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    Jack Delano Mother of three, wiper at the roundhouse. Chicago & North Western R.R.” 1943 • America’s Biggest Economic Problem: Nobody Is Investing For
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 27 2016]

    V. Arnold

    America’s biggest economic problem: Nobody is investing for tomorrow…
    Au contraire; The U.S. educational system is guaranteeing an infantilised, compliant population willing to live in a neo-feudal system of governance. A system with a broken infrastructure everywhere but the enclaves of the 1%.
    There is effectively nothing produced in the U.S., unless one includes the MIC; so, with manufacturing robots there are fewer and fewer skilled workers required at wages effectively broken back under Reagan; that’s a long time ago folks.
    This isn’t some Orwellian prediction of the future; but the genuine, here and now.
    My bet, going on 14 years ago was; this “machine” can’t be stopped or turned around and any action must be based on that as the fact du jour.
    I mean, just look at this “election” (spelled joke) cycle; election? Y’all lost that in 2000; or was it November 22, 1963?


    I sure would like to know the chronology of events re the request for Hillary to hand over her hard drive. What was the request? Because if she was asked to hand over her hard drive, and she instructed someone to erase it with BleachBit, choosing to take it upon herself to say what emails were relevant and which weren’t, isn’t that an obstruction of justice? In that sense, wasn’t she acting as judge and jury…..well, certainly as a judge? I mean, a Yale-educated lawyer would have known the intent of what the court was asking, and yet again she just does what she damn well pleases, and then feigns ignorance. Amazing.

    Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on an Arizona tarmac, and it all went downhill from there. Loretta Lynch tells FBI Comey that she will abide by his findings. What? Doesn’t the FBI compile the evidence, and it’s the Attorney-General (Loretta Lynch) who decides whether there’s a case or not? Not the FBI. And Comey gives the press conference and hands down the decision that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” while also saying, “There is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information”? What? So there is evidence of violations? Shouldn’t that finding have come from Obama’s appointee, the Attorney-General? Maybe Loretta Lynch refused to lie, and so Comey did the dirty deed so that Lynch never touched it. Don’t these things generally go to a Grand Jury?

    Obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, contempt of court – take your pick.

    As one commenter said: Hillary didn’t realize that she was hacked before it was wiped.


    Subpoena the lot of them. Pull them all in (Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Comey, Lynch, the FBI investigators, Hillary’s assistants, Hillary’s lawyers – everyone who touched this case) and grill them under oath. And when Loretta Lynch met and talked with Bill Clinton at the airport (she should have walked away from him and said she wouldn’t talk to him), she should have either immediately resigned or been fired by Obama, another lawyer who knows better.

    What a pack of thieves.



    “IYIs [intellectuals yet idiots], being naive and label driven, would have a different attitude towards Salafis if theirs was labelled as a political movement, similar to Nazism, with their dress code an expression of such beliefs. Banning burkinis may become palatable for them if it were made similar to banning swastikas: these people you are defending, young IYI, will deprive you of all the rights you are giving them, should they ascend to power and would force your spouse to wear a burkini.”

    I call them “useful idiots”, kumbaya-singing simpletons who see a snake and think it is a rabbit. Or the guilt-ridden people, the Germans, who aren’t going to wake up until it’s too late; no foresight. But, hey, let’s let them build a mosque on every corner. And let’s keep enticing them in, feeding them, housing them. The stupid left gets sucked in by the right (who make the left believe that it was their idea), and Europe’s culture – not now – but soon enough will be gone. They won’t really start complaining until it’s high tide.

    Talk about suicide.


    The piece by Taleb is brilliant. It explains nicely why Europeans are so blind-sided by the Wahabis / Salafis. They think it is what Europeans consider to be a religion, but it is nothing of the sort. It is an ideology comparable to Nazism or Bolshevism. If fully agree with the Dutch wanting to close down all these fake religious institutions.

    Favourite to be next Dutch PM vows to BAN the Koran and CLOSE all mosques

    V. Arnold

    Interesting; Buddhism is now considered to be a religion. It was not always so; the Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha) explicitly entreated the students not to follow, but to find their own way.
    A famous Japanese Zen koan (parable) says: If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.
    Granted, I live in a country that is 95% Buddhist and the people have certainly made a religion of the Dharma…


    V. Arnold – “…entreated the students not to follow, but to find their own way.” Sounds like the best route to take. That way whatever you end up believing, if anything, is home grown, isn’t it, instead of coming from someone else.

    Nassim – that Geert Wilders is going to ban the Koran and close all mosques? Great idea, but how is this idea going to go down with the Muslims? When a practice that should never have been allowed in the first place is suddenly taken away, them’s fighting words. What do you expect will happen?

    With Erdogan getting really upset about all the hoops he has to jump through to join the EU, fears are growing that he’s going to unleash a whole bunch of refugees. What’s the EU going to do then? Hungary is going to build a higher, stronger fence to keep the refugees out of that country. Moroccans are getting upset at all the bikini-clad tourists on their beaches, and they’re snapping pictures of them and posting them on-line. Italy is sending back Sudanese immigrants on private jets. Sarkozy is demanding Britain accept the 9,000 Calais migrants (not going to happen). Austria slaps Merkel down and tells her to close Germany’s borders immediately; Austria also said if there’s another surge of migrants, they will seal their border with Italy. The Kurds just fired some rockets at a civilian airport in Turkey, and Turkey is in Syria trying to kick the Kurds back east of the Euphrates.

    The clothesline is going to snap! I don’t think Turkey should be allowed into the EU. It would just cause massive problems. What are these people thinking? Our culture and their culture is just too far apart. The West needs to get out of the Middle East, help these people rebuild, and send them back to their home countries.

    V. Arnold

    @ Raleigh

    Ah, belief is an entire subject in itself; the Dharma urges caution there; belief is to be avoided, as it’s indistinguishable from Maya.


    V. Arnold – yes, I guess once you have a belief, you’re getting too rigid and definite again.


    Hillary is an agent of the Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Fascist Empire rulers and she has what they refer to as a “KMA card.” That stands for “Kiss My *ss card.”
    Aaron Russo was offered the KMA card by Nick Rockefeller by signing himself over to the Debt-Money Monopoly (although he was probably never told what it was…)…
    I’m not sure if this 10 minute snippet has the KMA card reference or not.

    The whole thing is worth watching…

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