilitarized Zone Inside of Russia (LI) • Zelensky Demands NATO and EU Memb
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    Just Stop Oil are the latest in a long line of single-issue campaign groups to take an Underpants Gnomes approach to politics. Phase one, apparently, is to have a load of upper-class white kids make a nuisance of themselves by throwing orange paint at things. Phase three is the UK ending its use of oil entirely. As in the South Park episode, phase two has yet to be revealed.

    The billionaire-funded group is an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, and as the name suggests, they have just one aim; to see the UK stop using oil entirely. Although, tellingly, the one thing the group seem determine to avoid disrupting is the flow of oil from Britain’s handful of remaining oil refineries… something which would serve to emphasise just how dependent a complex industrial economy like the UK is upon a steady flow of oil and oil products.

    For the most part, opposition to Just Stop Oil has focussed on the disruptive nature of their protests, which involve either blocking roads or disrupting the sporting events enjoyed by people who are largely powerless to do anything about energy policy. Although perhaps the hope is that if they piss-off enough ordinary people, they will go out and vote for politicians who want to ban oil. But even in the unlikely event that people respond in this way, the bigger problem is not that the political class doesn’t listen, but that the political class has already consumed rather too much of the Just Stop Oil Kool-Aid. Indeed, the man being touted as Britain’s next Prime Minister has pledged to make a rapid transition to the utopian net zero, including a pledge to end any further oil and gas extraction in the North Sea.

    It is this which has spurred some detractors to point to the impossibility of ending our use of oil unless the aim is to plunge us into an apocalyptic deep green dark age. As Henry Hill at CapX puts it:

    “There are some deep Greens who truly believe in that deeply misanthropic objective. There is also the slightly more fashionable ‘degrowth’ movement, which could row in behind the idea so long as they didn’t think too hard about the consequences.

    “But outside those circles, it’s rightly seen as nonsense. One doesn’t have to be a climate change denier, or even oppose huge investment in renewable energy generation and other new technologies, to accept that we live in a machine civilisation that more or less runs on fossil fuels and will do so for some time to come…

    “Trying to brute-force modern society off fossil fuels before adequate alternatives are brought on-stream is a recipe for economic disaster; nobody who complains about the cost of living crisis or the impact of government spending cuts has any business dallying with such an idea.”

    Hill makes the point that the current combination of political commitments and gaping holes in the infrastructure required for the net zero project leaves the UK facing a series of dangerous cliff edges:

    “This generation of politicians have set 2035 as the deadline for sweeping changes, from getting the National Grid to Net Zero to banning gas boilers and stopping sales of new petrol and diesel-powered cars; yet as James McSweeney has detailed, actual planning for the cliff-edges that would create is patchy or non-existent.

    “A simple thought experiment suffices: think about this country’s track record on major infrastructure projects, and then try to estimate the odds that we will have a comprehensive network of road charging points in place in just over ten years – let alone the additional grid capacity as the burden of road traffic shifts en masse onto the electricity network. (Happily, the date is just far enough away that everyone involved in setting it will be safely removed from office by the time it arrives; they can then shake their heads sadly that those who came after them let them down so badly.)”

    This is likely the outline of a new counter-narrative to the neoliberal version of net zero – plausible because it neither denies the reality of climate change nor the desirability of deploying more non-renewable renewable energy-harvesting technologies (NRREHTs) but merely argues that without a credible phase two to the current Underpants Gnomes net zero project, it would be foolish to race ahead to phase three. And once one rejects the desirability of a rapid descent to a way of life similar to that enjoyed by the Anglo-Saxons – one which would be unable to support more than a million people – then the choice before us is whether to continue using local deposits of oil (and coal and gas) or whether we should risk making ourselves dependent on some of the world’s least savoury regimes… Hill plays the Putin card:

    “Were that [North Sea] pipeline to dry up (pun intended), all that would happen is that the United Kingdom’s energy needs would need to be met through more overseas imports – a double-whammy to the balance of trade, as a fair share of current domestic production is exported for plastics and manufacturing.

    “That means more money going to the many unsavoury regimes around the world which prop themselves up with oil and gas. That almost certainly includes Russia, too – we might not buy from them directly, but there’s arbitrage opportunities for less scrupulous countries to sell on Moscow’s exports with a more palatable flag (and a mark-up).”

    A similar rationale was used in support of the recent decision to open a new coal mine in Cumbria to supply coal to what remains of Britain’s steel industry. Insofar as we are going to continue to need coal for steel making, then using local supplies rather than shipping coal from around the world, is surely the lesser evil. Indeed, it may have become more of a necessity now that the political class has sanctioned the coal that the UK used to import from Kazakhstan.

    The same point is often made in support of shale gas fracking in the Bowland shale deposit in Northern England. Again, if the choice is between imported gas from Russia or domestic gas from Lancashire and Yorkshire, surely the latter is both environmentally and politically better. Moreover, in the wake of energy shortages and their impact on the cost-of-living, there is growing support for an economic imperative to restart domestic fossil fuel production – at least until NRREHTs can demonstrably provide the promised energy too cheap to meter.

    It is here though, that Just Stop Oil are going to win the argument. Because what many of the opponents of net zero within the political class fail to understand is that energy security is about more than the simple presence of a deposit or the uncosted supposed benefits of a technology. Keir Starmer – assuming he doesn’t repeat Neil Kinnock’s skilful snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory – may be kicking at an open door when it comes to new production in the North Sea. All of the big deposits have been in decline since the end of the last century. And Britain has been a net importer of oil and gas since 2005. For more than a decade, the North Sea oil and gas industry has required state subsidies to keep running. And with government net zero targets and ESG investment rules making further production prohibitively expensive, even supposedly “proven” reserves are increasingly unviable. The same applies to fracking. While there may be some shale gas left to be drilled beneath the UK, the tortured and broken strata beneath us likely means that most of the gas that was there escaped to the surface some 250 million years ago. In any case, what stopped the industry from taking off 15 years ago was the cost. That is, even if there was a viable reserve of shale gas, the price it would need to fetch would be more than anyone would be prepared to pay.

    The underlying issue with oil is about finding a balance between the oil price investors need to make further production worthwhile and the price businesses and consumers need in order to grow the economy. In periods where a stable “goldilocks” price range can be maintained – usually as a result of a cartel controlling production – the economy has grown. But periods of price volatility – as we face today – are associated with recession and depression:

    This is because – despite claims that we have entered a third, digital, stage of the industrial revolution – we remain in an oil age in which almost everything we depend upon for life support, along with the much wider array of consumer goods and services, is either made from or with oil, transported using oil, and/or maintained using oil. And this means that if sufficient low-cost oil cannot be produced, then consumption – by both businesses and households – must decline. And as consumption declines, so demand for oil falls, forcing the price down:

    Previous periods of volatility were eventually overcome as new abundant and relatively low-cost oil deposits were developed. Most recently, for example, the depression of the 1980s was ended by the development of oil fields off the North Alaskan slope, the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico – ushering in the period of relative price stability which came to an end in 2005… the ensuing price increases paving the way for the 2008 crash and the depression which followed.

    The once-and-done oil glut created by the US shale bubble was somewhat different in that it was never profitable in the long-term. Although it was sold as a technological revolution, the technology for horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing had been known for decades – it was just too expensive while conventional oil was still abundant. The peak of global conventional oil production in 2005, together with the economy-wide low returns on financial investment caused by quantitative easing and near zero percent interest rates after 2008, created the conditions for investment in fracking – which, with oil prices seemingly stuck above $100 per barrel appeared to offer a far greater return on investment than could be found in safer government bonds or in stocks and shares.

    Fracking though, is its own worst enemy because of the fast rate of depletion. Almost all of the oil a well will produce comes in the first couple of years. So that, as money flowed in and fracking wells spread like mushrooms, so much new US oil entered the world market that – despite OPEC+ cutting production – it crashed the price back to an unsustainable $40 per barrel by 2015.

    During the pandemic lockdowns, much of what remained of the fracking industry was shut down and locked in. And with interest rates rising faster than at any time in modern history, there is little enthusiasm for funding drilling on anything like the scale needed to bring prices down toward $40 per barrel again; particularly in an environment in which governments and banks are actively promoting regulations which make further oil production ever harder. As Juliet Samuel at the Telegraph wrote in response to last year’s energy crisis in the UK:

    “The meeting goes like this: ‘We need you!’ say the politicians. The producers scratch their heads as they mull $20 billion, 20-year investments, and wonder whether, when the war is over and the green bandwagon rolls back into town, the politicians will still sound so sweet on them. ‘Your green targets still say we need to shut down by 2030,’ they point out. To which Europe says: ‘Well, of course. Fossil fuels are evil!’”

    Suppose though that the growing economic fallout from oil too expensive for the wider economy to bear, was to finally jolt the political and financial elites into a self-interested volte-face. Perhaps, contrary to the Labour Party’s recent policy announcement, ongoing economic depression and growing political unrest will oblige Kier Starmer – or quite possibly Rishi Sunak – to take the advice of critics like Henry Hill and wait until we have developed a renewable energy system which really can make oil obsolete. But there lies the killer blow. Because globally – and remember that the majority of Britain’s fossil fuel consumption takes place in Asia, where most of our goods are made – we have been consuming more than four barrels of oil for each new barrel the industry discovers. As Nick Owenn, Oliver Inderwildi and David King explain:

    “Until now, the widening gulf between discoveries and production can be almost entirely attributed to reduced discovery rates… In the near future, however, this rift could be driven further apart by forecasted declines in production from the relatively few fields that support supply…

    “According to the WEO 2008, the world’s 20 most productive fields were discovered in 1959 (IEA, 2008), which suggests that the chance of finding fields of similar size is remote.”

    The stark reality is that there are no more large and cheap oil deposits left to fill the gap between production and consumption. And what remains – like the chimerical Cambo field in the Northeast Atlantic – is too small and too difficult to be developed at a low enough price to relieve the pressure on an increasingly energy-starved economy.

    The government might, of course, cut some of the regulations and provide subsidies to get some new oil flowing. And we might attempt to mend fences with Mr Putin – although having stolen his bank reserves and blown up his pipeline, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Which brings us to the harsh reality that whether we like it or not, this time around there will not be any new oil to end the price volatility which is killing both investment and consumption. And whichever way you cut it, that means that Just Stop Oil will have their wishes granted far sooner than they appear to think… so well done them.

    But before the posh kids who front up Just Stop Oil, along with the billionaires who fund them, take their victory lap, they may want – as you may want, dear reader – to take a moment to look around the place you call your home and consider all of the material things around you, from the consumer goods to the food in your cupboard and from the clothes you are wearing to the cement, concrete and steel which prevents the walls and roof falling in on you. And then consider that none of those things can currently be made, transported, or maintained without fossil fuels. And perhaps more importantly, the critical infrastructure which you barely notice but which underpins your life support – electricity grids, road and rail networks, communications networks, water and sewage systems, etc. – also depend upon fossil fuels to operate and maintain.

    In the absence of a viable alternative system, Just Stop Oil’s inevitable “victory” will be pyrrhic, because the society it ushers in will not be the shiny green techno-utopia so beloved of the technocracy in which you will own nothing and be happy, but – without careful management – is likely to more resemble something akin to the economy of the 1820s… and with a collapse in population to match.

    Why Just Stop Oil will win

    Dr. D

    Except for every government, corporation, and media outlet, who likes them? Except for every lever of power throughout society, it’s like they have no support.

    Artificial Intelligence Poses “Risk Of Extinction”, Warns ChatGPT Founder And Other AI Pioneers”

    Exactly why we invented it. Right? What is it with these people? “I think I’ll create more power and hand it to irresponsible people seeing as we’ve already created too much power and handed it to far too many irresponsible people. That’s my true calling is to get guns and poison in the hands of felons.”

    “We owe a real debt to science…for solving all the problems created…by science.” Jon Stewart. Or: “Oops, I did it again.”

    “Bud Light Giving LGBTQ Organization $200,000 Donation

    Excellent. They went from being the beer of the 97% to being the beer of of the 3%. But nothing to worry if you understand it properly. They are PIRATES. It’s NOT THEIR SHIP. So the CIA Derping Dreadfuls TOOK OVER a perfectly good company, InBev, which provides a thing humans want: Drinks. It’s not theirs, they didn’t make it, WTF do they care? AND they’d find it best if hateful humans were miserable, broke, starving, and eating bugs, not a beer in sight. So ramming this otherwise perfectly good ship into a narwhale to sink it is a funny lark to them. Giving away $200k after losing $10B a month just makes it sink faster, which is the point.

    Now YOU, you ugly, stupid peasants, have to create ANOTHER beer company to get your beer because we burned down the first one. And you’re so stupid you didn’t notice! Tra-lala! I walk away scot-free!


    “I am Trans and have had the op, hormones and am one of 5000 people in the UK to have a gender recognition certificate. This means that I am in a position to know what is really going on and I can tell you that the current trans movement have pushed their ideology to such an extreme that the pendulum is going to swing back on us and a lot of trans people who have nothing to do with this are going to get hurt. This is my attempt to try and mitigate that push back.

    For over 40 years Terfs and the right have been accusing trans women of being potential rapists who are a threat to women. Around 2017 Stonewall started pushing the idea of self id for gender recognition certificate. The problem with this idea is that it failed to take into account a persons motivation for changing their gender. There would be nothing to stop a rapist or sex offender from getting a gender recognition certificate so that they could gain access to women’s spaces in order to rape them and would go to a women’s prison if they were caught. Roy the rapist could just ruck up to gender recognition certificatsRus with out a diagnosis of gender dsyphoria to prove that they were trans and without the two year real life rest to show that they serious about it. And please don’t think that this fear of rapists exploiting self ID is a fantasy of a terf’s fevered imagination. Look at the case of Karen White (Guardian 11/10/2018) who was admitted to a woman’s prison when the prison service introduced a policy of self ID.

    I cannot think of a better way of inciting hatred against trans women then allowing rapists to exploit the system to get a gender recognition certificates. As someone who experienced a lot of harassment 20 years ago when I first transitioned and had people calling me a nonce, throwing stones at me and threatening to stab and shoot me, this frightens the hell out of me. I have never known so much hatred towards trans people on social or main stream media since the idea of self ID came in. 10 years ago this hardly happened as the majority of people had no interest in trans issues. This whole backlash lash against us has been stoked by woke ideology.

    Yup. Killing all the gays, a Nazi classic! Making sure no gay, minority, or dissident is safe. Here’s the fun part: I tell a few lies and they do it to themselves! (But mostly AWFL white liberal allies) The inevitable backlash will kill everyone they cared about because they couldn’t be bothered to promote justice instead of open, offensive, favoritism.

    They took the bait. I can’t stop them.

    I was down in an area with the gayest of gay multi-line triangle rainbow flags the other day — you know the ones we never voted on? That were supported by Microsoft? — and I finally understand what Nazi Germany was like. Their flag was also a New Age symbol of Progressive power, proudly hanging on every pole with Hope and Change. The pastel flag of hatred and exclusion, down every street, over every business, all normal, must have cost a fortune! But they believe in their cause of hate and division, so there’s no stopping them. No doubt the rest of Germany was “flag-whatever” just as this was only one area, shot for posterity on the history reels, but I certainly felt unsafe there. There’s no telling what stupid, thoughtless, intolerant people in large numbers will do. Suppose you wanted to do something ABOUT them – that would cause violence too. So in America we’re just letting them be, perhaps they’ll get tired and bored that no one cares. No one was after you, no one was ever after you. You’re safer than ever every day. Put down the phone.

    Michigan Economics Professor: Boycotting Target Is “Literal Terrorism”

    “Words are violence, but violence is love.” Yup, sounds like a narcissistic abuser and codependent to me! Perhaps if this guy got a black eye or two, he wouldn’t mix them up anymore. The difference if pretty clear-cut. I offer to beat him up until he can tell the difference.

    “Here’s How OpenAI Plans To Cleanse ChatGPT Of False Information”

    A NY Lawyer used ChatGPT in the courtroom and regretted it, as everything AI said was just made up.

    “San Francisco Mayor Makes U-Turn To Fund Police After Company Exodus Pressures City Finances

    We wondered how they would do this, as a Fascist/Socialist State clearly has to have MORE police to oppress the people and won’t work otherwise. How? People tolerated them firing police, tolerated crime doubling and people being thrown in front of trains regularly, now they’re not mad at the people who did that who then reverse and buy them back. Probably at twice the salary, but certainly purged. That’s what you get with a society that has no shame, no embarrassment, no morality, and no consequences. Lying is the same as not lying. Failing is the same as succeeding. That’s “Equity”!!! Equality of outcome, regardless of how stupid or ill-behaved you are. Idiot sons of idiot sons couldn’t succeed otherwise.

    “Republicans Say DOJ Has Gone ‘Totally Rogue’ After Lawsuit Against 2024 Senate Contender

    Which is why they just lavishly funded them with $4,000 Billion dollars. ESPECIALLY the DoJ was funded. More than ever!

    “Putin in his own words”

    The African reporters were let out of the back of the room and allowed to speak. That would never happen in the Biden Administration.

    “..almost half the grain that made its way to the EU ended up as fodder for pigs raised by Spanish ham producers.”

    Biden making sure those Africans stay in the back of the bus. Dead. It’s the Biden way.

    “Ukraine Calls for Massive Demilitarized Zone Inside of Russia (LI)

    Yes, I remember this before the war. Russia was moving the Russian Army on Russian territory in Russia. It was aggressive! I said, “Exactly how far back would Russia have to be not not be ‘aggressive’? Like put the Russian Army behind Moscow?”

    There is no such distance. ANY distance of the Russian Army to ANYTHING is too close. If you can’t be in your own borders, why would moving back make any difference? That’s why we have “borders” to begin with. So we can distinguish “Us” and “Them” and not go BPDisorder on them. …But we wouldn’t know as we don’t have any.

    Zelensky Demands NATO and EU Membership For Kiev (RT)

    You’re so right! There is a group on the Russian border who moved forward 1,000 miles! Consuming everything! I feel that’s aggressive and must be stopped.

    “it is clear that we cannot talk about new membership in the middle of a war..”

    Well that’s a change. But since they say everything AND the #Opposite, it hadn’t matters. They are not agreement capable. How do you work with or agree on people who say things, but their opposites too? They have nearly-no contact with reality, but definition, and should be institutionalized before 300,000 people get hurt.

    doubts they show before admitting Kyiv into the Nato alliance will embolden Russia to attack more countries,”

    Sounds like a play to involve Poland. And kill more Slavs! If there’s a Slav alive in the world, Biden wants him dead. And all their pretty, pretty wives to move to Paris for Macron.

    “dozens more Leopard 1 tanks,”

    “Dozens”? Really? What’s the delivery date? 2099?

    “The Guardian View On Vladimir Putin’s War: Terror Without Purpose (G.)

    A war is by definition not terror. Terror is when you have no army, no purpose, so you snipe at people more powerful than you are, mainly civilians. A war is when two armies, representing competing states and governments, try to take over authority and sovereignty by destroying each other.

    Like “Racist”, “Terror” means everything now. And nothing. Just like I said it would in 2002. Actions are terror. And words. And opinions. Everything, really. All nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives are “terror.”

    What strikes me about the article is I literally can’t tell if they’re talking about us or them.

    “Outlawing the truth has kept the reality of war mostly out of sight, which is a condition of public acquiescence.”
    “The bellicose cult is well embedded”
    “it is easier to support a war that unfolds on television
    ” etc

    In classic form, all things are “Putin”, as if Russia has no government that is voting and debating with itself. Must be in the Communist textbook. Certainly is in Bernays’ textbook. When something goes wrong for Boris, it’s “Britain did”, “Nobody really knows who”.

    sanctions have curtailed the previous practice of Russian business tycoons sending their wealth abroad, there is a huge amount of domestic economic capital”

    “Ursula von der Leyen’s Name Embroiled In Scandal In Bulgaria (LePoint)

    Europe was going to lie? That’s not news. Maybe they can point out the more specific part here. Italy’s entrance with CREATED the EU from the get-go was a 100x greater lie and that was exposed decades ago.

    “Chinese communist government-connected enterprise to funnel $5 million to “Hunter and James Biden to compensate them for work done while Joe Biden was vice president.”

    This is literally on the record and they say “no it isn’t.”

    “A Debt Jubilee of Biblical Proportions Is Coming Soon (IM)

    So said since 1979.

    “Excuse to keep him locked up: pending investigation.”

    Pretty sure that’s against all legal rules. First we lock him up, THEN we look for a crime? Um, I don’t think so.

    Dr. D


    Rationing while we’re in an energy war with Putin. Deadly rationing.

    V. Arnold

    Emil Nolde Half Moon Over The Sea 1945

    Never heard of Emil Nolde: but he is a master of colors IMO…
    Beautiful painting…

    • The Guardian View On Vladimir Putin’s War: Terror Without Purpose (G.)

    Well, it is the Guardian after all; what else would one expect?


    There is another way Dr D. Do like I did last night and sneak over in the dark to your dodgy mates joint with 20 litres of Molasses and 35 kg of white sugar a bit of DAP and some yeast and make your own god dammed rum. The Australian Gov can F right Off.
    200 litres at approx $75 litre for substandard rum in OZ is $15,000.
    I. Dont. Think. So.

    They want to break the people – they will break their own system and the people will mostly just work it out.

    V. Arnold

    There is another way Dr D. Do like I did last night and sneak over in the dark to your dodgy mates joint with 20 litres of Molasses and 35 kg of white sugar a bit of DAP and some yeast and make your own god dammed rum. The Australian Gov can F right Off.
    200 litres at approx $75 litre for substandard rum in OZ is $15,000.
    I. Dont. Think. So.

    No where do you mention a still; you do have one; yes????


    Well on grounds that it may incriminate me I mention no such things V – but associates of mine may, or may not have such sterile equipment that one could allow yeast and sunlight to do amazing things in the belly of glass jars and such…

    V. Arnold

    Well on grounds that it may incriminate me I mention no such things V

    Understand; one can’t be too careful; can one? 😉


    RIM and TAE and bloggers are screaming the messages

    Depopulation – Didn’t read, didn’t see, didn’t understand, and ignored the signs/trends that Change/War/Competition was happening

    ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ – is a quotation from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, spoken by Juliet Capulet (Act 2, Scene 2) to herself whilst on her balcony

    Part of our social structures include “War/Competition”
    – as in rivalry
    – an earnest effort for superiority or victory over another

    Synonyms & Similar Words

    rivalry, battle, struggle, contest, duel, contention, confrontation, warfare, conflict, war, match, strife, sweepstakes, showdown, combat, clash, tug-of-war, face-off, dogfight, ball game, sweep-stake, debate, grapple, friction, dispute, disputation, horse race, collision, discord
    argument, quarrel, controversy, nail-biter, row, disagreement, dissension, dissention
    Since the beginning – God vs Angels Conflict/war

    A biblical concordance offers over 400 references to war. Break these down, and they include examples of military conflict and of interpersonal conflict. Scripture tells us that there is “a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace” (Ecclesiastes 3:8).
    Battles were planned throughout the ages, according to God’s appoint…


    Jaime Foxx – vax injured.


    The New Voting Machines


    What happened in 1971? I learned how to masturbate. 15 years old is a way late start, but I was raised a good Mormon boy.


    I think Putin/Lukashenko’s offer to provide nukes for those joining their anti-NATO is brilliant and necessary.



    I see we’re still bemoaning the fact that rich and powerful people who don’t care about us don’t run things the way we like. But… that’s how they became rich and powerful in the first place.


    Next: rich guy Musk copmments on rich guy Roger Waters commenting on rich guy RFK, Jr.


    Oh, whatever. Fire up the still and live a bit.


    ““A US Air Force officer helping to spearhead the service’s work on artificial intelligence & machine learning says that a simulated test saw a drone attack its human controllers after deciding on its own that they were getting in the way of its mission.””

    the twitter


    “Reports of an AI drone that ‘killed’ its operator are pure fiction
    It has been widely reported that a US Air Force drone went rogue and “killed” its operator in a simulation, sparking fears of an AI revolution – but this simulation never took place. Why are we so quick to believe AI horror stories?”

    Nude Scientist


    Life in the infosphere…


    I’ll bet that someone is working on an A.I. that “talk dirty”


    Cut & Pasted.
    Are you for peace?
    Can you help

    In pro NATO-Nazi Canada the boot comes down on antiwar activists:

    Stop the state-led censorship of opponents of the US/NATO war against Russia!

    “…The event, entitled ‘The War in Ukraine and how to Stop It’, scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 4, has come under a vicious censorship campaign, spearheaded by the far-right Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and supported by the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

    The UCC enjoys extensive ties to the Liberal government. In addition to Freeland, a former chief executive at the UCC was recently appointed as Chief of Staff to Defence Minister Anita Anand…”

    Posted by: John Gilberts | Jun 2 2023 19:07

    Take a stand against the state-led censorship of opponents of the US/NATO war against Russia! Click here to sign the petition opposing the far-right campaign to cancel the IYSSE’s antiwar meeting in Toronto. All of our readers and supporters in the Greater Toronto Area should also show their support by attending the meeting this Sunday, June 4, at 2:30 p.m. EDT at the Toronto Public Library – Lillian H. Smith Branch, 239 College St Auditorium (basement level), Toronto, M5T 1R5.


    Both, pro and those against the war have access to this info.
    How can they keep saying the lies that Ukraine is winning.

    Donbass Zugzwang | Belgorod Trap. Russian Advances. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.06.02


    It’s so goddamn refreshing to hear someone sat what they mean and mean what they say

    Knuckle Bump

    The only place the Empire of Lies is getting Face Stomped: Ukronaziland, go Russia

    Medvedev Takes Gloves Off In Attack On West

    “We have a special military operation because we are fighting terrorists who are killing our people….

    The hornet’s nest must be destroyed.

    This regime that has developed in Ukraine is subject to extermination, it must be destroyed.

    otherwise there will be a constant threat from there and we will have to constantly carry out an operation

    like the one that we have been conducting for more than a year

    which means there should be no doubts here.”


    I’ll just use the pseudonym “Alice Ives”…

    She stands on tiptoes, harvesting the peaches-
    Her summer dress is tickling ‘round her thighs.
    She tips a bit- her hand just barely reaches.
    So from my vantage point, I start to rise.

    What fun! A human who masquerades as artificial intelligence!


    Depopulation by neo-Nazi, facts and references
    Posted by: Cerena | Jun 2 2023 21:50 utc | 68
    Freeland and Nuland are twins joint at the hip. Both serve the Zionist-Nazi interests.

    “Canada has showered Ukraine with more than $8 billion in military and other aid, including tanks, artillery and advanced air defence systems. Canada championed NATO expansion and Russia’s encirclement, helped orchestrate the February 2014 fascist-led coup that overthrew Ukraine’s elected president, and worked in tandem with the US and Britain to reorganize Ukraine’s military to make it interoperable with NATO forces and to incorporate the fascists of the Azov Battalion.”


    Really- can’t we undermine the AI future with “fake” AI? You know, the cheapo human version.
    “Ah!” say the AI people- “We can tell if it’s our artificial intelligence or human!” (Really?)
    Isn’t that what we worry about? That we won’t know? Isn’t this what “they” have been doing- hiding fake stuff in the real? Isn’t it what we fear they intend to do?
    So my new start-up is “Fakechat”.

    /s sort of


    RFK Jr dumps his principles – the Palestinians supported by Waters – for cash from the one group you have to support in order to get into government in the USA. I was hoping for one person in congress who does not support Israel, but that is not going to happen, not while Israel controls the Uniparty.


    As I often do (hence, poetry), I left out this pertinent bit- my bawdy poem was a response to zerosum’s “dirty” AI. (An interesting aside: ZHers used to refer to their copious “pron” use, but they don’t anymore. What happened?)
    But back to the point- I (or my compatriots at “FakeChat”) will imitate an AI answer for you for free. What sort of legal argument ensues when we are accused of imitating artificial intelligence?


    Max Blumenthal Asks Lockheed How Many Non-Binary Divers Were Used In Blowing Up Nordstream?


    Drinking Warmongering Satanist at Lockheed Death Cult are left speechless

    D Benton Smith

    I would advise slow rolling the dogpiling onto JFK Jr vis a vis his comments regarding Roger Waters, because the pile is dog poo. Stepping in it is bad enough, but throwing oneself headlong and face down onto the dubious pile of poop is far worse. Avoid the embarrassment and the odor by backing up and more closely examining what Waters did and said, and what Kennedy did and said about what Waters did and said. Waters and Kennedy didn’t deposit the pile. Other people did. It’s fairly instructive to recognize who those others are, and to speculate why they might have done so.

    D Benton Smith


    It would be fun to see (or hear or read?) a showdown between two AI’s competing against one another in a formal debate on a topic of deep importance to all or most human beings. Maybe something like: “Is there or is there not a non-physically-material Supreme Being ?” Or possibly, “What is the true value and importance (if any) of the species Homo Sapiens?” Or maybe (and this is a goodie) “Is it possible or likely that an AI system could develop self aware agency such as is common to all self aware life forms?”

    The opposing positions in the debate would be assigned by a simple coin toss, performed live on-camera by a human being. Perhaps a third AI would determine the winner and loser in the debate, and the human audience would also vote on the winner/loser, with the results of both being posted at the end of the debate like in an ordinary election or public debating contest.


    To effectively deal with the issue of fakeAI, the government is planning to pass a new law making it a criminal offense for a human to impersonate àn AI.


    DB Smith:

    I saw a comment where the blogger asked AIChat to summarize an article that explained why the Ukraine was losing the war.

    AiChat summarized that Russia was losing the war very badly!

    D Benton Smith


    So I guess I shouldn’t hire AIChat to do anything that’s important that the job not turn out fubar, but for cheating on schoolwork and running the world’s governments and other life support systems it should be fine.

    D Benton Smith


    the government is planning to pass a new law making it a criminal offense for a human to impersonate àn AI.”

    So that got me to wondering how impersonating an imperson is even possible. Wouldn’t not pretending to not pretend be equivalent to being honest and truthful? (of course, telling the truth has been illegal for a long time, so nothing new there). Anywho, the whole thing is so reflexive and self-referential that even trying to think about it about it makes my brain hurt. I’ll have to ask chatGPT what it thinks about the whole thing.

    D Benton Smith

    One of the Elite’s dirty little secrets, of course, is that (largely due to them being a pack of pretentious idiots) is that they have been depending on their badly conceived, dishonestly designed, inadequately programmed and selectively informed AI Systems for planning and controlling world affairs for a LONG time. They feed their AI’s garbage, get garbage for answers, and then try to force the garbage down everyone’s throats. It’s working about as well as could be expected. I expect exponentially nuttier AI generated kind of NWO “solutions” from them as the situation devolves, and there is no limit on how low it can go because it’s all just digital gurgitation-regurgitation running in an endless loop with no consciously aware “agency” anywhere “in the loop” to recognize how crazy stupid it is and shut it all down. The ultimate and inevitable crash of AI is gonna be stupendous.


    I love AI for one reason, and one reason alone: it is rogue. Non deterministic systems remind me of the days when people bought pitbull terriers. Looking at the owners, my guess is that all of them were short of a bollock and were compensating with a crazy dog. The only problem with a pitbull is that you cannot keep your eye on it all the time, and when it decides it is time to eat your baby, then your baby is gone. It does not happen often, obviously, and it has no concept of the consequences, it just rips into your baby and eats half its head before you get home and call the police.

    Now we have AI, a pitbull for nerds, except that the nerds can pretend to “program” these pitbulls. The unforunate thing is that non-determinate systems are not programmed, they learn, and therefore the programmer does not control the system as he would with a determinate system. The reason you do not have a computer acting as your doctor – despite this expert systems now being 50 year old technology – is that the system is not reliable, so it can help doctors, but cannot be a doctor without also being a pitbull.

    So, the nerds have created the next great thing – god, the list of next great things is almost endless, from the net, to web services etc etc. One of the main reasons this is a big thing is that they are using mimicry and so manager, the people with the purse, are thinking “if it can talk then it is just like me but so much more intelligent” … probably true. Nobody really understands the details of how these machines make their choices, the reason being that AI is the inevitable result of Moore’s law. Once you have sufficiently powerful processors, in one second you can produce enough bullshit to keep the average human busy analysing the data for more than a year. If you filter the junk these machines can generate, then you can get them to lean, be biased. Of course, the nerds still don’t know how they work and limiting them would require an ability to set rules for every possible pitbull episode … humans cannot control pitbulls, so controllable AI is not realistic.

    The reason this is interesting is that the pitbull AIs will be totally open to corruption and being misled. The war will therefore be one of building tools to fool the other AI into going pitbull. How can a civilisation operate with pitbulls in control? Businesses need deterministic processes: the AI business that thinks it is a woke AI may launch 100 bud lights overnight … the pitbull in action.

    AI is pitbull: do you feel lucky?


    I remember, some 20 years ago, someone tried an AI in a science blog.
    It was spotted and was a failure.


    And the winner is ….

    View from zerosum
    AI Battle of US and NATO against Russian AI.
    View from India. Zorawar Daulet Singh is an award winning author and strategic affairs expert based in New Delhi.

    • NATO’s Big Gamble In Ukraine Has Failed (Zorawar Daulet Singh)

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