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Mr Incredible and baby Jack-Jack in The Incredibles 2. Photo: Disney


Britain launches a Baby Trump Blimp as the US President visits the country, and all the media and the public cheer and celebrate it, almost as enthusiastically as they cheered on their not-so-very-good football (soccer) team until a few days ago.

And you know, what’s so bad about a blimp? Innocent enough, right? Here’s the thing: their own government loves for them to protest Trump and feel good about the ‘courage’ evidenced by allowing the blimp up in the sky, surely a sign of an open democracy and all.

Their own government loves it all because it means they won’t be protesting its own actions, its own cruelty and incompetence. Does nobody at all over there understand that it’s empty and hollow and inane to protest the visit of a foreign leader while your own leaders are guilty of much worse than he is, and have been for decades if not centuries?

Has nobody learned anything from the Windrush openly racist scandal? How many Britons have protested their nation’s involvement in bombing the Middle East to ruins over the past few decades, killing millions of people? The separation of migrant children from their parents? Who the f*ck are you guys to launch a Baby Trump Blimp? Have you lost any and all control of your faculties?

Your present government is turning your immediate future into a nightmare, twisting the Brexit vote into something that you never intended, not even on purpose, but on sheer incompetence. Come March 29 2019, you’ll fall off a steep cliff in Dover as a country, and it won’t be due to Trump. It’ll be your own doing.

Clean up your own home first before you start criticizing other people’s abodes. The entire British empire was always built on rape and pillage and murder. It still is, actively, as we speak. So sh*t the f*ck up about Trump. The hypocrisy exhibited by the Baby Trump Blimp is blinding and deafening.

Your country is a moral pig sty. It’s time you yourselves get in there and do the nasty work of cleaning it up, and get your hands very dirty in the process. Don’t try and point out that other countries, too, are full of dirt and shi*t and stink from here to Sunday.

None of your business, or at least not till you have your own house in order. You, too, stink up the entire neighborhood. I don’t really understand why nobody has come up with a very very insulting giant balloon portraying the Queen and her very very wrinkled 92 year-old ass, and flown it on the same day as the Baby Trump Blimp.

It’s times like these that make me despair for mankind more than any others, because they show how easily and how readily people can be manipulated, while convinced they’re expressing their own emotions and opinions. Yeah, sure, blame your feelings of discomfort and unhappiness on somebody else. Today it’s Trump, tomorrow it’s Putin’s turn again. Novichok. Yada yada.

Britain has been responsible for the death and suffering of millions upon millions of people around the world through its insane and megalomaniac idea of building an empire. These days it can’t even hold its own country together anymore. Good riddance.

So what do you do then? You cheer a blimp that seeks to degrade someone, because that’s all you have left to do to make yourselves feel less despondent about your own sad existence.

No, Trump should never have been the US President, a country of 320 million people surely should have someone, anyone better than him to lead the country, But that’s not your territory. Yours is who leads your own nation. And Theresa May is as bad as the Donald is. Easily.

Like Tony Blair was before her, and David Cameron. You’ve been had and conned by your media -all of them- and your politicians, for many many years, Britain. Your problems won’t vanish until you open your eyes. And cheering a blimp is just another way to prevent you from opening them.



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    Mr Incredible and baby Jack-Jack in The Incredibles 2. Photo: Disney   Britain launches a Baby Trump Blimp as the US President visits the country
    [See the full post at: Baby Trump Blimp]

    V. Arnold

    But, but, who gives a shit? I certainly do not!


    It is tough when there are no more spoils to feast upon and you must live leaner. The neo-everything era has produced government whose governance is to feed the military-industrial-financial complexes which exploit cultural-tribal differences. The World Cup is doing its job of strengthening the network of nations that will some day have to function as a united space nation in the greater community of worlds.

    With Trump among the EU leaders, their tolerance has been explained as being due to the swings governments can take under parliamentary systems. They expect a return to the norm.

    Minority rule is where the U.S. is now and the gutless Republicans who don’t have the courage or sense of Watergate era Republicans are so dependent on the favors of big money, that they unwilling to see the damage they are doing. They aren’t historic Republicans. It is a brand nameplate stuck on a reduced quality vehicle, as Detroit has so often done.

    Putin’s mischief makes him a player, which is all he needs. Democracy is so messy. The CEO is a poor model for governmental leadership. The focus on profit it too narrow. A small coalition rewarded by the CEO is just another dictatorship. Loyalty is rewarded and used for control.

    Single purpose business dictatorships have been useful to the greater society. Steve Jobs was such an individual. Noblesse oblige is not part of the curriculum.

    Nations are not businesses and can’t be run simply for efficiency, because the goal of perpetuation of the nation can’t be put on a spreadsheet. Neither can that be done for humanity.

    Level playing fields, upon which humanity can in relative safely compete, so all can develop resilience in loss and experience fleeting success, is needed. Permanence does not exist in this world. Dominance is a ratings game for brands, but not for we the people more perfect unions.

    Ignoring the limited nature of elements of the natural environment was a short coming or the tribes of Easter Island. Our planet is effectively a larger island in space. We do have the capacity to view the whole earth. We were first show the picture that confirmed it in 1968. Such a perspective will make us truly conservative and caring.


    “The entire British empire was always built on rape and pillage and murder. It still is…”

    Concise and true. They have handed the baton to an “American empire” which is just as wicked, but control of American power and wealth is exploited by a ZioAngloAmerican globalist cabal which has loyalties only to themselves and those useful to them in the moment. While duplicitously justifying maximization of greed as the ultimate objective of a meaningful life, they have forgotten the truism that world economy loss leaders are the oil of social justice.


    Since when have the NON-ELITES refused to do the bidding of the ELITES.
    We, the non-elites, are pawns of the elites.
    The web has the capacity of demonstrating that we all live in a glass house.

    Dr. D

    Wasn’t a certain Prime Minister at the head of the departments overseeing Windrush? And also Grenfell?

    And for the great freedom of speech, I recall a certain gentleman who merely reported on a public court hearing and found himself suddenly in prison.

    Yes, there’s quite a lot all nations could and should do long before they start looking to others. There was a certain gentleman in the Middle East who said a mote about this, but it seems to be forgotten.


    Wow! Supurb, totally honest and “on the money”. Thanks Ilargi. I read AI everyday. and it is always thoughtful and sensible. But this needed to be said. Bloody minded bastards that we are, we learned it all from the British.

    Carlos Jimenez

    Way to go Raul! The only column of this kind I read these days in my daily web surfing. You hit it right on the nail, as usual, hard. All the best.


    First of all, I think the Baby Trump Blimp is adorable. That said, i don’t see any difference between this and Greece’s referendum prior to one of their many bail-outs. It achieves nothing. It’s just fun to watch.

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