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    Vincent van Gogh Peasant burning weeds 1883   • Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna Rake In $1,000 Per Second From Covid-19 Vaccine (RT) • Pfizer Strikes D
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    “Go Get Your Cookie!” ™

    “MTV reality star Jagnoor Aneja dead at 40 after heart attack as confused pal says he was ‘perfectly healthy’”

    “… friends describing him as “healthy” at the time of his sudden collapse.”

    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Peasant burning weeds 1883

    So excellent…on every level…
    The composition awes…
    The subject inspires…
    The mood is serene…

    V. Arnold

    Filothei Skitzi 21,600 Covid Minutes 2021

    I very much like her work…I can not say that I understand it, but I really like it never the less…


    Rough day people. No more coffee or lunch snacks for me.
    Day one of being an untouchable. Need me one of those Star of David tags. We now have the vax pass and ALL the businesses are enforcing it based on fear of litigation or fines from the government. I went hungry as I didn’t know it started today and was in a small town 20 kms from my place. The owner of the place I garden would not let me shit in her house.
    “Do the work and I will pay you (till I don’t have to I guess) but find another toilet as this house is coved safe”. Cafes no, bakery no, hardware no. I literally had to illegally break in to an abandoned railroad workers toilet to unburden myself.
    untermensch doesn’t deserve a capital letter.
    But hey, I’m a nobody – may as well embrace it.

    Dr. D

    “Austrian Police Patrol Shops, Highways Hunting for the Unvaxx’d”

    Desperately hunting for a shooting war they can understand and put down. Everything’s a nail. The people are not taking them up on it and overwhelmingly winning the moral high ground. It’s infuriating, but it only takes a tiny push after you do that.

    Russia has managed to secure the largest share in Iran’s huge Chalous gas discovery,

    Plenty of gas, oil, and energy. They’re just not giving it to you. There’s a “Shortage.” Of honest people.
    There’s a “Shortage”. Of compassion. We’re going to kill all the poor people. The rural people. In our goal of making the world a wealthy hunting preserve for Elon, Epstein, and the girls. Cue the Yellow Vests.

    “Coal Demand Booms Under Biden As Prices Hit 2009 Levels”

    Windmills are Making Coal Great Again.

    “Regime Appears to Largely Shut Down Planned Protests, Intimidates & Detains Activists”

    Irony is the article is about Cuba, not the United States. Biden was there when the most whistleblowers were prosecuted in the history of governance. Whistleblowers still popping up daily. I don’t know why they prosecute them when no one cares: “More People Died In Pfizer Vaccine Clinical Trial Than Reported (Berenson)”

    They should know by now it’s impossible to be discredited and there’s no such thing as consequences. Forever and ever, amen.

    “Today, I am here to talk about one of the most prescient economic concerns of the American people … and that is getting prices down, number one,” Biden stated. “Number two, making sure our stores are fully stocked. And number three, getting a lot of people back to work while tracking and tackling these two above challenges.

    Alrightee then. Biden and the Federal government say they are in charge of all prices, all economy, and all employment. So when the fail, like they’ve failed so far and are failing everywhere on everything now, I want to hear from them. Maybe you’ll reject Socialism, Central Planning, and a total-State now? (A: Nope. You’ll ask for more.)

    I didn’t think they’d be stupid enough to try price controls. But of course they are. “We must DO something.”Last time they tried the social revolution, repressive purges, killed everyone with helping and ended with empty shelves and complete disorder: French Revolution of Robespierre: “Hey shopkeepers, why is there no bread, no shoes, what are all these supply disruptions? How can we help?” All of France that works: “Laissez-Faire!” that is: “Leave us the F— alone and stop helping you criminal, boot-stomping morons!” …But they couldn’t. And everyone died until Napoleon, when in 6 months everything worked again. …And everyone was then subsequently killed, but for different reasons.

    But in this quote Joe has said they will NOT stop helping, and have declared war on markets everywhere. Against honesty and free pricing, wherever found. And therefore against employment and prosperity nationwide, if not worldwide, killing several hundred thousand people upcoming. Nice! #Helping! Helping so much! Helping so much that Covid was cured and unity and prosperity are breaking out all over. #Winning!

    So expect to go hungry and be killed in your bed shortly. As usual. We won’t have recovery until the single most dysfunctional system on planet earth stops injecting its sad, cruel dysfunction on everyone else.

    “Too many people remain unsettled about the economy, and we all know why,” Biden said. “They see higher prices. They go to the store or go online, they can’t find what they always want, and when they want it.”

    Bernie Sanders can now retire in glory: we are as free, prosperous, and functional as Cuba. And Whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy do we suddenly have high prices with shortages nationwide? Something about printing more money in the last 3 years than the previous 200? And handing 99% of it out to oligarchs and Party Members like the Soviet System on Speed?

    But that can’t be right: printing money leads to prosperity. We can have it all. There’s there’s no downside to printing money and handing it out so everyone is rich. It’s called MMT and I read it here on TAE with Keen and Co. Everyone that’s never done any work, politicians and economists alike, all agree this is true.

    “In short, that the costs of lockdown far outweighed the benefits.”

    Which is just what Herr Docktor said. The second week. As an ignoramus and bridge troll. So did Johnny NASCAR. So they’re both smarter than all experts combined. But I’ve got an idea: if every expert is proven wrong every day for 2 years, in all 200 countries, what we need is to do it MORE HARDER. The people who want to stop doing the thing that doesn’t work are the BAD guys. What we need to do is murder all the people want to do something else instead of what doesn’t, hasn’t, won’t, never has, worked.

    Instead made his documentary about a country where he could get access to Covid patients: China.”

    Should the joke be that China is more free and open than the U.S., or that work is actually allowed in China?

    “[He] couldn’t get access to a single hospital within 100 miles of NYC.”

    That’s okay, the residents of NY can’t get access to the hospitals either. Or not for under $10,000.

    “8 Dead, 100 Infected at Almost Fully Vaccinated Connecticut Nursing Home (NBC)”

    If only they’d had scabies instead of masks, they’d be alive today. Scabies! Saving the world one unit at a time.

    “Pfizer Strikes Deal For Generic Versions Of Covid Pill For World’s Poor (G.)”


    “Biden team has continued to urge businesses to follow the edict unconstitutionally ignore the rule of law regardless.” Fixed it.

    “Mayhem ensured.”

    Yes, and BLM in NYC also promised to “riot” and “Burn” which I * THINK * is a crime when any of us threaten it, much less do it. By hunting and shooting children in the streets. But some animals are more equal than others, I guess.

    However, I’m reluctant to believe this article, as what does “Activate” mean? Somebody said something was happening and the DoJ went to see if it was? Yes, the inferences and accusations are true, but this is not the vehicle to communicate it.

    It stinks to have to be the honest side, with honesty and good faith, but maybe it’ll work out someday. It’s really an expression of our inner nature and inner morals, and demonstrates that we are not after power, do not wish harm, or believe the worst of others in a quest for personal power. But the mentally ill cannot notice. That is what it is to be their version of mentally ill.


    I find the suicide of the German doctor sad and disheartening. I think it is likely due to the level of groupthink that seems to permeate their society at level that is hard for many to imagine. He implies this but also the need to be unified by courage, anger and a great heart. He must have found himself in a very dark and isolated place to take his life.

    Having worked on several projects with German engineers over the years, I thought this type of group think was unique to this subset. They were not used a more cavalier out of the box approach to problem solving.

    When they can’t reign you in they first go to work on your local management. Usually, my take on the matter was trusted. Even so, they then work towards bringing you over for re-education, “This is how we think you should do it.” Those were always 10:1 experiences. 10 of them, one of me.

    It’s a subtle kind of mind think that transpires, but it can leave you feeling a bit crazy and second guessing yourself. Not that it got to the point of taking my life, but I could see were being a raised in this culture could lead to the doctor taking his.

    Re-education for recalcitrant employees is on the horizon.

    Mister Roboto

    I know I’m committing the cardinal sin of giving a troll attention they don’t deserve, but I just think I should say that I have reached the point where I am certain that our troll almost certainly isn’t a bot. As bosc noted recently, a bot is programmed to get better at what they do. The troll is clearly a Twitter rando whose psychological state is steadily deteriorating. I have a hard time believing that there would be any utility in a bot presenting itself in such a manner. That is all I plan on having to say on the matter for quite a while.



    the bot got you to call it out, without provocation, twice in 3 days. Making fun of it is one thing; discussing the useless phenom seriously is another. Taking it seriously, even contemptuously, is a form of respect. Publicly granting it human status is like buying it hookers and coke.


    “what does “Activate” mean”

    For starters, giving them a budget with a directive.


    I needed that chuckle, thanks bosco.

    Mister Roboto

    You can get an idea where you stand as a (not a vaccine) skeptic against those that believe they actually got a vaccine.

    An ongoing research project tracking the public’s attitudes and experiences with COVID-19 vaccinations.

    KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor Dashboard

    absolute galore

    Yesterday’s meme, courtesy of Dr. D: My problem is, there doesn’t seem to be any possible action, no possible scandal, no example of deceit, no threshold of waste — even of multi-trillions – no level of oppression, no level of death – even their own – that can POSSIBLY discredit anyone. Or cause consequences. The laws of physics no longer exist. God is mocked. Nothing changes. Things always go on as before.

    James Kunstler’s pithy equivalent: Anything goes and nothing matters.

    Regarding the vaccination of my son, it did occur to me to suggest the under 12 vax for him as a final resort, and I have. But, aside from knowing whether that can be administered to a 12-year-old, I doubt his mother or his “doctor” would do anything other than administer the full shot. Makes sense, give a kid who weighs less than 100 pounds the same dosage as the right tackle for the Minnesota Vikings. Because you know, they did a lot of studies, and, like, The Science.

    Yes, NYS, while offering “joint” custody, designates a “custodial parent.” The father is generally considered a low life dirtbag deadbeat unless he has a really intimidating and expensive lawyer. Otherwise the mostly female family court judges as well as the system itself are heavily biased toward the mother. I guess payback is a bitch. Anyway, that’s the way it is, and when something like this comes up, she CYA and pretends to “consider” my point of view.

    After sending her a number of links to medical studies, as well as info about numerous countries putting a halt on the Pfizer vax for kids, etc. she replied:

    Thank you, I appreciate hearing your concerns. As a member of the national media I understand the bias and framing inherent in news and opinion articles.

    xx took an antibody test in July and he did not have any antibodies: this means he has not had Covid. I disagree there is zero chance of an unvaccinated xx getting seriously ill with Covid. Children 5-11 have been approved for vaccination in the last two weeks. I do not wish to wait three months through another winter to get him vaccinated.

    My final determination is to follow xx’s pediatrician’s advice, which is to have him vaccinated as soon as possible after his 12th birthday this week.

    This is the same pediatrician who assured us that she is very conservative, does not overprescribe antibiotics, etc. First time the ex took him with the flu virus, she prescribed him antibiotics. When I asked why, she said “prophylactic, just in case.”

    Also, she replied to my email, which had links to several medical article and reports, within 10 minutes. Obviously did not read a single one.

    I sent her a text and email this morning asking her to get him the under 12 dosage. My hopes are not high. (I even discussed this possibility with my son directly. He knows I disapprove of the vaccine for all but the vulnerable, and that I think masks are a joke. But I don’t talk about the potential adverse reactions, only about the known ineffectiveness of the vax and how silly it is. Obviously he is getting high doses of propaganda at his other home, but kids still have some resistance to it, and he’s smart enough to see the stupidity and pointlessness on some level. But I am careful to avoid making him anxious, and I have not been adamant in his presence about him getting vaccinated. What a crazy time it is.) I can’t even put him on a “vaccine recovery” protocol, since I only have him 3 days a week.

    Mister Roboto



    I wish you all the best. Hope that toilet remains available.

    Maybe the effects of that big demo in Melbourne will flow through, but how long will it take? How long will the insanity go on until someone, somewhere gets his Ceausescu moment on an equivalent balcony?

    And yet consider how many people in former Communist countries think that their lives were better pre 1989.

    Dr. D

    They are also violently against seeking a DOCTOR’S advice for Covid. Which is what Joe did, and why he took the drugs and cures that he did.

    We must listen to the DOCTORS, not the Doctors. Obviously. Why is this so hard to understand?

    Mr. House


    Oh yes. Listen to the DOCTORS. Especially, these DOCTORS:


    “Go Get Your Cookie!” ™

    Mr. House

    those darned kids

    i’ve come up with a good “are you vaxxed response?”

    A: “nope, and neither are you. hahahaha.” then walk away.


    Curcumin Inhibits In Vitro SARS-CoV-2 Infection In Vero E6 Cells through Multiple Antiviral Mechanisms”

    Eat your greens AND your Tumeric!


    Myth vs. reality in COVID Russia

    Myth vs. reality in COVID Russia

    Putin is on board with it all…


    Oxy as one mushroom head to another Noli illegetimates carborundum. Now what is the word on the street on cane toads?


    I suppose many here will remember this line: “Watch out for stobor.” R.A.Heinlein

    Furthermore, I think it’s wise to be careful that you aren’t also a form of stobor, albeit ‘alt-stobor’.


    abs galore: reasoning with a narcissist is like flailing in quicksand. You just sink deeper in their eyes and your heart.

    Strangely enough, while googling to find the verbal stochastics forecast guru that Herr Warner asked me about, I found this just a minute before reading your report on your wife, son, and vakzination:

    Awe Engages Your Vagus Nerve and Can Combat Narcissism

    It seems very unlikely that reasoning with your wife (individual narcissist) or most doctors (institutional narcissists*) will do anything but diminish their esteem of you.

    Fear is a form of awe, as in the Bible saying “Fear God.”

    I have told a person or three the following basic message: ‘I am prepared to do the (jail) time for doing the crime. Are you prepared for what I’ll do when I get out?’

    Of course, this only works if you truly mean it. A fictional Australian “toe-cutter” (based on a genuine Aussie toe-cutter) said this in my fave pre-911 William Gibson novel:

    ““No,” said Blackwell, “she won’t, because that would be a violation of the very personal terms I will have established in our conversation. That’s the key word here, Laney, ‘personal.’ ‘Up close, and.’ We will not meet, we will not carve out this deep and meaningful and bloody unforgettable episode of mutual face-time as representatives of our respective faceless corporations. Not at all. It’s one-on-one time for your Kathy and I, and it may well prove to be as intimate, and I may hope enlightening, as any she ever had. Because I will bring a new certainty into her life, and we all need certainties. They help build character. And I will leave your Kathy with the deepest possible conviction that if she crosses me, she will die-but only after she’s been made to desire that, absolutely.” And Black-well’s smile, then, giving Laney the full benefit of his dental prosthesis, was hideous. “Now how was it exactly you were supposed to contact her, to give her your decision?”
    ― William Gibson, Idoru”

    Not for everyone, and not for me until push comes to shove, whereupon it may well be for me as it has in the past (and kept me from a severe beating and worse), but it’s an ancient tested logic.

    Same guy, different topic:

    “[Slitscan’s audience] is best visualized as a vicious, lazy, profoundly ignorant, perpetually hungry organism craving the warm god-flesh of the anointed. Personally I like to imagine something the size of a baby hippo, the color of a week-old boiled potato, that lives by itself, in the dark, in a double-wide on the outskirts of Topeka. It’s covered with eyes and it sweats constantly. The sweat runs into those eyes and makes them sting. It has no mouth, Laney, no genitals, and can only express its mute extremes of murderous rage and infantile desire by changing the channels on a universal remote. Or by voting in presidential elections.”
    ― William Gibson, Idoru


    I’ll take Cole Porter over most heavy metal anyday! 🙂

    ‘(institutional narcissists*)’ Me wife has worked in medical administration for decades. Med admin is 90% about getting paid, and getting paid in the practices she’s worked for meant getting doctor authorization, something she often had to do becausre college-educated practitioners have to have it bludgeoned into their head to make proper chart notes to get a doctor’s ok by which said practices can be paid for providing often very expensive prostheses.

    Wayyyyyyyyyyyy back in the late 90s, she said, many times: “Doctors are all ego.”

    Egos run on fear and desire. Reason rarely applies if ever.

    If appealing to reason worked, we’d have a genuinely functioning republican democracy.

    money quote between 2:41 and 3:26

    You’re trying to screw me baby, take my advice…


    Old with a mouthfull of rotting teeth, I know tumeric works. Use it diligently (with coconut oil which also helps by “pulling” microbes from your teeth/gums), and my teeth rot slowly, quietly, peacefully. No toothache and much slower rate of decay.

    Obviously, anything that maintains and boosts the immune system is what works. Magic bullets rarely are magic, and when they do work, the side ffects, like those of magic, can be devastating.

    Law of Unintended Consequences


    Regarding the sins of financialization, Bill Blain’s ‘Morning Porridge’ contains this regarding Boeing: “At the end of this month a new book will be launched – Flying Blind: the 737 Max Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing, by Peter Robinson. Bloomberg carries a piece on it this morning: Boeing Built an Unsafe Plane, and Blamed the Pilots When it Crashed.”

    So, Rittenhouse brings a rifle to a riot and is charged with homicide…but the highly educated folks running Boeing (here’s looking at you, Dennis Muilenberg and your board of directors) can put an unsafe airplane out there, kill many, falsely place blame and still travel freely. I long ago expected charges to be brought against them abroad… of course they would never be prosecuted, but they might be forced to restrict their travel (unlike the Hauwei executive).

    On Covid, I had a chat with some strongly pro-vax friends last evening over beer. They were blaming the unvaxed and I gently gave them some details about Ireland, Gibralter, etc. “Something is really amiss, we are missing something here… when I make a diagnosis and fix something and the problem remains, I need to recognize that I mis-diagnosed the problem. That seems to be what we have here. Our actions are clearly not working and we need to step back and take a breath, not push harder down the wrong path”.

    A light bulb seems to have been lit.

    Collect the data, Fauci, and come clean. You tried yo cover it all up, but you failed.

    those darned kids

    oxy: doesn’t the garden need fertilizer? ;+]

    good luck, brother. i fear the buffoons who “run” my jurisdiction will soon impose the same nonsense here.


    Take this job and shove it.

    The 9.9% are the highly paid overseers for the elites who are boarding their escape pods that are stuffed with all the goodies that the 9.9% are striving to get.

    Cows must be milked every day.
    Milk is not getting to the processing plants.
    The farmers are forced to dump their milk.
    Consumers don’t understand why there is a shortage in the supply chain.


    deflacionista ( please note spelling) lose the hat with the unattractive stains on the brim and crown. It must be a lonely chore convincing these hippies. Come on side! We’re your friends.!


    Re ezlxa: “ And yet consider how many people in former Communist countries think that their lives were better pre 1989”

    Well, if the complaint was censorship, propaganda, intrusive intelligence agencies, over-controlling totalitarian government, large economic decisions made by small groups of people behind closed doors…are our so-called democracies really that much better? Ok, so on our ballots there are two choices, neither of which will do the will of the voter, rather than just one party apparatchik….

    It is foolishness to ignore the lived life experience of those who lived under both communist and democratic regimes in the same country. I’m not suggesting that Communism is better, but I am suggesting that as they both “really exist,” they both suck. (To borrow a term from my childhood.). If we want to improve our situation we have to do more than assume that we are living “in the best of all possible worlds.” It is foolishness to believe that there was nothing worthwhile about life under the USSR and former Soviet bloc countries — if instead we understand the differences and appreciate where that system functioned and ours does not, we might find some novel solutions moving forward by learning from both systems and thinking outside of the box.

    When folks refuse to study and understand communist countries and instead resort to mudslinging anyone who does, I am reminded of my upbringing in the Mormon church. I remember the existential fear I felt one sunny afternoon while walking home from high school. I was doing a thought experiment: “ what if my church isn’t ‘true’?” I was soon gripped with a fierce fear — but then, upon death of a family member, I might never be with that person ever again!! This was terrifying to my teenage soul, and I didn’t venture very far down that path again for 15 years.

    This is the same sort of petrifying fear that I see at play when many speak of communism. Yes, the USSR and China have spent a lot o& time attempting to apply socialism in an autocratic, totalitarian fashion. Anyone who thought that would ever work well is a fool.

    However, the idea that we can have any sort of functional democratic system when our economic system drives towards huge wealth disparity in that same society is also foolish. Large wealth disparities in societies leads towards societal destabilization, whether that society embraces democracy, republicanism, one-party Communist rule, capitalism, socialism, etc. Totalitarian regimes (whether politic or economic) are only tolerated when they are “benevolent”…and humanity is too disparate for any totalitarian regime to understand its citizens well enough to be “benevolent” to all.

    Doc Robinson

    @ absolute galore

    If you’re not going the mediation route (regarding future medical costs, etc.) and the vaxx is a done deal for your child, then this article makes the case for getting the 5-11 dose instead of waiting for the 12+ dose.

    The article says “a smaller dose does not mean it is less effective” and it causes “fewer side effects.”

    Should 11-Year-Olds Wait Until They Are 12 to Get a COVID-19 vaccine?

    A smaller dose does not mean it is less effective
    An FDA review showed that 2 doses of the 10 microgram dose had a 91 percent efficacy rate.

    “The trials found that in children aged 5-11, the lower dose (10 micrograms) produced similar levels of antibodies as the full dose in adults, caused fewer side effects, and provided high protection from COVID-19.”

    “[Scientists] found for 11-almost-12 year-olds the lower dose worked well. The dose is based on immune system maturity, and waiting a few weeks for the larger dose is not necessary,”

    “parents should be aware that their kids will have to get the same dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for both doses, meaning that if they turn 12 in the interim, they will not get an adult dose for the second shot.”


    @germ thank you for the wonder meme: “Go Get Your Cookie!” ™. I love it!

    The best way to overthrow tyrants and tyrannical processes are by mocking them.



    @ absolute galore
    My thoughts are with you and your son. You tread a path that I may yet be forced to follow.
    Don’t think that 3 days per week is insufficient to help your son. It is not. Tank him up with all of the goodies in the protocol to prevent adverse vax reactions. Some of them may be safe to give higher amounts while he is with you so that it stays in his system for 4 days. (I’m sure that’s the case with vitamin D, but research the rest.)

    I have a 5-2-2-5 arrangement with my kids. Every time my daughter came to my house she would then not be dosed with melatonin nightly and soon couldn’t fall asleep. This is how I found out that father’s home was dosing her with melatonin nightly. I had to choose: also give her melatonin, or simply be supportive as her body adjusted back to baseline every time she was with me five days. I chose the latter, deciding that supporting her in figuring out her own body rhythms was the best way to go — I didn’t want to support a lifestyle that relies on pharmacological sleep aids. If she can’t sleep I encourage her to read, to listen to soothing music, to keep the lights low in the evening, etc. Her father’s home switched to benedryl when melatonin ceased to work!

    ag — you make a difference. With children, you *always* make a difference.



    Aaron Rodgers flap: A disease so scary that you only throw for 300 yards in a football game, in lousy weather, after almost two weeks of not getting practice reps in after having it.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Interim data from ongoing trials [of Paxlovid] demonstrated an 89% reduction in the risk of Covid-19-related hospitalisation or death compared to a placebo, in non-hospitalised high-risk adults with Covid-19 within three days of symptom onset, said Pfizer.”

    89%… ok, ok, sounds good, “said Pfizer”, SCREEECH! Auto-erase!

    Sorry, I don’t pay any attention to people who continually tell lies. I may be a slow learner, but eventually I do catch on. It’s the same reason I don’t follow media news sources anymore. Even college textbooks today are mostly bullshit, having been captured by corporate interests. The more rabbit holes you explore, the more corruption and lies, lies, lies you find. So much falsehood, so much corruption, so little love. What will it take before people say, “Enough!”?

    Answer: More pain and suffering.

    Problem is, by the time a Bastille moment is finally reached, a goodly amount of anger and frustration has accumulated, looking for a target to unleash it upon. That’s when you see what a real purge looks like. Where no bunker is so deep or no island so remote that retribution’s hand can’t find it.


    Fauci Interview
    Hubris personified

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