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Salvador Dali Galatea of the Spheres 1952


Axios reporter Jonathan Swan “broke” the story yesterday morning that Rod Rosenstein was going to resign before he would be fired, and he was on his way to the White House for that. Just about every would-be journalist in the US followed suit with speculation and ‘updates’ by anonymous sources either close to the White House or to Rosenstein.

Through the day it became clear that Swan’s entire story was pure speculation (though he just published an alleged resignation letter), and at the end of the day Rosenstein is still the Deputy AG, scheduled for a talk with Trump on the entire matter on Thursday. In short, Jonathan Swan dented Axios’ credibility by more than he will admit. So who has any credibility left by now? It’s not a long list anymore. Where can you get your news? Not where you used to.

Several voices volunteered that the White House had pumped the Rosenstein story in order to deflect attention from the Kavanaugh narrative. That made little sense: why would they do that? There may be some who think that Kavanaugh means a whole lot of trouble from Trump, but are they really paying attention, or merely thinking wishfully?

Kavanaugh himself didn’t look all that destroyed in his interview last night. And he made a very bold move: he said he was a virgin until well past high school. All it would take to break down that claim is one woman to step forward and say she had sex with him. And if he did have consensual sex even just once, nothing to do with assault, he’d still be exposed as a liar, so why make such a claim unless it’s true?

All this puts the allegations made against him in an eery light. Christine Blasey Ford’s story looked shaky from the start, because of all the things she said she couldn’t remember, but many people were granting her the benefit of the doubt. Then Deborah Ramirez added an allegation that if anything looked even less coherent. Even the New York Times could find no-one to corroborate her story, and she herself couldn’t, either.

Now, for all we know Kavanaugh may have been an adolescent monster, but we would still need proof of that before we nail him to a cross, or, worse still, keep him off the Supreme Court. Which is, obviously, what got the whole circus started.


Thursday will be yet another eventful day in the guaranteed to be always entertaining presidency of Donald Trump, and we wonder in eager anticipation how Axios and all the other news outlets will cover the events. Their Kavanaugh narrative looks shot right now, but we’d expect another woman, or two, or ten, to pop up with inflammatory tales.

Look for the one about consensual sex, that would seem to have a better chance than another assault with a penis chapter, and he set it up himself last night by his virgin declaration. Also, look for desperate attempts to smear the judge. There are still many people in Washington and beyond who really really don’t want him confirmed.

But then, everything they tried so far has backfired, even if that’s not what they see. That same thing may well happen in the Rosenstein saga. It’s no secret, never has been, that Trump has different opinions than Rosenstein, or for that matter Jeff Sessions, have on several matters. But they’re both still in their jobs.

Trump appointed Rosenstein, and he appointed Sessions, who turned around and recused himself from the Russian collusion case, putting Rosenstein in charge of that. Rosenstein appointed former FBI chief Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, though it was obvious from miles away that the FBI was heavily involved in the case.

Now, after all the Strzok/Page mails and the Andrew McCabe bumbling, we know that Robert Mueller, after almost two years, still hasn’t found any proof of collusion. We know this because he hasn’t presented any, which he would have been obliged to do if he had any, simply because the allegation of working with a foreign government to undermine the US is so serious; you can’t hold back that sort of information.


That all said, is it so strange that Trump has perhaps had enough of this? That he might like an actual Attorney General who actually takes charge of the case, and a Deputy AG who has some distance from Mueller and asks him to finish up the investigation which hasn’t produced anything but tax evasion charges for Manafort and 14 days in jail for Papadopoulos, who presumably pled guilty because, like Michael Flynn, he couldn’t afford to defend himself?

There are times one gets the impression the whole thing only continues because newspapers and TV channels make so much money off of painting Trump as the modern Antichrist. And while the man undoubtedly is full of flaws, that’s not what they’re all aiming for. They go for Russiagate, because it sells to have an archenemy to talk about, and they go for Stormy Daniels and Kavanaugh’s penis, because sex sells more than anything.

Along with all the anti-Trump rhetoric, there is a running story about a Blue Wave that will hand the Democrats back control over the House and perhaps the Senate. But while I think it might be good to restore some balance in Washington, if only so people must actually talk, I also think that Blue Wave thing is perhaps the biggest mistake America’s formerly left can make.

Because the Democrats, no matter how they see themselves, have no identity. Other than they’re not Trump and they hate the man. We saw that loud and clear the other day when they helped the GOP push a record military budget through the House. They’re merely a flipside of a coin. They have nothing of their own.

Yes, there’s Ocasio-Cortez and a handful others who try to define something different, but surely they must know that when you call yourself Socialist in America you’re tying an arm and a leg behind your back. Kudos for trying, but that’s not going to work. Bernie Sanders is done after allowing Hillary’s DNC to push him aside; people remember such things.

That leaves the usual suspects, Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, calcifying in their seats, with Hillary in the wings for a glorious return to viability in 2020. And they think that combo will make them win elections, and win them big, just because voters are so sick of Trump? Methinks perhaps they have started to believe their own stories, while neglecting those of their one-time voters.


But sure, let’s see what happens on Thursday, and before, with Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh’s testimonies, and with Rosenstein’s friendly chat with the President. I’m thinking there’s nothing so bizarre I would count it out, but I may have to rethink that. Maybe Robert Mueller will resign tomorrow before Rosenstein can be fired -assuming Trump would want to-, maybe Kavanaugh had sex with an entire boys’ choir twice a week, leaving him technically still a virgin.

Our fantasy is just about endless. But that’s the exact biggest problem with everything about this: there’s far too much fantasy involved, far too many allegations that remain unproven but leave traces left and right, far too many accusations that nobody is made to own up to.

One last thing: if it turns out Christine Blasey Ford can prove none of her accusations vs Kavanaugh, and he’s been telling the truth all along, what does that mean for all the women who’ve told their stories of rape and assault under the #WhyIDidntReport hashtag? How betrayed will they feel, how tricked? Or will they continue to insist that he must be guilty even if there is zero proof?

And no, it’s not Just the Democrats, it’s Washington as a whole, egged on by despairing media who see their revenues and credibility plunge and resort to cheap tricks. The Republicans with their inane plans to re-open the hunt on grizzlies are just as bad. Want to Make America Great Again? Start with protecting the grizzlies and manatees and moose and eagles. They are what makes the country rich. There won’t be anything great about a barren desert land devoid of life.

But the urgent question in Washington right at this moment is, in light of Rosenstein and Kavanaugh: how deeply can you divide a country, for political ends, before it bursts? And what will it take, what can still be done today, to pull it away from the looming abyss?



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    Salvador Dali Galatea of the Spheres 1952   Axios reporter Jonathan Swan “broke” the story yesterday morning that Rod Rosenstein was going to res
    [See the full post at: America’s Looming Abyss]


    Kavanaugh may have been an adolescent monster,

    1. He was different, he couldn’t get any sex in high school or college, not even from drunk women.

    2. He was a different teenager, he didn’t want sex.

    What is it.

    Lying or hypocrisy

    John Day

    Everybody was afraid of the AIDS Epidemic when Kavanaugh was a junior in high school, through his college years. Remember that? Also, take a look. He was no Adonis… Prob’ly awkwardly self-conscious in his neediness and stuff, too.


    This is such a big target it is impossible not to try to take a shot. AIDS didn’t really become a concern in 1985 when Rock Hudson died. At first it was a homosexual disease. Only when Brett Kavanaugh was at Yale would he have even thought about it and avoiding unprotected sex. He has a serious alcohol problem; blackout drinking. Alcohol stunts mental development. It removes inhibitions. All indications are that his behavior was about power and male status. At best, he is a dry drunk like George W Bush who looks hell of a lot healthier than he does. At worse, he is a functioning alcoholic who at 53 is about to see his life unravel and hit bottom even if he gets on the Supreme Court. If he is a member of AA, I sure haven’t heard it.

    The Media Moguls want to have Donald Trump gone. That and sex helps their ratings which increases their wealth.

    Dr. D

    This is why we have slander and libel laws which should be dusted off and used vigorously.

    You can’t just go saying things to ruin people without consequences. That goes for Ford as well as Infowars. That follows for breathless NYT allegations of chemical weapons, Kuwait incubators, and Gulf WMD’s as well as Julian Assange.

    The reason we have this is to forestall just such madness as we see today. If you are correct, and your story is true, there is little risk (in the U.S. at least, where unlike Europe the underdog does not end up paying all fees) — even if you’re a reporter that’s wrong and you can point to the people quoted, the multiple sources, you are legally protected. But you can’t just walk around accusing everybody of everything, printing lies, tying up the legal system at no cost and increasing profit. Such lies put individuals and collectively the entire society at mortal risk and should be shunned, sued into oblivion, with the victors taking the spoils.

    However, why do I bother? Like all the other laws: fraud, antitrust, declarations of war, libel has been on the books a hundred or a thousand years. If the people are immoral and do not wish to adhere to law, process, or sanity, no additional words will avail. They love the violence, the chaos, the abuse, and they hate the law and the logos with a burning passion otherwise the world would not look as it does.

    Nevertheless, I will remind you of this thing. Fixing these problems are very, very easy. As easy as following the law, as easy as doing what you always did before, you and your father’s fathers who most painfully developed the solutions ages ago and wrote in a thousand books. And so long as people love evil and hate good, the government will be no help, nor is the media, and no new law will prevail, as we follow no laws now. The people like this, support this, advance this, wallow in this, because that is who they are. Can I help them from themselves?

    If resting unproven, and possibly even if true, Ford has attacked all women who are legitimately harmed and won’t be believed, undermining 50 years of hard struggle. She has attacked the rule of law by taking all means to avoid due process, presumption of innocence, and speedy, fair trials. She has attacked another individual specifically. There are responsibilities that go with those things, and were I accusing another I would be aware of them. Things like: to file complaints in a timely manner, or at all. To not expect a bureaucracy to have investigated and/or solved your problem before you presented it to them in writing and started a process. To approach them only when I have necessary and provable details such as who, what, where, when, and how, and to otherwise not waste their time even were my injury real, as it so often is. A dozen crimes are committed against me daily and no one in the legal system cares, or will research, support, or give me the time of day. As an ordinary citizen you can be violently attacked and the police won’t show soon, if ever. They don’t investigate a thousand such reported crimes daily. Complaints ARE filed, often in Minnesota, WITH a date, location, reason, victim, and alleged abuser, WITH painfully acquired medical photos, lodged with a police report having two available witnesses, in a high-profile case published in papers nationwide, against powerful people and nothing is done about it.

    The expectation of extraordinary measures not given to any other citizen in the whole United States is astounding, and the media’s support of this — the same media that regularly trashes Corey Feldman and protects Harvey Weinstein’s active, open, serial, violent rapes for decades, with his open, on-book payoffs to Cuomo for the privilege of raping New Yorkers — is no less astounding than that the people also support this. Openly, enthusiastically, willingly, supporting such breadth of double standard, and such vicious attacks on victims, or alternately supporting them instead without evidence or reason as it suits the momentary interests of the capricious, Jacobite mob.

    Either extreme I can stand. Both at once as suits them? From the same people, resting only on whether today you are popular or not? #StarkRavingMadness, and they should beware what history says about leaping on the back of a tiger you can never dismount. This is the definition of why the Founding Fathers were terrified of Democracy, and contained it by every legal method available.

    “Were I a common laugher, or did use/To stale with ordinary oaths my love
    To every new protester, if you know/That I do fawn on men and hug them hard
    And, after, scandal them, or if you know/That I profess myself in banqueting
    To all the rout, then hold me dangerous.” — Julius Caesar, Act1 Sc2


    Dr. D, I take it that you are a male, and so may be incapable of understanding what it is like to be a girl in the 80s. I will therefore excuse your ignorance of both law and culture, conditional upon your honest effort to educate yourself about sexual assault, preferrably before the Russian mafia manages to arrange for a Supreme Court Justice to be jailed in Maryland for sex crimes.


    The American (global) abyss has been a well thought out and scripted operation… and one of the architects actually popped up and communicated with the debt-serf class.

    I Am Rofschild, Axe Me a Question

    Those with minds to process will realize that this guy is the real deal, or he has knowledge of the real deal. My guess is he really is a Rothschild, just as he claims to be. If so, their philosophy is quite interesting… and extremely cold blooded to anyone outside their bloodline.

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