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Jackson Pollock Number 31 1949


Does Paul Craig Roberts like Genocide? (Orlov)
Zelensky Gets John F. Kennedy Award For Defending Democracy (AP)
Daddies in Mommie-land (Kunstler)
Migratory Birds Of Mass Destruction (IPL)
Xi Echoes Putin in Proposal for New ‘Global Security Initiative’ (ET)
Biden Proposes $500 Million In Aid For Ukrainian Government (Hill)
Turkey Says Some NATO Members Want Longer Ukraine War to Hurt Russia (Antiwar)
Russia Warns Greece of Complete Breakdown in Relations (GR)
FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression (Mercola)
Patients Report A Rebound Of Covid-19 Symptoms After Taking Paxlovid (BGlobe)
The IMF and the Law of Unintended Consequences (CTH)
Staring Into the Abyss (CHS)
Woke Elitists Are Too Stupid To See Elon Musk Is Saving Twitter (Smith)
The Coming Removal of the Mandate of Heaven, Part 2: Water (GCW)



Gonzalo Lira



A different view.



Attacking PCR without even linking to what you’re citing is not great.

But Orlov’s view of the future is interesting.

Does Paul Craig Roberts like Genocide? (Orlov)

3. Russia has a great and prosperous future as a wealthy, well-educated, civilized, vast and resource-rich country, but this future has nothing to do with Europe or the rest of the West, which are going to collapse. The fact that Russia has been rather tightly integrated with the West ever since Peter the Great moved the capital to St. Petersburg has complicated its transition away from the West and its turn eastward. Western sanctions, rampant Russophobia and the application of cancel culture to Russian culture has made this transition inevitable in the eyes of most Russians, but the process takes time. It would not be helpful if tensions with the West decreased prematurely or if anti-Russian sanctions were removed before they are made completely irrelevant. Also, the West’s unwillingness to buy Russian energy, metals, fertilizer and other essentials speeds up its collapse timeline and that, for Russia, is also a positive.

4. Immediately after Russia commenced its Special Operation in the Ukraine, much of Russia’s remaining fifth-columnists departed for other lands. They already had no impact on Russian politics, but they still exerted some amount of influence in culture and education, and their departure has been most welcome. Given the absolutely overwhelming public support for the Special Operation in Russia, those liberals who have spoken out against it have thereby excused themselves from Russian public life, making room for new talent and new blood. This is also a process that needs to run its course and should not be rushed.

5. The Special Operation has allowed Russia to demonstrate the overwhelming superiority of its armed forces vis-à-vis NATO. All of the weapons that the West has managed to infiltrate into the Ukraine are either being destroyed by rocket attacks or are accumulating in stockpiles after being abandoned by retreating or surrendering Ukrainian troops. None of the obsolete Stingers, Javelins or other military junk has made much of a difference at all. There is very little of any significance that the West can do to hurt Russia’s careful and measured progress in the Ukraine. Once more, time is on Russia’s side: it will take another few months for it to register in the West that all those billions spent on aid to the Ukraine have gone into a black hole with nothing to show for it.

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We all know what award he’ll be heavily nominated for. That’s how crazy this has all become.

Zelensky Gets John F. Kennedy Award For Defending Democracy (AP)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is among five people named Thursday as recipients of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for acting to protect democracy. Zelensky was chosen because of the way he has “marshaled the spirit, patriotism and untiring sacrifice of the Ukrainian people in a life-or-death fight for their country,” as Russia pours in troops and assaults cities and towns, the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation said. The foundation said four U.S. officials were chosen for standing up for free and fair elections, as the system is challenged in ways it has never been before. They are: Republican U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers and Fulton County, Georgia, elections worker Wandrea “Shaye” Moss.

Caroline Kennedy and her son, Jack Schlossberg, will present the awards May 22 at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. The award was created by the family of the late president to honor public figures who risk their careers by embracing unpopular positions for the greater good, and is named after Kennedy’s 1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning book, “Profiles in Courage.” “There is no more important issue facing our country, and the world, today than the fight for democracy,” Kennedy said in a statement. “The war in Ukraine has shown the world that we can’t take freedom for granted, and the courage of our elected officials in the U.S. reminds us that as citizens we each have a responsibility to protect our democracy and exercise our fundamental right to vote.”

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“..a shell of a man who, in his prime, lived just to work his official positions for millions in grift.”

Daddies in Mommie-land (Kunstler)

If the USA and its NATO allies actually cared about Ukraine, we would have just left the place alone to slowly settle into the de-industrialized agricultural backwater it was becoming. And if we wanted to prevent widespread devastation once Operation Z got underway, we would have promoted peace talks, with an emphasis on our previous declaration that Ukraine would not be a candidate to join NATO. Instead, we set up Ukraine as a launching pad for annoying Russia (while also using Ukraine as a money laundromat for public officials and arms-makers). America is a drama queen, like the Queen Bee in one of those Real Housewives shows on cable TV, whose entire purpose in life is creating colorful conflicts within her circle of sisters. Daddy is not needed around that house, except offstage maybe as the wide-receiver for a multi-million-dollar paycheck courtesy of the NFL (a rival entertainment).

When one of America’s drama queen stunts goes wrong, the Queen Bee melts into a puddle of tears — boo hoo — tripping the empathy toggle.The sisters cluster around her, beating their wings. Somebody, please, help her feel better… fetch her a glass of pino grigio or a Xanax! Drama Queen Bee America does not like how the Ukraine drama is playing out. The mean old Daddy Putin is rocking the joint, cleaning out the place like Gary Cooper in some Long Branch Saloon of the Eurasian steppe — heaving all those Azov Nazis through the swinging doors out into the dusty street. The other sisters in the NATO circle were induced to acting as cheerleaders for the Azov boys, and now Mr. Putin has gone and turned off Europe’s gas. Western Civ is about to be sent to bed without dinner — the ultimate daddy trick. Now the sisters are all going boo hoo. Nothing is working for the sisterhood.

America’s president, “Joe Biden,” suits the current national script perfectly. He’s a mere prop for the drama queens. No one mistakes him for “Daddy.” He’s the old, impotent, intemperate, often confused “Grampy,” a figure of bathos and derision, a shell of a man who, in his prime, lived just to work his official positions for millions in grift. How, otherwise, do you account for his fortune? The Ukraine money laundromat was one of his favorite stops, managed carefully by cheerleaders Victoria Nuland, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, and NSC official Fiona Hill, America’s foreign policy establishment there back in the day. But who, exactly, is managing Grampy now backstage in the White House? My guess would be Susan Rice because you never hear anything about Susan Rice or her role there: Director of the Domestic Policy Council of the United States. Wow! Sounds weighty. When was the last time you saw her name in The New York Times or cable TV news? You’d think they’d be interested in her doings.

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“But the cover-up was only partially successful. Indeed, Russia is in possession of highly incriminating evidence.”

Migratory Birds Of Mass Destruction (IPL)

The UN Security Council held an extraordinary event on April 6 under the rubric Arria Formula Meeting on Biological Security regarding the biological activities in countries including Ukraine. Predictably, the US and UK representatives didn’t show up at the event and the western media also blacked out the proceedings. But that does not detract from the profound significance of what transpired. The highlight of the Security Council proceedings lasting over two hours was the disclosure by General Igor Kirillov, chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, that Washington is creating biological laboratories in different countries and connecting them to a unified system.

He said the US has spent more than $5 billion on military biological programs since 2005 and detailed that in territories bordering Russia and China alone, about 60 facilities have been modernised during this period. The Ukrainian network of laboratories is designed to conduct research and monitor the biological situation consisting of 30 facilities in 14 populated locations. Highly sensitive materials from the Ukrainian biological laboratories were exported to the US in early February just before the Russian special operation began, and the rest were ordered to be destroyed lest they fell into Russian hands. But the cover-up was only partially successful. Indeed, Russia is in possession of highly incriminating evidence.

Previously also, Russia had released a number of documents related to the biological military activities of the Pentagon, which pointed toward a worldwide project to set up biological laboratories in rival countries with the goal of developing targeted viral weapons against those countries. The proceedings of the Security Council conference on April 6 are in the public domain and are accessible. Russia has made specific allegations, pointing finger at:
• Pentagon funding for the bio-labs in Ukraine;
• Location of these bio-labs (not only in Ukraine but in 36 countries around the world);
• Diseases and epidemics on which research work is going on, focusing on the means for their release, the countries where they are being tested (even without the knowledge of the governments of these countries); and, of course,
• Experiments relating to coronavirus (and bats used to transmit this virus).

However, the US has so far point-blank refused to accept any supervision and verification of such incriminatory evidences and has stonewalled the demand for a verification mechanism. It is unlikely that the US will permit an international verification process that holds the potential to expose it as indulging in crimes against humanity — although there are appropriate frameworks in place including the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) and the UN, to hear the clarifications from the relevant country in a fair and impartial manner.

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Xi doesn’t echo anyone.

Xi Echoes Putin in Proposal for New ‘Global Security Initiative’ (ET)

Chinese leader Xi Jinping on April 21 took several veiled swipes at Washington and allies’ sanctions on Russia, while proposing what he called a new China-led “global security initiative.” Xi said the new initiative takes “legitimate security concerns of all” and upholds “the principle of indivisibility of security,” key concepts that Russia has used to justify its annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its current assault on Ukraine. The “indivisibility of security” broadly refers to the idea that the security of one state is inseparable from that of other countries in the region, and thus no state should enhance its security at the expense of another’s. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in justifying his invasion of Ukraine, had argued that NATO’s strategy breached this principle.

The Chinese leader’s remarks, made during a video speech to the annual Boao Asia Forum, came as Beijing continues to strengthen its ties with Moscow even after Putin’s invasion. Earlier this week, a top Chinese diplomat pledged to deepen links with the aggressor state during a meeting with Russia’s envoy to China in Beijing. Since the war, the Chinese regime has repeatedly criticized Western sanctions and refused to condemn Moscow. It has also echoed Moscow’s propaganda claim that the United States and NATO instigated the conflict. During his speech, the Chinese leader said the security initiative would uphold “non-interference in internal affairs” and respect “sovereignty and territorial integrity,” slogans consistently used by Beijing to justify and deflect criticism of its aggression towards Taiwan. Beijing views the self-ruled island as its own territory to be taken by force if necessary.

The Chinese leader also reiterated Beijing’s opposition to “long-arm jurisdiction” and “unilateral sanctions,” without directly naming any country. Last month, Western officials warned that Beijing had signaled a willingness to provide Moscow with economic and military aid for its war effort. This prompted President Joe Biden to warn Chinese leader Xi Jinping during a March 18 video call of unspecified “consequences” should the regime materially support Moscow.

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It will all land in the pockets of the oligarchs.

Zelensky wants $7 billion per year.

Biden Proposes $500 Million In Aid For Ukrainian Government (Hill)

The Biden administration is seeking to send Ukraine $500 million to help keep its government services running as the war with Russia stretches into its third month, the Treasury Department announced Thursday. The administration will ask Congress to approve $500 million to cover the cost of Ukraine’s basic government services, including pensions, salaries and aid programs, the Treasury Department said. The aid package would be in addition to another $800 million in military support proposed by Biden on Thursday, which would also require approval from Congress. Biden said Thursday the U.S. has almost exhausted the $13.6 billion in Ukraine aid approved in a March government funding bill. Any new federal spending must be approved by the House and Senate before the president can sign the bill and send out the money.

“This is money the government can help use to stabilize their economy, to support communities that have been devastated by the Russian onslaught and pay the brave workers that continue to provide essential services to the people of Ukraine,” Biden said in remarks from the White House Thursday morning. Both Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen met separately Thursday with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal in Wasington, D.C. Yellen and Shmyhal were joined by Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo and Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergii Marchenko. The U.S. and its allies have provided tens of billions of dollars in military and economic support to Ukraine as it attempts to fend off the Russian invasion. Mass emigration, compulsory military service for working-age men, the destruction of Ukrainian cities and the upended wheat planting season have derailed the Ukrainian economy, exacerbating the deep humanitarian costs of war.

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“The [Washington Post] report said: “For some in NATO, it’s better for the Ukrainians to keep fighting, and dying, than to achieve a peace that comes too early or at too high a cost to Kyiv and the rest of Europe.”

Turkey Says Some NATO Members Want Longer Ukraine War to Hurt Russia (Antiwar)

In an interview on Wednesday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said some NATO member states want the war in Ukraine to last longer as a way to hurt Russia. “There are countries within NATO who want the war to continue,” Cavusoglu told CNN Turk. “They want Russia to become weaker.” According to Iran’s Mehr News Agency, Cavusoglu did not think the war would last long after Russia and Ukraine held peace talks in Istanbul last month. But following a NATO foreign ministers meeting, he was given the impression that some alliance members don’t want the war to end.

Since Russia invaded on February 24, the US and many of its NATO allies have abandoned diplomacy with Russia. Instead of seeking a diplomatic solution, the Western powers are pouring weapons into Ukraine and waging an economic sanctions campaign against Russia. The view among some NATO members on the war was summarized by a recent report from The Washington Post. The report said: “For some in NATO, it’s better for the Ukrainians to keep fighting, and dying, than to achieve a peace that comes too early or at too high a cost to Kyiv and the rest of Europe.”

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“this happened despite the fact that we share the same faith with the Greeks, the same traditions, and were always there to help our Greek friends.”

Russia Warns Greece of Complete Breakdown in Relations (GR)

Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned Greece on Friday that the relations between the two nations that “share the same faith” have been “reduced to almost nothing.” Maria Zakharova, director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, warned in a statement released on social media that the “historical parallels” between Greece and Russia were in danger of becoming “a solid double line between us.” The Russian official focused on Greece’s decision to declare 12 Russian officials “personae non-gratae,” on April 6 joining other European states that had taken similar steps in response to accusations of atrocities committed by Russian forces against civilians in Ukraine. The Foreign Ministry said the decision was made in line with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963.

Russia’s embassy in Athens condemned Greece’s decision and warned of consequences. “We have strongly protested against this unjustified and hostile step which aims to further destroy our bilateral relations,” the Russian embassy announced in a statement. “We made clear that this action will not remain without consequences,” it further said. In her social media post, Zakharova lamented the breakdown of relations between Russia and Greece and delved in the historic ties between the two countries. “There was a time when Russia helped Greece achieve independence and restore its statehood, and its first head was previously Russia’s foreign minister, but now this country’s diplomatic relations with Russia have been reduced to almost nothing,” Zakharova warned.

She added that “this happened despite the fact that we share the same faith with the Greeks, the same traditions, and were always there to help our Greek friends. “This is not so much an issue of Euro-Atlantic solidarity erasing the past, since it is a sovereign choice for every nation to decide whom to honor. Even worse, this deprives people and nations of their future, independence and the right to make sovereign choices,” Zakharova concluded.

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“Pfizer’s own consent form clearly states: “Although not seen to date, it cannot yet be ruled out that the studied vaccine can make a later COVID-19 illness more severe.“

FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression (Mercola)

With another batch of 11,000 Pfizer documents, released April 1, 2022, old suspicions have gained fresh support. As reported by “Rising” cohost Kim Iversen (video), the first bombshell revelation is that natural immunity works, and Pfizer has known it all along. The clinical trial data showed there was no difference in outcomes between those with previous COVID infection and those who got the shot. Neither group experienced severe infection. Natural immunity was also statistically identical to the shot in terms of the risk of infection. The second revelation is that side effects from the shots were more severe in younger people, aged 18 to 55, than those aged 55 and older. (The risk of side effects also increased with additional doses, so the risk was higher after the second dose than the first.)

As many of us have said all along, the risk of severe COVID is dramatically lower in younger people than those over 60, which makes an elevated risk of side effects unacceptable. As noted by The Naked Emperor on Substack,[1] “with a vaccine that is producing more frequent and more severe reactions and adverse events in younger individuals, the vaccine should have been restricted to those who were actually at risk of severe COVID-19.” Interestingly, Pfizer’s documentation also includes medical information that mainstream media and fact checkers have labeled as misinformation or disinformation. A pediatric consent form lists several possible side effects, including a myocarditis rate of 10 in 100,000 — far greater than the 1 in 50,000 (i.e., 2 in 100,000) rate previously reported.

We also know that myocarditis is far more frequent in young males, so for them, the risk is significantly higher than 10 in 100,000, as they make up the bulk of these injuries. Many who have warned about the possibility of mRNA shots causing antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) — a situation in which you end up being more susceptible to serious infection than you would have been otherwise — have been smeared and demonized by media and labeled as disinformation spreaders. Yet Pfizer’s own consent form clearly states: “Although not seen to date, it cannot yet be ruled out that the studied vaccine can make a later COVID-19 illness more severe.” As noted by Iversen, if ADE truly was of no concern at all, the consent form would not include it. Yet there it is.

Vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED) is also listed as an “Important Potential Risk” in Table 5 on page 11 of a document called “5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports.”As of February 28, 2021, Pfizer had 138 cases of suspected VAED, 75 of which were severe, resulting in hospitalization, disability, life-threatening consequences or death; a total of 38 cases turned out to be lethal and 65 remained unresolved. Moreover, as noted by the Daily Expose, “Phase 3 clinical trials are designed to uncover frequent or severe side effects before a vaccine is approved for use, including ADE. But herein lies the problem, [because] none of the COVID-19 vaccines have completed Phase 3 trials.”

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Anyone surprised?

Patients Report A Rebound Of Covid-19 Symptoms After Taking Paxlovid (BGlobe)

When it first hit the market in December, the COVID-19 antiviral treatment, Paxlovid, was hailed as a game-changer, an effective medicine that kept at-risk people out of the hospital. But now some patients are reporting on social media an unusual and unnerving phenomenon: their COVID symptoms appear to rebound after taking the medication. And it’s not just their symptoms that reappear. Many report that after finishing their five-day course of treatment, feeling better, and testing negative on an at-home rapid test, they then test positive again a few days later. The issue has captured the attention of at least two teams of Boston-area scientists, who are trying to understand what might be fueling the problem. Resistance to the drug? Patients being quickly reinfected?

Or maybe some people just need to take the medicine longer to mount a more effective immune response. Twitter and Reddit have been filled with patients and doctors sharing their experiences and hypotheses over the past few days, including John Donoghue, a 71-year-old emeritus physics professor in Amherst. “We had three cases in the house with the same pattern,” Donoghue said, in an interview. He, his wife, and her 95-year-old mother all were infected with COVID in the last month. All three received Paxlovid, felt better, and tested negative on rapid tests for four or five days. Then their symptoms returned and each one tested positive again.

“The symptoms the second time were milder,” Donoghue said. “In some ways, we feel that Paxlovid did its job. It took away the extreme symptoms of the first round and reduced them very quickly in all three cases.” Paxlovid, granted an emergency use authorization by federal regulators in late December, is an at-home treatment prescribed at the first sign of infection to patients at high risk of serious COVID complications. The treatment consists of a series of three pills taken twice a day for five days. In its clinical trial, Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant that manufactures Paxlovid, reported an 89 percent reduction in COVID-related hospitalization or death from any cause in patients who received Paxlovid within three days of symptoms, compared with patients who received a placebo.

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“Now, the world is facing massive inflation, economic contraction, looming hunger, widespread famine and a pending global financial collapse.”

The IMF and the Law of Unintended Consequences (CTH)

It’s not exactly a confidence builder when the Director of the International Monetary Fund answers the question about forward priorities by saying, “Perhaps we need to pay attention to the law of unintended consequences.” You had one job Kristalina, one job. During an International Monetary Fund (IMF) spring debate and discussion segment, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, outlined her perspective against the backdrop of massive inflation caused by the global financial institutions telling government to spend money and they will print it, during COVID. [The video is prompted to 01:04:50].

The discussion included EU Central Bank President Lagarde, US Fed Chair Powell, Indonesian Finance Minister Mulvani – when IMF Director Kristalina Georgieva admitted they channeled their COVID fear and emotions by unsustainably printing money without pausing to think through the consequences. Now, the world is facing massive inflation, economic contraction, looming hunger, widespread famine and a pending global financial collapse. Their response? “Whoops.” Not to worry, they’ll have a little wine and chocolate and figure things out. Swear.

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“..the Fed has exacerbated socially fatal neofeudal inequality..”

Staring Into the Abyss (CHS)

The global economy is perched on the edge of an abyss, and averting our gaze doesn’t actually lessen the risk, it increases it because problems which aren’t faced directly and addressed directly fester and rot the system from within. This is why we’re collectively staring into the abyss: all the big problems have been dismissed, ignored or papered over with PR-happy-talk “solutions” that only make the problem worse. There are three basic techniques that our “leadership” (public and private) have used to avoid dealing directly with our pressing problems: 1. Appear to address the problems by doing more of what’s failed spectacularly. 2. Propose magical-thinking happy-happy technological “solutions” that are appealing but impractical. 3. Keep the status quo glued together to maximize quick-buck gains for the elite while guaranteeing long-term catastrophe for the entire society / economy.

Doing more of what’s failed spectacularly is one of the phrases you’ve seen here over the years. This generates an illusion of control because the tried-and-true Band-Aid makes it look like the problem is being addressed. Since doing more of what’s failed spectacularly doesn’t break the system immediately, everyone incorrectly assumes it’s benign or actually helping. The Federal Reserve’s blowing of serial speculative credit-asset bubbles is a good example. With the bogus goal of generating a “wealth effect” that only rewards the already-rich, the Fed has exacerbated socially fatal neofeudal inequality and created guaranteed-to-pop bubbles that each collapsed with devastating consequences for the credulous who believed the Fed’s poisonous assurances that a) this isn’t a bubble and b) bubbles never pop.

The Fed’s “solution”–blowing an even bigger bubble to paper over the catastrophic losses when the previous bubble popped–has finally reached the endgame: three bubbles and you’re out (2000, 2008-09 and 2021-22). Sorry to disappoint the beneficiaries of the three Fed bubbles, but there won’t be a fourth bubble. Bubbles don’t inflate at the bottom of the abyss.

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Does woke Twitter have a future?

Woke Elitists Are Too Stupid To See Elon Musk Is Saving Twitter (Smith)

In the past year Big Tech and Big Media are learning a valuable lesson – That “Get Woke, Go Broke” is not just a mantra, it’s a rule. We’ve just seen companies like Netflix take a massive market beating because of their hubris and their presumption that they can simply dictate the path of our culture from on high through leftist propaganda. CNN just shut down their premium “+” service after a single month because no one trusts them enough to pay them pocket change for content. And Disney is about to lose their municipal charter in Florida because they thought they were in charge of the state and its laws, when in fact they are not. Woke corporations are slowly but surely dying and leftists don’t seem to grasp the situation.

They’ll never admit openly that the reason these companies are seeing declines is because of their cult-like political stance that justifies the forced indoctrination of everyone, including children. They’ll say it was covid, they’ll say it was inflation, they’ll say it was bigotry, but in reality it was always them. No one likes them, and people are finally realizing they don’t have to spend money buying products from insane leftists they don’t like. In this regard Twitter is a bit of an enigma. The social media company has gone from a relatively innocuous space for people to market online businesses and for politicians and celebrities to engage with their followers or detractors, to a vicious battleground overrun with leftist zealots hellbent on using the platform as a weapon to silence dissent and destroy the lives of people that disagree with them. The platform went from average social media outlet to becoming a birthplace for evil behavior.

If I was to describe what Twitter really stands for today, I would say it is an attempt to build a global hive mind; a place where everyone is coerced into conformity with establishment ideals through peer pressure and mob aggression. That is to say, Twitter is the antithesis to a free speech society; a beta test for the future of authoritarianism where you THINK you are allowed to speak your mind but only the “correct” opinions are allowed to pass. How this happened is hard to say. Some theorize that leftist cultists scrambled like rats from the sinking ship of Tumblr and found their way over to Twitter to take up residency. I would argue that maybe Twitter was always intended to become what it now is. Just take a look at the monster’s gallery of its largest shareholders.

If Elon Musks Takes Over, He’ll Expose Twitter

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The water wars will not be pretty. Promise.

The Coming Removal of the Mandate of Heaven, Part 2: Water (GCW)

In order to understand the grave danger China is facing, we need to understand water usage and thresholds below which the population begins to face some level of danger. For that, we’re going to turn to Reuters for an overview. At a minimum, a civilization requires 1,700 cubic meters of water per person per year to be considered water secure. This amounts to 373,947 gallons of water per person, with a minimum of 4,156 gallons of water per year to ensure good health. Freshwater is used for everything from industry to agriculture to power generation, and our infrastructure is rated for a minimum level of water moving through the pipes. If that water falls below that level, pressure drops and the water can become unsafe.

This starts to become a problem at 1,000 cubic meters per person per year, and reaches a threat level at 500 cubic meters per person per year. Beijing is currently sitting at 100 cubic meters of fresh water per person per year. Barely seven times the necessary minimum for a person to remain healthy, with the rest stretched thin and endlessly recycled as it eventually becomes useless for any purpose which brings it into contact with humans in any way. When examining the water situation in a given country, the first place to look is always the groundwater situation. Which, in China’s case, isn’t very positive. Over 80% of the groundwater in China is unsafe, according to publicly available data attained from a Chinese government survey. Information which is normally a closely held secret.

Same with the fact that 47% of the groundwater in China is so badly polluted it can’t even be used for industrial purposes. Note, Beijing gets almost a third of their water from groundwater sources, which must be thoroughly treated at massive cost in man-hours, materials, and energy before it can be used by the general public. This has resulted in Beijing sinking at a rate of 11 cm per year as the depleted aquifer results in subsidence. Assuming its even at a level which can be affordably treated. Which 47% of the groundwater can’t be. This situation is even worse in the cities, where 90% of the groundwater is unusable for purposes which would bring it into contact with people. And, ironically, although the groundwater pollution is worse in the cities, rural areas are more heavily affected due to the fact most rural communities lack the resources to treat either the water they take in for normal usage or the waste water they release back into the wild.

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    V. Arnold


    V. Arnold

    Never mind………


    Dmitri Orlov doesn’t get it. Natural resources alone don’t make a country prosperous. Nor do smart engineers (Orlov being a smart engineer entirely too impressed by his own intellect). It’s respect for and maintenance of sound traditions. Orlov is essentially a Soviet — an atheist materialist, the kind that thought could engineer Russia’s vast material wealth into a prosperous future. That experiment failed, yet the fond delusion persists. Face it, young, intelligent people don’t want to live in Russia or Ukraine; they want to partake in the freedom afforded by the 2,500 year old European tradition. The bloated lifestyle in the West must needs be trimmed to a much more sustainable lifestyle. Yet Orlov is entirely too sanguine about Russia’s prospects moving forward vis a vis the West. His writings should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Dr. D

    With air bases, chemical plants, small planes hitting every food factory:

    “2 Russian Oligarchs Found Dead Just One Day Apart”

    I did hear the idea that the completely botched F-Stan pullout was because Derp Central was pivoting toward the Ukrainian war they were starting, but didn’t know how fast it might happen. That makes sense. My thought was the Pentagon is (barely) controlled by the White hats, they wanted out and also to make great leader look like a moron. Which they did. But what’s Joe going to say? “I’m actually not in control of the country”?

    “60,000 Ukrainian combat troops—their finest men. They have no chance of being relieved, reinforced or resupplied. They have no chance to win.”

    Yes, but Joe and Ze WANT every Ukrainian and every Slav dead, so that’s a GOOD thing. They die for the Anglo empire! As all soldiers in the last 100 years do. As Kissinger said, they’re dogs and cannon fodder, that’s what they’re good for. Unlike the superior race of chicken-hawks and draft-dodgers like him.

    Anyway, Ze and Joe both know they can’t win. I’m sure they’ll have false flag plans. So they’re just going to sit around, watch, and continue to order them to murder each other or else, while drinking Champs and logging into their Swiss bank accounts.

    “after Russia commenced its Special Operation in the Ukraine, much of Russia’s remaining fifth-columnists departed for other lands.”

    God, they promised – PROMISED – that if Trump was elected they’d leave too. But being all liars, all the time to a very man, nobody did. Just imagine how great America would be by now if they had.

    I don’t believe Orlov’s estimation that the West has had no impact. I think it may have had twice the body count Russia wanted, but the Russians have grim resolve and are accustomed to such things. Yes, the weapons couldn’t be used and many were intercepted, but shooting door-to-door is deadly. I mean, does he have any comment on losing a whole warship?

    The $3B in arms is a WIN for the West, not a loss, since they are all purchased to make Daddy Warbucks rich. That the people are sapped and pay for it in some way (as well as all USD holders) is irrelevant as the people have no effect on our wonderful democracy nor its government, as shown in Ivy League studies going back decade(s). We’ve been against every war, so it clearly doesn’t matter what we want, say, or vote.

    I suppose in one sense blowing $3B and losing 5 provinces for the trouble is disturbing, but they’d have to have the sense of a sea sponge to recognize it, and they don’t. They made the money, ordered a diamond-encrusted swimming pool, and that’s a win. Or as their master said: I’ll get mine! “In the long run we’re all dead.”

    “Zelensky Gets John F. Kennedy Award for Defending Democracy (AP)”

    You remember the picture of Biden, Obama, and probably Bush and Cheney all giving each other medals in a big circle? It’s like that. And that is a previous trope of Commandant and Generals of the Banana Republics pinning medals on each other while their countries collapse. Like ours. It’s a trope for a reason: it’s the #1 sign of moronocracy. Pretty cool to ALSO punch JFK in the face with it too though, as they hate him. Almost as good as putting Jackson on the $20 central bank note, and they can log so few wins this decade.

    “The UN Security Council held an extraordinary event on April 6 under the rubric Arria Formula Meeting on Biological Security regarding the biological activities in countries including Ukraine.”

    Yes, but no one reported it and no one cares. If you hand them the evidence, no one will read it, and if you tied them to a chair and read it aloud, they wouldn’t believe it. ‘Merica! I follow it only because I’m a masochist that way.

    “This prompted President Joe Biden to warn Chinese leader Xi Jinping during a March 18 video call of unspecified “consequences”

    It’s too early to laugh coffee up my nose. Brandon spoke coherently? With a supposed threat? Go away you useless, irrelevant country. Btw that’s what Xi says with “Unilateral sanctions”: that the U.S. is alone and completely isolated on that, lacking any world support. But Brandon is too stupid to realize he’d been insulted.

    “ Biden Proposes $500 Million in Aid for Ukrainian Government (Hill)”

    Apparently the U.S. people and their government exist to support the much more important Ukrainian people and government. Why is that? P.S. Flint still does not have water. They just fudged the tests instead. Science! Lying every day in every way to become better and better.

    “Turkey Says Some NATO Members Want Longer Ukraine War to Hurt Russia (Antiwar)”

    Like the old joke about the checkbook: we can’t stop the war, we still have some Ukrainians left! Ah, Love, Peace, and Tolerance! Support Ukraine! By killing every single one. No one bats an eye, it’s perfectly logical to them. If I told them, they would punch their love and tolerance into me.

    “Russia Warns Greece of Complete Breakdown in Relations (GR)”

    I hate to say this of the proud Greeks, but after DeutschBank and this, is Greece even a country anymore?

    I might bring up Italy the same way, when their leader was illegally removed, an unelected puppet installed, and they merely shrugged, are you just abdicating your national will?

    “Shanghai Doubles Down on Quarantine Measures Despite Decline in Cases”

    They did let some people up (rather than starve and have open rebellion) but can’t let go: we’re not in a full inflation spiral yet.

    CDC Issues Nationwide Alert about Mysterious Hepatitis Cases in Children”

    Yes, but only exactly since Sept 2020. Now what could possibly have happened then?

    “FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression (Mercola)”

    Their records show they knew all along, it’s impossible to miss, all-in death rates are higher than any time in (non-war) history, and the people still don’t notice. They’ll punch you if you tell them. With their Love punches and Science fists.

    “ The IMF and the Law of Unintended totally intended, unmissable Consequences:” Hunger, poverty, and mass death. Weird how whenever that happens, they get rich, isn’t it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shock_Doctrine aka, “Disaster Capitalism”.

    “Appear to address the problems by doing more of what’s failed spectacularly. 2. Propose magical-thinking happy-happy technological “solutions” that are appealing but impractical. 3. Keep the status quo glued together to maximize quick-buck gains for the elite…”

    This is the $3B to Ukraine among so many others. Sanctions didn’t work, nation building didn’t work, funding them outright didn’t work. But Brandon laundered a hundred billion along with Congress there, imported all their pretty girls, and you paid for it so what’s not to like?

    “M2 money supply” [vertical] …And still doesn’t matter. Nothing on earth can affect it or ever will. Reality has been suspended permanently. 5, 10, 20, 25 years past the obvious.

    “Woke Elitists Are Too Stupid to See Elon Musk Is Saving Twitter (Smith)”

    This is the problem with parasites. Save the host, save the parasite. The recent answer – differing from the approach from 1950-2016 – is to just NOT stop them. Let them go too far and stop trying to fix, correct, and restrain things. That was working much better so long as you retain the nuclear codes so things can’t get too out of control. A few agitators in solitary for a year? Meh. A bargain compared to letting them destroy the planet while you keep the system functional for their use.

    Dr.: Interested in if the people you’re following are also called the Scythians, who are famous. I believe they’re the same. My other thought is that these people believe they are descended from the Angels who landed on Mt. Hermon. Hitler’s “Master Race” believed the same thing, and they were going to back-breed the master race and remove the mud-bloods. That was their religion, and their Eugenics. That’s why it was “White” supremacy, unlike most humans, their weird occult believed that these descending angels have a very “Nordic” appearance, blonde and blue eyed, or as we’d say more colloquially, “Caucasian”. As in “The Caucus”. Note if #2 is correct is why they hate humans and exterminate them, as they literally believe they are not “human”, but innately superior, angelic beings. Of course Biblical books have a different view on the character and morality of the angels who fell from heaven on Mt. Hermon, and also a dark view on their Promethean method of teaching the humans how to make fire and war.

    Actually, this is true of the native American stories here as well. Like Enki and Enlil, they have two brothers one of the “Crooked path thinking” and one of the “Straight path thinking”. The crooked brother brings flint, which obviously in native terms means “fire” and also knives, arrows, and war.

    You can follow the mythology as far down as modern media, for example in the movie called “Prometheus.” They think the fellow who brings fire, war, and knowledge is the hero, and the people who would keep Earth a pristine garden are backwards hicks. Not hip to the jive. Real squares, harshing my mellow. You can’t judge me and tell me what to do. I’ll make war, take drugs, and burn myself if I want to. That’s what makes us both smarter, and the masters of you.

    Dr D Rich

    So, now the Democrat Party deigns to insult President John F. Kennedy.

    The inimitable words of Lloyd Bentsen still apply:
    “I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Jack Kennedy would never smoke cigarettes in an obviously effeminate manner like Barack Obama. Senator (insert Zelensky) you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

    Veracious Poet

    The problem is we’ve given control of these resources to psychopaths.

    It wasn’t me, promise.

    I’m not part of the “we’ve given control” crowd there, in fact I am set apart from them, very far apart…

    I also support the right to arm bears, against “psychopaths”, who would take issue with the rape of their lands.

    But hey, I’m funny like that…

    I also don’t think it was the anarchists either.

    They just want to be left alone, as they really don’t give a crap about anyone else…

    I often ask anarchists what happens when the first warlord + barbaric mercenaries show up on their front steppes 😐


    Looking through the comment section on that Paxlovid article was depressing. The basic thinking being that people with good sense get vaxxed. Still shocks my senses that this is the majority view in our society. Time to go find a cave to live in.


    Here is the PCR article referenced by Orlov . Commenters can read both it and Orlov’s response to make up their own minds, no?

    The Kremlin Has Missed the Opportunity to End the Provocations of Russia that Are Bringing the World to Nuclear War

    I have read both authors for years and have indeed noticed PCR’s stringent tone increase over time. Orlov’s main point ( imho) is that PCR, like the vast majority of western political analysts, just “ don’t get “ the Russian POV , as they haven’t really taken the time to study its long history and culture.

    To me, he has a point. PCR wanted Russia to go in there like America went into various middle eastern countries — guns a blazing with } Shock and Awe “ , levelling everything and everyone! Impress the H out of the noncompliants.

    Orlov is saying that doesn’t fit the Russian approach.

    Decide for yourself.


    Orlov has a point about PCR but his posturing as enlightened or academic or intellectual is getting on the nose. You can tell by his growing nationalism and that he orients his ‘self’ with the Higher Russia. It is clearly egoic and emotional but I think he raises good points.
    I have bought many of his books and consider him a great thinker but we all have blind spots – his arrogance obscures his to himself and it does bring down the bar a little.
    At times he is a comic genius and he is a person so I guess I’ll have to forgive him.


    One other thing. Giving PCR such a hard time is unseemly. He is essentially a good guy who sees the shit show NATO is and in that sense is a friend. Their are plenty of arseholes to attack who deserve it. Building a brotherhood of thinking through critique over attack is my preference.

    Great pick up on the water issue in China but they have mad a great many arrangements pinching Australia’s water and food growing and have dams up the Nile river so he needs to pan back outside of internal resource securities (so last century)


    @tinfoilhatted canuck Agreed, it’s good to hear all sides and make up one’s own mind. There’s negative spiritual/psychological energy used to correct course, and there’s negative energy used simply to destroy. Orlov does not give two $hi+$ about America or the West. He claims to understand America, having grown up here to Soviet immigrant parents. However he does not get America or Americans–at least the heartland where I live, the harsh prairies my ancestors helped settle. He has no skin in the game here, a bad actor. PCR gets us, his Cassandra warnings carry weight. Be forewarned.


    Orlov’s view of the future is interesting.
    Read more …

    2. The Europeans’ willingness to absorb millions upon millions of Ukrainian migrants, whereas they balked at accepting anywhere near similar numbers of migrants from the Middle East or North Africa, exemplifies their essential racism. As it is, two-thirds of the world is either neutral or supports Russia in its effort to reclaim the Ukraine; as the message that the EU and NATO are essentially white supremacist organizations
    ( “Master Race/ white supremacist”)

    Not in my book/universe
    • Zelensky Gets John F. Kennedy Award For Defending Democracy (AP)
    More science fiction
    • Daddies in Mommie-land (Kunstler)
    You cannot see something, if you close your eyes and/or don’t look

    • FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression (Mercola)

    “Although not seen to date, it cannot yet be ruled out that the studied vaccine can make a later COVID-19 illness more severe.“
    Are we there yet?
    What is the meaning of “The shit hit the fan?”
    Read more …

    “Now, the world is facing massive inflation, economic contraction, looming hunger, widespread famine and a pending global financial collapse.”
    (plus detrimental climate changes)
    • The IMF and the Law of Unintended Consequences (CTH)
    • Staring Into the Abyss (CHS)
    • The Coming Removal of the Mandate of Heaven, Part 2: Water (GCW)


    @ oxymoron

    I was offended when I read Orlov comparing PCR to Brandon. Like there aren’t many of us on our side, can we not have respect for each other? Let’s insult an ally who is trying to be a friend to Russia. Must we wonder why the Russians have so few friends in the West?

    I’ve noted how arrogant the Saker and Orlov are. I suspect they’d be impossible to have for friends. No less impossible than a Beethoven, Wagner or Brahms. Still have to appreciate the genius. The information and intelligent analysis Saker & Orlov display make it worth overlooking personality traits we might be uncomfortable with.

    PCR’s views have always been appreciated as well. Orlov is right and PCR wrong on Ukraine. There’s still no need to be insulting. Excuse me while I take the knot out of my knickers.


    Your point resonates. It seems PCR has taken the pulse of America ( insouciance to use his favourite characterization) and imho is bang on when he comments on the doings of America and the Empire they control.

    It’s when he comments on the strategy and competence of Russia where Orlov has an issue, as he seems to project his understanding of the way the American powers think onto the Russian decision makers, making unfounded criticisms in some peoples views.

    I’m sure when Orlov delves into the American strategies, his biases play a part as well and PCR would be justified in calling him out on them.

    This criticism is just a small sample of the issue regarding all the American MSM talking heads and commentators spewing what they think V. Putin is thinking etc etc when in fact they know very little. Even Orlov would admit while his analysis may be closer, there is no real way to know what Mr. Putin is thinking — unless of course you are Lavrov.


    The president’s so generous with other people’s stuff-
    Their livelihoods, their cash, their oil-
    His pal’s can’t get enough.


    @Fattigmann said:

    “Face it, young, intelligent people don’t want to live in Russia or Ukraine; they want to partake in the freedom afforded by the 2,500 year old European tradition.”

    That so-called “European tradition” is disappearing fast, with Western leaders now openly admiring the Chinese social management model. A strange inversion is taking place, and Russia is now starting to seem more “Western” in a moral and religious respect, than the West.

    This interesting piece appeared yesterday. Linh Dinh interviews a 40-ish woman from the US who emigrated to Russia in 2014. She does not appear eager to move back.



    PCR has become increasingly shrill as he ages, but as many others have said, his heart is in the right place. I’ve read him off and on for years, and personally cut him a bit of slack at this point. For one thing, I’m sure his frustration has been growing over the years as he has been forced to watch more or less helplessly as this fustercluck heads inexorably for the cliff edge. Also, one has to make some allowance for his advancing years; as one of that club myself, I know we grow less temperate as we carry our unresolved frustrations into old age.


    @willem No need to use quotes; it’s the European tradition. Agreed, it’s fading fast among the elite ruling classes. They want to control us like the CCP. It will never work here in heartland America. They tried and failed round 1. People here do not want live like Chinese. They want enough land and space to be left alone to spend time with their families, tinker out in the shop, barbecue with friends, watch sports and drink beer at home. Maybe reconnect with the community every Sunday at church. Kind, hard-working people. They know how to fix things, tough as nails, no b.s. Clear-eyed and straight shooting. That’s the America I know. Seems very English in a way, our ancestors came here to be left alone on their big island. Got a vampire squid, Matt Taibbi’s words, slowly and stealthily sucking them dry.

    Veracious Poet

    Let’s Go Branden❗ ❓ ❗


    Veracious Poet

    it’s the European tradition

    You mean to fawn at the feet of oligarchs that rape your teenage daughters, pillage the public treasuries, plunder less developed “loser” countries, torture & murder for fun?

    All so the “special” people can graze on pastures of ignorant bliss, in the “special” CULTural centers?

    Is that the “tradition” where only a fringe minority care about Assange, but 1000s upon 1000s would line the streets to see Julian hanged, drawn and quartered?

    God save the Queen Bee!

    So, so happy my families fled your wonderful “tradition” & joined the Sons of Liberty, even if we lost in the end 🙄

    Got a vampire squid, Matt Taibbi’s words, slowly and stealthily sucking them dry.

    Yet here we are, 14 years later, Goldman is still preying on “their” country & they still don’t have a clue…

    Got Stimulus?


    @Veracious Poet No, that’s not the European tradition I’m talking about.

    Formerly T-Bear

    V. A. x 2

    Never Mind …

    What? You have been introduced to cubism, Art nouveau, classic abstraction, expressionism, modernism among R.I.M.’s offerings and have drawn a blank with Jackson Pollock Number 31 1949? Did you see abstract expressionism without planes, cubes and lines but by use of colour forms alone, how they interact with other colour forms within the frame? The artist working with your imagination is still art, is it not?

    Veracious Poet

    The truth trickling out, as humanity finds the pool vitiated by fraudsters & mass psychosis…


    Veracious Poet

    I ran across this NPR offering today (published AUG 30, 2021):

    Ignorance -or- Malice ❗ ❓ ❗

    Doc Robinson

    V.P., that circular firing squad (in the NPR comic strip) could be an apt analogy for the vaxxes causing autoimmune conditions (… for years! The end!)

    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear

    I got frustrated when attempting to post and gave up…

    V. Arnold

    …also, a note of thanks for the education on the art; of which I am ignorant…


    The award was created by the family of the late president to honor public figures who risk their careers by embracing unpopular positions for the greater good

    Zelensky was a z-level actor, hyped into a b-level actor by a totally corrupt oligarch, then hyped into President of Ukraine by the same corrupt oligarch working with the USA state department, both of which ensured that Zelensky was gifted many hundreds of millions of dollars in return for destroying Ukraine. Zelensky then obliterated anyone that opposed him, so he turned his unpopular position into a neutral position.

    Where in this career do you see a sacrifice for the greater good? I understand, they mean a greater good for the US deep state, not a greater good for the Ukraine.


    The award was created by the family of the late president to honor public figures who risk their careers by embracing unpopular positions for the greater good, and is named after Kennedy’s 1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning book, “Profiles in Courage.”

    I am not a believer in inheritance, mainly because the inheritors are rarely of the same quality as the talented parent that made the fortune. In fact, most wealthy and famous people seem to sorely lack any parenting skills, resulting in the inheritor being an embarrassment to the family. Now we have the Kennedys gifting an award to someone that helped the deep state to illegally remove a president using gunfire in a square, killing numerous people.

    Regardless of whether you think the deep state was involved in JFK’s death, the award is a very sick joke, actually a kick in the nuts to JFK. I wonder how JFK would feel about his name being used for such an obviously corrupt scumbag as Zelensky and for such a treasonous action, the removal of a president using a military coup to aid a foreign power.


    [My apologies if this double posts.]

    Look on the bright side! The un-poked’s organs and blood will be in high demand by the fake/un-poked fancy people.
    It’s nice to be wanted.

    John Day

    @D Benton Smith, from yesterday.
    I got to Khazerian-Mafia over a decade ago and stopped digging for deeper layers than that.


    Long since time to quit playing games. Interview with Scott Ritter starts at the 24 minute mark.

    John Day

    Good output again today, Dr. D. Jackson and Kennedy inside jokes by our owners…
    Much, much more. They play with human deaths as a game and pastime.
    They like to put silly signs on their work and laugh that nobody knows what they mean, except the insiders.

    D Benton Smith

    @JohnDay about those shiftless Khazarians

    I banged my head into that same brick wall quite awhile back too, but just didn’t have the common sense to stop banging and give it a rest. The mind boggling complexity of the diaspora of criminal psychopathy from that place over time was so daunting, and the probability of further inquiry turning up anything very useful was so logically unlikely that the sensible course would seem to be just quit and pursue practically anything else.

    Then an intriguing question occurred to me. What, after all, is so awful about a wasting a lifetime looking for something that probably isn’t there and of little value even if it were? Uncounted millions before me have entertained themselves doing precisely that and nobody seemed to mind overmuch. What difference would it make in the greater scheme of things if one more silly old man wastes the remainder of a rather inconsequential life banging his head against a metaphorical brick wall, seeking definitive answer to the question of, “Why Is That?” Meh!

    So that’s what I did.

    And it turned out to be not such a waste after all. In fact, the payoff has been a real doozey, beyond my most hopeful expectations. The remarkable convergences of nasty business surrounding the Khazars, and their Yamnaya ancestors thousands of years prior, is (despite its startling drama) merely a fascinating confirmation of a far larger and much more fundamental skein of truths.

    If one just keeps asking “Why is that?”, relentlessly pursuing each incremental answer with the same question (like really little kids often play with their parents) , then all sorts of cool stuff results after a few decades.

    I try to slide some of that stuff (a tiny portion, really) surreptitiously into the conversation here on TAE whenever the topic seems to fit. More than a few of the good thinkers here (such as you) kind of get it, and their input (both agreeable and otherwise) is tremendously helpful reciprocation.

    I won’t be coy. I will tell you what I found. The world (meaning the Universe itself) does not merely contain the phenomenon of consciousness of awareness. It literally IS awareness, and the consequence of that most fundamental of all truths is manifested in such extremely dependable patterns that to call the patterns “laws” would not be far from the mark. Discovering and recording those patterns has been the project. There are a BUNCH of them.

    Regarding the ongoing crisis (which continues to shape up and play out like some sort of apocalypse) it seems certain to me that the good guys are going to prevail because it could not possibly turn out any other way. In the process, however, I think that a lot more of the bodies that people pretend to be are going to die. I see the game being to keep that number as beneficially reduced as possible, and work pretty hard at that while continuing to ask the incessant question of “Why is that?” and keep notes on the answers.

    V. Arnold

    …Regarding the ongoing crisis (which continues to shape up and play out like some sort of apocalypse) it seems certain to me that the good guys are going to prevail because it could not possibly turn out any other way. In the process, however, I think that a lot more of the bodies that people pretend to be are going to die.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the “good guys” were actually the bad guys; and those we identify as the bad guys were actually the good guys…………….??? 😉

    Veracious Poet


    Back in the 90s when I bumped into other “conspiracy” theories, I vaguely remember stories about the Khazarian Mafia, that the Rothchilds were elites within it…

    Have you seen any info like that?

    There was a lot of “other info” that I was buffered with, but my focus (and the group I was part of), was rescinding Emergency Powers (fascism) & restoring the former United States’ Democratic Republic under Natural Law.

    Patron saints of lost causes & all that Jazz 😆

    D Benton Smith

    For example:

    What’s up with all this gender crap? It seems beyond crazy, rapidly approaching inexplicable. WHY are they DOING that? The world wide campaign to erase and muddle gender is obviously consuming a LOT of resources into what might easily be taken as comical nonsense. Haven’t they got something more practical to do to advance their cause in this Mind War?

    The answer is that their rainbow lunacy is as logical and practical as a gun shot.

    To win their war they need to eliminate the people who will stop them. You know, the people like men suffering from “toxic masculinity” ? They’re trying to get rid of MEN, that’s all. The generalized cognitive fog is just a nice little fringe benefit.

    Veracious Poet

    Well as has been said, the cage is not the trap, it’s the bait.

    And they’ve been able to trick large portions of the West to swallow bait (gender blurring, AGW, racism, men bad, RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!) hook, line & sinker!

    Pushing large blocks of the West into mass psychosis/existential dread seems like the “logical and practical” goal to “their” madness, in a shell game where no one notices slight-of-hand, in a game of life & death…

    Maybe the advent of the info age forced their hand?

    Don’t expect to be popular if you talk about this in groups, though 😆


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