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    “As of August 28, 272,070 migrants had crossed the Mediterranean into Europe in 2016. Just under half of the arrivals, or 106,461 (as of August 24) arrived in Italy. There, most arrivals came from Nigeria, Eritrea and Gambia.

    There are still an estimated 277,000 migrants in Libya, as well as 348,000 internally displaced people and 310,000 returnees – refugees returned from abroad.

    Migrants interviewed by the IOM in Libya mostly reported to have left their home country because of economic reasons – the majority reported being unemployed at the time of departure – with 5 per cent reporting war or political reasons for leaving.”

    Leaving for economic reasons to go to economically-depressed countries. From the article yesterday:

    “There are around a dozen vessels run by humanitarian groups that patrol the waters off the Libyan coast.”

    And here again we see humanitarian groups involved. Are they being paid by George Soros too? The EU is entering into negotiations with the Libyan government (tentative as it is) to pick up migrants in Libyan waters and return them to Libya. As it currently stands, the EU vessels can only cruise in international waters, not able to travel in Libyan waters. If this gets passed, these migrants will be returned to Libya.

    With 310,000 returnees and most coming for economic reasons, this would make a whole lot more sense.

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    Those 25 questions to Hillary Clinton re her email account at the State Department are excellent. Under oath too! Oh my, the noose gets tighter, and the more she wiggles, the tighter it gets. I’m betting that right after her responses are given that WikiLeaks starts correcting the record.

    Did she give up any great big secrets to foreign enemies by having her own email account? Probably not. Has she told the truth about her reasons for having her own personal account, about doing Clinton Foundation business? Probably not.

    I would not like to be her right about now.

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    “Numbers are rising again. This will stop only when we stop bombing and squeezing these people.”

    The people in the picture at the link are from West Africa, the horn of Africa. We are not bombing them. We enabled them to come because we took out Gaddafi, who had previously stopped them, and now the word has gone out that Europe is open for business. Many more will come. Africa suffers from over-population, which is predicted to get a lot worse. Do you want us to take them all in? Is that what we should do? Build a few bridges for them to safely walk over so that lives are not lost in the water?



    Yeah, it’s no wonder India is running out of fresh water, along with Asia. Too many damn people.

    Of course the West needs to get out of Syria and Iraq – like yesterday. But of the one million Syrian refugees who apparently made it to Europe, most of them (from the videos we saw, I’d say 75%) are young Syrian men (many claiming they are teenagers when they are not). Heck, let’s lower that figure to 60%, or 600,000 able-bodied men who could have stayed behind and fought for their country against ISIS. I’m sure Syria, Assad and Putin could have used their help. I know if my country were under attack, I’d stay and fight. But instead they strapped on their Nike shoes and designer clothes, cell phones in hand, and headed to Europe.

    Refugees get down and kiss the ground of the FIRST COUNTRY they’re able to escape to when they are in fear for their lives and hungry. They don’t travel through country after country until they get to a preferred one, and then claim amnesty. Yes, Merkel enticed them and, yes, they were helped by Soros and his NGOs, who instructed them on where to go, what to say, fed them, gave them assistance, steered them. Heck, many of them got rid of their ID’s because the word went out that ID’s gave up too much information; better to have none.

    Imagine the difference 600,000 able-bodied men would have made in the war against ISIS. So Soros cleared out what could have been quite a large army. Why did he do that? What was his motivation? Because I know it wasn’t done for humanitarian reasons. Did he want to empty the country of young men who could fight back?

    And so we sit here day after day lamenting the fact that Greece and Italy (and other European countries) have huge unemployment numbers. Well, duh! Do you think that adding millions more Africans and Middle Eastern migrants is going to help that? Wages will drop, jobs will become even scarcer.

    George Soros and his globalization plans (I’d like to know who fronts him), no borders, no nations, open migration, no unity, no culture. Sounds like a stellar plan (not). The useful idiots on the Left will back him, never really knowing what he’s up to, and they’ll say, “Well, we’ve got to help out for moral reasons, for humanity.” Like helping a drowning man who pulls you under. The useful idiots won’t see the damage until it is too late, until they’re drowning in exactly the same conditions as the migrants they helped just left from.

    Why did Merkel entice them? Who told her to, because I’m sure she didn’t do this on her own. What about Soros? Who’s fronting him? Is he the fake humanitarian arm of the U.S. government? What and who got together and thought this would be a good idea, and why?

    So what is it that you want, Ilargi? What are you asking for? Bridges from Africa, ferries to bring over the millions who will most assuredly come? Helping more able-bodied men who should be fighting to take back their country?

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    Unelected EU bureaucrats dictating what’s good for us, unelected central bankers controlling who wins and who loses, unelected think tanks and NGOs controlling policy, people like George Soros influencing countries with his money, free trade courts that can overrule our courts, big money campaign contributions stealing elections, media, in the hands of a select few, steering our thinking…..

    A world above the sheep. When the elite can’t get their way through democracy, they set up systems above that, all for our own good, mind you (sarc). We are left out of the decision-making process because the elite sure as heck can’t engineer the world the way they want it with the rabble getting in the way.

    Oh, sure, we get to decide on things like gay rights, minority rights, abortion, because the elite don’t really give a sh*t about that stuff. They love when we fight and get all mired down in “that stuff” because it takes our eyes off what their prime objective is: to loot. In fact, they encourage us to fight among each other as much as possible, stirring up trouble wherever they can, funding this group and that group to raise the anger.

    And they love that we now have so many disparate groups (brought to us by the elite), all fighting each other, all concentrating on getting gains for our own little groups. That way we will never form a consensus on who the real enemy is: the elite who are looting and controlling us. They keep us fighting in the trees so we never see the forest, the big picture. A fractured populace is one you can easily steer.

    Grants are handed out to rights groups, and they lap it up, set up their offices on the outskirts of town and start doing “good”. Newcomers are welcomed (Muslims), against the wishes of the people, and the arguing escalates. Conversation is concentrated on rights and deflected away from the Trans Pacific Partnership and the jobs that are going to sail away because of it.

    The Left are used by the elite (and aren’t they easy to “use”) to get what they want. The Left are nearsighted and easily sucked in. Too many interest groups, no consensus or unity. As our countries are being destroyed from within, the elite continue to loot and strangle.

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    V. Arnold – yes, I guess once you have a belief, you’re getting too rigid and definite again.

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    V. Arnold – “…entreated the students not to follow, but to find their own way.” Sounds like the best route to take. That way whatever you end up believing, if anything, is home grown, isn’t it, instead of coming from someone else.

    Nassim – that Geert Wilders is going to ban the Koran and close all mosques? Great idea, but how is this idea going to go down with the Muslims? When a practice that should never have been allowed in the first place is suddenly taken away, them’s fighting words. What do you expect will happen?

    With Erdogan getting really upset about all the hoops he has to jump through to join the EU, fears are growing that he’s going to unleash a whole bunch of refugees. What’s the EU going to do then? Hungary is going to build a higher, stronger fence to keep the refugees out of that country. Moroccans are getting upset at all the bikini-clad tourists on their beaches, and they’re snapping pictures of them and posting them on-line. Italy is sending back Sudanese immigrants on private jets. Sarkozy is demanding Britain accept the 9,000 Calais migrants (not going to happen). Austria slaps Merkel down and tells her to close Germany’s borders immediately; Austria also said if there’s another surge of migrants, they will seal their border with Italy. The Kurds just fired some rockets at a civilian airport in Turkey, and Turkey is in Syria trying to kick the Kurds back east of the Euphrates.

    The clothesline is going to snap! I don’t think Turkey should be allowed into the EU. It would just cause massive problems. What are these people thinking? Our culture and their culture is just too far apart. The West needs to get out of the Middle East, help these people rebuild, and send them back to their home countries.

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    “IYIs [intellectuals yet idiots], being naive and label driven, would have a different attitude towards Salafis if theirs was labelled as a political movement, similar to Nazism, with their dress code an expression of such beliefs. Banning burkinis may become palatable for them if it were made similar to banning swastikas: these people you are defending, young IYI, will deprive you of all the rights you are giving them, should they ascend to power and would force your spouse to wear a burkini.”

    I call them “useful idiots”, kumbaya-singing simpletons who see a snake and think it is a rabbit. Or the guilt-ridden people, the Germans, who aren’t going to wake up until it’s too late; no foresight. But, hey, let’s let them build a mosque on every corner. And let’s keep enticing them in, feeding them, housing them. The stupid left gets sucked in by the right (who make the left believe that it was their idea), and Europe’s culture – not now – but soon enough will be gone. They won’t really start complaining until it’s high tide.

    Talk about suicide.

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    Subpoena the lot of them. Pull them all in (Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Comey, Lynch, the FBI investigators, Hillary’s assistants, Hillary’s lawyers – everyone who touched this case) and grill them under oath. And when Loretta Lynch met and talked with Bill Clinton at the airport (she should have walked away from him and said she wouldn’t talk to him), she should have either immediately resigned or been fired by Obama, another lawyer who knows better.

    What a pack of thieves.

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    I sure would like to know the chronology of events re the request for Hillary to hand over her hard drive. What was the request? Because if she was asked to hand over her hard drive, and she instructed someone to erase it with BleachBit, choosing to take it upon herself to say what emails were relevant and which weren’t, isn’t that an obstruction of justice? In that sense, wasn’t she acting as judge and jury…..well, certainly as a judge? I mean, a Yale-educated lawyer would have known the intent of what the court was asking, and yet again she just does what she damn well pleases, and then feigns ignorance. Amazing.

    Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on an Arizona tarmac, and it all went downhill from there. Loretta Lynch tells FBI Comey that she will abide by his findings. What? Doesn’t the FBI compile the evidence, and it’s the Attorney-General (Loretta Lynch) who decides whether there’s a case or not? Not the FBI. And Comey gives the press conference and hands down the decision that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” while also saying, “There is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information”? What? So there is evidence of violations? Shouldn’t that finding have come from Obama’s appointee, the Attorney-General? Maybe Loretta Lynch refused to lie, and so Comey did the dirty deed so that Lynch never touched it. Don’t these things generally go to a Grand Jury?

    Obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, contempt of court – take your pick.

    As one commenter said: Hillary didn’t realize that she was hacked before it was wiped.

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    The above article also says:

    “– uncritical acceptance of major NGOs who are predominately funded by billionaires. These organizations need to be considered with some skepticism. For example, in 1990, Amnesty International mistakenly corroborated the accuracy of the false claim that Iraqi soldiers were stealing incubators from Kuwait, leaving babies to die on the cold floor. In the runup to the 2003 invasion of Syria, Human Rights Watch did not oppose the invasion and implicitly accepted it by only criticizing the lack of preparation. Physicians for Human Rights, another Soros project, has issued grossly misleading reports on Syria.

    The latest propaganda tool being used to promote US aggression against Syria is the photograph of little Omran in the orange ambulance seat. The video comes from the Aleppo Media Center “AMC”. Like the White Helmets, AMC is a US creation. The photo of Omran has been widely accepted without scrutiny. The insightful Moon of Alabama, has raised serious questions about the media sensation. Brad Hoff has documented that the main photographer, Mahmoud Raslan, is an ally of the Nour al Din al Zenki rebel terrorists who beheaded a young Palestinian Syrian a few weeks ago. This is confirmed step by step in this short video. Another good short video exposing the propaganda around #Syrianboy is here.”

    A friend of mine worked for an NGO/charity: big offices, big salaries, bonuses, fine furniture. If the people donating money realized how much WASN’T going towards what they gave their donation money for, they’d be shocked!

    With the billions upon billions being donated every year, how much is getting to the people who really need it? Ilargi has already seen this in Greece. Where are they? Stop giving your money to these big, huge charities that basically siphon money off for enormous salaries and office buildings.

    With the amount of money that was donated for Syrian refugees, if it had all gotten to them, they would have never flooded into Europe. Why was this not done? This is a travesty for all concerned.

    Of course, the biggest travesty of all is that their country has been bombed for no other reason than Israeli and U.S. interests.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 26 2016 #30070

    Good article re Syria. He talks about the Israeli connection. And Turkey and the U.S. are in a sovereign country without permission. Man, the U.S. just does what it pleases and everybody bows down low.

    “The Syrian crisis is at a critical point and there is prospect of the collapse of the rebel-terrorists. If they [are] crushed or expelled, it would allow hundreds of thousands of displaced Aleppans to return home as soon as services are restored. This would also allow the Syrian army and allies to focus on attacking ISIS in the east and terrorist groups remaining in Idlib, Hama, the outskirts of Damascus and the south.

    The tide is running against the rebel terrorist factions and their supporters. Up until the last year, fanatics and mercenaries were traveling from all parts of the globe into Syria via Turkey.”

    And the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were aiding and abetting these rebel terrorist factions with funding, training and arms.

    “The war in Syria is bringing numerous conflicts to a head: sectarian wahabism vs secular Islam; the “new american century” with one superpower vs a multilateral world; zionist dominance and occupation vs Lebanese and Palestinian resistance.”

    Clintonites Prepare for War on Syria

    This author says to get your information from: “Consortiumnews, Global Research, AntiWar, MoonOfAlabama, Al Masdar News, Al Mayadeen, CounterPunch, DissidentVoice, American Herald Tribune, 21stCenturyWire, Black Agenda Report, the Canary, RT, PressTV and TruePublica (not corporate ProPublica).”

    Somebody needs to write a good book on the role that NGOs and foundations are now playing in our world. With George Soros-type money behind these outfits, it’s almost as if there is another layer of government working above all of us. I know George Soros is filthy rich, but where is he getting his money from? Who else gives him money? Is he a front for others? The guy is everywhere.

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    “It’s also the suspicion that the Communist-led government is trying to game the system by snapping up foreign firms in key areas of the economy while blocking others from doing the same in China. China “remains the most closed to foreign investment of the G-20 countries,” David Dollar, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and former U.S. Treasury attache to Beijing, said. “This creates an unfairness in which Chinese firms prosper behind protectionist walls and expand into more open markets such as the U.S.”

    Yeah, try buying “land” in Asia as an investment. No can do! You might be able to buy a condo, but you’re not buying any land. No way. They protect their own. Us? We can’t sell our resources, industries, technology or land to the Chinese fast enough! Talk about short-term thinking. It would be fine if it was reciprocal, but it most definitely is not. We are absolutely stupid.

    Remains to be seen how much the Chinese have invested of their own money. One Chinese guy in my area took out a $10 million line of credit in China, cashed out the next day, and proceeded to buy $8 million worth of properties. The Chinese are going after him now, but meanwhile he’s been living a life of luxury on a line of credit.

    What a crazy world.

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    “Turkey-backed Syrian rebels take Jarablus:

    US Vice-President Joe Biden said the US had been flying air cover for the operation.
    He also warned members of the Syrian Democratic Forces – the most effective opponents of IS on the ground in Syria – that they had to return to the east of the River Euphrates if they wanted to continue receiving its help.

    “We have made it absolutely clear… that they must go back across the river,” he said. “They cannot, will not, and under no circumstances get American support if they do not keep that commitment.”


    Kurds are being told to get east of the Euphrates River (Erdogan had previously warned the Kurds not to come west of the river). Let’s see if they go.

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    Turkish forces cross over into Syria, with air support from the U.S.

    “The Turkish Army with the air support of the US-led coalition launched a military operation on Wednesday to allegedly drive ISIL out of Jarabulus city.

    “Moscow is deeply concerned about what is happening in the Syrian-Turkish border area,” the ministry said, adding that further degradation in the conflict zone and the prospect of Kurdish-Arab ethnic conflict raises alarm, Sputnik reported. […]

    The Syrian foreign ministry also condemned Ankara’s cross-border military operation and entry of Turkish special forces and tanks into Northern Syria.

    “Damascus condemns the entry of Turkish army’s tanks into Northern Syria as a blatant violation of its sovereignty,” a Syrian foreign ministry official said on Wednesday.”


    The Kurds must be getting too close to Turkey for Erdogan’s comfort. I remember him saying that the Kurds were “not” to move west of the Euphrates River, but so they have.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 24 2016 #30039

    If you wanted to do business with Secretary of State Clinton, you needed to first hire Slick Willy for a $250,000.00/hour speaking fee, donate to the Clinton Foundation, and then maybe you could do business. The documentary “Clinton Cash” connects the dots well.

    I stupidly turned on CNN for about two minutes the other day. A reporter was talking about the Clinton Foundation, was just getting into the meat of it, when Anderson Cooper quickly interrupted and cut her off, then said, “Any further information on Donald Trump’s Mexican wall?” It was so blatant that the reporter was taken aback. Must deflect to Donald, not Hillary. Robert Parry’s article “Trump and the Long History of Media Bias” illustrates this well:

    “The new excuse for the U.S. mainstream media to violate its professional principles of objectivity and balance in covering this presidential race is that it’s all Donald Trump’s fault, or as The New York Times put it, “Trump Is Testing the Norms of Objectivity in Journalism.”

    But that is just the latest dodge for American journalists who don’t really believe in the principle of evenhandedness. Many have been slanting their coverage for as long as I can remember in my nearly four decades covering news in Washington.

    Indeed, bias and outright dishonesty have long been the norm for major American news outlets, especially in the fabrication of foreign monsters around the world for the U.S. military to seek out and destroy.

    The truth is that at virtually every spin of America’s revolving wheel of “enemies,” The New York Times could write a similar headline blaming the foreign leaders, just as the newspaper did Trump: “Putin Tests the Norms of Objectivity in Journalism” or Bashar al-Assad or Saddam Hussein or any other designated villain du jour.

    In the Times’ framing of the problem, it’s not the journalists who have a responsibility to maintain “the norms of objectivity”; it is Trump or some foreign villain who “tests” the norms. The journalists are the victims here, with their high standards being put under unfair pressure.”


    And another good article by him is “America’s Journalistic Hypocrites”:

    “As part of this phenomenon, there is profound cognitive dissonance as the rationales shift depending on the neocons’ tactical needs. From one case to the next, there is no logical or moral consistency, and the major U.S. news organizations go along, failing again and again to expose these blatant hypocrisies.

    The U.S. government can stand for a “rules-based” world when that serves its interests but then freely violate international law when it’s decided that “humanitarian warfare” trumps national sovereignty and the United Nations Charter. The latter is particularly easy after a foreign leader has been demonized in the American press, but sovereignty becomes inviolate in other circumstances when Washington is on the side of the killing regimes.”


    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 24 2016 #30038

    Dmitri Orlov – what a great piece of writing! After reading it, I somehow felt a little safer, knowing that the neocons don’t hold all the cards.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 24 2016 #30037

    So the bonds issued by the two Spanish energy companies, Repsol and Iberdrola, were bought by the Bank of Spain, who then sold them to the ECB? The Bank of Spain and the ECB both created money out of thin air to buy these bonds, or just the ECB? How exactly did this work?

    This money then ended up in the hands of the two energy companies to what, pay off existing debt? Or to go towards salaries, bonuses? Or to buy back more of their own shares? Or to pay out dividends?

    If this money doesn’t go to paying off existing debt, and instead is used for some of what I listed above, this would cause further inflation (which is what the central banks want) by raising the price of assets which this money would flow into, depress interest rates further, make existing Euros worth less?

    Where have I gone wrong?

    Because if I’m halfway right, then why aren’t these guys swinging from a lamp post?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 22 2016 #30017

    You really can’t make this stuff up. Huma Abedin, long-time and top aide to Hillary Clinton, is married to? You guessed it, Anthony Weiner, the congressman who resigned in 2011 over the Sexting Scandals, and who a few years later ran for the Mayor of New York. And guess who was the officiate at their wedding?

    “In May 2009, he became engaged to Huma Abedin, a long-time personal aide to Hillary Clinton, and they married in July 2010, with former President Bill Clinton officiating.”


    From one weiner to another.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 22 2016 #30016

    Re the war in Syria:

    “The conflict is so difficult to end because it is half a dozen crises and confrontations combined into one: Sunni Arabs against ruling Alawites and the minorities; better-off against poor; secular against Islamists; city against country; Kurd against Arab; Kurd against Turk; Sunni against Shia; Iran against Saudi Arabia; Russia against – but sometimes cooperating with – the US.

    The complexity of it all was well described by one commentator as being like three dimensional chess played by nine players and with no rules.”

    Kind of looks like the U.S. (and a lot of other countries who barely keep the lid on): blacks, whites, Hispanics, gays, straight, Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, pacifists, pro-life, pro-choice, illegals, Spanish, English, poor, middle class, elite 1%, socialist, capitalist, libertarian, liberal, conservative, neoliberal, neoconservative, every ethnicity known to mankind, each holding onto their own culture, and on and on.

    Ah, diversification. Ain’t it great? It’s possible to keep these disparate groups so engrossed in fighting each other that they never really see the forest for the trees. Held together with propaganda and a heavily diluted glue, the country is at war with itself. You end up with virtually no cohesion, just a bunch of interest groups vying for attention.

    How is a country like that ever going to come together to fight back against the people who are strangling it? They’re not. Multiculturalism was sold under the guise of being accepting, celebrating differences, but the real reason was to divide and conquer us. When you have a people with a strong culture, a common religion, a common language, they are a formidable force against a government.

    The left (progressive liberals) were useful idiots for the 1%. They created a divided country too weak to fight back. Exactly what the 1% wanted.

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    Re American journalism collapsing: “I can only fully agree. And no, again, that’s not because I support Trump. Everything and everyone should be scrutinized.”

    Scrutinized? It’s really more like vilified, annihilated, destroyed. I read a Washington Post article spewing more half-truths, omissions, but at least it was heartening to see the people in the “Comments” section quickly correct the record and turn the hatred back around on the Washington Post. As Robert Parry said:

    “Trump shoots from the lip and has a thin skin, while Clinton is tightly wound and also has a thin skin. Trump lets his emotions run wild while Clinton is excessively controlled. Trump engages in raucous give-and-take with his critics; Clinton tries to hide her decision-making (and emails) from her critics.”

    Even if Trump became more Hillary-like and stopped giving the media so much fodder, they’d attack him for being so guarded. If he started pointedly homing in on who Hillary is, her past record and where she will take the country, the media would try to ignore it. Big money has spoken, their man is Hillary, and they will see to it that Trump is portrayed in only the worst light.

    We are owned. I think that Trump is the last chance the U.S. has got to bring the neoliberals/neocons down. If Hillary wins, it’s lights out.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2016 #30003

    Joe Clarkson – here’s another article re the Clinton Foundation:

    “The Clinton Foundation’s finances are so messy that the nation’s most influential charity watchdog put it on its “watch list” of problematic nonprofits last month.

    The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid.

    The group spent the bulk of its windfall on administration, travel, and salaries and bonuses, with the fattest payouts going to family friends.

    On its 2013 tax forms, the most recent available, the foundation claimed it spent $30 million on payroll and employee benefits; $8.7 million in rent and office expenses; $9.2 million on “conferences, conventions and meetings”; $8 million on fundraising; and nearly $8.5 million on travel. None of the Clintons is on the payroll, but they do enjoy first-class flights paid for by the foundation. […]

    Charity Navigator, which rates nonprofits, recently refused to rate the Clinton Foundation because its “atypical business model . . . doesn’t meet our criteria.”

    Charity Navigator put the foundation on its “watch list,” which warns potential donors about investing in problematic charities. The 23 charities on the list include the Rev. Al Sharpton’s troubled National Action Network, which is cited for failing to pay payroll taxes for several years.

    Other nonprofit experts are asking hard questions about the Clinton Foundation’s tax filings in the wake of recent reports that the Clintons traded influence for donations.

    “It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons,” said Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, a government watchdog group where progressive Democrat and Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout was once an organizing director. […]

    The nonprofit came under fire last week following reports that Hillary Clinton, while she was secretary of state, signed off on a deal that allowed a Russian government enterprise to control one-fifth of all uranium producing capacity in the United States. Rosatom, the Russian company, acquired a Canadian firm controlled by Frank Giustra, a friend of Bill Clinton’s and member of the foundation board, who has pledged over $130 million to the Clinton family charity.

    The group also failed to disclose millions of dollars it received in foreign donations from 2010 to 2012 and is hurriedly refiling five years’ worth of tax returns after reporters raised questions about the discrepancies in its filings last week.”


    Most of all it’s the appearance that if you want benefits from the Clinton’s in the form of help securing deals in foreign countries, you just need to provide Slick Willy with speaking fees and make a donation to the Clinton Foundation, and you’re in.

    These are deceitful, I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine underhanded dealings, using their position to elicit a gain for themselves.

    This will follow her, along with all of the other scandals ending in “gate” that the two have been involved in.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2016 #30002

    Joe Clarkson – yeah, nothing to see here, move along. She just erased over 30,000 emails and then had her hard drive destroyed, her husband “coincidentally” meets up with the Attorney-General for a half hour “grandchildren” conversation while she is under investigation, and you’re trying to tell us that, “Oh, yeah, but they’d never do anything deceitful with the Clinton Foundation.” Yeah, right.

    “The wild eyed commentors at Zero Hedge” are probably wild-eyed because they’ve actually watched the documentary “Clinton Cash”. Here’s the link:

    Here’s an article:

    “Nothing the Clintons do is without strings; there is always some cover-up or shady deal linked to even their most charitable efforts. If the first Clinton Presidency, and now the Clinton Foundation, are any kind of indicator as to what a ‘Hillary Clinton Presidency’ would look like, you can be sure it will include scandals and pay offs, with very little accountability.”


    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2016 #30001

    Nassim – re FT – funny, yet frustrating and annoying at the same time. Unbelievable! “We here at the Financial Times do not want facts, and we most certainly do not want truth. If you’re inclined this way, you can get stuffed.” I like how you can see your own comments, but no one else can. Great!

    I ended up on a site (don’t know how I got there), and it took me awhile to realize that most of the posters were working together. If I commented with facts and a link, they would quickly bury my comment. Their comments were things like “Derp, wow, you’re an idiot.”

    But before I knew what was going on, I did have some good back-and-forth conversations with them (of course they always disagreed with me), but what struck me was that they were very, very knowledgeable when they wanted to be. They were not your ordinary blogger. Their vocabulary and sentence structure was not ordinary. After reading about Hillary’s super PAC spending $1 million to hire unemployed writers to refute anybody that disagreed with the post, I called them out and accused them of being “paid trolls”.

    “When the Internet’s legions of Hillary hecklers steal away to chat rooms and Facebook pages to vent grievances about Clinton, express revulsion toward Clinton and launch attacks on Clinton, they now may find themselves in a surprising place – confronted by a multimillion dollar super PAC working with Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton’s well-heeled backers have opened a new frontier in digital campaigning, one that seems to have been inspired by some of the Internet’s worst instincts. Correct the Record, a super PAC coordinating with Clinton’s campaign, is spending some $1 million to find and confront social media users who post unflattering messages about the Democratic front-runner.”


    I watched how they talked amongst each other, saying things like, “Trump sure isn’t presidential. No one is going to vote for him.” The other would answer back with something like, “The guy is so far behind Hillary, he hasn’t got a chance.” Back and forth they would go with one-line comments, and I suspected they had multiple names. As I continued to watch, I could almost guarantee that the paid trolls were 90% of the board, just talking back and forth until a stupid fish (like me) came swimming by.

    Anything at all hurtful to Hillary was buried quickly. Interesting times we live in.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2016 #29982

    Really good article on Assange and how the New York Times tries to fry him.

    “While I periodically have written commentaries dissecting and pillorying news articles in the New York Times to expose their bias, hypocrisy half-truths and lies, I generally ignore their editorials since these are overtly opinions of the management, and one expects them to display the elitist and neo-liberal perspective of the paper’s publisher and senior editors.

    That said, the August 17 editorial about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has spent four harrowing years trapped in the apartment-sized Ecuadoran embassy thanks to a trumped-up and thoroughly discredited political rape “investigation” by a politically driven Swedish prosecutor and a complicit right-wing British government, moves far beyond even the routine rampant bias and distortion of a Times editorial into misrepresentation and character assassination. As such it cries out for criticism.”

    He ends with:

    “Maybe that’s because the Times is unhappy that Assange and Wikileaks have been doing what the Times is so clearly unwilling to do: aggressively pursue real journalism that matters.”

    New York Times Shames Itself by Attacking Wikileaks’ Assange


    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2016 #29981

    I was just reading about Soros the other day, trying to get a feel for who he is. One link led to another, and it doesn’t look pretty. I thought, with his NGO’s helping the refugees and telling them via Twitter and Facebook to run to Europe, that he must really care about these people, but – NO! He doesn’t. Will post what I found later.

    Geoffrey Pyatt, the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (the one who was speaking with George Soros in the article you linked above) was also the vice-consul and economic officer in Honduras (well before the 2009 coup there, mind you). He then went to India and several other places before ending up in Ukraine. He just got appointed to a new position in July of 2016: U.S. Ambassador to Greece.

    Two coups (Honduras and Ukraine). Look out, Greece! Mr. Pyatt’s a coming.


    Hillary Clinton was instrumental in setting up the coup in Ukraine (Victoria Nuland, $5 billion, blah, blah) while she was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.

    She was also Secretary of State during the coup in Honduras.

    She is a real warmonger. I just hope Assange delivers an early Xmas present – some Clinton Foundation emails.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2016 #29980

    Two good articles from Robert Parry re the downing of MH-17 in Ukraine, and how the New York Times and several other U.S. newspapers are blatantly trying to deceive people.



    The second linked article is from July 17, 2016; the first linked article is from July 20, 2016.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2016 #29979

    This is a damning article re the Clinton’s. Well worth a read if you really want a get a feel for their evil. These people are absolutely despicable.

    “A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America – Support for coup regimes, militarization and privatization, trade deals that wreak economic havoc—they reveal the failure of Clintonism.”


    in reply to: Steve Keen on Hardtalk #29971

    V. Arnold – see my response to Trivium. I said Steve Keen equaled “more stupid”, as in more stupid solutions coming our way.

    And you said the jubilee would be a “one-off”? And when that doesn’t work, we’d call for another jolt of electricity, a two-off, or maybe a three-off? We are continually being “off’d”, choosing winners and losers.

    How about we just “piss off” and stop bailing, manipulating, steering, engineering the economy! The problem is that prices are too high, way too high. If we let them come down, the economy would pick up again.

    But, no, we want to keep those high prices and then give everybody a wad of cash and push prices higher, which only bails out those who made poor decisions in the first place. That is how history has played out: prices go up and up and up, they get too high, and then prices go down and down and down. We’re trying to eliminate the “down” part.

    The stupidity, it hurts.

    in reply to: Steve Keen on Hardtalk #29960

    Trivium – I didn’t mean that Steve Keen was stupid, but what he was proposing was just “more stupid”, as in another stupid solution, and one that keeps the ball in the air – again!

    He comes across as so down-to-earth, so next door neighbor type. It would be hard to believe that he could be “bought and paid controlled opposition”. Do you mean that he purposely puts forward this idea because he’s paid to say it, that he’s part of the academic elite who want to maintain the status quo? Or does he actually believe this, and was hired for his position because he does? Like a useful idiot that the elite can use, like a Krugman, another Keynesian, albeit with a different take? Is Krugman bought-and-paid for, or does he actually believe what he says, and keeps his position because he does? I always said that Krugman won his Nobel Prize in Economics because he said what the elite wanted people to hear.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2016 #29953

    From a few days ago:

    “The report has been published after Sir Philip Green was heavily criticised by a parliamentary investigation into the collapse of BHS for leaving the retailer with a £571m pension deficit, despite his family and other investors banking more than £400m in dividends.”


    Sir Philip Green should be decorating a lamppost somewhere. No way someone gets one single nickel in the way of a dividend until the pension obligations are taken care of. It’s not like these obligations were unknown. Sir Philip Green and everybody who profited should have their dividends clawed back. This money should go into the pension fund.

    This “Sir” is undeserving of his name. After stripping him of his title, don’t even ask me what I’d do with the rest of him. Why is he not behind bars?

    “The 56 FTSE 100 companies that disclosed a pension deficit at the end of their 2015 financial year had a combined deficit of £42.3bn, but the same companies paid out dividends worth £53bn, 25% more than their pension contributions.”

    $11 billion needs to be clawed back there too. Put all of these CEO’s in jail and throw away the key.

    in reply to: Steve Keen on Hardtalk #29952

    Agree with Steve Keen on the European Union. They can work out good trade agreements between the countries and make it work; they don’t have to be joined at the hip. Nations and cultures are just wiped out with a union. Maybe that’s what TPTB want, one nation under God, or something. I read that that’s why the U.S. (CIA) set it up, so that it would become one nation; easier to deal with one entity. Ends up like a bad marriage where one is stronger than the other, and you end up losing your identity and it becomes: “We’re all Germans now.”

    I do not agree with Steve Keen on a debt jubilee. I do not think he’s thought this through. He says to give only one side (the debtors) the jubilee would create moral hazard; you’ve got to give the same amount to debtors and non-debtors alike. Fine, agreed.

    Let’s take a house, for instance. The debtor lives in a $400,000.00 house that should be worth $200,000.00, but the asset has been forced up in price because of the Fed’s game of reducing interest rates (great for the first ones in). Let’s say he put $50,000.00 down on the house, owing $350,000.00. Now let’s give him a $50,000.00 jubilee to put towards the debt, so he now owes $300,000.00. He’s still sitting in the asset.

    Now let’s give every non-debtor $50,000.00 too. Maybe some of those people start chasing houses, and before long that house (above) is now asking $450,000.00, maybe more, because the non-debtors are all competing against each other. There goes the $50,000.00 the non-debtor received in helicopter money, and where does it go? Into the pocket of the debtor who just got bailed out because his house is now worth more.

    The debtor is the winner here – again! The banks are winners – again. Everybody else gets to twist.

    Prices do not come down; instead, they go up. The game starts all over, and we’re back to stupid growth, paving more forests, and staring at another jubilee down the line. This is exactly the same as raising the minimum wage. Prices end up higher, and they’re back asking for more a few years later.

    Prices need to come down, and this is not the way to get us there. And the last thing we need is more growth.

    Steve Keen = more stupid!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2016 #29863

    I’ve tried to post this article two times now. Maybe I’ll be lucky this time. It’s from November, 2015, and the author (Scott Creighton) is predicting a coup in Turkey. He said that he’s seen all the same playbook before. He really lays into Noam Chomsky. I mean, it makes a lot of sense, considering the lies we have been told about Russia, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq. Read the “Comments” section too, especially the author under the name of Willyloman.

    “However the details work out, this is currently the major prize the masters of the universe have their eyes set on. They want Erdogan demonized like Assad and Gaddafi before him in order to justify either a full on regime change operation or at least, a “compromise” like they are currently working on in Syria.

    But ultimately, this is about creating a new nation, Greater Kurdistan, run by the dictator Barzani for U.S. and Israeli interests.

    Just like Iraq was in 2003 or Libya was just recently, Turkey is being set-up as the next big thing in the regime change program in order to fabricate a new, massive, oil producing region with the capability to establish one single pipeline route connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean the Persian Gulf.

    If you combine that with the routes already in place in friendly nations like Georgia and Azerbaijan and you have the endgame to the great race to the Caspian Sea basin locked down.

    That is the endgame.”

    I just tried to post it again, but it won’t. Just type in “F*** Noam Chomsky – the sellout is helping to push for regime change in Turkey for Israel’s greater Kurdistan project” in the search bar. Put in the rest of the letters in the “F” word.

    in reply to: The Media Choir Worked So Hard All Week.. #29802

    V. Arnold – “Why would you say I’m Thai?” I was joking, V. Arnold! That’s why I put “ha!” after my comment. I thought I remembered you saying that you were an American who lived in Thailand, but perhaps I was mistaken.

    “I’m curious; why do [you] identify as women?” I don’t identify as “just” a woman. How many times have I said I’m a woman on this blog? Maybe one other time? I don’t use being a woman. I’m many things, but one of them is a woman who would like to think that I’d govern more humanely. That’s it, end of story.

    in reply to: The Media Choir Worked So Hard All Week.. #29759

    WgS – I’m a woman and I like to think that I’d govern more humanely. V. Arnold has got a point re the likes of Clinton, Albright, and Rice. They are all despicable people, warmongers. I hope that witch falls flat on her crooked face. So much for my humanity!

    The headlines and the ridiculous behavior of the elites is just further evidence that Trump is either ahead of the monster, or very close. They will stop at nothing, but we could be witnessing a Clexit here.

    Now, wouldn’t that just be hillar – y – ous?

    Just think of the demise of the TPP, the Clinton Foundation slush fund choked off, the wars ending, soldiers brought home, the arms dealers asking for donations outside the Salvation Army, Wall Street banks regulated and split up (oh, no, where’s the cocaine!), and Bill and Hillary back in an Arkansas jail.

    Maybe the Russians or WikiLeaks are holding off on some Clinton Foundation emails as an insurance policy against Trump’s life. If that were the case, I don’t think I’d stop laughing for a month! Make that two! She used her own server in order to avoid the dedicated back-up system on the government’s server (so she could hide her Clinton Foundation emails), and her server gets hacked to pieces. The thought of those emails coming out now (when she can just taste the presidency) must make all of Billy’s sex scandals pale in comparison. Just the thought of this playing out makes me laugh.

    WgS – thanks for commenting. Come back, and don’t let that Thai idiot (ha!) get you down. He’s all bark. None of us know any more than you do.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 30 2016 #29626

    V. Arnold – yes, I’m sure they did, you’re right. I have said all along that allowing the refugees to stream into Europe was not done out of compassion. This was planned, this was wanted, otherwise they would have stopped it in a heartbeat. They were enticing the refugees to come. Cue major media highlighting the plight of the refugees (people are dying all over Africa – no major stories about them – but little Alan on the beach is plastered everywhere). Cue major leaders all saying that we’ve got to help these poor people (yeah, right, like they really care; they’re bombing the crap out of them and destroying their countries). Cue lots of terrorism attacks in Europe. Cue anger by the citizens of Europe (protests in Germany today and more to come). What was the master plan here? Getting Europe angry enough so that they’d turn on Assad, allow NATO to go in and rip him to shreds? We can see the set-up, all laid out nicely, but what was the plan and why?

    Somebody on Zerohedge wrote:

    “Erdo is done with waves of refugees to Europe. Try to keep up. That was the Zato plan. He’s not actually with Zato anymore. Standing at the crossroads between Europe and Asia is no good to him if Europe is dust. Why didn’t he see it this way before? He was doing the bidding of Zato and before late September, October 2015, he thought Zato ruled the World.

    Sorry, it’s kind of a basic point. Erdo is switching sides. watch and see. Turkey won’t let anymore refugees go. Russia does not want a destabilized Europe. If you miss the Zionist thread in this, you are missing everything.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 30 2016 #29623

    V. Arnold – thanks. I wondered if Russia warned him ahead of time. With Erdogan apologizing to Russia, maybe he’s finally realized who his actual friends are? If the U.S. did have a hand in this, man, he’s going to have to watch his back now. The world is going insane.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 30 2016 #29621

    Nassim – yes, that’s what a lot of people said in the “Comments” under the video. So what do you think is going on here? What do you think happened? Is Erdogan on his way out with the U.S.? Was this a coup he knew about and let happen in order to take further control of the country? What do you think?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 30 2016 #29619

    Here are the communication notes that the lady in the above video refers to:

    “We’ve shot four people. Everything’s fine.” The Turkish Coup through the Eyes of its Plotters

    Who knows the truth.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 30 2016 #29618

    This is an interesting video re the coup in Turkey. Dmitri Orlov and others seem to think that this was a slap-down of Erdogan for getting too cozy with Russia, apologizing to Russia for the shooting down of the Russian fighter jet. I wonder what caused Erdogan to apologize in the first place. I’m sure it’s not totally over the loss of Russian tourists.

    I had heard earlier that Erdogan, while in the air, asked for asylum in Germany, and they denied him. His pilot also changed the transponder (I believe it was) in order to make it look like his plane was just another commercial plane, and the fighter jets flanking him didn’t want to take the chance on shooting down a regular plane full of people, so they didn’t fire on him. Well, did the plane go to Germany, or not? The lady on the video seems to suggest that NBC put out false information, as if to say to the Turkish people: your leader is asking for asylum in Germany and he’s on the run. Who knows what to believe.

    This video suggests that this was a CIA/Gulan Network (Gulan is the Turkish fellow in the U.S. that Erdogan wants extradited back to Turkey) and NATO operation to take him out. They took over media outlets, shut down communications, but what they didn’t take into account was that in emergencies the Turks use the mosques. The video says that there are loudspeakers in the mosques that use particular chants, one for a call to prayer, and another for emergencies. Well, the emergency chant was what they used. As there was no TV, the word went out via these loudspeakers for miles, summoning people into the streets.

    If true, it’s quite the story and tells us that Erdogan has had a major falling-out with the U.S. and his days are numbered. This was posted with the following comment preceding it:

    “I found this source to be very interesting. It does not follow the MSM narrative. News Bud, Sibel Edmonds, born in the Mideast, lived in Iran and Turkey before moving to the U.S. in 1988. Worked as an FBI translator, now an online media site that aims to offer nonpartisan investigative journalism.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 27 2016 #29589

    oxymoron – yes, yes, and yes. “Bend, lube and brace!” – that’s funny, but paints a very clear picture of what’s going to happen.

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