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Roy Lichtenstein Forget it! Forget me! 1962


C-19 Pandemia: Quo Vadis, Homo Sapiens? (Vanden Bossche)
Deadly Lambda Variant Could Be Vaccine-Resistant (NYP)
“Herd Immunity Is Not A Possibility”: Dr. Malone Vindicated (ZH)
Fauci Says Everybody Will Need A Covid Vaccine Booster Shot Eventually (CNBC)
Wakeup Call: Pfizer Vax Only 42% Effective Against Infection In July (ZH)
360, 000 Teens Age 12 To 17 Develop Myocarditis After Covid-19 Shots (UPI)
Scientists Who Denied Lab Engineering Acknowledged Possible Lab Origin (USRTK)
Young Adult Mortality In Israel During The Covid-19 Crisis (Ohana)
Half Of America Values Vaccine Mandates, COVID Passports Over Freedom (SN)
The Impersonator: Eric Feigl-Ding (Schachtel)
A Day in the Death of British Justice (John Pilger)
Do Britain And US Secretly Want Julian Assange To Commit Suicide? (Galloway)



While I was fearing it, it came,
But came with less of fear,
Because that fearing it so long
Had almost made it dear.

– Emily Dickinson



Egypt: 2% Vaccinated; 100M Pop.; 66 New Daily Cases





Vanden Bossche called a lot of what is happening, a long time ago.

C-19 Pandemia: Quo Vadis, Homo Sapiens? (Vanden Bossche)

The WHO’s mass vaccination program has been installed in response to a public health emergency of international concern. As of the early days of the mass vaccination campaigns, at least a few experts have been warning against the catastrophic impact such a program could have on global and individual health. Mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic is prone to promoting selection and adaptation of immune escape variants that are featured by increasing infectiousness and resistance to spike protein (S)-directed antibodies (Abs), thereby diminishing protection in vaccinees and threatening the unvaccinated. This already explains why the WHO’s mass vaccination program is not only unable to generate herd immunity (HI) but even leads to substantial erosion of the population’s immune protective capacity.

As the ongoing universal mass vaccination program will soon promote dominant propagation of highly infectious, neutralization escape mutants (i.e., so-called ‘S Ab-resistant variants’), naturally acquired, or vaccinal neutralizing Abs, will, indeed, no longer offer any protection to immunized individuals whereas high infectious pressure will continue to suppress the innate immune defense system of the nonvaccinated. This is to say that every further increase in vaccine coverage rates will further contribute to forcing the virus into resistance to neutralizing, S-specific Abs. Increased viral infectivity, combined with evasion from antiviral immunity, will inevitably result in an additional toll taken on human health and human lives.

Immediate action needs, therefore, to be taken in order to dramatically reduce viral infectivity rates and to prevent selected immune escape variants from rapidly spreading through the entire population, whether vaccinated or not. This first critical step can only be achieved by calling an immediate halt to the mass vaccination program and replacing it by widespread use of antiviral chemoprophylactics while dedicating massive public health resources to scaling early multidrug treaments of Covid-19 disease.

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77,692 US Delta cases so far? Is that a typo?

Deadly Lambda Variant Could Be Vaccine-Resistant (NYP)

As the US struggles to suppress the rapidly advancing coronavirus Delta variant, new evidence has emerged that the latest Lambda mutation — ravaging parts of South America — won’t be slowed by vaccines. In a July 28 report appearing on bioRxiv, where the study awaits peer review prior to getting published, researchers in Japan are sounding the alarm on the C.37 variant, dubbed Lambda. And it’s proven just as virulent as Delta thanks to a similar mutation making them even more contagious. The strain has been contained in 26 countries, including substantial outbreaks in Chile, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador. “Notably, the vaccination rate in Chile is relatively high; the percentage of the people who received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine was [about] 60%,” the authors write.

“Nevertheless, a big COVID-19 surge has occurred in Chile in Spring 2021, suggesting that the Lambda variant is proficient in escaping from the antiviral immunity elicited by vaccination,” they warn. The Lambda variant is thought to have emerged somewhere in South America between November and December 2020, and has since turned up in countries throughout Europe, North America and a few more isolated cases in Asia, according to GISAID data. The proportion the Lambda variant has of COVID-19 cases in the US is low with just one-tenth of 1% of the share — about 911 cases. Compare that to Delta, which has infected some 77,692 Americans so far. “In addition to increasing viral infectivity, the Delta variant exhibits higher resistance to the vaccine-induced neutralization,” the authors said.

“Similarly, here we showed that the Lambda variant equips not only increased infectivity but also resistance against antiviral immunity.” Lambda has so far been labeled a “variant of interest” by the World Health Organization, compared to the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta strains, which have all risen to “variant of concern,” or VOC, status. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published scant literature on the Lambda variant, though a COVID-19 vaccine briefing from July 27 cited another pre-print study, dated July 3, which concluded that the mRNA vaccine in particular is thought to effectively neutralize the Lambda variant. In Chile, where C.37 is proliferating, their notably aggressive vaccine campaign relied predominantly on the Sinovac Biotech vaccine, which employs the inactivated virus to promote the production of COVID-19 antibodies.

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This from Zero Hedge doesn’t seem quite right: “..’imperfect’ vaccines might actually help foster more virulent COVID variants due to a phenomenon called ‘ADE’..”

That’s not what ADE is. But when Pollard mentions highly vaccinated Israel’s surge in “cases”, which might be due to ADE, it is not mentioned.

“Herd Immunity Is Not A Possibility”: Dr. Malone Vindicated (ZH)

In one of the most appalling examples of Big Tech silencing scientists who refuse to withhold their criticisms of the mRNA technology behind the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer who helped develop mRNA vaccine technology, saw the credit for his contribution to medicine effectively erased from the Internet by Wikipedia after he raised concerns about potential long-term autoimmune issues and other complications potentially arising from mRNA jabs. He has also shared other medical heresies, including the possibility that ‘imperfect’ vaccines might actually help foster more virulent COVID variants due to a phenomenon called ‘ADE’ – antibody-dependent enhancement. Essentially, what doesn’t kill the virus makes it stronger. In retaliation for sharing these views, Dr. Malone was ridiculed by colleagues as a conspiracist and an “anti-vaxxer”.

But earlier this week, Dr. Malone saw his views subtly vindicated by an unexpected source: a British scientist and academic named Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, who is the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group. During a briefing, Sir Pollard warned Parliament that the UK likely won’t ever achieve herd immunity, thanks to the delta variant. In remarks that risked undermining the government’s vaccination campaign, Sir Pollard, a professor of pediatric infection and immunity, warned Parliament on Tuesday that achieving herd immunity is likely “not a possibility” thanks to variants like delta.

[..] He said it was unlikely that herd immunity will ever be reached, saying the next variant of the novel coronavirus will be “perhaps even better at transmitting in vaccinated populations.” Pollard also shared what sounded like a subtle criticism of masks by saying that “We don’t have anything which will stop that transmission to other people.” As an example, he pointed to Israel, which saw new cases and hospitalizations nearly disappear before the new variant took hold, causing cases and hospitalizations to surge once again. Now, there have even been a handful of patients who have tested positive even after receiving their third dose of the Pfizer jab (which the US has only just approved for a third dose as well).

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“Remember when you got your Covid vaccine and they told you you’d need a booster real soon-like?
Of course you do! It was also when they told you it didn’t actually stop infection.”

Fauci Says Everybody Will Need A Covid Vaccine Booster Shot Eventually (CNBC)

White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday everybody will someday “likely” need a booster shot of the Covid-19 vaccines. “We’re already starting to see indications of some diminution” in the durability of the vaccines, Fauci told “CBS This Morning.” However, he said it’s not likely that they will be widely administered any time soon. The priority, Fauci said, is to give boosters to people who have compromised immune systems, including those with cancer and transplanted organs. “We don’t feel at this particular point that, apart from the immune-compromised, we don’t feel we need to give boosters right now,” he said.

Fauci’s comments come the same day the Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize third Covid shot for people with weakened immune systems, a highly anticipated move intended to shield some of the most vulnerable Americans from the highly contagious delta variant. Such people, including cancer and HIV patients, represent only about 2.7% of the U.S. adult population but make up about 44% of hospitalized Covid breakthrough cases, which is when a fully vaccinated individual becomes infected, according to recent data from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory group. Studies suggest that a third vaccine shot might help patients whose immune systems don’t respond as well to a first or second dose.

Covid vaccine makers, including Pfizer and Moderna, have repeatedly argued that everyone will eventually need a booster shot and potentially extra doses every year, just like for the seasonal flu. Pfizer has said it plans to ask the FDA to authorize boosters as it sees signs of waning immunity. The U.S. drugmaker has cited data out of Israel, where officials are reporting the two-dose vaccine is now just 39% effective in the country. The vaccine is still highly effective against severe disease, hospitalizations and deaths, according to Israeli health officials. The CDC does not currently recommend booster doses of the vaccines for otherwise healthy people at this time. But Fauci, speaking Thursday on NBC’s “TODAY,” said “inevitably there will be a time when we’ll have to get boosts.” “No vaccine, at least not within this category, is going to have an indefinite amount of protection,” he said.

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Not exactly a wake-up call, we knew. But important to note that 42% is not enough for an EUA, so why use it as a booster shot?

Wakeup Call: Pfizer Vax Only 42% Effective Against Infection In July (ZH)

“This week, Dr. Fauci confirmed that “at some time in the future” everyone will likely need a booster shot for the Covid-19 vaccine due to “fading efficacy.” Now, Axios reports that a new preprint study which has ‘already grabbed the attention of top Biden administration officials’ over the vaccines’ effectiveness against new variants, with Pfizer’s jab being of particular concern. The study found the Pfizer vaccine was only 42% effective against infection in July, when the Delta variant was dominant. “If that’s not a wakeup call, I don’t know what is,” a senior Biden official told Axios. The study, conducted by nference and the Mayo Clinic, compared the effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the Mayo Clinic Health System over time from January to July. -Axios

The overall figures suggest that the vaccines provide robust (yet lower-than advertised) immunity early on, only to sharply drop in efficacy over time. Between January and July, Moderna’s vaccine was found to be 86% effective against infection over the study period, while Pfizer’s was 76%. As far as hospitalization, Moderna’s vaccine was 92% effective, while Pfizer’s was 85%. Bringing the averages down, of course, was the sharp drop in efficacy observed in July with Moderna proving just 72% effective against infection and Pfizer clocking in at 42%. In other states such as Florida, the risk of infection in July among those who had taken the Moderna vaccine was around 60% lower than for people full vaccinated with Pfizer. More via Axios:

“Why it matters: Although it has yet to be peer-reviewed, the study raises serious questions about both vaccines’ long-term effectiveness, particularly Pfizer’s. • It’s unclear whether the results signify a reduction in effectiveness over time, a reduced effectiveness against Delta, or a combination of both. • “Based on the data that we have so far, it is a combination of both factors,” said Venky Soundararajan, a lead author of the study. “The Moderna vaccine is likely — very likely — more effective than the Pfizer vaccine in areas where Delta is the dominant strain, and the Pfizer vaccine appears to have a lower durability of effectiveness.” • He added that his team is working on a follow-up study that will try to differentiate between the durability of the two vaccines and their effectiveness against Delta.”

Bring on the boosters.

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Must have gone something like this: Quiet UPI article about a very small study, “rare”, “mildly affected”, yada yada, and then some editor figures out that 4% of 9 million is 360,000 and makes that the headline!

360, 000 Teens Age 12 To 17 Develop Myocarditis After Covid-19 Shots (UPI)

Teens who develop myocarditis after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 typically do so within six days of their second dose, and most are “mildly affected” by it, according to an analysis published Tuesday by JAMA Cardiology. The condition, which is rare, is characterized by inflammation of the heart muscle that affects its ability to pump blood to the body. In the small study of 15 teens age 12 to 18, all experienced chest pain within six days of COVID-19 vaccination, while two-thirds had a fever and more than half had muscle pain, the data showed. All 15 patients in the study were hospitalized due to the heart complication, but all were discharged after an average of two days without the need for intensive care, and only one had lingering symptoms.

“Myocarditis is a rare complication that develops following COVID-19 vaccination in children [and though] the acute course was relatively benign … the long term cardiac effects remain unknown,” study co-author Dr. Audrey Dionne told UPI in an email. However, “myocarditis is also a risk with COVID-19 infection [and its] course can be more severe acutely,” said Dionne a cardiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. For this reason, “the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks,” even in teens, she said. The Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for use in teens ages 12 to 15 years in May.

The Moderna vaccine, which has a similar composition, has not yet received an EUA or approval for children in this age group, though studies are ongoing. Through mid-July, nearly 9 million teens in the age group had received at least one dose of the two-shot vaccine, with just over 4% developing myocarditis, according to data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Still, fewer than 1% of teens age 12 to 17 required medical care in the week after receiving either vaccine dose, the agency said.

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They all knew and said nothing.

Scientists Who Denied Lab Engineering Acknowledged Possible Lab Origin (USRTK)

Four prominent U.S. virologists who published a widely cited commentary strongly rebutting the theory that SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, might have been engineered in a lab privately acknowledged that they could not “rule out the possibility” of a lab leak, according to emails obtained by U.S. Right to Know. The emails discuss the need for careful wording of the commentary titled “No credible evidence supporting claims of the laboratory engineering of SARS-CoV-2,” which was published in the journal Emerging Microbes & Infections (EMI) on February 26, 2020.

[..] The newly released emails contain discussions between scientists Shan-Lu Liu and Linda Saif, both with Ohio State University; Susan Weiss, of the University of Pennsylvania; and Lishan Su, who at the time was employed by the University of North Carolina. Some correspondence includes EMI editor Shan Lu, of the University of Massachusetts. The published EMI commentary outlined multiple arguments as to why SARS-CoV-2 was not the result of laboratory engineering, arguing it was “more likely” the virus originated “in nature between a bat CoV and another coronavirus in an intermediate animal host.” The authors stated in the article: “there is currently no credible evidence to support the claim that SARS-CoV-2 originated from a laboratory engineered CoV.” They wrote that despite “speculations, rumours and conspiracy theories that SARS-CoV-2 is of laboratory origin,” there was in fact “no evidence of laboratory origin.” However, in a Feb. 16, 2020 email, Liu wrote to Weiss “we cannot rule out the possibility that it comes from a bat virus leaked out of a lab.”

[..] An important part of the debate over the origin of SARS-CoV-2 is the existence of a furin cleavage site (FCS) at the junction between the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein domains, S1 and S2. SARS-CoV-2 belongs to a group of viruses known as betacoronaviruses lineage B. The FCS, however, does not appear in any of the other coronaviruses in this group. One argument in support of the lab origin hypothesis is that the FCS within the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein could be a result of laboratory manipulation. The EMI commentary does not address the existence of the FCS, even though it is widely considered one of the strongest pieces of evidence of lab engineering. Evidence supports the importance of the FCS in the ability of SARS-CoV-2 to infect human cells and tissues. Engineering FCS within coronaviruses is a well-known practice in coronavirus research labs.

[..] The emails also show the commentary included the involvement of coronavirus expert Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina (UNC) and Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli, of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Baric and Shi have been central figures in ongoing inquiries regarding the potential origins of SARS-CoV-2 and whether or not there is a connection between the virus and gain-of-function research collaborations between UNC and WIV. Such collaborations have been funded in part by the USAID-EPT-PREDICT program through an organization called EcoHealth Alliance. [..] Documents show that Kristian Andersen, a virologist with the Scripps Research Institute, emailed Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, early in 2020 expressing concerns about possible genetic engineering of the virus.

Andersen had a conference call with Fauci and other scientists in February 2020, and shortly after led the authoring of a high profile article, published as a correspondence in the journal Nature Medicine, specifically arguing against any possible laboratory engineering of the virus.

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Something to keep an eye on.

Young Adult Mortality In Israel During The Covid-19 Crisis (Ohana)

In this paper, we analyze excess mortality in Israel during the COVID-19 crisis, focusing on the age group of young adults under 50 years of age, as their susceptibility to COVID-19 mortality is low. Based primarily on online data from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Israel, we observed an unexpected rise of excess mortality among 20 to 49-year-olds in February-March 2021. It should be noted that excess mortality peaks among these young age groups are rarely observed, with low number of deaths that are usually caused by wars. We examined whether COVID-19 could account for this excess mortality.

The inconsistency between the reported COVID-19 deaths and the excess deaths within this age group led to consider other potential causes: accident and vaccination. Indeed, the surge in mortality coincided with the rollout of the Israeli vaccination campaign for the 20 sto 49-year-olds, which reached more than 75% of individuals in this age group. This unexpected rise in excess mortality among young adults was also found in two other countries, the United Kingdom and Hungary, which have in common with Israel a massive vaccination of their populations. Thus, our observations should prompt to pause the campaign, while clarifying the underlying reasons for those excess deaths, especially in the context of a low mortality risk from COVID-19 within adults under 50 years of age.

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More dangerous than a virus.

Half Of America Values Vaccine Mandates, COVID Passports Over Freedom (SN)

A Fox News poll contends that a majority of Americans are in SUPPORT of vaccine mandates and the introduction of COVID passports that tie freedoms to vaccination status. The survey found that 50 percent of respondents are in favour of requiring proof of a coronavirus vaccine for “indoor activities such as restaurants, gyms and performances,” while 46% oppose the idea. Fifty percent also agreed that “protecting the safety of Americans” by requiring vaccinations in order to engage in everyday activities trumps “protecting the freedom” of Americans to choose whether or not they are vaccinated. In contrast, 47% of respondents said protecting freedom is more important.

The poll also found that 44% said they were more likely to frequent stores and establishments that require customers and workers to be vaccinated, or have a recent negative COVID-19 test. Only 24% said they were less likely to do that. Other interesting findings of the poll include 46% of Americans believing the federal government’s change in mask guidance has more to do with politics than science, with 42% saying the opposite. In addition, 63% of parents agree schools should mandate masks for the unvaccinated, while 60% of respondents who said they had not taken the vaccine said they had no plans to do so. The poll correlates with findings from April, when a Rasmussen poll revealed that almost half of Americans support the introduction of vaccine passports in order to get “back to normal.”

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10 months old but just too funny. He’s in the news again.

The Impersonator: Eric Feigl-Ding (Schachtel)

If you’re on social media and you follow news related to the coronavirus pandemic, chances are you’ve stumbled upon some panicked pandemic posts coming from a man named Eric Feigl-Ding, a nutritionist and longtime democrat political operative who has succeeded in impersonating a medical professional, and is generating a cult following in the process. With one hysterical tweet after another, Feigl-Ding went from having a small social media following to accumulating a massive army of influence. Feigl-Ding’s consistent elevation of fear and panic, doom and gloom, and his relentless themes of chaos and destruction related to a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate has brought his accounts millions of clicks and views, and hundreds of thousands of new followers.

And he did it all without having a clue what he’s talking about. At the beginning of 2020, Feigl-Ding was an unpaid, visiting scientist in Harvard’s nutrition department. His academic research centered entirely around nutrition, diet, and exercise. If Eric Feigl-Ding was interested in pandemics and the study of viruses, his research and academic credentials did not reflect that. When the coronavirus pandemic began to make waves in the media, everything changed. Feigl-Ding, an aspiring politician, appeared to see an opening to influence the masses and build up his brand. Feigl-Ding’s rise to coronavirus stardom began with a since-deleted tweet falsely describing the coronavirus as “the most virulent virus epidemic the world has ever seen.”

But not everyone associated with Feigl-Ding was thrilled with the early panic promotion act. Feigl-Ding’s frequent use of Harvard-associated credentials to elevate his baseless COVID-19 proclamations greatly upset some of his colleagues (despite many of them advocating for the same draconian measures proposed by Feigl-Ding to “combat” the virus), and landed him in hot water with the academic institution. Twitter, for reasons unknown, decided to credential him as a “COVID-19 health expert,” which further elevates his supposed legitimacy as an “expert” on the pandemic. In mid March, Marc Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology at Harvard, described him as a “charlatan exploiting a tenuous connection for self-promotion.” The Association of Health Care Journalists also took notice, reporting that he has “precisely zero experience in infectious diseases.”

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It’s already died.

A Day in the Death of British Justice (John Pilger)

For those who may have forgotten, WikiLeaks, of which Assange is founder and publisher, exposed the secrets and lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, Syria and Yemen, the murderous role of the Pentagon in dozens of countries, the blueprint for the 20-year catastrophe in Afghanistan, the attempts by Washington to overthrow elected governments, such as Venezuela’s, the collusion between nominal political opponents (Bush and Obama) to stifle a torture investigation and the CIA’s Vault 7 campaign that turned your mobile phone, even your TV set, into a spy in your midst. WikiLeaks released almost a million documents from Russia which allowed Russian citizens to stand up for their rights. It revealed the Australian government had colluded with the U.S. against its own citizen, Assange. It named those Australian politicians who have “informed” for the U.S.

It made the connection between the Clinton Foundation and the rise of jihadism in American-armed states in the Gulf. There is more: WikiLeaks disclosed the U.S. campaign to suppress wages in sweatshop countries like Haiti, India’s campaign of torture in Kashmir, the British government’s secret agreement to shield “U.S. interests” in its official Iraq inquiry and the British Foreign Office’s plan to create a fake “marine protection zone” in the Indian Ocean to cheat the Chagos islanders out of their right of return. In other words, WikiLeaks has given us real news about those who govern us and take us to war, not the preordained, repetitive spin that fills newspapers and television screens. This is real journalism; and for the crime of real journalism, Assange has spent most of the past decade in one form of incarceration or another, including Belmarsh prison, a horrific place.

Diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, he is a gentle, intellectual visionary driven by his belief that a democracy is not a democracy unless it is transparent, and accountable. On Wednesday, the United States sought the approval of Britain’s High Court to extend the terms of its appeal against a decision by a district judge, Vanessa Baraitser, in January to bar Assange’s extradition. Baraitser accepted the deeply disturbing evidence of a number of experts that Assange would be at great risk if he were incarcerated in the U.S.’s infamous prison system. Professor Michael Kopelman, a world authority on neuro-psychiatry, had said Assange would find a way to take his own life — the direct result of what Professor Nils Melzer, the United Nations rapporteur on torture, described as the craven “mobbing” of Assange by governments – and their media echoes.

Those of us who were in the Old Bailey last September to hear Kopelman’s evidence were shocked and moved. I sat with Julian’s father, John Shipton, whose head was in his hands. The court was also told about the discovery of a razor blade in Julian’s Belmarsh cell and that he had made desperate calls to the Samaritans and written notes and much else that filled us with more than sadness. Watching the lead barrister acting for Washington, James Lewis — a man from a military background who deploys a cringingly theatrical “aha!” formula with defence witnesses — reduce these facts to “malingering” and smearing witnesses, especially Kopelman, we were heartened by Kopelman’s revealing response that Lewis’s abuse was “a bit rich” as Lewis himself had sought to hire Kopelman’s expertise in another case.

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Secretly? Why do you think they’re talking about suicide in front of him?

Do Britain And US Secretly Want Julian Assange To Commit Suicide? (Galloway)

The recent shameful High Court ruling in London indicates that the only way Britain’s most prominent political prisoner can prove he’s a suicide risk is by actually taking his own life. Is that what the authorities are hoping? The 21st century has provided many days of shame for Britain and yesterday was just another. The High Court in London casually set aside a decision by one of its own judges – who’d heard every minute of the evidence – that Julian Assange, Britain’s most prominent political prisoner, might commit suicide if extradited to the United States injustice system.

The Appeal Court decided that the main US appeal against the refusal of their extradition in October MAY now argue that the original judge was misled about the true mental health of Assange – who has been a prisoner effectively for a decade – and the US’s lawyers need not be confined to arguing that their super-max penitentiaries are perfectly humane places really. The bizarre argument of the Biden government’s English counsel may be a unique non sequitur. Julian can’t be a suicide risk, she argued, because he had “secretly fathered children” with his fiancée Stella Morris. What that even means is beyond me – in nearly 30 year as a parliamentarian, I’ve never heard such nonsense. Doesn’t every man father his children secretly? Do some men do it publicly? Did she mean out of wedlock? How quaint.

Are married fathers more likely to be suicide risks? Or did she mean that he was a father at all? Are childless men more likely to be a suicide risk? So mindless are these contentions, it’s a wonder how anyone could take fees for arguing them, more wondrous that any judge could side with them. Most wondrous of all is that President Joe Biden, the tan-suited Democratic party animal of Martha’s Vineyard, could commission them. The long and the short of it is that it’s more likely today that Assange will be extradited to the US than it was the day before yesterday. And certain that he will remain in the Devil’s Island of Belmarsh Prison while the glacial course of events creeps on. Perhaps the only way Assange can prove he’s a suicide risk is by committing suicide. Come to think of it, maybe that’s Joe Biden’s big idea…

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    How many people have to die? Seriously, how many deaths will it take before sanity is re-established? We have no idea how many have already died from the first round(s) of injections. Now they’re going to give booster injections.


    Raul- I disqualify it by calling it fair and thoughtful? What the fuck does that even mean?

    You don’t know where “they” come from. You didn’t read it. That’s your choice. I called it fair and thoughtful, because David Fuller is friends with Bret Weinstein and he presents a fair critique of those attacking FLCCC and those who accept what they say without thought.

    So, go ahead and take your ball and go home. That is the wise choice.


    Re GBV
    So, he says that C19 variants will eventually escape the natural immunity developed by those who had Covid early on, because of the evolutionary pressure of the non-sterilizing vaccines.
    I strongly suspect that he knows what he is talking about.
    It seems to all ultimately hinge on how rapidly the virus mutates. The virus does appear to be mutating quickly enough to escape the C19 vaccine inspired antibodies. However, since the vaccines in use by the west all focus solely on the spike protein, there is not currently strong selective pressure for the virus to evade acquired antibodies to the other parts of C19.

    This is the first science-based analysis I’ve seen that could explain why unvaccinated folks are reputed to be getting worse Covid cases than the breakthrough cases. However, I’m not certain yet whether or not that claim is fact or propaganda.
    GVB excels at spinning worst case scenarios based on a life spent studying pandemics, viruses, etc.
    It is difficult to know where the facts end and the propaganda begins, making it difficult to know whether we are truly on a trajectory for GVB’s scenario.
    I suppose the precautionary approach for someone based on GVB’s worst case scenario for someone who already survived Covid would be to boost the immune system so that if a vC19 is encountered that evades existing acquired Abs that the innate immune system will be robust and up to the challenge. I don’t have ivermectin, but I have several other medicines that have been found effective against C19 in my medicine cabinet, due to them being prescribed to household members over the years.


    Regarding deflationista..
    I find the rhetoric arrayed against D to be troubling. It is one thing to refute an article or an argument with sound logic. Instead, I mostly see (written) emotion being hurled.
    I have not been impressed with the evidence shared by D to refute the dominant narrative at TAE. However, much of the response to it has been ad hominem.
    While all of this is very human…humanity is also capable of being tolerant and humane.

    If this comes across as a rebuke, well, that is its intent. We are all a product of our backgrounds, experiences, and our thought processes and emotions. We can be wise and measured, but it often takes effort.

    I also don’t write this from a pedestal — I, too, have emotionally responded to Deflationista posts. (And often, when I haven’t done so, it is because other obligations kept me from it, not because I was actively practicing my own advice.).

    I appreciate greatly the TAE community. It is a beacon of sanity.


    Fluvoxamine and friends:

    “Repurposing antidepressants inhibiting the sphingomyelinase acid/ceramide system against COVID-19: current evidence and potential mechanisms”

    Mr. House

    Between endless eviction moratoriums, unemployment benefits, QE and corporate welfare, BLM riots that ended as soon as election season did, and now mandatory jabs for a virus that leaves 99.8% alive, this doesn’t begin to look coordinated to any of you? Build back better? Arrest Bill Gates, Klaus schwab, anyone who attends the WEF. See if that has an effect, if not dig deeper.

    those darned kids

    m.c.: unfortunately, we are being manipulated into hating each other, where everyone sees everyone else as a threat, as the enemy, an enemy who is always hiding something from us, be it injection status, racial bias, left/right political heresies..

    those darned kids

    deflationista: do you believe in these injections enough to take them? is your money where your arm is?

    island raider

    Yesterday, Boogaloo was asking about Dr Hoffe’s microclotting hypothesis that was featured in the 8/12 Debt Rattle. One piece of the puzzle that may be helpful to clarify: the spike protein binds to ACE2 receptors. The cells that make up your blood vessel walls have ACE2 receptors. His hypothesis (used to try to explain the 62% of his patients that showed signs of clotting (using the D-dymer test) that did not show up on x-rays or other scans) is that the spike proteins are attaching to the ACE2 receptors in very small vessel walls. His theory is that the spikes would disrupt smooth flow of blood and attract platelets, which would cause clots. In the case of very small blood vessels in the lungs, microclots. His theory goes on to suggest this could lead to heart failure from the heart being forced to pump against the resistance caused by these blockages.

    Another theory has antibodies attacking the spikes on the interior of blood vessel walls & killing the cells that make up your blood vessels, leading to other internal problems.

    Mr. House

    Whoever runs things is doing what they always do when they’re losing, overturning the board and changing the rules of the game.

    island raider

    Text: H.R.4980 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and for other purposes.

    And there is this link, featuring the following text.

    “Still, while more severe measures — such as mandating vaccines for interstate travel or changing how the federal government reimburses treatment for those who are unvaccinated and become ill with COVID-19 — have been discussed, the administration worried that they would be too polarizing at this time. An administration official said the interstate travel vaccination requirement was not under consideration at the moment.

    That’s not to say they won’t be implemented in the future, as public opinion continues to shift toward requiring vaccinations as a means to restore normalcy.

    Lawrence Gostin, a professor of health law at Georgetown University, said Biden would likely need to continue to turn up the pressure on the unvaccinated. “He’s really going to have to use all the leverage the federal government has, and indeed use pressure points,” Gostin said. “And I think there are a few that he can do but he hasn’t done yet.”

    “The country is completely fatigued with lockdowns, business closures and masking,” added Gostin, “and vaccines are literally our only tool. We’ve tried masking, distancing, occupancy limits, even entire lockdowns now for coming along nearly two years. And the virus just keeps raging back. And the vaccines are the only thing we have now to defeat the virus. We need to use that tool and we need to use it vigorously. And I think there will be large public support for that.” End Quote

    If your only tool is a hammer… Ya just gotta keep bangin’ away!!!

    madamski cafone

    “His hypothesis (used to try to explain the 62% of his patients that showed signs of clotting (using the D-dymer test) that did not show up on x-rays or other scans) is that the spike proteins are attaching to the ACE2 receptors in very small vessel walls. His theory is that the spikes would disrupt smooth flow of blood and attract platelets, which would cause clots. In the case of very small blood vessels in the lungs, microclots. His theory goes on to suggest this could lead to heart failure from the heart being forced to pump against the resistance caused by these blockages. Another theory has antibodies attacking the spikes on the interior of blood vessel walls & killing the cells that make up your blood vessels, leading to other internal problems.”

    If it gets into my lungs, I’m prolly a goner. It’s those “small blood vessels” — like capillaries — that my HHT already compromises and gives me bad nosebleeds.

    Only thing to do is live well. Maybe even long and prosperously.

    madamski cafone

    “Arrest Bill Gates, Klaus schwab, anyone who attends the WEF. See if that has an effect, if not dig deeper.”

    We already arrested their pimp. I’d like to see that grave exhumed for DNA analysis.


    Raul- I disqualify it by calling it fair and thoughtful? What the fuck does that even mean?

    Purely subjective terms presented as factual. “I think it is fair” is not the same as “It is fair”.

    You don’t know where “they” come from.

    When someone combines those four things in one headline, yes I do.


    I read the David Fuller post. I don’t listen to dark horse podcast (have listened to a couple snippets on ytube but it isn’t for me). I’m not certain why so much focus on Brett, who doesn’t have all that large an audience compared with mainstream, but that’s where the post’s focus is.

    TAE commenters who feel inclined should read the entire Fuller post. A few quotes from that, out of many, that struck me:

    “Before the invention of YouTube and other media that allow people to upload their own content, there were gatekeepers who decided what would be published, which was an effective way of controlling the conversation. However, there are now so many information sources that gatekeeping no longer works.

    “It would be more accurate to acknowledge up front that, like all medical interventions, Covid vaccines carry risks, but that these must be weighed against the rewards of protection against Covid. The overwhelming consensus is that this balance is firmly on the side of the vaccines.”

    “The narrative of the heroic rebel fighting orthodoxies seems to seduce many of those who are intensely sceptical about mainstream narratives into blind acceptance of heterodox claims.”

    “… outlining Bret’s view that the “aligned incentives” of big pharma have corrupted the truth-seeking landscape so much that we can no longer trust their data. They then read an excerpt from Ben Goldacre’s book, Big Pharma, about how major medical companies can warp research and bury bad news. These problems are well documented … but they are irrelevant …”

    So, basically, anyone who doesn’t listen to the “controlled conversation” and believe the “overwhelming consensus” has entered “blind acceptance” of heterodox claims.


    House: “Whoever runs things is doing what they always do when they’re losing, overturning the board and changing the rules of the game.”

    Still laughing ….


    Thanks phoenixvoice.

    I appreciate your fair and thoughtful words.

    those darned kids


    canada, of course, is the #1 exporter of oil to the u.s.

    any guesses for the new #2?

    those darned kids

    [no links allowed]

    [so, my post #83637 is etherville. as is post #83639, so another try. now post 83640 didn’t work, either. i’ll try the “link” button…. ok, so that didn’t work for post #83641. raw link? nope, post 83642 didn’t show up. nor did post #83642 with no link attempt whatsoever.]

    those darned kids

    oops, last attempt was #83643

    Dr. D

    Long cuz long articles:

    As the distraction and cover up of real news rolls on, let’s play a blast from the past, unhinged fake-news conspiracy theorists, Time Magazine: “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

    Time SAYS they did it, and got the receipts. When Mike Lindell says the same thing, it’s as cray-cray as mayo.

    Prices never rise, and people never work together toward a common end that could keep them out of jail. Silliest thought ever. Just ask any robber.

    Aero article is like NPR, subtle, clever, and dangerous in service of all status quos. It would take far too long to pick apart, although I’m happy to do so if anyone could bear it.

    Lacking all sense of irony, they say this: “Much of what used to pass for truth-seeking in mainstream media has been captured by ideological groupthink. But alternative media hosts may find truth-seeking even more difficult, since the marketplace of ideas only works when ideas are held up to scrutiny, and there is little incentive for hosts to do that.”

    The fundamental problem here is a tireless double-standard. The MSM has been captured by groupthink too for decades. They have no incentives and none of their hosts hold anything to scrutiny, nor indeed serial retraction for catastrophic failure, since ever. Being wrong, crashing your country, attacking your president, reflexively defending rapists and billionaires, lying about stories, exposing yourself on TV, there’s literally no possible failure of story or ethics that could get you removed.

    However, they’re give a pass as the author demands Weinstein, as an example of the Intellectual Dark Web, and indeed any person objecting to anything mainstream, have all opposing views on their sites – which MSM figures flatly refuse to be interviewed; and to not make any claims at all, which is both double-standard and impossible; that you’re not allowed to have your area/side of debate and allow the MSM to hold their area/side of debate: they must hold ALL theirs and HALF yours from the go; that unending life-long scandals and failures from Pharma and the MSM to cover it are not evidence of anything and not admissible; not to mislead anyone, not to alarm anyone, while their beliefs are widely divergent, and Aero admits we are in search of the truth no one knows. However, Aero fundamentally believes anything they’re told by authorities until disproven, despite that everything authorities say is disproven over. And over. And over. And over. With millions of deaths (or Iraqi children alone) behind them. “But this time it’s different” somehow. This ONE time, they’re being honest. Trust me.

    The ”warping of media and perception” is not unique to Bret and the IDW, CNN has LOWER ratings, is LESS important, and critically, MORE and constant serial failures as a source, and should be attributed nothing but scorn and dismissal. They are smaller, and IDW is bigger. Heck, tiny sites like Pool or Dore are bigger(and less wrong). The author has it wrong about who is the mainstream, who has clout. The warping of media and perception in their ideological echo-chamber is violently worse problem for CNN, Facebook, BuzzFeed, and NYT as RussiaGate – or Iraq II – has long-since proven.

    But we urgently need a solution to the problem of how to seek truth in a kaleidoscopically fractured media landscape, in which the old certainties have been undermined.”

    That’s super-easy. CNN, Congress, the White House, Pentagon, CDC, NYTimes, Newsweek, Guardian, BBC, 10 Downing, have all been proven to be serial liars for every minute of my whole sorry lifetime. If they’ve ever said anything true it has been entirely on accident. They have collectively killed more people than Covid and Cancer combined. So they start all discussions at -20 points, and Bret starts his at +/-0 points.

    Appeal to Authority. Over. And over. And over. No one ever gets sick of it or recognizes IT’S A FALLACY, that is, untrue, false, stupid, wrong, FOR A REASON. It’s only WHICH authority. He wants the discussion, great, but only accepts the authorities-that-be.

    And here we are with 50 whistleblowers, VP execs, Presidents, Intel, Congressmen, 10,000 doctors, 20 countries…none of them matter, none of them count. THEY are not authorities, because I CHOOSE who has “authority” over me, and therefore everything they say is right and must be disproven, whole everything YOU say is considered false and must be overwhelmingly proven, while they debank and throw you in jail, rig/hide evidence, publish hilariously fake reports, kill your dog, and anything else that can think of. You’re not an authority, so that’s what you deserve. Used to be a whistleblower was enough to cause SOME discrediting, some alarm. Nope. Side with known liars with everything to gain, against any little guy with everything to lose.

    Article 2: “On the one side people believe that others’ decision not to get vaccinated is putting people at risk of death, while the other fears taking new and unproven medical treatments against their will.” This is true, but when the first half of the sentence is by any possible account illogical or even mentally ill, are we supposed to credit it equally? This goes with his “Who is authority?” issue in article one. If they think cloud-aliens are in their underwear and want us eat forks to save them, should we do it or entertain the discussion seriously? And vice versa? …No wait: our ‘vice-versa’ is to LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE, and there is no risk, to the unwilling, nothing happens at all. See how having principles makes these things, these discussions, incredibly easy? I can be totally wrong and so what? You’re safe. Go eat a donut and laugh when I die. you will anyway. Only authoritarians lie awake worrying about what the OTHER guys thinks, then plots to MAKE them.

    The mainstream tends to ignore claims by ‘fringe’ figures”

    Yes, the Fringe which they themselves define, and the Fringe who have been totally correct almost all my life: DDT, Thaidamide, Vietnam, Panama, NAFTA, Iraq, Syria… while all the “Mainstream” people DOING the defining have been totally wrong, killed everyone, and got rich at it. So excuse me if I don’t prefer them to do the defining of “who’s fringe.” An offensive military attack, against U.N. law and all human rights, killing millions who live near an oil field, did literally nothing to us ever, and keeping it as a base for 20 years while we ALSO violently offensively attack the REST of the planet, some might consider to be “extreme.” Not NPR, CNN, or Fuller from the BBC. He considers them “Normal”, trustworthy, and pretty-okay in terms of who’s doing the defining of “fringe.”

    “The Quillette article…failed to reach a heterodox (normie) audience. Why? …Appeals to authority fail on two levels…the problem is that our population doesn’t automatically trust our institutions or consensus…the loss of “lean-in” is a price authorities have paid for their own f—k-ups.”

    Ex: “The Lab leak hypothesis has seriously damaged trust.”

    “The messaging of vaccines is a “noble Lie”… “the gap between messaging and truth … people sense they are being lied to and fill in the gaps.”

    Gee, I wonder why, preceding paragraph, paragraph.

    “These are complex arguments” Yes, and not having ANY of them, censoring ANY argument anywhere, banning anybody that moves, is a guarantee to give people the overwhelming and unstoppable belief “they are being lied to.” Due to the lifelong series of constant, unmitigated, profitable, unpunished, always defended f—k-ups.

    Continues with Ivermectin. Hey, that’s not the problem. The problem is WE WANT THAT DISCUSSION. It’s not allowed. If it were allowed and the argument fell down, this side would be happy with the team effort.

    “A core aspect of sensemaking is observing when people are hijacked by excessive levels of certainty and inquiry collapses.” Oh yes. This is EXACTLY our argument about everything. Except the at-birth lack of any inquiry and perfect certainty of CNN and BBC is never questioned, only the other side needs be free of sin.
    We’re asking for the inquiry. They are shutting it down. Again, I don’t need to be right to pick a side here.

    “The “Captured and “BaU” claims rely on assumptions that aren’t necessarily true.”

    Absolutely, but only the rabble is held to this standard and account. They are allowed no information, frustrated at every turn, but if they even HYPOTHESIZE that someone, somewhere, might be defending profits n careers as the oldest crime in the world, they’re “unjustly making things up.’ If CNN and CDC do, they’re just “normal”. The slightest lack of objectivity is criminal in Kory and co, while considered sound practice for CDC, VAERs…

    He goes on with flaws in the general IVM science, blithely missing that THIS IS THE POINT. All we want is the discussion. It’s great that he does it, but then hand-waves all discussion of any possible corruption or bad faith. ‘Cause. Authority. Daddy never lies. Don’t even ask.

    “Then comes the most extraordinary claim in this document. Bret and Heather go on to claim the vaccines are NOT preventing serious illness and death…”

    Wow, that didn’t age well, said Israel, Iceland, and UK.

    “It’s worth stopping to think how newsworthy it would be if true.” Indeed.

    “Every paper in the world would print that story.” Hahahahahahaaha! Wtf? Like “WMDs and ties to Al-q” print? A million Iraqi children/mushroom cloud/yellowcake” would print it? “We’re winning Vietnamese hearts and minds against Domino Theory” print it?

    …And thus back to believing only and ever authority, whoever has the bigger stick and will smack him harder.
    VDB’s “Virus Evolution theory”, “This is an amazing claim that should be front page. [if true]” Hahahahaha, said Mr. BBC who sat around when Tony Blair lied about everything ever known in order to murder everyone he could find as a planet-wide war crime.

    That it’s not front page is BRET’S fault, it’s VDB’s FAULT. Absence of evidence is evidence of absence. I mean the media never dropped or misreported anything before, right? (“Remember the Maine!”) Good Lord almighty, man. How do you make it to market without being conned by the schoolchildren?

    Malone is discredited because if his work was stolen, then he has a vested interest in … killing the legitimacy of his own work, I guess? Meanwhile, Pfizer has no motives in selling it, or protecting themselves from expensive claims. Because: authority. Pfizer can haz it.

    Eight blood clots among 40 million in Europe.” “…Six, twelve months on you aren’t seeing side effects either.” Hahahaha. Surely you’re being disingenuous, and gettin’ sloppy. There were 12,000 in the US alone before those numbers – like CDC Florida – mysteriously and magically re-set.

    “Natural immunity is more effective…seems to clash with the evidence base…” Same as above. You mean the “evidence base” of all vaccines ever, and all science, over all creation? ‘Cuz I think that’s what you’re saying there. …I’ll go with the 200 years, not “Pfizer said last week.”

    “I’m a journalist, trained at the BBC, Royal Television Society Award”. Say no more. I don’t think you can dig yourself out of the credibility hole at that point. As I said, very clever, probably un-self-conscious, defense of all establishments against all whistleblowers. And against all previous history of said Establishment’s published behaviour. And that’s WHY he was hired by the BBC and is still a journalist and not in a hole or prison somewhere: at core, He Believes. Meme: “I want to believe”
    Footsie In Bigfoot and uncorrupt multi-national corporations.

    And yes, what’s with the ad hominem? I’m sure he would take the vaccine, but so have most doctors, most (smart) people I know and that has nothing to do with the point. Besides, is anyone fully convinced the MSM explanation CAN’T be true? (I mean, it’s so dumb, maybe…but you know what I mean.) Are we now saying “It’s impossible for me to be wrong?” I’m sure I can’t say that, and I was way ahead here.

    those darned kids

    dr. d: “And yes, what’s with the ad hominem? I’m sure he would take the vaccine,”

    are you addressing me? i only ask because it seems to me that a lot of the insistence, the tone seems to brought about by fear. fear of a mistake, perhaps? i felt kinda icky asking, as i’ve never asked anyone, but i’ve asked other questions i felt were pertinent and have been completely ignored.

    my questions haven’t been about receptors or studies or data or misdisinformation – they’ve been about lived experience. i ask those because from my (purely anecdotal, of course) experience, the dangers of these vaccines seem to greatly outweigh the dangers of this virus (for example, i have seen 4 people sent to the hospital because of vaccines, whilst knowing of only one because of the virus).

    scientifically, anecdotes mean little. nonetheless, i find it very hard to advocate for something i see causing so much torment. i have asked the questions i chose to see if deflationista had experienced anything similar, for it just seems too impossible to ignore so much pain.

    if i have offended anyone, i apologize quite sincerely. my questions may have gotten more “intense” because i’ve been ignored. i guess i should post more stats…

    those darned kids

    and i sincerely hope the msm explanation is completely correct, and that vaccines will end this insanity.

    i mean, saddam did have wmd. he just used ’em up in the 80’s before america came back for the deposit.


    I (and maybe others) asked how you find the truth of a matter. I read the first David Muller link you posted and skimmed the second one. Fuller tries to project a tone of fairness. He points out problems in Bret Weinstein’s viewpoint some of which seem to be valid. What he doesn’t do is talk about any of the problems in the mainstream narrative. An even handed assessment would discuss that their are problems with both narratives and try to reconcile these. He seems to have taken a side and doesn’t look like a fair arbiter.

    Polder Dweller

    “Prices never rise, and people never work together toward a common end that could keep them out of jail. Silliest thought ever. Just ask any robber.”

    As Adam Smith himself said in ‘The Wealth of Nations’:

    “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or some contrivance to raise prices.”</em

    Good job there are no conspiracy theories.

    D Benton Smith

    @Raul Ilargi Meijer

    ref : ” On Bret Weinstein, Alternative Media, Ivermectin and Vaccine related controversies”

    I went there and read that. It was encouraging to see the flickering flame of even handed “moderating” has not been fully extinguished.

    I also bet that a lot of folks here on TAE will flash back at you in pure reflex ( just because it was YOU who posted it and said that the David Fuller article was well written, fair and insightful ). That’s the price you pay for being so snotty in earlier posts and commentary.

    In my experience so far David Fuller is an honest broker who earnestly attempts to moderate discussions and does not shy away from even the hottest of topics , and is very good at questioning everything without rancor or ridicule .

    I was particularly impressed with how well he interviewed Jordan Peterson , here :


    darned kids: “if i have offended anyone, i apologize quite sincerely. my questions may have gotten more “intense” because i’ve been ignored.”

    You’ve never offended me. I like your comments.

    D Benton: did you find that even-handed? Interesting.


    The idea that if we (the west) help China to become rich and develop a middle class then they will demand freedom and democracy and a color revelation will occur and China will adopt a democracy like us. Oddly we seem to be on the verge of a color revelation of our own and the last bastion of freedom minded people will fall. That would imply that the original idea was not the west’s to begin with but instilled in them by the CCP.

    The article on Eric Feigl-Ding rung a bell in regards to China’s Wumao. Which is an elaborate propaganda operation. Over the years it has become more sophisticated in their attempts to brainwash people.


    Holy cow, madam. (picks jaw up off floor) Thanks for posting the twit link. A counterpoint to the Ding twit stream is the link House posted earlier to the zerohedge article. I don’t typically read ZH, glad I read this one.

    D Benton Smith


    ref: “Only thing to do is live well. Maybe even long and prosperously.”

    Or, as my daughter advised, “Just go on living, until further notice.”

    D Benton Smith


    ref: ” How many people have to die? Seriously, how many deaths will it take before sanity is re-established? ”

    100% should do the trick.

    D Benton Smith

    My sense of humor seems to have darkened recently.

    D Benton Smith


    ref : “D Benton: did you find that even-handed? Interesting.”

    Fuller’s word choices in several places did suggest beyond reasonable that his position is on what I personally consider to be the wrong side of the vaccine issue, but overall yeah, I would still give him a B+ as an even handed moderator. Basically didn’t he support letting the opposition ( us, in other words) have their say? In a fair debate, with us getting to have our say, the best facts win (usually) which in this case is our side of the moral and scientific argument. I don’t ask that he have no opinion, and I don’t ask that he shut up (nice as that might be .) All I ask is that an actual debate be allowed a platform.



    Over the horizon surveillance
    resupplying armaments
    population reduction
    crop control

    Maxwell Quest

    I’m out-of-state visiting family. Brother-in-law is great guy, but a CNN junkie: in the house, in the car. Can’t believe what I hear. It’s like Pravda, North Korea, an alternate reality spun out of nothing, like the Matrix.

    My back went out yesterday, so started on the prednisone. Always fun when it happens away from home at the most inconvenient times. Sigh. So glad I thought ahead and brought a supply with me purchased from my favorite India on-line pharm. You should know the name by now.

    Anyway, just had to comment how Dr D. brought a smile to my face today with 2, count them, two fantastic posts. He doesn’t get lost in the briars and brambles, but aims right at the root, the underlying principle. I love that! I’m glad he/she is here. This is not to disparage the others; we all have our favorites, don’t we? Like a pot luck dinner, each brings something to share for the meal. That tuna casserole may not be bad, but “Oh look, someone brought a grilled salmon. Outta my way!”


    After reading upstateNYr’s key points, how can one not conclude that Fuller is a stark raving lunatic? What is wrong with you people?

    “Before the invention of YouTube and other media that allow people to upload their own content, there were gatekeepers who decided what would be published, which was an effective way of controlling the conversation. However, there are now so many information sources that gatekeeping no longer works.

    A simpleton’s excuse for deleting, banning, censoring by social media. We got this for you, you don’t have to do any thinking. And that’s a good thing. Signed: J. Edgar Fuller.

    “It would be more accurate to acknowledge up front that, like all medical interventions, Covid vaccines carry risks, but that these must be weighed against the rewards of protection against Covid. The overwhelming consensus is that this balance is firmly on the side of the vaccines.”

    Once you’re done with the banning and deleting of all the doctors who dare disagree with Fauci and Pfizer, and you’ve installed the 24/7, 56 channel pro-Vaxx propaganda, yes, that is what is left, an “overwhelming consensus”. Good thing we have those gatekeepers. What would the world come to? How to turn a problem into a solution. Bernays is smiling.

    “The narrative of the heroic rebel fighting orthodoxies seems to seduce many of those who are intensely sceptical about mainstream narratives into blind acceptance of heterodox claims.”

    The only “blind acceptance” here is Fuller’s of mainstream narratives. Anyone who doesn’t is a tragic heroic rebel. Give up already! We won!

    “… outlining Bret’s view that the “aligned incentives” of big pharma have corrupted the truth-seeking landscape so much that we can no longer trust their data. They then read an excerpt from Ben Goldacre’s book, Big Pharma, about how major medical companies can warp research and bury bad news. These problems are well documented … but they are irrelevant …”

    There is no industry that has paid more in fines than Big Pharma, and none that pays more to lobbyists and political campaigns, but that is irrelevant once they start making hundreds of billions more in untested therapeutics for which they have received full legal immunity from those who received the donations. Give up already! We won!


    In the beginning of the vaccines rollout my oncologist was very enthusiastic about it and he said I should have one too.

    (I didn’t)

    Recently I asked him if he would vaccinate his 13 years old son.

    “Knowing what I know now, no, never” he said.

    So yes. Science evolves


    I’ll drop this link here. To be completely open and honest, it was painful to read.

    “It’s just…” – Why I Won’t Submit

    Just Some Randomer

    “All coronaviruses have spike proteins. It’s where they get their name.”

    Well, that is true, but my understanding is that this one is unique in Coronaviruses (Possibly ‘Borrowed’ from HIV if I recall earlier reading on the subject correctly) and that this uniqueness is why all of the Vaccines target it specifically.


    Raul, those were the few points I spent time copy/pasting. As dr d pointed out, it would be a very long post to write counterpoints to the entire post (I won’t call it an article) because there are so many.

    I’ll second your question: “What is wrong with you people?”


    those were the few points I spent time copy/pasting.

    It was enough, just like the title was already enough.

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