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    Russell Lee Columbia Gardens outdoor amusement resort, Butte, Montana 1942 • US Debt Markets Shaken Amid More Corporate Downgrades And Defaults (WSJ)
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    Oh, piffle. Everything is just fine. Abe says so, and to prove it: :

    “Abe said he would carry out a productivity revolution to achieve the goal of increasing Japan’s GDP to 600 trillion yen or about 5 trillion dollars.

    “He said companies have been enjoying record profits and called for the private sector to invest actively and boldly in equipment, technology and human resources.
    He said it will be an investment in the future, and the government will ease regulations if needed.”

    Antarctica: run away?? Au contraire, run towards- new land opening up soon, on sale in just a few years. Coolest and highest ground left anywhere!

    More seriously: when you remove billions of tons from the top of a continent, what happens? We know, actually. It will float higher up on the mantel (already measured as going on) and in the process of rising, generate a few earthquakes, and push the various tectonic plates around. Tsunamis enough for everyone!


    “Children are stil drowning, Angela. That should be your priority, not borders or camps.”

    Maybe if children were not blown to bits in their own ME countries by Angela and Barrak and their allies, they might stop drowning?


    “Antarctic Ice Melts So Fast Whole Continent May Be At Risk By 2100 (Guardian) ”

    How does that article tie in with this data? (National Snow & Ice Data Center)

    The extent of the ice is moving around its average for the 1981-2010 period. I guess we will have to wait and see. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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