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    Vincent van Gogh Green Wheat Field With Cypress 1889   • Viral Sequence Suggests Coronavirus Jumped Between Hotel Rooms (G.) • The Blood-Clot Pro
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    93 Israeli doctors: Do not use Covid-19 vaccine on children

    “We believe that not even a handful of children should be endangered through mass vaccination against a disease not dangerous to them.”


    Simple , and plausible, explanation why there are blood clots.
    Explanation is within the first 6 mins.

    Just sayin!

    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Green Wheat Field With Cypress 1889

    Wow, a van Gogh?
    The clouds, both left and right frames…interesting, no?
    The depth of field is remarkable, and so lovely…
    A welcome addition to my gallery…


    Simple , and plausible, explanation why there are blood clots.
    Explanation is within the first 6 mins.

    Cute, but addresses adenovirus only, and hence doesn’t explain blood clots with mRNA. Or Covid.

    Basseterre Kitona

    The Bill Maher bit is worth watching, all 7 minutes. Hopefully it is a sign that some sanity is getting through to the left side of the political spectrum.

    What type of ventilation do they have?

    • Viral Sequence Suggests Coronavirus Jumped Between Hotel Rooms (G.)

    The HVAC system could definitely play a role. And rooms on the same floor tend to share hallways too. Maybe this is a good moment to recall one of the worst case scenarios…that conveniently played out early during the pandemic: the saga of the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

    On the Diamond Princess, 3,711 passengers and crew trapped on the boat for weeks during winter (Jan 20 – March 1, 2020) early during the crisis when doctors were unsure how to treat sars-cov-2. And it was an older crowd with most passengers in their 70s. A complete disaster scenario, right ?

    So the final tally, 712 infections (presumably positive tests) and 14 deaths. Even amongst those who were infected, survival was 98%. Much closer to the flu than the Black Death of the middle ages inspire of the barrage of fear inducing hype.

    Of those who were infected & hospitalized, 27% suffered severe complications. 41% had mild cases and 32 % were completely asymptomatic.

    But looking back, the most important data from the nightmare scenario of the Diamond Princess is that 80% of the passengers & crew did not become infected. Quite possibly they were exposed to the corona virus for prolonged periods while on the cruise ship…yet apparently their immune systems were healthy enough to fight off infection. Maybe this was the T-cell and B-cell response that can repel attacks without the need to even create anti-bodies? I don’t know…but it is worth considering.

    If 80% of people can be exposed to the virus without getting any infection…or certainly not enough to trigger a positive signal on a test, then that is a very important fact to keep in mind. And it makes the present infatuation with vaccines and vaccine passports that some people (especially globalist minded authority figures) even more insane.


    Excellent interview with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of medicine at Stanford University:

    Ep. 1878 Jay Bhattacharya on Variants, Vaccine Passports, and the Future

    Basseterre Kitona

    One more calculation from the Diamond Princess, of the 3,711 people on board 14 died which means that the chase of survival for all of those people stuck in the nightmare scenario of that boat for weeks was 99.6%.

    The death rate of the Diamond Princess was 0.38%. Last I heard, the Infection Fatality Rate was about 0.26%. Given the poor conditions on the boat and the 70+ crowd, that sounds about right.

    It would be interesting to know what the death rate was in nursing homes because outside of the cruise ships they are probably the worst situation. Do the residents of nursing homes also have a better than 99% chance of survival?

    If so, then we need to end the farce of any healthy adult being the least bit concerned about the virus. And the likes of Bill Maher are correct to start mocking this stupidity for what it really is.

    Dr. D

    Vincent van Gogh , thank God a world without lawnmowers. And the lack of wasting gasoline running them.

    This is technically permaculture, as the hedgerows and other areas are permanently occupied by perennials creating habitat, enriching the soil, and providing shelter to diversity.

    CNN has lower ratings than the local news in any large American city. Let that sink in before you quote them again. It only adds to the illusion of their relevancy.

    Yes, the curious thing about CV is that husband and wife – seeming same age, same health – one dies, one doesn’t even get it. That’s been true all over and proven solid on the Diamond Princess. But it’s scientific, untampered, double-blind evidence so one one cares. Science is a religion, where you shut your brain off, not a method of determining truth using action and reason.

    Mister Roboto

    The Edward Curtin article is a very effective example of why the national Covid discussion has gone so badly off the rails: Over-the-top rhetoric and pet conspiracy-theories will inevitably generate a highly unfavorable signal-to-noise ratio. Right now, I’m reading a book by a Swedish doctor titled Covid: Why Most Of What You Know Is Wrong, which makes its case with facts, studies, and statistics. In a country that has gone as utterly fruit-bat crackers as the USA has in the past six or so years, expecting any such adherence to facts and logic over kookery and quackery purporting bear “THE TRVTH” is clearly expecting way too much.

    Mister Roboto

    A fascinating and thought-provoking aside from the “Meme Policeman” website:

    An interesting side note is that early on in the pandemic, many on the fringe right/libertarian side were very pro mask, and the establishment left was the one railing against them for public use. This completely flipped within a month, and demonstrated the tribal nature that dominated 2020.

    Doc Robinson

    Blood clotting is linked to the Covid spike proteins, according to a recent medical study quoted today by Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker. This helps explain how the Covid vaccines could cause blood clots.

    Here we study the effect of isolated SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 subunit as potential pro-inflammatory inflammagen sui generis. We investigate the potential of this inflammagen to directly interact with platelets and fibrin(ogen) to cause fibrin(ogen) protein changes and blood hypercoagulation. We also determine if the spike protein may interfere with blood flow, by comparing naïve healthy PPP samples, with and without added spike protein, to PPP samples from COVID-19 positive patients (before treatment). We conclude that the spike protein may have pathological effects directly, without being taken up by cells.

    SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 induces fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis: Implications for microclot formation in COVID-19


    By the looks of the Florida, Texas, Californicate
    Covid death graph at the top,

    DeSantis has hit a Grand Slam Home Run.

    Newsom is the Turd in the Punch Bowl


    Here is what I like to read (saves me work)
    Note: If you go to the trouble of digging out info – do more than cut & paste – give the https, link
    Covid: Why Most Of What You Know Is Wrong, which makes its case with facts, studies, and statistics.
    Explain why the charts of deaths are similar
    • Florida: No lockdowns or masks
    • Texas: Ended lockdowns, restrictions and mask mandates on 10th March 2021
    • California: Full lockdown and mask mandate
    Lockdown of those people with covid, works to keep the spread in/to a confined area

    Transmission potential of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) onboard the diamond Princess Cruises Ship, 2020

    Accumulating evidence indicates that the novel coronavirus can spread widely in confined settings including hospitals (Gan, Thomas, & Culver, 2020), cruise ships (National Instatitute of Infectious Disease, 2020), prisons, and churches (Coronavirus Found In, 2020; The Guardian. Nemo Kim in, 2020). In Wuhan City, China, outbreaks inside health care settings led to the infection of hundreds of health professionals (Gan et al., 2020). In Tokyo, Japan, most of the reported infections have been linked to a party inside a traditional wooden ship, called Yakatabune (NHK News Web, 2020) while most of the infections in Korea have affected members of one church and one hospital.
    Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
    Public Health Responses to COVID-19 Outbreaks on Cruise Ships — Worldwide, February–March 2020
    MMWR is launching the MMWR COVID-19 Weekly Briefing podcast, a brief weekly podcast series to highlight the latest scientific information from the COVID-19 response. Listen to the latest episodes.
    April 16, 2021


    madamski, April 17, 2021: While I think the attempt to disrupt NordStream is serious, I believe the rest is just distracting nonsense, albeit with the strategic benefit of finding just how far Putin can be pushed these days.

    They know now. They can back off and pretend to have made a point while the dismantling of the covid machinery continues. This also is a losing proposition they’re trying to back off of without appearing totally incapable. This is proving difficult, but they have Joe to throw to the wolves (…)

    But they’ve stacked the timber atop the kindling atop the tinder. It only wants a match, and there are rogues who might light that bonfire just to see it burn. (…)


    Zelensky is in a desperate position. Economic, political. His approval rating has plummeted from close to 80% or so – I guess hope springs eternal – to 30% – which merely shows some have sympathy for the poor fellow, sanitary (Covid has hit very hard) + other.

    The frozen conflict (DNPR – Kiev) was slowly thawed and revived after Biden took office. Ze was elected as a centrist, un rassembleur as the French would say, and a Peace prez., but he has been unable to effect any changes whatsoever.

    The neo-libs-cum-Western-groupies are allied tight with the Banderistas against Russia, they are very powerful, holding the cards both of foreign approval, support, funding, and that of violence on the streets. The oligarchs, generally favouring no disturbance, conflict, seem to play less and less of a role. Hmm ? Not sure.

    So Ze was in a place where he has to do something. (In the few still photos of him in recent days I saw he appears absolutely terrified.) So he followed malgré lui the laid-down scenario, *Russia Russia Russia* and we beg you, keep up your support.

    With NS2 18% or so of the Ukr. state budget will be lost, and no doubt then more to follow…as impoverishment is a spiral down. So both the Biden admin and Ukr. anti-Russia strands and most likely many Ukrainians would like to scotch NS2. It is very late in the day (it is almost completed), a bit like closing the proverbial barn doors. (It can of course be cancelled or sabotaged later.)

    Russia’s troop massing, increased presence in the Black Sea, are a deterrent that will most likely succeed. The message is: don’t mess with this. And so the W powers will back down, and Ze will be left with the internal problems, which will no doubt blow up again, but not for some months.

    Meanwhile the old litany, Ukr. must join NATO, etc. etc. Help us! is clarioned, which the West will not do, they care not a fig for Ukr. or Ukranians, e.g. the EU, after Yanukovitch refused the prelim. Ukr.-EU agreement and turned to Russia, or a-hem, tried to, they pivoted against him. Ukr.’s only useful function is to Poke the Bear under the orders of the US.

    Words like those of Macron (see above) are empty, though he ran on a “better relations with Russia” ticket to be elected, he was low-key and muted as compared to his real rival, Francois Fillon (Catholic.)

    Putin would have met with Biden if it wasn’t for the extra sanctions.

    As it is, the Russians are totally fed up. Some top brass, as well as the base, are increasingly against Putin’s lack of riposte, or show of firm determination and strong aggro moves, they have HAD it. One major step towards the “Game Over – Now a New Game Begins.”

    Michael Reid

    @ Germ

    Thank you for comment #73378 regarding real life impacts of Experimental COVID injections that everyone should be aware of. I have forwarded the link you provided to my family and friends


    For the church of Jesus Christ to shut out those deemed by the state to be social undesirables would be anathema to us

    They have already done this unfortunately, by shutting out everyone, even though there was no legal requirement to do so.


    Here are some definitions of a vaccine.

    The covid vaccines *are* vaccines.

    Calling this gene therapy is just hoping we’ll mix up RNA and DNA to be as confused as off-guardian, and hoping that we will completely overlook what sars-cov2 does with its RNA. Just because it is natural, it doesn’t mean it is better or even good.

    Doc Robinson

    The semantics concerning the word “vaccine” haven’t swayed (in either direction) my opinion of the safety and risks of the mRNA injections.

    Arguing semantics can just be a distraction from the more substantive issues.


    Could someone comment on the covid situation in Brazil. I thought that there was widespread use of Ivermectin but it seems that the situation is anything but improving. I can’t seem to find much data on the effectiveness of any treatment protocols.

    madamski cafone

    Woww. Lotta pareidolia in that Van Gogh.



    Thanks for the Ukraine update.

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