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FDA Experts Ask Why Kids Are “Dropping Like Flies” Right After Getting Vaccine (TE)
CHD to Sue FDA for ‘Recklessly Endangering’ Children (CHD)
China Forcing Jabs On Children As Young As 3 (ZH)
ERs Swamped With Seriously Ill Patients — But Most Don’t Have Covid (NPR)
Pediatric COVID Hospitalizations Plunge As Schools Reopen (ZH)
CDC Greenlights Fourth Covid Vaccine Jab For ‘Immunocompromised’ Americans (RT)
Why Did It Take An Old Story To Convince People It’s Time To #ArrestFauci? (RT)
Ivermectin and The Soul of Medicine (Hope)
The Slippery Semantics of Anthony Fauci (Miller)
NIH Removes Language on ‘Gain-of-Function’ From Website (ET)
Join The Universal Church Of Freedom, Peace And Justice (Celente)
5 Ways the US Has Misled UK Courts on Assange’s Health (CN)










Steve Kirsch talked at the FDA meeting yesterday that decided, with just one abstention, to start jabbing kids.

He had 30 slides, here’s a few.

FDA Experts Ask Why Kids Are “Dropping Like Flies” Right After Getting Vaccine (TE)

On October 26th 2021, the Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) held a meeting of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) to review the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection and decide whether or not to extend the Emergency Use Authorisation of the Pfizer vaccines for children aged 5 to 11. Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund was invited to speak at the meeting and due to the short time frame given to speak he felt it was best to prepare 30 slides which asked some extremely serious questions on the safety of giving an experimental injection to children. Every question asked by the Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund were questions that he feels need to be answered before any vote to authorise Covid-19 vaccination for 5 to 11-year-old children, and they were as follows…

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No court will touch it.

CHD to Sue FDA for ‘Recklessly Endangering’ Children (CHD)

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) today said it will take legal action against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if the agency grants Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for children aged 5-11. In a letter signed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD chairman and chief legal counsel, and Dr. Meryl Nass, member of the CHD Scientific Advisory Committee, Kennedy and Nass wrote: “CHD will seek to hold you accountable for recklessly endangering this population with a product that has little efficacy but which may put them, without warning, at risk of many adverse health consequences, including heart damage, stroke, and other thrombotic events and reproductive harms.”

The letter was addressed to Dr. Arnold Monto, chairman of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), committee members and all FDA staff. VRBPAC members are set to meet Tuesday to consider and likely vote on whether to grant EUA for the Pfizer vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds. In May, the FDA authorized Pfizer’s vaccine for 12- to 15-year-olds. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have not yet been authorized for children under 18. The letter outlines 12 reasons the FDA should not authorize the pediatric vaccine and provides supporting evidence to back up each argument.

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Is this a competition?

China Forcing Jabs On Children As Young As 3 (ZH)

The notion – oft-repeated in western media – that China has successfully managed to bring COVID to heel using the tools unique to an authoritarian state couldn’t be further from the truth. Earlier this month, leaked CCP documents revealed that China’s leadership has commanded local officials to be on alert for another large-scale COVID outbreak, before ordering them to complete two tasks: One is to build central isolation sites, with local authorities required by the end of October to create facilities of not less than 20 rooms per 10,000 people. The second: the scale of each isolation site must be more than 100 rooms.

But that’s not all. As outbreaks continue to flare up across the world’s most populous country, Beijing has warned that local officials should prepare for COVID outbreaks flaring up in certain areas to get even worse in the coming days, and that the virus might spread to affect more cities in towns across China. In an attempt to get ahead of the next major COVID wave (potentially driven by the delta variant or its “sub-variant” delta-plus) local media reports cited by Bloomberg attest that China has started giving COVID jabs to children as young as three, despite the fact that China has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with 75% of its 1.4 billion people already vaccinated. Multiple places across China are rolling out vaccines to children aged between three and 11, according to reports in local media.

The shots, developed by homegrown drugmakers Sinovac Biotech Ltd and state-owned Sinopharm, have already been administered to those aged 12 and above, with the country green-lighting their use in those aged over three in June. Compare this to the US, where President Biden (guided by his top advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci) is pushing for FDA approval of jabs for children as young as 5 (recent data showed jabs are “safe” for children between ages of 5 and 11) by the end of the year (despite the fact that serious infections involving young, healthy children are extremely rare). But China’s decision to expand its vaccination program (with its own home-made vaccines that just aren’t as effective as their foreign peers) comes as the CCP braces for another even more deadly round of COVID infections.

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NPR is not ready for looking at vaccine damage.

ERs Swamped With Seriously Ill Patients – But Most Don’t Have Covid (NPR)

Inside the Emergency Department at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan, staff are struggling to care for patients who are showing up much sicker than they’ve ever seen. Tiffani Dusang, the ER’s nursing director, practically vibrates with pent-up anxiety, looking at all the patients lying on a long line of stretchers pushed up against the beige walls of the hospital hallways. “It’s hard to watch,” she says in her warm Texan twang. But there’s nothing she can do. The ER’s 72 rooms are already filled. “I always feel very, very bad when I walk down the hallway and see that people are in pain, or needing to sleep, or needing quiet. But they have to be in the hallway with, as you can see, 10 or 15 people walking by every minute.”

It’s a stark contrast to where this emergency department — and thousands others — were at the start of the pandemic. Except for initial hot spots like New York City, in the spring of 2020 many ERs across the country were often eerily empty. Terrified of contracting COVID, people who were sick with other things did their best to stay away from hospitals. Visits to emergency departments dropped to half their normal levels, according to the Epic Health Research Network, and didn’t fully rebound until the summer of 2021. But now, they’re too full. Even in parts of the country where COVID isn’t overwhelming the health system, patients are showing up to the ER sicker than they were before the pandemic, their diseases more advanced and in need of more complicated care.

Months of treatment delays have exacerbated chronic conditions and worsened symptoms. Doctors and nurses say the severity of illness ranges widely and includes abdominal pain, respiratory problems, blood clots, heart conditions, and suicide attempts, among others. But there’s nowhere to put them all. Emergency Departments are ideally meant to be brief ports in a storm, with patients staying just long enough to be sent home with instructions to follow up with their primary care physicians, or sufficiently stabilized to be transferred “upstairs” to inpatient units or the ICU. Except now, those long-term care floors are full too, with a mix of COVID and non-COVID patients.

That means people coming to the ER are being warehoused for hours, even days, and forcing ER staff to perform long-term care roles they weren’t trained to do. At Sparrow, space is a valuable commodity in the ER: a separate section of the hospital was turned into an overflow unit. Stretchers stack up in halls. They’ve even brought in a row of brown reclining chairs, lined up against a wall, for patients too who aren’t sick enough for a stretcher but are too sick to stay in the main waiting room. Still, some of the patients in the brown recliners are hooked up to IVs, while others talk quietly with medical specialists, who sit across from them holding clipboards, perched on wheeled stools.

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Well well. Who knew? Let’s jab them. Get those numbers up.

Pediatric COVID Hospitalizations Plunge As Schools Reopen (ZH)

All summer long, Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and other unelected federal bureaucrats have been warning that COVID cases will explode as soon as teachers and students return to classrooms in person this fall, which is why Dr. Fauci has been one of the loudest voices cheering on politicians like NYC’s de Blasio and others who have imposed such mandates on teachers and school employees (which has since been expanded to cover most, if not all, city employees). But just as Pfizer, Moderna and their allies in the federal bureaucracy prepare to declare mRNA vaccines safe for all students between the age of 5 and 11, Bloomberg has just pointed out a remarkable shift: hospitalizations involving US children (already extremely rare compared with the adult population) have fallen sharply as schools reopen.

The number of children who have been hospitalized or died in the US due to COVID has remained extremely small: while the number of US minors who have been confirmed positive with COVID has numbered about 5MM since the start of the pandemic, fewer of 700 of those people have died. When it comes to hospitalizations, the difference between infected adults and children is pretty dramatic. Despite this, many are pushing for children to also be required to get the vaccine as soon as it’s approved for their age group (or face the same kind of alienation that their parents are currently being subjected to). The disagreements have turned communities against one another.

But while the Big Pharma machine gears up to shove vaccines down the throats of children and their parents, the phenomenon of falling hospital positions simply can’t be ignored, even by the MSM, which is quite practiced at that particular skill. Daily pediatric admissions with confirmed Covid have fallen 56% since the end of August to an average of about 0.2 per 100,000, according to Department of Health and Human Services data. Among adults, new admissions fell 54% to 2.1 per 100,000 in the same period, the data show. Here’s a visualization for those who prefer to be shown, not told.

It’s no secret that America’s school board meetings have transformed into battle grounds used by people either demanding masks be worn by students, and concerned parents who worry the masks will impact that education. Battles over vaccine mandates and whether CRT should be taught in school have also set off battles in communities across the country.

In some GOP-led states, schools have dropped their school-related mandates, sometimes under pressure from the governor. The Delta variant and its new sub-variant were supposed to trigger the worst phase of the outbreak yet. Instead, it looks like COVID numbers truly are moving down and staying down, especially in states like Florida, which were once heavily criticized for their lack of mandatory precaution.

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The ‘Immunocompromised’ should be the last to take an experimental vaccine.

CDC Greenlights Fourth Covid Vaccine Jab For ‘Immunocompromised’ Americans (RT)

The CDC has approved a fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot for adults with compromised immune systems, allowing for yet another dose amid concerns of waning immunity, as some pharma firms even hint at yearly boosters for all Americans. Those who are “moderately and severely immunocompromised” may receive a total of four vaccine doses, including an initial two-shot inoculation, one additional dose followed by yet another booster, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in an updated guidance on Tuesday. The immunocompromised were the first to receive authorization for vaccine boosters back in August, with US health agencies subsequently approving additional doses for people in other high-risk categories, such as those aged 65 and older and adults more likely to be exposed to the virus.

However, for the immunocompromised, the CDC classifies a third shot as an “additional dose,” which uses the same amount of vaccine as the previous two, while the fourth jab approved on Tuesday is defined as a “booster” proper. The fourth dose uses only half the volume of the others. The amended guidelines come soon after US health agencies gave the nod to a “mix and match” approach to boosters for all adults. The move allowed those who received one brand for their initial round of vaccination to select another for their booster dose, meaning that someone who originally took the Moderna jab, for example, could choose Pfizer-BioNTech for their booster. The debate over booster shots kicked off as data emerged that vaccine-induced immunity wanes over time, suggesting the need for additional doses to ensure prolonged protection.

However, with boosters now formally approved for an ever-broadening group of Americans, the exact definition of “fully vaccinated” has slowly blurred. In September, top White House Covid adviser Anthony Fauci acknowledged that a booster dose would “likely” be needed for an American to qualify as “fully vaccinated” in the future – a point echoed last week by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, who noted “We may need to update our definition of ‘fully vaccinated’” due to boosters. With immunocompromised adults now authorized to receive a fourth vaccination and US health officials increasingly talking up the need for additional doses, some Big Pharma firms are now predicting a “continuous need for boosting,” with Moderna Chairman Noubar Afeyan saying on Tuesday that the company’s jab “may well need an annual booster.”

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It’s still just a few people.

Why Did It Take An Old Story To Convince People It’s Time To #ArrestFauci? (RT)

One must ask why the popular outrage against Fauci over animal cruelty is not matched by an equal (if not more forceful) outrage over the doctor’s crimes against humanity. From his enthusiastic support of gain-of-function studies to his efforts to sideline a cheap, effective drug that could have saved thousands of lives during the AIDS epidemic in favor of a highly toxic alternative, Fauci’s hands are covered in the blood of humans as well as that of canines. Indeed, Fauci’s behavior during the Covid-19 outbreak – trashing cheap but effective treatments in favor of expensive alternatives lacking proof of efficacy – eerily mirrors his actions during the early years of AIDS. Thousands of people have died in both cases after Fauci pushed deadly or ineffective medications – most notably the failed cancer drug AZT in the 1980s and the failed Ebola drug remdesivir in the last two years – while safer and more efficacious remedies sat on the shelf.

Indeed, the high-priced antiviral remdesivir, which has been pushed for Covid-19 despite no clinical proof it saves lives, has instead been associated with multiple organ failure in several studies. Discoveries that members of the National Institutes of Health, parent of Fauci’s NIAID, had hefty investments in Gilead, maker of remdesivir, as well as in Moderna, one of the manufacturers of an mRNA vaccine for Covid-19, have only raised more questions about Fauci’s motives during the coronavirus pandemic. Fauci has also been caught lying repeatedly about his involvement in gain-of-function research aimed at making bat coronaviruses more infectious in humans.

Despite his profuse denials of even funding such research in recent months, he previously defended the work by arguing that any knowledge gained from bolstering the infectious potential of such pathogens was “worth the risk” of unleashing a pandemic. Whether or not his NIAID-funded research played a part in the Covid-19 outbreak has not been proven, but Fauci’s furious tap-dancing around any questions regarding the Wuhan lab or gain-of-function research in general does him no favors. [..] Ultimately, Fauci being arrested is an endpoint that animal rights activists, human rights activists, and the normally comatose members of Congress – 24 of whom actually signed a letter demanding answers from the once-untouchable Coronavirus Pope – should see eye-to-eye on. But the diminutive doctor must not be permitted to skate on his real crimes – whether it’s pandemic profiteering, bankrolling gain-of-function research in China that was at the time illegal to perform in the US, or allegedly perjuring himself in congressional testimony. Fauci has much to answer for. Dozens of dead puppies are just the tip of the iceberg.

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You don’t have to idolize these people.

Ivermectin and The Soul of Medicine (Hope)

This kindly family doctor was voted the Physician of the Year, and he went on a mission to save humanity from the pandemic. He teamed up with Yale’s Dr. Harvey Risch to tell the world about Hydroxychloroquine – and later about Ivermectin. He traveled to the Senate to inform the public that there was a better way. He openly criticized Dr. Fauci and his failed pandemic policies. The good doctor even wrote a book about his patient experiences. A Godly man, he remains true to humanitarian values, relationships, and people. He lives by ethics and his sacred Hippocratic oath. It was not enough for him to save his local small-town patients; he was duty-bound to share his ideas. Despite saving many lives, the State Medical Board threatened him.

His license to practice was jeopardized, not because of poor care but because his actions threatened corporate profits. He went far above and beyond what was required. And as with many men of courage, this doctor’s actions were rewarded, and he was vindicated. Beyond being named Physician of the Year, this man of medicine deserves greater accolades. Because he placed patient interests above his own, he became a hero. By now, you must be familiar with the man who accomplished all this. With his associate, Dr. Brian Tyson, Dr. George Fareed is that heroic doctor, a physician’s physician, now a role model not just for today’s doctor but also for all time. Dr. George Fareed will go down in history as one of the dominant symbols of morality and ethics in the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, today the physician on whom I shine the spotlight is another hero, a soft-spoken man like Dr. Fareed who shares many of the same experiences and accomplishments – another doctor’s doctor, and another man deserving the pages of history. Today I refer not just to my mentor, the distinguished Harvard graduate, former professor, and NIH researcher who participated in saving 7,000 patients from COVID-19. Instead, today I also call attention to the actions of Dr. Scott Jensen, a small-town family physician who practices in Watertown, Minnesota, a community of some 4,000 people. However, unlike Dr. Fareed, Dr. Jensen did not graduate from an Ivy League Medical School. Instead, he is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, where he also taught.

In addition, Dr. Jensen is more than a tiny bit religious; he attended Luther Northwest Theological Seminary for a year before he found his calling in medicine. He graduated class valedictorian from his high school. Later, he was named a Bush Fellow in Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Minnesota. However, the parallels between Drs. Fareed and Jensen are uncanny and illustrate exactly what a great physician can accomplish against rising forces of evil. Both doctors won their state’s Physician of the Year awards; the California Medical Association named Fareed the 2015 California Rural Physician of the Year. Jensen was selected Minnesota’s 2016 Family Physician of the Year by the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians. Both criticized Dr. Fauci for being captured by Big Pharma and not acting in patients’ best interests.

Scott Jensen 2

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“..now, that funding did not directly fund “gain-of-function of concern.” “Of concern” is the new caveat Fauci has added to get around answering the question.”

The Slippery Semantics of Anthony Fauci (Miller)

“I do not have any accounting of what the Chinese may have done, and I’m fully in favor of any further investigation of what went on in China. However, I will repeat again: the NIH and NIAID categorically has not funded ‘gain-of-function’ research to be conducted in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” That was Dr Anthony Fauci during a May 2021 congressional hearing. It kicked off a months-long national media effort to frame questions around gain-of-function research and US-taxpayer-funded virus manipulation as a Royal Rumble between Fauci and Senator Rand Paul. When he testifies or sits for friendly network interviews, Fauci depends on semantics. He relies on the naivety of the interviewer and the audience, employing terminology and definitions he believes only he understands.

But like the ponytailed Chad in Good Will Hunting attempting to flex his big brain, Fauci’s arguments fall apart in front of the initiated. Last week, Lawrence Tabak, the principal deputy director of the NIH, sent a letter to Congress saying that EcoHealth Alliance failed to report certain aspects of the experimental work it had been conducting in China on bats and bat-borne viruses. Tabak pledged that the NIH and Fauci’s NIAID would take administrative action, but not much more than that. So Fauci’s absolutist answer from May has proven to be false. At the very least, the doctor needs to answer directly why he chose to deflect questions on gain-of-function research, something his own agency is claiming it had no idea was happening. How could have Fauci have denied back in May something so “categorically” if EcoHealth Alliance, run by Fauci ally Peter Daszak, had failed to report the full extent of their experiments?

When Fauci sat for a cozy Sunday interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, he once again deployed his semantic game on the interviewer. Stephanopoulos framed the revealing letter from Tabak as “critics pouncing”: “Some critics and analysts have seized on that to say you and others have misled the public about US funding of this so-called gain-of-function research. The NIH says that’s false.” Fauci addressed Senator Rand Paul directly by responding, “The framework under which we have guidance about the conduct of research that we fund, the funding at the Wuhan Institute was to be able to determine what is out there in the environment, in bat viruses in China. And the research was very strictly under what we call a framework of oversight of the type of research.”

Fauci then went on to say “And under those conditions which we have explained very, very clearly, does not constitute research of gain-of-function of concern.” In his answer, Fauci hedges by admitting that there was US funding directed to the Wuhan Institute, but, now, that funding did not directly fund “gain-of-function of concern.” “Of concern” is the new caveat Fauci has added to get around answering the question. He had never used the terminology “gain-of-function of concern” in prior interviews or testimony. He just slipped it in there because hardly anyone notices. Furthermore he knows that the general public and most of the press has no idea what “of concern” means.

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More semantics.

NIH Removes Language on ‘Gain-of-Function’ From Website (ET)

The National Institutes of Health altered a key portion of its website last week around the time it disclosed to Congress that experiments it funded in China met the definition of gain-of-function. The federal agency, known as the NIH, had a detailed explanation of gain-of-function research on its site, noting that the term refers to any research that modifies a biological agent in a way that confers new or enhanced activity to that agent. But the explanation was wiped between Oct. 19 and Oct. 21—possibly ahead of the NIH’s most recent disclosures on Oct. 20 about research it funded in China that increased the potency of a virus by modifying it. The updated page now says, in its only referral to type of research, that research involving enhanced potential pandemic pathogens (ePPPs) “is a type of so called ‘gain-of-function’ (GOF) research.”

It claims that “the vast majority of GOF research does not involve ePPP and falls outside the scope of oversight required for research involving ePPPs.” Oversight involving research on ePPPs is governed by a framework issued by the U.S. government in late 2017, on the same day the NIH lifted its yearslong funding pause on most gain-of-function research. There’s no definition of gain-of-function inside the framework. The only mention of it refers people to a list of examples of activities that would and would not be considered to involve ePPPs. That list was last available in May 2017, according to an Epoch Times review. An NIH spokeswoman confirmed that the webpage, a “backgrounder” on the framework, was altered last week, around the same time the disclosures were made.

The information concerning gain-of-function “was being misused/used incorrectly (and still is) and creating confusion (and still is),” the spokeswoman told The Epoch Times in an email. “The backgrounder was updated to provide clarity on the scope of the framework,” she added.

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Now offering a Medical Exemption for all those who join the Church.

Join The Universal Church Of Freedom, Peace And Justice (Celente)

UNITE & JOIN The Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice & Sign Up for Your Vaxx Exemption
Now offering a Medical Exemption for all those who join the Church. Sign up to learn more.

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Hearing starts today.

5 Ways the US Has Misled UK Courts on Assange’s Health (CN)

“Professor Kopelman considered that, if housed in conditions of segregation and solitary confinement, Mr. Assange’s mental health would deteriorate substantially resulting in persistently severe clinical depression and the severe exacerbation of his anxiety disorder, PTSD and suicidal ideas,” Baraitser wrote. This is the man the U.S. is trying to portray as a malingerer and not suicidal. Jame Lewis QC, the lead prosecutor for the U.S., sought to undermine Kopelman’s credibility during his oral testimony from the witness stand at Old Bailey on Sept. 22, 2020. On cross examination Lewis questioned Kopelman’s credentials, saying he was not a forensic psychiatrist, who work in prisons. Kopelman retorted that he had spent time in many prisons and that even Lewis had once urgently called upon him for his expert testimony in an extradition case.

That brought laughter in the courtroom, even from Baraitser. To have Kopelman’s testimony thrown out, the U.S. will argue this week that he was not an impartial witness because he deceived the court by having concealed his knowledge of Assange’s two children with his partner and lawyer Stella Moris. Kopelman failed to mention Moris or the children in his December 2019 preliminary submission to the court but did in his written testimony in August 2020, a month before Assange’s extradition hearing resumed. The U.S. knew about it as early as April 2020 in time for the September extradition hearing. The U.S. argues that initially concealing the children misled the court because having small children makes it less likely Assange would take his life. This was based on Kopelman’s preliminary report in which he wrote that Assange told him his family kept him from killing himself.

“Professor Kopelman was aware that Mr. Assange’s children were a significant factor in the assessment of his risk of suicide, as Mr. Assange had told him in August 2019 ‘The only things stopping [me] from suicide were the ‘“small chance of success”’ in his case, and an obligation to his children.’” Despite this, Baraitser’s judgement on Jan. 4 of this year showed that he was still highly likely to commit suicide. Moris, and by extension Kopelman, hid her and the children’s identities in light of revelations that a Spanish security company working for the CIA had spied on Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, including on visits with his lawyers, doctors, Moris and their first child. UC Global employees testified in a court case in Madrid against the company’s CEO (and later at Assange’s extradition hearing) that the CIA wanted to nab one of their baby’s diapers to prove Assange’s paternity through DNA testing.

Moris was forced to reveal the identity of the children in April 2020 when a bail application required information about with whom Assange would live if he were released. Moris had asked the court to keep that information sealed but Baraitser refused “in the interest of open justice.” That same month Moris then publicly revealed to the Daily Mail and Australia’s 60 Minutes her relationship with Assange as well as alarming details of what had been happening to the family at the embassy. Moris said she’d been worried that British tabloids would make her life hell if they found out she was the mother of Assange’s children. Moris and Assange had been aware they were being filmed and tried to conceal their relationship. She lived elsewhere and had a “decoy dad” bring their infant son Gabriel to the embassy, pretending the child was his. Moris was distressed when an embassy guard warned her the baby should not be brought back. It’s not clear what might have happened to the child if it were proven he was Assange’s son.

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Oxi day







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    @House — your explanation actually indicates that you ought to listen to what that insider said. You seem to be preparing for inflation… Inflation is part of the process, but it is accurately called Empire Siphoning the proceeds of debt-issuance while leaving the debt for the monetarily illiterate. That’s what the Rothschild said, not some milquetoast “inflation, oh noes!”
    The inflation is actually debt-based money debt generation. Both debt and money are created on a balance sheet. The lenders have P + I on their balance sheet as an asset, and the lenders have P+i on their balance sheet as a debtor, BUT THE BORROWER ONLY HAS GUARANTEED ACCESS TO THE P. Well, P can’t pay P+I, all by design!
    So, yes we will have inflation until the debt-based money bubble reaches it apex (peak debt), and then THEY WILL COLLAPSE IT, EXACTLY AS THE AUTOMATIC EARTH HAS PREDICTED FOR EVER NOW. That’s the plan.
    The bigger the bubble, the bigger the bust. And this time they are planning to create a scenario to drastically reduce population, and they will NOT be propping up the economy, they will be wholesale asset stripping it — as in taking title to your home for your portion of the debts.
    As for division creating, it is the EXACT OPPOSITE! He basically says we are idiots for being divided by them… and that they are robbing all of us idiots, and it is OUR FAULT! He also says they’ve divided us to rule us forever, and we are idiots for playing along.
    If that isn’t motivation to begin working together, well, what is?

    We (or I should say YOU) fight yourselves!
    Can you not see that??
    WHILE you fight YOURSELVES, others pick your pockets.
    Who is the greater fool?
    WHO is truly at fault? YOU for fighting yourself, or others, who rob you while you struggle?
    That is why you are viewed as foolish children.

    Demoralizing and partitioning…controlling the educational system, the media, medicine, law, religion, the “governments” and… almost forgot…that pesky money supply! Yes, that should about do it…leaving only the details to be filled in!
    Glad to hear I received a high score! That fills me with pleasure!

    Hey, let’s all read THAT ^^^ and keep going along with the partitioning and the control system! That’s smart, right?

    Everyone is stuck on the paradigm of FIAT.
    FIAT, or binary, chips or any other manifestation of fictional/representative value is over. It has served its purpose and subjugated formerly free and self-relaint humans.
    The NEXT BIG THING is already here. As with FIAT and its wart-y cohorts, the methodology is one of absolute control. FIAT framed behavior, what comes next will control it absolutely.
    I am truly surprised no one has hit upon it yet, as it is much on human’s minds during this current phase.
    I, too, prefer the Socratic method, but the nuance and subtlety have been lost on those here so far. I had understood that this forum had sufficient size and scope to suggest a few worthy humans, but sadly has not been the case so far.
    Wait and see, I suppose.

    I think you read it, but I think you didn’t actually heed the advice given from a controller WHO KNOWS.

    Start with the truth…what you KNOW to be true and lay aside the false beliefs and programming you have been “gifted”. Start by knowing you know nothing and see if any insights come to you.

    Dear Bickle!
    Take with grains of salt that which is presented for your consumption! And ask WHY it is being presented!
    Remember the four underlying principals:
    that which you know you know
    that which you know you don’t know
    that which you don’t know you know
    that which you don’t know you don’t know
    which is the prime?

    Dear Bickle. The prime MUST be to learn what is not known. Therefore, not knowing what you don’t know is prime.
    Learn what the questions are is first and foremost. Then find the answers.
    This presumes that you are questing, and not just content where you “are”/
    Are you, Bickle, a quester?

    As for emotive responses to a galactic bloodline narcissist whose bloodline controls the global money systems…

    Human emotions are a hybrid between the ancestor “fight/flight” and adopted characteristics.
    Obtaining control of the human emotions is humas greatest imparative and challenge. How may eons is THAT one going to take!

    They don’t do anyone anyone any favors. The guy is a jerk, but he knows the future they are financing, and it is bubble blowing (debt-money siphoning leaving debt to the monetarily illiterate NPC’s), then collapsing the economy to the point that “survival of the fittest” will be done at a local level. If you don’t prepare for THAT scenario — one without functioning power and a grocery store, well, life will be even harder, if it can be sustained at all.

    That’s what is coming. And, they do appreciate you conforming to your programming and ignoring the truth that they believe they must put before you so you can ignore it… and prove to them that you are unfit and nature is going to be responsible for what happens, not them.

    Everyone is looking for a narrative
    It’s of no consequence, really.
    What is important is that which remains unseen. Pay no heed to the noise and commotion…but SCRUTINIZE that which IS present but not comprehended.
    Remember, it is natural LAW that the grand plan truth MUST be within reach of all.
    Blindness is by CHOICE

    Mr. House

    I’m preparing for people to die, that is what deflation is


    @my parents said no

    Trivium- So you present us with a person who chuckles so much he makes Santa Claus seem dour; who freely admits he is a liar and a scoundrel from a long, long line* of liars and scoundrels.

    Yes, he pathologically mocks us. That’s to be expected in those who are trying to genocide the world, no? Did you really think those who are doing that take us seriously? Where did he say he was a liar? I don’t recall him ever saying he was a scoundrel, either. I agree that he has situational ethics that stretch the bounds of reasonableness from MY PERSPECTIVE, but he does not think so at all! He thinks his family is 100% honest within the bounds of “natural law,” as they conveniently define it. Again this is the problem with private control of global money systems, and it is why I’ve been exposing it for almost a decade and a half. Too bad there has been, and still is, so little interest IN THE ROOT CAUSE, huh? This whole CovFeFe Perception Changing Event was planned and financed by them, as was 9/11. Let’s just play pretend, though. Personal responsibility is soooo over rated. He did claim he would not lie in this document. He did not say he would flesh everything out 100%. As far as I can tell, he did a very good job of not directly lying, and he was honest about not claiming to tell the whole truth every time (he truthfully said he would only tell the part of the truth he felt was important, and the readers had to take SOME level of personal responsibility).

    He actually thinks YOU are the evil liar, not himself…

    Who runs the world? Well, YOU do of course.
    Wherever I travel, I see a lot of YOU’s out there busy running the world. And I also see that you run the world based on your precepts of how things work and such. Little algorithms, constantly operating in the background. Where on Earth did THEY come from?
    laughing, laughing, laughing out LOUD!!
    And of course, being children, things go wrong when bad or selfish decisions are made. Bogey-men are thus created to absorb the blame…deep dark evil forces that make things go bump in the night. THEY are the reason for all this trouble! Bad, bad men!
    I suppose another way to put it that you might understand better, is that the world is run by men who truly understand the dark nature of the human spirit. So, YOU provide the evil and these men create scenarios where they know how you will react. It is scary how accurately refined these rule-based systems have become. Ironically, THESE men of “knowledge” must keep their “hands” clean! Must! Or the MAGIC goes!
    Oh! Sweet Irony!!

    Believe me when I say that the efforts to suppress come from immediately above your station. Those who have a few extra comforts that you don’t and that want to maintain your submission so that they can maintain theirs.
    The real masters are the intellects who suggest in a suggestible way that which you cannot resist.
    Did you know that the US porn industry is now larger than the Hollywood box office? Well over 10 billion! But ask anyone if they watch porn and you will likely be told NO!.
    Who is the evil, dark force here? The entity who understands human lust and provides for it? The consumer of the lust? Would the porn industry exist if its services were not in demand? Would it end tomorrow if people chose to NOT watch porn? Of course. So, pick your evil!
    Of course, the “secret(s)” has/have made more than one bloodline powerful beyond belief, and there are struggles. Ultimately, one will win out..so that’s interesting!

    Now, I see the flaws in his logic, but he doesn’t, just like you are blind the flaws in your logic (“I feel he is a liar, so he must have admitted to lying, so I don’t have to care about this document, I have no personal responsibility to read it, and I can just move on and not feel triggered by it!).

    It appears you are under the illusion that you get to input your FEELINGS upon the document, instead of letting the document speak for itself. Many of his claims are absolutely INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIABLE, AND 100% CONTRARY TO THE POPULAR NARRATIVES.

    I’m not asking anyone to blindly trust this guy, rather, listen to what he has said. I’ve vetted it and he’s revealed EVERY SINGLE SILENT WEAPON FOR QUIET WARS (you have read that document, right?) that I was able to discern, INDEPENDENTLY, prior to reading this Q&A. He even added one I had not thought of, but should have (that our property taxed property was contractually collateral for the governmental debt, and will have the title transferred).

    So, it sounds like your feeling of discomfort is just looking for a way to avoid more discomfort. He spoke about how that BEAUTIFUL LIE actually was highly prized by them, and KEY to why they were able to operate as they do.

    It is self-evident that good health is practical and that western medicine prefers medicine-addicts to healthy people. That’s why at “food” labs, the ratios of fat to salt to sweet are god. In tech, it’s time.
    It is self-evident that people who speak in riddles are not necessarily truthful. Why should Mr. R be candid with Bickle?

    If you think he was not, explain exactly when he wasn’t. Again, you are applying your logic to a man with an ideology you have no comprehension of, and you think it must conform to your feelings? What? I don’t get it.

    *Here’s the joke on “bloodlines”: until very recently, female infidelity created bastards. Islam (hyper-patriarchal) attempted to circumvent this by isolating their females. I doubt it was a complete success.
    Judaism had gotten around it by making the bloodline spring from the females: a mother knows when it is her child…until- pampered princess that she might be- she doesn’t (switcheroo!)
    “Bloodlines” are only now as strong as the trust one might have in the DNA lab, etc.
    Mr. R is simply doing “The Machiavelli” -a dance of distraction, condescension, obsequiousness…..

    First, they don’t care what you think — they control the global money systems. You are their debt-B*, just like everyone else. The denial appears strong in you! As for your opinion of bloodlines, THEY DON’T CARE! Do you really think they do? And they don’t have, THEY CONTROL THE GLOBAL MONEY SYSTEMS!

    He actually revealed more than every single silent weapon for quiet wars that I independently discerned prior to reading the document, plus one more. He even admitted to WHO was ultimately responsible for 9/11, which I have never heard anyone properly disclose. Do list those silent weapons for quiet wars that are deployed at your children and grand children… you do care about them, right?

    There is so much going on! Accept that you know NOTHING at all. That which you believe you know is incorrect. You are an infant, but filled with bad information. The tragedy (for you anyway) isn’t that it happened, but that you would be unable to UNDERSTAND that the knowledge of your academic betrayal is irrelevant! You cannot grasp that by knowing that you don’t know, you are now free to begin the journey TO knowing. Humans, almost to a person, MUCH prefer to use the revelation as a self pity party. Your breeding demands it!
    Pity, that!

    Everyone is looking for a narrative
    It’s of no consequence, really.
    What is important is that which remains unseen. Pay no heed to the noise and commotion…but SCRUTINIZE that which IS present but not comprehended.
    Remember, it is natural LAW that the grand plan truth MUST be within reach of all.
    Blindness is by CHOICE

    Your anti-intellectual approach (judge a book by its cover, not its contents is the epitome of “anti-intellectual”) approach was literally programmed into you BY DESIGN! You are literally manifesting the TRUTH that Rothschild revealed! Once you know the truth, you can then change it, BUT NOT BEFORE!

    BTW, you can bet that Rothschild knows that Socrates was labeled the Wisest Man in Greece based him KNOWING WHAT HE DID NOT KNOW. This is a lesson you have yet to learn, hence, you project your emotions onto situations and think that defines reality. Not.


    @House, yet you don’t take seriously the document of the man whose family is orchestrating said deaths according to very strict logical rules?


    Think about the survivors.
    20 million people, out of 40 million, In Afghanistan, 50%, the survivors are going to control all the wealth of their country.
    Afghanistan is going to be the carpet baggers’ heaven.

    Veracious Poet


    One of my wife’s dearest cousins, a teacher in Klownifornia, experienced an extreme case of Bell’s palsy two months ago, has not recovered, is now disabled due to the paralysis extending to the side of her body affected. Starting to look permanent…

    SIL’s best friends husband, a 44 yo healthy outdoorsy guy, passed out an hour after the first jab. After he was released from the hospital they told him no more killer-aid injections for him!

    So far in my circle of friends I have seen 5 people affected/killed by the new wunder drugs!



    P.S. Beware of entities that insert spam like disinfo on the forum ~ SERIOUS times require SERIOUS info + real reality discussion.





    50%, the survivors are going to control all the wealth of their country.

    Uh, no. The Money Power will control government, the government will control the people, and the people will be buried in inextinguishable debt through debt-based money fraud, and the 99.99% will be subjugated, some worse than others (some much worse), all while the Money Power seizes title to the Afghanistan portion of Earth, just as they are doing IN EVERY PORTION of Earth. Only Syria and Iran are holdouts, but they will fall soon enough.

    Money is a tool, like all others, except that it is imbued with “mystical” powers. The establishment of central banks is ALWAYS a necessary first step of subjugation of geographically congregated bloodlines. Note that Libya’s first official act, before even the corpses turned stiff…was the establishment of a central bank. Those rebel forces were certainly well schooled by someone!

    John Day

    Vitamin-D is, yes a hormone, but it was named when it was discovered, before that was understood.
    It is a hormone that our species lost the ability to manufacture, but that did not matter much at the time, since our species mostly lived in the sun in temperate zones, where sunlight in the skin surface made plenty of vitamin-D. It became a problem when our species migrated north, where one must wear clothing in the winter, and the sun is too weak to make vitamin-D for much of the year.
    Those people lost pigment and ate animals with vitamin-D, or got rickets, and died of disease at young ages.
    This is late in the game for us to directly address this, maybe 200,000 years too late. Vitamin-D is stored in the fat. It has a very long half life. Optimum levels for immune function appear to be over 60. Ideal levels for people with autoimmune disease or cancer are probably 90-100. Some would say higher. “Normal” is 30-100, but toxicity does not occur under 150. I’ve never seen it over 112, and the person felt fine.
    I advise everybody to take some vitamin-D , ride a bike, grow a vegetable garden if you are able, and to be at peace with your divine nature, and benevolent to others.
    Don’t trust “A Rothschild” who is obviously a poseur discussing the relative merits of hallucinogens/entheogens. The “bloodline” stuff is mostly a misdirection of though
    Look at traits. Traits are the thing. “Bloodline” is not really a useful term in genetic analysis.
    “Memes” carried in families and clans look to be at least as important as genes, and there should be synergy between them.


    My exemption request was accepted, but they want me to sign off on the following accommodations. Won’t happen but I need to do some more due diligence to formulate an effective response. Any comments or suggestions appreciated. As I suspected they only seem to be granting 1 out 20 exemptions submitted.

    1. I must wear a mask and social distance when in workplace
    2. I must submit to weekly (or more frequent) testing upon request
    3. I must adhere to any additional customer or supplier requirements – even where those requirements may be more stringent.

    those darned kids

    you know, doc day, i’ve a theory that many of those non-coding CATGut (i play strings..) dna thingers are actually memories encoded in a quaternary language.

    those darned kids

    i’d love to see a troup of them sallow-ass rothchilds get up on their prancy ponies and challenge our afghan friends to a friendly match of buzkashi.

    that’d settle the debts right quick.


    @ John Day
    Good answer
    I like my explanations …. SNOBS …. Pecking order ….. fear ….. hate ….. social/economic order


    The Greatest Advice You Will Ever Receive | Jordan Peterson Motivation — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpCBIF1Yl4k

    absolute galore

    @Triv — The bloodline thing is just a little too CW TV for me. I also have a difficult time believing these nefarious global mafioso are taking over the world by intentionally spiking my Capt’n Crunch with extra iron filings buried in the Crunchberries. I don’t say this to demean your knowledge of nutritional science–perhaps I am suffering from too much iron. I do plan to get a blood profile anyway, so I will add whatever markers I need to get that info. No doubt the many toxins freefloating in the modern environment have a detrimental affect on us humans–good to have an understanding of how things work to a degree.

    However, you mention you suffer from stress. I imagine I would be stressed too, trying to keep track of my health at the molecular level like that. And taking my entire world view from some psycho rich dude.
    Anybody who uses the phrase “laughing out loud” every other paragraph just does not strike me as someone worth paying much mind.

    Of course there are rich miscreants taking advantage of all kinds of situations, and there are evil actors afoot. But in general, there is fate and there is the unforeseen consequences of the actions of humans over time. Somebody has to get the role of rich asshole.

    For me, it’s more about systems behavior than bloodlines. I think James Kunstler touched on this in the interview linked above. He did not say it using his favorite definition of history–It seemed like a good idea at the time–but that is the camp I tend to fall into.


    @chooch, Congrats on taking responsibility for being “wise as a serpent” and beating back Empire, Inc. in the NOW. If you are not a Peggy Hall watcher, you are missing a great resource. Here are my comments on your accommodation negotiation:

    1. I must wear a mask and social distance when in workplace

    Do you have natural immunity? If you do, consider the best way to approach your company regarding their blatant, irrational DISCRIMINATION against your natural immunity. A commenter over on Denninger’s forums said he brought this up with HR and his boss and they eventually capitulated. Of course, he presented them with the evidence to support his assertion that natural immunity was substantially better than vaccine immunity and the discrimination was irrational.

    If you don’t have natural immunity you lose the moral high ground. If it were me, I’d probably just get some comfortable masks with open bottoms and breath out the bottom until I was infected and got natural immunity.

    2. I must submit to weekly (or more frequent) testing upon request

    The nasal swab is on EUA as well, and it is a known carcinogen that is readily absorbed into your nostrils. Uh, no. If your religious belief is you are responsible for maintaining your health, this ought to be rejected. However, they absolutely have spit tests that don’t need to touch your tissues. I would have no problem spitting once every two weeks. Your mileage may vary. But, again, ya don’t have much leverage to not be tested at all — UNLESS you have natural immunity. Again, address why you are being medically discriminated against when the evidence indicates your immunity is superior to the vaccinated.

    3. I must adhere to any additional customer or supplier requirements – even where those requirements may be more stringent.

    As long as they don’t break your religious beliefs, why not?

    Money Power Empire is in the process of DESTROYING society. The privileges once provided to us are going away. We can fight tooth and nail, but I don’t have the energy. I’m all for fighting KEY BATTLES, but not the smaller issues that aren’t really relevant. This is why masking is a yawner for me — I focus on the Money Power who financed this whole crap show from the getty-up… but the maskers aren’t interested in that. They don’t **feel** the abstract fraud via debt-based money, and they don’t perceive what they don’t feel. It is “natural law.” For most, anyway. For the rest of us, it is a special kind of h*ll!!! lol


    Trivium- thanks for your [] response.
    I believe almost everything he says. I love this stuff! Mr. R sounds like Putrid’s “pals”, only giddy.
    Mr. R is a voyeur: his life is so dependent on assessing, duping the suckers. Why spill the beans? He loves to mock his victims? Why does the bad/good guy always “explain” to the good/bad guy?
    Who is wasting whose time? Sooo busy controlling the lives of others. Making sure his offspring do, too, forever. Duty. Honor. Loyalty. Omertà. All the amoral virtues. Go Red!
    “The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor.”



    I got the impression the most people aren’t viewing this from the perspective of government contract law. There are 4 pertinent documents that go along with the EO. In the moment there are no laws just memos.

    The FAR concil memo
    The Civilian Agency Acquisition Council memo
    The Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting for the DoD memo
    The GSA Senior Procurement Executive memo

    When I submitted my exemption, I was also required to define my accommodations. To which they could say my exemption was valid but the accommodation would be to onerous on the company. We were told testing wasn’t an option in lieu of vaccination. Suffice it to say I did not list an accommodation they could deny.

    Yes, I have natural immunity and provided them the Brownstone reference with 30 studies showing broad and durable protection resulting from infection. I also provided them the latest PHE surveillance data highlighting the fact vaccinated get the disease and spread it. I also pointed out masking me would be discriminatory given the science.

    Ironically they put testing on the table and ignored the science. But this opens door for challenge.

    Do you have solid reference for carcinogenic swab?

    Yes, the need to strike the supplier customer requirement.


    Judge rejects pilot’s challenge to Southwest Vaccine Mandate https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-business-health-dallas-barbara-lynn-4da341c2b01e9fe3a4568ca0c56016f2

    In better news, Alabama hospital ends vaccine requirement for workers, for the moment:

    Alabama Hospital Defies Biden Administration, Ends COVID Vaccine Requirement for Staff

    Also in the good news department, in Ottawa (Canada) the police service is not mandating the vaccine! The mayor is a little upset about it – makes him look bad mandating the vax for all other city workers.

    Ottawa police urged to rethink COVID-19 vaccine policy

    Veracious Poet

    Do you have solid reference for carcinogenic swab?

    Maybe this will be a bridge too far for Tri V?


    Mounties4freedom now has over 53,000 signatories (includes partner organizations involved in health and first responders). This is a big increase from yesterday when count was 40,000.

    Open Letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

    John Day

    @Chooch: You are currently winning-by-not-losing.
    I advise to accept the mask-wearing and weekly swab testing. They are a benign face-saving measure for your employer.
    Here is the sticky part:
    3. I must adhere to any additional customer or supplier requirements – even where those requirements may be more stringent.
    It’s open-ended. It needs to be limited. This would limit it to putting on more stuff or staying farther away: It sounds very stringent… It may even be what they mean.
    3. I must adhere to any additional customer or supplier on-site requirements – even where those requirements may involve stringent requirements for isolation or personal protective equipment.

    John Day

    @Germ: Thank you, thank you, thank you… “Store up for yourself treasures in Heaven”

    : I did read your comments last night. Thanks for having a brain, brother.

    Those Darned Kids said: “you know, doc day, i’ve a theory that many of those non-coding CATGut (i play strings..) dna thingers are actually memories encoded in a quaternary language.”
    JD: The Inca string messages have not been decoded the last I heard. It does look like the non-replicating parts are control-related. It’s some kind of meaning, tied to function, sort of like compliance-officers at work, maybe.

    : What was the question again? 😮


    @ Figmund S
    Very much appreciate: Lethal Connections: “Complete Lives” Morphs into “COVID Protocol” in America’s Hospitals

    I followed links, and discovered this: https://rumble.com/voboxj-stop-the-shot-caught-on-tape…html
    on the Truth for Health Foundation — I’ve heard of them, that foundation is associated with local anti-vax mandate rallies.

    At 15 minutes the attorney begins to play recordings that were made between her and hospital administrator types. The recordings plus commentary are continuing to 22 minutes — which is as far as I listened today.

    This bears close interest for me. One of the hospitals cited “Banner Thunderbird” is a few miles away — it is where my daughter had an appendectomy a few years ago. The other, Mayo Clinic – Scottsdale, is well-regarded by local well-off elderly folks. In addition, my sister’s friend’s father died at a Banner hospital about a month ago — he went in covid positive, refused remdesivir and refused ventilation. He was sequestered, and not allowed visitors for most of the time. He was not being fed and they refused him an IV. He weakened and eventually died — but it wasn’t covid that killed him. (He did also have other comorbidities.) An older acquaintance of my mother (a lady from her church) died a few months back in a local hospital. She, too, refused ventilation, weakened, and passed.

    The recordings suggest that *all* of the local hospitals are following the same protocols for covid patients, sequestering them and denying visitors, and if they refuse remdesivir and ventilation they are not provided sufficient food and water. When my sister’s friend, after many days, was finally allowed to see his father, he was told to urge his father to accept remdesivir and ventilation, and that if the father went on ventilation, the son would be permitted to visit again whenever he wanted, but that if the father did not accept ventilation, the son would not be permitted to visit!


    So Oxi is Fuck NO! In Greek. Then call this little Oxy Greek.


    Ownership really means access to use. Aborigines say they didn’t own things but still had access to use until denied them died. ‘You will own nothing and be happy’ is another invitation to lose access and die but like a small child eating spaghetti with hands a lot slips through grasping fingertips to return to earth. May the lord make me greasy and hard to hold.

    Michael Reid

    John Michael Greer writes

    what’s happening can be described simply as America’s natural transition from a First World country to a Third World country. Yes, those tent cities will turn into favelas, because that’s the kind of housing for the poor that a Third World country can afford. As population decline picks up speed and the economy lurches down the curve of decline, that will morph into salvage culture, with existing buildings being repurposed as dwellings for the poor.


    @absolute galore — They are getting away with whatever they are doing, right? You can’t even admit they exist! So, they are right in what they are doing — the last thing someone who is degeneraciding the globe wants to be is in the spotlight where everyone obviously sees them. Chronic disease was 4% in the 1940’s. Now it is almost 50% in our children. The Bible speaks of the sins of the fathers flowing through multiple generations. The Bible speaks of iron being mixed with the seed of men. The Bible speaks the masses perishing for lack of knowledge. What’s YOUR program that would work better THAN WHAT ACTUALLY EXISTS?
    Let’s hear it. Because the success of this one, which is doing the damage covertly, both of which are KEY REQUIREMENTS for any tyrant deploying Sun Tzu Art of War and Machiavelli’s The Prince.

    “All war is deception.” You are merely descrbing your own deception! Bravo! to the system designers… Not only do they deceive, but they deceive so fully, that even when those deceived are exposed to the truth, they will argue the truth can’t be true because they don’t feel like it is true. Like their feelings matter one iota to La Familia that controls the global money system.

    “The best warriors don’t need to fight.” Sun Tzu principle

    “If you are going to rule a people who believe themselves to be free, hire people from that society, and use them to rule for you.” Machiavelli principle.

    You literally are describing the effects of the “natural law” of deception deployed against you — so fully, that you can’t even consider what is true to be true!

    Now wonder John the Revelator looked in amazement at this woman ridden, end-time beast empire system!


    @my parents said know —

    I believe almost everything he says. I love this stuff! Mr. R sounds like Putrid’s “pals”, only giddy.

    I didn’t post this to “believe it.” It is information presented from a person claiming to have control knowledge of the debt-based money matrix, and I present it for evaluation of what has been said. Believing people without evidence is how we’ve ended up where we are — the world is insane!
    I’ve read the document after well over a decade of investigation into frauds and contradictions of the system. For example, I was as positive as one could be that the Money Power was behind 9/11. How could it not be? They control, top down, all the actors necessary to make happen what actually happened. This guy confirms it. Guess what. It is me and him. I’ve NEVER heard anyone, ever, say it was the Money Power that was responsible for 9/11 Maybe some have. All wars are banker wars implies it, but I never heard it directly said. And even then, bankers are employees. All wars are bank OWNER wars is the more accurate description. You don’t need to wonder who orchestrated 9/11 — YOU NOW KNOW FROM A PERSON WHO KNOWS!

    Why did they do it? There were countries without BIS, Inc. controlled debt-based money central banks that needed a pretrext to be conquered so that the Money Power could then begin subjugating those people under their monetary system of oppression. WHO ELSE HAS SAID THAT? Nobody I’ve heard!!! Yet it is 100% TRUE! It fits all the facts!!! There are NO CONTRADICTIONS! Every other theory has gaping holes. WHO finances al Qaeda to attack nations that the US is attacking? As Rothschild would say, “Seriously, don’t you serfs notice this stuff?”

    Mr. R is a voyeur: his life is so dependent on assessing, duping the suckers.

    Well, pay attention to how he described himself in the context of their paradigm. He’s a “black sheep,” implying he’s a younger brother outside of the main bloodline they value so much. So, yeah, he feels a bit like a devalued outcast. Given that fundamental belief, one way many people deal with that is to focus their attention on those they believe are lesser so their attention is NOT on their OWN DEFICIT! Makes sense, no? Did you also notice how he switched from “he” and “she” to “it” when talking about the domestic help in their allodial title, tax free, contract free castle estates? He made no issue of it, and no commenters picked up on it. I did. “It.” Why would they teach their children that the help around the house is NOT EVEN HUMAN? There is an obvious reason, and books and movies have been made about it. The last thing they want is for their bloodline to identify with the rabble they know, lest their degeneracide and global domination plan might not reach its fulfillment.

    Why spill the beans? He loves to mock his victims? Why does the bad/good guy always “explain” to the good/bad guy?

    He explains this. I’ve posted the quotes. They believe it is “natural law” and they HAVE TO DO IT. He also said that people in power had tried to defy this law, and it didn’t work out very well at all! And think of this… Biblically speaking, we are entering into the apocalypse. What is the apocalypse? It is THE DISCLOSURE. Well, is it really that much of a leap to believe that people who believe they are God’s Agents executing God’s Will, that THEY would produce their own “disclosure” in accord with the Biblical narrative?

    Also, they believe 1. they are must be righteous (as they define it, with some Biblical input, granted, loosely and selfishly), and 2. in survival of the fittest being one of God’s Supreme Laws.

    By telling us the UGLY truth, over and over and over and over, which they do, and us being unable, for whatever reason, to react to the UGLY truth, THEY THINK THEY PROVE THAT WE ARE FUNDAMENTALLY UNFIT AS HUMAN BEINGS.

    Now, when only the fit survive is God’s Law, MOCKING US WITH THE TRUTH BECOMES A RATIONAL FOR GOD WANTING US DEAD! And if God wants the unfit dead, THEY CAN’T BE RESPONSIBLE OUTSIDE OF GOD’S WILL! They are RIGHTEOUS before God IN THEIR EYES by doing this. They actually are not doing whatever they want. They are following a script, and they stay close to the script. Granted, they manipulate the script, but since they control the global money systems, THEY DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS!

    Who is wasting whose time? Sooo busy controlling the lives of others. Making sure his offspring do, too, forever. Duty. Honor. Loyalty. Omertà. All the amoral virtues. Go Red!
    “The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor.”

    IMHO, he, like pretty much everyone else, is reacting to his programming. Their family is very into programming their offspring, to the point of murdering offspring that don’t go along with their script. And they all must accept this. Did you catch that part? Think Princess Diana. Off script — POOF, GONE! Her children have to play along knowing their family offed their mother. The Bloodline must go on!

    One thing that really jumped out at me is their condescension towards every other family — including all Royal families, their partners in Debt-Based Money Fraud Crime. They literally called them out and publicly said, “ON GUARD, B*ZZZ, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!”

    Just, wow! Vanity. Arrogance. Maybe envy, but not much. If you listen to his analysis of us, he’s right. We are actually generally trash when you get down to it. All this evil goes around us, and we all finance it and participate, voluntarily, in a demonic system, top to bottom. But is is passive aggressive demonic… temporarily treating some people well… SO THEY DON’T CARE. As he said, and he is correct, they create scenarios where THEY KNOW OUR EVIL will be the tool that does the damage.

    They also believe that the CHOICE of others blocks guilt from flowing to them. If they convince you to hurt someone according to Biblical prophecy, they believe YOU, and ONLY YOU, are responsible for the damage.

    IOW, they blame the doctors and nurses for giving the toxic jabs because they had a responsibility to do their homework, BUT THEY DIDN’T CARE ENOUGH TO DO IT (EVIL), SO THEY LIED AND JABBED PEOPLE WITH SOMETHING THEY KNOW LITTLE ABOUT.

    They think the “blind order followers” are Satanic, and God is using them, the Money Power, to wipe them out.

    It is actually a pretty amazing ideology that I would not have guessed on my own.


    Meanwhile, ordinary people can’t admit what is right before them… and it isn’t because they CARE too much about others. Whatever the reason is, that’s NOT the reason.


    @cooch, sounds like you nailed it about as dead center as one can do. I should have been more specific — government employees and contractors have to follow the rules put in play. No law is required there. The law part has to do with private corporations outside of contracts with the government.

    The state of Georgia and BD have reached a last-minute agreement to stem emissions of cancer-causing ethylene oxide gas at the company’s medical sterilizing facilities east of Atlanta.

    In a Last-Minute Deal, BD Avoids Long Shutdown — https://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20191029/in-a-last-minute-deal-bd-avoids-long-shutdown

    From the “not true until officially denied” department…

    While it is accurate to say exposure to ethylene oxide has been associated with cancers (here), this does not mean that swabs sterilised with ethylene oxide will cause cancer.

    The level of gaslighting is unreal…

    Fact Check-COVID-19 nasal swabs sterilised with ethylene oxide are safe to use — https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-coronavirus-swabs/fact-check-covid-19-nasal-swabs-sterilised-with-ethylene-oxide-are-safe-to-use-idUSL1N2P30YI

    “Ethylene oxide is a useful sterilising gas because it is very good at inactivating microbes. It is used in factories in an incredibly carefully controlled way, to make sure there is no hazard to people working at the factory,” said Dr Alexander Edwards, associate professor in biomedical technology at the University of Reading, in an email to Reuters.

    They fail to mention it is killing people outside the factory — like that wordsmithing?

    Hey, were can my nostrils get the same protection as those workers inside that factory?


    @absolute gore…

    I do plan to get a blood profile anyway, so I will add whatever markers I need to get that info. No doubt the many toxins freefloating in the modern environment have a detrimental affect on us humans–good to have an understanding of how things work to a degree.

    TG/HDL is good general marker of oxidized LDL (iron overload in the macrophages) and systemic inflammation. It is on even the most basic blood tests. You can go back and track it if you have access to prior blood tests. They don’t do the ratio for you — you have to know to do that. Biochemistry is key — it is how the body actually works. There is no more important information you can share with your progeny, IMHO. It is right up there with “spiritual natural law” because, once the mind is sufficiently toxic, things like “spiritual natural law” can no longer be processed due to the physical break down of the nervous system and brain.

    However, you mention you suffer from stress. I imagine I would be stressed too, trying to keep track of my health at the molecular level like that. And taking my entire world view from some psycho rich dude.

    The biochemistry is fascinating, so no stress there. There is some stress given my awareness of key silent weapons for quiet wars (which you admit are so effect you can’t hear them even when pointed at! ;-). Truthfully, the biggest stress for me is the Stockholm Syndrome writ large. I can actually wrap my head around criminals acting selfishly. There is some logic there. But the Stockhholm Syndrome writ large just boggles my mind! That is incredibly demoralizing — and in their effort to avoid personal accountability, they effectively shoot the messenger. This is a decade plus long experience… it is grinding at this point. The masses won’t change, so I need to change my perspective and accept that they are in love with the very mechanism that will destroy their futures, and their families futures. And maybe that’s the point. Actually, I’m convinced it is THE POINT.

    We think our own selfishness is OK. It isn’t. Not only isn’t it OK for others, it actually is the biggest threat to our own personal well being. The latter point is a bridge too far for almost everyone. Their selfishness doesn’t stink. Well, when their anagnorisis comes one day, and it will IMHO, they will realize just how badly they’ve been duped. And they will realize how badly their dupery has hurt them, their family, and anyone they care about, assuming their nervous system and pre-frontal cortex haven’t been rusted to the point all they can care about is themselves and avoiding personal responsibility for anything substantial. THEN they will realize how dangerous selfishness is.

    Mothers of autistic children will realize that THEY AND THEIR MOTHER AND THEIR GRANDMOTHER made CHOICES that created their AUTISTIC CHILD. Some few of of them will have husbands, or brothers, or fathers, or mothers, or sisters who came across KEY MECHANISMS that drive the biological RUST that drives autism, yet they dismissed the information because, well, they didn’t care enough to vet it. LET THE AUTISTIC DEAL WITH THEIR AUTISM! WHO CARES? Not MY problem, right? Right…

    And the person who couldn’t care less about taking responsibility for avoiding autistic children in their family will have no clue why they have early onset Alzheimer’s. They will just pretend like it was all “bad luck,” and avoid any personal responsibility that makes their rusted nervous system “trigger” due to overloaded NLRP3 “fear sensor” protein activation.

    The problem with “biochemical law” ignorance is that the Money Power is NOT ignorant of it, and they’ve weaponized it below your threshold of perception — the precise definition of a silent weapon for a quiet war.

    When that anagnorisis comes, the ONLY rational response is to reject the selfishness that automatically led to such misery. But the full ocean of consequence must be revealed before realize that their selfishness stinks, too.

    Anybody who uses the phrase “laughing out loud” every other paragraph just does not strike me as someone worth paying much mind.

    Do you think I presented the document here based on the number of laugh out louds? You are just expressing how deceived your own biases have made you. The Money Power don’t care… they do what they want. For you to think that you understand them, when you know nothing about them… is delusional. And for you to embrace ignorance based on something so trivial is revealing.

    Of course there are rich miscreants taking advantage of all kinds of situations, and there are evil actors afoot.

    But, only a precious few control the global money systems, and every large miscreant organization, too boot. They even teach you the British Royals ran the drug trade to destabilize China. It is in your history books! They also run the drug trade into your country, your state, your county, your city, your neighborhood, and your middle school and high schools. And they run government, too, so it will never stop. But, hey, lets focus on the ant on the ground and not the hungry lion running at us, right?

    But in general, there is fate and there is the unforeseen consequences of the actions of humans over time. Somebody has to get the role of rich asshole.

    And sheep will be sheered, right? Apathy is the way to go, right? Fate dictates it is OK to not care as the global Money Power promises to genocide the planet… and you see the infrastructure for just a mechanism instantaneously appear on the back of a “lab leak” at just the time the debt-based money bubble was about to roll over…

    For me, it’s more about systems behavior than bloodlines. I think James Kunstler touched on this in the interview linked above. He did not say it using his favorite definition of history–It seemed like a good idea at the time–but that is the camp I tend to fall into.

    I’m an industrial engineer whose favorite class in the horrible, soul depleting school system was microeconimics.


    You value the system AS YOU IMAGINE IT EXISTS, WHERE YOU CAN DISCERN THE TRUTH OF A MATTER SIMPLY BY COUNTING “LAUGH OUT LOUDS.” That world doesn’t exist, but it is the one you value, not the Ugly Truth version. His “laugh out louds,” IMHO, was his way to mock us. He’s laughing at the losers who are more of a loser than he is an being outside the main bloodline he’s programmed to hype so much. Dehumanizing and mocking those one is genociding is par for the course. I ought to be expected, not used as an irrational reason to shut one’s mind off.

    Since you think you are a systems guy, though, let’s highlight what Rothschild said about systems…

    Of course, groups of humans may band together and set rules with various and sundry methods of registration and dispute resolution based on the common good….
    Of course, such systems may be completely infiltrated and corrupted beyond the most wild imaginations limits, but that is another story for another time…

    BTW, this is in the context of your home, your land, and your vehicles being contractually obligated as collateral for the $40 trillion in governmental debt (for US debt-serfs, anyway). You do have that spare change laying around, right? And guess what? The more people they kill off, THE MORE YOU OWE, AND THE MORE THEY SEIZE! All legal like!

    take out a few of your neighbors to get back at the system which oppresses you?
    Sorry, you need a new plan

    By definition, there can be no true peer-to-peer network, since ANY system, by definition, is created by the few for the many. Such creators have ENORMOUS advantages in any system so constructed…and NATURE teaches us that those endowed with such advantage will exploit fully from the MANY to the benefit of the FEW.
    You must understand the biological imperative hard wired into the monkey-brain which make this a given. Upcoming changes to information systems and computational power will make the conceptual platform moot anyway.

    I suppose another way to put it that you might understand better, is that the world is run by men who truly understand the dark nature of the human spirit. So, YOU provide the evil and these men create scenarios where they know how you will react. It is scary how accurately refined these rule-based systems have become. Ironically, THESE men of “knowledge” must keep their “hands” clean! Must! Or the MAGIC goes!
    Oh! Sweet Irony!!
    Believe me when I say that the efforts to suppress come from immediately above your station. Those who have a few extra comforts that you don’t and that want to maintain your submission so that they can maintain theirs.
    The real masters are the intellects who suggest in a suggestible way that which you cannot resist.

    Insanity is the manifestation of ones inability to reconcile different rule based systems “operating” on the same spatial plane.
    The truth reveals the nature of the one true system.
    That one true system manifests perfect clarity, which is the opposite of insanity. How could it be otherwise?
    Boredom implies a lull in the expectation of future happenings. Were the boredom seen as permanent, then many would act out insanity algorithms. This website is a prime example of the waiting expect-ants!
    Something is coming! Doom! Wealth! A beautiful man of woman who will whisk me away from my previously bad choices!!
    The realm of belief is of ones own making! Can you deconstruct the illusions?

    Migg, you are correct. Of course, anyone who is open to nature and truth would instinctively understand. A child standing face turned to the warm summer sun instinctively
    understands. It takes the education system to turn thoughtful, cerebral children into worker drones. And the slaves PAY for their children’s enslavement.
    It would be tragic if it weren’t so funny.
    And look how hard people struggle to remain slaves!

    Curious. Are you Rh- ?
    Deprogramming is common…the norm. Why do you think so much is invested in the “education” system and media “programming”. Those who are evolving faster are ostracized by their own…held back… instead of being “groomed” to become the teachers and leaders of “their people”. Who among you have not seen THIS dynamic at work…perhaps in your own lives!
    Children, even Rh+, have great powers of perception and much latent “power”. Some are able to “activate” and represent the evolutionary force at work. HOW they activate, and to what end, is cause for great and continuing speculation.
    The evolutionary process is “known”, but also a wildcard. Bloodlines are genetic “purifications” at work and span centuries. As with crops, a wild seed blowing at the wrong time can wreck havoc on the most carefully laid “plans”.
    This is why control is so very necessary.

    Know that the so called “financial collapse” is a fiction, and preparing for a new financial system already established.
    And yes, the ownership is largely complete. Realize that this is the result of generations of meticulous planning, execution and, dare I say it, GENIUS!
    Of course, one can question the GENIUS aspect. If a bloodline knows exactly what will “happen”, is it GENIUS?
    I submit the unraveling of the mystery of the ages allowing this knowledge to be had is genius beyond that of human comprehension.

    1) One should be very particular about the source of the food. Most are lacking discrimination in this regard. It is possible that your immune system is reacting to something other than the food itself. I have already posted that one should eat primarily green leafy vegetables and avoid meat products of all types. Seafood is also a risky proposition! ANY processed food (ie packaged) is a gamble!
    Do you feel lucky?
    2) Propositions of this sort are generally put forward for reasons other than the reasons stated. The human imagination is a powerful motive force when harnessed. So is the disillusionment aspect!
    Laughing out loud!
    3) The element of detachment is a strength, not a weakness. I have covered this in some detail already and challenged posters to cite an example in NATURE of the natural order being otherwise. You would also do well to look up the precise definition of the words you chose…unattached, welfare, detachment…and then ponder the question again in greater depth.

    What is stopping you, today, from forming a barter system within your community. Please do report back when you get that underway!

    Why not create your own fiat system, zippy!
    You have the same tools available to you that we used!
    And YOU claim you have the same breeding/bloodline!
    Get to it, zippy! And live your DREAM!
    Laughing out Loud!

    How exactly is the money printing system owned?
    Public information zippy, Try Google
    How does a Rothschild become a shareholder of the Central Bank Establishment if he feels motivation to perfect his own bloodline and would like to mint some paper for his family’s survival?
    Generally, by invitation only! Was yours lost in the mail, zippy?
    Laughing out loud!
    One does not simply print fiat, zippy, and take what one wants!
    The whole system operates ONLY because certain of the unthinking CHOOSE to USE this interest bearing FIAT…as opposed to, say, the governments in question issuing their own, NON-INTEREST BEARING notes!
    The 6% solution, as I refer to it. And no, one size does not fit all!
    Laughing out Loud!
    So, the INTEREST, not created as the PRINCIPAL is created, is taxed directly and indirectly and makes its way through various trusts, holding companies and principalities. Many eyes watch this progression through the various steps until it ultimately makes its way into worthy hands!
    Simple enough?


    PAPER, People! You are handed PAPER!! What don’t you get?? The paper costs nothing to produce!! And has the taxpayer’s blood (read YOU) as backing! SO you provide the guarantee, at gunpoint! Keys to the KINGDOM indeed!
    Seriously, how can anyone who VOLUNTARILY participates in this system believe they can grasp higher level concepts?
    Have you seen all the gold stores that have popped up across the United States? People are flocking in and not even getting spot price…cheated twice! All voluntary mind you. One would think that precious metals would be the family jewels, so to speak, and be kept for the next generation…but the next generation, by these peoples actions…can go to hell!
    Funny. It’s even CALLED the LONDON PRICE FIX! FIX???
    Get a clue!

    Demoralizing and partitioning…controlling the educational system, the media, medicine, law, religion, the “governments” and… almost forgot…that pesky money supply! Yes, that should about do it…leaving only the details to be filled in!
    Glad to hear I received a high score! That fills me with pleasure!

    For example, could the parent not teach his own child? Why indoctrinate ones children (via public education) into a system so clearly aligned against the interests of the participants? Why allow ones children to consume media programming?
    You certainly DO have free will, but lack the maturity to exercise it. And for you to speak on OUR behalf is the pinnacle of stupidity. You have NO idea.

    Bickle, the presidents are NOT great or accomplished men. They are empty suits, willing to sell their souls for some simple comforts and perks.
    If you think ANYONE in politics is worthy, do yourself a favor and volunteer to work on a campaign…state or federal level. That should give you an idea of the type of people who gravitate to “public service”.
    Those “great men” of power and position are often not “good men” and ALWAYS choose to stay outside of the media glare. You would not notice such men if you passed them on the street.
    Buffet, for example, is a pudgy little sausage, taught and bursting with fat and excesses. To refer to him as an “oracle” of any kind is nonsense. These people develop connections whereby KNOWLEDGE is passed on a quid pro quo basis and “money” is “earned”.
    There is a well written book by an indian trader who explains that every large trade is made only when the trade outcome is already known. He tells a very accurate accounting of how financials and derivative markets operate. I believe his name is DAS or some-such. Now wrap your puny neural membrane around the fact the system of finance is a fraud upon its face. Learn the fraud!
    Young Bickle!

    What is with this fetish of yours?
    Do you see the American presidency as an approximation of royal bloodlines? Or what is it that makes you hold these actors in such regard?
    Do you not see that Lincoln in his role was a tool of the international banking system of that time?
    What did Lincoln do, in your mind, that would make him a worthy ancestor? If such were to be the case?
    And, PLEASE do not say ANYTHING regarding slavery!

    Of course, you little sheep will bleat with pleasure as they get their “comeuppance” and take the blame although they were tiny little cogs in a very elaborate system! Oh that carefully laid plan again!
    Look to the poor of the past for your cues! Look at the class system of England or the castes of India. There are the stations of privilege, royalty, which you will not hold. Likely.

    Teach your young the ways of labor! Within that group, there are knowledge based professions which hold some “status”. Tool and die makers in Germany have some measure of value and respect! A blacksmith is another area your children can enter without crowding out, and it will again be handy when the current mercantile system devolves.
    What kind of serf would your children be happiest as!
    Can you teach them deference and groveling? The current educational system already handles rote quite well! Teach them the ways of the sycophant! The boot-licker! The feigned laugh!
    It is likely easier to learn early than later!
    Of course, there are serfs, landed

    The surveillance system was not of our creation! It is your fellow humans seeking to protect their fiefdoms and monitor the activities of potential rivals!

    The genius of the system established is the illusion of freedom and having humans act as their own jailers! It is amazing, even to us, how well the system functions.

    There is no magic light saber, as Bickle might suppose, but there are daily choices each human can make. The success of those implementing such systems resides in the human tendency towards self compliance!

    BTW, “saber” means “to know how things work” according to “natural law.” Light is visible. “Light saber” == visible, knowable knowledge, aka, accurate knowledge of “natural law.” What did the weapons wield by the esoteric warriors depicted in Star Wars allude to? “Natural law” as a weapon. Hidden in plain sight… and the masses loved the visuals alluding to their own enslavement and death! Bravo “humanity”!

    And the Death Star looks like a cell, right? And the generator of the cell is the mitochondria. And what was the method used to destroy that “cellular” Death Star? Blow up its version of the mitochondria. What is being done to you that you reject based on… “laugh out loud” counts?

    If even 3 out of 10 refused to comply, the checkpoints would come down! Systems of oppression require voluntary compliance! Remember that ratio…30% non compliance kills a voluntary system!
    A golden nugget for those so awake.

    Why do you think the US has passed a “law” stripping the citizen of their Constitutional safeguards?
    THIS….standing one’s ground…is where the cowardice of most good citizens falls to pieces. They are under the delusion that obeying whatever crazy “laws” are implemented must be obeyed!
    Sorry to be in that situation!

    Natural law! A mother’s immune system attacking her own bloodline offspring?? How can that be, dear A/C…??? Isn’t the maternal bond supreme in nature? Doesn’t the mother act selflessly for the good of the child?? But yet there is this apparent “abomination” of nature in the reproductive process??
    For the thick-headed among you, what does the immune system do in the human body? Repel invaders, you say?
    How do viruses replicate in nature? By invading cells and injecting foreign DNA into the hosts cellular reproductive process you say?
    And how does the host respond to this invasion you may ask? By attacking the pirated cell, you respond?
    Is the mother’s immune system, from the knowledge of the ages, responding to the foreign presence in her sacred space?? Do the maf!! And don’t hesitate to Axe me a question!!
    The Socratic method does not work if I have to do the questions AND answers people!

    You express your ideas and conviction with passion! It is as though I can sense your finger-tips tremble as you type your words.
    I respect passion, but as I have made clear, it is a most DANGEROUS emotion. Like desires, one must find balance to avoid destruction of what is truly important.
    In your example, did the worker drones create the system? Are they “compensated” without limitation for their contributions, such as they are, or are they rewarded “according to their needs”…They are given enough to keep them alive and productive! No more and no less. They don’t produce? No safety system…they are disposed of!
    Laughing out loud!
    How did the hive hierarchy and hive mentality evolve? Were other systems tried which failed…eliminating that particular strain from the gene pool?
    We do not live in a static system! Nothing exists in a static system! Your questions imply a VERY naive understanding of NATURE! Sad, sad, sad!
    Assuming there to be a dynamic and balance to nature, how do you imagine my family came to control…directly or indirectly…essentially all of the earth’s labor and resources? Did some benevolent being swoop down from the ether and hand us title and control?
    If I were to engage you in commerce, would you turn over your “valuables” without some like compensation? Real or otherwise?
    You have likely heard of the early settlers to America who traded with the native americans for the island of Manhattan. As the story goes, the settlers “bought” Manhattan from the hapless indians for a trunk of shiny beads! $24 dollars by written accounts! Foolish, stupid savages, right?
    Consider that the indians had no concept of land “ownership”…how could one OWN something like land? It is an absurd notion to them, and IS absurd on many levels! So who was the “winner” and “loser” in this transaction?
    If you were playing by the settlers rules, they won. The indians also thought they came out ahead based ON THEIR BELIEF SYSTEMS.
    Just how do you think things evolved as they did?
    I will not succumb to the ego and “crow” of our Family accomplishments. There is much written that need not be summarized here, and nothing to be gained at basking in the glow of the successes! Consider that there have also been many, many “learning experiences”! THOSE are what we teach our young! BECAUSE! There is where the “value” is to be found. Perfection comes from focusing ones efforts upon experience and embracing them as the lessons taught by NATURE! So very valuable! Success is sweet rain! Soft rain, which falls upon our fields and prepares the earth for the next planting. Nothing more. The valuable part is steel blade cracking hard earth until it is lush and fertile again.
    Mr Turkey, the International Banking system is a wonder! Study it and learn how its tentacles grow and spread across the earth! Silently and without respite. Whom do you suppose created this? Your local government?
    Laughing out loud!!
    It has created the appearance of wealth for a generation! Many have received benefit and many have suffered. Of course, it is all illusion and based on faith.
    The international monetary system is the one true religion of humanity. No small feat?

    When has a displacement technology ever been welcomed? Particularly when it would completely undo the entire world structure of financial slavery and oppression!
    Energy IS the global economy! You do understand this!
    Mr UK enquired about a utopia world. Free energy makes this an immediate reality. Tesla already did the heavy lifting, He was a true genius, and note that he is seldom discussed in the educational system anywhere in the world.
    I can’t imagine why!

    The MONOPOLY/Capitalist System is but one game, with arbitrary rules…and it is not required that you participate!
    Someone once said “if you do what you did…you get what you got”. Folksy, yes, but with an understated element of truth.

    HUMANS KNOW the education systems in most first world countries is substandard. Test scores compare countries every year and the west falls further and further behind. YET humans STILL persist in sending their kids to institutions designed to make them compliant. DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS? Yet only an insignificant percentage do anything about it.
    SO tell me, sir, to whom does the BLAME properly lie. Keeping in mind, of course, that the concept of BLAME is another “beautiful lie” and BLAME does not EXIST IN NATURE.
    The rest of your ramblings I do not quite understand, but I bid you a pleasant day!

    The LAW of GRAVITY, for example. Very repeatable anywhere in the known world. No exceptions!Nor are there exceptions to NATURAL LAW.
    From these basic precepts and standards the NATURAL LAW IS REVEALED…to those who take the time to understand.
    NATURAL LAW, is endlessly complex in it’s simplicity. TRUE BEAUTY INCARNATE. Of course, once the NATURAL LAWS are understood, they must be ADHERED to, or the consequences PAID.
    To your question on JUSTICE. It is a human construct and has no NATURAL LAW counterpart….it is one of the major “BEAUTIFUL LIES”.
    Consider my earlier example of MONOPOLY, a popular board game. Imagine 4 children playing the game, all who have formed a social contract to abide by the rules. As the game progresses, one child is found to be cheating. The others are angry and the arguments escalate until one child hits the “cheater” who runs to mother for adjudication of the issue. While the three children cheated feel the punishment administered was fair, the mother would chide the child doing the hitting…”stop it, it’s just a game”. So both sides feel that their position was the just one, and whatever YOU choose to believe is similarly arbitrary. Arbitrary construct based on subjective belief systems.
    NATURAL LAW would be neutral. If the cheater pulled it off, he would be rewarded with recognition and flattery for his gaming skills. If caught and punished, NATURE is satisfied as well. He did not have the skill set necessary to cheat and paid a price for his failure. The lad will “learn” to either not try cheating again, or hone his cheating skills so he would not be caught the next time. Feedback loop, and should the cheating skill set be enhanced, his bloodline would benefit!
    Not to suggest that adults in societies positions of power; banking, politics, business media etc WOULD EVER CHEAT!
    Oh my no!
    Or perhaps those were the childhood type experiences which gave them the winning advantage as adults!
    Laughing out Loud!!!
    One other example.
    Think of a rural Irish village in the earlier years when the Roman Catholic Church ruled the land with an iron fist.
    Let us say that Sean, a local farmer who was known to imbibe to excess, failed to plant his potato crop one spring. Despite his wife pleading and begging, he spent his evenings at the pub and mornings asleep.
    Fall comes and he has nothing to eat. As the snow falls, he becomes hungry and goes door to door begging for scraps to eat. The neighbors refuse to help! The church similarly closes their door to the hapless drunk.
    Sean is found face down in a local ditch. The neighbors all say that he got his “just desserts” or the he got what was “coming to him”. The parish priest lectured that Sunday of the evils of alcohol and the importance of thrift and industry.
    Some might argue that Sean’s treatment by his neighbors and church was unjust. But notice how each group uses the facts of the matter to further their own particular agenda, and that the agenda is couched in issues of morality, justice and virtues which are entirely created and maintained by humans, NONE of WHICH (except SURVIVAL) actually exist in NATURE.
    In the NATURAL world, if one animal fails to prepare for harsh conditions, it dies. The others in the group are not affected whatsoever and move on after rooting out anything of value from their fallen comrade.
    As to breaching the knowledge gap, there is no knowledge gap to breach. One knows or doesn’t know. It may have taken TESLA 5 years to uncover a particular NATURAL LAW, but it would only take a week or month perhaps for him to teach another, if he were so inclined. One does not need to travel the same path for the discovery of each NATURAL LAW. Ideally, groups would work independently and share their discoveries for the advancement of the human race. However, as with the potato guy, one cannot expect another to do all the “work” and then expect a knowledge handout later after contributing NOTHING!
    In terms of the posters who are critical of our accomplishments, and the sorry fellow saying he has no choices in why he finds himself unhappy!
    Almost every human now has access to a computer and the internet…vast information and computing powers!

    Sadly, the molestation is by design, and part of a system of ongoing exploitation. Well, sadly for some anyway.
    Laughing out loud!
    In the early American west, humans were allowed to fence in (stake a claim) for as much land as they could defend! Of course, other forces were at play, and others may have disputed either the concept or the terms. Many humans died defending their dirt!
    The idea of registering ones land makes some sense if you buy into that system, and you perceive that system operates in a way beneficial to you and your interests.
    Once that dynamic changes, you must ask yourself if the system continues to be one in which you are the BENEFICIAL PARTY!. For example, if registering the property (in the US anyway) subjects (those pesky words again, SUBJECTS!)…
    Laughing out Loud!
    …you to PROPERTY TAXES where you pay rent to the licensing agency for the privilege of occupying what you thought was yours..and you have to pay a fee and REQUEST a PERMIT to make any changes…(!) what gives you the idea that YOU own the land?
    SO, to your specific question, ALLODIAL TITLE isn’t a check-box on some bureaucratic form, but more relevant to the experiences of the wild west!
    For example, can you produce documents to perfect title from treaty? Do you know that treaty law is considered the supreme law in the US..in the sense that it trumps the constitutional laws as well.
    If the property in question can trace the “hands of ownership” transfer back to the original treaty which relinquished true ownership from the original transaction, you have perfected title and no one can bother you from a MORAL STANDING. YOU ARE RIGHT!
    Laughing out Loud!
    Second part is more problematical! Can you defend your claim? Do you think those who benefit from your serf-dom will allow you to NOT be a serf WITHOUT A FIGHT?
    Short AND long answer: NO

    The COLLEGE process is but a form of bondage or slavery befalling the middle class progeny. Either the family, or the offspring, incur enormous expenses for dubious benefits. Note that almost all graduates from University still are woefully ignorant of financial issues, know how to read a contract…etc…etc. The importance of the STUDENT DEBT as a tool of enslavement cannot be overstated. Savvy observers have already noted that STUDENT DEBT cannot be extinguished through the bankruptcy process…curious WHY that would be? Take the advice of a wise man who once admonished others to “follow the money”. In this case, Goldman Sachs will be one of the firms found at the trails end. STUDENT DEBT is a huge expense, a huge profit for some and literally KILLING the middle class once and for all.
    If one wishes to be educated, there are myriad ways to accomplish the acquisition of a REAL education. For those too stupid to see through the educational sham, it is their choice and their fault. None others…and the juice from this particular fruit will be VERY bitter for those who choose to partake.
    The Income Tax “system” is an intellectual construct designed to obfuscate and confuse…and it has been wildly successful. It is one of the main reaping/harvesting devices.
    In order to understand the system of confiscation, you must have a cursory understanding of contract law, which is remarkably easy to obtain if one is willing to turn off the idiot tube and apply ones self to the acquisition of knowledge. Doubtful.

    OK, that’s more than enough “system” references. He has more. If you cared enough to educate yourself, you’d know he was a “systems guy.” How could he not be given the system that enslaves you to inextinguishable debt and nutritional poverty that you can’t conceptualize?

    That’s not accidental.

    Realize that this is the result of generations of meticulous planning, execution and, dare I say it, GENIUS!

    The UGLY TRUTH is still the truth, and long as people are fighting Beautiful Lie Straw Men, the Ugly Truth is allowed to freely march on.

    The only way WE go down, is if you WAKE UP…and that isn’t EVER going to happen.

    The sheep will NEVER raise up…never!
    That’s why they are SHEEP!



    Vitamin-D is, yes a hormone, but it was named when it was discovered, before that was understood.

    So, change its name when the old name no longer applies. Science demands it, right? False names based on traditions have nothing to do with science, right? What you say is true, but it hides the fact that everyone in the medical field KNOWS all hormones have two forms — storage and active. This is not true of vitamins. Storage and active are measured for all hormones… except hormone D. Which is incorrectly named a vitamin, which doesn’t have two forms to measure… Perception management is psyience, not science! Then again, maybe the vitamin deceivers just got lucky. 😉

    It is a hormone that our species lost the ability to manufacture, but that did not matter much at the time, since our species mostly lived in the sun in temperate zones, where sunlight in the skin surface made plenty of vitamin-D.

    What is the actual evidence humans ever manufactured vitamin D differently than we do today? I just want to make sure I’m dealing with something more than a plausible narrative. Why did nature see fit to lose this ability, if it actually ever existed? Because we lived with plenty of sun? Well, then why did it evolve in the first place? Serious questions — I am not trying to be snarky, I’m genuinely curious as to the answers.

    It became a problem when our species migrated north, where one must wear clothing in the winter, and the sun is too weak to make vitamin-D for much of the year.

    How do you know it is a problem? Based on the storage version of the hormone only? What about the active component? Why is it ignored? The allegedly plausible reason it is ignored is because it is synthesized throughout the body so its actual value can’t be known, but that only applies if it is low. How do we know it is low when it is rarely measured?

    Why are both storage an active forms of every other measured together, but not hormone D? What research papers support using storage only D levels to make broad sweeping generalizations about the activity of active hormone D?

    What if low storage D was an artifact of inflammation that (magnesium regulates every aspect of hormone D metabolism, and magnesium depletes under inflammatory conditions), and active D actually went high in reaction to that inflammation?

    How do you KNOW this is not what is going on.

    Of course low D would be associated with bad outcomes — inflammation causes bad outcomes! However, more hormone D doesn’t lower inflammation, it increases it be reducing retinol (retinoic acid), which is required to load copper atoms into ceruloplasmin to activate it so it can energize all oxidase enzymes and regulate the iron recycling system. If oxidase enzymes and iron recycling is suppressed, well, good luck trying to mitigate the inflammation those states will generate.

    Morley Robbins tested 130 people with low calcidiol (storage D), but he also tested calcitriol (active D), serum calcium, magnesium RBC, and retinol, since hormone D has a significant impact on all three. Out of 130 people, one person had low calcitriol, and anything approaching sufficient levels of magnesium and retinol, without blown out serum calcium.

    Let’s extend the logic… if one has low calcidiol, and high serum calcium, and low RBC magnesium, and retinol. and one adds hormone D supplements to this mix, one will increase serum calcium, reduce magnesium RBC, reduce retinol, reduce ceruloplasmin-bound copper, reduce ferro-oxidase, reduce oxidase enzyme activity, including SOD, glutathione peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase, cytochrome c oxidase (good luck if that starts sputtering!),

    Every one of those metabolic changes are pro-inflammatory, pro-chronic disease, and pro-systemic profits. 129 out of 130 people with low storage D would have promoted chronic inflammation biochemistry if they had blindly taking hormone D supplements.

    Yes, low storage D is associated with bad outcomes, but the evidence is clear it isn’t causitive, and taking more hormone D doesn’t address the inflammatory root cause. In fact, if metabolically makes it demonstrably worse.

    Those people lost pigment and ate animals with vitamin-D, or got rickets, and died of disease at young ages.

    Again, since storage D level doesn’t necessarily correlate with active D level, how do we know the actual active D level when it is not measured? Aren’t we assuming a lot here?

    This is late in the game for us to directly address this, maybe 200,000 years too late. Vitamin-D is stored in the fat. It has a very long half life. Optimum levels for immune function appear to be over 60.

    All based on the assumption that active D correlates with storage D, right? Can you scientifically back up that assumption? If not, you are repeating a guess, right?
    “When they looked at deaths from all causes and cardiovascular disease specifically, those with blood levels of 21 nanograms per milliliter of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D — at the top of the range that the IOM considers “adequate” and at the low end of “normal” — cut their risk of death in half. Above 21 nanograms per milliliters, the data suggest that the protective effect appears to wear off.”

    Search “Johns Hopkins Vitamin D: More May Not Be Better”

    Dare I suggest that those with substantially higher storage hormone D levels were more likely to be supplementing? I would love to see the all cause mortality related to people who took supplements and those who did not. The only dog I have in this race is *truth*, at least as best as I’m able to discern the relevant data.

    Ideal levels for people with autoimmune disease or cancer are probably 90-100. Some would say higher. “Normal” is 30-100, but toxicity does not occur under 150. I’ve never seen it over 112, and the person felt fine.

    From the Johns’ Hopkins article — “Beyond blood levels of 21 nanograms per milliliter, any additional increase in vitamin D was associated with an increase in CRP, a factor linked to stiffening of the blood vessels and an increased risk of cardiovascular problems. The team’s unpublished research also suggests a link between excess vitamin D and elevated homocysteine levels, another danger sign for cardiovascular disease.”

    Sounds like the elevated levels of storage D, perhaps from supplementation, are driving inflammatory processes, exactly as one would predict based on calcium blocking out magnesium (Mg regulates every aspect of calcium metabolism, BTW, so when it is low, calcium is rogue — there is reason why calcium is what identifies plaque in the cardiovascular system. The point is calcium and magnesium need to be balanced, but the system is blind to one side of the balanced system), hormone D wiping out retinol (again, nature shows us 10x retinol balances 1 hormone D, but precious few tell people this… so hormone D depletes reinol/retinoic acid, and ceruloplasmin-bound copper, ferro-oxidase, hephaestin, zyklopen, depletes the oxidase enzyme systems, cripples the antioxidant oxidase enzymes, etc… Not to mention ATP7B needs magnesium to load copper atoms into ceruloplasmin in order for it to fully activate. Deplete retinol and magnesium… and bio-copper… all while overloading with metallic iron filings… and no wonder chronic disease went from about 4% in the 1940’s to about 60% today. And guess what? That 4% chronic disease rate was in people in the same geographical locations… that didn’t change. So ya can’t blame the sun for that — the sun is the same.

    I advise everybody to take some vitamin-D , ride a bike, grow a vegetable garden if you are able, and to be at peace with your divine nature, and benevolent to others.

    I love all your suggestions except to blindly take hormone D without proper testing. You need to test calcidiol, calcitriol, magnesium RBC, serum calcium, and retinol. If you blindly take a supplement that can deplete ceruloplasmin-bound copper (your “blue blood” status), you have no idea what you will get. What the NHANES participants received with a higher than 21 ng/ml was TWICE the risk of death from all causes (at least relative to some group that was higher than 21… the details are missing in the article, but the point is clear). If you think you must “supplement” with hormone D, I suggest you start eating a can of sardines three times a week, and eat more greens and kelp to elevate you magnesium status, which is required to flip metabolize vitamin D in the first place (at pretty much every single step, too). A quality cod liver oil will help do the trick, too.

    Doctors who actually test both have found that low storage D can easily correlate to HIGH ACTIVE D.

    Search Youtube for “MECFS Alert Episode 45: Interview with Dr. Kenny De Meirleir, Part 4”
    Start 4:50 into the video… low 25 hydroxy (calcidiol) translates into high 1,25 (calcitrol, the form of D that actually functions in the body).

    The biochemical natural law is just a bit more complex than the oversimplification that leads to bad decisions since they are being made in the dark.

    Don’t trust “A Rothschild” who is obviously a poseur discussing the relative merits of hallucinogens/entheogens.

    So, you KNOW those who are genociding the planet have pure minds? That’s a interesting. What else do you know about the inner minds of those genociding the planet? I have noticed that everyone who tries to discredit this man NEVER DISCUSSES his knowledge of the debt-based money system. I guess he nailed that one. Or the corrupted food supply and a warning something other than food in that processed food supply that could be causing harm (iron, iron, iron). Nobody is contesting their “big events” or “perception changing events” that he promised would be coming to a “neighborhood near you.”

    Nor have they presented any evidence that their home, land and vehicles are not CONTRACTUALLY COLLATERAL for the government debt.

    Why? Is it because he’s verifiably correct — no trust required?

    Seriously, what algorithm is working in the mind that keys in on the minutiae and completely ignores the mountains, and how does one rationalize the truths away as “not real” simply by ignoring them. Oh, that’s right, nobody criticized his assessment that we are addicted to beautiful lies. To many lol’s and a discussion about hallucinogens/entheogens he said he doesn’t take, IIRC. Oh, and you take them wrong. No, people who genocide the planet would never try to rationalize it using a toxic spiritual ideology… NEVEH!

    The “bloodline” stuff is mostly a misdirection of though
    Look at traits. Traits are the thing. “Bloodline” is not really a useful term in genetic analysis.
    “Memes” carried in families and clans look to be at least as important as genes, and there should be synergy between them.

    You’ve completely missed the point. First, the scenario he sets up is that this world is all about COMPETING bloodlines. Which bloodline is best? Can we put it under a microscope and see? No! The best one dominates all others, by definition! Guess which family is right up there among the handful dominating everyone else? Theirs. Right rewards DEFINE “advanced bloodlines,” not the actual makeup of the blood chemistry, especially genetic only (not epigenetic).

    IOW, it is cover for ME, MINE, AND OURS, fork off, “other.”

    THAT’S THE VALUE! Not some kind of “my shade of red is the best evah!” Although, once they have the dominant position, AND THEY DO, they can then just DEFINE their blood composition as amongst the best. Why not? Results rationalize the actions, right? Well, it doesn’t matter if it is right, they control the money and the legion of pathological money-seekers, and most everyone else is living in trivia-based rationalized denial!

    The point is not that every word he spews is absolute truth! It isn’t. But some is — the fraudulent money system that is so evil he won’t even touch money is ABSOLUTE VERITAS! It is the debt-based money system, and the poverty it induces, that starves 10-20 million to death annually, a number that is sure to begin escalating… and we haven’t seen anything yet! THAT’S TRUTH!

    The EVIL they leverage AMONGST US to push forward their goal of financing Biblical End-Time prophecy against us is VERITAS AS WELL! Is a Rothschild jamming that needle into your arm? Is a Rothschild telling you your natural immunity doesn’t count, get jabbed anyway, B*? Well, it actually is, through their pathologically filthy money-seeking sycophants, but they don’t care what I think, or what is real. They runchit, so they are right. If I was right, I would runchit.

    Again, when the anagnorisis comes, all this rationalization, and its root cause, will be revealed. Until that day, though… we reap what we and others sow, EXACTLY. No more, no less.

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