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    Veracious Poet

    Most deaths or problems will not make into the data of problems occurring with the vaccines

    More than a little odd, wouldn’t you say, that record keeping is so willy-nilly for the most audacious vaccine experiment ever conducted in human history, involving every subject willing to participate?

    Mister Roboto

    Last summer we didn’t have a covid spike, but now suddenly we do.

    The south had a spike in summer of 2020. That’s because summer is their “winter”. IOW, that’s when they all stay indoors where it’s air-conditioned the way we stay indoors during the winter where it’s heated. People crowding indoors facilitates transmission.

    Mister Roboto

    Had a horrible flu in Feb of 2020, but this was different. Fever for two weeks, and the dreaded lost taste and smell.

    So do you think you just had a bad case of the regular flu in Feb. 2020? I’m asking because natural immunity should have protected you from Delta.

    Mister Roboto

    defaltionista is our Village Idiot

    More like the Village Neurotic Trainwreck who makes people like me say, “There but for the Grace of the Spirit go I”.

    absolute galore

    @ zerosum wrote:

    @ Veracious Poet
    Most deaths or problems will not make into the data of problems occurring with the vaccines

    My Example: Central retinal vein occlusion (blood cloth)

    I am not certain based on your posts about this–is central retinal vein occlusion being attributed to a consequence of covid or to a consequence of a covid vaccine?

    Doc Robinson

    I looked at the most recent data from GOV.UK (updated yesterday), and it shows that for the under-50 crowd, there were 337,834 cases of the Delta variant since 1 Feb, yet the subsequent deaths were so low that the fatalities were listed as 0.0% of cases.

    The 50-plus age group had less Delta cases (48,264), and the “Total deaths in any setting (regardless of hospitalisation status) within 28 days of positive specimen date” were 2.2% of the cases.

    Looking at the all-ages combined group, the deaths were 0.3% of cases.

    It’s not clear to me whether this represents the case fatality rate (which would mean the deaths resulted from Covid-19 instead of being deaths from any cause within 28 days of a positive test).

    The infection fatality rate would be even lower, due to the number of Covid infections that were not part of the official records for whatever reason (asymptomatic or mild infections not tested, etc.)

    Table 4


    @ absolute galore
    re.: Central retinal vein occlusion

    “…. attributed to a consequence of covid or to a consequence of a covid vaccine”

    My optometric sent me to a specialist.
    I’ll report my experience after my appointment with the retinal surgical associates, on monday.
    .Due to the many reasons that can cause this problem, I doubt that the dr. will want to report as a suspected problem caused by the vaccines.
    Only, if there was a study, that looked at the rise/fall of of Central retinal vein occlusion compared to previous years would settle the question.
    The dr left a message …. wear a med face mask …. bring your proof of vaccines …. bring the med that you are taking ….. expect drops in your eyes that will make driving blurry

    Doc Robinson

    @ zerosum

    In the UK, the Royal College of Opthalmologists put out this alert after “anecdotal cases of retinal vein occlusion (RVO) in the immediate period (28 days) subsequent to COVID vaccination.

    Safety Alert: Retinal vein occlusions post COVID vaccination


    Doc Robinson

    I went into the link to find more info.
    I’ll mention the Yellow Card System to my doc


    Adverse covid effects reporting in Canada

    Circulatory system
    Cerebral venous (sinus) thrombosis 14
    Cerebral thrombosis 5
    Cutaneous vasculitis 11
    Deep vein thrombosis 165
    Embolism 8
    Haemorrhage (bleeding) 34
    Pulmonary embolism 244
    Thrombosis (blood clot) 162
    Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (blood clot with low platelets) 78
    Subtotal 721


    Which is more dangerous for kids, the covid disease or the Pfizer vaccine?
    I needed to know.

    Children: Which is more dangerous, Covid or the Vaccine?


    Montana only state to ban vaccine requirements for employees

    Thank You Doc R !

    Yes very pertinent. Creepy how the tone of the article struck me as this was a dangerous precedent to Mandate Experimental ‘Vacs’ as NOT being required by the Guv. Full tilt mode- to hell with vac mandates, passports, medical tyranny

    My body, your choice? Hell no and fuck you.

Viewing 12 posts - 81 through 92 (of 92 total)
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