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    Wow. Raul, that is the dumbest blog I have seen from you. Completely agree with Variable81. Where are you from Raul? Spanish? Portuguese? Should those countries have to pay up for the atrocities committed in South America against the indigenous tribes? Or maybe you are from South America, in which case what is your bloodline? Maybe you need to pay some people who have less European blood than you? And your article contains one absolute untruth and lie that I took particular offense to: “That the Germans in the 1950s and 1960s, at home and in schools, chose not to tell their children anything about their crimes cannot serve as an excuse to silence the children of their victims. Germany will need to eat a lot of humble pie with its beer.” – maybe you could have added “humble pretzel” to be more offensive.

    I am German. Born in 1981. My parents (born in 43 and 47) were told about the atrocities by their parents. Even I, born when I was, visited a concentration camp on a field trip in primary school. Get your facts straight buddy. You may do well reading this:

    Personally I think the Greeks should just default, and start fresh. That is something they have the option of doing. And it would teach the Germans (and other) banks a lesson too… that if you lend money to someone who may not pay it back, it is your own fault, and you can take the losses. And not ask the taxpayer to bail you out. Any taxpayer.

    I fear we are heading towards another world war, and idiots like you will be responsible due to writing garbage like this.

    And one more thing Raul, in terms of learning from history, can you remember what led to the rise of Hitler? Was it maybe ridiculous reparation claims by the victors of world war 1? Seriously, your article here is disgusting, stupid, and ignorant. You are a dangerous fool.

    Will never read anything from you again if I see it on Zerohedge.

    I created an account here just to tell you this. Slap yourself and think a bit harder, you may hate german’s, however that may make german’s hate you, and where does that lead us? Seriously. You probably don’t even realize you are war-mongering. Disgusting.

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