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    Harris&Ewing US Navy Yard, Washington. Sight shop, big gun section 1917 • ‘It’s Easier To Start A War Than To Forgive Debt’ (ET) • Mobius: Helicopter
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    If you are interested in a lucid and authoritative and complete discussion of climate change; try this hypertext linked site: ” on the Website of the Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics. Discovery of Global Warming site created by Spencer Weart with initial support from the American Institute of Physics, the National Science Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.”


    “Turkey-backed Syrian rebels take Jarablus:

    US Vice-President Joe Biden said the US had been flying air cover for the operation.
    He also warned members of the Syrian Democratic Forces – the most effective opponents of IS on the ground in Syria – that they had to return to the east of the River Euphrates if they wanted to continue receiving its help.

    “We have made it absolutely clear… that they must go back across the river,” he said. “They cannot, will not, and under no circumstances get American support if they do not keep that commitment.”

    Kurds are being told to get east of the Euphrates River (Erdogan had previously warned the Kurds not to come west of the river). Let’s see if they go.


    “We’ve Been Wrecking The Planet A Lot Longer Than You Think”

    Well, that is tacit acceptance of the fact that atmospheric CO2 is of minor importance in the climate debate. Worldwide, there was virtually no coal being mined in 1830.

    Experts “surprised” to discover what skeptics have known for years: world has been warming for 200 years

    Ken Barrows

    No, it’s not. Have you ever heard the phrase “rate of change?” Humans have emitted as much CO2 since about 1990 as they did from the beginning of time. Now you can hope that the continued emissions of CO2 will have no effect on temperature.

    By the way, are you Malcolm Roberts?

    Denier Destroyed on Aussie TV. Crowd Goes Wild

    To be a little less unfair, Mr. Roberts has a point if the data is bad. Otherwise, nope.



    Please drop the ad hominems. You can look me up on LinkedIn etc as I use my own name.

    Why don’t you present some data for Australia – for weather stations that existed for the past 100 years?

    Not weather stations in the middle of the uninhabited interior that were set up in the past few years. And not weather stations where the instruments were moved (to get access to electricity) close to a building or car park.

    Please do that and don’t send any link to some populist TV rubbish. I don’t watch TV for a good reason.



    Here is an example – for Mildura which is inland Victoria. The data is in two series as they moved the station from the Post Office to the airport. The data overlaps for 2 years and is comparable.



    If you check for the highest temperatures reached for the hottest month – January – you will see that there is no discernable difference between now and the late 19th century.

    If you go through the old stations one by one, you will get a similar story.

    So where has this record-breaking year gone to?

    Endless summer: Australia’s hottest March on record

    I am not claiming that the temperature has not gone up slightly over the past 180 years or so. I am simply pointing out that it has gone up by a trivial amount. In due course, this tendency will reverse – many believe it has already done so. In any event, it has almost nothing to do with the CO2 in the atmosphere as the article above makes clear.



    And here is the data for Alice Springs – in the very centre of Australia.

    1989-1949 at Post Office

    1942-2016 at Airport

    Again the data overlap for the period 1942-1949 and are quite comparable.

    The highest temperature ever in January was back in 1887 🙂

    In more recent years, the highest was in 2006 – and a lot lower than in 1887.

    In 2016, that “record-breaking” year, it was 34.9C versus a more fullsome 40.0C in 2006 and 40.7C in 1887.

    I could go on, but what is the point. People prefer the fairy-tales on TV.

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