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    Piet Mondriaan Composition No. 10 1939-42   • Western Minority’s Place In a Multilateral World (Sputnik) • No One Authorised The West To Speak On
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    Long after the UKR war is a distant memory we shall still have the death vaxx wrecked among us. And new diagnoses every day.



    Dr. D

    Fox News Stock is not nearly low enough. Not that today Tucker will take them out, but having no anchor and finally revealing their true purpose, Fox has no business model with no revenue plan. That will take them out with perfect certainty just as it did CNN. But they are religious zealots. Money means nothing to them, they will blow all the money on The Plan.


    I’d short this, but it’s going to take a long, long time. Can I get a cheap option, dated years out?

    Ouch. Lavrov puts them on record and on notice. As they have good timing, I presume that means the UN is now going to cease to exist, but very slowly, like Fox News.

    “US President Joe Biden’s administration is “quietly preparing for the possibility” that Ukraine’s much-heralded offensive doesn’t deliver the “total victory”

    Um, since that was supposed to go to Moscow and topple Putin, I guess so. But they’ve been stopped on that for half a year, and all I see of their Heralded Offensive are Heralds. Not even one tank, not one busload of men.

    “Kiev needs more troops, ammunition and equipment to continue its military conflict with Moscow,”

    And I need a leprechaun to pop up and hand me a gold brick, but that’s not happening either. “The problem is that we have a lack of people and equipment,” he said. Yes, the problem IS that you have none of that, which is called “An Army.” But other than not having an army, you have no problems on the field and are going to win the war, right?

    Let me put it this way: — I – have as much army as Ukraine does right now. Or Britain. An Army I can IMAGINE, that’s only in my MIND. They feel this army – the entirely imaginary one – is quite real and can almost beat an actual army of men, with guns. WE, the West, the Media, then agree, participate, and ACT as if their imaginary army is real too. That is, We’re as or more psychotic than they are.

    Apparently that breaks when you’re shot in the head. The power goes out. Your kids die of hunger in Blackpool. Just kidding! Not then either.

    I think they should “Imagine” an invisible Force Field that protects all Ukraine that Russia can’t get through. That’ll fix it.

    “This is what Biden reportedly told Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at some point, before the US pulled out

    The Anglos ALWAYS pull out. They ALWAYS betray all allies. Apparently world leaders are illiterate. And they always make it YOUR fault. Now he hasn’t pulled, but they arranged the charges so it’s their fault.

    “US loses last chance to destroy Russia – ex-British intelligence officer Alistair Crook”

    No, they had no chance, but they’re psychotic and deluded and EVEN IF any of their delusions had been true, they only barely would have won by causing Russia internal problems, dragging out their not-losing for another 10 years or something. Cheney was a psychotic, bloodthirsty maniac, but he wasn’t wrong. They should have nuked Russia in the late 90’s or the REAL, aka “non delusional” window would close. They didn’t, and it closed. Since 2000 – that is 20 years, a LIFETIME – Russia couldn’t have been defeated, really. But with dottering, delusional dinosaurs, all over 80, they can’t realize that.

    “• US Talked Ukraine Out Of Attacking Russia – WaPo (RT)

    That seems unlike them, and unlikely. I wonder why they would tell Ukraine NOT to fight? Was it because the last time they did they sent Kinzal missles to blow up an entire NATO base, with all generals inside? Maybe that?

    “• The Green Party Has Turned Germany Eastern European (Lukyanov)

    Well everyone knew that. They’re not unclear that they’re Democratic Socialists, who love authoritarian redistribution of wealth, to them. It’s always been this way, and has to be. What else COULD accomplish the change they see as necessary? When the whole world’s at stake, it’s only logical to take everything and kill everyone. Only a truly massive, tyrannical government can accomplish that.

    Which is why they mesh up with bloodthirsty maniacs. Maniacs start from the goal and work backwards: “How can I get normal, otherwise intelligent people to agree to their own certain death and ruination? What lies must I tell?” Then they go invent the lies and pay to sell them to, e.g. the Green Parties.

    ““ is impossible to supply the economy with gas or oil, or even to heat houses and apartments, with ideology or political statements”

    As above they “Imagined” the supply chain. It’s more real than the real one, made by men going to “work”, and everyone also agrees with them. If you don’t see the imaginary food and feel the imaginary heat, that’s you, you must be crazy.

    “the radical Green parties of Europe have worked hard to convince many that these plants should be closed.”

    I agree they probably should be closed. But not until you come up with a solution to the power shortage. …Which is probably not too hard, actually. Given the lead time in question.

    In another way, this is a good example of what happens if you let foreign agents influence your policy with impunity: OBVIOUSLY they sap you to enrich themselves. And it’s not Russia toppling their elections. Klaus openly said he did.

    ““..The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine could have been avoided altogether if Germany hadn’t tried to delay Kiev’s membership of NATO..”

    Uh, whut? No, it would have caused an immediate WWIII, that’s why they didn’t do it. And as the article says, this only proves Russia was right and increases popular support.

    “CIA Director William Burns raised the issue of corruption during his visit to Kiev in January,”

    Shouldn’t he be impeached then? I thought even ASKING if Ukraine was corrupt was illegal in America. Asking for people to be investigated isn’t illegal when I do it.

    Elderly Politicians Threaten US System’s Ability To Perform (Blankenship)

    Yes, but it’s not their absence, it’s their presence. Like when they (constantly) think China is a rice paddy, Russia is the Soviet Union and the U.S. has a Navy like in 1962.

    “Democracies are slain with false promises and hollow platitudes.”

    I guess? But really they’re captured by oligarchs who become a titled nobility. And we’re not a Democracy.

    Of course, if you are poor, or a person of color, these rules were always a myth,”

    Really? That itself is a myth. Ask all the Jamaican or Chinese immigrants who retired well and whose kids are surgeons. Meanwhile rich people who are 5th generation white here live on meth. You know, like “W” and Hunter.

    These laws criminalize speech under vague standards referring to “inciting” or “intimidating”

    As here, as we have no Free Speech either. “Take to the streets” “Don’t let them rest in restaurants, anywhere.” — Maxine Waters. “Attack the illegitimate Supreme Court” – Chuck Shumer. “Arrest Tucker for violent felonies” – AOC.

    The “Rules Based Order” is “Do whatever you’re told.” That I just made up right now.

    “Joe Biden” will either be impeached for real high crimes and misdemeanors”

    Really? When? He’s 80 now and has been murdering people, framing them, human trafficking and selling out his country for 60 years. “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.” Wake me when the GOP lifts a finger. The DNC – Hunter specifically – called for the arrest of MTG. That’s FROM a guy who took bribes from Moscow and smokes crack while refusing child support payments and sells top secret docs while purchasing illegal handguns. Anything? No?

    “The Sanctions Boomerang: Why Trade Bans Backfire (Kneissl) “

    Because even in a perfect world of slavish obedience they reduce the use of the USD. In a debt-compounding system it’s never enough to KEEP using it. It has to be used at an ever-increasing RATE.

    “• Antony Blinken and the ‘Made Men’ of the Biden Administration (Turley)

    Again with the unfolding of lies. If you had caught them THEN, this would have been a scandal people couldn’t bear. Afterwards, it all fades, they’re grumpy but tolerant and psychos know it. They live in this world and must as they are mentally ill. The only thing they CAN do is proceed and learn the exploits that make normal people get along with them and give them things. In that case, hide the crime, lie, and let it reveal slowly so there’s no emotional break. No release. It’s the narcissist’s handbook. Why people tolerate it I have no idea, but presume because they’re criminals themselves who love lies, feel guilty, and have no self-worth.

    They constantly forgive and don’t prosecute known felonies when they come to light because it’s “too far”. That’s why we have DUTY. It’s your job to do so, even if it looks bad or you don’t feel like it. A felony was committed, so you must move forward. That’s not an option, that’s your oath of office. If you didn’t want me to fill my oath of office, why did you hire/appoint/elect me? For these guys, all law is a “living document” where you prosecute your enemies and overlook your friends, that is, “the law is in my mouth.” It doesn’t exist. It’s whatever I say it is, minute to minute.

    Alexander of the Duran zooms out and does a deep view of how we got here. It’s his opinion that Ukraine had all the plans after they were NATO trained, and back when they still had an army. You know they love their “Plans”. This was – because they can never give up a Plan, they have to dial the Insect-Aliens AI Overlord or whoever it is that gives them their Plans, and beg for another Plan, being incapable of creative thought themselves – to do as you see now, with 2, 3, 4 incursions all along the line, in Zap and Kherson, in order to get a big win, trap maybe 20,000 Russians on the West river, cut off the Crimean land bridge. They were indeed outnumbered and run too thin at that point, with no public support on the ground.

    However, Russia has fabulous personal Intel, as they are brother people, and if I were them, have no trouble mole-ing in to stop the war and save Ukraine from being erased. They absolutely have perfect military intel, with “U2” flyers and satellites, which is why they’ve been reduced to WWI tactics everywhere. As Ukraine massed for this, Russia called up their men, changed Generals, and withdrew across the Dneipr at Kherson, which is why the West made so much of it. Ukraine was then shelled all to h-ll in the West bank region. Zap and others went nowhere, as Ukraine sucks, (being NATO trained) and the line stalled, like WWI.

    That’s where we are today, with the addition of Russia having fortified heavily everywhere, and Ukraine having no men, no arms, no tanks, no trucks, no shells and no soldiers.

    You see, they wanted a new “Plan”, but there isn’t any, or none that will work. If Ukr couldn’t hit Russia at the height of their power, they certainly can’t when sapped for every weapon worldwide. Yet if NATO admits this, NATO falls, and as they keep saying, without the $1T in bank loans, European finance falls. The U.S. is demonstrated to be both a maniac and a loser and they fall, as indeed they already have externally with Saudi and sub-50% USD usage. So they hedged to hope “something comes to them” but it never does, not for gamblers nor for Generals. You can’t put it all on Red 9.

    So that’s why they still have the same “Plan” of Spring attack this time, not Fall, in the same places. It demonstrates their complete incapacity for thought. That’s why they ran the pre-written stories about how they Won in Kherson and Russia was on the ropes, bombshell, walls are closing in.

    Now my thought on that was about “Hollywood Thinking” as they call it. Putin is the Darth Star, and like a Stormtrooper, his job and duty is to fire widely, hit nothing, be the bad guy and lose. PewPew. It never occurred to this generation of armchair generals, who have more admirals than Naval Ships, that Russia COULD withdraw politely and re-deploy more intelligently. That seems to have confused them so profoundly they remain confused today. “But, but you’re supposed to LOSE! The Claw doesn’t defeat the Mutant Turtles! It’s his JOB to lose! You’re doing this all wrong!!!” (Petulant sulking)

    I dunno, why are the NATO/West so incapable of coming up with another plan – of any shape, kind or sort – given the whole spectrum of science, diplomacy, technology, tactics, negotiation, and war, played planetwide? That is to say: Who ARE these people? That they would even BE so incapable? When Kissinger himself told them so? Their careers have been capped, hated, suppressed, but surely there are 100 Kissingers hidden in the cabinets of all the nations worldwide?

    “If a problem cannot be solved, enlarge it. — Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Congress’s Motto.

    Dr. D

    Oh, Americans, yesterday? Yeah, you can find those people who don’t know the number “4”. But what’s common is the next level up, where they HAVE heard of Britain or the Revolutionary war but don’t specifically remember anything about it. You’d have to get up above the 80% zone to find anybody above that, who knows all 50 states and how the Supreme Court works, even in broad brush.

    Way WAY above 99% to get the slightest competency — like 10 people could talk intelligently on these things in a town of 6,000? Or zero people among the 6,000 at Harvard.

    Thanks “Common Core”. Education has dropped in a straight line since the Department of Education was founded, exactly as planned.

    V. Arnold

    Thanks “Common Core”. Education has dropped in a straight line since the Department of Education was founded, exactly as planned.

    Bingo! But it’s worse than you can imagine…
    The Underground History of American Education
    by John Taylor Gatto

    This has been going on since about 1853 in the U.S.
    Infantilization has been going on since 1853; and now we have the feminization of all male children too boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • The Green Party Has Turned Germany Eastern European

    • Germany’s Green Energy Delusion And Its Environmental, Economic Price Tag

    • Warsaw Slams German Stance On Ukraine’s NATO Bid

    Three headlines about Germany explained, a picture is worth a thousand words

    A family that plays together, stays together



    Duh ya think?



    It’s too early in the morning to deal with the Pet Police®

    My college drinking buddies were known as “animal companions”



    Tucker I love you for saying all that. Yes maximum contempt for the puppet masters of media.


    I’m tired of your plan. I don’t want to play your game. I’m going home.




    Dr. D mentioned Alexander Mercouris of the Duran. He has a youtube channel where he publishes a daily comment. This could be the link where Alexander discusses his thoughts on the “Ukraine plan”


    I was thinking about the Musk interview in which he, like Kurtzweil of 20 years ago, says that statistically, it seems all but certain that we are in a computational simulation.

    I thought, ok then, how would I understand such a simulation? Like the people in The Matrix looking at computer code on a green monochrome screen. It would be in the abstract. Not perceived, but apprehended. What’s common across ALL the subject matter posted on TAE and discussed here?

    So I racked my brain for awhile – a day or two, I’m not-a-vax-unemployed, after all – and came up with a common simple thing summing up what seems to be happening, overall, trendwise.

    I thought of recent trend, like calling pedos xyz-attracted, arguments for legalizing incest. Various other trends that offend virtue and reason, offend normal human life, nay, normal life of all kinds. In everything from small social spheres to geopolitics and infesting all culture, all economics. Life in the workplace. Life in the home. Life in public spaces virtual and real.

    A podcast from Sargon (Lotus Eaters) occurred to me in which he patiently explains for leftists why he DOESN’T want their “liberalization” of deconstructing, postmodernizing all his relationships, because all these people in his life are the things they are to him, and he values them as such. He does not want to break them all (*”sister,” “friend,” “woman,” and so on) down to a grey undifferentiated sludge. It makes things meaningless.

    If you look at it abstractly, it looks like digestion.

    That is, chemical bonds get broken in the process of releasing energy.

    In terms of abuse by Cluster-B Narc types, you’d look at their behaviors as continually breaking boundaries that people need to establish and maintain as part of existing as persons.

    Madonna’s entire career was about breaking boundaries, except for Borderline which was written by a jazz cat who was on Bitches Brew with Miles Davis, which why the chord changes are so nice. Imagined abstractly, the boundaries she broke were the bonds of a one time digestion of some sort of abstract meat. No one could take the same stuff and pass it through their own career/digestive tract a 2nd time after Madonna was through with it. Or the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – aside from digesting the artistic and aesthetic qualities of architecture – a one-time digestion – he certainly isn’t a special architect. You can build the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and it is wonderful to behold. Building a 2nd Daley Plaza does nothing or worse than nothing.

    Breaking definitions, distinctions, boundaries. Of behavior/thought/value/consensus reality. Like digestion breaking down chemical bonds.

    The resulting Grey Sludge is what, a goal? Waste product?

    John Day

    Murderers Pay For TV Ads

    Tucker Carlson got fired from Fox News over the weekend after berating other networks for ignoring the RFK Jr. Presidential candidacy in deference to the massive advertising income from big pharma, which supports TV these days. Carlson had Kennedy on his show to briefly state his case that his presidential objective was to eliminate the corrupt influence of corporations within the US government.

    ​ ​Pfizer Quietly Financed Groups Lobbying for COVID Vaccine Mandates​ Thanks Christine.
    Many of the supposedly independent consumer, medical and civil rights groups that created the appearance of broad support for the mandate received funding from one of the vaccines’ manufacturers.

    ​ ​Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Wednesday officially launched his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, telling an overflow crowd in Boston that if he has not “significantly dropped the level of chronic disease in our children by the end of my first term, I do not want you to reelect me.”
    ​ ​Kennedy, Children’s Health Defense founder and chairman on leave, spoke for nearly two hours and covered a wide range of issues — everything from his family’s history in American politics, to the military-industrial complex, to widespread censorship and to the attacks on civil liberties, the environment and public health.
    ​ ​Throughout his speech, Kennedy frequently referred to how all of these issues directly affect children.
    ​ ​He reminded the audience of the obligation America’s leaders have to protect children — from toxic pesticides, from dangerous pharmaceuticals and from the “corrupt merger of state and corporate power” that robs future generations of their health and of their ability to achieve financial security.

    RFK Jr. Launches Presidential Campaign, Vows to Reduce Chronic Disease in Children

    ​ Kim Dotcom: “​Seth Rich contacted me and offered information about the DNC. I rejected receiving the data personally and forwarded him to someone close to Wikileaks. That’s how Wikileaks got the DNC and Hillary Clinton leaks.​”​

    John Day

    ​ ​A book written about Chinese history 3,000 years ago has become an unlikely bestseller. In Revelation, or Jian Shang in Mandarin, historian Li Shuo concluded, through the study of oracle bone scripts and archaeological discoveries, that the Shang Dynasty in the early bronze age had embraced brutal cannibalism and human sacrifices. Further, the book describes how that part of the country’s dark history was rewritten by the succeeding Zhou Dynasty, which overthrew Shang in 1,046 BC.
    According to the book, the Shang rulers believed in day-to-day intervention by gods in human life and offered human flesh to the heavens like the Aztecs did – prisoners of war, slaves and tribal leaders were tortured and slaughtered to “celebrate” occasions such as building a new house or commemorating a deceased noble. The founding father of the Zhou Dynasty, King Wen, lost a son in a brutal sacrifice and started to question the rituals. His other son King Wu overthrew Shang’s rule, and came up with a new ritual system so that people would forget about the human sacrifices…
    ..As part of the Shang-Zhou transition, the church retreated from Chinese state affairs at a very early stage and Chinese politics has no representation for priests. History is an important source of legitimacy, starting a tradition of the state building up a narrative about the past.
    ​ ​Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher born five centuries after the collapse of Shang, uncovered the truth of the Shang dynasty but agreed with King Wen and the Duke of Zhou to cover up disturbing facts with a unified narrative. Confucius further articulated these coded messages into classic texts that formed the origins of Chinese beliefs and society’s moral compass. The famous Confucius quote of “do not do to others what you would not have them do to you”, for instance, is a subtle but strong warning against any resurrection of human sacrifices.​ Thanks Christine.

    ​ ​New developments in the story of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop suggest that US intelligence officials were involved in “blatant partisan activity” aimed at affecting the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the United States.
    ​ ​Maupin pointed out that claims about Hunter’s laptop being some kind of Russian conspiracy meant to interfere with US elections – claims based on a letter signed by some 51 US intelligence officials – turned out to be false: the laptop and the data on Biden family’s shady dealings it contained are quite real.
    ​ ​Furthermore, none other than former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell has recently stepped forward and confirmed that he signed the letter after getting a call from Anthony Blinken – then a Biden campaign adviser – and that the intention behind this move was to help Joe Biden win the election.
    In light of these revelations, it would appear that these intelligence officials were lobbied to act in a “political partisan manner to serve Joe Biden’s presidential campaign,” argued Maupin.

    ​ Moon of Alabama (Germany)​: Biden Prepares To Give Up On Ukraine
    ​ ​The much ballyhooed Ukrainian ‘counteroffensive’ is destined to fail its purpose of severing Russia’s supply line to Crimea and to liberate ‘occupied territory’. The Biden administration has finally recognized this and is out to lower expectations and to preemptively blame everyone but itself.

    ​ ​Ukrainian commander laments state of army
    ​ ​Kiev needs up to six times more troops and firepower than Russia for its counteroffensive to succeed, General Sergey Melnik says
    ​ ​Kiev needs more troops, ammunition and equipment to continue its military conflict with Moscow, Ukrainian Brigadier General Sergey Melnik told Spain’s El Pais in an interview published on Monday. Ukraine has already lost most of its professional soldiers as the conflict drags on, he admitted.
    ​ ​“The problem is that we have a lack of people and equipment,” said the general, who commands troops near the Russian border in Kharkov Region. “Professional soldiers… are already exhausted, injured or recovering. Or… dead,” he added.
    ​ ​Melnik said Kiev is now relying on “people without military experience,” who first need to be trained and have an “adequate [level of] preparation to face the enemy.” According to El Pais, the general also “stressed several times during the interview” that Ukraine needs more air-defense systems, citing the threat posed by Russian aircraft.

    ​ ​The Empire’s Revenge – Set Fire To Southern Eurasia​ , Pepe Escobar Thanks Christine
    ​ ​General Andrei Gurulyov, retired, is now a member of the Duma. He considers that the NATO vs. Russia war on Ukrainian soil will end only by 2030 – when Ukraine would basically have ceased to exist.​..
    ​..Gurulyov is essentially saying that the Kremlin and the Russian General Staff will make no concessions. No Beltway-imposed “frozen conflict” or fake ceasefire, which everyone knows will not be respected, just like the Minsk agreements were never respected.​..
    ​..​“Russia’s goal is to emerge in 2027-2030 not as a mere ‘victor’ standing over the ruins of some already-forgotten country, but as a state that has re-connected with its historic arc, has found itself, re-established its principles, its courage in defending its vision of the world.”​ …​
    ​..​He outlines how southern Eurasia is peppered by conflicting borders – as in Kashmir, Armenia-Azerbaijan, Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan. The Hegemon is bound to invest in a flare-up of military conflicts over disputed borders as well as separatist tendencies (for instance in Balochistan). CIA black ops galore.​..
    ​..​“Russia has very big advantages, because we are the biggest producer of food and supplier of energy. And without cheap energy there will be no progress and digitalization. Also, we are the link between East and West, without which the continent cannot live, because the continent has to trade. And if the South burns, the main routes will not be through the oceans in the South, but in the North, mainly overland.”
    ​ ​The biggest challenge for Russia will be to keep internal stability: “All states will divide into two groups at this historic turning point: those that can maintain internal stability and move reasonably, bloodlessly into the next technological cycle – and then those that are unable to do so, that slip off the path, that bloom a bloody internal showdown like we had a hundred years ago. The latter will be set back ten to twenty years, will subsequently lick their wounds and try to catch up with everyone else. So our job is to maintain internal stability.”

    John Day

    ​Treaty Law Enforcer Endures Prison, While U.S. Nuclear Bombs in Europe Give Putin an Idea​ Thanks Christine
    ​ ​On March 23, (American Vietnam veteran, 80 year old Dennis) DuVall began a 60-day prison sentence in Germany for refusing to pay fines for nonviolent interference with the lawless stationing of U.S. hydrogen bombs in Deutschland, at the Büchel air base. (U.S. H-bombs are also ‘forward deployed’ in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey.)​ …
    ​..DuVall is shining a spotlight on the risk escalation posed by the United States and NATO…
    ..Two days after DuVall entered Bautzen prison, east of Dresden, Russia’s Vladimir Putin announced plans to station Russian nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, causing a loud if hypocritical reaction from the U.S. and NATO…‘“… the United States has been doing this for decades. They have long deployed their tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of their allied countries,” said Putin.’ Then, after French President Macron declared, ‘In no case can nuclear weapons be deployed outside the territory of nuclear power, especially in Europe,’ the Russian Foreign Ministry asked with a smirk: ‘Is Paris’ demands ‘not to deploy nuclear weapons on foreign territory’ addressed to Washington?’

    Treaty Law Enforcer Endures Prison, While U.S. Nuclear Bombs in Europe Give Putin an Idea

    ​ ​New Instant Digital Payments System Isn’t a CBDC, Feds Say — But Critics Say It’s Still About Control
    ​ ​After reports about FedNow started circulating in November 2022, and after the Fed’s March announcement that the system would launch this summer, bankers, crypto experts and people concerned with personal financial autonomy​ ​lashed out, arguing that the system is a step toward a CBDC, or at least toward government control over the financial system.
    ​ ​A CBDC is a government-backed digital currency issued by a central bank — a purely digital form of money, promoted as a tool that could make transactions easy between individuals, companies and the state.
    ​ ​But such centrally controlled digital money is also programmable. It could be set to expire at a given time, or restricted to particular kinds of spending — and all transactions would be trackable by the federal government.
    ​ ​The FedNow digital payments system is not a currency, like a CBDC, but it does make instant and trackable digital payments possible.
    ​ ​The Biden administration last March issued an executive order giving the “highest priority” to investigating a CBDC for the U.S.

    New Instant Digital Payments System Isn’t a CBDC, Feds Say — But Critics Say It’s Still About Control

    ​ ​It’s A “Defund-The-Global-Police” Moment, Jen Says De-Dollarization Is Happening At A “Stunning” Pace
    ​ ​Jen, who now runs money at Eurizon SLJ, warned in a recent briefing note, that the dollar is losing its reserve status at a faster pace than generally accepted, as many analysts have failed to account for last year’s frantic swings in exchange rates.
    ​ ​“The dollar suffered a stunning collapse in 2022 in its market share as a reserve currency, presumably due to its muscular use of sanctions,” Jen and his colleague Joana Freire wrote.
    ​ ​“Exceptional actions taken by the US and its allies against Russia have startled large reserve-holding countries,” most of which are emerging economies from the so-called Global South, they said.
    ​ ​As The FT reports, Jen estimates that if you adjust for price changes the dollar’s share of official global reserve currencies has gone from about 73 per cent in 2001 to around 55 per cent in 2021.
    ​ ​Then, last year, it fell to 47 percent of total global reserves.

    John Day

    ​Mother of 7 Denied Kidney Transplant for Refusing COVID Shot in Georgia​ (​Even today, after all of the deaths and injuries, and ​having natural immunity.)
    ​ ​On dialysis and potentially facing death, a 41-year-old homeschooling mother of seven young children has been rejected as a candidate for a life-saving kidney transplant by Emory Healthcare Inc. of Atlanta.
    ​ ​The reason? The woman, who has already had COVID-19, refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on religious and medical grounds.

    Miscarriages and Dead Infants Were Described in a Secret FDA Review, but Hidden from The Public
    ​ ​Pfizer Tried to Hide Its Report for 75 Years

    The heightened risk of autoimmune diseases after Covid​ (Vaccination effects not examined, but spike protein seems to be the main antigenic component.)

    ​ ​While internal-combustion cars often match or exceed their EPA highway fuel economy numbers, a new paper using data from C/D’s highway tests show that EVs are far worse at meeting expectations.
    ​ ​On Car and Driver’s 75-mph highway test, more than 350 internal-combustion vehicles averaged 4.0 percent better fuel economy than what was stated on their labels. But the average range for an EV was 12.5 percent worse than the price sticker numbers.
    ​ ​The way the tests are conducted also skews the reported range figure. Unlike Car and Driver’s real-world test—carried out at a constant 75 mph—the EPA’s cycle is variable, with the speed increasing and decreasing over the course of the test. While this is detrimental to the results for gas vehicles, which tend to be most efficient at a steady rpm, the ability to regenerate energy under braking leads to higher range results for EVs, which are shifted even higher by the slight bias towards the city results in the combined rating.

    ​Cheap Kennedy 2024 bumper stickers, $2.54 each for 4 or more. I ordered 10.

    Dr. D

    Just that they’re soulless monsters, or rather those who have rejected and expunged their souls leaving only intellect. Because the soul is the connection to God, something greater than yourself.

    They are then starving to death but not knowing why. Wendigo, incomplete, seeking, devouring, digesting, but always without end or purpose, because what they seek isn’t IN the music, the money, the sex, and they think if they can only have this ONE MORE THING — which you won’t give me, you selfish, intolerant monster — only THEN will their hunger be ended. But the hunger is Love. And love not of sex, not even with sisters, but Love is Wholeness, Oneness, with God.

    Is it a simulation? Well yeah, they’re constantly defining words — like “racism” or on the other side “demonic”, then expanding the definition to include all things then stunned it appears everywhere. Tacos are “racist”. CocaCola is “demonic”. Same with “Simulation”. They mean to say that it’s all a THOUGHT, a concept, not real, not physical in the deepest sense. No duh.

    They mean that is is a giant illusion, inspired and created by a consciousness so advanced it can barely be conceived of, so powerful it can run and know the entire universe. No duh.

    There is a maker, and even master adepts who can hack into the code to break the laws of physics at will, proving they are not absolute, but part of the illusion, the Matrix, levitate and walk on water. No duh.

    Fellows, harken unto me: What you’re describing is CHRISTIANITY. You fools. Or Buddhism, or almost any other religion ever born. Your atheistic “science” tells you life, the universe, is a RELIGION, with a One-God-Father, a Manitou, Great Spirit, Yahweh “Becomer” in German Paganism:

    “Wr-alda is the ancient of ancients, for he created all things. Wr-alda is all in all, for he is eternal and everlasting. Wr-alda is omnipresent but invisible, and therefore is called a spirit. All that we can see of him are the created beings who come to life through him and go again, because from Wr-alda all things proceed and return to him. Wr-alda is the beginning and the end.”

    Sound familiar? Theses idiot are like saying “Did you know if you make something round, it can roll down the path?”
    Yes, I know. “Did you know it can be made to carry things?” Yes, I know. “Did you know I just invented it?”

    It’s called a “Wheel”, dummy, everyone else on earth has one and has been using them for 10,000 years. If you’d ever listened to any other human in your whole life you would have known that already.

    “Simulation” is just a metaphor for the SAME THING. For people who HATE everyone, everything, all religions, JUST THAT MUCH. Hey, if it gets you there, I’m fine with it. But don’t expect me to play along and not say what I’m thinking: that you’re way, WAY behind. Really the slow class.

    “Simulation” great! …As if we needed yet another religion to fight over. Thanks.


    On various articles at top post re. UKR.

    USuk plotted and entered with arrogance into UKR, since 2014 at least.

    The plan relied in part on 5th generation warfare.

    1st is hands on with lances, arms held in the hand, mano a mano, horses might be used.

    2nd and 3rd are like WW1, 2, in function of more sophisticated, deadly performing, armaments.

    4th is using ‘terrorism’, ‘guerillas’, shadow killings, ‘color revolutions’ etc. – as a low cost option, often effective.

    5th is using propaganda, mind bending, cyber influence, cyber attacks (e.g. preventing com,, etc.) ‘law’- fare, hugely better propaganda, control of oppo. populations, and at the top, sanctions (economic in first place), bis, etc. which will (it is hoped) cause collapse of the enemy.

    Heh. So Russia brought the W idiots back to WW2… to shoot it out.

    The ‘Collective West’ (i.e. the US and its hapless vassals) are running around confused, what, help, our super sophisticated NEW WAR plans are reduced to…how much ammunition we can muster?

    Just one take, others are also good.


    Watch out for when the “vaccine” is finally seen for what it is. There will be fifty million (a guesstimate) US citizens ineligible for the draft, and the 20-30 million unpunctured of draft age will be conscripted for the war the Neos seem determined to have. The two-hundred-million+ will go on disability and the US taxpayer is on the hook for “vaccine” harms.

    One of the things mentioned in the talk and interview I posted a while back was that people would just “disappear”.
    I have to wonder just how many people have disappeared already?


    Blondie the featherless bird “living his best life…”

    I’m with you in kindred Spirit… to all those doing no harm living a Spirited Life.

    Not a week goes by that I don’t look around me dis-spirited and think – ‘Is this really happening? Am I actually seeing and experiencing this decline in life all around me? Is this truly what my fellow humans that I’m surrounded by have become, their apathetic intentional look away behavior?’

    I check myself every day to align truth and the experience all around me. My realization every time is to find center, hold center- yes this is happening. Steel yourself, prepare… everyday seems one day closer to making a principled stand against real Evil we are all being surrounded and potentially consumed by.

    Thanks to all truth seekers and “realizers”. I confirm the insanity all around me and vow a Spirited Resistance against insanity and all Evil acts.


    Reverence: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue
    by Paul Woodruff

    Solid Book exploring the quality of Reverence as a lost Virtue through the History of the West (Greece) and East (China).

    Just that they’re soulless monsters, or rather those who have rejected and expunged their souls leaving only intellect. Because the soul is the connection to God, something greater than yourself.

    This one’s for Dr D and Tucker-

    Welcome to the Grand illusion
    Come on in and see what’s happening
    Pay the price, get your tickets for the show
    The stage is set, the band starts playing
    Suddenly your heart is pounding
    Wishing secretly you were a star.

    But don’t be fooled by the radio
    The TV or the magazines
    They show you photographs of how your life should be
    But they’re just someone else’s fantasy
    So if you think your life is complete confusion
    Because you never win the game
    Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion
    And deep inside we’re all the same.
    We’re all the same…

    They mean that is is a giant illusion, inspired and created by a consciousness so advanced it can barely be conceived of, so powerful it can run and know the entire universe.

    America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition
    Get yourself a brand new motor car
    Someday soon we’ll stop to ponder what on Earth’s this spell we’re under
    We made the grade and still we wonder who the hell we are


    Thinking about this a bit more, I considered what’s a common thread through the ruination of pop culture?

    I decided around 2016 to retreat into geek culture and ignore current events. (just a lowly call center worker after all) Only to find it all pre-happening in miniature. What played out in comic books and computer gaming played out in film a few years later, played out nationwide in 2020.

    I thought, I just need to retreat to something geekier, how about Magic the Gathering or D&D? Nope. They’d already gotten to them. Fools on youtube comments kept saying “Thank goodness they’ll never ruin my Warhammer 40,000, it’s too obscure for them” and now who is crying. If you hadn’t boasted all over the internet, you’d have had another 6-12 months being left alone.

    If I think about abominations such as the new “Lord of the Rings” Rings of Amazon, Doctor Who, Star Trek STD, or The Last Jedi, I see a sneering contempt or revulsion for human consciousness. Thought. The mind. The NPD type wants you disregulated, your emotions AND your thoughts jacked up.

    If you saw it from coming from a single blob, a something, then you might say it thinks they’ve found something better than spirituality OR intellect. Boy did they do all they possibly do to slag Mr Spock and what it is to be Vulcan in general – at least as much as they did to Luke Skywalker. Spent/lost as much money to do it. Destroyed their new streaming service to do it.

    I guess it all comes down to One Weird Trick.


    Oh, how the tables have now turned.

    Can you spell – ‘Schadenfreude’ !

    TVASF (and should now be making end of life plans)


    They didn’t make their end of life plans.
    If you’re death vaxxed – make yours now!

    Charlotte has been left destitute and relying on food banks while Kam’s still in shock at losing her husband: The heartbroken families of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine victims who say they’ve been abandoned by the government




    America the EVIL!
    Pure EVIL!

    TVASF (and the unvaxxed are still not allowed entry – Fuck ‘Em!)

    Figmund Sreud

    Spent general interview:



    >>She refused to receive a #COVID19 vaccine on religious and medical grounds.<<

    It is the Money Power Monopolist Mega-Corporate Orwellian Global Fascist Empire, USA, Inc. division.

    Please use the accurate term, since Confucius was right that wisdom can only begin when one calls things by their proper name.

    You mean the jab juice that scientifically and admittedly doesn’t prevent the disease, doesn’t prevent transmission, but will shut down your viral fighting IgG3 antibodies and fire up your viral patty-cake playing IgG4 anti-bodies? That jab juice?

    I’m sure she’s loaded up to the gills with natural antibodies for both the N and S portion of the CovFeFe virus as well. We need “frosting” on this Money Power Fascist Orwellian “cake.”


    >>Can you spell – ‘Schadenfreude’ !<<

    I have a theory. Thessalonians reveals that “man of lawlessness” will be revealed before the triumphant return of Agape Jesus as the King of God’s eternal Agape Kingdom.

    I would suggest that he’s revealing himself through that which he is systematically financing in society right now! And this CovFeFe craziness fits right in with men competing as females… and on and on…

    We know we are in the end times because Daniel 2:43-44 revealed Agape God’s Agape Kingdom would be set up in the era of the kings who mixed iron with the seed of men (and they would lose the ability to cleave… anyone have cleave problems in their families? Easier to answer is how many people do not have cleave issues in their families?).

    The mixing of metallic rusty iron filings began officially in 1941. CovFeFe was not accident — the name is far better than Covid-19. Whatever CovFeFe actually is, we KNOW it blows out the INTRAcellular ferritin sequestering iron inside the cell such that the iron is dumped inside the cells and the ferritin is jettisoned out into the serum, where wholly clueless M.D.’s measure it believing that it represents iron status in the blood… when it represent iron pathophysiology in the tissues

    Serum ferritin (empty ferritin after dumping its newly reactive iron inside the cell) exploded in the worst CovFeFe cases.

    The puzzle fits together nicely… 1941 ushered in Operation Daniel 2:43.

    2020 ushered in Operation Daniel 2:44.

    And make no mistake — the Allodial Royals and Rothschilds are financing Biblical prophecy in their effort to maintain their belief in their own righteousness as they finance a system to genocide all the “Philistines” around them.

    Figmund Sreud

    Interesting, … German commentator on Germany:

    From Adenauer to Merkel

    Adenauer secured and covered the separate state FRG as a new U.S. bastion in Europe against “Russia”, with the anti-Russian and anti-communist potential inherited from the Nazi regime.

    Kohl secured and covered the takeover of the ex-GDR into the FRG, with the help of the U.S. advisors in the Treuhand agency.

    Merkel secured and covered the expanded U.S. global strategy, especially against Russia.

    The U.S. nuclear first-strike doctrine accepted by Adenauer, renewed by Obama, makes nuclear war possible — in Europe.

    The U.S. pushed the narrative after WW2 that it had liberated Europe from fascism. But for the preservation of peace, freedom and prosperity, one thing is needed now at the latest: liberation of Europe from the USA.

    How German Chancellor Angela Merkel Subjected Germany to the U.S.


    @ TheTrivium4TW

    Here’s your FeFe – !!

    Figmund Sreud

    Politico reported on Monday citing anonymous sources in President Joe Biden’s administration. According to the outlet, Washington has urged Kiev not to spread its troops too thin or overextend its ambitions.

    The first priority is to keep the theft operation running and that means preventing any conclusion to the war, which in turn means that Ukraine must retain a fighting force, however small, to justify stealing tax payers’ cash from the western governments stupid enough to pass money to Ukraine which then goes to pay for the Davos projects, the big guy and all the other billionaire crooks.


    In Germany, for example, the percentage of people who oppose nuclear power has fallen from 65 to 20 percent. But it seems that the will of the electorate does not matter.

    Indeed. The will of the electorate will never matter until they get off their arses and protest in an overwhelming fashion that forces the government to notice. All these people in Germany are enjoying their last few days of luxury and then what?

    I know a Chinese lady working in Germany, she rented an apartment on the top floor of a house, where the landlord lives on the ground floor. The tenancy agreement is for the landlady to keep the apartment at 18 C or above, but the landlady is not living up to her side of the agreement, the heating is off most of the time. In Germany it gets bloody cold, but the landlady is telling the Chinese lady to wear more coats. It is now coming into summer but next winter will be horrible unless the Germans find their will to live.


    “affect the personal dignity or the respect owed to a public official.”

    Public officials are crooks. Why do they deserve respect when they bemoan not having respect like little children?


    Hope Springs Eternal



    I don’t think it works that way

    There’s not an App for that.


    Well said CitizenX. You’re here, right now, for a reason. Never give in, never give up. Fuck them and their money, their propaganda, pedophilia, violence and satanism. Vengence is coming, there is no stopping it, not after what they have done.

    Veracious Poet

    In case you haven’t heard or read it, yet, here’s Tucker’s speech delivered delivered Friday night (lightly edited?) at The Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala celebration, where he asserted it was time for the 1-in-6000 to Reassess Terms We Use:

    Read Tucker Carlson’s Speech Delivered After Last Fox News Show

    Here’s the dangerous part that no doubt ruffled Herr Murdoch’s (and others’) soulless insanity:

    And that’s kind of the point I’m making. None of this makes sense in conventional political terms. When people, or crowds of people, or the largest crowd of people at all, which is the federal government, the largest human organization in human history decide that the goal is to destroy things, destruction for its own sake, “Hey, let’s tear it down,” what you’re watching is not a political movement. It’s evil.

    So, if you want to assess, and I’ll put it in non … And I’ll stop with this. I’ll put it in nonpolitical or rather non-specific theological terms, and just say, if you want to know what’s evil and what’s good, what are the characteristics of those?

    And by the way, I think the Athenians would’ve agreed with this. This is not necessarily just a Christian notion, this is kind of a, I would say, widely agreed-upon understanding of good and evil. What are its products? What do these two conditions produce?

    Well, I mean, good is characterized by order, calmness, tranquility, peace, whatever you want to call it, lack of conflict, cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to godliness. It’s true. It is.

    And evil is characterized by their opposites. Violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth. So, if you are all in on the things that produce the latter basket of outcomes, what you’re really advocating for is evil. That’s just true. I’m not calling for religious war. Far from it. I’m merely calling for an acknowledgement of what we’re watching, which is not one…

    And I think two things:

    One, we should say that and stop engaging in these totally fraudulent debates, where we are using the terms that we used in 1991 when I started at [The Heritage Foundation], as if maybe I could just win the debate if I marshaled more facts.

    I’ve tried. That doesn’t work. And two, maybe we should all take just 10 minutes a day to say a prayer about it. I’m serious. Why not?

    I discovered about 10 years ago (during a white light NDE) that finite life is in truth as illusion, you could call it The Matrix if you like, that only The Loving, Healing, Creative Reality of The Infinite One is True ~ Great Spirit, without end • Amen.

    TAE community: There is no hope, no solution, no Way out when consumed by constant argument, angry outbursts, threats, or other tactics of EG0ic invention under the ruse of rational, logical debate.

    Without a resurrection of Love, Hope, Faith within humanity all that will remain will be misery, suffering, hate & destruction 😐

    State the Truth while practicing Love, without judgment, practicing forgiveness while not excusing error…

    Here’s the AV, if you want to see/hear/it:

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