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Paul Klee Angelus Novus 1920


FDA Experts Ask Why Kids Are “Dropping Like Flies” Right After Getting Vaccine (TE)
CHD to Sue FDA for ‘Recklessly Endangering’ Children (CHD)
China Forcing Jabs On Children As Young As 3 (ZH)
ERs Swamped With Seriously Ill Patients — But Most Don’t Have Covid (NPR)
Pediatric COVID Hospitalizations Plunge As Schools Reopen (ZH)
CDC Greenlights Fourth Covid Vaccine Jab For ‘Immunocompromised’ Americans (RT)
Why Did It Take An Old Story To Convince People It’s Time To #ArrestFauci? (RT)
Ivermectin and The Soul of Medicine (Hope)
The Slippery Semantics of Anthony Fauci (Miller)
NIH Removes Language on ‘Gain-of-Function’ From Website (ET)
Join The Universal Church Of Freedom, Peace And Justice (Celente)
5 Ways the US Has Misled UK Courts on Assange’s Health (CN)










Steve Kirsch talked at the FDA meeting yesterday that decided, with just one abstention, to start jabbing kids.

He had 30 slides, here’s a few.

FDA Experts Ask Why Kids Are “Dropping Like Flies” Right After Getting Vaccine (TE)

On October 26th 2021, the Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) held a meeting of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) to review the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection and decide whether or not to extend the Emergency Use Authorisation of the Pfizer vaccines for children aged 5 to 11. Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund was invited to speak at the meeting and due to the short time frame given to speak he felt it was best to prepare 30 slides which asked some extremely serious questions on the safety of giving an experimental injection to children. Every question asked by the Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund were questions that he feels need to be answered before any vote to authorise Covid-19 vaccination for 5 to 11-year-old children, and they were as follows…

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No court will touch it.

CHD to Sue FDA for ‘Recklessly Endangering’ Children (CHD)

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) today said it will take legal action against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if the agency grants Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for children aged 5-11. In a letter signed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD chairman and chief legal counsel, and Dr. Meryl Nass, member of the CHD Scientific Advisory Committee, Kennedy and Nass wrote: “CHD will seek to hold you accountable for recklessly endangering this population with a product that has little efficacy but which may put them, without warning, at risk of many adverse health consequences, including heart damage, stroke, and other thrombotic events and reproductive harms.”

The letter was addressed to Dr. Arnold Monto, chairman of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), committee members and all FDA staff. VRBPAC members are set to meet Tuesday to consider and likely vote on whether to grant EUA for the Pfizer vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds. In May, the FDA authorized Pfizer’s vaccine for 12- to 15-year-olds. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have not yet been authorized for children under 18. The letter outlines 12 reasons the FDA should not authorize the pediatric vaccine and provides supporting evidence to back up each argument.

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Is this a competition?

China Forcing Jabs On Children As Young As 3 (ZH)

The notion – oft-repeated in western media – that China has successfully managed to bring COVID to heel using the tools unique to an authoritarian state couldn’t be further from the truth. Earlier this month, leaked CCP documents revealed that China’s leadership has commanded local officials to be on alert for another large-scale COVID outbreak, before ordering them to complete two tasks: One is to build central isolation sites, with local authorities required by the end of October to create facilities of not less than 20 rooms per 10,000 people. The second: the scale of each isolation site must be more than 100 rooms.

But that’s not all. As outbreaks continue to flare up across the world’s most populous country, Beijing has warned that local officials should prepare for COVID outbreaks flaring up in certain areas to get even worse in the coming days, and that the virus might spread to affect more cities in towns across China. In an attempt to get ahead of the next major COVID wave (potentially driven by the delta variant or its “sub-variant” delta-plus) local media reports cited by Bloomberg attest that China has started giving COVID jabs to children as young as three, despite the fact that China has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with 75% of its 1.4 billion people already vaccinated. Multiple places across China are rolling out vaccines to children aged between three and 11, according to reports in local media.

The shots, developed by homegrown drugmakers Sinovac Biotech Ltd and state-owned Sinopharm, have already been administered to those aged 12 and above, with the country green-lighting their use in those aged over three in June. Compare this to the US, where President Biden (guided by his top advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci) is pushing for FDA approval of jabs for children as young as 5 (recent data showed jabs are “safe” for children between ages of 5 and 11) by the end of the year (despite the fact that serious infections involving young, healthy children are extremely rare). But China’s decision to expand its vaccination program (with its own home-made vaccines that just aren’t as effective as their foreign peers) comes as the CCP braces for another even more deadly round of COVID infections.

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NPR is not ready for looking at vaccine damage.

ERs Swamped With Seriously Ill Patients – But Most Don’t Have Covid (NPR)

Inside the Emergency Department at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan, staff are struggling to care for patients who are showing up much sicker than they’ve ever seen. Tiffani Dusang, the ER’s nursing director, practically vibrates with pent-up anxiety, looking at all the patients lying on a long line of stretchers pushed up against the beige walls of the hospital hallways. “It’s hard to watch,” she says in her warm Texan twang. But there’s nothing she can do. The ER’s 72 rooms are already filled. “I always feel very, very bad when I walk down the hallway and see that people are in pain, or needing to sleep, or needing quiet. But they have to be in the hallway with, as you can see, 10 or 15 people walking by every minute.”

It’s a stark contrast to where this emergency department — and thousands others — were at the start of the pandemic. Except for initial hot spots like New York City, in the spring of 2020 many ERs across the country were often eerily empty. Terrified of contracting COVID, people who were sick with other things did their best to stay away from hospitals. Visits to emergency departments dropped to half their normal levels, according to the Epic Health Research Network, and didn’t fully rebound until the summer of 2021. But now, they’re too full. Even in parts of the country where COVID isn’t overwhelming the health system, patients are showing up to the ER sicker than they were before the pandemic, their diseases more advanced and in need of more complicated care.

Months of treatment delays have exacerbated chronic conditions and worsened symptoms. Doctors and nurses say the severity of illness ranges widely and includes abdominal pain, respiratory problems, blood clots, heart conditions, and suicide attempts, among others. But there’s nowhere to put them all. Emergency Departments are ideally meant to be brief ports in a storm, with patients staying just long enough to be sent home with instructions to follow up with their primary care physicians, or sufficiently stabilized to be transferred “upstairs” to inpatient units or the ICU. Except now, those long-term care floors are full too, with a mix of COVID and non-COVID patients.

That means people coming to the ER are being warehoused for hours, even days, and forcing ER staff to perform long-term care roles they weren’t trained to do. At Sparrow, space is a valuable commodity in the ER: a separate section of the hospital was turned into an overflow unit. Stretchers stack up in halls. They’ve even brought in a row of brown reclining chairs, lined up against a wall, for patients too who aren’t sick enough for a stretcher but are too sick to stay in the main waiting room. Still, some of the patients in the brown recliners are hooked up to IVs, while others talk quietly with medical specialists, who sit across from them holding clipboards, perched on wheeled stools.

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Well well. Who knew? Let’s jab them. Get those numbers up.

Pediatric COVID Hospitalizations Plunge As Schools Reopen (ZH)

All summer long, Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and other unelected federal bureaucrats have been warning that COVID cases will explode as soon as teachers and students return to classrooms in person this fall, which is why Dr. Fauci has been one of the loudest voices cheering on politicians like NYC’s de Blasio and others who have imposed such mandates on teachers and school employees (which has since been expanded to cover most, if not all, city employees). But just as Pfizer, Moderna and their allies in the federal bureaucracy prepare to declare mRNA vaccines safe for all students between the age of 5 and 11, Bloomberg has just pointed out a remarkable shift: hospitalizations involving US children (already extremely rare compared with the adult population) have fallen sharply as schools reopen.

The number of children who have been hospitalized or died in the US due to COVID has remained extremely small: while the number of US minors who have been confirmed positive with COVID has numbered about 5MM since the start of the pandemic, fewer of 700 of those people have died. When it comes to hospitalizations, the difference between infected adults and children is pretty dramatic. Despite this, many are pushing for children to also be required to get the vaccine as soon as it’s approved for their age group (or face the same kind of alienation that their parents are currently being subjected to). The disagreements have turned communities against one another.

But while the Big Pharma machine gears up to shove vaccines down the throats of children and their parents, the phenomenon of falling hospital positions simply can’t be ignored, even by the MSM, which is quite practiced at that particular skill. Daily pediatric admissions with confirmed Covid have fallen 56% since the end of August to an average of about 0.2 per 100,000, according to Department of Health and Human Services data. Among adults, new admissions fell 54% to 2.1 per 100,000 in the same period, the data show. Here’s a visualization for those who prefer to be shown, not told.

It’s no secret that America’s school board meetings have transformed into battle grounds used by people either demanding masks be worn by students, and concerned parents who worry the masks will impact that education. Battles over vaccine mandates and whether CRT should be taught in school have also set off battles in communities across the country.

In some GOP-led states, schools have dropped their school-related mandates, sometimes under pressure from the governor. The Delta variant and its new sub-variant were supposed to trigger the worst phase of the outbreak yet. Instead, it looks like COVID numbers truly are moving down and staying down, especially in states like Florida, which were once heavily criticized for their lack of mandatory precaution.

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The ‘Immunocompromised’ should be the last to take an experimental vaccine.

CDC Greenlights Fourth Covid Vaccine Jab For ‘Immunocompromised’ Americans (RT)

The CDC has approved a fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot for adults with compromised immune systems, allowing for yet another dose amid concerns of waning immunity, as some pharma firms even hint at yearly boosters for all Americans. Those who are “moderately and severely immunocompromised” may receive a total of four vaccine doses, including an initial two-shot inoculation, one additional dose followed by yet another booster, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in an updated guidance on Tuesday. The immunocompromised were the first to receive authorization for vaccine boosters back in August, with US health agencies subsequently approving additional doses for people in other high-risk categories, such as those aged 65 and older and adults more likely to be exposed to the virus.

However, for the immunocompromised, the CDC classifies a third shot as an “additional dose,” which uses the same amount of vaccine as the previous two, while the fourth jab approved on Tuesday is defined as a “booster” proper. The fourth dose uses only half the volume of the others. The amended guidelines come soon after US health agencies gave the nod to a “mix and match” approach to boosters for all adults. The move allowed those who received one brand for their initial round of vaccination to select another for their booster dose, meaning that someone who originally took the Moderna jab, for example, could choose Pfizer-BioNTech for their booster. The debate over booster shots kicked off as data emerged that vaccine-induced immunity wanes over time, suggesting the need for additional doses to ensure prolonged protection.

However, with boosters now formally approved for an ever-broadening group of Americans, the exact definition of “fully vaccinated” has slowly blurred. In September, top White House Covid adviser Anthony Fauci acknowledged that a booster dose would “likely” be needed for an American to qualify as “fully vaccinated” in the future – a point echoed last week by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, who noted “We may need to update our definition of ‘fully vaccinated’” due to boosters. With immunocompromised adults now authorized to receive a fourth vaccination and US health officials increasingly talking up the need for additional doses, some Big Pharma firms are now predicting a “continuous need for boosting,” with Moderna Chairman Noubar Afeyan saying on Tuesday that the company’s jab “may well need an annual booster.”

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It’s still just a few people.

Why Did It Take An Old Story To Convince People It’s Time To #ArrestFauci? (RT)

One must ask why the popular outrage against Fauci over animal cruelty is not matched by an equal (if not more forceful) outrage over the doctor’s crimes against humanity. From his enthusiastic support of gain-of-function studies to his efforts to sideline a cheap, effective drug that could have saved thousands of lives during the AIDS epidemic in favor of a highly toxic alternative, Fauci’s hands are covered in the blood of humans as well as that of canines. Indeed, Fauci’s behavior during the Covid-19 outbreak – trashing cheap but effective treatments in favor of expensive alternatives lacking proof of efficacy – eerily mirrors his actions during the early years of AIDS. Thousands of people have died in both cases after Fauci pushed deadly or ineffective medications – most notably the failed cancer drug AZT in the 1980s and the failed Ebola drug remdesivir in the last two years – while safer and more efficacious remedies sat on the shelf.

Indeed, the high-priced antiviral remdesivir, which has been pushed for Covid-19 despite no clinical proof it saves lives, has instead been associated with multiple organ failure in several studies. Discoveries that members of the National Institutes of Health, parent of Fauci’s NIAID, had hefty investments in Gilead, maker of remdesivir, as well as in Moderna, one of the manufacturers of an mRNA vaccine for Covid-19, have only raised more questions about Fauci’s motives during the coronavirus pandemic. Fauci has also been caught lying repeatedly about his involvement in gain-of-function research aimed at making bat coronaviruses more infectious in humans.

Despite his profuse denials of even funding such research in recent months, he previously defended the work by arguing that any knowledge gained from bolstering the infectious potential of such pathogens was “worth the risk” of unleashing a pandemic. Whether or not his NIAID-funded research played a part in the Covid-19 outbreak has not been proven, but Fauci’s furious tap-dancing around any questions regarding the Wuhan lab or gain-of-function research in general does him no favors. [..] Ultimately, Fauci being arrested is an endpoint that animal rights activists, human rights activists, and the normally comatose members of Congress – 24 of whom actually signed a letter demanding answers from the once-untouchable Coronavirus Pope – should see eye-to-eye on. But the diminutive doctor must not be permitted to skate on his real crimes – whether it’s pandemic profiteering, bankrolling gain-of-function research in China that was at the time illegal to perform in the US, or allegedly perjuring himself in congressional testimony. Fauci has much to answer for. Dozens of dead puppies are just the tip of the iceberg.

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You don’t have to idolize these people.

Ivermectin and The Soul of Medicine (Hope)

This kindly family doctor was voted the Physician of the Year, and he went on a mission to save humanity from the pandemic. He teamed up with Yale’s Dr. Harvey Risch to tell the world about Hydroxychloroquine – and later about Ivermectin. He traveled to the Senate to inform the public that there was a better way. He openly criticized Dr. Fauci and his failed pandemic policies. The good doctor even wrote a book about his patient experiences. A Godly man, he remains true to humanitarian values, relationships, and people. He lives by ethics and his sacred Hippocratic oath. It was not enough for him to save his local small-town patients; he was duty-bound to share his ideas. Despite saving many lives, the State Medical Board threatened him.

His license to practice was jeopardized, not because of poor care but because his actions threatened corporate profits. He went far above and beyond what was required. And as with many men of courage, this doctor’s actions were rewarded, and he was vindicated. Beyond being named Physician of the Year, this man of medicine deserves greater accolades. Because he placed patient interests above his own, he became a hero. By now, you must be familiar with the man who accomplished all this. With his associate, Dr. Brian Tyson, Dr. George Fareed is that heroic doctor, a physician’s physician, now a role model not just for today’s doctor but also for all time. Dr. George Fareed will go down in history as one of the dominant symbols of morality and ethics in the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, today the physician on whom I shine the spotlight is another hero, a soft-spoken man like Dr. Fareed who shares many of the same experiences and accomplishments – another doctor’s doctor, and another man deserving the pages of history. Today I refer not just to my mentor, the distinguished Harvard graduate, former professor, and NIH researcher who participated in saving 7,000 patients from COVID-19. Instead, today I also call attention to the actions of Dr. Scott Jensen, a small-town family physician who practices in Watertown, Minnesota, a community of some 4,000 people. However, unlike Dr. Fareed, Dr. Jensen did not graduate from an Ivy League Medical School. Instead, he is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, where he also taught.

In addition, Dr. Jensen is more than a tiny bit religious; he attended Luther Northwest Theological Seminary for a year before he found his calling in medicine. He graduated class valedictorian from his high school. Later, he was named a Bush Fellow in Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Minnesota. However, the parallels between Drs. Fareed and Jensen are uncanny and illustrate exactly what a great physician can accomplish against rising forces of evil. Both doctors won their state’s Physician of the Year awards; the California Medical Association named Fareed the 2015 California Rural Physician of the Year. Jensen was selected Minnesota’s 2016 Family Physician of the Year by the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians. Both criticized Dr. Fauci for being captured by Big Pharma and not acting in patients’ best interests.

Scott Jensen 2

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“..now, that funding did not directly fund “gain-of-function of concern.” “Of concern” is the new caveat Fauci has added to get around answering the question.”

The Slippery Semantics of Anthony Fauci (Miller)

“I do not have any accounting of what the Chinese may have done, and I’m fully in favor of any further investigation of what went on in China. However, I will repeat again: the NIH and NIAID categorically has not funded ‘gain-of-function’ research to be conducted in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” That was Dr Anthony Fauci during a May 2021 congressional hearing. It kicked off a months-long national media effort to frame questions around gain-of-function research and US-taxpayer-funded virus manipulation as a Royal Rumble between Fauci and Senator Rand Paul. When he testifies or sits for friendly network interviews, Fauci depends on semantics. He relies on the naivety of the interviewer and the audience, employing terminology and definitions he believes only he understands.

But like the ponytailed Chad in Good Will Hunting attempting to flex his big brain, Fauci’s arguments fall apart in front of the initiated. Last week, Lawrence Tabak, the principal deputy director of the NIH, sent a letter to Congress saying that EcoHealth Alliance failed to report certain aspects of the experimental work it had been conducting in China on bats and bat-borne viruses. Tabak pledged that the NIH and Fauci’s NIAID would take administrative action, but not much more than that. So Fauci’s absolutist answer from May has proven to be false. At the very least, the doctor needs to answer directly why he chose to deflect questions on gain-of-function research, something his own agency is claiming it had no idea was happening. How could have Fauci have denied back in May something so “categorically” if EcoHealth Alliance, run by Fauci ally Peter Daszak, had failed to report the full extent of their experiments?

When Fauci sat for a cozy Sunday interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, he once again deployed his semantic game on the interviewer. Stephanopoulos framed the revealing letter from Tabak as “critics pouncing”: “Some critics and analysts have seized on that to say you and others have misled the public about US funding of this so-called gain-of-function research. The NIH says that’s false.” Fauci addressed Senator Rand Paul directly by responding, “The framework under which we have guidance about the conduct of research that we fund, the funding at the Wuhan Institute was to be able to determine what is out there in the environment, in bat viruses in China. And the research was very strictly under what we call a framework of oversight of the type of research.”

Fauci then went on to say “And under those conditions which we have explained very, very clearly, does not constitute research of gain-of-function of concern.” In his answer, Fauci hedges by admitting that there was US funding directed to the Wuhan Institute, but, now, that funding did not directly fund “gain-of-function of concern.” “Of concern” is the new caveat Fauci has added to get around answering the question. He had never used the terminology “gain-of-function of concern” in prior interviews or testimony. He just slipped it in there because hardly anyone notices. Furthermore he knows that the general public and most of the press has no idea what “of concern” means.

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More semantics.

NIH Removes Language on ‘Gain-of-Function’ From Website (ET)

The National Institutes of Health altered a key portion of its website last week around the time it disclosed to Congress that experiments it funded in China met the definition of gain-of-function. The federal agency, known as the NIH, had a detailed explanation of gain-of-function research on its site, noting that the term refers to any research that modifies a biological agent in a way that confers new or enhanced activity to that agent. But the explanation was wiped between Oct. 19 and Oct. 21—possibly ahead of the NIH’s most recent disclosures on Oct. 20 about research it funded in China that increased the potency of a virus by modifying it. The updated page now says, in its only referral to type of research, that research involving enhanced potential pandemic pathogens (ePPPs) “is a type of so called ‘gain-of-function’ (GOF) research.”

It claims that “the vast majority of GOF research does not involve ePPP and falls outside the scope of oversight required for research involving ePPPs.” Oversight involving research on ePPPs is governed by a framework issued by the U.S. government in late 2017, on the same day the NIH lifted its yearslong funding pause on most gain-of-function research. There’s no definition of gain-of-function inside the framework. The only mention of it refers people to a list of examples of activities that would and would not be considered to involve ePPPs. That list was last available in May 2017, according to an Epoch Times review. An NIH spokeswoman confirmed that the webpage, a “backgrounder” on the framework, was altered last week, around the same time the disclosures were made.

The information concerning gain-of-function “was being misused/used incorrectly (and still is) and creating confusion (and still is),” the spokeswoman told The Epoch Times in an email. “The backgrounder was updated to provide clarity on the scope of the framework,” she added.

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Now offering a Medical Exemption for all those who join the Church.

Join The Universal Church Of Freedom, Peace And Justice (Celente)

UNITE & JOIN The Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice & Sign Up for Your Vaxx Exemption
Now offering a Medical Exemption for all those who join the Church. Sign up to learn more.

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Hearing starts today.

5 Ways the US Has Misled UK Courts on Assange’s Health (CN)

“Professor Kopelman considered that, if housed in conditions of segregation and solitary confinement, Mr. Assange’s mental health would deteriorate substantially resulting in persistently severe clinical depression and the severe exacerbation of his anxiety disorder, PTSD and suicidal ideas,” Baraitser wrote. This is the man the U.S. is trying to portray as a malingerer and not suicidal. Jame Lewis QC, the lead prosecutor for the U.S., sought to undermine Kopelman’s credibility during his oral testimony from the witness stand at Old Bailey on Sept. 22, 2020. On cross examination Lewis questioned Kopelman’s credentials, saying he was not a forensic psychiatrist, who work in prisons. Kopelman retorted that he had spent time in many prisons and that even Lewis had once urgently called upon him for his expert testimony in an extradition case.

That brought laughter in the courtroom, even from Baraitser. To have Kopelman’s testimony thrown out, the U.S. will argue this week that he was not an impartial witness because he deceived the court by having concealed his knowledge of Assange’s two children with his partner and lawyer Stella Moris. Kopelman failed to mention Moris or the children in his December 2019 preliminary submission to the court but did in his written testimony in August 2020, a month before Assange’s extradition hearing resumed. The U.S. knew about it as early as April 2020 in time for the September extradition hearing. The U.S. argues that initially concealing the children misled the court because having small children makes it less likely Assange would take his life. This was based on Kopelman’s preliminary report in which he wrote that Assange told him his family kept him from killing himself.

“Professor Kopelman was aware that Mr. Assange’s children were a significant factor in the assessment of his risk of suicide, as Mr. Assange had told him in August 2019 ‘The only things stopping [me] from suicide were the ‘“small chance of success”’ in his case, and an obligation to his children.’” Despite this, Baraitser’s judgement on Jan. 4 of this year showed that he was still highly likely to commit suicide. Moris, and by extension Kopelman, hid her and the children’s identities in light of revelations that a Spanish security company working for the CIA had spied on Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, including on visits with his lawyers, doctors, Moris and their first child. UC Global employees testified in a court case in Madrid against the company’s CEO (and later at Assange’s extradition hearing) that the CIA wanted to nab one of their baby’s diapers to prove Assange’s paternity through DNA testing.

Moris was forced to reveal the identity of the children in April 2020 when a bail application required information about with whom Assange would live if he were released. Moris had asked the court to keep that information sealed but Baraitser refused “in the interest of open justice.” That same month Moris then publicly revealed to the Daily Mail and Australia’s 60 Minutes her relationship with Assange as well as alarming details of what had been happening to the family at the embassy. Moris said she’d been worried that British tabloids would make her life hell if they found out she was the mother of Assange’s children. Moris and Assange had been aware they were being filmed and tried to conceal their relationship. She lived elsewhere and had a “decoy dad” bring their infant son Gabriel to the embassy, pretending the child was his. Moris was distressed when an embassy guard warned her the baby should not be brought back. It’s not clear what might have happened to the child if it were proven he was Assange’s son.

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Oxi day







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    Paul Klee Angelus Novus 1920   • FDA Experts Ask Why Kids Are “Dropping Like Flies” Right After Getting Vaccine (TE) • CHD to Sue FDA for ‘Reckle
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 27 2021]



    Dr. Ruben on the FDA panel: “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.”



    Finally, after all this time!



    “James Kunstler returns to Geopolitics & Empire for an update on the “long emergency” and how the neo-Jacobin program is faring. He believes we are in the midst of a mass hysteria with the question being how to battle our way out of it. At the bottom of it all is the fact that techno-industrial economies have lost their mojo and are crashing, threatening to push us into a technological surveillance state.”


    I just found out that one of my cousins (49yo.) and her husband (53yo) are both recovering from bad cases of Covid. Otherwise, very healthy non- smokers.
    Yup – both were double jabbed earlier this year.

    “Safe and Effective” – my arse!


    Dr. D

    10-year up 50% in three months. Again.

    Don’t get impatient, the traders say that doesn’t matter, we aren’t quite there yet. Structurally, if we have a hiccup, everyone must go to CASH, that is, the US$. Because net-net that’s what their crippling, overwhelming indebtedness is paid in.

    Note Long Beach causes a few things: one, China is stretched: they’re not getting paid. Two, the U.S. economy: no deliveries, no sales. Three: everyone looks bad. I’m just pointing that China may be squeezing us with slowdowns, (a war embargo) we’re squeezing them back.

    “Re-Imposing COVID Restrictions Would Cost Transfer from the Poor to the Rich in UK Up To £18 Billion” Fixed it.

    “Pediatric COVID Hospitalizations Plunge As Schools Reopen, Baffling Experts”

    It’s because of all those vaccinations they PLANNED to do shortly. The ‘Rona is scared. The ‘Rona knows!

    Green Energy: A Bubble In Unrealistic Expectations: …as global policymakers have turned against the fossil fuel industry, energy producers are for the first time in history not responding to dramatically higher prices by increasing production…”

    And kill us all in a repeat of the Irish Potato Famine. Oopsie! An “accident” happened. The kind that comes after 30 years of your daily failure and us telling you not to do that. …This is why you don’t allow free money that permits you to fail and not go to the bottom of the pile, bankrupt. A loser with no power. No need for that if you’re an idiot son like “W” or Elon and Powell’s around.

    “FDA: We have to give the jab to know what’s in it.”

    “We could have saved 80% of Covid Deaths if” if only we’d not lied about how many deaths it caused in the first place.

    “Why did you force me to be injected with an experimental drug. What will you say?”

    Shut up and get back in your wheelchair, I’m not done feeding you yet.

    the vast majority of GOF research does not involve ePPP”

    However the rest of it is 100% pure bioweapons research for the CCP. …That was released on the world with fabulous timing.

    Hey, where’s my 25M dead? I was promised. Did anyone get fired for lying about that yet?


    “Green Energy: A Bubble In Unrealistic Expectations: …as global policymakers have turned against the fossil fuel industry, energy producers are for the first time in history not responding to dramatically higher prices by increasing production…”

    Or what’s left can’t be used up by the general population because we (MIC) need it to keep the peace and run the gulags.


    Church of FreedomPeaceJustice

    On the exemption form I submitted was the following question,

    Did you purchase or make a monetary donation in exchange for documentation to support this request for accommodation?

    From Gerald’s Church

    Membership & Vaccine Exemption

    To receive a COVID-19 religious vaccine exemption, you must become a member of the Universal Church of Freedom, Peace & Justice. To become a member, please donate a minimum of $100 using the “DONATE” button below.

    Your generosity is appreciated. Every dollar makes a difference.

    A lot my coworkers got their denial email late last night. I think there must be a quota that they need to achieve to prevent triggering a fine in the future. Based on anecdotal evidence (discussions with lawyers, resistance groups etc.) I think that number is on the order of 1%, 99% must be vaccinated.

    Mister Roboto

    On the exemption form I submitted was the following question,

    Did you purchase or make a monetary donation in exchange for documentation to support this request for accommodation?

    And I think we all know what will come of answering the question honestly, at least in the case of Mr. Celente’s “matchbook church”.

    Mister Roboto

    I wonder if I can get a vaccination-exemption for being a member of the Metal Church?


    posting problems


    Steve Kirsch
    Executive Director
    COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund has told the FDA panel everything that TAE has been saying

    REFERENCE 141 slide show by Steve Kirsch
    Questions you need to answer before approving the COVID vaccines for any age group

    See the Vaccine resources article on
    It has links to everything I’ve written
    on vaccine safety. Most items have
    both the PDF and source files. Feel
    free to plagiarize.


    “Asheville, NC doctor cites 100 percent recovery rate for acute Covid patients”

    Asheville, NC doctor cites 100 percent recovery rate for acute Covid patients


    “Children should NOT get vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19, according to Harvard University professor of medicine Martin Kulldorff.”

    Harvard Professor: Children Shouldn’t Get COVID-19 Vaccines

    Figmund Sreud

    From AAPS:

    The COVID protocol that hospital physicians must follow, in lockstep across the U.S., appears to be the implementation of the 2009-2010 “Complete Lives System” developed by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel for rationing medical care for people older than 50.

    Lethal Connections: “Complete Lives” Morphs into “COVID Protocol” in America’s Hospitals

    Lethal Connections: “Complete Lives” Morphs into “COVID Protocol” in America’s Hospitals


    Press Release: Rise in Sudden Deaths Among Young People Requires Investigation



    What, a politician doing the walk.
    ” Rise in Sudden Deaths Among Young People Requires Investigation”

    Mr. House

    Nose diving again, and just in time for Christmas. Remember how it tried to nose dive in 2018 and then we started reversing interest rates back to zero and stopped shrinking the balance sheet in 2019? And then it started to blow up again in the late summer/fall of 2019 into the spring of 2020 until the largest fraud in human history happened?

    Mr. House

    Nice head and shoulders pattern though. This gentleman believes the market will blow up this friday. He’s right of course, its just that most people don’t take money printing into account and still think for themselves like the system is honest and self correcting. It will correct one day and what a bill to pay it will be!



    Via the UK Column News some time in the past 15 days (> link is to today’s news) I learnt that the UK has created a new Gvmt. Agency, the UK Health Security Agency.

    It fuses under one head: Public Health England, the Joint Biosecurity Center, NHS Test and Trace and the Centre for Pandemic Preparedness.

    Their site (link) doesn’t give any history or origins, or even what I just wrote.





    Doffing my sparkly hat. It looks very much like Gvmt. Security / aka Control, some big Corps, and Health (public and private), big Tech, with the MSM as bowing handmaiden, are going to collaborate to corral and control practically all aspects of the peons, ordinary ppl. In the West. See Canada, Australia, Israel, as examples…


    @Germ and All, Vitamin D(eception) is the rule. People react at a very surface level, and never dig deeper. Kind of like ASSuming that literal rusty metallic iron filings “fortified” into the food system is a direct drop in replacement for Mother Nature’s naturally processed organic iron. Bad ASSumption. And it is “NATURAL LAW” for the Royal and Banking Predator Classes to use the “natural law” that is our confident ignorance against us. We need to become “wise as a serpent,” and when we don’t, THEY BLAME US! They actually have a point — at what point do we GROW UP AND TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES? NEVER? Not quite. NEVER for most people? Absolutely!

    So, what is the relevant grammar and logic behind vitamin D, the information that reveals the D(eception)? It isn’t hard, it isn’t difficult, but it is a bit more of a complex truth than a simple beautiful lie.

    Vitamin D has hormone properties (why did they misname it — there is a reason, can anyone think of it?), and has both a storage (calcidiol) and ACTIVE FORM (calcitriol). EMPIRE, INC. ONLY MEASURES THE STORAGE FORM. Why occult the active form?

    When you want to make sure your engine has enough oil (active form), so you check the trunk to see how many quarts of oil are in the trunk (storage form)? That’s the equivalent of what all these people are doing when they check storage D (calcidiol) only.

    So, what is REALLY going on? The people who TEST RATIONALLY, like Morley Robbins, test calcidiol, calcitriol, serum calcium, and retinol status when assessing one’s TRUE HORMONE D STATUS, as opposed to the BLIND BAT assessment of storage D only.

    What do they find? WHEN STORAGE D IS LOW, ACTIVE D CAN BE QUITE HIGH! Oh, if active D is high, how will D supplements help an already high active D status? That’s a question YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO FORMULATE AT ALL! Active D is high due to HIGH LEVELS OF CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, storage D is low due to low magnesium, which is required to flip cholesterol into storage D, due to the chronic inflammation.

    What do D supplements do for chronic inflammation? THEY MAKE IT WORSE IN THE LONG TERM! How? Too much calcium blocks magnesium, and magnesium deficiency leads to chronic inflammation. In addition, hormone D supplements obliterate retinol status, and retinoic acid is absolutely required by the ATP7B enzyme to load copper into ceruloplasmin, which is THE MASTER ANTIOXIDANT IN THE UNIVERSE.

    So, hormone D supplements both deplete magnesium and deplete “blue blood” status (including depleting ferro-oxidase).

    “The best way to control the opposition is to finance it as societal programming”
    ~Me, borrowing from a basic theme Vladimir Lenin theme

    Related highlighted research and analysis, and before you complain about it, note that this is HIGHLY DISTILLED INFORMATION. I’ve reviewed a ton more information that this, but this is the best I’ve found. At some point, people, WE HAVE TO TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. STOP PARROTING EVERYONE ELSE’S FINANCED FALSE NARRATIVE (appeal to authority, appeal to popularity logical fallacy), and begin investigating yourself, especially when someone has already done it, and pretty much lays it out in front of you… PASS IT ON! If something is not right, CORRECT IT! But don’t mindlessly ASSume and parrot. We’ve all been there. I have been there. It is easy to do, hence we do it! But at least KNOW when we do it, and DO THE HOMEWORK when it is possible to do it). Let’s all EVOLVE to a higher plane of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

    If I post links, the blog software blocks my post entirely. So I will post the search terms and you will have to search them.

    Testing is Key to Hormone-D! Root Cause Protocol
    The Truth of Hormone-D… Root Cause Protocol
    Vitamin-D deficiency = Mg deficiency. Period. Root Cause Protocol
    The Vitamin-D controversy… Root Cause Protocol
    Iron Toxicity Post #50: The Iron-ic “D”eceit of Hormone-D — Root Cause Protocol
    Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Is Vitamin D Supplementation Really Necessary? One Radio Network Augest 12, 2019
    Rethinking Vitamin D with Morley Robbins youtube
    Why You Shouldn’t Supplement Vitamin D w: Jim Stephenson Jr & Morely Robbins | Mitolife Radio Youtube
    Vitamin D—Risk vs Benefit (Dr. Mildred Selig, Mg researcher) magwater.com
    Vitamin D — More May Not Be Better Johns Hopkins
    Jim Stephenson – WARNING Vitamin D Is Toxic!! Youtube

    PS — Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains that naturally synthesized hormone D is both water and fat soluble. On the other hand, vitamin D supplements are only fat soluble. This limits its functionality in the cell. It is best to get hormone D the right way… from cholesterol, via the sun, in a magnesium replete body, or at least from food like quality sardines.

    PSS — Like ascorbic acid, vitamin D does appear to have some short term therapeutic effects. If you get Covid and vitamin D is part of a protocol that has been shown to be effective, have at it. Do what you need to do to address an acute issue. But that’s it. It is vitamin D-mo therapy, not some kind of magic elixir over the long term. More vitamin D supplements and ascorbic acid are consumed today than ever, and chronic disease is 60% plus… None was consumed in the 1940’s when chronic disease was 4%. 2+2=4.

    PSSS — What is the main driver of chronic inflammation that drives high active D and drives down both magnesium and storage D? IRON. Read Daniel 2:43, because those who control the global money supply have, and it is their RELIGION to finance Biblical prophecies against you in service to God… and they REALLY ENJOY being the vehicle of God’s Wrath against the sinning masses (us). They enjoy it a lot! <<< This is what happens when a monopoly control over money is allowed and never addressed. All those who ran/run interference for this Money Power Monopoly have guilt for what they are doing now. They are ENABLERS. Stop enabling!


    EVERYONE in America has a de facto exemption from vaccine mandates if their over-arching belief system is that their life here on Earth is contrary to special interests blindly injecting them with black box goop based on an undeclared agenda.

    Clearly, the agenda IS NOT IMMUNITY, for if it was, they would not try to force vaxx those with much superior natural immunity. SO WHAT IS THE AGENDA?

    IMHO, THIS is the most obvious occulted agenda…

    Q: If you were to tell the whole world one message, what would it be?
    A: I would advise those so inclined to listen that their bloodlines are, today, in great danger of mass extinction! Mass number of bloodlines, that is to say.

    The pharmaceutical industry is very large and powerful, and exists as a middleman of sorts between humans and their natural remedies.
    Unfortunately for humans, these pharma are profit based first and foremost.
    Remedies to every issue facing humans can be found in NATURAL LAW, including health related. It is up to the human to choose direct participation…or farm out these needs to a party with clearly vested interests!
    Another great example of FREE WILL!
    Laughing out Loud!
    No one would say the information isn’t out there to those who seek it out!
    Check and MATE!

    “Check and mate” signifies “game over.” What is THE GAME THEY ARE PLAYING? SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST BLOODLINE! He could NOT have been more clear. How do they win? Eliminating almost all other bloodlines, of course. Notice how he associated “pharma” with “game over, B*zzz.” Do you really think that was an accident? Are you willing to bet your life?

    At some point, the remaining bloodlines will be similar enough in power and stature to know that coexistence is the next logical evolutionary step….referred biblically as the thousand year peace. At that point, there wont be many left, at least relevant to the current population level. 500 million at most.
    THEN things get interesting!
    Thanks for playing!

    As calculus concerns itself with always incrementally APPROACHING zero, one BLOODLINE will, in fact, attain such perfection.
    All others will cease to exist.
    The stakes are HIGH, and sparring partners are NEEDED.

    Mr. House

    Mr. House

    Also, attempting to kiss a woman is now sexual assault according to Huma Abiden. Good way to keep population growth down ;). Soon men won’t even approach women!


    It will correct one day and what a bill to pay it will be!

    All by design!

    Truly, there is much disinformation out there, but we do not even need to dirty our hands…for the large part.
    You little people are adept at offering opinions on things of which you have no real knowledge. Very adept.
    Look at the stock market. The objective is to get the worthless fiat out of the serfs hands, not make a profit!
    Why would those who own the fiat creation have to work to get more! Silly!
    The market exists to get worthless fiat out of the hands of the little people, and for no other reason. And it is very easy to do. Think about how the markets work!
    I offer you this Bickle. If you can figure out the mechanism by which this is accomplished, I will fill in the blanks and you SHOULD be able to help your bloodline with some crisp, new fiat!
    Laughing out loud!
    That just sounds silly to me!

    It has generally been the dream of humanity, of humans, to live free of molestation! Your desire has been the norm for most.
    Sadly, the molestation is by design, and part of a system of ongoing exploitation. Well, sadly for some anyway.
    Laughing out loud!

    HUMANS KNOW the education systems in most first world countries is substandard. Test scores compare countries every year and the west falls further and further behind. YET humans STILL persist in sending their kids to institutions designed to make them compliant. DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS? Yet only an insignificant percentage do anything about it.
    SO tell me, sir, to whom does the BLAME properly lie. Keeping in mind, of course, that the concept of BLAME is another “beautiful lie” and BLAME does not EXIST IN NATURE.
    The rest of your ramblings I do not quite understand, but I bid you a pleasant day!

    zippy, do you know what PROGRAMMING you yourself are running?
    Or are you above all that??
    Laughing out Loud!

    Public spectacle of the type to which you refer are known as PCE’s…Perception Changing Events! Designed to modify the humans flimsy perceptions of REALITY to realize a specific objective or objectives.
    NOTE THAT ANIMALS COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED, or DIDN’T HAPPEN IN NYC! I have already stated many times the so called financial markets are a complete FABRICATION! So their collapse, or rise, is by definition, STAGED! The creation and dissolution of wealth which never existed in REALITY!
    Laughing out Loud!
    PCE’s don’t work outside of the human circle!
    Laughing out LOUD!
    As the magician “tricks” by telling the audience where to focus attention, and, by extension where NOT to look…so the PCE’s occur for specific reasons and desired outcomes.
    THESE PCE’s are not the issue! It is the “grinding” which is taking place without respite that is causing your inevitable demise! Catherine Austin Fitts describes this “methodology” as the “slow burn”. Her advice, limited as it is, deserves consideration to those mired in the “present” reality.

    What distracts you are only circuses! The “death” is all around you and never sleeps. You need only open your eyes to see what your fate holds and estimate, with some precision, the exact circumstances of your demise….if that, for some reason is important to you!
    Laughing out Loud!

    Would your efforts not be better spent avoiding such a fate?
    Do you constantly look for exploding airplanes and crashing buildings?
    Sad lot, really!
    Has this been clear enough for you?

    BTW, that’s an admission to their financing 9/11. Why? There were countries in the Middle East that did not have BIS, Inc. controlled debt-based money central banks, and they had to create a pretext to send over the Western Militaries THEY CONTROL in order to overthrow those countries and set up BIS, Inc. central banks. The “woman” who “rides” the beast empire system has illicit relations (fornication) will ALL nations… through their debt-based money central banking system (simple observation — this is the way the world works IN FACT). Syria and Iran are the only — TEMPORARY — holdouts. NOW YOU KNOW. Does anyone really CARE, though? That’s the more operative question.

    And the kicker… our property is collateral for the $40 trillion in FRAUDULENT, INEXTINGUISHABLE DEBT… ALL BY DESIGN, AND RIGHT IN OUR FACES FOR ANY HONEST, CARING PERSON TO SEE… yet how many care to make this information a priority?

    In the early American west, humans were allowed to fence in (stake a claim) for as much land as they could defend! Of course, other forces were at play, and others may have disputed either the concept or the terms. Many humans died defending their dirt!
    The idea of registering ones land makes some sense if you buy into that system, and you perceive that system operates in a way beneficial to you and your interests.
    Once that dynamic changes, you must ask yourself if the system continues to be one in which you are the BENEFICIAL PARTY!. For example, if registering the property (in the US anyway) subjects (those pesky words again, SUBJECTS!)…
    Laughing out Loud!
    …you to PROPERTY TAXES where you pay rent to the licensing agency for the privilege of occupying what you thought was yours..and you have to pay a fee and REQUEST a PERMIT to make any changes…(!) what gives you the idea that YOU own the land?
    SO, to your specific question, ALLODIAL TITLE isn’t a check-box on some bureaucratic form, but more relevant to the experiences of the wild west!
    For example, can you produce documents to perfect title from treaty? Do you know that treaty law is considered the supreme law in the US..in the sense that it trumps the constitutional laws as well.
    If the property in question can trace the “hands of ownership” transfer back to the original treaty which relinquished true ownership from the original transaction, you have perfected title and no one can bother you from a MORAL STANDING. YOU ARE RIGHT!
    Laughing out Loud!
    Second part is more problematical! Can you defend your claim? Do you think those who benefit from your serf-dom will allow you to NOT be a serf WITHOUT A FIGHT?
    Short AND long answer: NO
    Ask the Native American Indians how that works out

    Know that the so called “financial collapse” is a fiction, and preparing for a new financial system already established.
    And yes, the ownership is largely complete. Realize that this is the result of generations of meticulous planning, execution and, dare I say it, GENIUS!
    Of course, one can question the GENIUS aspect. If a bloodline knows exactly what will “happen”, is it GENIUS?
    I submit the unraveling of the mystery of the ages allowing this knowledge to be had is genius beyond that of human comprehension.

    You do ask a relevant question which all serious humans should address; namely “who will get food and who will starve”. Can you follow that thought thread?
    Laughing out Loud!

    Mr. House

    “The market exists to get worthless fiat out of the hands of the little people, and for no other reason. And it is very easy to do. Think about how the markets work!”

    High inflation in the 70’s and early 80’s and you get the 401k, which siphons off money from regular people and puts it in the market and dampens inflation since you can’t withdraw it until you’re in your 60’s. I know why the market exists, and i understand what is happening and i didn’t need somebody claiming to be Rothschild on the internet to tell me. I actually came across the thread you reference back in 2015 or so while going down a rabbit hole late at night. What you keep posting about is dog chasing its tail in my opinion. One because you can’t put a face to “rothschild” people have no idea who that is and will have no motivation to direct their anger at “them”. I believe we need to stop discussing and arguing it which shall not be named because its perfect at dividing people. Back to economics easier to show that you’re being screwed and put in a perspective that isn’t Red/Blue.

    Mr. House


    Economy must really be getting desperate, DEMS want an infusion of money Pronto and are giving up all their pies in the sky.


    Read about Dr Ruben who was the Dr. who said the following at the FDA hearing yesterday where he voted to authorize the vaxx for 5-11 year-olds –

    ” But we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes. ”

    Here’s a bio:


    “Our pioneering Synthetic vRNA Immunotherapy Platform involves a highly innovative, novel combination of RNA- and oncolytic virus-based modalities to realize the potential of RNA medicines for cancer. Our lead IV-administered Synthetic vRNA clinical candidates, ONCR-021 and ONCR-788, are both currently in IND-enabling studies.”

    Simply beggars belief.

    Mr. House

    Yeah well we wouldn’t know what was in obamacare until we passed it either and look how great that worked out 😉

    Almost like they’re connected…….


    “They’re Coming for the Children”


    Michael Reid

    @ Veracious Poet

    Regarding John Michael Greer,

    He is a person with a tremendous intellect. I have agreed with many of his perspectives and he explores things I know nothing about. An interesting mind


    “FDA Committee Members Reviewing Pfizer Vaccine For Children Have Worked For Pfizer, Have Big Pfizer Connections – This Is A Staggering Conflict of Interest”

    FDA Committee Members Reviewing Pfizer Vaccine For Children Have Worked For Pfizer, Have Big Pfizer Connections


    those darned kids

    80% = sheeps
    16% = us
    4% = sociopaths

    so, humanity is, and always has been (i imagine), the 16% defending the 80% from the 4%.

    quoting myself:

    “four per cent of humans are sociopaths – the ones with bad teeth become criminals, the ones with good teeth become politicians”


    Juden Chomsky dusts off the Yellow Star and slurps up Nazi ideology like a good Juden- blames the unvaxxed Goyim.

    In it, the famous linguist and political thinker argues that those who are not vaccinated against Covid should be socially shunned, required to isolate and – in the final assault on a social solidarity he cites as the justification for his argument – even potentially put in danger of destitution. They have only themselves to blame for their plight, he concludes.

    Yes, Chomsky really did say that –

    So the Vax War is on and in full swing. Libtard/Democrat Scum leading the War… Shocking to realize that the Republican Scum War criminal profiteering clan were NOT the ones to go full tyranny-tard, this time anyway.

    My resolve is complete- It is they who have drawn swords and blood- they will reap what they sow.
    They punish, murder, lie, cheat, steal, rape and torture for their own pleasure- at your cost and demise.

    Pens, hugs, and loving karmic wishes of forgiveness will not change their Narcissistic Destruction that is now in full motion. They are slowing choking you to death with smiles and self righteousness- they will choke you, your family and friends to death if you let them.

    OXI – Fuck no- !

    Stand Up and Fight for freedom against these insane scum, they are psychopaths who enjoy torturing and murder. Assange? Snowden? MLK? JFK? Grandparents, children and….puppies? What in the holy hell have we allowed them to do so far?

    Enough of this BS- When the tides of momentum change, which they assuredly will- There will be no mercy- they established the rules- they will choke by their own rules and it will be justified.

    Ready to swing the momentum ? We are losing everything decent, just, honorable and dignified if we let them persist- Better to go down swinging, knowing what is at stake- better to lose your life dignified than to have it taken without a fight like obedient cowards.

    Sing, Dance, Love… and have your War Cry ready.

    “We Are The People”

    If you’re feelin’ shut down
    May my thoughts be with you

    If your world’s gettin’ a little to tough
    You know our thoughts are with you
    Hey, I know that it’s crazy out there
    And my thoughts are with you

    We are the people
    And we live forever
    We are the people
    And our future’s written on the wind

    If you are one of the homeless
    May our thoughts be with you
    If you are scared and alone
    You know our thoughts are with you

    If you are one of the fortunate ones
    We all know it’s lonely up there
    We understand that nobody’s got it made
    So our thoughts are with you

    You see yourself as a leader
    May my thoughts be with you
    If you try to divide and conquer
    We’ll rise up against you
    We know only the strong will survive
    But the meek will inherit
    So if you’ve got a coat of arms, oh friend
    I suggest we wear it


    Trivium- So you present us with a person who chuckles so much he makes Santa Claus seem dour; who freely admits he is a liar and a scoundrel from a long, long line* of liars and scoundrels.
    It is self-evident that good health is practical and that western medicine prefers medicine-addicts to healthy people. That’s why at “food” labs, the ratios of fat to salt to sweet are god. In tech, it’s time.
    It is self-evident that people who speak in riddles are not necessarily truthful. Why should Mr. R be candid with Bickle?
    *Here’s the joke on “bloodlines”: until very recently, female infidelity created bastards. Islam (hyper-patriarchal) attempted to circumvent this by isolating their females. I doubt it was a complete success.
    Judaism had gotten around it by making the bloodline spring from the females: a mother knows when it is her child…until- pampered princess that she might be- she doesn’t (switcheroo!)
    “Bloodlines” are only now as strong as the trust one might have in the DNA lab, etc.
    Mr. R is simply doing “The Machiavelli” -a dance of distraction, condescension, obsequiousness…..

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