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    Dorothea Lange Butter bean vines across the porch, Negro quarter, Memphis, Tennessee 1938 • US Banks’ Dismal First Quarter Spells Trouble For 2016 (Re
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    Thanks? I come here for a daily dose of bad news. Problems now are the children of poor decisions in the past. At 70, I’m living in the world only a little bit of my own creation. Post WW-II, I wonder why the US didn’t promote democracy, at some expense to the colonial powers as an alternative to Communism? Maybe it was our own racism, the colonial social engineering that invented whiteness. Consult Gerald Horne for some understanding here. King of the hill is a game for snow piles on the playground. Power and domination may be the great game, but my prayer is that earth’s nations become a greater community of communities. Think local planet, act regionally. I will continue my daily reading of TAE, as it is a cataloging of the necessity for human unity and cooperation. Bests.


    regionswork – it would be nice if the world’s countries would cooperate, but the greedy see the resources and make a bee line for them.

    White on white, white on black, Asian on white, white on Asian…..and on and on it goes. Yesterday I posted a clip from the movie Blood Diamond, which highlights the corrupt governments of Africa and the greedy Westerners who want their resources, how the two sides work brilliantly together to hold the continent down. But it’s not just the whites doing it; the blacks are right in there too. Not the ordinary people (just like you and I aren’t scheming to annihilate Libya or the Ukraine), but our elite leaders. In the movie, the black rebels were the ones hacking off the limbs of their countrymen. The black rebels were the ones taking slaves to work in the diamond mines. The whites were smuggling the diamonds out of Africa and selling them to places like De Beers – conflict diamonds. In exchange, the whites sold the corrupt governments or the rebels (whoever was currently in power) more weapons. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

    Sometimes I watch the series “Who Do You Think You Are,” a show about genealogy. One American black actor or sports star (I can’t remember which), whose family had been wrongly taken from Africa and brought to America, went back to Africa during the show to see where his relatives had come from. He saw an orphanage and asked where all the little children had come from. The person running the orphanage said that their parents had sold their own children into slavery, and that they had liberated them and taken them into the orphanage. The look on his face was painful because I could see he was thinking that it was supposed to be only white people that did things like that. Here his own ancestors were still doing the same thing – taking slaves and working them.

    Africa is Africa because almost every country there is ruled by corrupt governments, and they are in league with corrupt Western elite. Rinse and repeat pretty much everywhere else in the world: Asia, the Middle East, South America, etc. Without the West, though, most of these corrupt governments would be overrun. It is the West’s money that keeps these bad officials in power. They help in the overthrow of good governments, help to plan coups, but it’s a symbiotic relationship between the two.

    Whites don’t own racism. It’s firmly entrenched in the Japanese and Chinese cultures, and pretty much everywhere else in the world.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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