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    The marine and the kitten, Korean War, 1952   • It’s Pure Math – We’re Headed for a Train Wreck (USAW) • Licence to Kill (Le Monde Diplomatique)
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    V. Arnold

    When I first looked at the photo of the soldier; I checked out his gear and dress and correctly pegged it as Korean vintage; kinda pegs my age, no?
    The Bill Holter vid was interesting, but; I’m very skeptical when these supposed experts are given credit beyond their reality of expertise.
    Holter said China has 20,000 tons of gold, but failed to qualify that statement.
    It goes counter to anything I’ve read anywhere; what I have read is China has something like 3-4,ooo tons of gold and Russia just under 2,000 tons; both continue to buy aggresively.
    Anywho, that put the kibosh on the rest of his comments for me.


    “It’s Pure Math – We’re Headed for a Train Wreck (USAW) ”

    link is:

    It’s Pure Math – We’re Headed for a Train Wreck – Bill Holter

    Dr. D

    Look at the exceptional health and nutrition of an average American male in 1953. What’s gone wrong? And if what we’re doing now is wrong, and then was right, why don’t we go back to do what worked? Anyone? Bueller?

    “to Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned with polonium in London” …Except he wasn’t, or at least Britain declines to officially claim so. There’s still great wrangling about bringing the case to court which would lead to official legal disclosure. This is why propaganda works so well: we inferred, suggested, speculated Russia did it, then left it hanging. Then the next time, we just say, “Isn’t this like the other 67 times gas was used in Syria?” and the case closes itself. QED. If it’s so clear, why won’t the U.K. conduct and official legal investigation with the inclusion of Russia and prove it in the legal record? Odd, ain’t it?

    Holter is correct in 20,000 tons and possibly 30,000 for Russia. How? China was pulling 1,000T/mo out of London for years, AND have the world’s largest internal mining, 1,000T/yr for 20 years(??) none of which is exported. The gold is kept not on the books of the CNB, (which would drive up the Yuan) but in Sovereign Wealth Funds and other proxies, but don’t kid yourself are totally the Chinese government.

    However, he and others make the point that there’s a 300:1 leverage of COMEX paper contracts to real silver. Hey true! Establishment apologist and Sach’s man Jeff Christian said so years ago. However, they should bloody well know better: ALL commodity exchange contracts exceed the base supply, that’s the point. You have the real users underneath, which in theory trade real goods, AND a supply of speculators on top adding liquidity and price discovery. In addition, unlike wheat, gold for example isn’t consumed. It can close a Comex contract, then the owner re-supplies it to the exchange to close the next contract. Got it?

    HOWEVER…. Gold and especially silver ARE completely, totally rigged and BECAUSE of the 300:1 ratio. The ratio of outstanding contracts to base commodity is orders of magnitude higher than any other commodity. Say there’s a 20% float in bacon, but a 2,000% float in gold, and a 5,000% float in silver. So with speculators being 90% of the market, and miners/jewelers being 10%, who do you think sets the price? Yeah, it’s like that. And that’s BEFORE the concentration of position where JPM probably owns over half the market and 3 other banks own the rest. Can you push the price if you and two other guys own 90% of the chips and are playing poker in as a team to fleece one underfunded rube, the public? You bet.

    But wouldn’t jewelers just demand delivery and drive up the price? Don’t be ridiculous: physical delivery hasn’t happened since like 2013. You ask for delivery and you’re banned from the exchange or suddenly go bankrupt. Presently there is a side industry of people who claim delivery, feign ignorance, and are bought out at a pleasant cash premium NOT to take delivery…off the books in London’s LME –the definition of a default on the exchange. No one cares. It’s not in their interest to care. It’s a “National Security Interest.” The U.S. can’t have the US$ collapse right now as silver goes to $500 because the U.S. military would collapse with the US$, and China doesn’t want to raise the price so long as they’re winning and still getting a few ounces delivered on the side.

    Am I crazy? Ask anyone who sources tonnes, not ounces, like Holter or Rob Kirby. They’ll tell you the premiums are like $1500 in gold, depending on size, and barely available then. China’s using the low list price to buy cheap dore directly from mines worldwide, which they wouldn’t if it were available, and couldn’t if the price rose to a probable real level, like $7,000. So why wouldn’t they play along? If they break the price and drive the US$ down 7-fold, they’ll be blamed for the worldwide financial crash. Let the U.S. hang itself. “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”

    I know these minutia of leverage, commercial vs traders, etc. are arcane, but he and others should be way more careful. They carelessly misdirect where the real rigging is and how, which is no service and can let small investors get fleeced.

    P.S. right now the longs vs shorts in the silver market have flipped, which hasn’t happened ever? Or at least on the modern charts. On paper, it says that unlike how JPM and the riggers have been shorting silver down every. single. day. since 1980, right now they’re net long silver. Don’t get jumpy, though, they have been since February and haven’t cashed in on a price rise yet. But what did I say about extremes and reversals? The low is made high and the high, low.


    Behavior modification-Fake news-Propaganda-Advertising

    Behavior modification is based on the idea that good behavior should lead to positive consequences as determined by the originator

    And bad behavior should lead to negative consequences as determined by the originator

    Dr. D

    Did anyone see this?

    Silver is already $18 in Asia, and that’s the official price, not price-in-scale. So if there’s a $2 arbitrage, how come no one fills it? Free money! But not if metal is undeliverable from NY-London.


    DR. D

    I’d say that sort of thing is wasted when in the comments section. Which I first asked you to make them articles in the first place.

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