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Salvador Dali Crepuscular old man 1918


It took just 4 months after the deplorably failed Mueller probe of alleged Trump links to Russia, for the Democrats to raise the next -faded- red flag, Ukraine. And they do so in a manner that reminds me, personally, a lot of what happens in the UK. That is, the process has now moved on to what is legal or not and who decides what is or not.

Nancy Pelosi apparently has been told by her legal advice that it’s okay for her to move ahead with an inquiry, that she can even label an Impeachment Inquiry, without following established Capitol Hill procedure. Needless to say, them slopes are mighty slippery. Because if true, it would mean she can call the ‘other side’ offside for as long as she wishes.

She would, in effect, prorogate the US House the same way Boris Johnson tried to do Parliament in Britain. And not by shutting it down from the outside (Boris as PM) but from the inside (using her powers as Speaker). It would appear it’s time for every American to pay attention, because this could have grave consequences far into the future.

Pelosi’s plan is to not have a House vote on initiating the inquiry, but to just go ahead and have one, and stealing the name Impeachment Inquiry for it. Why? Because she thinks that way she can have only Democrats ask questions, issue subpoenas etc., while House Republicans could only sit and watch the spectacle (not what they were elected for).


I am not a lawyer, let alone a constitutional scholar, but when I read these things there are a million red hot five-alarms going off in my head. Because this is not about enacting the law, it’s about circumventing it. Just because you have a House majority cannot mean you can simply ignore the minority, or procedure. That would turn democracy into a proxy dictatorship. You don’t want to go there, not even if you’re a desperate Democrat.

But she seems to have made up her mind. So now we face Trump not being allowed to investigate what Joe Biden was up to in the run-up to the 2016 election though Joe’s party could turn that same run-up into a 3-year Special Counsel probe, which turned up less than .. well, you fill it in. It is something to behold.

At the same time, though, there is no Impeachment Inquiry, even if Pelosi calls it that. The White House today will send a letter to a judge contesting exactly that. A House Impeachment Inquiry has a procedure, and if she doesn’t follow that, the White House will deny it’s actually happening, and not respond.

Now, if you follow the headlines this week, you wouldn’t know this. Because they all talk of an impeachment inquiry going on. But you can’t get impeachment without following the official procedure, and Pelosi doesn’t follow it. And the media just go along for the ride without caring about procedure.


And obviously you can’t watch this theater and not think that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff et al have not thought about stretching out this whole tragedy for another year, right on the eve of the 2020 election, or even beyond. That they think allegations about Russia, Ukraine and China will help them win.

Because it’s clear that flouting procedure the way they try to do in the House will inevitably have to lead to court decisions, and eventually to the Supreme Court. They’re counting on the damage they can do to Trump while the courts decide. But it won’t just be damage to Trump, however it turns out, it will be damage to the entire country.

And you would think both sides of the aisle recognize that (after all, we do), but there are very few if any signs of that. Everyone’s gearing up for a very big fight because everyone else in their echo chamber is. The problem is, whatever happens, and whoever becomes president, the dividing lines will only become deeper and darker.

AG Bill Barr, along with the State Department and DOJ, and whoever else is involved, will release multiple reports from investigations conducted by US Attorney John Durham, DOJ IG Michael Horowitz and potentially others. The Dems and MSM viewpoint appears to be that is was fine to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Trump’s links to Russia, but not Democrats’ links to, well, anyone at all.

And that is just not okay. I saw this very short clip of John Brennan saying: “I think I suspected there was more than there actually was.” And that’s supposed to atone for 3 years of incessant smearing? It’s ridiculous. Brennan is ridiculous.

And yeah, I know that’s Fox, and I know I’ve on occasion had to turn to right wing media for news because the MSM have closed ranks and ‘report’ only on one side of the story. Sue me for wanting actual news.

None of this negates the fact that we’re in for ever bitter fights, up to and including at the US Supreme Court, ever more, to decide who rules the country. Just like in Britain.

I don’t think this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. At least, unlike Britain, they cared enough to write a Constitution. A lot of good that did.





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    Salvador Dali Crepuscular old man 1918   It took just 4 months after the deplorably failed Mueller probe of alleged Trump links to Russia, for th
    [See the full post at: Inquirygate]


    Re: the Dalui painting: WOW.


    Yeah, ain’t that something? Dali was born in 1904.

    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali Crepuscular old man 1918

    The title alone is awsome; even if the painting is not, IMO.
    Given Dali is 14, I offer kudos for imagination and vocabulary; composition is beyond my ken…
    Of course, I had to look up crepuscular, which is, in itself, interesting…
    You (Ilargi) do challenge your readership (me) on a daily basis; for which I offer an additional kudos…

    Dr. D

    That’s what happens when your escape hatch is to cause a civil war.

    We get over-excited about it, and nobody likes it, but the process is working pretty well, especially for the strain it’s under. Some dictator: listening to Congress, not re-appropriating funds, obeying all judges even in the 9th which is inevitably overturned… At the same time, Congress attempts all kinds of things, but the Courts still rule on them, the executive still calls for process, it still goes to the courts, etc.

    And they can’t stop the process here as in Britain. For one, we HAVE to have an election. Parliament CAN’T stop the executive. So sure if Congress wants to investigate and release, so can the DoJ. The court actually exists and has a history. And the election will tip the field one way or another, and one side will then fruitlessly claim it’s false. Again.

    No one wants to hear it, but the government also doesn’t dare overrule the people beyond a point either. Cheeto doesn’t have to tell them: they already know if they go too far the 300M guns will suddenly matter, and despite everything they’ve come up with, in war games the People destroy the U.S. military every time. It’s infuriating to every tyrant, so that’s why Beto says he’s coming…or rather he idiotically thinks he’s going to order 90% red hats to go attack 90% of other red hats, and they’ll mindlessly obey him, just ’cause he’s Beto and they’re Minions. All narcissistic sociopaths do.

    So the Republic is under a lot of strain, but is working, and the election will pick the direction, not the black-masked guys beating orthodox Jews and gay Asians in the streets of Seattle in opposition to free speech. (Do you ever ask yourself, ‘Are we the baddies?’) Isn’t that against every spin-doctored illusion and lie they’re told you for the last 100 years? That the very existence of guns, and stress, would inevitably mean everyone would shoot each other? You’re still more likely to be bitten by a shark, and 10x more likely to die of ordinary crime in Chicago and Baltimore. The press’s father is the Father of Lies. Their job is to hide all objective statistics and make things seem bigger than they are. Keep your heads.

    Yes they’re going to try all these underhanded tactics, but note they will NOT go further. Why not? What is restraining Pelosi from, I don’t know, more mischief than just childishly weaseling some House rules and lying about it on TV? Something certainly is. And it could go further, but instead we’re going to put that energy into an election, and take out the opposition in a SAFE, LEGAL way. …Just as designed.

    At some point, they will also flip back to the 10th and give that power back to the States as required for 100 years. Then Blue states can be as Blue as they want, have all the gay marriage, single bathrooms, and single-payer health care they want, and the Red states can have fireworks and do whatever Red states do, I dunno. Via law and elections. Frustrating and slow though it is.

    Lke the Joker, their job is to make you think law and order isn’t working. That you must resort to theft, violence, anarchy, abuse, but you don’t. Cooperation is always slower and stronger. We’re getting a lesson in exactly why we have laws, we have processes, and we follow them — a thing forgotten for 50 years and removed from schoolbooks for exactly this reason. In why we don’t want police standing down. In why we have free speech. All this is a good thing, not a bad thing. How else can a people re-learn the lesson of law and #Logos? Why order is better than chaos, why reality works better than illusion? But it’ll be many years yet. Be patient, and more than that be grateful. We almost missed even the offer of a second chance, so make the most of it while it’s here.


    The analogy to prorogation is not an equivalency. Pelosi is a fool. Boris is obviously not. No one will care about any of this in 5 years. The saying goes: Be careful of what you wish for. What people will care about in 5 years is removing the rot. Backfire.

    False Progress

    Is this pro-Trump angle typical? I just signed up for this forum, thinking it was an intelligent site (referenced from somewhere else). Not sure what to make of posts like this. Trump is clearly corrupt, as are those who ignore his constant lie-stream and harp on lesser, random lies by others.

    A few things Trump gets right are that immigration and wind turbines are not good, but his reasoning isn’t nearly as environmentally-based as it ought to be. Overpopulation of humans and machines is killing nature and the quality of life but Trump mostly seems to be anti anything associated with Democrats.

    Wind Energy Shills Capitalize on Trump’s Climate Change Denial

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