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    Rene Magritte Memory 1948     Let me have another go at the shortest essay ever here. Explain the simplest thing ever in the universe. I see
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    You are preaching to the choir with this short essay. Even in Korea, which seems to have done a lot of things right, there is no clear message from the KCDC that people need to get their Vitamin D checked. But the population here is smart and well educated, so a lot of people have figured this out even without guidance from the government.

    I have been trying to figure out what standard of care is here. The answer I typically get: “If you have Covid, you go to the hospital.” So far, so good. “But what will they give me for treatment?” Blank stares. No idea. Only the doctors seem to know. Then an idea comes, and they say something like “There’s that new drug Remdesivir — the government bought millions of doses of that.” To which I respond: “Yeah, but that doesn’t work.” To which they say: “Yeah, I know. I don’t know why the government did that.”

    On zinc, that is a good idea too. But it does not work well unless you take it with a zinc ionophore (like quercetin or epigallocatechin gallate). Without the ionophone, the zinc cannot easily get into the cell to stop viral replication.

    On your masks comments a couple of days ago, Ilargi, I think you missed the mark. Even if masks don’t prevent people from getting infected, they still help. The key is viral load. Viral load in patients back in February and March was off the charts. That’s why so many people were dying. Viral load in most patients since then has been much lower, and the death rate has plummeted. Why the lower viral load? I have read at least three theories. First is that the virus has mutated to become weaker. Second is that people have been spending more time outdoors so their immune systems have been stronger. Third is that with social distancing and masks, people are exposed to fewer viral particles, so their bodies respond more effectively in the early stages of infection — and they can keep viral load under control.

    Masks might actually be functioning in a way analogous to a vaccine:

    I wonder what will happen to viral load in new patients as we come out of the sun to go back indoors this fall. This brings us back to the Vitamin D issue. I am very curious to see how this plays out.


    I agree that WE should be proactive in our quest to decrease our risk of COVID and am all for home remedies. Wellness is a personal choice. Most of us on that path are proactive and informed.

    Imagine governments educating their people directly + giving them the tools to take action (encouraging personal responsibility) vs. relying on restrictions/lockdowns and vaccine hopes? Who would BENEFIT? Who would lose? We all know they would never be allowed to implement such a plan in the USA. If they can’t be WINNERS – they quit. Nice try Ilargi!

    Since we can’t rely on them, we need to rely on one another. I am no doctor.

    If the “remedy” is to get more Vitamin D, the question is how? I think your recommendations should include the following in this order: 1) getting more exposure to the sun – uncovered, as the weather permits. This would also promote exercise which is good medicine. 2) using a whole food high in Vita D such as cod liver oil (eating more fish is not as effective), and as a last resort, 3) taking Vita D supplements in moderation – as you can take too much and trigger a rise in blood calcium plus other assorted symptoms (not good to have your bones dumping calcium); plus folks would need some guidance on the supplement amount (some say not to exceed 4000IU/day).

    Vitamin A and Vitamin D work together, so it is essential to get Vitamin A in the mix. Vitamin C is also an essential. Magnesium too.

    Zinc and Vitamin D supplements both tie up bio available copper – the copper is what enables us to properly “exhaust” the lifelong accumulation of iron. The result is “rusting away”/inflammation which manifests various symptoms. That’s why I would never take a synthetic Vitamin D supplement. And I would only reach for the zinc if I got a COVID diagnosis.


    The value of taking Vitamin D needs to be spread around the world by word of mouth.

    The reason neoliberal nations have done so poorly in controlling coronavirus is due to the failure of their governments. For example, there is no national public health system in the USA. But most health workers try to do no harm even though healthcare in the USA is intentionally a money making scheme. Profits increase by monopolizing treatment (not curing the illness) and cutting costs. This is the primary reason for this disaster; along with incompetence. No one dares point out that the Western Overseer Class and Politicians are utterly corrupt. 50 trillion dollars was transferred from the U.S. Middle Class since 1980 to the 1%. Americans spend twice as much money on healthcare as the rest of the developed nations while at the same time the USA is leading the world in coronavirus deaths; 209,808. World Champion Chumps.


    Zinc and Vitamin D supplements both tie up bio available copper – the copper is what enables us to properly “exhaust” the lifelong accumulation of iron…. I would only reach for the zinc if I got a COVID diagnosis.

    Susmarie, I recall that the magic ratio of zinc to copper is 30 to 1. So okay to take zinc regularly as long as you also take copper in that ratio. But instead of an everyday supplement, how about taking zinc only when you start experiencing cold symptoms?

    V. Arnold

    This rush to supplement cornucopia has me concerned.
    The current wisdom I’m accustomed to, says supplements bad/not the best, natural far better…
    I quit taking vitamins (excepting C) more than 20 years ago; my present source is a learned variety of fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables, along with meat and fish. About an 80/20 ratio of veg/fruit/grains to meat…
    What covid has done in spades, is to show, particularly, the U.S. population is rife with co-morbidities that exacerbate whatever the corona virus throws at the population.
    Good luck with that…
    Fix yourself first; then worry the world…


    This rush to supplement cornucopia has me concerned.

    So says the man who lives in perpetually sunny Thailand! If not for the fact that I work long hours in an office building with small windows, and that I like what I am doing and do not want to move, I would agree with you . . . But not this time.


    V Arnold and Susmarie I totally agree with both of you. Just about all the vitamin D supplements the average Jill will buy are synthetic isolates (made from stuff you would NEVER consider as good). Not only that, but again, as is the case with herbal medicine, the body is not good at absorbing these isolates -it needs the whole complex of stuff around the target vitamin to get effective absorption. A great link explaining the problems with synthetic isolated vitamins below. Better options for vitamin D? Lard from pastured pigs and eggs.


    And being in the sun with skin exposed of course!


    @sumac: thank you, for your invitation to use pasture raised lard (hog) in my pie crusts! And yes, I have stopped using sun screen and sun SPF protective clothing – unless I am out on the water or on the trail for several hours during hours of peak sun potency. Full exposure good.

    : I would never take zinc regularly, only if cold symptoms present themselves or I get a COVID diagnosis. My go to for smacking down the start of something nasty is nano-silver (nano silver is about more than particle size).


    This may seem off-topic at first…
    I was diagnosed with karatoconus, which is an uneven cornea. This means my cataract could not be fixed with the more sophisticated lenses available today. My ophthalmologist directed me to a specialist who could address it with an experimental treatment involving riboflavin (B2) and UV light. Each treatment would cost around $3000. I don’t know how many would be needed, but it is not covered by insurance.
    So I looked up riboflavin and keratoconus, and found this:
    “A small prospective study including 7 patients with keratoconus was started on a trial of oral riboflavin and 15 minutes of natural sunlight exposure daily. These patients reported no adverse effects and preliminary results showed corneal stabilization and/or corneal flattening in all 7 patients It is hypothesized that dietary riboflavin and natural sunlight is as effective in corneal crosslinking as the currently FDA approved Avedro therapy.
    “…the investigator started 7 patients with keratoconus from 2011-2015 in his private practice in Seattle on a trial of oral riboflavin (100 mg or 400 mg daily) and 15 minutes of sunlight exposure daily. No adverse effects have ever been reported with high-dose dietary riboflavin supplements. The results of this preliminary trial are remarkable. During follow-up from 6 months to 5 years, all 7 patients have had corneal stabilization and/or corneal flattening. One patient experienced flattening of the cornea by 1.5 Diopters, comparable to the best results of the Avedro system.”
    From “Dietary Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) and Cornea Cross-Linking” on clinicaltrialsdotgov.

    Did the doctor not know? It seems to me the state of the health industry is out for the cash, period.
    I wish I had known before winter was upon us, but now I really look forward to summer when I can do my own experiment.
    Vitamins are cheap and often effective for so many things. I can see why the medical establishment doesn’t just not push D, but actually denigrates recommendations for it.


    In his favor, he DID give me the magic word (riboflavin) to look it up. I really appreciate that.


    You may (or may not) remember when I posted early feb about my wuhan flu experience
    D was 1st recommendation,,, lots of Zn in oysters, brazil nuts for Se (not too many)
    But, but, vit D is toxic, you will kill yourself /s
    Maybe if you eat a polar bear liver, pretty hard otherwise,, maybe you have 10K pills?
    Most are 1K (IU)
    Black elderberry is a good anti-viral

    V. Arnold

    But, but, vit D is toxic, you will kill yourself /s
    Maybe if you eat a polar bear liver, pretty hard otherwise,,

    IIRC vitamin A is the major toxicity in polar bear liver…

    Health Risks from Excessive Vitamin A
    Because vitamin A is fat soluble, the body stores excess amounts, primarily in the liver, and these levels can accumulate. Although excess preformed vitamin A can have significant toxicity (known as hypervitaminosis A), large amounts of beta-carotene and other provitamin A carotenoids are not associated with major adverse effects [38]. The manifestations of hypervitaminosis A depend on the size and rapidity of the excess intake. The symptoms of hypervitaminosis A following sudden, massive intakes of vitamin A, as with Arctic explorers who ate polar bear liver, are acute [39].

    John Day

    I’m late to this party I started early this year, but I still say the same thing.
    Take 5000 units vitamin D3, over the counter, synthetic, cheap every day.
    Take twice that for a month or two. Get your level up and keep it there.
    If you weigh over 250 pounds or about 120 kg, you might well take 10,000 units per day long term. Check a level after 6 months if you do.
    This is really the low hanging fruit of public health.
    It will be bad-for-bidness, but it’s worth it for society.

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