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    Marion Post Wolcott Coal miner waiting for lift home, Capels, West Virginia 1938 George Osborne declared on Monday that the UK “is in a position of st
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    Free quality BCPs for all (perhaps with “mandated” use and a lottery for exceptions) will be the most effective fertilizer for green growth. But that of course is another far-off utopian dream. Near-term, our well-known proclivity for increasing the death rate will be the operant paradigm.

    V. Arnold

    While I’m highly skeptical, the Brits may be closer to a revolution than any since the U.S. war against Vietnam in the late 60’s/early 70’s; but I strongly doubt it.
    The Euro-nazi’s running the EU are firmly in control and pumping the propaganda machine at full speed.
    If this regime comes apart; all hell will break loose and the U.S. hegemon will dissolve to nothing; it could signal acceptance of a multi polar world or nuclear holocaust…
    I vote for the second option as the most probable given the recent U.S. behavior.

    Dr. Diablo

    Thanks for running down the long list of gaping insanity. Listening to the positions is a lot like walking down the hall in the psych ward and listening to the schizophrenic ramblings that initially seem lucid, then after a few sentences devolve into the earnest rambling of lunatics.

    For point? Farage said “Hey can we get a grip on the hyperbole here? Not helping.” And already the markets have the FTSE at par with the EU markets down, showing the opposite of all paranoid fears. The Dow is still over nosebleed 17,000. Nothing’s happened. Not really. Even Osborne has not yet resigned. A lot of lawyers have to sit in a lot of rooms before we’ll know anything for sure. The only thing we seem to know is the dictatorial hyper-globalization seems to have reached its high water mark, whatever path that water may take as it recedes. And good riddance. If only it could have broken earlier, tens of thousands of Greeks, Spaniards, and other austerity fodder might still be alive now.

    A thought, if this is the 224 year cycle, that’s been centralizing since the U.S. was founded, then it’s going to be a long, long unrecognizable reversal down the other side.

    John Day

    What if the EU rules governing member-state-exit through the famous article-50 change on April Fool’s Day 2017, and suddenly require approval of a mojority of EU member states/ Yeah. that’s how the treaty is written. That’s the date things change. “Take your time. Take years” (snicker)


    Where to begin on this one…

    Last friday night I went out to the pubs and clubs (outskirts of London) to gauge the reaction to the result, and what I witnessed left me mildly depressed and unable to sleep! (And that wasn’t just because of all the tequila, although it probbly didn’t help).

    The level of ignorance that I encountered around the subject was jaw-dropping. Largely from the under 30 crowd. A lot of miserable people out; a lot wailing and bemoaning, and gnashing of teeth.

    The best response by far was from a semi-naked inebriated 20 year old; “I voted In, because only c**ts vote Leave”. And there you have it. In a nutshell. Anyone with more than half a brain cell to rub together is obviously a Massive C**t to the well-informed sagacious sexpots of suburbia. No further explanation or reasoning required.

    The EU migrant worker contingent – of which there are many in my town – were to a man and woman also very upset about the result, for obvious reasons. It can’t be easy for them to learn that the only reasonably safe refuge they have found from the economic meltdown in southern Europe turns out to be not that keen on the tsunami of economic migrants that is now seriously impacting their society. Their insecurity is now compounded; they have no future and way back home, and cannot now see a way forward here either.

    The Polish contingent were far more sanguine. Perhaps they see an opportunity to run things themselves now that Cameron doesn’t really fancy ‘doing the hard shit’. They have always found opportunity in the jobs the English don’t have the stomach for. Who knows, they might even do a better job!

    But perhaps the funniest response was from a well-meaning but utterly clueless native, talking about how we can now “transition to a post-oil economy”. You touch on this kind of vacuous thinking above, and for these people there really is no hope. They are probably in for the rudest awakening when TS really HTF if they believe in such fairy tales.

    To cut a long story short, there is no end to the ways in which people seek to comfort, reassure and explain all the uncertainty now swirling around them. Some will turn on ‘the old’ for ‘selling out their futures’ becuse they now see that they may never enjoy the standards of living of their parents and grandparents. Others have fully bought into the marxist lullabies of the EU apparatchiks, and are marching forward over the cliff of EUtopianism.

    Many just prefer to get drunk and try to blot out the grim realities that are starting to envelop us all. Most don’t think that a Greece could happen here. They are certain of that.

    Nowadays, I’m not so sure.

    Dr. Diablo

    Sounds like a good time to stake your allotment and grow some potatoes and peas. …If you’re really serious about that “post-oil economy.”

    Imported Tequila and smartphones will not be on the menu.


    “Many just prefer to get drunk and try to blot out the grim realities that are starting to envelop us all.”

    “A gram is better than a damn.”


    The political chaos in the UK looks even more opaque with the decision by Boris Johnson, the favorite to win the election for Prime Minister, not to put himself forward as a candidate. He has always tries to present himself as the dumb, but amusing blond, when in reality he is far from dumb, and clearly smart enough to have spotted the poison pill hidden in David Cameron’s resignation speech given outside 10 Downing Street. The nature of this poison pill is clearly revealed in this comment on the article “Brexit: UK’s most senior EU official resigns after leave vote – as it happened”

    As the wiley politician Boris Johnson undoubtedly is, I suspect it’s more likely he spotted Cameron’s trap and has declined to take the bait, leaving it for some other (dumb?) politician to drink from the poison chalice on offer, rather than any doubts about winning the Tory party election to become the next prime minister due to Michael Gove’s latest political shenanigans, and his decision to put himself forward as a candidate.

    All of the debate and its political and economic fallout over the UK decision to leave the EU , which is far from over, given the fragile state of the global financial system, with a good exemplar being the effective insolvency of much of the European banking system, misses the bigger picture revealed by this extract from this excellent TAE article:

    “At the same time the Leave campaign claims endless streams of milk and honey are in the offing, an equally unlikely proposition (is it perhaps an idea to not only talk about money or race; how about physics?)”.

    The “unspoken” bigger picture against which this current UK needs to be seen agains the fading global economic growth due to Limits to Growth, see this link:-

    The world is effectively saying, “Sorry, I’m finite, which means the ever expanding future you ordered is no longer available, because the affordable resources needed for its manufacture, delivery and maintenance, are running out”.

    We have a choice, we can either fight each other for these remaining resources needed to run our current society or manage as humanely as possible, the inescapable consequences of transitioning to a much lower resource and energy hungry one. Unfortunately if history is any guide, we will probably opt for the first choice and simply make matters far worse.

    The Brexit debate and decision to leave the EU and the political and economic fallout, which is far from over, needs to be seen against the “unspoken” bigger picture that arises from fading economic growth due to Limits to Growth. The world is effectively saying “Sorry, I’m finite, which means the ever expanding future you ordered is no longer available, because the resources needed for its manufacture, delivery, and maintenance are running out”.

    We have a choice, we can either fight each other for the remaining affordable resources needed to run our current society, or manage the inescapable consequences of transitioning to a much lower resource and energy hungry one. Unfortunately if history is any guide, we will probably adopt the first choice and simply make matters worse.


    Nothing will change until the debt-money systems (and their controllers) are identified as the root cause and extirpated from society, once and for all. Nothing can change until that is done. Everything else is merely rearranging chairs on the Debt-Money Titanic (for ordinary people, world control through financed political quislings for the Debt-Money Monopolists).


    As the politico-economic system unravels, the politicians who were/are on the take are finding out there’s no place for them anymore. Or rather, it’s going to be either full-tard serve the masters, or go Podemos. Britain desperately needs the latter, the traditional parties have nothing left that would appeal to anyone. Reforming Labour is a crazy and useless idea.


    Podemos is either controlled by the Money Power or an arch-enemy of the Money Power… and things will work out very badly for them if they are an actual arch-enemy of the Money Power.
    Just ask all the real socialists attacked, false flag style, in Operation Gladio.

    Sword Play And Operation Gladio
    By Chris Floyd, Moscow Times

    ‘You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force … the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”
    ~Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra


    Well. As a Brit living in London who voted ‘out’ I have to say I disagree with your idea that we can not stand on our own two feet. I happen to think we can. In fact that’s half of what this is all about – us standing on our own two feet – as a trading nation – trading with the rest of the world not just Europe – and able to make our own trade agreements which right now we can’t do. So. Please. Have a little faith.


    Dr Diablo;

    “Post-oil economy” sounds like a glaring oxymoron to me.

    Since oil is the unguent that props up the dollar complex and exponentially rehypothecated financial system, any economy after oil will be more mad max than mad men.

    But yeah, allotments FTW. S’why i have me two,



    I don’t think Raul meant that Britain cant stand on its on feet, rather he is parsing the media claptrap and propaganda to illustrate the hollowness of these arguments. The EU cannot really allow the UK to stand on its own, after all, what kind of message would that send out to the other ex-nations under its yoke!

    As Schulz said, it’s not the EU philosophy that the sheep can decide their own fate. That’s solely the preserve of the wolves and petty apparatchiks.

    Ultimately, the vested interests will do everything in their power to bring the UK to its knees one way or another if the proles get too uppity and insist on leaving the plantation. If that means scorched economic earth, then so be it. Whatever it takes.


    Absolutely. I’m not the one making the argument that Britain can’t stand on its own two feet, that’s a logical conclusion from much of what I read from the Remain campaign as well as the panicky reactions. My view should be clear: the EU is a monster that no-one in a sane mind should wish to be part of.

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