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Dorothea Lange Negro woman carrying shoes home from church Mississippi Delta July 1936


Bolivian President Morales Calls New ‘General Elections’ (RT)
Bolivian President Morales Announces His Resignation (RT)
Mexico Says It Would Offer Asylum To Bolivia’s Morales If He Sought It (R.)
Niki Haley: Tillerson, Kelly Tried To Get Me To Undermine Trump (Hill)
Is Pelosi Saving Trump By Shaping Impeachment To Fail In The Senate? (Turley)
Alan Dershowitz: Congress Is Trying To ‘Create Crimes Out Of Nothing’ (Hill)
Asian Shares A Sea Of Red As Hong Kong Chaos Hits Sentiment (R.)
UK One Of Worst-Performing Economies In World Since 2017 (Ind.)



The US/CIA has conducted yet another coup in Latin America. Brazil (Lula), Ecuador (Correa) and now Bolivia. More will follow. Good luck trying to find even one US news outlet that’s critical of this one.

I left in this article, issued before he “resigned” with a gun to his head, because it includes the role of the OAS.

Note: In Bolivia, there are two counts: the “quick” count and the “official” count. Because much of the country is rural and/or mountainous, it can take a long time to count the votes. Hence the quick count: so the press have something to report, and there’s some initial idea of the result. A candidate needs either 50% of the vote or a minimum 10% lead from no. 2 to win in round 1. Morales has a lot of support in rural areas. But these are underrepresented in the “quick count”. So it looked like he didn’t have the 10%+ lead from no. 2. When the official count began to show that he did, opponents cried Fraud! The ultimate result was in line with pre-vote polls, but the damage had been done. The OAS has seen its opening and gone for it.

“..the OAS, which is based in Washington, has grown into a bloc focused on adhering to US policies rather than representing South American nations.”

Bolivian President Morales Calls New ‘General Elections’ (RT)

Bolivian leader Evo Morales promised to hold a new election in order to uphold peace and security across the country after the Organization of American States (OAS) mission failed to confirm his win last month. “I made a decision… to call for a new general election that would allow people to democratically choose the authorities,” Morales announced on Sunday. The plebiscite is set to include a new round of voting for the president, the vice president, and the members of both chambers of Parliament. In his address, Morales also promised to completely replace the members of the nation’s election commission.

Earlier on Sunday, OAS issued a preliminary report, saying it is “statistically unlikely” that Morales secured a 10-percent lead, required to avoid a runoff vote. The auditors claimed to have found security flaws in voting software and traces of “clear manipulation” of the vote-tallying system. Therefore, having been unable to validate the results, the mission recommended holding a new round of elections in the country. Morales requested the audit after doubt was cast on him winning a fourth consecutive term as leader of Bolivia on October 20.

[..] Morales criticized the role of the OAS in South American politics in the past, calling it “the spokesman agency for US interests” and “an overseer of the empire.” He also accused its chief, Luis Almagro, of inciting violence in Venezuela and encouraging a foreign intervention in that country. Argentina’s president-elect, Alberto Fernandez, voiced similar thoughts on former leader of Ecuador Rafael Correa’s show ‘Conversation with Correa’ on RT Spanish. He argued that the OAS, which is based in Washington, has grown into a bloc focused on adhering to US policies rather than representing South American nations.

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“I resign so that Mesa and Camacho do not continue to persecute, kidnap and mistreat my ministers, union leaders and their families and so that they do not continue to harm merchants, guilds, independent professionals and transporters who have the right to work.”

Bolivian President Morales Announces His Resignation (RT)

Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned shortly after the military urged him to do so. Two officials next in line to take over the government also stepped down following weeks of protests. “I resign from my position as president so that (Carlos) Mesa and (Luis Fernando) Camacho do not continue to persecute socialist leaders,” Morales said during a televised address, mentioning the leaders of the opposition. Morales said he decided to step down in hopes that his departure would stop the spate of violent attacks against officials and indigenous people, “so that they [protesters] do not continue burning the houses [of public officials]” and “kidnapping and mistreating” families of indigenous leaders.

“It is my obligation, as the first indigenous president and president of all Bolivians, to seek this pacification,” he said, adding that he hopes the opposition will “understand the message.” Shortly after the announcement, his vice president, Alvaro Marcelo García Linera, also submitted his resignation. The next person in line to take over the government, the president of the Senate, Adriana Salvatierra, resigned soon afterwards. [..] The opposition urged Morales to resign despite his promise to hold a new election. While he briefly resisted the calls, branding them “unconstitutional” and an “attempted coup,” he eventually gave in after the military joined in the chorus.

Shortly before Morales announced his resignation, Bolivian TV channels aired footage of what they say was a presidential plane departing from El Alto International Airport. It was reported that the plane took Morales to his political stronghold of Chimoré in the Department of Cochabamba, 300 kilometers (186 miles) east of La Paz, where he launched his re-election bid in May.

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Will Morales take the offer and leave his people alone?

Mexico Says It Would Offer Asylum To Bolivia’s Morales If He Sought It (R.)

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Sunday that the country would offer asylum to outgoing Bolivian President Evo Morales if he sought it, in a sign of Mexico’s new prominence among left-leaning governments in Latin America. Led by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the government delivered a strong defense of Morales, who said on Sunday that he would resign after the country was rocked by protests over a disputed election and the military called on him to step down. “We recognize the responsible attitude of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, who preferred to resign rather than to expose his people to violence,” Lopez Obrador wrote on Twitter, adding that the Mexican government would explain its views in more detail on Monday.

Mexico was among the first countries to congratulate Morales after his victory in late October, despite questions surrounding the results. Latin American countries have oscillated over the past few decades between left-wing and conservative governments, often with radically different economic and social policies. Since last year, anger at corruption, inequality and poverty have pushed conservatives out of office in Mexico and Argentina, while fueling protests in recent weeks that forced Ecuador and Chile to water down economic policies. Mexico has a long history of giving refuge to left-wing exiles fleeing military rule and repression in the region, a history that Ebrard nodded to on Sunday.

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Not surprising in any form. Except perhaps that they thought she would comply. Not a fan of Haley, but her position has always seemed clear.

Niki Haley: Tillerson, Kelly Tried To Get Me To Undermine Trump (Hill)

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley claims two of President Trump’s former senior advisers tried to get her to undermine him to “save the country,” The Washington Post reported Sunday, citing Haley’s upcoming memoir and an interview with her. According to the newspaper, Haley said former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former White House chief of staff John Kelly would try to get her to work around the president. “Kelly and Tillerson confided in me that when they resisted the president, they weren’t being insubordinate, they were trying to save the country,” Haley wrote, according to the Post.

“It was their decisions, not the president’s, that were in the best interests of America, they said. The president didn’t know what he was doing,” she continued. In one portion of the book, Haley reportedly recalls a disagreement with Tillerson and Kelly during an Oval Office meeting over her suggestion that the United States should withhold funding for a U.N. agency that supports Palestinians. She said she had the backing of Trump’s Mideast envoys, according to the Post. Kelly and Tillerson, however, argued that cutting aid could lead to violence and greater threats to Israel, as well as reduced U.S. influence, Haley reportedly wrote.

Kelly, she added, later responded to Haley in his office: “I have four secretaries of state: you, H.R., Jared, and Rex. I only need one,” she wrote, referring to Jared Kushner and then-national security adviser H.R. McMaster. “I was so shocked I didn’t say anything going home because I just couldn’t get my arms around the fact that here you have two key people in an administration undermining the president,” Haley told the Post. She also wrote that Kelly stalled when Haley requested a meeting with Trump and said the former chief of staff complained when she went around him to do so, according to the Post.

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Jonathan Turley has an interesting take, that Pelosi “wants Trump mortally wounded but still alive in 2020..”

Is Pelosi Saving Trump By Shaping Impeachment To Fail In The Senate? (Turley)

Trump, [..] may have a curious ally in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When she held a press conference to announce the impeachment inquiry, some of us expressed doubt that she had dropped her opposition to it. Since then, every move she has made strongly supports suspicions that Pelosi is less of a convert than a collaborator in the House impeachment effort. While Trump aides such as Rudy Giuliani have now caused untold damage to the White House position, Pelosi repeatedly has intervened to steer impeachment efforts into either a wall or, more recently, over a cliff. For three years, Pelosi has been widely credited with slowing down the impeachment efforts despite many of her fellow Democrats campaigning on an impeachment pledge in 2018.

Pelosi has struggled to maintain the appearance of wanting to impeach the president while preventing any meaningful steps toward actual impeachment. She wants Trump mortally wounded but still alive in 2020. Moreover, she understood the Russia investigation was not producing clear criminal or impeachable conduct. Indeed, earlier this year, I wrote a column exploring whether the real scandal was not likely Russian but Ukrainian in its origins. I noted that various Trump figures, along with Democrats including Hunter Biden, were involved in suspect dealings in Ukraine. The investigation by former special counsel Robert Mueller found no conspiracy or collusion with the Russians. The Justice Department correctly rejected obstruction. Pelosi moved to put impeachment to bed, saying she would not accept one that was not based on articles with “overwhelming and bipartisan” support.

Everything was going according to plan, until Trump called the Ukrainian president. The danger of pretending that you want to impeach Trump is that you may accidentally stumble over a potentially impeachable offense. Moreover, with a whistleblower complaint, Pelosi lost all her control. The Democratic base was simply not going to accept another bait and switch. So Pelosi was forced to hold her bizarre press conference to announce that an impeachment inquiry would begin in the House, despite other Democrats declaring for weeks that they already were conducting such an inquiry. Despite her recent pledge, she pushed through an impeachment vote with no support from Republicans, and the country divided right down the middle on the issue.

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As I said the other day with regards to John Solomon, the Hill appears to have made a move away from Trump. They do still let Turley and Dershowitz talk.

Alan Dershowitz: Congress Is Trying To ‘Create Crimes Out Of Nothing’ (Hill)

Attorney Alan Dershowitz warned that Americans should be “frightened” of the House’s impeachment investigation, accusing Democrats of trying to “create crimes out of nothing.” “Whether you’re from New York or the middle of the country, you should be frightened by efforts to try to create crimes out of nothing,” Dershowitz said Sunday on John Catsimatidis’ radio show. “Well, I spent the afternoon yesterday searching the federal criminal statutes from beginning to end. I couldn’t find the crime.” The House’s impeachment inquiry was launched in September amid Democratic concerns that Trump leveraged $400 million in military aid to pressure Zelensky to publicly open an investigation on unfounded corruption allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden, a top political rival.

The White House has repeatedly blasted the House investigation as a “witch hunt” and decrying Democrats’ efforts as “unhinged” last week after they voted to formalize the inquiry. “First they made up collusion… I searched the statute books. There’s no crime of collusion… with a foreign country. After that, they said obstruction of Congress,” Dershowitz said. “In a desperate effort to try to find crimes [committed by] President Trump, they’re just making it up. And that means we are all in danger.”

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Hong Kong police have started shooting protesters with live ammo, so let’s talk stocks. So people know we have our priorities straight.

Asian Shares A Sea Of Red As Hong Kong Chaos Hits Sentiment (R.)

Asian shares a sea of red as Hong Kong chaos hits sentiment. Asian shares sank on Monday, the safe haven yen rose and gold jumped following a fresh escalation of violence in Hong Kong while uncertainty still remained over whether the United States and China could end their damaging trade war. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index .HSI led the losses in Asia, down 2.4%, after police fired live rounds at protestors on the eastern side of Hong Kong island. Cable TV and other Hong Kong media reported at least one protester being wounded. Video footage showed a protester lying in a pool of blood.

[..] “The China-U.S. trade war and the Hong Kong protest are combining to cast a negative pall on Asian markets today,” said James McGlew, analyst at stockbroking firm Argonaut. “Hong Kong protests have been dragging on for a while and the view from the financial world is that it’s really starting to bite now. The further this drags on it’s certainly going to be very negative.”

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“When Britain needed to invest, they chose corporate tax cuts. And when Britain needed to rebuild, they chose more austerity.”

UK One Of Worst-Performing Economies In World Since 2017 (Ind.)

The UK is one of the worst-performing developed economies in the world since the last general election in 2017, new analysis has shown. Annual growth has come in at just 1.3 per cent – less than half the average of 2.7 per cent among members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a club of wealthy nations. That put the UK 31st out of 35 OECD nations in the period since Theresa May unexpectedly lost the Conservatives’ parliamentary majority. Almost every OECD nation has outperformed the UK on exports and levels of investment, which have slowed markedly as a result of uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC), which compiled the figures, said a decade of austerity, Brexit mismanagement and a fragile global economy had caused a slump in business confidence. Frances O’Grady, the TUC general secretary, said: “The UK economy has fallen into the relegation zone – and you have to blame the manager. The current government is leaving the economy in a dismal state. “When Britain needed to invest, they chose corporate tax cuts. And when Britain needed to rebuild, they chose more austerity.”

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The UK has an Editors Code of Practice.




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    Dorothea Lange Negro woman carrying shoes home from church Mississippi Delta July 1936   • Bolivian President Morales Announces His Resignation (
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 11 2019]

    V. Arnold

    Dorothea Lange Negro woman carrying shoes home from church Mississippi Delta July 1936

    Poignant, to say the least…
    But probably common given the time and place…

    The Elk shot is one in a million…


    In Baron Munchhausen, there is a deer with a tree growing out of its head.

    Dr. D

    Yes, if you had those heels you definitely wouldn’t want to walk home. See her stockings as well. Is that Dorothy’s car? She left the door open.

    “The OAS has seen its opening and gone for it.”

    You have to cut off the money. Only honest money can restrain this.

    And our old friend, their hero, “’It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” –Uncle Joe. The other one.

    “I resign so that Mesa and Camacho do not continue to persecute, kidnap and mistreat my ministers”

    I’m sorry, so you think if you SURRENDER they’re going to be just, honest, and non-violent? You country will improve when kidnappers and felons are in charge instead of you? Ah, but surrendering is nice. Fighting is mean.

    “Kelly and Tillerson confided in me that when they resisted the president, they weren’t being insubordinate, they were trying to save the country,” Haley wrote, according to the Post.”

    This is common in all administrations, all nations, all bureaucracies. However, the question is how much, how far? Because as I say each day: it is still wrong. We elected one guy to be the boss, not the other ones. Now his own Cabinet is HIS choice, much more latitude than the unelected Deep State, but still. Sounds like he should fire them. Oh wait: he did. Next question: why isn’t Haley lying? Not about Rex and Kelly, but about herself and everything else? She’s an adult; she has a mouth. She’s laid eyes on Washington D.C. To me that’s cause to believe she’s lying.

    By the way, you notice how “Secretary of State” Kushner, like the pals of “Anonymous”, was kept running around like a moron getting nothing done, while keeping the Israeli lobby off his back.

    “Pelosi is less of a convert than a collaborator in the House impeachment effort”

    From yesterday, pre-trial taints the prospective real trial. Also Pelosi wants to rig the 2020 election, not do her duty under the law to follow the procedure of law. So there’s no real way for us to know which. Maybe she’s doing one and tells each side she’s doing the other, and when it doesn’t work, she’ll still have option two and three available. I mean, isn’t that what politicians, or all of us, do? Keep some moves in play?

    I don’t know what this writer would be suggesting otherwise. That Pelosi is a secret Republican and wants Trump to win and then arrest her? No, that she wants him wounded to lose the election because there’s no plausible impeachment makes the most sense. In other words: political election tampering. Unfortunately, it’s technically legal, as Hamilton feared.

    “Democratic concerns that Trump leveraged $400 million in military aid to pressure Zelensky to publicly open an investigation”

    Because it’s written it’s a lie, or in this case framing. Physically, that sentence is true. However, the reporter knows that the “concerns” Democrats have are false. Trump cannot leverage a fact Ukraine is unaware of, it would be legal if he did, and Ukraine had long since already opened that investigation on their own, back in March.

    Is it crappy? Sure. But if you don’t want to be investigated don’t create overwhelming probable cause. Like getting your son, who doesn’t know Russian, Ukrainian, gas, or European law into a $50,000/mo. job a day after you take over, then brag on camera about having his investigator removed. I can’t help you if you do things like that: it’s a red flag factory. Unless, as is argued here, not only can we not investigate ANY candidate, so they may rape and pillage at will, but any FAMILY of any candidate, ANYWHERE in the world, leaving God-knows-how-many hundreds, thousands of Congressional and other attaches open roaming felons with international diplomatic immunity.

    But what am I saying? As insiders they all have immunity anyway, you’re just not supposed to ADMIT it.
    Now who doesn’t have immunity? The policemen, the whistleblowers and the reporters. In They’re jailed and removed at will. #OppositeLand indeed.

    “police have started shooting protesters with live ammo, so let’s talk stocks.”

    Or as we call it here in America: Monday. Probably another effective mass shooting in another weekend in Chicago, Baltimore. No press. No one cares. But wait: I thought their skin color? You care so, so much! Nope. Not if you’re in THOSE districts. It would make our-side-right-or-wrong look bad. Shhh. Maybe they’re not really dead, just sleepy. …Just kidding, I don’t give a #$%& if they’re dead in my district. They’ve been overseeing their constant deaths by the thousands since 1960 and they ain’t gonna stop now for no Republicans.

    Just like Jo Swinson laughed and said she didn’t give a #$@& about men dying in her district. Still, that’s an improvement over Macron: he’s shooting them himself.

    Can we all just be citizens equally under the law? With rules and due process? You know, like we said in 1215?

    Not if everyone lays down and surrenders. Speak up. #You’reNext.


    What happens when nobody follows the order, “CHARGE”

    What happens when nobody follows the order, “VOTE”




    Not quite sure what the protestors hope to achieve. Democracy was not part of the British rule and will not be part of the Chinese rule. China will not give Hong Kong independence. After more than 150 years of interference from European countries this is the last vestige.

    I assume the expectation of those orchestrating these protests is that China will be forced to interfere, and I am sure governments already have a list of punitive measures should it do so.

    I feel it is to China’s advantage to do nothing. By crippling the economy of Hong Kong the protestors may make Hong Kong a worse place to live than China, so when the colony is absorbed into China it will be a step up and not a step down.


    “The trouble with practical jokes is that very often they get elected.”
    Will Rogers



    It’s been ages! Or at least it feels that way…


    Oilfield discovered in Iran is second biggest in the country: oil minister



    China is nowhere without Hong Kong, not at this point in time. They need the finance hub and have nothing to replace it with. They keep up appearances etc., but have no solution. The only place where yuan can trade for dollars (and that’s very simplified) is Hong Kong. China without Hong Kong is America without Wall Street and London without the City. But yeah, at the same time they can’t afford the protesters to win. So, just keep smiling.


    News media made a mountain
    Don Cherry Fired by Sportsnet After Making Anti-Immigrant Comments
    Timothy Rapp
    November 11, 2019

    The one who should be fired is the “boss” who sent the interviewer and the camera person out on the street to ask non-hockey fans, who did not see the comment to get negative responses and then to put those comment on air.


    Wow, Don Cherry, yeah let’s rant about him. Like that’s going to change the man. He’s a simpleton goofball who kept hockey popular in Canada for decades. They should thank him on their bare knees and let his last/past generation stupidity slip. No-one ever hired him for his intelligence, or delicacy or good manners. If Don Cherry would have been 30-40 years younger (he’s 85 now), he would have been big in Vegas.

    John Day

    Hi Ilargi,

    I think this is the third time you have used that picture, and the lady who might be the same one, who has never been out of (Georgia?) and has a withered hand got at least 2 showings.

    Just sayin…

    John Day
    The conclusion is obvious. The details are important to understand our human context.
    ​ ​In terms of population numbers, few species can compare to the success of humans. Though much attention on population size focuses on the past 200 years, humans were incredibly successful even before the industrial revolution, populating all of the world’s environments with more than a billion people. Kramer uses her research on Maya agriculturalists of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and the Savanna Pumé hunter-gatherers of Venezuela to illustrate how cooperative childrearing increases the number of children that mothers can successfully raise and—in environments where beneficial—even speed up maturation and childbearing. Kramer argues that intergenerational cooperation, meaning that adults help support children, but children also share food and many other resources with their parents and other siblings, is at the center of humans’ demographic success. “Together our diet and life history, coupled with an ability to cooperate, made us really good at getting food on the table, reproducing, and surviving,” Kramer writes.
    ​ ​During her time with the Maya, Kramer constructed a demographic model that considered how much household members consume, as the family grows and matures across a mother’s reproductive career, balanced against how much a mother, father, and their children contribute. She found that Maya children contributed a substantial amount of work to the family’s survival, with those aged 7-14 spending on average 2 to 5 hours working each day, and children aged 15-18 spending as much as their parents, about 6.5 hours a day. Labor type varied, with younger children doing much of the childcare, older children and fathers fill in much of the day-today cost of growing and processing food and running the household. “If mothers and juveniles did not cooperate, mothers could support far fewer children over their reproductive careers,” Kramer writes. “It is the strength of intergenerational cooperation that allows parents to raise more children than they would otherwise be able to on their efforts alone.”

    I’m Watching My Students Become Soldiers in Our Endless Wars
    At West Point, Graduation Day felt more like a tragedy than a triumph.
    ​ ​My greatest fear, I said, was that their budding young lives might closely track my own journey of disillusionment, emotional trauma, divorce, and moral injury. The thought that they would soon serve in the same pointless, horrifying wars, I told them, made me “want to puke in a trash bin.” The clock struck 1600 (4 pm), class time was up, yet not a single one of those stunned cadets—unsure undoubtedly of what to make of a superior officer’s streaming tears—moved for the door. I assured them that it was okay to leave, hugged each of them as they finally exited, and soon found myself disconcertingly alone. So I erased my chalkboards and also left.

    ​”It can’t happen here”…​
    ​ ​Where did all the time go? Thirty years ago this week the Berlin Wall fell. Then Soviet chairman Mikhail Gorbachev freed the Baltic states and allowed divided Germany to reunite. It was a geopolitical earthquake of historic proportions – and a major miracle of our times.
    ​ ​The once mighty Soviet Union had become exhausted by its long military/economic/political struggle to keep up with the much wealthier United States and its rich allies. Moscow had 40,000 tanks, but its economic infrastructure, crippled by Marxist ideology, was an empty shell.
    ​ ​A senior KGB general in Moscow told me that, a decade earlier, the renowned Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov had warned the Politburo that failure by Soviet industry to account for deprecation to modernize and replace outdated equipment would provoke a major crisis by 1990. This is exactly what happened.
    ​ ​By 1990, Soviet industry was broken down, outdated or rusted away. The Kremlin could no longer maintain the Soviet welfare state with its free medicine and education, long holidays, vacation spas, early pensions and unaffordable military spending. Arms alone may have accounted for over 40% of Moscow’s budget.


    John Day

    And I am at fault for posting tht article about human cooperation here, which I found very useful. Since cooperation between generations has helped us be healthy families, and have more and healthier children, is not everything being done in society today, to atomize us and make each of us a separate automaton, answerable to a computer, a form of birth control and destruction of humanity.
    Is our current society not a form of genocide?
    Who will replace us?


    Don Cherry is real character. Archie Bunker is a TV character.
    Are the TV stations going to continue re-runs of Archie Bunker.


    Zerosum I detest that Don Cherry has been doing the bidding of the military industrial complex- highlighting in each hockey game the men (I don’t recall him highlighting women but I might have missed that) in uniform. There is no reason to be discussing soldiers in the middle of a hockey game other than to assist in the efforts of militarizing Canadian society.


    Don Cherry is real character.
    (Everyone on TV must ACT.)


    “Together our diet and life history, coupled with an ability to cooperate, made us really good at getting food on the table, reproducing, and surviving,” Kramer writes.”

    Same is true of crows, btw. What is “successful species” anyway? We live one individual at a time, we creatures of Terra. If a single death is a tragedy but a million deaths is a statistic, how does that apply to a single life versus a growing population?

    We believe in these aggregate abstracts, like: commonwealth, progress, (insert favorite whatever). We don’t know what they are.

    Currently, we live twice as long as neolithics, and experience much less pain and illness. But we consume 100-200 times more resources than they did to do so while destroying, as John Day noted, the cooperative basis for existing even at a neolithic level.

    Dr. D

    Looking again I wonder if that’s her house in the picture and the church driveway is right behind us where the car pulled out. Because, “walking home”. To suburbanites, makes it sound like she’s got 10 miles to go. But that’s literally impossible: all these places were walking distance if for no other reason than the town structure was established on the basis of men and horses through the last 5 generations, 100 years. The church would be with the one room schoolhouse. That is, climbing a tree, it would be within sight. And climbing the right tree, so would the next town. A mile? Certainly not 5 miles, that would take an hour. You could walk down for a Nehi and the post office in 5 miles, but not every day. A world like this, the Model T makes more sense: the road and the vehicle, the person and infrastructure are two halves of a whole.

    This is why you can’t have the wheel on your llama cart in Peru: to have the wheel, you need a road. To have a road, you need the labor. To have the labor, you need a slave. To have the slave, you need an army and summary executions. But going the other way, once you create a roving army, the other inventions will instantly follow.

    But as Kunstler points out, we would need to rework the greatest waste and misallocation of infrastructure in the history of the planet in order to return our societies back to human scale. Walking distance. Where a bike or a golf cart is as far and as much as most need to go.

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