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Arnold Genthe “Chinatown, San Francisco. The street of the gamblers at night” 1900

Far too many people have already used lines like “We Are All Greeks Now” for the words to hold on to much if any meaning by now. But it’s still a very accurate description of what awaits us all. Just not for the same reasons most who used it, did.

No, I don’t really want to talk about Greece again. I want to talk about where you live. And about how similar the two will be not too long from now. How Greece is holding up a lesson and a big red flashing warning sign for all of us.

Greece is the mold upon which all of our futures will be based. Quite literally. Greece is a test tube baby rat.

Greece will never “recover” to our North American and Western European economic levels (if ever they were there). Instead, it’s us who will descend, “uncover” so to speak, to the levels Greece is at today. That is baked into the cake, that is inevitable, and that is therefore what we need to be ready for.

If we wake up in time to this new reality, we may, and that’s still only may, be able to prevent the worst, prevent something akin to the same punitive measures the Troika has unleashed upon Greek society, fully wrecking it in the process, its healthcare system, the safety nets for its most needy.

We may find a way to make a smoother transition from here to there if we prepare in time. But that’s the best we can do. As societies, that is; individual fates will vary.

Greece will find ways to do better than it does right now, balance things out, but it won’t be through a recovery or a bailout. Athens will -because it must, lest the humanitarian crisis deepens profoundly- find ways to better -fairer- apportion what means are at its disposition, amongst its people.

We all have to do the same, wherever we are. Our advantage today is that we can do this from a relatively well-to-do starting point. Our disadvantage is that, unlike the Greeks, we do not understand the reality we’re in.

We’re ignorant, we deny, we prefer not to think about it. The Greeks used to be like that, but they no longer have that choice. And we won’t for much longer either.

The reason why Greece is where it is today, and why we will all be there tomorrow, we can by now for good reason call ‘deceptively simple’. That is to say, the global banking system that orchestrated the financial crisis refuses to take the losses on its extravagant bets, and it has the political clout to get its way, all the way. That’s all you need to know.

The losses are therefore unloaded upon the citizens of our respective nations. But the losses are far too massive for those citizens to bear. They, or rather we, will see our societies stripped of most things, most of the social fabric, that hold them together. Any service that costs money will be cut, progressively, until there’s very little left.

It happened in Greece, and it will happen all over the world. Mind you, this is nothing new; third world nations have undergone the same treatment for decades, if not forever. Disaster capitalism wasn’t born yesterday. What’s new is that it now takes place in the supposedly well-off part of the world, in this case the European Union. And it will spread.

The successive Greek bailouts that have now ruined the entire nation were “needed” to stem the losses on wagers, derivatives and other, incurred by global banks, French, Dutch, German, Wall Street, the City. The first bailout in 2010 also served the purpose of allowing the banks time to shift away from their exposure to Greek debt.

All bailouts, be they directly for banks, or indirectly through a country like Greece and then for the banks, have been set up according to the exact same MO. Greece’s economic reserves just happened to be a bit tighter, and moreover, the country was a convenient lab rat and scarecrow to prevent others from protesting the bailout system too loudly.

The whole system of bailouts, be it in Greece or in the US, was never anything else than a transfer of public money to private interests, with the express aim of making good on the lost wagers of that private sector. With impunity, no less.

And no, the losses have not disappeared. Nor have they been written down. They have instead been transferred to fester in dark vaults, hidden behind swaps and other derivatives, and on central bank balance sheets. But that won’t last either.

The Automatic Earth has warned of the imminent deleveraging and deflation for years, and now everyone is talking about deflation. No worries, guys. As you were. But do please try and understand how this works.

There’s all these losses, with no-one prepared to write down any of them (see Germany vs Greece), and the elites behind the banks unwilling to absorb any -the elites instead insist on getting richer even in a depression-. There is only one outcome left then: that you and me will have to become much poorer. They are our losses now.

The only way the rich can keep getting richer is if the rest of us keep getting poorer. Economic growth is a thing of the past. Deleveraging has started for real. Huge amounts of zombified ‘money’ are disappearing as we speak.

That leaves the world with a lot less wealth. And still the rich seek to get richer, and they are in charge. The math is simple. As Greece shows us, the rich have no qualms about throwing an entire society off the cliff.

A large part of what is now considered wealth is made up of QE and related and inflated stocks, bonds and real estate prices, all of which is zombie wealth. Which can disappear overnight. And if it can, it will.

China stocks and “real” estate and local government debt to shadow banks, emerging markets, commodity currencies (Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.), if you overlook that whole panorama it’s hard to see how you could possibly think there’ll be some kind of recovery.

Where should it come from? Overall debts are much worse, much higher, now, then they were in 2008. We haven’t had a recovery, we’ve had an “uncovery”. And we’re headed for a discovery.

The entire idea, the phantom ghost, of a functioning market died, if you were willing to look, with the advent of central bank intervention. People who work in finance, obviously and for understandable reasons, have never been willing to take that look. They’re just looking to make more money even if things tumble down the mountain in a handbasket. They call it “opportunity”.

But they haven’t been actual investors in years. They’ve just helped the banking system put you into deeper doodoo. Greece shows us where that leads. And soon, wherever you live will show that to you too.

Deflation is a bitch. Nicole Foss here at the Automatic Earth has used the phrase “multiple claims to underlying real wealth”, for a long time. It’s like playing musical chairs. And you’re not winning. You never had a chance.

The only people who will wind up winning are the rich trying to get richer. The rest of us will soon live like the Greeks, and that’s if we are lucky.

There is no other possibility. “Money” is vanishing fast, and the only way it can even seem to return is if central banks do more QE, but that’s a dead in the water policy. Economic growth across the globe, and certainly in the west, is an illusion.

China was the last place that briefly seemed to have any, and they screwed up just like us, ending up with far too much debt to ever repay.

There is a point when the can gets so big and heavy, no-one can kick it down any road anymore. Not even one that plunges down a mountain. Something to do with gravity.

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    Arnold Genthe “Chinatown, San Francisco. The street of the gamblers at night” 1900 Far too many people have already used lines like “We Are All Greeks
    [See the full post at: Deflation, Debt and Gravity]


    The US presidential sweepstakes to me is a reflection of our decadence and ignorance. A freak show on the right and in the center, what’s called the liberal side, a woman running a shell game.

    It’s now forgotten but the Clinton’s when they left Arkansas for the White House were probably the poorest people ever to take up occupancy there. (George Washington was possibly the richest man in America when he took office) Their net worth in 1992 was $88,000. They didn’t even have a home and their car was 4 years old. The wages of neoliberalism then paid well. Their income the last 6 years or something was like $150 million. Little wonder she thinks the status quo is great. Their daughter, a perfectly nice young woman, displaying an almost perfect ignorance said after quitting a ‘job’ at NBC that paid her almost a million dollars over a couple of years of doing nothing I can discern actually said that she didn’t care about money. The mind boggles.

    The rising star is one Donald Trump, a PT Barnum like character who is I think the president America deserves. Not a one of the candidates, not even the fringe lefty Sanders, actually has a clue about the nature of our situation. None have a plan B or think we could possibly need one.


    Chilling. If only because it feels like the day of reckoning is getting closer. Sometimes I think the elite can stretch this out for another 20 years or so. Other days I think we’re close to financial implosion.

    The Derivatives stuff is scary. Hopefully it’s mostly because I don’t really understand it. But then even the people who are supposed to know don’t convince me that they do either. It’s like walking on a hill in the fog. Are we near a cliff face or are we still on solid ground if go a bit further?


    Hi Raul,
    I have been reading your work for a couple of years now. I have ordered and watched Nicole’s videos. I remember how you stated the dollar will gain strength which it has. A rally as a safe haven when all the currencies are perceived as not as safe. What happens next in your opinion? A strengthening dollar crushes debt holders and stocks? I would love your thoughts if you have time to respond

    Charles Alban

    community is the only answer to this. it’s not what you own but who you know. it’s no good just turning all your assets into cash and stocking up with canned food, bottled water, toilet paper and ammunition hoping to ride out the storm. community has to be taken seriously. it’s a scientific process to organize 100 people into a coherent group. they have to relearn the lost art of living together. to subsume their “individuality” to the group. united we stand divided we fall, to be picked off one by one. of course organized groups are a threat to central authority and will be met with repression. they’ll be blood in the streets.

    but we have the tools to do this. there are many successful functioning intentional communities worldwide. they need to be taken more seriously. they are our only hope. there needs to be many more of them.

    and at the risk of drawing flak, i would say that if anyone understood what happens when you let the jewish banking cabal control your economy it was hitler. history is written by the victors. without excusing the SS atrocities in greece, the true cause of the second world war is being reenacted before our eyes today.

    Dr. Diablo

    There is absolutely another alternative, another possibility; there’s no such thing as TINA. The alternative possibility someone will discover, is where someone goes up to their house and makes them stop looting and start following the law. There are 11 million Greeks and what, 100 oligarchs? And that’s the only thing they’re afraid of–and possibly the only thing that can make them stop killing thousands of citizens with despair, violence, and poverty.

    Not saying it’s a GOOD alternative, or may or may not cause more trouble, but if we have discussions, we need to be mindful of all the possibilities to choose, all the things that might happen, whether good or bad.



    A rally as a safe haven when all the currencies are perceived as not as safe. What happens next in your opinion? A strengthening dollar crushes debt holders and stocks?

    Depends on how far you want to look into the future. The longer the less certain, obviously.
    The stronger USD will crush EM first, then Europe, and it’s not good news for China, or the US economy, for that matter. But a few steps further, since US debt is so overwhelming, that can’t last either. It’ll be elites against the people everywhere then. How that plays out will differ from location to location. Far less firearms in Europe than the US, for example. Some countries will have fascist leaders. Some may go to war against each other. A large part of peaceful civilization will go. But not by next week. From a purely financial point of view, the dividing line is how much growth can be obtained per $1 of credit added to an economy. Many places are already below break even on that one. Overall, lots of falling apart.


    this is basically the time of transition to the “Golden Age” that maharishi mahesh yogi was talking about back in 1965. up until age 25 i firmly believed that capitalism was good, and that communism was bad (born in 1970 i’m a child of the 80s – margaret thatcher, the berlin wall was still up). up until age 35 i firmly believed that the 1st world society was the peak of human existence, and that it was absolutely everyone’s right to strive to that level of consumption. now on von-goethe-esque style i rename “corporation” as “canceration” and i can at least appreciate why religious extremists, russians and chinese all use the phrase “The Decadence Of The West”.

    then i heard about “the golden age”. in 1965 maharishi was asked “what will the future be like?”. he took a *long* time to answer the question, and when he did, the first thing he said was “there will be NO machines”.

    think that through for a minute.

    with the 1st world being only 25% of the world’s population and consuming over 50% of the world’s natural resources, anyone can do the maths that we’re on borrowed time.

    luckily we have the internet (at the moment), we are able to communicate world-wide and see the writing on the wall.

    now, the thing is, the transition from 1st world “city-size” culture down to nature-based “community” culture can be an easy one, or it can be a hard one. the choice is up to us.

    i’m doing my bit by thinking “big”, and designing environmentally-conscious computers, as well as researching and designing engines that have 50% better fuel economy than current engine designs. the aim with both these projects is to reduce power consumption as well as reduce the barrier to entry for manufacturing, so that even a local factory could consider building and selling computers and transport locally, with minimal (modern) tools.

    so the choice is ours, people. we can set up local communities that are self-reliant but still have a similar standard of living that we have now…. or we can deny the writing on the wall and be forced – abruptly (if we survive at all) to live scraping the land with our bare hands.


    This post is grossssss.
    Its tabu. Its like discussing bodily excretions/functions.

    “The only people who will wind up winning are the rich trying to get richer. The rest of us will soon live like the Greeks, and that’s if we are lucky.”

    The G7 rich have agreed. There will not be a society functioning with long dead fuel in a 100 years.


    My first post, although I’ve been a reader since back pre-housing bubble. I was recently gentrified out of the booming city where I’ve lived for 15 years. I was always at the low income end, significantly so, but chose a carless simple life in order to live in one of the few walkable places available in the US. Renting and sharing was a necessity, but I enjoy it so not a problem (yeah that already makes me a bit of a freak lol). Now I’ve been forced out into the periphery, where the real people live.

    Everyone rents, everyone works several hideous dead end low paying jobs just to barely stay above hunger and homelessness. My neighbors are friendly people but broken. They are half my age but know there is no future for them. Their spare time is spent on the cheapest drugs/distractions available to them. I don’t blame them, in fact I’ve had to repent of my resentment against such people, thinking it was their disconnection and apathy that was a big part of the problem.

    The ones with more security are part of the military state. This gives a bit more stability but nobody I’ve talked to isn’t aware of the costs. In most cases, it was prison or the service. I’m surrounded by uniforms, I listen to the national anthem every morning, but the people I talk to aren’t any more invested in the official story than those working fast food. There is patriotism of the ironic kind, and plenty of xenophobia and contempt for ‘others’, but still there is distance and joking, and deep disgust at the corruption within the military.

    They believe in all sorts of the alternative stories one can find online. They know things are hopelessly corrupt and false, but I don’t see a lot of evidence of critical thinking when it comes to understanding what is really going on. The loudest voices in this country are fascist, so those are the stories people believe, even if it only deepens their own victimization. Listening to young people who have been betrayed by schools, institutions, government, and above all else employers spout Republican/Ayn Rand talking points is horrifying. But since one has to do so much individual searching in order to find anything else, again, I don’t really blame them anymore. You can’t really look for something you don’t even know exists.

    I have spent more time talking and getting to know my neighbors here than I ever did in the city. They don’t spend every second staring at screens, big or small, they actually socialize while they get high. They look scary but they are approachable. There is so much less constant status seeking, everyone knows they are already at the bottom, maybe the upside is just less daily pressure the way there is in the city. It is the first time in all the years I have lived in the US that people do NOT ask: what do you do? Shocking. But since the point of that question is always about assessing someone’s wealth and status, I guess here there is no point, we are all losers. Job talk is only about how crappy things are, so its about commiseration, not comparison.

    But I certainly do NOT believe ‘community’ exists here. There is some solidarity in acute moments, when it comes to a desperate need for child care or a few bucks for junk food, or a coworker lie to prevent getting fired at work, but otherwise trust is stunningly low; everyone expects to be betrayed the moment it works to someone else’s advantage. Reality show philosophy of the Survivor kind is just simply the way things are, nobody seems to point their intense skepticism in that direction. People are forced to live together because rents here are still cripplingly high, but they hate it. There is no sense that this is a solution instead of a problem.

    I wish some of the great writers here would talk to these people in their essays, the vast many who have no savings, no property, no investments, and no way to ever ever ever get those things. People around me know the american dream is a scam, a nightmare, they want it to crash and burn. But fascism is already here, all my neighbors are quite familiar with the police, there is no naive idea of protest or collective action. For all the gun ownership and tough talk, people around me seem mostly cowed and ashamed. To tell them to rise up and save themselves and their society seems cruel and delusional.

    I would love to read something blunt about how those of us at the bottom should prepare for the oppression that is to come. What is life like for the masses who live in a fascist security oligarchic state? Tell us how bad it will really be, in these modern times, as different than those times we can read about earlier in european history. (I’ve read Evan’s ‘The Third Reich in Power’ many times, looking for clues, but its not really the same now, is it.) How do broken disempowered people cope without further enriching those who crush us, since living without some sort of escape/drug/distraction would require superhuman discipline? How to learn community/solidarity when nobody around you has any experience of it? Is that even possible? I actually suspect not.

    Sorry to sound so negative, and I do understand why a lot of writing here tries to avoid despair. But for many people despair is better than cruel optimism, clinging to ideas that only increase suffering and humiliation. Despair is our only way of feeling like we aren’t being fools, we aren’t suckers.

    I just watched Leviathan, the russian film from last year, devastating, I hope you all will watch it. That feels more true to the world I live in now than the elite bubble around me in the city, full of its ‘liberal’ hopes and expectations. Maybe that is why my first post is so bleak lol.


    A 1000 pound ox will eat 2% of his body weight per day, or roughly 7000 pounds per year, of materials, such as grass, that human digestive systems cannot utilize. He can deliver the pulling power of six humans to work all day in the field. His manure returned to the land will greatly enhance fertility, and, when his working years are done, his body will nourish the humans he has served. Long live the ox!


    Excellent post!
    “…people around me seem mostly cowed and ashamed. To tell them to rise up and save themselves and their society seems cruel and delusional.”
    From David Graeber, “Debt: The First 5000 Years”
    “Surely one has to pay one’s debts.”
    “The reason it’s so powerful is that it’s not actually an economic statement: it’s a moral statement…….The very fact that we don’t know what debt is, the very flexibility of the concept, is the basis of its power. If history shows anything, it is that there’s no better way to justify relations founded on violence, to make such relations seem moral, than by reframing them in the language of debt–above all, because it immediately makes it seem that it’s the victim who is doing something wrong.”
    Fact is, it is inefficient to fight immorality with morality. Better than bullets, better than trying to change entrenched political corruption with votes is systematic failure of the little people to pay debt, a “Jubilee” initiated from the bottom of the pyramid. This will only accelerate the great deflationary cleansing that has started and show the hubristic an alternate view of “creative destruction”.


    You should post more often xingu; that was some impassioned declamation! Have you read ‘They thought they were free’ by Milton Meyer? That might help explain how a society acquiesces to fascism. (slowly at first, then quickly)

    As was Raul’s poignant essay. Nailed it again. It may be bleak, it may be unrelenting, but it’s sadly true. Let’s not beat around the bush. Such unvarnished truth can never be uttered in the vacuous mainstream, and this is why i find myself coming back here.

    I’m listening to Fela singing about Sorrow Tears & Blood, and see that nothing has changed. The weak and the meek will bow, and the strong will be broken. We are all Nigerian. We are all African.

    Action must replace despair if we are to survive.


    So, the Government/Corporate sector is running out of other people’s money? This isn’t Capitalism at all. It’s Fascism, though still presented with a happy face of illusions of “Safety Nets” in exchange for votes.

    Government/Corporate partnerships (Fascism) cannot be referred to as the “Private Sector” here. This arrangement has more in common with the term “Public Sector.”

    As I stated earlier, as more and more resources are consumed by this concentration of power, the real private sector, those not in the loop, will suffer. From the periphery to the core it all goes. It all ends up in the hands of the ruling elite, the new Aristocracy. Likely, in the end, .gov will even expell the Corporatists from it’s forbidden city, after it has used them up as well.


    In preparing for what’s coming, I certainly do not feel it’s a good idea to collect Federal Reserve Notes here, unless one truly believes the issuer of these IOU’s has ones best interest at heart.

    On the contrary, until I can find in history, a list of Great Nations destroyed by Deflation, at least close to the number of those listed that succumbed to devaluation and inflation, I’ll stick to the collection of things “Real,” that can either hold their true value, or offer a real return on investment,,,as any true Capitalist would,,,in the interest of self preservation, mind you.

    Hoping for change as a panacea is a bet against history, as well as a cop out from the responsibility of moving toward self sufficiency,,,, or at least minimal reliance on the benevolence of “Others.”

    Certainly, the Communal activity of heading for the polls to vote for one of two colors of the same agenda is not an answer. Time to develope some individual and critical methods of reasoning and thinking at this juncture.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    ProfessorLnL: Your observations in your first comment nailed it. Well said. One trifling caveat: The corporatists include the banksters, so the controllers of the forbidden city probably aren’t going to be elected officials or bureaucrats.

    I respectfully disagree with that part of your second comment regarding Federal Reserve notes. It will take a very long time for people to make the change to barter. Federal Reserve notes (i.e. the paper money in your wallet) is tangible, recognizable, portable, widely accepted, etc. They are not the same as the digital debt money that will soon vanish from existence. They are what remains after the money supply mostly evaporates. Think supply and demand, and be careful about advising soon-to-be-starving people to burn their only remaining source of wealth for heat.

    Xingu65: Four things:


    Nope. A regular pyramid like on the back of the $1 bill, with us getting crushed at the bottom and the all-seeing illuminati types partying at the top. Agree totally with Diogenes about cash money BTW. Are you going to hold on to your gold all the way to the bottom, when central banks will be selling, as part of their “last gasp”? The round trip may take a long time.


    Thanks for the compliments, I rarely participate in online life so I get very anxious when I do lol. However, I worry that my first post comes across as critical of Raul or any of the writers here, which is definitely not my intent.

    At the risk of giving too much information lol, I discovered this site before the housing bust. I was looking vaguely for something to counteract the omnipresent hype, which seemed wrong to me. Immediately what I read here struck me as true and had an impact. In fact, unlike our giddy friends and neighbors in the city, taking on debt way beyond their means and looking at us with pity when we hesitated to join in, we accepted we simply could never buy anything without a fraudulent subprime loan, continued renting, saved and prepared for the inevitable.

    The main breadwinner in my family worked for one of the major subprime players and when it crashed we were not caught off guard, we had been ready for quite some time. We spent over a year with nobody in the household employed but weathered it very well, while our ‘winner’ friends had to enter therapy, face bankruptcy, walk-aways, divorces, personal/financial/spiritual chaos, the whole shebang.

    However, when I crave things to send my new neighbors to read, something to counter Alex Jones and all the rest of the scary awfulness online that they go to for ‘real’ news, I can’t really send them here. I fear that the essays here often look like they simply aren’t written for an audience that has never even gotten to participate in capitalism except as a serf. Why would they read it?

    I imagine that many if not most of the people who come here have ‘things’ to lose, the wisdom here is absolutely relevant and even life-changing. However, the city I live in now has already lost. What’s next for these places, which are probably the majority of places now? I just wish there were people speaking the hard truth to those who will suffer the most and offering any advice they can on how to cope, not just those looking to preserve what they have (because they HAVE). Helping the dispossessed to understand what has happened to them (and likely their parents before them) seems to be something only the Right wants to invest in. That will cost ALL of us, history has already shown us that.

    The Left has failed, utterly. There might be some tattered remnants in Europe or other places but nothing here, nothing at all. (And I live in a state that voted for gay marriage, I’m not even in the worst of it lol!) Even online, its hard enough to find the Left, at least something that isn’t elitist in its own way.

    People around me want a story that makes sense, they know what they see on TV is garbage mostly, but the only stories that manage to fake it well are the crazies and the fascists. The culture here is so conducive to that already and likely has been for my entire lifetime, maybe always. Its a hustling nation, it always has been. Sociopathic behavior is what works, what is even often required. It really isn’t fair to blame the unwashed masses for their desire for an american Hitler, a Trump. Those with enough power and money to provide an alternative narrative just simply haven’t. Who the hell remembers Carter, even I was young when he was still a person of note. (Not to mean that I don’t enjoy the fact that he says things that need to be said.) The contempt at the top of both parties isn’t even hidden anymore. Like the mayor says in Leviathan, we are insects.

    I lived in Brazil for a while, it made me a communist and almost crushed me, living in a society so unjust and unequal and vicious. It is where I began to learn the necessity of coping mechanisms, even some destructive ones. Life can be unbearable but yet we live, so soccer and caipirinhas and sex with beautiful people actually do serve a vital purpose, when other choices are closed to you. They lessen temporarily the burden of living an a prison that society has created for them. Suicide is for the bravest maybe, crime and drug entrepreneurship is for the clever and slightly less brave, addictions and a messy life is for those who simply can’t stomach the illusions of religion.

    I see that happening here and have been paying attention for a long time to this trend; I even studied it in my university days, it was called ‘brazilification’. Now I guess its just the neoliberal norm, shock capitalism (was there really ever any other kind when the money people could get away with it lol?) and so widespread its way beyond Brazil.

    Greece seems shocking because its Europe, but if you’ve spent time in Brazil, or now Mexico, our real future has been around for a lot longer than Greece. Booming economy on paper, at least some of the time, and massive poverty and social destruction ALL of the time. And it always get’s worse (while those in power get richer). Spend some time googling what a real Brazilian neighborhood looks like at street level, in any city, not just the big famous ones. Its basically various sizes of prisons that house people of all levels of society. And to be clear, I’m talking about actual houses, NOT prisons. Greece looks good by comparison, as does my sad new city. We have a long way to fall and we are only getting started.

    Its absolutely horrifying what people will adapt to, isn’t it? I just read Klemperer’s diary during the Third Reich (again, I’m obsessed with looking for clues to the future, probably because my own relatives who lived through it just refused to talk about it) and to see the relentless trajectory of oppression, just stunning. Some of it is already too close to where we are in the US now, the language, the types of narratives, the creation of endless fear and enemies, the blatant corruption, the strip mining of society (what little is left). We just think its normal but comparing it to what Klemperer notes, its inescapable how similar things are.

    Anyway, apologies for a double post and that they are too long lol, I type way too fast. I LOVE this site, it has absolutely made a difference in the life of my small family.


    @xingu65 – Excellent posts, hope to read more of what you are living now, which will befall the rest of us.



    I thoroughly appreciate your insights. Please post more often.

    Will F.

    Life is full of choices.

    Anonymous writes about the loss of hope and the realization that one’s social status and income level will never change. I feel sorry for those who truly believe that.

    I will agree that our Governments are corrupt but they have always been so. Perhaps they are more blatant in their lies now than before but that is a symptom not a cause. They are blatant because millions of citizens choose to be sheep because it is easy to do so. Voting for a Government to steal for you, so that you do not take the risk is much easier than stealing for yourself. Submitting your freedoms for a slice of the Gov’t cheese that is handed out with your pills is an easy way to coast through life. Allowing jealousy and envy to justify your actions is much easier than picking up a shovel and finding someone to pay you to use it.

    When you absolve yourself of personal responsibility for your status in life it is a much easier existence. It is much easier to place blame and play the victim than it is to get up every day and turn over rocks looking for something to eat or a new opportunity to improve your status. Standing on your own feet and facing life is much harder than cowering behind the skirts of victimhood.

    The history if our world is full of graveyards of people who have given up their rights and their opportunities for a little slumber, a little sloth and the deference of hard decisions to someone else. Lest we think that laziness and the “entitlement mentality” is a new thing, I suggest reading something from the time of Christ walking the earth to refresh one’s perspective of the human condition.

    Much is said about the “Have’s” and their fear of losing their possessions. This has been true since the first caveman hit another one over the head with a rock to protect his dinner. For every “Have” that worries at night, there is a “Taker” that would take what is not theirs because he/she is not willing to put in the long hours necessary to “earn” whatever it is that he/she covets. Although I am not old enough to have witnessed the formation of the first army, I’m pretty sure one of those sides came up with the idea to either protect something they needed, or take something from someone else.

    There is insinuation from many that protecting your things is bad, either money or food, or shelter. Why wouldn’t you protect what you have worked for? Does wanting to improve the social status of yourself or your children, and their children, make you bad or does it ensure that your progeny will be at the upper levels of the food chain just as the animal kingdom requires the teaching of strength and skill in hunting/foraging? Tell me, when was the last time you saw a beggar who had nothing provide a job or opportunity for someone?

    I’m not saying life is fair and everyone gets a piece of the pie; that is foolishness and something that is only preached by the Left in classrooms, to those who are not smart enough to reject their lies. In the animal kingdom those that hunt the hardest and watch over their kill get to live another day. Those that will not work, will starve or are driven out of the family/societal unit to fend for themselves. Some learn and create their own family, others go rogue and are eventually killed trying to steal from stronger, smarter animals. Humans are the same. We are all animals who got to this point in history by fighting for what we have, whether that means learning to read and write so we can get into a good school and learn the ropes that will pay us rewards in life, or learning a skill so we can earn a living with our hands.

    Anonymous talks about escapism. Whether you like or hate the progress that it brought, it is a fact that Iron was not invented by someone who was smoking dope to escape reality and wanted to kill time between episodes of Survivor and Big Brother. It was invented because Copper and Bronze were soft and wore out too soon when used to plow the earth or broke when used as a sword or spear much like gunpowder was not invented to celebrate the 4th of July as some useful idiots might believe, it was invented to repel attackers or destroy defenders. Again, the have’s vs. the have-not’s well before there was ever a stock market / casino which seems to pervade everyone’s thinking in modern times.

    Speaking to the hopelessness realization that anonymous talks about; that their societal status is stalled and they will never be more than what they are, I say failing to take action to improve your situation is your fault, not the fault of “them.” By making bad choices, failing to educate yourself to the “sucker’s game” and other ways you are fleeced of your potential. Being stupid at the game of life allows you to play directly into the hands of those who would choose to victimize or violently oppress you.

    Choosing to escape by mindless sex or chemical means is exactly what the Left would love for you to do. They justify their existence by catering to those who would subjugate themselves for a little piece of food and the false security that comes with totalitarianism. They are elated that you have given up on freedom and opportunity because with self sufficiency and personal determination you have no use for the hand that feeds you but beats you down and enslaves you. Likewise choosing to blindly believe in regulated Capitalism without skepticism of the long term consequences is just as bad as well.

    Lest you think I come from the land of the silver spoon and fine linens, I do not. I have walked down the streets of poverty most of my life. I chose to leave those streets behind. I abstained from mindless unprotected sex, drugs and alcohol to pursue wisdom and skills. With the assistance of a God that you may deny exists, and the help of others of like mind, I have propelled myself from the place I was born to a place my children will be lucky to call home. I have walked away from all those who would drag me back down to the poverty of my youth and made friends with those who can help me as I help them, to become better and do our best to ensure that our children will never have to wonder what a hot meal every day feels like. I avoid those who express hopelessness and victimization because of their skin color or their zip code because surrounding yourself with those people ensures your failure in life.

    Anonymous mentioned educational lies.

    Notice that I did not say formal education was something I sought out? It only took me two semesters of College to figure out what they were trying to peddle and I wasn’t buying any of it, so my grades reflected my disdain for the “victim” role and my rejection of the “hive” mentality. The majority of my Professors were not open minded when I mentioned that environmental extremism was the same as robbery / murder that Communism was evil and that treachery and deceit were things that should not be looked up to.

    They called me racist and homophobic when I told them the color of a person’s skin should not allot them privilege that they have not earned and that I did not want to see a rainbow flag flown above the stars and stripes. I was called a misogynist when I opened doors for women and a cave man when I mentioned my love for a good steak. I was ostracized by the women who wanted a feminine man who shaved all of his body hair off and spoke with a fake lisp; right up to the moment their car needed a tire changed and their “man” was incapable of the job. I was told that heterosexual sex was rape and lesbians were the way nature intended humanity to aspire to because in nature the males are often loners and the females live in groups absent a male to do anything for them.

    I was called a warmonger when I said that someone who chant’s their allegiance to a religion created by a seventh century man, right before they blow up a school bus full of kids should be hunted down to the last dirty little hut and removed from this earth in the same fashion he treated his victims. I was called a dirty capitalist when I said “no poor man ever provided anyone a paying job” and a brown shirted thug when I said lying, cheating and stealing should be punished by imprisonment and repayment of the debt.

    None of the things I was called were true then, nor are they now. What they were, was deflection and attack of the truth that the world is not a nice, kind, gentle, loving place to live which promises prosperity to all, regardless of the effort that they put forth.

    The world is a dirty, dangerous place. Without strong willed people who stand up to Evil, it wins every time. Without the blood of patriots, tyranny rules and without the occasional spanking, not to be confused with “beating” most children will eventually turn into disrespectful little spoiled brats who grow up to be disrespectful spoiled adults.

    Wherever you have humans, strength is always preferable to weakness. Wisdom and hard work are always preferable to foolishness and laziness; which will always lead to poverty. Although many will disagree with me, every child should be taught that any free lunch probably has a hook hidden within it somewhere and idle hands and minds are the path to personal destruction; that people are capable of making their own decisions but sometimes you have to let them drown a little before they learn to swim and appreciate air.

    I will not apologize for writing so much here. I believe strongly that the argument so many make, that our fates are hopeless and our position as serf’s is assured and out of our control must be countered with the fundamental ideas that changed the world and led to the five-thousand year leap. Self respect, hard work, wisdom and perseverance were once practiced by men such as our founding fathers and led to the creation of one of the greatest ideas ever put forth by man. The idea that a wise and watchful populace could self govern without the need for burdensome Government and that a moral and just society could prosper in the face of a world filled with tyranny and oppression, to the point that it would become the most prosperous and influential Nation on the face of the earth.

    If they did it once,with black powder and quill pens, just think how good we could do if we do not forget the lessons of the last two hundred odd years and we reinvigorated the ideas of freedom. If we took a stand against Evil and taught every child, regardless of religious beliefs, that morality matters, that self reliance equals self respect; that community does not equal the right to let others do all your work for you and that life is not easy but it should be free.



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