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    Jodi Graphics 2014 Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Greece had its spot in the limelight last year. It is now no longer famous. We have all moved on
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    The root cause of Greece’s problems is a fraudulent debt-money system where ordinary people have less money than is required to pay their debts. Ordinary people in Greece DON’T HAVE THE MONEY WITH WHICH TO PAY THEIR DEBTS.
    Nobody ever asks why… because they want to please their debt-money monopolist masters by not upsetting their debt-money fraud “apple cart.”
    That’s a deal with the devil… and fronting like one cares about the effects when one conceals the root cause of those effects is disingenuous. It is like virtue signalling by complaining about the last two lashes a slave master gave their slave without criticizing the system of slavery in the first instance.
    But, hey, people are rationalizers and not so rational, right? There are consequences to this dishonest approach.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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