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    William Henry Jackson Camp wagon on a Texas roundup 1901   • More Than 1,000 New York City Police Officers Have The Coronavirus (CNBC) • Of 125,0
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 2 2020]

    V. Arnold

    William Henry Jackson Camp wagon on a Texas roundup 1901

    No doubt that is a great picture; but more pressing issues await…

    We’re in deep shit; for a certainty, but, nobody really wants to face it; it’s death staring back at you…
    The scary part is; you have no idea of who’s next…

    You’re a bulldog Ilargi; muscling through winds of controversy, the torrents of the MSM, and the tsunami of the CV-19 pandemic…
    Please take care of yourself so we can continue to get the real deal of the world, day, by, day…
    Kudos my friend…


    What a cherry-picking festival the comments section has become! *sigh*

    Actually, I can shut my mouth. I think I will. The din of what has become another doom’n’gloom uber alles echo chamber has bored even loud mouth me into silence. I’ll just read the articles and Raul’s essays from hereon out and avoid the comments like the, um, plague.

    Speaking of Raul: “You mean something went right? I’d still like to see proof.”

    That’s one of the funniest lines I’ve read in awhile.

    “Carry on, great warrior.” Lord Buckley


    Marvel characters

    • US Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming (Nation)

    • Chomsky: Ventilator Shortage Exposes the Cruelty of Neoliberal Capitalism (TO)

    • All Roads Lead To Dark Winter (Whitney Webb & Raul Diego)

    Great headline choices Raúl
    “You mean something went right? I’d still like to see proof.”

    All the above reports tell you that the USA most powerful organizations could not prepare for today.
    Now, you expect that Trump is Marvel characters. more powerful than everyone and can overcome the establishment and make the changes.

    Welcome to lalaaland.
    Tomorrow …. optimist view.
    “the blind leading the blind”
    “price control”
    more “MMT”

    Sailors from aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus outbreak to quarantine in Guam hotels
    By Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne, CNN
    Updated 6:48 AM ET, Thu April 2, 2020

    The outbreak on the ship is escalating rapidly. Last week the Pentagon confirmed three sailors on the Roosevelt had tested positive and that number had risen to 25 two days later. That number rose to at least 70 on Tuesday and nearly 100 on Wednesday. On Monday, a US defense official told CNN that a second US aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, is also facing a “handful” of positive cases.
    As of Wednesday morning, 814 US service members in total had tested positive for the virus, according to the Pentagon.


    I wonder how long it will be until people are burned at the stake for objecting to switching the world off for this virus. It seems that the prevailing opinion is that no policy, no matter how draconian, has worse repercussions than conservative measures combined with letting nature take its course. Seems like hubris combined with incompetence and greed is what rules decision-making.


    Yesterday, I saw a news report that the province of Manitoba is allowing former nurses to return to work as nurses. They will wave the government’s registration fees. They may temporarily wave re- certifcation requirements. All of these are government restrictions placed upon already trained nurses being able to work.

    Whomever thought of this idea should be given some credit.

    However getting former nurses to go back to nursing will still be difficult. Most of these former nurses have carved out new careers away from nursing and will be reluctant to return.

    Why do most nurses leave? Constantly Rotating shifts.

    Somewhere I once read that for every practicing nurse, there are 2 nurses no longer practicing. That was certainly true in my family as both my Mother and sister were no longer working as nurses.


    I agree that until a country gets serious about everybody wearing a mask, the virus will continue it’s exponential spread.

    It is not about the mask preventing you from getting the virus.

    It is all about the mask preventing an infected person from spreading the virus to other people!

    That is why the business of life in Taiwan can continue as before.

    Also wearing gloves in public helps reduce the spread too.

    I think once our governments finally figure this out, then our lives can go back to normal.


    I agree carol. Unfortunately, the world was simultaneously bombarded by both the main stream and alternative media, both of which have spent 24/7 scaring people to death.
    Slowly, other opinions will emerge but the damage is done.
    A link to the Ohio dept of Health which shows a model that indicates Ohioans would be looking in the rear view mirror by now if the draconian measures had not been forced upon us. Sure it’s only a model and many more deaths might have occurred but I prefer to get things over with. Similar to how to big to fail should have been allowed to fail but people felt extended pain was better.


    Yesterday, I ventured out to the local Walmart to get groceries.

    My how things have changed in just one week! Slightly reduced store hours.

    First there is 2 meter spaced lineup to get into the store controlled by a security guard. One out, then one in. Metal handrails guide the line. More people are starting to wear masks and gloves. I wore my winter gloves but no mask. I guess I will have to sew some!

    Once inside, the security guard tells you to take a hand wipe to clean your grocery cart.

    Inside the store, on the floor of each grocery lane entrance, are home-made one way arrows to direct the flow of grocery carts. Grocery lane exits are marked with home-made “Do Not Enter” signs on the floor.

    I must admit myself and other shoppers were initially having a little difficulty catching onto this new one way grocery cart flow system!

    The 2 meter spacing part everyone seems to have no difficulty with.

    Red lines on the floor plus pylons with ropes channel and space carts waiting at checkout cashiers.

    Cashiers have home-made plastic shields to protect the cashier’s who now wear plastic gloves.

    Overall, I have to give my Walmart store credit for making these simple but effective changes.

    Less shelves are empty now than before. I got about a 90% of what I wanted.

    If this is what the new normal looks like, I can live with it. The other option, I don’t want to think about it.



    Maybe not. If you actually bother to click on this article, don’t waste any time reading the fear porn that ZH is busy pumping out. Go down to the 900+ comments and skim through them for a big fat dose of truth.


    It’s deja vu all over again.


    Okay…. If you really want to know what’s been happening the last few months, here it is.

    Jon Rappoport: major Coronavirus announcement to my readers


    “Okay…. If you really want to know what’s been happening the last few months, here it is.”

    Its too early to arrive at a conclusion. Its a grain of salt.
    Don’t get upset. My opinions are irrelevant.

    All the above reports, from Raúl Ilargi Meijer, tell you that the USA most powerful organizations could not prepare for today.
    Now, you expect that Trump is Marvel characters. more powerful than everyone and can overcome the establishment and make the changes.


    WES said “Yesterday, I ventured out to the local Walmart to get groceries….If this is what the new normal looks like, I can live with it. The other option, I don’t want to think about it.”

    I don’t know WES, do you really want some goon from walmart telling you how to behave?
    Dr. D had a post a few days ago about the future.
    If people are this germophobic then I expect dating 50 yrs from now to be boy meets girl, they get to know each other separated by a sheet of Plexiglas in a romantically ultra violet room. If they like each other then boy masturbates into petri dish where medical experts and politicians decide if egg should be added. Or maybe walmart will assume that roll.



    Your comment about people being “burned at the stake” reminded me of my great, great, great, … relative Bridget Bishop being the first witch to be hung on June 10, 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts!

    Obviously she “objected” to charges of witchcraft to no avail!


    zerosum says: “My opinions are irrelevant.”

    Thank you for informing me of that, zerosum. In the future, I will ignore them.


    “Thank you for informing me of that, zerosum. In the future, I will ignore them.”
    You sound Upset.
    I don’t think anyone in power is listening to anyone of us, especially if its contrary to their opinions.
    I did not ignore your opinion. Your opinion helps me understand how the world works.
    I find that almost everything is grey.


    Before the Virus
    Authored by Satyajit Das, op-ed via,
    If The Virus Hadn’t Caused The Crash, Something Else Would Have


    VIRUS – UK

    It is interesting that 1.7 million people in the UK feel that they might have the virus. It seems usual for 30% of carriers to be asymptomatic, which would take the number of POSSIBLE cases over two million.

    We do not really know how long this virus has been around. A friend knows a couple of people who had a very strange kind of flu last November [in the UK]. In retrospect they feel sure it fits the description of the effects of the virus.

    Similarly there were a lot of unexplained deaths in the US last year which in retrospect look like COVID-19.

    Until a new disease is identified no-one is looking for it!

    Dr D Rich

    Whitney Webb and Raul Diego owe me royalty fees on copyright infringement.

    They do miss the opportunity to accurately name at least one phenomenon. Rather than a dozen word explication, they should have used one word to described DOJ’s and FBI’s destruction of Ivins.
    Its curious they avoided the term that most ppl associate with driving another person crazy, Gaslighting.

    Here’s the phrase used by Webb and Diego in their excellent essay: “…DOJ and FBI had “crafted an elaborate perception management campaign to bolster their assertion of Ivins’ guilt” 

    That, my fellow readers is the definition of Gangstalking.

    The targeted person’s mere act of resisting either gaslighting or gangstalking is used as confirmation of the target’s guilt or madness.


    1,000,000 cases worldwide and COVID19 is set to become the leading cause of death in the US in the next week or so. Any questions?


    WES – related to your point, I have heard of 2 stories of Canadian authors having female relatives accused of witchcraft. One is Marilyn Simonds (author of The Holding) and the other is Margaret Atwood, although Atwood says that her grandmother, who past on the story, sometimes denied the connection because it was shameful.


    Is it the leading cause of death or is it present in those who died and is the death merely attributed to covid rather than the other condition present? Is the hysteria around this disease perhaps causing excess focus on this as the cause? cause of death attribution is not clear cut.
    From personal experience:
    Example 1: Relative with longstanding COPD dies at home (refused to go to hospital) after a night of extreme chest pain on right side. Looked very much like a heart attack. Question: is the cause of death COPD or heart attack?
    Example 2: young person dies after apparently having grand mal epileptic seizure. However, it was determined that the reason for death was withdrawal after having missed several doses of anti-seizure meds (ie a side-effect of withdrawal of the meds was death by seizure). What is the cause of death?
    Once we get through being concerned about death by covid, I guess we will all go back to ignoring death of the planet due to climate change.



    Maybe my use of guard was a bit extreme! He wasn’t carrying a gun!

    Actually the Walmart guard was very helpful!

    He is the one who pointed out the available of the wipes to clean the shopping cart handles!

    I think as far as wanting to go back to being as close to normal, we are on the same page!

    We both want an end to the lockdown!

    But if everyone does social distancing, wears a mask and gloves, then with a few other practical changes, we can get back to the normal business of life!

    Will it stop the spread of the virus? No! But it will slow it down so we can better manage it!

    Hopefully by then the medical community will be more robust along with easy access to testing for the virus as well as testing to see if you had the virus too!


    I don’t doubt that there is a pandemic. I have lots of questions
    1. What is the actual number of cases? I know that 7.5 billion people have not been tested
    2. Of the ones that were tested, why were they tested?
    3. What percentage of the people that died had serious health issues?
    4. About 105 people die every minute, the pandemic is currently claiming 4 per minute. What do the 105/minute die from?
    Lots more questions but enough for now. Not trying to be a smart ass, just trying to figure why such the scare? Nobody escapes death.


    Data from Coroners offices and death certificates
    I would assume that, comparing numbers from previous years, that the virus has increased the total number of people that have died.
    I’ll wait for that comparison before making up my mind.


    Wes, I don’t think young people in my part of the world understand what is happening. Their job won’t be there when the quarantine is lifted because the place they used to work at will be no more, The survivors will be the usual walmart, mcdonalds, amazon and other ucky places.
    It also bothers me the way that the government is handing out money. Do they know that it will soon be worthless?
    The USA has extended tax filing by months!! They don’t do that to be nice.


    Here’s another way to look at the issue of cause of death: there are many people out there who think that the financial markets are bring “killed” if you will by covid. Those of us who have been following finance for a few years know that the markets have been ‘dead men walking’ for quite some time. Yet, to the uninitiated this is not apparent. Many people are in fragile health — those with cancer on chemo or other immunosuppressant drugs will be vulnerable. If they die, will the cause be covid or the fact that they were on immunosuppressant drugs?
    Zerosum: of course total number of deaths will increase. But all the other causes are still there. From my examples above, you may be interested to know that coroners in our region realized errors in their way of assigning cause of death — these folks are not infallible.

    Dr D Rich

    When did Anthony Fauci raise his guesstimate above 200,000?

    U S. causes of death in 2018

    650,000 Heart disease

    500,000 Cancer all types

    150,000 lung cancer, all types

    45,000,000 U.S. flu cases winter 2016-17


    Carol:. Yes some families would want to hide such things that happened in the past! I however, am not that way. Curiosity drives me!

    The fact is most of my relatives came to the states or Upper Canada on one way tickets! None left due to happy circumstances!

    Let’s face it crossing the Atlantic in a sailing ship was a very risky thing to do back then! Much more risky than the virus we face!

    Mostly English, I do have some Irish in me! My Irish side (Mother’s side) has two vague stories. One came to Quebec City after the British replaced tenant farmers with sheep! The other Irish came over due to being on the losing side of some kind of Irish vs Irish clan struggle. The reason the stories only go back as far as Quebec City, is likely due to the fact that they probably couldn’t read or write. Anything recorded would have only been written by local priests in long lost family Bible’s. So all I have are the oral stories past down from gen to gen.

    I do know my great grandfather (on my Father’s side) left England in the late 1890s to avoid having his young son being put to work on a grinding machine which was basically a death sentence (like black lung) in those days! Also the very bad air pollution from coal too!

    The Bishop part of the family comes from my Father’s Mother’s side of the family. They were all Bishops being loyal to the crown, fled to Upper Canada (Ontario) as Empire Loyalists settling around Prescott – Brockville area. (That is why we have a family cottage in the 1,000 Islands!)

    One of the Bishops was a personal doctor to a British general, so obviously they had to leave! There were a lot of doctors amoung the Bishops. On my Father’s side that tradition of doctors (3) still continues.

    I certainly wish I knew more about my family’s history but only on my Father’s English side can we trace the family back to early 1600. Even that family tree part took a retired engineering relative in England over 20 years to discover. He had to visit many church records and cemeteries all over England as nothing is digital.

    Interestingly, even the spelling of the surname was often spelled differently amoung a given family’s siblings! Probably this was a result of different priests spelling the surname as it sounded to them!


    Dr. D. Rich:

    You forgot to include all those clueless people going for a joy ride in a self driving Tesla!

    Their gene’s are no longer available to future generations!



    Yes, the government isn’t being nice because they love us!

    Maybe they are more worried that their tax slaves won’t be laboring to create enough wealth for them to steal to keep themselves in the style they have become accustomed to!

    After all the government rescue packages are just more blatant emergency transfers of wealth from us to them!

    It is all about their survival not ours!


    What does it come down to ….
    Bear chasing two hunters …. will catch the slowest runner.


    Dr. D. Rich:

    I can tell you there is one guy, though alive, who won’t be adding his genes to the gene pool!

    This guy and a buddy were out hunting deer. When it got dark the guy discovered to his horror that his truck’s headlights did not work! After fumbling around he found that the headlight’s fuse had blown but he didn’t have a spare fuse.

    Since he couldn’t drive in the dark without headlights, he was getting desperate. Suddenly he realized that a bullet fitted into the fuse holder, located under the dash, perfectly!

    Sure enough the headlight’s started working again! So he and his hunting buddy started driving back home. Just before they got home there was a loud bang!

    Dr. D. Rich, I don’t have to tell you what vital part got shot off!


    On a happy note – people still step up and contribute – in Quebec, Canada, 7000 nurses have agreed to come out of retirement to help with covid. Wonderful.



    The bear story anology is what I keep telling my daughter, just finishing her first year of business at Ryerson, in Toronto!

    She only needs to be smarter than the dumbest students in her class to pass!



    Speaking of bears, my brother had a friend who was out hunting deer in northern Ontario. He was walking along a dirt road. Suddenly out of nowhere a small black bear attacked him! The bear hit him before he knew what had hit him!

    This guy was over 6 feet tall and 200 pounds.

    He said that scrawny little black bear tossed him around like he was a beach ball, as he was curled up to protect his face with his hands.

    Then for whatever reason the bear stopped and left. The guy could not get over how strong that little bear was, despite weighting less than he did!

    My Father got treed twice, by mother black bears. Once in northern Saskatchewan and Labrador.

    In Saskatchewan, he was walking in thick bush when her heard a bear. He managed to start climbing a small tree before the mother bear caught up to him. The tree was only tall and strong enough to support my Father and not the bear. The mother bear was able to reach and claw my Father’s boots. Then the bear left but my Father was afraid to climb down because of the thick bush. He couldn’t tell if the bear had really left or was waiting for him to come down! He stayed up in the tree until a co-worker came looking for him, several hours later!

    In Labrador, my Father first heard then saw a mother bear with her two cubs. Again he barely made it up another scrawny spruce tree where the mother bear did a nice custom job on his work boots! This time he could see the mother bear leave so his stay up in the tree was relatively short! This being his second encounter, it didn’t faze him as much. He was by then a pro!

    By the way, I have no idea how those poor black bears trying to make a living in northern Labrador, survive! There is nothing to eat up there! They are the smallest scrawny bears you will ever see! Winters last about 9 months up there!

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