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    Rembrandt van Rijn The artist’s son Titus 1657   • Will A Russian Kherson Exit Create The Right ‘Facts On The Ground’? (Snider) • The Pullout Fro
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    V. Arnold

    Rembrandt van Rijn The artist’s son Titus 1657

    Fascinating history of Rembrandt and his son Titus…all new to me…
    Thanks Ilargi…


    Viral video of the moon rising in the North Pole is computer generated, gave me a thrill though


    Only in Canada? this at the convoy inquiry use of the emergencies act.


    #fyp #freedom #trudeaumustgo

    ♬ original sound – MDPLK

    Dr. D

    I realize today that the “Elite Inbreds” situation is truly appalling, but look at it from their point of view: Every day they must get up and work with us. They can never escape us. Because all and every bit of their power can and does only come FROM us. So no matter what they do, no matter how much they hate, despise, and belittle us, tomorrow for them they are only down in the mire, in a pigsty with us deplorable vermin all over again, another day having to manipulate, convince, direct, control, and murder us all over again. Covered with s–t and not gods at all. A Sisyphean state for all eternity.

    And why not? All they need to break free is to forego “Power Over”, and let us be. Find their own power in themselves and cooperation instead of from us.

    So if you wonder why they seethe with immortal hatred for all things, all life, themselves, from morning to night, this is why. It’s not enviable, totally just and deserved by every instant, and couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. What tiny men, and morons.

    Okay, everyone distracted with nonsense, elections that don’t matter and battles that don’t change anything, here’s the real battle: China just ran a multi-month beta test outside the SWIFT system. Guess what? Nothing happened. No war. NATO too busy losing all their equipment to a bunch of reindeer herders. Who did they test with? Saudi Arabia, among others. No war, no coup, not even an useless attempt on MBS.

    So bye-bye London and that 3rd world s—thole of the former United States, a place so primitive it can’t build a proper bus station.

    Cutting out banks and their colonial ways is following Musk and Dorsey setting up an alternate banking method.

    But these things take time.

    Speaking of Finance, rumor has it (probably just fact as it’s on their public statements) that FTX bought and owned a ton of Tether. Tether is a complete scam, perhaps historically epic scam even in a world of universal fraud. They list $60B in USD assets and probably own zero. It was so brazen, they added like $10B a month at one point with zero market effect. They have never been audited, nor indicate where, which bank, said dollars would be held in. An old shoebox by the fridge, I guess.

    Anyway, so if Tether is exposed as the completely, hilariously, epic, transparent, obvious, world-wide fraud it is, it should crack the entire Crypto market and all the exchanges. …And Crypto traders love it! Yay! We love unaudited, privately held, non-transparent frauds! That’s what Satoshi dreamed of and what Bitcoin is all about!

    Anyway, like Mt Gox, the bankruptcy could dump all their Tether in settlement, or else hand it to a bad guy who THEN dumps it all in market attack. Because market rigging: sure fire path to billions in profits. Totally illegal on every level, but when there’s no policemen, no markets, and no rule of law, there are only scams and suckers. The money is real when it lands in their account.

    Did student loans influence American voting? I don’t think so. Immoral people appreciate it, but immoral people as our kids are also feel no gratitude or loyalty, but mere mercantilism in a gift they don’t have to pay, so therefore don’t. …Then it was immediately made illegal, a day after the election, of course.

    But we’ll never know what they thought since we haven’t had an honest vote in decades. The machines are all on open wifi, and you can download kiddie scripts to hack, listen, and adjust them. …But only wide open to any 13 year-old since 2000. I think they demonstrated this in hearings before Congress as far back as the 90s. Congress said “We LOVE it; tell us more!” Hopefully we’ll see some of that vote-traffic come out in public soon.

    And AZ can count millions of votes in 24 hours but it takes 6 days to count 400k? Of COURSE it does. And with videos of Hobbs down in the counting rooms, yelling at people. Um, what are you doing in those rooms, ma’am? Shouldn’t you be preventing even the APPEARANCE of tampering? N O P E. It’s not tampering when we do it.


    I reckon Trump is done if Desantis runs. A lot of folk will vote fror Desantis but not for Trump , they want to move on. Trump tried to humiliate Desantis already but it backfired. Lotsa big money for Desantis from the finance crowd , they want him because he is one of them. He may pushback on some of the social issues but essentially he is a status quo man.
    What humiliation , what a debacle , even I a former Russia supporter is embarrassed for them., Russia’s most popular military news portal, published a scathing op-ed about the decision to abandon the city:

    So, Kherson is finished.

    The city is being handed over without a single shot being fired, and it was not even handed over today, but a little earlier, when an organized withdrawal of all comers began.

    We have repeated Gostomel, Bucha, and Krasny Liman—only on a somewhat larger scale. 115,000 Kherson residents (data from the Ministry of Defense) became refugees, having lost everything: housing, work, property, prospects. […]

    Now for several days we will listen to a stream of completely shameless propaganda, the purpose of which is to justify what happened. […]

    But our shameless propagandists will justify anything. They’ve been paid. And they’ve already started to explain that Kherson was not needed at all and stuff like that.

    The world’s second-largest army continues its heroic flight … But that’s not the point. The main thing is that a subject of the Russian Federation has been abandoned. […]

    The bottom line is that today Russia is losing the remnants of self-confidence of the so-called “Russian world.”

    And so on. The commentary ends with an appeal to the Kremlin:

    The Russian government, which conducts the special military operation so splendidly, needs to understand the main thing that it (they) stubbornly refuses to understand: what they call the SMO is an ordinary war for the rest of the world … it’s time to start [really] fighting. […]

    I can go on and on about what Russia should be doing besides the stupid destruction of its citizens.

    Russia’s leadership must put aside its “business interests” and conduct a “real war,” the op-ed implores.
    That about sums it up, retreating inside their own brand new border. If the Ukys look like blowing the dam , which I doubt , why does not the second strongest military in the world STOP THEM?

    Another chosen one robbing the people blind. This was rampant in Germany in the thirties, that’s why they looked for a solution. Now however they have got it all sown up , now now , that would be antisemitic of me to say that and there are LAWS against that , meanwhile laughing to the bank.

    let the non-dualists eat cake!


    Redneck said

    I reckon Trump is done if Desantis runs.

    DeSantis is the Democrat nominee for the GOP ticket. MSM are going wild promoting him, as are the usual comment bots in places like ZH. The election fiddlers obviously wanted DeSantis to come out on top in order to sabotage Trump, the same way as in 2024 they will be adding GOP votes in order to make the election appear to have enough voters to be legitimate … very unlikely that the Trump supporters will vote in huge numbers in 2024 … the one lesson from this election is that it is a waste of time, other means need to be found.

    Having said that, a lot of the Trump candidates were complete tools, I cannot see such a lame team taking the reins. Also, the election was held on guns and abortion – are these the only policies allowed in US elections? – and nobody considered what had happened over the last 2 years …. it is not that long ago … can you remember? Covid, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, police accosting people they didn’t like the look of (ooops, that always happens), all the tax-payer money going to Ukraine, Democrat murder of carbon fuels, Democrat murder of the food industry etc. No, you had forgotten? No wonder the USA does not discuss these subjects, the election is about abortions and guns. Democracy, even Hitler would prefer it to the authoritarianism of the fascist or communist or corporatist variety. The American people are so simple it again reminds me of the cat and the laser dot …. what to do eh? Who cares other that those who insist on living there?


    Redneck said

    I can go on and on about what Russia should be doing besides the stupid destruction of its citizens.

    I have a sewer near my home, I don’t need your input. Of course, as we all know, you have no idea about commanding an army, military strategy, military tactics, military supply, any of the tricks used to get the enemy to destroy itself, and so on, so you are not in a position to judge the Russian military movements. BUT, you do hate Russia so you are entitled to spew your bile onto TAE. Good health, we will read any old shite you post.


    Amazon is now a joke, you go through their pages and most stuff is out of stock. I cannot believe it is because of supply issues, it looks as though they are deliberately trying to suffocate the market. Very interesting from an external to USA point of view; a bit annoying if you are a USA citizen that has come to depend on these people. An alterntative is, they are shipping anything you want, which is why the lack of supply to Amazon appears to be a fake. AliExpress and AliBaba are still shipping everywhere, maybe Amazon just forgot to order stuff?


    Unmarried Democrat woman … purple hair, 200 lbs, a ton of BLM and Antifa tatoos, breasts round her ankles, legs like tree stumps, telling you to wear a mask, telling you to get a shot, telling you to join the company LGBT club, telling you that she is as fit as any normalweight person, telling you to recognise her pronouns, telling you that she has sex with her trans brother because they are family, telling you that she and her trans brother sleep with the dog (monkey pox) etc. What’s not to like?



    Mister Roboto

    I am inclined to agree with Gonzalo Lira about the mid-term election. And that means that I also realize that Trump was cheated out of what would have been a very narrow victory in 2020, my personal disdain for the man notwithstanding.


    Mothers are being attacked, 3 ways, to get their kids vaccinated
    But it’s the sheer volume and influx of children with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), influenza, COVID and other infections that’s overwhelming hospitals. Some seasonal bugs, particularly RSV, are showing up earlier, and in higher numbers than they normally do.
    (Seniors, in care homes, are all vaccinated and no longer used by the propaganda machines.)

    My personal experience with the flue this week

    day 1. normal drippy nose increased to constant drip. Isolating.
    day 2. sore throat, tested negative for covid, increase vit D to 5,000 (5 capsules), Zinc 50
    day 3. more of the same, producing phlegm. Added nasal spray to reduce dripping and sore throat and added melatonin to help sleeping. Another negative test for covid.
    day 4. symptoms are reduced. Still using the medication treatment.
    day 5. symptoms still reducing. Continuing same treatment. So far, lungs are not affected.
    The Pullout From Kherson
    Ukrainian move into the area should be responded to with effective artillery fire.
    (Surely, the coordinate locations are all on a GPS map to guide artillery barrages)
    The concept of deep battle and deep operations should be reapplied.
    (Armchair generals should read the manual)
    Russian Military Strategy: Core Tenets and Operational Concepts
    Michael Kofman, Anya Fink, Dmitry Gorenburg, Mary Chesnut, Jeffrey Edmonds, and Julian Waller
    With contributions by Kasey Stricklin and Samuel Bendett

    But the big push does not need to be solely militarily.
    A further significant damage of Ukraine’s economy via its electricity network is an additional option.
    To severely interdict/destroy its military supply lines from the west is another option.
    Europeans pay twice three time:
    1. billions for “True Solidarity”, (operating Uke budget)
    2. double energy prices
    3. support for millions of refugees

    • Energy Bills In Europe Are 90% Higher Than Last Year (OP)


    [..] of all people, Leon Trotsky writing in, (War – In the International 1933) – opined … ‘’That prior to WW2

    Somebody help me with the math here?

    Dr D Rich

    Scoglio might be right, but he’s engaged in a few techniques worthy of the very best Con-men, Used-car salesman and propagandist. I mean, didn’t your eyes instantly glaze over when he/she (hat tip to Dr. Day) referenced mass/weight of tiny things without providing the reader a frame of reference?

    So, Scoglio”s “negative theory” on spike replication should hold up against all invaders.

    How then would Scoglio explain any of the following?

    1. Obligate intracellular organisms: reproduce within host cells think Francisella tularensis

    2. HIV and its target host the CD4 cell (slim disease might ring a bell)

    3. HZV residing in the Trigeminal ganglion

    4. Prions are self-replicating proteins associated with diseases such as Mad cow


    mRNA “Vaccines” Causing Cells To Produce Spike Proteins Is A Fairy Tale (OffG)

    Did the study that showed mRNA reverse transcribing into DNA in liver cells check by looking for generic antibodies? I would think they used some other method to determine DNA reverse transcription.

    So if mRNA can’t get in there and if it can it can’t do anything, how does it also get in there and reverse transcribe into DNA?


    I realize today that the “Elite Inbreds” situation is truly appalling, but look at it from their point of view: Every day they must get up and work with us. They can never escape us. Because all and every bit of their power can and does only come FROM us. So no matter what they do, no matter how much they hate, despise, and belittle us, tomorrow for them they are only down in the mire, in a pigsty with us deplorable vermin all over again, another day having to manipulate, convince, direct, control, and murder us all over again. Covered with s–t and not gods at all. A Sisyphean state for all eternity.

    Back when I worked for a ginormous corporation that eventually fired me for not taking a shot that doesn’t vaccinate, there was a recurring pattern.

    I’d be put in a job position, trained, given my responsibilities, metrics/deliverables to meet etc. …and then find that for some essential parts of the task, I had to stop and ask someone else’s permission. Always someone else’s permission who had less knowledge of the situation and of the job.

    Sometimes everything had to go to some faceless locationless backoffice group who clearly had a quota to meet. They were allowed to reply with clarifying questions. If we didn’t reply to questions within a certain time period, they could close out the request with no work done. Therefore there were ALWAYS questions, regardless of how detailed, concise, and complete the request was. Because it’s easier to ask a question that was already answered than do an hour’s worth of work.

    Or it would go to a supervisor. These requests were relatively easy because of daily interaction with that person, prior experience at our level, etc. But it still took time to compose the request, have a conversation explaining the request, wait for them to get out of a meeting, not be having a day off, etc.

    When TPTB realized the sups were making rational, reasonably quick, confident decisions, they’d push the decision back another step. We would need to email the sup with a written request. The sup could then send a written request to some faceless locationless person elsewhere asking permission. We couldn’t ask those people directly. We had to ask a sup to ask them. For core tasks within our own job. For all I know, those backoffice people had to ask yet someone else for permission. In some cases, I verified they DID.

    Basically, whenever TPTB realized someone was sizing up the situation for themselves, deciding what would be right, and then doing it …they simply could not stand it.

    Their coping method was that someone ELSE would decide. But as soon as they realized someone ELSE was sizing up the situation for themselves, deciding what would be right, and then doing it they’d freak out all over again and push the decision-making power to yet some other entity.

    They simply cannot stand that process existing in just ….some PERSON out there, just having the NERVE to DO it – size it up, decide what’s right, do it.

    They seem psychologically relieved when it appears to them that no one can do this. But of course, that’s exactly what they NEED from everyone in their company. And they’re always trying to stop it.

    With the advent of semi-sophisticated algorithms, they were absolutely jubilant. FINALLY they could have NOBODY making decisions. They developed a algo based web tool that we were all supposed to consult and obey. C-suite people were on announcement videos sent company-wide saying things like:

    “It’s AI!!! It’s AI!!!”


    “Trust The Robot!”

    They really truly thought they would be free of us while still able to use us.

    But all the same things were in play as ever in a bureaucracy. They are the ones directing the programming of the “AI Robot.” They are the ones measuring and deciding what to measure. They are the ones living in the toxic soup of clueless maniuplative middle managers and project managers THEY selected advising them on what to measure, how to measure, what the “data” means, and what orders to give via “robot”

    They really, sincerely seemed to think an algo meant they’d never have to let another human being act on their own perceptions and judgment again. I’m not sure I ever saw upper mgt happier.

    But of course, one of the first rules you learn as a worker- DON’T inform management about the job except for existing problems you want solved (which they will not solve anyway) NEVER tell them what you do that WORKS. If you tell them you are doing rational things yourself, they will have a heart attack and put a stop to it ASAP. Workers protectively guard the vital information from the algo-users. We won’t tell you what’s vital and we sure won’t help you decide how to figure out what is vital.

    Occasionally there’d be some process that would be causing endless grief for workers and customers, cost to the company. We’d tell management for 6 months, a year, no change.

    I discovered if I found myself, in a meeting, training, or something where a middle manager was, there was another method available for fixing problems. If I worked it into conversation somehow that this problem was an ADVANTAGE to workers, if I put on a snide, smug face and voice, made out purely by TONE that we were getting away with something (getting away with accomplishing some task within the job as opposed to doing something bad!!!), that I thought I was clever knowing it…. within 2 hours of getting out of the meeting, there’d be a department wide, caps, boldface email putting an end to the hated process.

    They were so stupid. If they had asked me ANYTHING about the problem, I’d have had to admit I had no details proving it was something we were getting away with or benefiting from. My act would have fallen apart at the touch of a feather. But they would never, ever ask. They would witness my smug, shitty aren’t-I-clever act and just move to stomp on it via email asap. So dumb. The same manager that wouldn’t fix the issue for a year would fix it in 2 hours if I played on their compulsive dread.

    This was a consistent 20 year experience while process document owners, managers, VP’s, CEO’s, company names changed. Somewhere in the culture of the company, the bureaucracy, there was kind of a standing wave, a continuous thing no matter who came and went.

    Just mind your own business and let us get things done. But that’s what they cannot stand.

    D Benton Smith

    Pretty much all of the “factual” information that we more or les try to think with comes to us 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (etc. ad infinitum) hand and only roughly translated into our inadequate language. That includes the information we more or less objectively try to use to verify whether the other received info is true or not.

    Combined with our human propensity for a myriad of errors this makes it pretty hard to get much of anything right, especially if we depend wholly upon “thinking” to get us there.

    Tossing a coin would probably work better.

    The Markster

    The CTH piece on ballots vs. votes is the only thing that makes sense. Even here in Oregon they passed a law last year that says ballots can be valid if postmarked on election day, whereas before they had to be received on election day. Gives them another week to massage the numbers.

    I am not the only one who sees this, either – it was the subject of conversation with a diverse group of five people in the chiropractor lobby yesterday, all five nodding in agreement. I think the DNC- Team Obama goal all along has been to dial up the brazen thuggery and thievery to the point of inciting a violent reaction from the people, so they can fund and deploy their “domestic terrorism” armies. It’s what they do overseas with the color revolutions, so why not do it at home?

    Years ago an uncle said that mail-in balloting in Oregon meant we would never elect a Republican governor again. Everybody laughed at the time, but turns out he was 100% correct.

    Not my President.
    Not my Congress.
    Not my Governor.
    Not my state legislature.


    The Kherson withdrawal is a little confusing.

    Russia has a LOT of big rivers running generally north-south so that any east-west combat movement forward OR back has to take all those big rivers into account. The USSR dealt with this QUITE a bit in WW2. Establishment of bridgeheads for advances, logistics running across rivers were THE feature of the war in the east after Kursk. For years and thousands of miles. River after river after river.

    But we’re being told the withdrawal is because of the river presenting logistical difficulties along with danger from the dam.

    –They don’t have the bridging capabilities prepared to fight inside their own country, even?
    –They didn’t drain the dam down over a month or more so that a flood cannot happen?
    –A massive bridgehead like Kherson is extremely valuable militarily.
    –Isn’t the evacuated area supposed to be part of Russia now? Declare it is Russia and then leave it?

    I’ve been scratching my head as to what Russia actually is up to this whole time. But I guess that’s the point.



    Europeans pay twice three time:
    1. billions for “True Solidarity”, (operating Uke budget)
    2. double energy prices
    3. support for millions of refugees

    3: True enough. Europe may be completely overrun this winter. Maybe Erdogan can release a few million more on top of Ukraine just for the fun of it.



    So if mRNA can’t get in there and if it can it can’t do anything, how does it also get in there and reverse transcribe into DNA?

    I am wondering that too, and many other angles. Where’s Doc Robinson when you need him?

    Dr. D

    Out on a limb for Kherson. Anyone want to take up the issue that Ukraine will blow the dam if anyone gets in there? A human rights crime? They’ve been shelling it for weeks?

    Okay, Russia moves across, with a huge plain in front and a river crossing in the back. They should just lazily do this? What’s the solution? General Armageddon said “he would make uncomfortable choices”. Withdrawing would seem to fit that bill. We’ve seen him non-stop, and perhaps even ham-fistedly attempt to feint the Ukrainians – actually, why bother? – Feint the Brits and Americans into attacking at points of his choosing, aka “A Trap”. They have not jumped at them, but Kherson is the biggest wounded bird they’ve ever flapped. How can London ignore it? They MUST have it to make a mess of Crimea, but as it’s a Steppe on a river bridge, instead or Russia, London and the Poles would be in the artillery fire and dam floodplain. And this is a Russian defeat? At the same time, Putin isn’t taking a political hit for it, despite the wounded bird routine.

    Wait: unless you BELIEVED what reporters, the news media said. They said it? Russian news, which is known to be the most Western infiltrated or influenced of any body in Russia? And you took what they said seriously? How’s this: “They said it, therefore it is a lie.” That better?

    Russia is fighting A Land War in Asia. I don’t know how many times I have to say this. You do not use Kentucky rules, or Melbourne rules, who basically never fought a war. Russia has a tactic, had it for 1,000 years, and it always works so why change it? You trade men for territory. Because there is so much territory, the land is worthless. However, Slavs are few, and the front line is huge.

    Over time, almost a year now, Russia instantly, constantly withdraws to cede territory in exchange for men. They lost so much doing this, they now own ¼ of the country! Oh noes! Because with “A Land War in Asia”, there’s nothing out there. Just open plains. They only thing stopping any movement is 1) the other army 2) rivers. Once the army has no men, Russia can go wherever they like.

    If Russia loses no men, because they trade land to save men, they can fight this for 500 years. Ukraine is doing the opposite: trading battalions to gain cow pasture. #Winning!

    Am I crazy here? What is the single Russian defense measure? That they have enormous territory between them and the idiots in the West who like attacking Russia and losing. That’s why they keep Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine in front of them, and exactly why NATO wanted to encroach all these countries and remove this safety. …While, as we just admitted, change to first-strike nuclear protocol.

    Surely Russia would NEVER trade territory for men, always R E T R E A T before an advancing army? That would be LOSING, wouldn’t it?

    History Lesson: Russia RETREATED East of MOSCOW for Napoleon. Napoleon had the entire empty city of Moscow for his leisure. It was sacked freely, Russia gave no defense. Yay Leon! Did they lose then? How was Napoleon doing? Do they speak French in St. Petersburg now?

    No. The combined Western army of Napoleon, the entire combined forces of Europe minus Britain CEASED TO EXIST. That settled anyone going to war for a while and they didn’t try anything so stupid with Moscow for 100 years after.

    If you have a Land War in Asia, trade Men for Land. Land is utterly worthless without the men, and Slavic men are precious and few. Russia agrees and is behind Putin on this move. They can only DREAM that London will be so idiotic and suicidal as to move their army into Kherson, where Russia can shell them at will from far across the river. If I can shell them, but they can’t advance and stop me, is that losing? How, exactly?

    What would I do, retreating, getting my hyperventilating 5th column Russian Press to lose their minds at home? Like this: Ukraine moves forward. They have success, the shelling is not so bad! Surovikin amasses forces out of range but can’t cross the river. Russia is losing! All expected. Then because of the maneuvers and feints of two big armies, Surovikin is able to ACTUALLY amass an army without Ukraine “noticing” – a thing he could not do right now. This army is amassed to the north, above the dams, perhaps by Zap, floods through, and not only can’t be stopped, it therefore cuts off the now-amassed London army from Kiev and their supplies out of Poland. Depending on the men tied up, they reach Odessa from the center of the country, not the south. Either quickly — or more likely, eventually.

    …For just one scenario. But you understand they can’t amass 300,000 Russians at Kherson without 1) Proving exactly what their plan is and 2) having the army be shot up more or less constantly as they attempt to trickle across the river…WHILE Ukraine definitely drops a dam on them. Was that your war plan and idea? Of what they should do, are required to do according to Anglos sitting safely 10,000 miles away? ‘Cause it sure ain’t mine. And apparently not General Surovikin’s either.

    It’s just plain stupid. Russia is 10x Ukraine’s size. Spoiler alert: Russia wins. So should they be reckless, put half an army in harm’s way just because they’re annoyed, impatient and English bloggers tell them to? No. Get them the h– out of harm’s way, and keep on reducing home casualties, every day.

    If only our Anglo armies would do the same. But this is Biden’s Slavic genocide, after all. Why help London by killing your own Slavs?


    From article about Greece, top post,,

    According to the Labor Institute of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (INE/GSEE), since April this year, the minimum wage has lost 19% of its purchasing power. In 2022, when inflation is hovering at around 10%, the losses are greater for the lowest incomes, reaching 40% for households with a monthly income of up to 750 euros. Note this too: In the first half of this year, Greek natural gas providers had the second highest profit margin in Europe.

    (…) The answer is because competition doesn’t work in Greece. Instead, we have the “market of cronies,” where easy and big money is made.

    In 2008-9 the Debt Crisis in Greece exploded.

    The main event was the F + D banks had to be saved as they made super imprudent loans, etc. and Austerity, selling off National holdings, was imposed, on Greece, by the EU, that is Germany, first of all, the IMF, others, leading to dire poverty for some.

    E.g. parents who put their children in an orphanage to take them out in the w-end for at least a day with family 🙁

    Curiously, all thru this crisis, no mention was made of:

    The Orthodox Church who owns *a lot* of land, pays no taxes, had, has, its fucntionaries, ‘priests’ paid by the State (link just an ex. top of goog.) About the land, I tried to find out, but Greece had no official public land registry. After 2008, some European countries contributed money to create it. CH paid a lot to that (as it was a politically neutral issue) but Idk what happened in the end, nothing I guess.

    The shipping industry also paid, pays, no tax, thru foreign ‘registered’ schemes, special tax deals. Complicated, OK.

    Greece also was, is, a big military spender in Europe (per capita comparison) because of fear of Turkey. The spending funds outside powers, arms producers. (Though it has sunk since 2000 about – still – where does this money go, for what?)

    Other – I won’t go into now.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Combined with our human propensity for a myriad of errors this makes it pretty hard to get much of anything right, especially if we depend wholly upon “thinking” to get us there. Tossing a coin would probably work better.”

    I hear ya, DBS. It is disheartening to realize that the odds are stacked against us when it comes to ferreting out the truth. Not only are we mentally challenged, we also possess so many character defects, vanity and fearfulness being just two examples, any one of which can lead us astray. When they all assert their influence together reality is warped beyond recognition.

    The problem I see with the “coin toss” approach is that it removes the burden of choice from the man whose development requires that he do the additional mental work needed to tip the scales in one direction or the other. This, I believe, is when growth occurs: when circumstances stretch us past our current limits. Also, as we regularly exercise abilities such as self-control, honesty, proportionality, perspective, and fine tuning, even higher faculties that are still dormant begin to awaken.

    I know you are aware of all this, and that your coin toss statement was meant as sarcasm, but I needed to think it through for myself in order to see how relying on chance could hinder one’s development.


    The Pullout From Kherson

    Productive people/elements were evacuated and resettled elsewhere.
    Kherson is a white elephant that will keeps consuming vital resources.
    It’s going to be a white winter in Kherson.
    If Russia wants the Uke to give up Kherson they can cut off electricity, water, sewage, and attack supply lines, and infrastructures.

    Everything is on a GPS map that cheap WWII dumb artillery can destroy.

    John Day

    This part is wrong in the OffGuardian story about mRNA “vaccine” products not actually leading to human cellular production of spike-protein:

    “But alas, the ribonuclease enzymes are also inside the cell, they are called endocellular ribonucleases, and they would dispose very quickly of the minuscule amount of mRNA.”

    The mRNA in the “vaccine” products is modified to be “undigestible” by these RNA-consuming enzymes. It’s like driving railroad spikes into a redwood-tree to break the chain-saw.
    It was supposedly the case that nobody knew how long it would take this protected-mRNA to eventually break down. Last year 6:6 people who had been “vaccinated” with Pfizer and Moderna products,
    6 months after their second dose, all had circulating spike protein in blood samples. This stuck in my head at the time, summer 2021.
    Sorry I don’t have the link i think it was on Dr. Malone’s prior blog. It was Dr. Malone’s lab. Some distrust him. He’s sure not getting rich or popular for what he’s doing these days.
    I think he’s principled.

    John Day

    Sorry Doc Robinson is not at the meting today. I’ll fill in some more. (My impression is that the writer of the OffGuardian article has classroom experience, but not lab experience.)

    An unsupported assumption, which does not actually contribute to the argument. If 50% of the lipid-encapsulated mRNA is destroyed, that means nothing but a dose-adjustment in the initial injection.

    “As soon as the genic material is injected, it is attacked by specific enzymes called extra-cellular ribonucleases, which degrade any foreign genetic material. Pharmaceutical companies claim that the lipid nanoparticles are supposed to protect the mRNA from the enzymatic attack: But nobody knows how much protection is offered.”

    This next statement is incorrect in 2 ways:
    1) There is no “blend” of lipids and mRNA. There is modified-mRNA discretely inside of something like gel-caps., the lipid micelle.
    2) “Endocytosis” is not quite the process at work. What happens is the lipid membrane around the protected-mRNA fuses with the cell membrane and allows the protected-mRNA to transit through a created passage into the cytoplasm of the cell.
    Endocytosis is different. The cell membrane pouches inwardly around some object, and closes again, resealing itself. The object is now enclosed within a bubble of cell-membrane within the cell. The object is not free in the cytoplasm

    “At this point, the mRNA/lipids blend has to enter the cell, supposedly through endocytosis, i.e. the cell is forming an external pouch that brings in the material. But, the researchers state, often instead of endocytosis the cell produces exocytosis, that is the pouch is used to keep the foreign material outside: Let’s say that half enters and so we now have 7.5 micrograms inside the cell.”

    This statement is also wrong, also because the protected-mRNA is “protected” from enzymatic degradation, one of the first problems the researchers had to address in making their “products”,

    “At this point enters the endosomes/lysosome system: all scientists in the field know that this enzymatic endocellular system attacks, degrades and eliminate at least 98 percent of any foreign material entering the cells.”


    wtf is it with de-personing celebrated doctors, forcing state employees to inject or lose their job etc in November 2022? We’ve known for over a year and a half they are dangerous, worse than ineffective, and still experimental. Nobody even knows what’s in them, really.

    Is it me or does the impulse to continue to inject come off, almost as like an unreasoning, irrational lust for reproduction? Like the Xenomorphs in the Alien franchise?

    One starts to think in terms of science fiction

    Strategic Interests — we’re on the cusp of waging war based on microbiology, nanotechnology, and drone swarms. Worse yet, you can end up being in such a war and not know for sure who is waging it on you. Everybody is deploying their primitive nanotech to be ready for the new microbiology/nanotech war, hopefully a cold war. Possibly such a war is underway and the weird behavior of different countries reflects that?

    Masters Of The Universe Want To Live Forever — Powerful parties are aging and almost out of time. Only way to get to longevity or immortality is a crash program running MANY simultaneous experiments on billions of humans.

    Aliens — See Vernor Vinge’s A Deepness in the Sky. Aliens have lurked in our solar system until we acquired sophisticated enough wireless and internet technology. They’ve studied us to figure out what #%^s us up the most. Individuals, societies, nations, etc. Having fully owned our networks, computers, money systems, political systems, etc, they’re ready to have us destroy ourselves. Or like Rendevous With Rama, we’re going to build the stuff that assembles the aliens for them while getting rid of ourselves. Because, over light years, it’s easier to transport blueprints than to transport life forms. Maybe even inside ourselves.

    Aliens 2 — Only wackos would visit us. They could do any number of better things with the necessary resources. They could just send a spy satellite to sit there in stealth relaying them the entire internet if they want to know about us, no need to discuss anything. Only, sadly, something like religious missionaries would want to actually show up. If you see all the craziness in society lately as Alien religious missionaries, horrified and disgusted at human nature and determined to help us and correct us, it actually kinda fits.

    AI and TransHumanism — The coming AI tech makes TPTB think they don’t need a bunch of people around anymore. And maybe they did something stupid to themselves too soon with kluge cutting edge tech like some sort of technological or genetic mental augmentation, mind upload, or something else they convinced themselves would be awesome but made them into stupid reptile insect jerks. I suppose a foolish deal with transdimensional demons, clockwork elves, an uncontrolled AI etc would work there too.

    just riffing here for fun. I was just thinking about how, a couple months ago, some of the discussion shifted from What Are They Doing to Who Are They to …. WHAT tf Are They.


    Also: what zerosum said about Kherson. Russia can take it if they want any time. Right now it’s a handy place to gather Ukraine combatants into a nice little cauldron for slaughter, a word that was fashionable a few months ago, iirc.


    That Dude also said that “The root of all evil is the love of money.” I agree, with the caveat that this is only made possible by having these big brains that can abstractly reason and declare that 25 cents or $25 are the same things as a cup of coffee. Our delusionary belief in our Knowledge of Good and Evil is what waters that root.

    Love It to Death

    One needn’t hate all life, especially cute bunnies under legal age, in order to be fully corrupted by one’s addiction to manna from Mammon. Everyone’s doing it, but most of them do it passively: toil for dollars then exchange them for products that almost invariably require wholesale slaughter of life, including human, typically while said life suffers much before being granted euthanasia. TPTB aren’t killing and destroying on their own. We are. I submit that our current fetish for notions like Mass Formation Hypnosis ( a very old and ho-hum truth, imo) is partly because such notions help us offset our sense of guilt for being part of the most rapacious generation of a species since the strobolites killed themselves by shitting oxygen (poison to them) all over the planet.

    But it’s so much more relieving to throw stones. I get that. Knock yourself out. There are some serious jackasses in positions of great power. But I cannot find it in me to blame .01% of humanity for humanity’s impact on itself and the planet. It’s too much like blaming my shit for stinking.

    If only someone would buymy sorry ass. Save me from this place. Or at least this beautiful morning “and put it in a box for me.”


    Strangeness as an ongoing musical theme:

    Strange Land


    “So if you wonder why they seethe with immortal hatred for all things, all life, themselves, from morning to night, this is why. ”

    I don’t wonder why because I adamantly don’t believe this. We touched before, briefly, on the concept of finger-pointing blame. Above is an example. It is a preparation to burn the witches, whether they be witches or not, whether burning witches does any good or not.

    It’s merely a projection of pain onto others. Among many many negative consequences of this is that it tends to blind oneself to one’s personal contributions to Terran miseries. We all know what That Dude said about… oh, let’s just quote: “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

    I think we all qualify as hypocrites, so let’s cast that aside.

    (btw, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” is very poetically aopt, since ‘sin’ originally was an archery term for ‘missed the target’; those without sin would be able to bean that alleged adulteress smack on her dead-head with one throw, while it seems to have otherwise required a whole gang of stoner-tossers to kill the accused. I find it a fascinating overlap. A third layer would be to compare this to military group violence: most of the killing is done by a few. Most deliberately miss*. Modern evaluations discerned this phenomenon and began, around the Nam War, to seriously desensitize conscripts from their natural horror of killing a total stranger just because some jerk in a uniform said so. Even so, nothing gets the job done like a real droid or a human impersonation thereof. Apparently socio/psycho-paths are without sin? I smell truth in that notion, because absence of conscience, not to mention absence of a sense of genuine self, equates to an absence of sin: if you aren’t aiming you can’t miss.)

    read it about that here*

    As this guy sang:

    Only a misdirected dart
    At an unprotected heart
    I’m sure it happens every day
    Just a passing interlude
    A fresh face to change the mood
    I’ll find my feet again you say

    What rock I had you rolled
    What rock I had you rolled away

    But I live as best I can
    Meet the uninhabited man
    Please read the sign and walk away
    What an old dry shell I am
    The uninhabited man
    I’ll find my feet again you say
    No doubt they’ll pull me down
    No doubt they’ll pull me down someday

    Who’s been sleeping in my bed
    Who’s been sleeping in my bed

    Who’s been sitting in my chair
    Who’s been licking in my bowl
    Who’s been sleeping in my bed

    A romantic ruin am I
    Funny how I catch the eye
    The vacuum slowly sucks you in
    I’m left no skill, no art
    To meet you heart to heart
    You’ll find no me beneath the skin
    And if there’s no me then there’s no
    And if there’s no me then there’s no sin

    Who’s been sleeping in my bed
    Who’s been sleeping in my bed

    And who’s been sitting in my chair
    Who’s been licking in my bowl
    Who’s been sleeping in my bed



    The above sequence posted in reverse order due to meddling bots.

    Dr. D

    Yes, but I take it for granted that when I say “They” do this, that “We” do it to. As we are all human. The point is for “us” not to become “them”.

    If you can identify an evil, don’t become it. Leave it to them. 😉


    One of the key components of successful military campaigns is that very few people know what is planned and how what is planned will be put into action.

    Other key components include concealing where military personnel and equipment actually are and giving the impression they are somewhere else. Having a fake army erected somewhere you are not going to use as an attack point is also useful. the fake army needs a fake commander and fake communications to be ‘realistic’.

    From the TAE text today: ‘The Russian command decided to remove its troops in the Kherson region from the left bank of the Dnieper’

    Depending on who one listens to, the left bank of the river is either on the northwest side of the section of river in question or it is on the southeast side of the section of river in question.

    Some say the designation of left bank or right bank is according to the direction the water flows. So the left bank is the southeast side.

    Others do not follow this ‘rule’.


    You’re supposed to be.

    There is a rather famous river that runs through London.

    The Parliament buildings are on the north bank.

    That is the right bank if you are travelling up the Thames and the left bank if you are travelling down the Thames.

    I think I have up and down correctly assigned.

    But maybe sailing down the river means going against the natural water flow.

    The lower reaches of the Thames are tidal, of course, so the direction of water flow can change.

    Anyone thinking of blowing up the parliament buildings had better work out where they are before attempting to organise anything: clue -there is a large tower adjacent, which is commonly called Big Ben but actually isn’t Big Ben; that’s the name of the bell; the tower is St Stephen’s Tower, I believe.

    But what would I know?

    Well, I do know that everything NATOstan governments say and do and promote is fake, fraudulent and unsustainable.


    an even less obvious problem with the energy cost of energy… it rises over time. That is, while a large, land-based oil field may first gush huge volumes of pressurised oil and gas to the surface, over time the pressure falls. To counter this, oil companies pump water, and later carbon dioxide, into the field. And as the field depletes, they will turn to so-called “enhanced oil recovery” techniques such as pumping detergents into the field in order to break up the last sticky residues. This keeps production up… but at an ever-greater energy cost.

    This is where the technocracy’s real woes begin because there is roughly a four-decade gap between an oil deposit being discovered and output reaching a peak. And the peak of world oil deposit discovery came more than half a century ago, in 1964. On that basis, we might expect that world oil production would have occurred sometime around 2004. And to some extent this was borne out, insofar as the peak of conventional oil production came in 2005 and led directly to the financial crisis in 2008 and the depression which has persisted ever since. If – as is increasingly obvious – we add fracking and melting tar sands to the enhanced oil recovery column, then it becomes clear that what the oil industry has been engaged in is a very expensive effort to keep production levels up. And that effort began to falter at the end of 2018… production is around five million barrels a day less in 2022 than it was in 2019.

    Some of this, of course, is the technocracy’s own doing. The use of ESG investment rules, together with governments implementing fossil fuel bans, has made further investment in oil recovery and refining far less worthwhile. Indeed, oil companies are better served generating shortages in order to keep prices up rather than producing more to bolster the fading economies which depend upon them. It might be that, with massive investment and a Herculean effort, 2019 levels of production might be maintained for a few more years. Nevertheless, the thermodynamic and geological drag means that there are going to be millions fewer energy slaves to maintain our economies with each passing year.

    This is the slaves’ revolt which the technocracy cannot defeat. Not least because all of the mechanisms deployed to keep we mere mortal peasants in line depend upon a degree of economic complexity which cannot be sustained without an ever-growing supply of cheap energy. As a rapidly de-industrialising Europe – including the UK – is discovering, the “green energy revolution” is only a good idea so long as nobody tries to do it for real.

    What future though, your CBDC, your metaverse and your self-driving electric cars when the energy which makes them work is no longer available?

    The irony in all of this is that, by their own description, the technocracy are “the educated class” – the second generation of Michael Young’s meritocracy, who pulled the ladder up behind them and became a self-perpetuating class for themselves. They went to all of the right private schools and universities, where they obtained the correct qualifications and credits prior to their parents funding their obligatory one-year internship. And yet for all of their self-identified cleverness, they missed the simplicity of the third law of thermodynamics:

    “… that a system’s entropy approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero.”

    Or, to put it in terms that even an economist might grasp, all energetic systems – including industrial economies – eventually burn themselves out. Ours is no different.

    The slaves’ revolt the elites can’t defeat


    @aspnaz #120742 ‘We will read any old shite you post’

    Well some of us wont! Not so long ago you mentioned how you skim over posts made by ‘idiots’, so why not just ignore them? You don’t need to step on dog shit to know it should be avoided!

    We continue to appreciate your perspectives. The Stefano Scoglio article you posted yesterday (#120658) was food for much discussion on a long walk. We’ve been following the work of Dr Sam Bailey here in Hobbitland, also mentioned in the article, and it does make some sense. Thanks Raul for reposting on today’s selection. So how about it, @JohnDay? Pull it to bits for us with an open mind. Could it be important? Could even be a game changer? Both Scoglio and Maria Gutschi in Germ’s post yesterday (#120659) ask the same question: why has the spike protein not been properly isolated and positively identified in the blood? Because it does not exist outside of labs? Is there a lack of common sense and critical thinking re this issue? Spartacus also discusses this and the contents of the vials here:



    I gather that from what you are saying that:

    “We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us”

    Walt Kelly’s funny animal comic strip Pogo provided a surprising, but effective, setting for his incisive political satire.

    During the War of 1812, the United States Navy defeated the British Navy in the Battle of Lake Erie. Master Commandant Oliver Perry wrote to Major General William Henry Harrison, “We have met the enemy and they are ours.”
    Kelly’s parody of this famous battle report perfectly summarizes mankind’s tendency to create our own problems. In this case, we have only ourselves to blame for the pollution and destruction of our environment.

    Kelly coined the phrase for an anti-pollution Earth Day poster in 1970 and used it again in a special comic strip created for Earth Day 1971. The saying caught the collective imagination of the public and is still used today.

    Caption: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”
    Walt Kelly

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