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Biden Admin Warns Of Threat From Anti-Lockdown ‘Extremists’ and More (RT)
Ex-Pfizer VP Urges Pregnant, Childbearing Age Women Not To Get Vaccine (CP)
Dr. Peter McCullough – Ends The Pandemic With 5 COVID Facts (LS)
Pfizer CEO to Public: Just Trust Us on the Covid Booster (KHN)
Renowned German Pathologist Urges More Autopsies of Vaccinated People (NA)
Israel Predicts Thousands Of Seriously Ill Covid Patients Within Month (ToI)
Japanese Doctors Recommend Ivermectin to Cure Corona (Tribun)
Why Won’t Our Government Even Inform People About Vitamin D? (Horowitz)
Head Of WHO Covid Origin Team Admits China Ordered Them What To Write (SN)
Drug Firms Poised To Make Billions Of Dollars From Covid Booster Jabs (G.)
Low-Cost Test Could Detect Delta Variant In Saliva (MNT)
Brace for Impact (Kunstler)
The Vanishing Legacy of Barack Obama (Taibbi)







The right thing





The storyline is being written right before your eyes:

Unvaccinated = Anti-Lockdown Extremist = Conspiracy Theorist = Domestic Terrorist = Jihadist = Al-Qaeda.

“..though there are currently no credible or imminent threats identified.”

Biden Admin Warns Of Threat From Anti-Lockdown ‘Extremists’ and More (RT)

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a terror warning that appears to put Americans pushing back against Covid-19 restrictions on par with jihadists who might strike on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks. A DHS bulletin published Friday said that “anti-government, anti-authority violent extremists” may try to “exploit the emergence of Covid-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the US as a rationale to conduct attacks.” The Covid-19 pandemic has stoked “societal strains and tensions,” the DHS said, “driving several plots by domestic violent extremists, and they may contribute to more violence this year.”

The terrorism warning, which runs through November 11, cited a host of other potential threats, including violent bigots who may perpetrate mass-casualty attacks, “though there are currently no credible or imminent threats identified.” Other potential attackers include “domestic violent extremists” and other “ideologically-motivated” individuals who may be triggered by “conspiracy theories” on such issues as “perceived election fraud,” DHS said. “Law enforcement have expressed concerns that the broader sharing of false narratives and conspiracy theories will gain traction in mainstream environments, resulting in individuals or small groups embracing violent attacks to achieve their desired objectives,” the bulletin claimed.

President Joe Biden’s administration has elevated domestic “extremism” as a top security threat in the wake of the January 6 riot at the US Capitol. Democrat politicians have hyped the riot as a racially motivated “insurrection,” and Biden in April called it “the worst attack on our Democracy since the Civil War.” Critics pushed back against the claim, noting such previous tragedies as the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, four presidential assassinations and – more recently – race riots that torched cities and left dozens of people dead last summer.

On Friday, however, the DHS again raised the specter of January 6. DHS intelligence chief John Cohen told CNN that online rhetoric is similar to the chatter seen before the Capitol riot. He cited such “extremist” comments as “the system is broken,” “take action into their own hands,” and “bring out the gallows.” DHS also noted that, with the 20-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks approaching, Al-Qaeda recently published the first issue of its English-language magazine in more than four years. That move “demonstrates that foreign terrorist organizations continue efforts to inspire US-based individuals susceptible to violent extremist influences,” the agency said.

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It really has never been tested. Some things are still hard to believe.

“Our government is urging pregnant women, and women of childbearing age, to get vaccinated. And they’re telling them they’re safe. And that’s a lie because those studies have simply not been done.“

Ex-Pfizer VP Urges Pregnant, Childbearing Age Women Not To Get Vaccine (CP)

A former Pfizer executive recently advised that women of childbearing age and those who are already pregnant should consider opting out of taking the COVID-19 vaccine. “We never, ever give experimental medicines to pregnant women,” said Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., in a presentation for Life Site News’ “Stop the Shot” conference held on Aug. 4 that featured physicians, scientists, attorneys and religious leaders. Yeadon, who holds degrees in biochemistry and toxicology, and a Ph.D. in respiratory pharmacology, served as vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory at Pfizer until 2011, when he retired to launch his own biotech company after working in the pharmaceutical industry for 32 years.

The British pharmacologist, who has attracted media attention for questioning the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, criticized those in power for not providing the public with adequate information about vaccine risks. “You’re being lied to,” he said to pregnant women who’ve been told that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe for them and their preborn babies. “That’s bad enough because what that tells me is that there’s recklessness. No one cares. The authorities do not care what happens,” Yeadon asserted. “You never ever give inadequately tested medicines, medicinal products, to a pregnant woman,” he continued. “And that is exactly what is happening. Our government is urging pregnant women, and women of childbearing age, to get vaccinated. And they’re telling them they’re safe. And that’s a lie because those studies have simply not been done.”

Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, advise that pregnant women can get the COVID-19 vaccine. Similarly, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine have urged pregnant women to get vaccinated. The CDC states that pregnant women are at increased risk for severe illness with COVID-19 compared to non-pregnant women, adding that they’re also at increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes. CDC adds that experts believe the vaccines are “unlikely to pose a risk for people who are pregnant,” but “there are currently limited data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant people.”

During his presentation, Yeadon listed three concerns he has with COVID-19 vaccines that he said haven’t undergone adequate toxicology testing to assess their effects on the reproductive system. Thousands of birth malformations resulted from pregnant women taking thalidomide to treat morning sickness 60 years ago, he said, because studies at the time did not assess that thalidomide was toxic for babies in the womb. “So here we are. There’s been potentially hundreds of millions of women of child-bearing potential [injected] with products which are untested in terms of impacts on fertilization and development of the baby,” he continued. Yeadon added that a study out of Japan found high concentrations of the spike protein in the ovaries, organs and tissue when tested on rats.

“What we find is the vaccine [in rats] doesn’t just distribute around the body and then wash out again, which is what you’d hope,” he said. “It concentrates in ovaries of rats, and it concentrates at least 20-fold over the concentration in other background tissues like muscles.” “You don’t want this product in your ovaries. It’s simply not necessary to induce immunity to have a vaccine in your ovaries. And, as it’s concentrating in the ovaries, getting higher concentrations over time, they have not even defined what the maximum levels are or when that occurs,” he added.

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And this man is being sued for $1 million.

Dr. Peter McCullough – Ends The Pandemic With 5 COVID Facts (LS)

Dr. Peter McCullough – Ends The Pandemic With 5 COVID Facts

1. The virus does not spread asymptomatically.

2. We should never test asymptomatic people.

3. Natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable.

4. COVID-19 is easily treatable at home.

5. The current vaccines are obsolete, unsafe, and unfit for human use.

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“Pfizer announced its global phase 3 trial on a third dose in mid-July. That trial’s completion date is in 2022.”

But they will give it to you in September. Already have in Israel. Trials are for pussies.

Pfizer CEO to Public: Just Trust Us on the Covid Booster (KHN)

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was confident in June about the ability of his company’s vaccine to protect against the highly contagious delta variant, as it marched across the globe and filled U.S. hospitals with patients. “I feel quite comfortable that we cover it,” Bourla said. Just weeks later, Pfizer said it would seek authorization for a booster shot, after early trial results showed a third dose potentially increased protection. At the end of July, Pfizer and BioNTech announced findings that four to six months after a second dose, their vaccine’s efficacy dropped to about 84%. Bourla was quick to promote a third dose after the discouraging news, saying he was “very, very confident” that a booster would increase immunity levels in the vaccinated. There’s one hitch: Pfizer has not yet delivered conclusive proof to back up that confidence.

The company lacks late-stage clinical trial results to confirm a booster will work against covid variants including delta, which now accounts for 93% of new infections across the U.S. Pfizer announced its global phase 3 trial on a third dose in mid-July. That trial’s completion date is in 2022. Phase 3 results generally are required before regulatory approval. “We are confident in this vaccine and the third dose, but you have to remember the vaccine efficacy study is still going on, so we need all the evidence to back up that,” Jerica Pitts, Pfizer’s director of global media relations, said Monday. The financial stakes are enormous: Pfizer announced in July that it expects $33.5 billion in covid-19 vaccine revenue this year. Meanwhile, Pfizer recently said that if a third dose couldn’t combat the delta or other variants, the drugmaker is poised to come up with a “tailor-made” vaccine within 100 days.

All of this has sown a sense of confusion about what exactly will work, and when. The pharmaceutical industry’s rush to recommend boosters for the public is “a little frustrating,” said Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and an adviser to the National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration. Even if a booster is found to be safe, he said, the U.S. effort should focus on “vaccinating people who are unvaccinated.” In any case, decisions about boosters do not rest with vaccine makers, he said. “Pharmaceutical companies aren’t public health agencies, it’s really not theirs to determine when or whether there should be booster dosing,” Offit said. “That is the purview of the CDC.”

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“..if we had had a data and safety monitoring board, they would have shut down the vaccine in February of 2021..”

Renowned German Pathologist Urges More Autopsies of Vaccinated People (NA)

A renowned German pathologist has sounded the alarm on the number of fatal consequences of COVID-19 vaccinations being drastically underestimated, according to his findings. Peter Schirmacher, the director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, who was admired by The Pathologist magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential professionals in the field, stated that 30 to 40 percent of people who died within two weeks after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and whom he performed an autopsy on died from the vaccination, according to the local outlet Augsburger Allgemeine.

The pathologist argues that just like cadavers of people who died from COVID-19, corpses of people who die within the short period of time after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine should be examined more frequently and meticulously. He added that currently, pathologists do not study possible connections between inoculation and a development of deadly health implications such as cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases. Since vaccinated people usually do not die under clinical observation, Schirmacher explains, “The doctor examining the corpse does not establish a context with the vaccination and certifies a natural death and the patient is buried. Or he certifies an unclear type of death, and the public prosecutor sees no third-party fault and releases the corpse for burial.”

Schirmacher said that in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, his autopsy group worked closely with public prosecutors, the police, and resident doctors to study the phenomenon, and that the vaccine-related morbidity rate that they established is a “politically explosive statement in times when the vaccination campaign is losing momentum, the delta variant is spreading rapidly and restrictions on non-vaccinated people are being discussed.” [..]The administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected Schirmacher’s conclusions and seemingly declined his calls, stating that vaccines are safe. The Paul Ehrlich Institute, a German federal agency, medical regulatory body, and research institution for vaccines and biomedicines, announced that Schirmacher’s statements were “incomprehensible.”

Thomas Mertens, chairman of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (Stiko), dismissed the findings: “I don’t know of any data that would allow a justifiable statement to be made here and I am not assuming an unreported number.” Schirmacher defends his opinion and calls for further study into the issue. “My colleagues are definitely wrong because they cannot assess this specific question competently,” he responded. Schirmacher added that while he has no intention to spread panic or discourage vaccination, he believes that “individual protection consideration” had been overlooked in the attempt to mass-vaccinate the general public.

[..] The underreporting of vaccine-related deaths and adverse effects is becoming an issue in the United States as well. As reported by the New American, a lawsuit filed in federal court in Alabama is alleging that the federal government is hiding, as of the beginning of July, “at least 45,000” deaths related to COVID-19 vaccines. According to the testimony from whistleblower working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and who has access to government servers including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service, there is evidence that the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS), which collects data on vaccine-related deaths, is under-reporting such deaths “by a conservative factor of at least five.” According to Dr. Peter McCullough, since typically only 10 percent of vaccine-injury cases make it to VAERS, the death toll from the vaccines may actually be 10-fold higher than the official number. Still, he said, a vaccine that leads to 150 deaths is usually withdrawn from use. “I think if we had had a data and safety monitoring board, they would have shut down the vaccine in February of 2021,” McCullough said.

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Berenson: “Israel, with a nearly entirely vaccinated adult population, now expects this coronavirus wave to be the worst yet – up to 2,500 serious cases compared to 1,200 in January.

Note: the article doesn’t mention vaccines once. It’s like they never even happened.”

Israel Predicts Thousands Of Seriously Ill Covid Patients Within Month (ToI)

Israeli hospitals have to prepare for an influx of nearly 5,000 coronavirus patients within weeks, half of whom will need acute care to deal with severe bouts of COVID-19, health officials have warned Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, according to reports Wednesday. The dire predictions came during a Tuesday meeting between Bennett and senior health experts amid a major influx of new cases, prompting the premier to back a plan to expand hospital capacity, a signal that the government will look to absorb the crush of severe cases head-on rather than attempt to swerve out of its way. Senior Health Ministry officials and other experts presented Bennett with data forecasting some 4,800 coronavirus patients requiring hospitalization by September 10.

The experts expect half of the patients to be seriously ill, putting a major strain on Israel’s health system, according to Hebrew-language media reports on the closed-door meeting. Israel has seen new case numbers skyrocket in recent weeks from a few dozen a day to over 6,000 on Monday. Another 5,755 were diagnosed on Tuesday, the Health Ministry said Wednesday morning, bringing the number of active cases to 38,942. Ministry numbers showed 694 patients hospitalized as of Wednesday morning, 400 of whom were listed in serious condition. Sixty-two people were being treated on ventilators. Bennett and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz agreed to pump money into the health system to bring in 100 more doctors, 500 nurses and 200 paramedical and support staff every 10 days to keep up with growing demand, according to a summary of the meeting drafted by the Prime Minister’s Office and published by the Ynet news site.

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More Israel. This one is a bit strange, a Google doc as a pic in Hebrew, no access. But the details, via Ran Israeli, are interesting:

New Concerning Results, Israel 2021 (Prof. Retsef Levi)

MDA Emergency calls:

25% increase in Cardiac arrests & Heart attacks (16-29).

83.6% increase in Heart attacks (Women 20-29).

According to the study, this increase was correlated with Mass vaccination.

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Google translate from Indonesia.

Japanese Doctors Recommend Ivermectin to Cure Corona (Tribun)

Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao (63) Chairman of medical company Yuwakai, director (Head) of Nagao Amagasaki Clinic, Hyogo prefecture, and visiting professor at Kansai University of International Studies highly recommend Ivermectin as a drug that can cure early patients infected with the corona virus. “Medical situation we are currently in a state of almost critical and many patients can not be accommodated in the hospital. For patients who are exposed to the corona early is highly recommended to drink the drug Ivermectin . I’ve tried a lot to me and heal patients,” said Dr. Nagao this afternoon (12/8/2021) on NTV. Professor Nagao also sees this (the drug Ivermectin ) as one of the solutions among many efforts to suppress the increasing number of people infected with the corona and at risk of becoming severe.

“In the early stages it’s good to take the drug . I always give my patients the drug , of course it’s made in Japan and the next day it gets better. I ask them to report to me every day the effects of the drug and it turns out to be good, they get well immediately,” he continued again. . In addition, Dr. Nagao also appealed to the Minister of Health and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to immediately promote the drug Ivermectin to the public so that it would be widely used among those infected with the early corona virus. “So far, all of my patients are good, recovering without any problems with the drug . In addition, the drug is also guaranteed and included in insurance coverage in Japan . So I think it’s not a problem and light, not too burdensome for the Japanese people ,” he added.

Until now, the Japanese government, especially the ministry of health, is still monitoring the use of the drug Ivermectin in Japan , and there has been no decision to promote the drug in the midst of the current pandemic. Tokyo itself this Thursday (12/8/2021) drastically increased the number of infected nearly 5000 people per day. Last week a doctor predicted that around August 18 the number of patients infected with the corona virus in Tokyo could reach 10,000 people per day. Professor Yoshihito Niki, Deputy Director of the Respiratory Center, Kurashiki Daiichi Hospital, Professor of Clinical Infectious Diseases, Japan’s Showa University School of Medicine estimates the number of infections could reach 10,000 people in Tokyo around August 18, he explained last August 6.

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Why Won’t Our Government Even Inform People About Vitamin D? (Horowitz)

Imagine if rather than running out to buy worthless Chinese face diapers or toilet paper last March, there had been a mad rush to stock up on vitamin D. What would our hospitalization rate have been after the initial wave, and after the early science was clear about the efficacy of vitamin D, had government mailed out free vitamin D to every American (especially in nursing homes)? For a fraction of the cost of a shutdown, waning vaccines, remdesivir, and endless welfare, government could have offered free blood tests of everyone’s vitamin D, C, and zinc levels and advised a plan to bulk up those levels?

Well, we have a new study that demonstrates a good number of hospitalizations could have been avoided. Government agencies that are censoring information on vitamin D can no longer say the same thing about the vaccines, given how Israel is now showing that the vaccine wears off and the country is preparing for the worst run on hospitals ever, despite nearly every adult having been vaccinated. And unlike the vaccines and everything else our government promoted and mandated, vitamin D comes with no risk, numerous other vital benefits, and empowers rather than controls people. There is a misnomer that those promoting vitamin D for COVID somehow believe that all people have to do after getting the virus is to take vitamin D and they will suddenly get better (although there is evidence it works in the active form).

That is obviously an easy straw man for those who oppose preventives and early treatment to knock down. In reality, while vitamin D is definitely important post-infection, it takes several months to bulk up one’s level if it is deficient. A new study recently published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice demonstrates that had Fauci and Co. simply told Americans, especially the vulnerable, to take high doses of Vitamin D (like he does), most of the hospitalizations could have been avoided. The meta-analysis of 23 published studies containing 11,901 participants found the following: One who is vitamin D deficient was 3.3 times more likely to get infected with SARS-CoV-2 than one who is not deficient.

The serum vitamin D concentration, on average, was 20.3 ng/mL among all COVID19 patients but was 16.0 ng/mL among those with severe cases. It’s recommended that one’s levels be at least over 40. “The chance of developing severe COVID-19 is about five times higher in patients with vitamin D deficiency.” A total of 84% of COVID patients in the study were either deficient or insufficient in vitamin D. In other words, whether your vitamin D level is 15, 30, or 50 will make all the difference in terms of getting a mild, moderate, or severe case of the virus, or perhaps getting it at all. How is it that, to this very day, there is no effort to inform people about such a painless, cheap, and effective fix?

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Horse, door, barn.

Head Of WHO Covid Origin Team Admits China Ordered Them What To Write (SN)

The head of the World Health Organization’s origin investigation into COVID-19 has admitted that China basically ordered his team on what to write in their report and allowed them to mention the lab leak theory, but only on the condition that they didn’t recommend following it up. Revealing what is clear evidence of a cover up, the Washington Post reports that Danish WHO chief Ben Embarek made the admission after also commenting that he believes patient zero was a worker at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where experiments on coronaviruses were being carried out. Embarek noted that “human error” could have ultimately led to the virus jumping to humans, but that “the Chinese political system does not allow authorities to acknowledge that.”

Embarek commented that “Somebody could also wish to hide something.” As we have previously noted, the Communist Chinese government, along with Dr. Peter Daszak, President of the EcoHealth Alliance, steered the course of the pathetic WHO “investigation”, which had already dismissed the lab leak notion after only a three hour visit to the facility in February. In addition, China has refused to cooperate with the renewed WHO probe, declaring that any attempt to look into the lab leak theory goes “against science” and claiming, contrary to U.S. intelligence and the WHO’s own conclusions, that workers in the lab were hospitalised with COVID in the autumn of 2020.

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The Guardian has two different articles on this. Must be important.

Drug Firms Poised To Make Billions Of Dollars From Covid Booster Jabs (G.)

The drug companies Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna are poised to make billions of dollars from Covid-19 booster jabs this autumn, with analysts estimating that sales could rival the $6bn-a-year market for seasonal flu vaccines. The UK government is expected to announce details of its booster programme in the coming days, based on formal advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, but the health secretary, Sajid Javid, has suggested the over-50s could be offered a dose along with their winter flu jabs. The UK is expected to join France and Germany in offering follow-up doses from September. The US authorities on Friday approved a third dose for those with compromised immune systems, and Israel and Chile have begun administering boosters to their elderly citizens.

However, health experts are warning that many more people around the world will die of Covid if western countries prioritise boosters for their own populations instead of sharing them with the rest of the world. Moderna, Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech, have already inked over $60bn in sales for this year and next, in deals for supplying follow up shots and also the initial two doses for those being inoculated for the first time in less wealthy countries. Analysts polled by data group Refinitiv have forecast revenue of more than $6.6bn for the Pfizer/BioNTech shot and $7.6bn for Moderna in 2023, mostly from booster sales. They expect the annual market to settle at about $5bn or higher eventually, with additional drugmakers competing for those sales.

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CAN you test for Delta? Yes, but only through genome sequencing, and that doesn’t happen all the time. Instead, as an MD explains: “The CDC does intermittent sequencing of the virus to determine what strain/variant is predominant in a particular region at any given time. The PCR tests do not differentiate.”

In other words: “There is not a specific test for the delta variant. However, since the vast majority of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. are the delta variant, it’s likely a positive test result indicates you could be infected with the delta variant, according to Human and Health Services of Texas.”

Low-Cost Test Could Detect Delta Variant In Saliva (MNT)

Scientists from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), both in Cambridge, MA, and several Boston-area hospitals, recently created miSHERLOCK. miSHERLOCK is an inexpensive, CRISPR-based diagnostic test that allows users to self-test for variants of SARS-CoV-2 at home, using their saliva. “Simple things that used to be ubiquitous in the hospital, like nasopharyngeal swabs, were suddenly hard to get, so routine sample processing procedures were disrupted, which is a big problem in a pandemic setting,” said co-first author of the study, Dr. Rose Lee, who is a visiting fellow at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at MIT. “Our team’s motivation for this project was to eliminate these bottlenecks and provide accurate diagnostics for COVID-19 with less reliance on global supply chains, and could also accurately detect the variants that were starting to emerge,” she notes.

“miSHERLOCK is a low-cost point-of-care [COVID-19] test that is capable of detecting and differentiating specific SARS-CoV-2 variants, which could be used to guide patient care as well as for infection control or epidemiological purposes,” lead author Helena de Puig Guixe, a postdoctoral researcher at the Collins lab at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, told Medical News Today. “Our device is low-cost, provides a simple visual answer in 1 hour, and only requires saliva from a patient with no additional equipment separate from the device itself (including its standard battery). […] Our full device, including all testing components, costs $15, down to $6 with reuse of the housing and electronics, but could be as low as $2–3 per test if produced at scale,” she added.

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“General David Berger, Commandant of the US Marine Corps, briskly told the SecDef, in effect, to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. What do you make of that?”

Brace for Impact (Kunstler)

My Pillow man Mike Lindell’s three-day Cyber Symposium demonstrated a couple of things about the current depraved state of our nation: You could prove pretty conclusively that the national election of 2020 was saturated with fraud; and that no one in the news business would either care or dare to report it. Otherwise, it’s a little early to tell whether the exercise will have any effect on the country’s mood, though it is apparently a fact that millions tuned into the event on the few Internet sites that evaded the efforts to hack it out of existence.

The presentations by physicist Douglas Frank, law professor (New Mexico State U) David Clements, and retired army intelligence analyst Seth Keshel made a multi-dimensional case that the Dominion vote tallying machines were both pre-programmed with insidious algorithms and were also run remotely by Internet connection through servers in Senegal tied to China the night of Nov. 3, 2020. Even so, the vote in favor of Donald Trump so overwhelmed the programming that oafish mopping-up operations with bogus write-in paper ballots had to be conducted on-the-fly to make sure the election came out in “Joe Biden’s” favor.

It was interesting to be reminded that four key states — Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin — all claimed to have stopped counting votes around 10:30 eastern time, and nobody reporting the tally on TV (a national ritual going back seventy years) seemed to consider anything irregular about it. But since when in US elections do officials not work through the whole of election night to reach a result? The answer, of course, is never before. It is, as they say, not a thing. Shouldn’t that have been a national WTF moment?

And so began the secret after-hours hijinks, such as in the Fulton County, GA, arena, where poll watchers were shooed out of the joint and then ballot-counters supplied by a Stacey Abrams-owned temp worker company got foolishly caught on a security camera running reams of paper ballots multiple times through their machines… and the arrival in Philadelphia of a truck from Long Island delivering tens of thousands of fresh paper ballots… and so on through the long night of supposedly no vote counting.

[..] The regime is trying to soften up the public for mandatory vaxes now, using its propaganda arms to turn up the volume on pandemic fear and new variants, using phony statistics and threats to turn the unvaxed into social pariahs, including schoolchildren. The regime is playing with nitroglycerine there. How desperate and crazy are they, really? Is something wicked coming their way? I think so, and I think they know it’s so, and I think they have just about run out of tricks for avoiding it. A crack in the edifice of tyrannical coercion materialized a few days ago when SecDef Lloyd Austin declared his intention to vax-up the whole military. General David Berger, Commandant of the US Marine Corps, briskly told the SecDef, in effect, to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. What do you make of that?

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Barack and Hunter, the new elites.

The Vanishing Legacy of Barack Obama (Taibbi)

“Even Scaled Back,” wrote Vanity Fair, “Barack Obama’s Birthday Bash Is the Event of the Season.” Not even the famed glossy Bible of the unapologetic rich seemed sure of whether to write Obama’s Birthday bash straight or as an Onion headline: what did the “Event of the Season” mean during a pandemic? A former president flying half the world’s celebrities to spend three days in a maskless ring-kissing romp at a $12 million Martha’s Vineyard mansion, at a moment when only a federal eviction ban prevented the outbreak of a national homelessness crisis, was already an all-time “Fuck the Optics” news event, and that was before the curveball.

Because of what even the New York Times called “growing concerns” over how gross the mega-party looked, not least for the Joe Biden administration burdened with asking the nation for sober sacrifice while his ex-boss raised the roof with movie stars in tropical shirts, advisers prevailed upon the 44th president to reconsider the bacchanal. But characteristically, hilariously, Obama didn’t cancel his party, he merely uninvited those he considered less important, who happened to be almost entirely his most trusted former aides.

Cast out, the Times said, were “the majority of former Obama administration officials… who generally credit themselves with helping create the Obama legacy,” including former top aide David Axelrod, who’d just called Obama an “apostle of hope” in the Washington Post and sat for a three-hour HBO documentary deep-throat of his ex-boss. Remaining on the list were celeb couples Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, as well as Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, along with Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Questlove, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Don Cheadle, and other Fabulous People, who drank “top shelf liquor,” puffed stogies, and hit the links at the Vineyard Golf Club (membership fee: $350,000). An early report that Pearl Jam had been hired to perform was later refuted. Eddie Vedder would just be there, but not to play.

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If America’s soul becomes totally poisoned, part of the autopsy must read “Vietnam.”
– Martin Luther King, April 4, 1967








My Russian friends told me – it was a very strict compliance about vax passports in Moscow.

Nobody would be allowed to come into the restaurant without a vax.

That lasted about 3 weeks. Why? Because nobody went to the restaurants anymore.





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    Mister Roboto

    I really like the use of blue and green in the Picasso painting, and the use of brown as a contrast poised right in the middle of it.

    As for “no asymptomatic spread”, I think that one requires some nuance. Asymptomatic spread can and does happen, but it’s not a major driver of mass-infection. And when asymptomatic spread does happen, it is generally in the run-up to a case that is about to become symptomatic, because these people have much larger viral-loads they are shedding (but not aware of, so they’re not quarantining themselves at home) than people whose viral-loads are under control because they will remain asymptomatic on account of their immune systems being able to contain and soon eliminate the virus.


    ….or “stupid is as stupid does” maybe? It seems to come down to “experts” straying well out of their field.

    Stupidity is a very specific cognitive failing. Crudely put, it occurs when you don’t have the right conceptual tools for the job. The result is an inability to make sense of what is happening and a resulting tendency to force phenomena into crude, distorting pigeonholes.

    This is easiest to introduce with a tragic case. British high command during the First World War frequently understood trench warfare using concepts and strategies from the cavalry battles of their youth. As one of Field Marshal Douglas Haig’s subordinates later remarked, they thought of the trenches as ‘mobile operations at the halt’: ie, as fluid battle lines with the simple caveat that nothing in fact budged for years. Unsurprisingly, this did not serve them well in formulating a strategy: they were hampered, beyond the shortage of material resources, by a kind of ‘conceptual obsolescence’, a failure to update their cognitive tools to fit the task in hand.

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso The old guitarist 1903-4

    Such an excellent Picasso; captures the title exquisitely…


    General David Berger, Commandant of the US Marine Corps, briskly told the SecDef, in effect, to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. What do you make of that?”

    I looked this up on Google and saw it was fact checked false. Does this mean it is true? I’m confused


    robo, you’re describing presymptomatic, not asymptomatic spread.

    Dr. D

    “Expert” and “Authority” Fact-checker Snopes in a tussle this morning when their founder…who embezzled $98k and cheated on his wife…is apparently not an ethical guy! At all! Snopes releases an admission that his whole business model was deception, copyright infringement, and plagiarism to market.

    But there’s nothing anyone can do to be discredited. He is still an expert and ethical and true, tirelessly referred to as the apex of truth and honesty, still used to mete out life sentences on Facebook and YouTube. And when I say what they openly admit, because they actually lack all morality, thus all shame, and also self-awareness, I’m considered crazy and wrong, making too much of it, and life rolls on its merry way, approving and paying all liars, banning and arresting all truth tellers, and giving each other medals.

    …You know, like the CDC does as THEIR business model as well.

    Cheers! People eat it up! Laurels and palms in the streets, let the wine flow! Yaaaaaay, people going to (FB) jail for nothing, thousands dying in defense of lies and profit. Tomorrow: get up and do the same thing, learning nothing. Why should they? There was no arrests, no punishment for yesterday. God is mocked and physics are suspended. What could possibly go wrong?

    The loss of our reflexive ‘lean in’ [blind belief] towards authority is a price the authorities themselves have paid for their own f–k-ups.”

    “The U.S. Dollar is backed by the full faith and credit”

    “Dr. Fauci Runs Into Village Screaming That A Wolf Is Coming To Devour Us All Again” –Bbee

    “Scientists Rename Climate Change ‘COVID’ So Americans Will Immediately Give Up All Their Rights To Fight It” –Bbee

    Why not? That turned out perfectly in 2001, right? Nothing bad happened, we won, and got all our rights back.

    “Here’s a Comprehensive List of All the Socialist Countries that Haven’t Turned into a Totalitarian Hellscape Where You Have to Eat Your Dog” –Bbee




    Yeah, THAT’S why.

    Surely you’re going nuclear on trifles here, can trust and exposure really be that important?

    “Head Of WHO Origin Probe Team Admits Communist China Ordered Them What To Write In Report”

    “”They’re Experimenting On Us” – Why Black New Yorkers Don’t Trust The Vaccine”

    Bitcoin $47,000 as the dollar collapses in double-digit inflation, with rolling food shortages at your house.

    Speaking of 2001: “ Biden Admin Warns of Threat from Anti-Lockdown ‘Extremists’ and More (RT)”

    Lying Liars and the Lies they Lie. So…report says, they have decided it’s anti-vaxxers who will commit the next event. The know this because they have no specific evidence at all. Of anyone anywhere. But 13 out of 15 agents are working on making it happen in Michigan for Governor Whitmore. Promise. NY Times: “+90% of all terror attacks stopped by the FBI were created by the FBI”. You know, like we already knew from MLK. But that was a year before Trump, and all physics, reality, institutions, and human nature are completely different now. Bad is the new Good. “By Any Means Necessary”, The “Noble Lie”, the “Ends Justify the Means.” “A million child deaths are ‘worth it’.” Assange must be tortured to death for telling the truth, it’s for the good of the planet.

    Side of the Angels stuff, obviously.

    The Measures Clearly work, it’s the people that are the problem.” Any comment necessary to this? How about, “And yes, we have a “Final Solution” for those pesky ‘People’.” or “non-people” really, who can’t vote in Italy, if they don’t “Do what they’re told right now, mister.” Infinite totalitarian fascism, a boot stomping on their face forever. They deserve it.

    “If you choose not to be immunized, you don’t necessarily have the right to go into a high-risk environment with a bunch of people who have been immunized and are protected.” –BC Health Minister. Just had to write that out loud just to record it and believe it. Because later, when we hang them at our own Nuremberg Trails, no one will believe how stupid, violent, and group think everyone became, arresting neighbors for being perfectly safe and no threat to them.

    “ Ex-Pfizer VP Urges Pregnant

    An ex-Pfizer VP is not an “Authority”, a test which has never been done is the “authority”. Duh. Even tests that don’t exist are smarter than doctors if NeoLiberals say they are. Profits say! Submit or die.

    Dr. Peter McCullough – Ends the Pandemic with 5 COVID Facts (LS) “

    That’s true, but he will have to finish proving them. And also won’t end the pandemic. Probably only public hangings will end it. You know: like the guy who funded the bioweapons that got out in the first place? That guy? Who is our expert in giving information on and investigating the 1M deaths he paid and caused? ‘Cause that’s Logic!

    “Pfizer announced its global phase 3 trial on a third dose in mid-July. That trial’s completion date is in 2022.”

    In #OppositeLand, we give the drug first, THEN test it at all. The drug is innocent until proven guilty! Unlike everyone else except them.

    Renowned German Pathologist Urges More Autopsies of Vaccinated People (NA)”

    Yes but then we’d have data and research which is exactly what we don’t want, and fight tirelessly at every turn.

    See, you don’t have to be a genius or pick a side to know these guys are wrong, bad, untrustworthy, and up to something. Their constant, total blackout of all research, evidence, and investigation into anything except “Do what you’re told!” tells you that. Risk if I’m wrong? Zero. Risk if I’m right? Billions of deaths and the end of all human rights forever. So you know which one we’ll so and fight for. FOR Pfizer and AGAINST all research and human rights.

    Problem is it is impossible to lampoon, satirize, or criticize these guys enough. Nothing Bret or Malone has ever done or said is a rounding error to the equation above. The Anti-truth, anti-fact, anti-science crusade, blitzkreig really, against all previous norms of any kind, be they legal, monetary, scientific, or human.

    “Vitamin D.” Proves they have no interest in stopping this disease. In fact, they measurably and provably are stopping every attempt to help people. I rest my case. If they have any good faith, anywhere, by anybody, at any time, this would not be true. Nor the 60,000 nursing home deaths in 5 states nobody cares about, and indeed defends to the death. But they’re “experts” “Authorities” and good faith actors. 60,000 too few? 600,000 maybe would get you to suspect they lack good faith? If they kill you personally? Never? What does it take? If they burned down your house and kicked your dog would you finally suspect something?

    Yup, no (common) Delta test. They are making it up, lying, fabricating, hiding, not admitting it. Like the last 2 years if not 40 (Fauci + HIV)

    Marine vaccinations? Tells me maybe Biden isn’t really in charge of anything. So who is?

    List of Obama celebrities, unconcerned with 7 wars, drone striking every arab, stealing every black house, bailing every banker, going maskless in the middle of a pandemic they are breathless to Tell OTHER people to Obey? Yes, you know every name within 100 miles of these celebrities are to be shunned, banned, and discredited as not-serious, anti-science, anti-human, anti-working man, immoral, hateful cretins…according to themselves. John Legend (I think) put together two epic back-to-back Tweets on “Obey Covid, it’s srs ppl” and “Awesome time maskless at this party that includes unvaccinated people, Happy B-Day, Barry! Best party evah!”

    Tell me again how –I–, Weinstein, Malone, are the villains who need scolding and must come to heel. While Biden buses 1M immigrants, with 40% Covid positive to every city and small town in North America. “the loss of our reflexive ‘lean in’ towards authority is a price the authorities themselves have paid for their own f–k-ups.”

    Wtf ever had a “Reflexive lean-in” to unzip their pants for them, Mr. Fuller? I do not have that impulse, but to judge them on their merits and actions.

    “If America’s soul becomes totally poisoned, part of the autopsy must read “Vietnam.” – Martin Luther King, April 4, 1967

    When he was doing race stuff, BLM, they loved him. Perfect. The month he switched to unity, black and white against the war, he was killed.

    Inorbit, fact-checked with Snopes? See above. Fact-checked like “Don’t shut the air-travel”, “Virus not from Wuhan” like “Saddam had WMD”? “Trump was working for the Russians since the 80s and Mueller is coming”? Fact checked? Clapper “We don’t spy on Americans” fact checked? “Syria gassed their own people and the OPCW showed it”, “Brian WIlliams Live-from-the-moon” fact-checked it? I trust them. When have the NPR, CNN, NYTimes ever lied except with every word for the last 20 years?

    Fuller says they are the gatekeepers and we are lost without them, unable to discover truth except by their word.

    those darned kids

    So that’s life, then: things as they are?
    It picks its way on the blue guitar.

    A million people on one string?
    And all their manner in the thing,

    And all their manner, right and wrong,
    And all their manner, weak and strong?

    The feelings crazily, craftily call,
    Like a buzzing of flies in autumn air,

    And that’s life, then: things as they are,
    This buzzing of the blue guitar.

    ~wallace stevens (who insisted the painting had nothing to do with it, but no one believes him!), 1937


    and, of course, michael tippett’s sonata for guitar (1984), “the blue guitar”, which you can find on the you tube.
    [insert uninsertable link to norbert kraft’s performance (with score!)]


    Checked on the CJ Hopkins discussion from yesterday. From the looks of it, more than a few are not worried about firings. Tie it in with health care workers resigning over forced vaccination and there might be more pushback than we all think.


    “You stupid, stupid bastards…..”



    Interview with a doctor from Colombia who has treated more than 500 Covid patients.
    5 deaths only, with an average age around 90.
    Protocol for early treatment:
    • ivermectin
    • nitazoxanide
    • aspirin


    A bunch of players retiring from the NFL this season, and while they won’t admit the pressure to vaccinate is the cause, I’m pretty sure there would not be so many without it. Including a free agent that had many teams interested.

    “ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Friday that despite interest from teams as a free agent, the veteran running back is retiring.”


    The chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association calls for immediate use of ivermectin as cases surge.

    Polder Dweller

    Yesterday we were treated to the dubious pleasure of watching our PM (Mark Rutte) and his minister for health sidekick, Hugo de Jonge, set out how happy days are very nearly here again. On 20 September the 1.5m anti-social distancing rule will be dropped (not that I’ve noticed anyone practising it for the last couple of months anyway) and on 1 November all other measures including face masks on public transport will also be dropped and the good old normal will be back.

    He said all this with his usual grin, most likely because he was thoroughly enjoying telling the nation all these big fat lies without a single awkward question from the assembled “reporters.” Not one “journalist” wanted to know how this could be remotely possible now we know that the vaccines stop neither infection nor transmission. No one was interested in finding out what the government thought about what was happening in Israel seeing as they’re ahead of us by three to four months. There were no questions about adverse events. It was a total farce and the MSM lapped it up.

    those darned kids

    polder: yesterday, the hairstyle-in-chief of canada announced “sweeping new” crap. he’s gonna call an election on it. what a dweeb.


    The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity. –Voltaire

    This makes me so sad for her and for everyone, really.

    those darned kids

    what’s that smell?


    “To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and for other purposes.”



    Coalition of the Unafraid. Found through JMG’s Weekly COVID discussion.

    “We stand firmly against the use of fear to motivate or manipulate.

    We oppose all media and political fearmongering.

    We accept our existence as mortal animals on a finite planet.”

    Coalition of the Unafraid


    Handbook Guidelines
    (Covid, Pandemic, Herd Immunity, vaccine)

    Survival in War zone,
    Survival in a heat wave
    Survival in a forest fire
    Survival in a refugee camp
    Survival without vaccines
    Survival in poverty
    Survival in the USA, Israel, (restaurant, school, shopping, entertainment, in the office, travel)
    Survival in a lockdown
    Survival at a 60th birthday party
    Survival in a Long Term Care Home (LTC)
    Survival as an Illegal Immigrant
    Make the data compute with Handbook Guidelines survival

    • Israel Predicts Thousands Of Seriously Ill Covid Patients Within Month (ToI)
    • New Concerning Results, Israel 2021 (Prof. Retsef Levi)


    Medical Personnel in Nazi Germany


    Look …. it does not compute, ….. again
    Yet Again, The Media’s COVID Narrative Doesn’t Add Up
    08/12/2021Ryan McMaken
    If one were to go only on what one reads or sees in the media, one would think it’s the spring of 2020 all over again. The headlines are filled with stories of overcrowded hospitals, overwhelmed medical personnel, and predictions of people dying in parking lots waiting for medical care.

    madamski cafone

    “General David Berger, Commandant of the US Marine Corps, briskly told the SecDef, in effect, to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. What do you make of that? I looked this up on Google and saw it was fact checked false. Does this mean it is true? I’m confused”

    I doubt this is deep-faked:


    Berger Got Shot

    Not that I give a shit:

    Amid a NCIS investigation of the scandal involving a Facebook group sharing naked photos of female Marines, top Navy and Marine officials faced angry senators demanding answers to the “toxic” behavior threatening to dishonor the US military’s elite branch. US Marine Corps Commandant General Robert Neller testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday in the ‘Marines United’ affair, describing the scandal as “perversion to our culture” and a “stain” on the USMC. Last week, an investigative report discovered the existence of a secret Facebook page, accessible through the 30,000-member group, with “hundreds – possibly thousands” of photos of female Marines accompanied by salacious comments.


    Fuck the Marines, fuck the Armed Forces. Large institutions are inherently evil by virtue of having gross abstract power, something human beings always use to destroy… especially to destroy that which they previously built. FUCK the AMA, CDC, WHO… hell, fuck TAE. It’s become such an echo chamber that it has attracted de facto trolls and tries to form censorship committees over what are really the silliest trivial issues.

    There. I feel better now. A vexing quote:

    10-15 years ago, I was researching for a piece of fiction. It fits our current socioeconomic political focus:

    “In her research, she’d learned more about man’s inhumanity to man than anyone would want to know, but had also learned much about humanity’s tender humanity to man, and individual courage and determination in the face of agonizing pain and soul-sucking despair.

    “The euthanasia fetish began with her discovery of an old Third Reich propaganda film, Ich klage an (1941) by Wolfgang Liebeneiner. Actually an exceptional piece of cinematic art for the time,
    it described a woman suffering from MS who decides her life is beyond worth living and begs her husband doctor to euthanize her. Her MS had become so bad she was physically unable to kill herself. It was as complete a depiction of helplessness imaginable. I have no mouth and I must scream; I have no bowels and I must shit. My life has become so useless I ca’t even kill myself.

    “Ths perfectly, immaculately helpless, the tragic heroine provided the ideal pivot for a movie dialectic purporting to be a balanced debate of the ethics, pro and con, of euthanasia, but only provided a eerily convincing, tear-jerking promotion for killing off genetic undesirables. It was intended to promote the Third Reich’s Action T-4 program, Hitler’s precursor project to the Final Solution. T-4 killed between 75,000 to 250,000 people who allegedly had intellectual or physical disabilities. At first it only removed those with genuinely life-negating disabilities but soon progressed, secretly, of course, to those deemed geneticopolitically undesirable.

    “It started with grotesquely and excruciatingly deformed children, many of whose parents agreed with the euthanasia, but rapidly regressed, via Hitler’s 1939 Reich Committee for the Scientific Registering of Serious Hereditary and Congenital Illnesses, to children with only moderate impairments, who would be sent off to “Special Sections” for children where they supposedly would receive improved care. Parents would subsequently receive letters regretfully informing them their child had died of complications, typically pneumonia.

    “The program spread to adults and eventually became an open secret. Especially telling was when someone’s uncle or gramps was reported dead of “acute appendicitis” even though his appendix had been removed years before.

    “Like all roads leading to hell, it was paved with ironically good intentions. If one wikied the subject, one could read:

    “In early October (1939) all hospitals, nursing homes, old-age homes, sanatoria were required to report all patients who had been institutionalized for five years or more, who had been committed as “criminally insane”, who were of “non-Aryan race”, or who had been diagnosed with any of a list of specified conditions. These included schizophrenia, epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea, advanced syphilis, senile dementia, paralysis, encephalitis and “terminal neurological conditions generally”. Many doctors and administrators assumed that the purpose of the reports was to identify inmates who were capable of being drafted for “labour service”. They therefore tended to overstate the degree of incapacity of their patients, to protect them from labour conscription – with fatal consequences.[36] When some institutions, mainly in Catholic areas[citation needed], refused to co-operate, teams of T4 doctors (or in some cases Nazi medical students) visited them and compiled their own lists, sometimes in a very haphazard and ideologically motived way.[37] At the same time, all Jewish patients were removed from institutions and were killed during 1940.[38]”

    “What hooked her was learning that the Nazi doctors called the euthanasia of unwanted children “making angels”. It gelled in her mind with her favorite Nathaniel Englander passage, from her favorite story of his, The Tumblers”, about the Nazi death camps: “But there were no snipers, as there are for hands that reach out of the ghettos; no dogs, as for hands that reach out from the cracks in boxcar floors; no angels waiting, as they always do, for hands that reach out from chimneys into ash-clouded skies.”

    “Her little angel, half-elf, half-monster, combined fetal alcohol syndrome and William’s syndrome with deformities delivered by Jiminy’s father when he was still in her womb. He’d have been kind of cute if his face hadn’t been pounded as a fetus. The one eye, Jiminy’s right, stared off to the upper right about 20 degrees from forward. It didn’t stay all that still, either; it wandered in its own small private orbit. The other worked hard, to say the least. It expressed intensity, period.”

    The gradient is somewhat reversed, however. Covis began with a fanfare but will end, predict moi, with cattle-cars with rusted wheels and Hoovervilles not concentration camps.

    USA is a collapsing empire not a growing empire like NAZI Germany was, and Germany took on half the world at once while we can’t even run an opium satrapy in Afghanistan.

    Dr. D

    Because: Atlantic, every word is a lie. You may want to skip this.
    “America has fallen prey to many of the same self-destructive but alluring instincts… It went all in on one countermeasure—vaccines—“

    Yes, we begged you not to do that. Also, since there is no real increase in death yet, what urgency and alarm are you raising from the first sentence?

    “It succumbed to magical thinking by acting as if a variant that had ravaged India would spare a country where half the population still hadn’t been vaccinated.”

    I’m 10x safer in India than any western nation, and the half that isn’t vaccinated doesn’t want to be. So…?

    “Joe Biden gave a speech that felt like a declaration of victory. Three months later, cases and hospitalizations are rising, indoor masking is back, and schools and universities are opening uneasily—again. “It’s the eighth month of 2021, and I can’t believe we’re still having these conversations,”

    Me either. So Joe was wrong and discredited, and all your efforts and vaccines aren’t working. Got it.

    “something is different now—the virus. “The models in late spring were pretty consistent that we were going to have a ‘normal’ summer,” … Obviously, that’s not where we are.”

    So your models are also totally wrong, discredited, and you had noooo idea that viruses mutate. Especially if you give a non-sterilizing vaccine during a pandemic. Got it.

    “Delta’s R0 lies between 5 and 9, which “is shockingly high,” Except it’s death rate is 1,000x lower. Oops, forgot to add that.

    “In simple terms, many people who caught the original virus didn’t pass it to anyone, but most people who catch Delta create clusters of infection.”

    That’s not what you said before: you said Alpha was so viral that everyone was toxic. Which is it? And ppl create Delta clusters? Like the superspreaders in Texas at the Superbowl that never happened? That CDC Director Walensky cried over? How many times can you be wrong in one week or one article?

    “It also means that the virus will almost certainly be a permanent part of our lives,”

    Right! So we’re done then. As I said from January 2020, with the first and lower R0, you’re not going to stop it, everyone will get it. So that’s it. Back to normal, according to you. “even as vaccines blunt its ability to cause death and severe disease.” Even better. Double-plus back to normal since not only CAN’T we stop it, the vaccines are working and we don’t NEED to stop it.

    The U.S. now faces a dispiriting dilemma. …What, now, is the point of masking, distancing, and other precautions?”

    Why is that dispiriting? You’re safe, vaccines work, and with R9, your measures can’t stop it anyway.

    “The answer, as before, is to buy time” Buy time for what? If you want to be vaccinated, you are. “For protecting hospitals, keeping schools open, reaching unvaccinated people,” Protect hospitals from what? The vaccinated are fine. Schools can be open – they always could, the shut down was both totally voluntary AND didn’t work even a tiny bit. Reaching the unvaccinated? Clinics are empty. There’s no backlog, no delay.

    “Most people will meet the virus eventually
    ” Yes, so now is a different time than later for why?

    “The pandemic isn’t over, but it will be: The goal is still to reach the endgame” What Endgame? Can you describe it? Because if it’s everywhere and won’t be stopped, and everyone who wants a vaccine has one, sounds like the Endgame was over last month.

    COVID-19 sent the world into freefall,” No, YOU set the world into freefall, with a lockdown that didn’t work anywhere at all, even a little.

    But victory is not you as an individual getting a vaccine. It’s making sure that SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t bring us to our knees again.” Victory is therefore the OTHER guy getting a vaccine? Who doesn’t want one? And CV never brought us to our knees. YOU did. On purpose, and it failed every week for two years like we said it would. It has made Bezos rich and the poor wiped out. I know you won’t care, so the BLACK poor wiped out. A pointed, aggressive attack on all minorities worldwide. Better?

    The U.S. is not back to square one. The measures that stymied the original coronavirus still work against its souped-up variant; vaccines, in particular, mean that half of Americans are heavily protected” “The vaccines are working, and working well.” Measures like masks, distancing, and lockdowns that didn’t work? Where NY was the worst, and Florida and Texas and Sweden actually better? Americans are heavily protected. So if we’re protected, why isn’t it over?

    “But although vaccinated individuals are well protected, highly vaccinated communities can still be vulnerable,” Howso? Vaccinated people are safe, but when you put 2 or more in a room, they’re not safe. That is literally what you’re saying.

    “unvaccinated people … tend to be geographically clustered and socially connected, creating vulnerable pockets that Delta can assault.” And? Who cares? They don’t want to be vaccinated. Not only can THEY spread it, but you’re safe, but YOU can spread it just as easily, and are just as unsafe, to the people who are safe. It wouldn’t matter if they cluster or not, or even if they exist or not.

    in places with high vaccination rates, such as Vermont and Iceland, the variant is still spreading.”

    Hold on, what? Delta is spreading among the most highly vaccinated? So vaccines don’t work?

    Second, Delta could potentially spread from vaccinated people too—a point of recent confusion.” Could potentially? You know for a fact it did. And so vaccines don’t work. According to you.

    “vaccinated people can transmit Delta onward,” So vaccines don’t work.

    That’s why the CDC’s return to universal indoor masking made sense,” Because two years of masks don’t work.

    “and why vaccinated people can’t tap out of the pandemic’s collective problem” Because vaccines don’t work. Otherwise getting them WOULD tap out the problem. But unvaccinated can’t tap it out either. Because if they get vaccinated, they will be in Body 2, who can NOT tap out of the problem. Answer: NO ONE can tap out of the problem, vaccinated or no. So Vaccines don’t work.

    If you’re vaccinated, you did the best thing you can do, and there’s no reason to feel pessimistic,” Inci Yildirim, a vaccinologist and pediatric infectious-disease expert at Yale, told me. “You’re safer. But you will need to think about how safe you want people around you to be.”

    With a vaccine you just said five times doesn’t work, and doesn’t protect anyone, vaxxed or no, and you have to be responsible for the people around you, who are either safe, or actively, purposefully, voluntarily unsafe. Only to themselves.

    Delta’s extreme transmissibility negates some of the community-level protection that vaccines offer.” No, it doesn’t, unless your vaccine doesn’t work. Otherwise, individuals would be safe, and collections of individuals would be equally safe.

    “Delta can spread through a half-vaccinated country more quickly than the original virus could in a completely unvaccinated country.” You just said it was R9, so it would spread through ANY country, status is irrelevant. But if it does, and vaccines work, so what? You just said “Everyone will meet the virus”, it’s inevitable and soon. So vaccines don’t work? If you’re safe, and it’s already happened, who cares? You just said we’d all have to live with it permanently, forever. I said that in Jan 2020. Where you been?

    “It can even cause outbreaks in places with 90 percent vaccination rates but no other defenses.” So vaccines don’t work. And the “other defenses” didn’t work at all against Alpha, much less R9 Measles, which 1,000 years of evidence have proven. What “other defenses” did you mean? Shooting each human into orbit one by one?

    “infectious-disease ecologist at Georgetown University, told me. “Communities that had reached safety are in danger again.” Well, Georgetown, so… If the communities are vaccinated, what are they in danger of? Cause vaccines don’t work?

    there’s not really a way to solve the Delta problem through vaccination alone,” Murray said.”

    Boom. Booooooooooooooooooooom. Murray at Boston U just told you. Declaratively. “Vaccines Don’t Work” Ever. At all. No matter how many are given.

    You want to explain why that is, Ms. Murray? Because all other vaccines “work”, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, tetanus, the cases drop, even possibly vanish in whole nations. But not this one. Whhhhhhyyyyyy? What’s your thinking here? And if you, Boston U, just said, “Vaccines will never stop covid, not matter what we do”, whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyy are we fighting all human rights to give them? Why are we giving them at all?

    Vaccines remain the best way for individuals to protect themselves, but societies cannot treat vaccines as their only defense.” Again, in his science, the aggregate is not made up of individuals.

    “unvaccinated pockets are still large enough to sustain Delta surges, which can overwhelm hospitals, shut down schools, and create more chances for even worse variants to emerge.” But the vaccinated pockets do too, you said. Schools were never shut down, once, ever, because kids don’t get it. YOU shut them down, on purpose KNOWING they didn’t get it, were perfectly fine, and research showed, in fact safer. …Variants emerging, while they could happen in the unvaccinated, that would happen anyway, while it’s provable science that vaccinating in a pandemic actively ENCOURAGES it. So vaccines don’t work. They endanger people with variants by that method.

    “we need to take advantage of every single tool we have at our disposal,” Bansal said. These should include better ventilation to reduce the spread of the virus, rapid tests to catch early infections, and forms of social support such as paid sick leave, eviction moratoriums, and free isolation sites that allow infected people to stay away from others. In states where cases are lower, such as Maine or Massachusetts, masks—the simplest, cheapest, and least disruptive of all the anti-COVID measures—might be enough.”

    Ventilation? Has that ever worked ever? And definitively would not work for R9 measles. Rapid tests? 2 years later where are they? They just said the existing tests don’t work at all, going the wrong way. Eviction moratoriums? How are you going to do that? Did it occur to you you can break the system so thoroughly Covid deaths will be small on comparison? Free isolation sites? 2 years later still no sanatorium model, nor any discussion of one. Which we said Jan 20 while Cuomo refused and forced them into nursing homes instead, since he and all the other governors had closed hospitals and beds for decades.

    Masks? 2 years later they still don’t work, every place they’re used is worse than every place that’s open, and even if they ever worked, they wouldn’t work against the R9 you declared. Next?

    “States such as Louisiana and Florida, where Delta is spreading rapidly, “really need to be talking about a powerful response like closing indoor dining and limiting capacity”

    Against all known science as lockdowns didn’t work and Tennessee showed less than 1% of transmissions were in restaurants, while almost all were in Hospitals, Nursing homes, and government facilities under their care, following their rules. Is there any level of failure or evidence that can get them to follow science? A: Apparently not.

    Bash at GOP governors, whose states have been safer than every blue area on earth, and remain safer now. …Cuz that’s “Science”, not politics.

    “There are better ways to do this. On a federal level, Congress could make funding contingent on local leaders being able to make their own choices,” They DID do this. Your mouths are still open and hoarse from screaming against allowing any local or personal sovereignty, anywhere, at any time.

    Leaders could pass mask mandates like Nevada’s, which is “ideal,” Except none of them every worked, anywhere, and if you believe in “local leaders” then the towns and villages could then pass ANTI-mandates to the state, who are anti to the Federal, and so on down the line. But that’s not what you mean, is it? You mean, “Do what you’re told.” By any means lie necessary.

    “It automatically turns on in counties that surpass the CDC’s definition of high transmission” But flatlined, near-zero deaths, as Delta demostrates so far. When they have a Zeta that is LITERALLY harmless, the CASE definition allows them to do as they please, forever.

    “An off-ramp is always in sight,” …and never reached, as you’ve shown abundantly above. 1) Delta is everywhere and unstoppable. 2) Everyone who wants a vaccine has one. 3) Although that’s already true, we cannot reopen now, and never will.

    “Vaccine mandates can help too. Emily Brunson, an anthropologist at Texas State, has studied vaccine attitudes and thinks that broad, top-down orders “wouldn’t play well, and the pushback could do more harm than good.” But strong mandates that tie employment to vaccination are easily justified in hospitals, long-term-care facilities, and prisons—“high-risk settings where vulnerable people don’t have a choice about being exposed,”

    So…vaccine mandates will backfire terribly, we know it, and that’s why we need them. Got it. Who are the “Vulnerable people in high-risk settings”? If they don’t want the vaccine, you just said it would be bad to mandate it. So they don’t have a choice about being “exposed” — but no one does. In fact, the vaccinated expose you as much or more. So why is that different? They either want and have the vaccine, or don’t want it and mandating it would backfire. What do the workers in such environments have to do with it, since they are also super-spreaders anyway?

    Check me: is there a single shred of logic in that paragraph?

    “Rare, severe events are more poignant when they affect children,” They are violently against rare, severe events if cause by Covid, but in favor of them when it’s caused by the vaccine. Harm=bad, unless harm=good.

    “Virtual learning took a huge toll on both children and parents, and every expert I asked agreed that kids should be back in classrooms”

    Okay, they were never at risk, and we have the studies. So why did you hurt them?

    Schools must continue mitigation measures—…Johns Hopkins, told me” The same ones that didn’t work anywhere? Against a variant twice as transmissible as then?

    “Such outbreaks have already forced nine Mississippi schools to go remote and put 800 people from a single Arkansas district in quarantine” Delta didn’t do that. YOU did that. And kept WalMart wide open. The kids are safe, just like before. “Having it” doesn’t translate into “Injured” and if it did, you couldn’t stop it anyway. Haven’t a bit in two straight years.

    ““Schools have no choice but to close once there’s a large outbreak,” No choice except kids have merely the flu and little to no long-term, while closing the school has NOT STOPPED THE SPREAD. Anywhere. You just said it was endemic. With the vaccine. That wouldn’t work even if we gave it to everyone.

    I think people are right to be hurting, confused, and angry—things didn’t have to turn out this way,” No they didn’t, but when you’ve been a complete failure and f—k-up, every advice was wrong, every dollar wasted, every life ruined, and nothing gained….AND you want to keep going, then people ARE going to finally be pretty saucy about it, TO YOU. The pointed, specific failure that failed them when – unlike me – YOU promised it wouldn’t and you would save them.

    ““People should be demanding that we don’t repeat those same mistakes from last year.” Oh they are, honey. They are.

    Oh he’s not done. Part Deux: “But then what? Delta is transmissible enough that once precautions are lifted, most countries “will have a big exit wave,” [Immunity] y cannot be reached through vaccination alone.”

    The “zero COVID” dream of fully stamping out the virus is a fantasy.” “the pandemic ends when almost everyone has immunity,” …But not through vaccines, according to her.

    “. The new coronavirus will become endemic” Already is, two years now while you hammered the (minority) poor like a baby seal.

    Endemicity was always the likely outcome—I wrote as much in March 2020. But likely is now unavoidable.” Um, is he high? It is always, ever, always, the only outcome. Not only EVENTUAL outcome, it’s long since the PAST TENSE outcome.

    Long article on how, after saying “Vaccines don’t work” 500 times, now they ONLY work and there’s no such things as natural immunity. For not one but TWO viruses that were so virulent everybody was exposed.

    “If endemicity is the future, then masks, distancing, and other precautions merely delay exposure to the virus—and to what end?” Yes, even if they did work, “to what end?”

    health-care workers are already burning out and facing a mammoth backlog of sick patients” Yes, and nurses and beds drop steadily long before Covid and keep dropping faster now. Why? Is it something to do with having the highest costs, highest profits, and worst care in the western world? Tell me how Covid is at fault when this is universal one-direction trend since 1990, and there are million(?) nurses not working because of YOUR management, administration, and rules.

    Curbing the coronavirus’s spread also protects millions of immunocompromised Americans,” who can’t get the vaccine. True, and we’ve faced this issue for centuries. However, next sentence “including giving third doses,” Wut? You mean the ppl who can’t get the vaccine except they also can? Three times?

    Finally, the U.S. simply needs more time to reach unvaccinated people. This group is often wrongly portrayed as a monolithic bunch of stubborn anti-vaxxers who have made their choice. But in addition to young children, it includes people with food insecurity, eviction risk, and low incomes. It includes people who still have concerns about safety and are waiting on the FDA’s full approval, people who come from marginalized communities and have reasonable skepticism about the medical establishment, and people who have neither the time to get their shots nor the leave to recover from side effects.” Well that’s generous. Good.

    Pandemics end. But this one is not yet over, and especially not globally. Just 16 percent of the world’s population is fully vaccinated.” …And according to you, everybody’s been exposed. How could they not with an R5 then an R9? I mean unless you’re lying again. So your vaccine is already irrelevant, too small, and too late. (As I said 6 months ago). But that’s okay, since you said 50 times it doesn’t work anyway.

    I have limited sympathy for people who are arguing over small measures in rich countries” …Where 100% of the fallout is on the POOR, doubling the wealth of the RICH. In those so-called “rich”, but actually economic “apartheid”, antimeritocracy countries.

    Adults might need boosters once immunity wanes substantially, but based on current data, that won’t happen for at least two years.” He writes, knowing that ALREADY happened, twice, that’s why he’s even writing this piece on Delta, because the vaccine immunity didn’t work a bit.

    “[Later] Regular testing of healthy people can tell us where the virus might be surging back.” Why would we do that? First, you said they would be endemic and mild, second, do we test for things that have no symptoms?

    “these measures become more important nearer the pandemic endgame” Because they are more needed when no one is sick with symptoms? The less harm there is, the more aggressive we should be?

    CDC stopped monitoring all breakthrough infections and focused only on those that led to hospitalization and death.” Interesting. Because there were so many that, as Iceland said, it showed 0% efficacy?

    ““We’ve never tested enough, and we’re still not testing enough.” With Floridians once again facing hours-long lines for tests,” The Author knows the test doesn’t work at all and is being pulled.

    “it’s a recap of spring 2020,” Samuel Scarpino, the infectious-disease expert, told me. “We continue to operate in an information vacuum,” Yes, who exactly? Why do we have no tests, no data, no antibody?

    “That makes us susceptible to this kind of thing happening again.” I guess, but you just said not this one, because it’s already endemic. If alien virus turns us into Mario Mushrooms, we’ll have different, unknowable challenges. So this cure is not much gain in solving that, unknown problem that might never occur.

    My phone can tell me if I need to carry an umbrella, and I want it to tell me if I should put a mask on,” Scarpino said. “I’d like to have that for the rest of my life.” Even when the mask, like the weather report, is totally wrong and never works? As neither does right now while you still listen to and credit them?

    commentators have dismissed the threat of COVID-19 by comparing it to the flu … Last year, the flu practically vanished. Asthma attacks plummeted.” Huh. 170,000 some years gone only this one single year, during a test that doesn’t work and is being removed. No curiosity why.

    And they wonder why people are suspicious of the existing narrative. This is me NOT going over the unending flip flops, promises, active attacks, and open failures, just sticking to today’s made-up story.

    D Benton Smith


    You are projecting.

    When you say you are “sad” you know that you are lying, because in truth you are not experiencing sadness, but it’s opposite : malice. You do wish good things for those who disagree with your fixed ideas, you wish bad things. You are not feeling grief. You’re feeling hate.

    At the base of your malicious intent you are simply terrified, and with good reason.

    To assure your own survival and success it is absolutely essential that you figure out what is true and what is not, and that quest consists of endlessly examining and questioning. As soon as you cling to a single, fixed, “unquestionable” position your ability to question and objectively examine . . . comes to a halt.

    Now you are in the position of thinking and feeling that you must defend your answer by attacking all questioners. You have “bet the farm” that the answer you have arrived at so far (which depends upon your CURRENT knowledge of data and information) is the one true truth AND that the answer you’ve come up with will be magically made manifest in reality by making any and all other data and information silent. Anger, ridicule, selective censorship, lies, force . . . these are all tools of that trade.

    That is simply not the way quests for truth work. True quests work on the basis of discovering reality. Reality is indifferent to your feelings and carved-in-stone beliefs. Figuring out the “answer” to what actually IS, and the “answer” to the question of what is going on around you is an ongoing and evolving process of questioning and inspecting and being willing to revise your best guess. If you are really and truly seeking truth then that best guess is going to refine and revise and and change and sometimes flip-flp over the course of time.

    When that evolution stops, then that’s that. Quest ended. The only visible pathway from that position is down, because the pathway upward is blocked by your own decision to not question.


    A wrap up for the resident Coincidence Theorists at TAE

    #1 • Biden Admin Warns Of Threat From Anti-Lockdown ‘Extremists’ and More

    Right wing websites have been warning of a false flag for months along the line of Bedpan Biden’s staging an attack (using the FBI undercover like at the Jan 6 ‘insurrection‘) against the Covid Corprotocracy Citadel.

    We’ll see.

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    #2 Best one minute summary I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Mediawhore false narrative propaganda induced schizophrenia beautifully rendered.

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    #3 “Our government is urging pregnant women, and women of childbearing age, to get vaccinated.”

    To those who don’t think there is a population reducing angle to the Faux Covid Fairytale (FCF), there it is plain as day, in your face.

    Do you still need a road map? Do you need to buy a clue?

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    #4 • Dr. Peter McCullough – Ends The Pandemic With 5 COVID Facts

    Peter rocks, it’s Not a coincidence.

    #5 • Pfizer CEO to Public: Just Trust Us on the Covid Booster (KHN)

    They’re really going for the Kill Shot with this.

    It’s a Darwin Award test, to see if you can make it into the semi-finals.

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    #6 • Renowned German Pathologist Urges More Autopsies of Vaccinated People

    It should read “Renowned German Pathologist finds his own ass after looking with both his hands”

    Well. duh, the data gathered from autopsies would have been ‘helpful’ maybe a year ago.

    Now, not as much cause, who let the dogs out? Ya can’t ever get that data back again from last year.

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    #7 • Israel Predicts Thousands Of Seriously Ill Covid Patients Within Month

    Don’t worry the Pressitutes will spin it til their heads fly off and succeed because the Sheeple literally have the attention span of a squirrel. At near record blanket levels of vaxxed in Israel, the story we be that the last .0001% of unvaxxed caused this catastrophe. Logic is optional.

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    25% increase in Cardiac arrests & Heart attacks (16-29).
    83.6% increase in Heart attacks (Women 20-29).

    According to the study, this increase was correlated with Mass vaccination.

    Not much to say.

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    #9 • Drug Firms Poised To Make Billions Of Dollars From Covid Booster Jabs

    Again, Not much to say.

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    #10 • Low-Cost Test Could Detect Delta Variant In Saliva

    “Scientists from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), both in Cambridge, MA, and several Boston-area hospitals, recently created miSHERLOCK

    Hey, Mish Shedlock got into the Faux Covid Testing racket, sweet!

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    #11 • Brace for Impact (Kunstler)

    Will be indeed interesting to see if parts of the Armed Forces rebel against Old White Joe Bedpan and his puppet master Obomber.

    We’ll see if the Jarheads of the Marine Corp actually have a spine or if it’s just posing and bluster and PR.

    Hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    #12 • The Vanishing Legacy of Barack Obama (Taibbi)

    Hey, Obomber is not an Oreo

    He’s black on the outside and Psychopathic on the inside.

    But hey, maybe it’s all just a coincidence.

    madamski cafone

    Nice wrapup, Oroborus.

    madamski cafone

    “A crack in the edifice of tyrannical coercion materialized a few days ago when SecDef Lloyd Austin declared his intention to vax-up the whole military. General David Berger, Commandant of the US Marine Corps, briskly told the SecDef, in effect, to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. What do you make of that?” (today’s Clusterfuck Nation/Kunstler

    Trouble with success is that one becomes a little too fond of one’s own Kool-Aid. If K had replaced “briskly” with “apparently”, he’d at least have weasel room.

    Here’s one of the difficult things about democracy and reality in general (which is democratic in a highly Darwinian way): you’re a potential meal on everyone’s radar, including your spouse if you’re not careful. One needs to trust onesel;f first time, every time, and trust others only as a subset of that trust.

    But we’re trained to trust authority and doubt ourselves.



    Hey, it was just a coincidence ;>)

    madamski cafone

    oroborus: well, to be fair to the unknown and my contrarian nature: some of it IS just coincidence. Reality itself is as much a conspiracy as any boardroom/Pentagon dream scheme.

    D Benton Smith



    It’s very difficult for me to trust Reality after all of the awful things it’s done to me.

    madamski cafone

    LHatesyoualot vakzine TikTIk vid is SO perfect.


    Highly recommend watching this:

    madamski cafone

    “It’s very difficult for me to trust Reality after all of the awful things it’s done to me.”

    Get back to me when gravity fails and you fly off into space. Until then, if you can’t trust reality, trust me. I’m real. I have several clogged-toilet episodes to historically support this assertion.

    those darned kids

    Are you in an abusive relationship with reality? Look for these signs:

    1. You walk on eggshells to avoid disappointing the taxman, the bank, the mirror.
    2. Reality uses facts and figures to maintain the upper hand in the relationship.
    3. Reality requires constant check-ins and wants to know where you are, what you had for breakfast, and who really shot j.r..
    4. Reality says hurtful things about you disguised as “reality”.
    5. You find yourself ignoring the obvious even when you know you are completely wrong.
    6. Reality hides secrets from you, but won’t allow the opposite.
    7. Reality refuses to give you trophies for 19th place and insists gravity is real.
    8. Reality withholds affection, sex or money to punish you.
    9. You’ve lost all desire for logic and reason.
    10. You feel sorry for yourself, and reality rubs it in.
    11. Reality is always changing plans in order to let you know who’s boss.

    D Benton Smith


    “When you’re lost in the rain in Juarez
    When it’s Easter time too
    And your gravity fails
    And negativity don’t pull you through

    Don’t put on any airs
    When you’re down on Rue Morgue Avenue
    They got some hungry women there
    And they really make a mess outta you

    [Verse 2]
    Now if you see Saint Annie
    Please tell her “Thanks a lot”
    I cannot move
    My fingers are all in a knot
    I don’t have the strength
    To get up and take another shot
    And my best friend, my doctor
    Won’t even say what it is I’ve got ” — Bob Dylan

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