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    “U.K. Parliament Holds Joe Biden In Contempt Over Afghanistan”

    U.K. Parliament Holds Joe Biden In Contempt Over Afghanistan

    Pot. Kettle. Black!


    Michael Reid

    News > Kaiser Health News
    ‘Tainted’ Blood: COVID Skeptics Request Blood Transfusions From Unvaccinated Donors


    Reminder: Yale University did a psychological vaccine messaging study in July 2020.

    those darned kids

    thanks, germ. i’m frikkin’ votin’ 19 times this “election”, and it won’t be for that narcifascist, mr. trudeau.

    Figmund Sreud

    Justin Trudeau shows his fangs

    Naw, … this sock-puppet just flaunts his socks. Yes! Just google “justin trudeau and his socks

    … an example:


    D Benton Smith

    ref : ” 70% of the recent calls to poison control in the state have been related to ingestion of livestock or animal formulations of ivermectin . . . ”

    Point 1. You are a flat out liar, who altered ONE badly undocumented wire story out of Mississippi and added your own percentage number to make it sound official.
    Point 2. Since you obviously pulled the phoney percentage number out of your ass we must all wonder what else is up your ass other than your head and a ton of backlogged feces.
    Point 3. Consider yourself on notice. Raul tolerates you as a matter of policy principle. I am under no such constraints. I tolerate stupidity. I do NOT tolerate malice. One more lie like the one you just posted and I will take great delight in making your continued presence here a thing you deeply regret.


    TAA is a Village.

    defaltionista is our Village Idiot.


    “ The daughters speculate that he contracted the virus from an unvaccinated person at Carlisle Palm Beach, an assisted living facility in Lantana, Fla.”

    I’ve been watching The Orville with my teen children lately. I really appreciate this series created by Seth McFarlane. In some ways, it stays true to the Star Trek concept better than the recent ST series — most episodes tends to focus on some sort of moral or ethical dilemma, exploring aspects of the dilemma.

    Recently, we saw S2E5, All The World Is Birthday Cake. The setting is a “first contact” with a world that appears similar to 20th century earth, and has sent a message to the cosmos: “is anyone out there?” The meeting goes horribly awry due to some not immediately apparent huge cultural differences that result in the world imprisoning two crew members and refusing to return them. Neither side is capable of seeing the other side’s point of view.

    This time when I watched the episode I found it eerily reminded me of the social divides we see around us today regarding Covid and the vaccines.

    The email I sent yesterday garnered 5 replies.
    1 – was a choir member asking the music director what the current guidance was from the UUA (the centralized organization UU churches affiliate with, that accredits ministers, etc.)
    2 – the music director replied, giving the information, and suggesting we have a zoom meeting to discuss the issues live
    3 – private message from a choir member to me informing me that someone I knew had long Covid. (While this is saddening, the individual is also morbidly obese, and such folks often struggle with Covid.)
    4 – group message from a different choir member that her relative, a nurse, is suffering from long Covid. (*sigh* healthcare workers often get higher initial doses of virus exposure, leading to adverse outcomes.)
    5 – message to group from choir member suggesting that we should trust the church’s minister and board to make the decision, no democracy, because none of us have the requisite training to understand the science of the situation. He went on about reasons why we should be afraid and cautious, same sort of tropes as we’ve heard since March 2021.

    To the woman with the nurse relative with Covid I responded with information about clinical trials to treat it. I did the same for the woman I have found out that I know personally who has long Covid…she is not in this group, but I had her email address. I did not want the group to devolve into a written spat, so I sent the following:

    There is probably no point in quoting the opinions of “experts” and “authorities” to one another.
    Those that agree with the cited authority are going to experience confirmation bias. Those who don’t agree with the cited authority are going to experience cognitive dissonance. We’ll all experience frustration.

    However, as far as I know, I am the ONLY person I know of affiliated with <church> who doesn’t buy into the mainstream narrative regarding Covid,. Perhaps there are more of us out there. Because we do not meet in-person, I cannot easily discover this information. This is one of the pernicious side effects of “social distancing.”

    So allow me this last shout out to my friends in the choir: I believe it is very important to stand up for what I see is “right” and “true” and “just.” You may see other permutations of what is “right” and “true” and “just” and feel the need to stand up for those permutations.
    That is A-okay.
    I felt it important for anyone out there who is on the fence or dissenting to know, definitively that, if so, you are not alone.

    If anyone wants to contact me privately to chat, to share stories, to share music in person — feel free. I welcome it.

    No one has contacted me. I called the music director and had a pleasant chat. I feel some closure. I will move on. I feel sadness — this congregation was a welcoming place for me and my children for many years. If there are shifts in opinion, I am not adverse to meeting my friends there again. At least they know that “one of their own” dissents. Hopefully, if things get really crazy, none of them will betray me to the authorities. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    I’m going to see if I can get to know the people on my street (there are 20 homes) better for the time being. This could be very beneficial for uncertainties ahead.

    We are sorry, the file you have requested could not be found.

    Please wait few minutes and try again.

    those darned kids

    raúl: many, many thanks for the wikileaks link.


    Central retinal vein occlusion
    Retinal vein occlusion happens when a blood clot blocks the vein. Sometimes it happens because the veins of the eye are too narrow. It is more likely to occur in people with diabetes, and possibly high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or other health problems that affect blood flow. ( adding covid will take years to be recognized)

    Is there a cure for central retinal vein occlusion?
    No known effective medical treatment is available for the prevention or treatment of central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO). Identifying and treating any systemic medical problems to reduce further complications is important.

    Is a retinal artery occlusion a stroke?

    Purpose: Central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) is a form of acute ischemic stroke that causes severe visual loss and is a harbinger of further cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events.


    Get it before it disappears…….BBC now is questioning……Is catching Covid better than vaccine?
    wonder how ling it will take for that to be buried?


    Corrected link:

    Had an errant ampersand before the pound.

    Mr. House

    I get a 404 for the first link also. If you find the links to it which shall not be named and the vegas shooting i’d appreciate those. The gentleman who wrote before the collapse used to have a blog. Its gone now but he always said the vegas shooting was an inside job. The argument he made was convincing, but back in those days i wasn’t to the point where i’d consider that .gov would do something that reprehensible, i know longer suffer from that illusion. And yes thank you Raul for posting these, its a lot and i’ll be sifting for quite some time. What does this say about Julians future?


    Speaking of village idiots: This woman has some real TAE commenter potential. I mean, what do you think happens to you when you are fed a daily diet of “information” from sources like Bret Weinstein, Pierre Kory, Simone Gold, Stella Immanuel, Robert Malone, Geert Vanden Bossche, Karl Denninger, John Solomon, Brian Gerrish, Kit Knightly, Paul Joseph Watson, Raheem Kassam and all of the really dumb right wing propaganda websites that pass for “sources” here?

    This is the edited version. I don’t know what is more disturbing, the fact that she might have a kid or a grandkid or the fact that people applauded at the end.


    Central retinal vein occlusion
    Forgot, I know of two people who went blind in one eye from shingles


    @D Benton Smith:

    Ummm. I read an article. I posted it here. Out of all the bullshit posted on this site, you take issue with one that is reporting on news from Mississippi, that is reported in hundreds of places, and then claim that I am lying for posting it?

    Maybe you prefer several other sources that say the same thing? I wonder, does Raul tolerate threats on his blog? Typically, when you have to resort to threats, you are already losing the argument. Is there really an argument here?

    Do you need more?

    Mr. House

    I couldn’t find anything on corona, swineful 2009 but nothing on it which shall not be named.

    Mr. House


    Who are you advocating for? The people who crashed the economy in 2008 and then didn’t go to jail? MF GLOBAL, The London Whale, the banks that launder drug money? Who are you advocating for? You call us all nutters, you post things that nobody here ever talks about, trying to paint us as advocates of it. Go take care of your mother, i would if i was in your situation, who knows how much time you have left with her.


    @ oxymoron

    “ Point being while I was away from the wife and kids my state leader Premier Dan Andrews informed the populace that all 12 year old children will be vaccinated by december this year.”

    Do you have a link? I have someone I want to share that with. A quick search yielded nothing (which is odd…I guess our overlords don’t want the US population to know this?)

    Mr. House

    Better yet, go get your booster jab. Get one of each for triple protection!


    Ah, Denninger. I enjoy his rants,mthey are intelligently done, however, in this case:
    “ If you have had Chicken Pox (I have) you’d look at anyone telling you to take a chicken pox shot as if they had six heads because such a suggestion is flat-out bat****-crazy-level insanity”

    …he chose the wrong vaccine to say this about. Chicken Pox immunity is an odd one, where instead of rooting out the virus it goes to sleep in the nerves, and can waken if the immune system forgets to be vigilant. Re-exposure to the varicella virus, either to those with active infections (chicken pox or shingles) or booster vaccination can help keep the immune response high. As someone who has had shingles flare-ups twice in the past 25 years (had chicken pox at age 5) that were fortunately caught and checked quickly, I offered to come hang out with my nieces and nephews the next time one of them comes down with chicken pox….


    Mr. House:

    Thanks for your concern. My mom is sitting on her chair, five feet away, and sleeping. These are the times I can use to post here or read a book. I have spent the last year palliating her condition and resting in between, like now.

    I read the comments here. I read your comments here. It is not very hard to figure out what you do advocate, and what you do not. Its just based on a long history of comments. The sources leaned on for opinion here are, let’s say, less than reputable, and each is riddled with a common agenda. You might not see that agenda, because you agree with most of it politically.

    What I advocate for, which I have said numerous times in several comments, is that people stop believing their own bullshit. Maybe step outside of your precious little narrative that whispers sweet nothings in your ear and maybe, just pretend, just consider, that your narrative may be completely wrong. TRY to prove your narrative wrong. You wouldn’t have to put much effort into it, believe me. Why the fuck would that make anyone here offended?

    And yes, there is a lot of bullshit spewed here that would qualify for nutter designation. And that certainly doesn’t mean one has to be a mainstream sheep to think that. If you all find pleasure in whipping yourselves up into some frenzy of fear based on these pathetically sourced narratives, then go for it. Just don’t act like a baby when someone points it out.


    ABC “News”- “the reality and the rhetoric are miles apart”

    Coming from the propaganda mouthpiece bobble head EXPERTS – yes this is America, where reality and rhetoric are not on the same page, unless the experts say so.

    Day- thank you for all your writings, musings and beyond. I’m horrifically sorry they have targeted you. “They” took my job away, my livelihood away, my dignity is apparently what they really want, and to own me, yourself, and everyone they can.

    No Governor or Politician OWNS other human beings. They have overstepped their boundaries for decades murdering and interfering with other Nations and other lives. No Governor has the moral authority to decide my future, my employment, my health procedures, my movement, where I step, when I can step, or how I step…

    Politicians (Government) are human beings- they are fallible and mortal- they are now acting like Gods and Kings with false claims and worse actions. Good people- it is time to speak the fuck up- and act.

    I would like face time to tell these fuckers exactly what I think- they need to be confronted and called out. If they choose to continue down their insane paths then obviously rhetoric will not work to confront reality. Stronger measures will be required to bring reality and rhetoric together- MLK for example.

    Make no mistake people- the Politicians of today are murdering liars, They are lying to all of us, and they are murdering us- whether in the form of a slow choke hold on your life and employment, or your health decisions. “They” must be confronted peacefully first…

    Be strong, have courage.

    “Without Love in a Dream it will never Come true ”


    @deflationista- What exactly are you constantly whining about?

    You had your vaccine right? What are you worried about? That you have been lied to and that your vaccine does not work as advertised?

    You do realize that being vaccinated means you can still get cvd from another vaxd person, you can still transmit cvd to another vaxd person? So wtf are you going on about?

    Hey I have a riddle for you- What is the difference between Ignorance and Delusion?


    @citizenx re: ‘face time’

    I believe the Continued Push is because the higher-ups are not getting feedback. They spent the whole Trump era (and before?) actively hacking off the receivers of important signals. Sure, kick half the users off FacePunch, etc. They won’t talk to eachother anymore. But you’ve just lost the pulse of the populace. No more feedback for you! This hurts their ‘vacuum up everything’ strategy, eh?

    Thank you so much for the Help On The Way quote!


    RE: the wikileaks trove

    I’ve downloaded what appears to be the master .torrent file. I will not download any actual documents yet. I may build a tighter VM to do this, but even that seems sketchy. Understand that possession of some of these documents may lead to a knock on the door…or no-nock on the door.

    Be very careful. PDFs can phone home if you load them in Acrobat, and other PDF readers may give away the game through some unintentional path. HTML files will have trackers. Other dirty tricks also. If you have downloaded any of these actual documents,<b> shut off your network </b>before you read them!


    US Warns American Citizens To Avoid Kabul Airport One Day After Biden Reassures That All Is Well

    “Biden on Friday said they “know of no circumstance where American citizens are carrying an American passport” and not able to reach the airport. Well, now he does.

    Afghan-Americans on Thursday said that Taliban fighters are now attempting to take their U.S. passports and identification orders in an attempt to stop them from leaving the country.

    “I got to the gates and was about to show my passport, but the Taliban got it, and he said you are not allowed to go through and wouldn’t give it back,” one Afghan-American, who served for several years as an interpreter during the war and has his home in the U.S but requested anonymity for safety reasons, said. “I was lucky a U.S. marine was right there and forced him to give it back.”

    Doc Robinson

    citizenx might be interested in this:

    Montana only state to ban vaccine requirements for employees


    Tell me, what is to “Believe”?

    Dr. D

    Interesting question: since they were all pro-danger and pro-lockdown for 18 something months, what do you think caused the overall perception of the TAE commenters to change? Not me, really. I get to be the resident crank, but nobody believed me before, so why now? It has to be something, somewhere else. Did you also believe Covid was nothing originally, “go to the parades” and don’t now? I expect you’re following a relatively steady line. Like sure, maybe it’s not so super dangerous as once said, but these IVM and others aren’t the solution either. Reasonable. So what’s your story arc?

    I guess I’m asking, How dangerous is Covid? With 12-18months of R5-R9 spread are most people immune now? Do vaccines work more or less as said? What should we do with people who won’t take them? Since the vaxxed are safe, does it even matter? Sure we believe something, and from the thin few who dare speak up and be fired like Dr. Day, but you’re human and must believe something too.

    CDC does not require vaccines and only half have them. White House also does not require. Maybe I should follow their lead.

    “US Warns American Citizens To Avoid Kabul Airport One Day After Biden Reassures That All Is Well”

    No way this is a coincidence. Like all Office statements were specifically countered, too perfect to be an accident. “Not before Monday” “Not with helicopters in Saigon”, “We had no intel” and now “Kabul is fine.” No way. Either they’re orchestrating on Kabul side or Someone here is writing the teletype speeches for Joe.

    Michael Reid

    Luckily I don’t need blood transfusions but I have given them when I was a nurse. If I need a transfusion at some point in the future I would want the blood of a non jabbed. If that was not available one would have to take it or suffer the lack of transfusion. It seems to me it is a little like having blood from people with aids in the blood bank. If you are jabbed and need a transfusion non jabbed blood would be the least of your concerns.

    Mr. House

    “What I advocate for, which I have said numerous times in several comments, is that people stop believing their own bullshit. Maybe step outside of your precious little narrative that whispers sweet nothings in your ear and maybe, just pretend, just consider, that your narrative may be completely wrong. TRY to prove your narrative wrong. You wouldn’t have to put much effort into it, believe me. Why the fuck would that make anyone here offended?”

    I never stopped going out during covid. Was sick feb of 2020, but i don’t think that was covid. So for 18 months i went out and lived my life. Went bowling, went to bars that would let you in. Never got sick. Only got sick the beginning of august. Now i’m not an idiot. When i feel sick i don’t go out. Didn’t potentially hurt anyone, and i don’t blame the person who gave it to me. I’m just lucky i have a loving family who would drop of fluids and food and flu meds to help me sleep. What is so dangerous about that? Is everyone in your town dead from covid? I doubt it, so why do we need to totally upend our lives for something the media has totally taken across the red line for alot of people? Just got back from my covid test, asked the guy giving it a question: My symptoms ended last sunday, i’ve still got a cough and can’t taste or smell, will this test pick it up? His answer: no. Now i need to go get an antibody test to see if i’ve got those. Insurance doesn’t cover it cause they love us so much, oh well only 38 bucks. I’m living my life, and i refuse to let people like you change it because you’re scared.

    Mr. House

    Face your fears


    Why Is there the big data dump from Hillary?
    Why now?
    What is someone, somewhere, trying to get eyeballs interested to spend time looking at all the data?
    example: of a med report: Schabir Shaik, 11 Sept 2009
    (the date 01-Jan-1984 is not relevant to the pdf)

    Something older and more relevant

    Oct 06 HANDBOOK
    Southern Afghanistan COIN Operations
    Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)
    Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

    Originally written as an information paper by members of the 1st Battalion, 3rd
    Special Operations Forces Group Alpha, proudly known as the “Desert Eagles,”
    CALL Handbook 07-6 provides a strategy for conducting counterinsurgency in
    southern Afghanistan. Observations, insights, and lessons; best practices; and
    tactics, techniques, and procedures compiled by these combat veterans over four
    deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom form the basis for this
    publication. This handbook is tailored for commanders and staffs of combined-arms
    formations, but contains lessons pertinent to commanders and staffs of civil affairs,
    engineer, and combat support units as well. Of particular note is the balance of
    nonlethal and lethal operations integrated into a single, seamless operation. Like the
    sergeant first class of 1/3, commanders at all levels need to determine the defeat
    framework they will use against the enemy and ensure that all actions, from Soldier
    to commander, support that framework. This handbook is an example of how to do
    that in actual operations.


    What is WikiLeaks
    WikiLeaks has contractual relationships and secure communications paths to more than 100 major media organizations from around the world. This gives WikiLeaks sources negotiating power, impact and technical protections that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to achieve.

    Although no organization can hope to have a perfect record forever, thus far WikiLeaks has a perfect in document authentication and resistance to all censorship attempts.

    WikiLeaks, its publisher and its journalists have won many awards, including:

    Mr. House

    Stole this from a commenter at zerohedge. Remember, only 6% of all covid deaths died only of covid. The other 94% had 2.9 other comorbidity’s

    (CDC) Influenza Deaths 10-years.
    2010-11 37K
    2011-12 12K
    2012-13 43K
    2013-14 38K
    2014-15 51K
    2015-16 23K
    2016-17 38K
    2017-18 61K
    2018-19 34K
    2019-20 22K

    Total = 359K
    Average = 35.9K Influenza deaths per year.
    Claimed Covid deaths = 616K
    CDC revised at 6% = 36.96K
    *CDC counted Influenza deaths with Covid
    Influenza average = 35.9k per year
    Covid = 36.96k
    Total Covid deaths = 1,060 (One thousand and sixty)
    USA population 328-million
    Fatality % from Covid = 0.00032317073170732%
    *CDC LIED about = 579.04K deaths from Covid.
    Current vaccine deaths = over 13k.

    Veracious Poet

    I’ve been aware of sheeple like deflat-terrirista since I went online to spread what I know about the Banking/.MIL Empire since 1996 ~ They are victims of mass (herd) psychosis, which has been existent since before the advent of the wheel, probably following the discovery of fire…

    They always normalize abhorrent actions of the herd’s leaders, hellbent on rationalizing group insanity, mentally trapped in the fantasy of their denial(s).

    I have a recent example from my extended family: My brother’s FIL died following a simple procedure that normally only requires an overnight stay for observation. The following morning he suffered a clotting stroke, which was followed 3 days later by a heart attack. He was brain-dead after that, they pulled the plug 5 days after the safe procedure.

    He was 68 years old, no serious underlying conditions, walked 2-3 miles per day, normal weight, a vibrant male for his age ~ He took the 2nd Pfizer koolaid jab two weeks prior, but of course his demise was blamed on the procedure, nothing to see here folks!

    Since then his widow has been in mourning, but just like him, is absolutely committed to The Science, absolutely excited to getting booster jab(s) ASAP, to do her part…

    Recently my brother & SIL shared some info with her, including why they followed my counsel not to become guinea pigs ~ This led to her having a complete meltdown, a total neurotic episode, yelling profanities at them while accusing them of being selfish children 😐

    Some people are sooo bluepilled, so tricked into being fascist do-gooders, that anyone outside of the mainstream narrative is attacked, belittled & shunned…


    absolute galore


    It is sad that people in the United States must resort to buying Ivermectin made for horses because doctors will not prescribe it and the FDA has demonized it.

    That link is full of misleading information. It make it sound as though Ivermectin is only used to deworm animals.On the contrary, it is given for scabies (in nursing homes, to old people) and parasites afflicting humans. Partly for its role in wiping out river blindness in Africa, its creator won a Nobel Prize. It has been prescribed to humans more that 4 billion times.

    The medicine in the horse paste is the same, but the non-active ingredients are different and may give people an upset stomach. Also, a single box or syringe full of past is about 6 doses for a 170 lb person. Also, some of the medications sold for horses are Ivermectin in an apple paste, but some contain other active drugs. It’s possible people are not reading the labels.

    There have been zero reports to the health authorities, only a single hearsay incident. This allowed them to roll out the FDA warnings of coma and death, which are a total crock.

    Ivermectin over 40 years has a magnitude fewer serious adverse reports than the vaccines rolled out less than a year ago.

    Most of the U.S. population believes that a. we will always have oil or b. electric cars and solar panels will do just fine. Am I a nutjob conspiracy theorist because I have looked at the available evidence and determined both of these beliefs are simply wishful thinking, delusions of those who worship at the altar of progress?

    Do I believe every single thing posted on TAE? Of course not. I’m skeptical by nature. But the overall narrative–covid is a nasty new bug (probably made by U.S. in a lab in China) that, in certain demographics, can be very serious, can be fatal, but overall is survivable by more than 99 percent of those who get it;
    that the vaccines are experimental, and are not without side effects, some serious, some fatal;
    that the long-term effects are simply unknown (though there is much speculation).;
    that the censorship of other views and the manipulation of data is rampant,as is the complicity of the msm;
    that the push for mandates and passports is a very very very bad thing, much worse than the virus

    I have a couple of health situations that could put me at slightly higher risk from covid, but I still like my chances. When it first broke, I volunteered to deliver food from a local grocery. I thought I would be seeing older folks, but many of my deliveries were to people half my age.

    If people were dying around me, I would be more inclined to try a vaccine, no matter how experimental. But this whole situation has become stranger and stranger. The push to vaccinate has no science and no logic whatsoever behind it.

    I’m sorry you are content with the usurping of freedoms, the censorship by government, media, and corporations.

    Have you noticed that most of our “leaders” end up sooner or later embroiled in some sort of scandal, whether prosecuted or not? Can you point to one who you believe had done a good job?

    Just because you visited this site years ago, and now you come back and everyone is crazy, why would you then stick around? As has been pointed out, you don’t even serve as a good devil’s advocate. You can’t hide your disdain. It’s gotten tiring and boring. I have no doubt you could find a more suitable playground, but I suspect you are something of a masochist.


    @ Veracious Poet
    Most deaths or problems will not make into the data of problems occurring with the vaccines

    My Example: Central retinal vein occlusion (blood cloth)

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