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    Pieter Bruegel the Elder Two monkeys 1562   And there we go again. Another IPCC report, and they all keep getting more alarming than the previous
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    Winter is coming.
    Burn the furniture until its gone.

    Maxwell Quest

    I’m in complete agreement with your analysis, Ilargi. Unless some new energy technology is miraculously discovered to replace carbon-based fuels, this process will continue toward its logical conclusion. Why? Because man is predominantly competitive and not cooperative, and his feelings of sentiment and sacrifice rarely extend beyond his own family.

    Let’s assume some miracle technology arrives just in time, enabling us to red-line our economies with a clear fossil-fuel conscience. Next in line of unsolvable problems is resource depletion and overpopulation. And what sort of scientific marvel is going to solve those conundrums?

    No, what I see is a replay of the reindeer population overshoot that occurred on St. Matthew Island in 1963. Man, being a little smarter than the reindeer, is still unable to live in harmony with his natural environment. Whoever survives the cataclysm that lies ahead will have to learn from our failure, and looking at history we both know how well that works.


    Your doctor warns you you need to make changes to your lifestyle or you will develop a problem in the future. It could be improve your diet, do more exercise, reduce smoking, quit drinking. Many of us would make a half hearted attempt to change because right now we feel fine. It takes a shock to induce real change. I guess the collective human mind is no different and the small indicators such as ice melt, wildfires and droughts are not shocking enough for most of us to do anything yet.

    John Day

    Grow vegetables. Ride a bike to work. See who you meet and what you become as you take these first steps. Or don’t. That’s easier.

    V. Arnold

    One of my favorite themes is that we are the most tragic species ever because we can see ourselves doing things that we know are harmful to us, but we can’t stop ourselves from continuing.

    Yep, remarkable, no?


    … moral obligation to act!” Are they on drugs? The Rulers’ only tools are Violent Domination (Regs), Mass Theft (Fed), and Mass Armed Robbery (IRS). Oh – and the pretend legitimacy “we” – or is it the chattering classes – gives to them. Without those, our Rulers would be nothing but a convention of used car salesmen, sniffing around for hookers and blow. And approval. But beyond that …

    Globull Warming? A New Ice Age? What SUN? What Milankovich cycle? What Grand Solar Minimum? What The Tchijevsky Cycle? Who’s Maunder? Pay no attention to those FACTS behind the curtain! Hero Maurice Strong gave our IPCC the agenda mandate back at Rio in ’92 to ignore all that.

    Exactly the sort of questions Scientists are supposed to answer, without fear or favor. Without consideration of guv grants and blood money from their Owners who would tax the sun. But if they have insufficient integrity to seek and say the truth at ALL costs, can we even call them scientists? Or walk them back to the dreaded label of the mid 20th century – Mere Technicians?

    Unfortunately those who own the “scientists” also own The 300 Media™ – the chattering classes. And indirectly owns the big.gang.guv – the Rent-A-Cops (called “countries”) full of KillBots with guns who will threaten to murder you if you even think about disobeying the Whim of the PseudoPscientists? Find a way to TAX THE SUN!!!

    We Pompous Cloud People need to be flying all over the world in our newest private jets preaching to you dirt people about climate austerity morality while you grub around in the dirt for something to eat. F**K them!

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